The End of Doyle

This is what national suicide looks like.

A man who tweeted about stopping a Muslim woman in the street yesterday, challenging her to “explain Brussels”, and lambasted on Twitter for his comments, has responded to the criticism today, insisting he is not some ‘far right merchant’.

Matthew Doyle, partner at a south London-based talent & PR agency, posted a tweet on Wednesday morning saying: “I confronted a Muslim woman in Croydon yesterday. I asked her to explain Brussels. She said ‘nothing to do with me’. A mealy mouthed reply.”

He was later arrested.

At some point, people figure out that posting a complaint on twitter is the same as punching someone in the face so they will start doing the latter. In fact, this man should have just punched the woman and walked away. The chances of him being arrested would have been lower. That’s how things are under an anarcho-tyranny. The cops only reach for the low hanging fruit.

His tweet referred to yesterday’s bomb attacks on the Belgian capital’s main airport and Metro system that left at least 34 people dead and 198 injured. His comment went viral, being retweeted hundreds of times before he eventually deleted it.

Mr Doyle told the Telegraph he had no idea his tweet would be the “hand grenade” it has proven to be – and that Twitter’s 140 character limit made the encounter sound vastly different to how he thought it went.

“What everyone’s got wrong about this is I didn’t confront the woman,” he said. “I just said: ‘Excuse me, can I ask what you thought about the incident in Brussels?'”

“She was white, and British, wearing a hijab – and she told me it was nothing to do with her.

“I said ‘thank you for explaining that’ – and her little boy said goodbye to me as we went out separate ways.”

On Wednesday afternoon, he says, someone who’s been outraged by his comments “turned up at my door, gave me a load of abuse and tried to throw a punch at me.”

This is predictable. When you start groveling, people naturally assume you will not fight back. Every guy who wants to signal his membership in the cult comes calling so they can take a poke at you, showing their coreligionists they are a true believer. It’s a low-cost act of public piety.

As for his more inflammatory tweets, Mr Doyle claims they’re intended as a joke, which people who know him would understand as “that’s absolutely not who I am.”

“I’m not some far-right merchant, I’m not a mouthpiece for any kind of racism or radicalism,” he says. “If I was xenophobic I wouldn’t live in London.

“I have a Muslim neighbour who got burgled, and I was one of the first people to go around to help.”

What this man is failing to grasp is he can never be forgiven for his crimes. No amount of groveling will get him off the hook. You see, all mass movements need bogeymen. They cannot exist without them. The suicide cult of multiculturalism can never forgive guys like this because he is their oxygen. He is the face of the thing against which they struggle. When the multi-cult starts forgiving the sinners, their movement is finished.

This is also why multiculturalism cannot exist in a free society. Inevitably, the people of Rotterdam notice that the swarthy fellows are raping a lot of white girls. The folks in Minneapolis notice that the Somali girls are disappearing. The people in Westphalia start to notice the migrant crime wave and the unwillingness of the police to go into those neighborhoods. Once people start noticing, they inevitable start saying it in public.

This forces the state to choose sides. The people who invited the problem into your neighborhood are certainly not going to take your side over the migrants, so men like Mr. Doyle get picked up by the police and humiliated in order to send a message. The next guy tempted to speak up will think to himself, “I have a family. I can’t end up like Doyle. Maybe I’ll just think of something else.”

Of course, this just emboldens the Muslims. They see it as weakness so they become even more provocative. In short order, another Doyle is on twitter complaining about some “Asian” men who harassed his wife and daughter at the train station. The police then pick up this new Doyle and we never see him again. The train station is now part of the Caliphate and the Doyles of the world steer clear of it.

As I keep pointing out, there’s always a reaction and we are seeing that all over as fringe candidates and parties begin to fill the void left by the legitimate candidates and parties. The fellas at Pegida or Soldiers of Odin will soon figure out that petitioning their rulers for redress is a waste of time. Instead, they will take up the tactics of the Mohammedan. After all, success breeds imitators. Burning down migrant centers will soon move to blowing up mosques.

It will not end well

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Turk Sylvester

How dumb does a person have to be to ever post anything anywhere using your real name?! If you are going to go rogue, do it in small anonymous cells, not big publicly known groups. Like cytotoxic T cells.


Paging Charles Bronson! (aka: Paul Kersey)
Europe needs some help.

Bernhard Goetz

what am I, chopped liver?!


“this man should have just punched the woman and walked away”
– at some point enough people will realize we are being warred upon, to create a critical mass.
– we can’t win a war on the defensive, it’s impossible to watch everywhere, all the time.
– fighting back when attacked brings ruin
– better and SAFER to take the offensive against unprotected members of the enemy

So basically, our asshat leaders are forcing a nasty civil war on us, and stifling any attempts to deal with it by talking, politics, or using the law.


