The War On White

Living in an area dominate by the Cut of Modern Liberalism. I get to see some hard thumping moonbat politicians up close. Liberal politicians are a lot like Muslims in that they will try hard to blend in when they are a minority. Progressive taqiyya allows the adherent to adopt positions contrary to the one true faith if that’s what it takes to win office. Bernie Sanders, for example, is pro-gun.

In their natural environment where they feel they can be open in their faith, it is a different matter. In a state like Massachusetts, for example, you can’t be too far to the Left, so you end up with hilariously crazy congressmen and senators. Right now, one Mass senator is a fake Indian and the other used to be an ice cream truck driver, earning him the nickname Mr. Frosty.

Liberal politicians in the Imperial Capital have been running ads letting us know how they have “stood up to the NRA” as if that means anything. They are working with the White House on a choreographed effort to take away white people’s guns. To do that, they are working hard to make owning a gun the moral equivalent of owning a black guy.

Tonight, the Head Nitwit In Charge is giving a speech blaming inanimate objects for making those wonderful Muslims go bonkers and shoot up a Solstice party. This is supposed to be the cherry on top of the media blitz the White House has orchestrated in their push to take guns from white people. The Daily News had this last week. The New Yorker had this cover and the NYTimes ran an unhinged op-ed on their front page. Again, this an orchestrated campaign.

One interesting aspect to this is Team Moonbat is pretty much playing to every stereotype people have of Progressives. The only thing missing here is for Obama to start wearing wool socks and sandals, while sporting an earring. Back pew mnoonbats probably think this is a great strategy. A lack of self-awareness is a feature of all cults. Meanwhile, gun sales are at record levels and keep breaking monthly sales records.

The other interesting part of this, and somewhat related to the above, is that this is a standard tactic from the Progressive playbook. First, they pronounce on some issue drawing a line between what is and what is not morally acceptable to them. Then they demonize someone or some group they see as representative of the bad think. At this point, the Conservative Inc. is trembling, unwilling to take on their masters, but forced to defend the victims. This is where they are relied upon to find a way to surrender.

Homosexual marriage is a good example. Twenty years ago, it was a joke. A man marrying a man was a standard gag in comedy. Then, it was ruled out of bounds as the Cult geared up their assault on marriage. This is where Conservative Inc. came up with “civil unions” thus ceding the point, while pretending to stand up for normal people and their traditions.

Then all of a sudden, anyone holding the traditional opinion on marriage was hooted down and declared out of bounds. Today, if you are found to be insufficiently enthusiastic for two dykes playing house, the state takes your property away and threatens you with prison. Every baker in America now lives in fear of the local buggery society.

That’s the plan here with guns. The Daily News piece flat out says Nicholas Thalasinos deserved death because he was a fan of the NRA. The NYTimes declares, “It is a moral outrage and national disgrace that civilians can legally purchase weapons designed to kill people with brutal speed and efficiency.” In other words, owning a gun is immoral, unless you guard the NYTimes building, then it is OK. Otherwise, there can be no defense of gun ownership.

One way to look at this is that the cult thinks they will win on this as they have every other issue. They have made gun ownership immoral now so the Right will tremble and then find a way to surrender to the Left on guns. It’s tempting to think they are nuts, given America’s love affair with guns, but these are the same people who passed Prohibition. Progressives tend to get what they want even when the public opposes them.

I’m not sure that’s all of it. There’s a sense of panic with the Cult these days. Integral to their worldview is the belief that they are at war with a great evil. Progressives are forever knocking over traditions in search of monsters to destroy. Since Obama was elected, the prophesies have said white racist America will try to take him out. Normal people may joke about The Backlash™, but to the Cult, it is real and they truly fear it.

In order to keep the coalition of weirdos and deviants pulling the Progressive wagon, the Cult is declaring war on white people and their guns. In other words, they are preempting The Backlash™ by apply extra helpings of The Frontlash™ by declaring gun ownership immoral. It remains to be seen whether they are prepared to go to war over it, but religious fanatics trying to immanentize the eschaton are not known for their restraint.

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  1. But this works even with “conservatives”. Derbyshire is eager to let you know he isn’t one of those Bible-thumping morons, and what’s the big deal about two dudes anyway?

    I have come to believe that sexual morality- or integrity, which is a better term I think- is the hub of everything.

