German Suicide

I have a lot of weird interests. One of them is to imagine, as best I can, what it was like at some crucial moment in history, wondering if it was possible to know you were at a crucial moment in history. It seems to me that smart people, for example, would have known that the attack on Fort Sumter was ushering in war. In fact, lots of Southerners knew this and warned against it. Still, even the smartest did not foresee the bloody mayhem that was to follow. If leaders on both sides could have foreseen Antietam, would they have gone to war?

But what about the average guy? The people running ports, shipping operations, teaching school and so forth had access to newspapers. They knew about the world and the events that were happening in their country. Did they know, when news of Sumter got to them, that their world was about to be convulsed? That everything they knew was about to change and that in a decade they would live in a foreign country?

A good test of all this is World War I. The Austro-Hungarian government waited three weeks following the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, before issuing its formal response to Serbia, which comprised a harsh ultimatum that could never be accepted. The men in charge of European affairs knew perfectly well what would happen if war broke out in the Balkans. Even the dimwitted Kaiser understood the enormity of the situation immediately after the assassination of Franz Ferdinand. Yet, the ultimatum was issued.

The leaders of Europe also had the American Civil War and the Franco-Prussian War as examples of the bloody madness of modern warfare. They knew war in Europe was suicide, even if they did not fully understand what was coming. The Franco-Prussian War had close to a million casualties. Simply adding in the machine gun and the howitzer had to mean millions of dead. They had to know this, yet they moved ahead with war anyway.

The Great War is so interesting because it is full of examples where it is nearly impossible to understand how the actors could be so stupid. Obviously, hindsight prejudices us, but even accounting for that, it is hard to understand many of the things that were done by allegedly smart people. The example that always comes to my mind is how the French dressed up their officers so they were easier to see on the battlefield. They wore red pants and white gloves.

It’s hard for us to understand these things because the people of 100 years ago believed things about the world we no longer believe. In fact, we no longer remember many of the things they believed. The Kaiser was ruler of a new country and he believed Germany was ready to take its place atop the world order. National pride drove the Germans, but it also drove the response to the Germans. This is unfathomable to us today, but its inverse is all around us.

The Muslim invasion of Europe is irrational in every way imaginable. The obvious answer to this problem is for France and Germany to come to the aid of the periphery, particularly those countries in the south and south east. This is not the Mongol Invasion of the 13th century. These are economic migrants sensing weakness so they are making a run for the border. A modest amount of resistance would end the flood.

Such a move by France and Germany would do wonders for the strained relations within Europe. This is a common issue that could show the benefits of working in concert to solve continental problems. Instead, the Germans are trying to commit suicide and demanding everyone else join them. The result is new strains to an already strained relationship. Hungarians, Poles, Czechs and Slovaks are not awash in blood guilt so they see no reason to follow the German lead.

Doing the sane thing would require self-respect and that is as alien today as the national pride of a century ago. Angela Merkel’s popularity in Germany and Europe is due, in large part, to her ability to express national shame better than anyone else. It is an integral part of her appeal as the German leader. Elites all over the West envy her ability to figuratively grovel on behalf of the rest of us at the feet of the third world.

Nationalism is usually the blame for the two world wars. Excessive national pride, filling the void of religion, drove sensible men to slaughter each other by the millions. There was simply no other way to beat that belief out of them. The sin of nationalism could only be cleansed by the blood of the nationalists.

What about the sin of excessive, compulsive all-consuming shame? That certainly seems to be driving otherwise sensible people to the brink of madness. Germany is a country of 80 million with about 2 million Muslims. They are taking in another million and history says that these millions will anchor another four to five million through family reunification. Will that be enough to satisfy German shame? Or will it take tens of millions more?

The answer, of course, is there is no number high enough that will lead the Germans, at least the German elite, to say the sins have been paid. For the German elite, the sins of their ancestors can only be cleansed with the blood of their countrymen. The invitation of tens of millions of Muslims to settle in Germany is a slow motion human sacrifice. What’s unknown is if the German people will go quietly.

