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Steve Sailer has an excellent column on how Europe can manage its Muslim lunatic problem. The other day, I made the point that the will of the people cannot be ignored forever. If the politicians can’t be made to do the people’s bidding, they will get new politicians. If the parties are too corrupt to produce the right politicians, then we get new parties. Ultimately, if the political system proves useless in dealing with threats, then the people get a new political system.

The French Revolution is the most common example of the people getting a new system. Through trial and error, they eventually got to the Second Republic. In America, the Constitution may still be the theoretical framework of the nation’s political system, but our government is nothing like it was 100 years ago or at the founding. As times change the political system changes, sometimes peacefully and sometimes violently.

The changes Sailer discusses are changes in the political system. Implementing a system of collective guilt where the clan of a criminal pays for the crimes as opposed to the current method of punishing just the criminal, requires a radical change in the political system. Sailer is no doubt being facetious with this, but it is not far-fetched. There has to be a way to keep the peace and if the current arrangements cannot keep the peace, we will get new arrangements.

John Derbyshire the other day mocked up his chart of probable outcomes with regards to the immigration issue. It sounds reasonable if one assumes the political systems remain static and you reject other possible outcomes, like revolts, anarchy, pestilence, war, etc. The countries of Europe, for example, have not faced an invasion like this since Batu Khan stood at the Mohi River.

The political systems and cultural structures in place did not evolve to face invasion, at least not invasion from over the horizon. Europe is what it is today due to the internal forces of Europe. For instance, the authorities no longer wear uniforms and solute one another in public. Instead, they wear pants suits and grin like chimps, so no one thinks they are Hitler.

What John gets right is the math, which stands to reason. The math makes clear that the ruling elite’s desire to replace their native populations with foreign imports is doomed to failure. A critical mass of Muslims will simply force changes on the political system that either trigger revolts or sends the West spiraling into anarchy.

Take a look at the responses from Western governments to the latest Muslim attacks. Civic life is being sharply curtailed, and restrictions are being placed on citizens. All over Europe, large public events are being cancelled because they fear a Muslim may detonate and kill a bunch of spectators. The Germans government is telling people to avoid walking in large groups so as not be a target.

Today, the French president is out there welcoming 30,000 new suicide bombers into France. There’s simply no way they can keep importing Muslims and remain France. They know this, at some level, which is why they put in jail anyone who points it out. Holland says, “France will remain a country of freedom” unless you’re opposed to the Muslim invasion. Then it is not a free country.

Because the people in charge have defined themselves in such a way that open borders is the only option, they must implement these sorts of polices in order to prevent mayhem. The Muslims will adapt and find new ways to blow themselves up in public. That means new restrictions. This cycle can only go on for so long before even the most docile honky throws down his pacifier and picks up a rock.

It’s tempting to assume that whites are too timid and lost to fight back. Some are, for sure, but action in the streets has a funny way of bringing out the revolutionary in even old men. A big part of what plagues the West is there’s no place for men in modern societies. Rioting Muslim hoards in the streets suddenly will spike the demand for white males willing to crack skulls. The supply will soon follow.

History says this sort of large scale, transformative event washes away the old solutions for long ago problems. What comes next is something different. Again, Europe is politically and culturally alien to its past of just a century ago. Two great wars did that. An invasion by millions of Muslims will surely mean a different Europe, even if they beat back the tide.

That’s where John’s five scenarios falls down. Whatever comes next means the West stops being the West, politically and culturally. If it lets in the Muslim invaders, it becomes Muslim and follows the path of every other Muslim society into a dark age. Alternatively, it becomes a police state to keep the Muslims from killing everyone else. Or the West changes to beat back the tide and do what is now unthinkable.

Regardless, what comes next will something entirely different than what we are today.

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  4. It’s one of those days where I don’t even want to punch the clock and world anymore. Worlding is too damn depressing.
    The Zman’s words are common sense, exactly right, and thisclose to being illegal in this backwards age. Why hordes of otherwise sensible people start frothing at the mouth when hearing them baffles me. Troubles me. Is it suicidal guilt? Is it merely social signaling? Or am I in an alternate reality, some bizarro world?
    I hope that tomorrow, it feels better again.

  5. Deportation of the terrorist-to-be, his entire immediate AND ENTIRE EXTENDED FAMILY ( parents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, nephews, nieces, cousins, etc) to the nation from where their parents were born should be immediately implemented.

    Several terrorist training camps have ALREADY BEEN FOUND in tne USA. Everybody and anybody – INCLUDING THEIR IMMEDIATE AND EXTENDED FAMILIES – associated with that camp should be IMMEDIATELY DEPORTED.