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  3. I don’t see it. That’s not panic that’s showing, that’s confidence. Sure, Obamer has to jam his personal legacy into the next few months, but progs in general only wonder why it took so long to take over. They don’t doubt that it has.
    Why would anybody here doubt that? Nobody is walking this monster back. Reagan didn’t and Reagan was god. Conservative voters consider victory to be something that keeps the wolf at the door for a term or two, and maybe it is, but I’m pretty sure the wolf in inside the door.

  4. “immanentize the eschaton” – one of those phrases that I periodically have to look up. For some stupid reason, though maybe it’s not as stupid as the phrase itself, I cannot hold the meaning of that phrase in my head.

    There are others, but I can’t remember them to list them…

  5. Taqiyya is a tenet in Shia Islam who always been a minority most Midldle-Eastern countries, there is no taqiyya among Sunnis, they’re very upfront that they want to kill you.

  6. I think Severian has it right. The panic is rising because there’s a sense that “time’s running out”. And I don’t mean because Obama’s term is nearly up. It’s the looming bankruptcy, wars beginning and consequences spilling in all directions, cultures reprimitivizing… a sense that the wheels are coming off the whole rickety structure and the whole system that worked so well for Progressives for so many decades is going to shatter into a million pieces.

  7. There’s a sense of panic with the Cult these days

    You know, the phrase “witch hunt” gets thrown around so much that it has lost all meaning… which is too bad, because it really does describe the Cult’s behavior these days quite well.

    You never see heresy-hunts when things are going well for the ruling power. Even in totalitarian regimes, life is never exactly easy, but Show Trials and Great Proletarian Cultural Revolutions don’t happen when the dictator is sitting easy on the throne. It’s only when seemingly inexorable changes start happening that you get such things.

    Marcus Aurelius, for example, couldn’t do anything about earthquake and plague, so he threw Christians to the lions. The Catholic Church couldn’t destroy all the printing presses, so they burned heretics. The Protestants couldn’t destroy the printing press either, so they burned witches. It’s as predictable as clockwork, at least in early modern Europe — central authority starts breaking down, and a wave of witchcraft persecutions and heresy trials immediately follows. England, for example, had only three periods of heresy/witchcraft: the Lollards (c.1300), the Tudor era, and during the Civil War. All were periods of extreme political instability. England was remarkably well-governed the rest of the time, and heresy was virtually unknown there.

    Which — bad as it is for those caught in the crosshairs — gives us a reason for hope. The Cult is freaking right the fuck out, and the list of heretical opinions changes at light speed. The repression fuels political instability, which heightens repression, which leads to a much stronger central authority…. or complete anarchy, 30 Years’ War-style, but let’s look on the bright side. The Cult’s day is almost done.

  8. “There’s a sense of panic with the Cult these days”

    Yes, there is indeed a frantic scrambling by the left to impose their views and rules. For example we had only four years to save the planet some six or seven years ago, so either we were very successful in saving it (take a bow, climate change masturbators) or it was another hopeless and ill-considered panic.

    I am not sure why the modern left loves these urgent rushes so much. The tradition of socialism/communism is to play the long game and get what you want through stealth. In this, the cult could take a leaf out of the Muslim Infiltration Manual. But perhaps it is because the west is consumed by instant gratification that not only should ‘something must be done’ but more importantly, ‘something must be done very quickly.’

    There is a phrase ‘indecent haste’ and we must conclude the left is both hasty and indecent.

  9. To quote The Z Man back to himself:

    “I’m fond of pointing out that the main reason Progressives win every fight is that their opponents make the mistake of thinking it is a debate over facts and reasons. The people calling themselves conservative right now are sure that all they have to do is round up the facts and present them to the other side and the Left will throw down their weapons and embrace them as brothers.

    Progressives don’t care about guns. They care about who they imagine are the gun owners. Neo-Puritan fanatics associate guns with southerners in particular and bad whites in general. It’s the tool of the sinful. They believe this with the intensity of a zealot because it is wrapped up in how they define themselves as the anointed. Therefore, facts and reason have no impact on the believers, the statistics of crime have been explained for half a century.

    Gun control has always been a proxy-debate that is more signalling than a debate. Good whites from Yankeedom see guns as a stand in for southerners in particular, but all bad whites in general. After these shootings, the good whites get to have their day for acts of public piety. It’s why they say the same things over and over. Rituals are like that. The illogical of gun control has been detailed for as long as I have been alive. Yet, the true believers belied ever more intensely.”

    Facts like how the homicide rate declined by nearly half since 1992, despite multiple surges in gun purchases, never enter the debate.

    John Derbyshire calls what’s going on “The Cold Civil War”.

  10. They can sooner take away O’bumbles’ golf clubs than our guns. And that pisses them off very much.

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