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  1. Most confrontations in a national sense seemed to be based on the dubious notion that the other side will fold rather than fight; this is probably the least likely outcome, but most contingency plans are evidently based on it.
    As for the German elites and their perceived appetite for sacrifice, no sacrifice is too great when someone else is going to have to make it.

    • The more I think about, the more I think our elites are recklessly playing with fire. The German people have shown little resistance to multiculturalism as long as it was gradual and couched in economic terms. The resistance was on the fringe where the crazies, Nazi and so on live. This assault from the elites is pushing a lot of sensible people onto the fringe, which in turn is making a lot of fringe ideas less fringe. As the core destroys itself, the fringe fills the void.

      In Greece or Hungary, this is manageable. In the heart of Europe, it can get out of hand quickly.

  2. I think your numbers are off. Before the current influx there were about 4 million Moslems in Germany. By the end of the year, another million, bringing the grand total to 5 million, which is about on par with France. But where does it end? When will Germany cry “uncle”? Eastern Europe understands the danger and has been taking steps to limit their exposure to the Moslem invaders. If they’re smart, they’ll hold fast and not cave to Germany’s demands that the “cultural enrichers” be spread around the rest of Europe. And really, who’s to say the invaders will want to stay in Germany. After a few years they’ll be able to move about Europe freely, infecting every country with their poisonous ideology and barbarisms. Perhaps this crisis will be a fatal wound to the EU. One can hope.

    • If you want to aggravate yourself, try nailing down the immigrant numbers for Europe. While writing this post, I tried finding some solid numbers and they are all over the map. I took the number of Turks who have gone through the process to emigrate to Germany because I know they are Muslim. I’m sure there is good data, but it seems that the people in charge are not publishing it so it is easy to fine.

  3. Once you acknowledge that Germany is a failed state the rest falls into place. Think about it: Germany was only unified in the latter half of the 19th century and was constituted and held together by a statesman of genius. After his death, things went rapidly south and ended in catastrophe. In the aftermath, the Germans chose a lunatic to reassemble the pieces and we all know how that went. The current incarnation of Germany is as the center piece of an anti-democratic, administrative empire rather on the Napoleonic model that conveniently allows the Germans to deny the realities of the European Union’s political structure and imperatives and to think of themselves as “good Europeans” rather than as Germans. But deep down, the Germans now loathe “Europe” almost as much as they do “Germany” and so bringing about its demise is almost as satisfying to them as as their own self-abnegation and annihilation.

  4. Germany cannot fight back as it has the triple-whammy of German parliament and the EU dictators setting laws that are firmly on the side of the invading hordes rather than the natives, allied with the collective guilt over what the Nazis did seventy years ago.

    For any civilised people, the act of consciously breaking the law is a big step to take, but the incoming ‘refugees’ may well have arrived illegally so breaking any law after that is pretty much a different matter.

    I have read that Germany has a problem with a low birth rate and thus getting lots of relatively low paid workers temporarily alleviates the problem. While politicians never think about anything other than short term knee-jerks, the longer term outlook for places like Germany is less than fabulous as the social costs of such surrender is going to prove very expensive indeed. But by then Merkel and her friends will have long fled to some sunnier place and left the crap behind for others to sort out. Given that we are all increasingly disillusioned with politics and how power devolves to external non-elected sources, it is hard to see how anyone would willingly then put themselves up for election to undertake such an arduous task of rebuilding a nation overrun by people with zero interest in its future.

  5. One of the best or rather most superb analysis in regard to the muslim invasion by Germany while getting ready to commit national suicide!

    You asked whether the german population will accept the political leaderships decision? No – they are not nor will they!

    Merkel is busy as we speak in her attempt to squash her citizens protests; removing any negative comment, posts or other social media methods used by the german citizens on Facebook to express their anger at Brussels – the entity responsible for decision to allow thousands or almost one million muslim invaders into their country!

    I would not be surprised if the elites may go so far as to planting a false flag attack with the intent to herd their citizens into compliance of their scheme.