    If a terrorist is successful in his act of terror, the ENTIRE IMMEDIATE AND EXTENDED FAMILY should be immediately deported.

    Only when the ENTIRE muslim arab and muslim pakistani population of the USA realizes that they too will be at risk and pay a price when one or several of their fellow ethnic/religious members is involved in nefarious activities, will they begin to self police the activities of their “tribe” or begin reporting to the FBI potential terrorists.

    As for the radical imams, they, their ENTIRE IMMEDIATE AND EXTENDED FAMILIES, as well as the ATTENDEES of his sermons, and the ENTIRE FAMILIES
    of the ATTENDEES should be immediately deported.

    Yes, this is very extreme and a very lousy policy, but there are NO OTHER OPTIONS. There are NO GOOD solutions; just choices amongst bad solutions.

    • When you look at it dispassionately, the solution is obvious. End all immigration from Muslim countries. End most of the visa programs. Deport all Muslims who have come here in the last 25 years, regardless of their status. Close down the mosques and ban the public practice of Islam. The temptation is to claim it will require a constitutional amendment, but we got abortion and queer marriage without an amendment.

      Therein lies the problem. The people blocking these commonsense reforms are the people perverting every other aspect of American life for the sole purpose of pulling the roof down on all of us. Stem one in any reform effort is first get rid of the Cult of Modern Liberalism. Then we can address the Cult of Islam.

      • It could be banned on the same legal basis the NSDAP (Nazi party) was and still is banned in Germany, as in it endangers the basic free and democratic order of society. It would also make muslims think twice before migrating west if the asylum process required the conversion to some flavor of Christianity, as a pure practical measure but also a gesture of good faith. Because let’s face it, someone who doesn’t like bacon will never become a productive member of society, we shouldn’t pretend otherwise!

        mmm… bacon

      • I would go so far as to say the only muslims allowed in the west should be either diplomatic staff (and reduced embassy staffing at that; they have no need I would imagine for cultural or military attaches), the occasional muslim visitor (under continual surveillance) and the odd muslim professor on a very short contract who would at the end of the contract be escorted on to a plane bound for his (or her, but unlikely) home country.

        There might be an exception for doctors working in hospitals in the west, but as muslims have often proven themselves untrustworthy it would be unwise to put a westerner’s life, no matter how ill, in their hands.

        Of course, the muslims would retaliate by saying we shouldn’t be allowed to buy their oil. Well, they can save it up and bathe in it. The west, with its ability to create and engineer, ought to be able to come up with a viable alternative to arab oil.

        Finally, good border controls to make sure none of this nonsense ever happens again.

    • We can’t shut down their training sites, like the 1000 acre + one located in New Bovina, NY, because the FBI is protecting and facilitating the problem! Until law enforcement begins to take their oath seriously, and boot any management to the contrary, repair can not begin!

  6. One of the first things that a new order will do, whether wretched muslim or probably the very-non-muslim replacements, will be to crack down on the media. Right now we have supine leaders and lick-spittle minions who do nothing but exist in a bubble where they talk among themselves alone, and read and watch left-leaning media outputs. All of this means their view of reality is deeply skewed.

    Muslims will not in any shape or form tolerate a “free press” and if the right rises up it will be all too aware of the incredible damage a leftist media has done. If we are in a war situation, the media is censored and controlled. That unholy alliance of islam and the left are pushing us to be in a war which, when it is done, will have far less of them around Europe. It is almost like a death wish, some would say.

    Without the unthinking support of an ignorant and biased leftist media, the world changes. There will still be divisions of opinion, but no longer divisions fostered by people with strange, misplaced agendas. Any group like Communist Gays For Islam will, for example, find it hard to gain traction.

    I have to say here that I actually left an increasingly muslim dominated area because I didn’t like what was happening. I left for a quieter place where hopefully no one is going to build a mosque in the foreseeable future. If we retreat, the way Europe used to be, into armed strongholds (maybe with walls, who knows?) then while we may give up large chunks of the old cities to muslim invaders the rest of us should be safe enough to live.

    I seriously think this is the best option, failing a complete change of government (and I do not mean either the hard left and the soft left, as we have in the UK) and until then we will have to keep backing off. The EU is a increasingly a lunatic organisation devoted to establishing Germany as the top dog (curious how it was the French at first, to safeguard their farming) and no one can work out why they are so keen to bring about their own end: the EU will certainly not exist if the muslim invasion succeeds.

    So to go back to my original point: it is the so-called ‘freedom of the press’ that is reaching an end. If they can’t be intelligent and open-minded and report what is really happening, they are only hastening their demise. Being nicy-nice to the muslims hasn’t worked so far and won’t work in the future, though they won’t be around to report that.

