A Stupid Fat Guy

It’s probably immoral to make sport of big fat guys like New Jersey governor Chris Christie, but everyone does it. Fair or foul, it is assumed that obesity is a character flaw, an indication the person lacks self-control. For a politicians, it is an easy line of attack, but it does not seem to be a huge problem for them, no pun intended. There have been plenty fatties in politics. Christie is going to run for president and he probably will have a lot of support, despite being a morbidly obese man with an obnoxious demeanor.

He has the support of the party establishment. He is a moderate. He got a lot of votes from blacks and Hispanics. He is a fund raising machine and he has the support of the GOP governors. That’s a winning hand in a wide open field. Ted Cruz and Rand Paul have their followers, but they lack the sex appeal and resources to build on it. Plus, the donor party hates these guys as they don’t always follow orders. Christie can be relied upon to do what he is told, without trying to think on his own too much.

Of course, he has the habit of rushing over to grovel before the Left, which makes him the ideal Republican these days. Here he is coming to the defense of Mario Cuomo’s kid, which is the go to move for the GOP wimp. That means as president, he’ll make a lot of noise, but in the end will surrender to the Left in every issue. That makes him the ideal candidate for a party that exists only to defend the Democrat party. Having a a guy who reminds everyone of Ned Beatty as the GOP standard bearer makes perfect sense.