    Only time will tell@

  6. The ignorance preceding the Great War is even more inconceivable given the Russian experience in the Russo-Japanese War, which was less than ten years before the outbreak of European suicide in 1914. 130,000 to 170,00 deaths from industrialized warfare and no one took notice or revised their lofty plans. You would think that the Russians would have learned a few lessons, given the general incompetence of their armed forces, but you would be wrong.

  7. No nation goes to war believing that they will be stuck in a long, deadly protracted war, much less a war they may lose.
    They go to war because they are convinced that victory will arrive quickly, completely and at little cost, or they initiate a conflict “knowing” that their adversary will immediately sue for peace (e.g., the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor) or that they will not meet any resistance worth sweating over (Putin’s attack on the Crimea; the first major battle of the US Civil War at First Bull Run; Hitler’s attack on the USSR, etc.)

    The Franco Prussian War lasted only a few months, with the Germans achieving a complete victory and France totally humiliated . It was this quick and easy victory that “informed” the Prussian / German decision to seek another war with France in 1914 to abort the plans the French had (these plans were solely in the imagination of the Prussians) to seek retribution for their disgraceful performance against the Germans in 1870.
    The results of the Franco Prussian War are given very little credit by historians in leading the Germans to believe another war with France was inevitable. Also given short shrift is the degree of jealousy felt by the Kaiser in regards to his royal cousins in the UK ( his grandmother was Queen Victoria ) who had the world’s largest navy and an empire upon which the sun never set, whilst the Germans had an insignificant role in world affairs.
    Indeed, the Von Schlieffen Plan was drawn up by the Germans in 1905 in anticipation, by the Germans of the inevitable , upcoming war with France.

    In the German world view after the 1870 conflict, France HAD TO ATTACK them at their first opportunity, and the only solution then was for the Germans to attack France first. And by prompting the Austrians to force a war with Serbia in 1914, and given all the alliances extant then, it gave the Germans an excuse to attack France and finish them off once for all; quickly and easily – simply a reprise of the 1870 conflict.

    Wars start because the initiator of the conflict usually miscalculates and assumes he will be victorious (at little cost) and the enemy will be defeated quickly or simply sue for peace.

    This illusion, this absolute ignorance of history, the hubris and conceit of an aggressor nation’s generals and politicians that “this time it will be different” and that the lessons of history do not apply “this time,” will also lead to the next major world conflict either in Asia, the Middle East or who knows where.

    You can count on it.

    • Yes.
      “fights are generally started by people who don’t expect to get any lumps out of it” .
      A good rule to help decide if you should get in a fight – ” am I willing to risk a good beating over this?” -because uncertainty abounds once the fight starts, the only certainty is that the others will be doing their best, and they have a plan too. Sometimes you have to fight, or get worsening hostility from some dimwits who expect no lumps because they are used to being appeased.

      I think the Iraq war was a good example of this kind of fight – we had to fight back against some muslim nation, Saddam volunteered himself pretty hard. Where we went wrong was the “you broke it, you bought it” meme, causing us to misuse our forces trying to police and rebuild, when the second month of that war could have been the destruction of Iran’s armed forces. Then leave outposts to destroy any muslim armies that form.

      Garrison duty among hostile natives is bad for the army, bad for morale, bad for the equipment – destroy and leave, don’t grind down our army trying to reform evil cultists.

      An evil cult is an ideology that provides rationale, excuses and support for those who would rob , rape, murder – the cult gains power by appealing to the worst of human nature, and loses power if the risks are too high.

      This is going to take a lot of killing.

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  9. We also have national leadership in the various western countries that are such “citizens of the world”, that they likely expect themselves to helicopter and Gulfstream safely away from the damage they cause (and the associated lampposts). This attitude seems to free up their minds to chase the latest ludicrous schemes, without much consideration of the associated fallout.

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  11. I find it mildy comical that the answer Germany has found to mitigate it’s shame for mass murdering Jews 80 years ago is to import whole country loads of anti-semites into Germany today. As usual the answer to Jew killing is…more Jew killing.

  12. Those “elite” leaders of the human extinction movement, got up today, brushed their teeth, looked in the mirror, turned away from the horror looking back.

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