  7. It’s been a weird couple of days for me. I have this incredible disconnect in my head. I read blogs like this- and the other ones that most of us here do, and what we talk about just seems so obvious to me- of course it’s a terrible idea to invite large numbers of Syrians into the country; of course Islam is not the religion of peace; of course the students that are making a ruckus are spoiled children… etc, etc. Then i go to my Facebook page and see the most amazing kinds of idiocy- we should let in the the Syrians because people didn’t like the Irish back in the 1860’s, that no terrorists are coming into the country, that I can be a woman by just saying I am; that Barack Obama is the greatest man since FDR… on and on. What puzzles me is that most of these posters are really smart people- members of the cognitive elite, yet they believe things that, to my way of thinking are just nuts. I don’t believe the average Moonbat wants to ruin the country, but they believe things that are guaranteed to do so. What gives?

    • You have my sympathy. I have family and friends who talk just like that. Oh you think these atrocities are bad but the crusades were worse, BHO is the greatest and really cares, vote Labour (or for some equally dumb socialist) and all will be well, please come here refugees even though we don’t have jobs (but hey, I bet you are all brain surgeons, right?) and above all, I don’t want to see what reality is because I love my fluffy soft environment where everyone just gets along so well.

      I have relatives who go on marches to shout “no to racism” even if the march is ostensibly about something else. Cuts in welfare? Bring out the racist chants. Nuclear options? That’s racism. Some scared people not liking those who want to see them dead or enslaved? Hey, I hate you racists even though I obviously love everyone!

      So I am on the fringe. Fascist, I have been called, or a bigot, because I say things like, ‘do you know what people are like, or what history has demonstrated?’ or ‘have you thought these ideas through?’ Even if I say, ‘you do realise that National Socialism contains the word Socialism and Hitler hated capitalism?’ I get shouted down, being told what they had wasn’t really Socialism because all true socialists are peaceful and love life just as the religion of peace is fabulous.

      I despair, but then the world went mad a long time ago and fecesbook merely confirms it.

    • I know exactly what you mean. Yesterday I happened to encounter a man as we entered the same building. He courteously held the door open for me. Appearing to be in his 60s, he smiled at me under his Obama cap. To all outward signs, an intelligent and gracious man, except for his spoken assertion that Obama would go down in history as one of our greatest presidents.

      I’ll admit it: I was rude to him. He asked if I was a Republican, to which I replied that I am a neo-reactionary. He shook his head and gave me a look that suggested he realized he was dealing with a lunatic.

      Being angry, I handled the whole situation badly. I was not “gracious.” I insulted him, and I’m kind of sorry for it. But although I have cut some slack for young people who’ve undergone the campus moron-breeding curriculum and with little experience of the world, it enrages me when an older man who speaks good English and seems well-educated is enthusiastic about an America-hating dictator-in-waiting like Obama.

    • I hear you! These people are known as “high IQ dimwits”. And there’s no convincing them how very wrong they are.

  8. I have faith that tribalism will rise among the native populations, and old school Europe will not go down without a fight. The white man has not always been the strongest one in the fight, but he has often been the most cunning, resolute, and co-ordinated with his mates. The battle will be joined, eventually, and will probably be won by the West. But what will be left? And when the existing Western political institutions fail, which they will undoubtedly do, they get replaced with new ones that are often not to very many peoples’ liking, at least for very long.

  9. Knowing the history of Europe, it is easy to believe that when push comes to shove and Europe is about to lose its collective head to the Moslem guillotine, that they will stir from their somnabulance. On the other hand, Europe went through the meat grinder in two World Wars, losing a generation of men in each, and probably the majority of the sacrificed were among Europe’s best and brightest, leaving a devastated Europe with the not so courageous, or physically unfit, or not as intelligent to pass on their genes. Maybe a reason why Socialism became so popular? Past is prologue, and it would not be surprising to see Europe shying from a conflict in which they stand to lose a good portion of another generation of men. But obviously if they do not answer the challenge from Islam and defend their culture and civilization, then Europe is no more.

  10. Not the West any more? We didn’t become fascists as a result of the World Wars … well, not all the way fascists. If the war is as lengthy as the Cold War, it would change us in ways we probably wouldn’t like, but I’d argue the West over most of its history was used to war and could handle it. Not the RECENT West, sure. But that’s doomed anyway.

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  12. “For instance, the authorities no longer wear uniforms and solute one another in public. Instead they wear pants suits and grin like chimps so no one thinks they are Hitler.”

    Hahaha, too true.

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