Stuff like this makes me wonder if I should even care about these attacks and the impending collapse of Western Europe (the countries in Eastern Europe seem far more practical on the topic).

It;s been obvious for a long time what’s happening: Hijra – conquest by immigration. Same way they took much of North Africa, they move in peacefully then breed. Letting them into welfare states in large numbers is throwing gasoline on fire.

Let’s all say it together: “If I’m gonna be convicted anyway, I wanna be guilty.” It baffles me that more people don’t see this. If you’re going to shun me as a Klansman for being the weensiest bit uncomfortable with wholesale population replacement, well, guess I’d better head down to the local Klavern and sign up. At least I’ll get a bulk rate discount on bedsheets. And — this is the important part — I’ll have some guaranteed backup when the virtue-signallers show up at my door and try to throw a punch at me. If I didn’t know better,… Read more »

Never apologize for innocence!

It occurred to me while reading this is that the really big problem people may be having with this guy is that he attempted to actually interact with someone in person, instead of doing it through internet/ cellphones/ social media. Conversations between strangers in public places used to happen, but have mostly disappeared in the last twenty years. One area of disagreement I have with the right is that I think the immigrants are really a symptom, not the cause. Severian makes a good point. Totalitarian regimes get to that point eventually, where they criminalize so much behavior that not… Read more »

That’s Theodore Dalrymple’s description of North Korea: Everything that isn’t compulsory is forbidden. It’s sad that it takes a crack-brained wannabe-dictator like Donald Trump to wake us up to this very basic fact about our society’s trajectory, but there you have it. Simply pointing out how retarded this is — and how so many of our supposed Betters profit from it — is going to get that turd elected President of the United States. The word of the day is: “ochlocracy.”


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james wilson

“They see it as weakness so they become even more provocative.” Even a dog will instinctively understand weakness.

I’m not entirely sure that the Muslim invasion is a bad thing. The West was doing the slow Prog lobster boil to suicide before they imported the worst elements of the seventh century into the equation for good measure. Pain is a vital warning sign that something may be terribly wrong. Something has been terribly wrong since well before a million people demonstrated in NYC for Ethel and Julius Rosenberg.

There are those who will say the arrested man forgot one of the new rules of today in the west: do not approach or interact with muslims if one can avoid it. While there are many muslims employed in numerous places and interaction is unavoidable, the only way in this new rule is to be polite and avoid asking them anything that might be deemed the slightest bit confrontational. Terrorist atrocities, where allegedly one shouted something in Arabic before killing innocent people, fall into that category. Certainly one must not do anything to incite muslim anger and thus bring down… Read more »
The plus for the US is that we’d probably be able to shut down immigration from Dar al Islam and Africa. The bad news is that we’d have to take in tens of millions of social democrat Europeans who, having learned nothing, would most likely vote for culturally suicidal, redistributionist candidates. Plus our own nut jobs would probably try to leverage the crisis by pushing for more open borders since “we must show hemispheric solidarity against the religionist threat.” I’m not advocating fascism, but I cannot see how Europe makes it through this without about a generation of authoritative government.… Read more »

It’s hard to post photos of dead toddlers (faked for effect) juxtaposed with real photos of Brussels and Paris carnage.

It is all by design. The Implementation of this agenda 30 technocracy can only become the new world order economic enslavement by completely destroying ethnic European Christians and it’s decendants implanted in America as well. The Head of the CFR is quoted saying almost that exactly. Essentially he said America must become multicultural. It is blowing my mind what is coming. may have been debunked but the projections of population in US for 2050 is 60 million. The traitor matter of factly listing the 2/3 pop decrease is a former head up of Raytheon or DARPA or something so… Read more »
Could you get me a link to that quote by the head of CFR? and a date, of course. Also, remember that the Multiculti Meme emerged after the 1965 Immigration Act — to prepare the way for demographic and societal changes Ted Kennedy avowed would never take place, as he pushed it (with LBJ) on our country. The MM is two-pronged (at least). 1) It conditions the host country to consider its own culture and history as no better than any other in the world, and 2) It simultaneously weaves through school curriculum to inculcate a raging hatred for everything… Read more »
Gerard Van der Leun

Soon and at a mosque near you. Plan your walks in city neighborhoods accordingly.


When I saw the title of this post I immediately thought of your “found poetry”:

“All of the victims were shot in their heads
and all but McGowan were shot in their beds,”
Doyle said.

“The beds were undisturbed.
The house itself was undisturbed,”
Doyle said.

“There were no signs
of a break-in,”
Doyle said.


Since Muslims have demonstrated their willingness to blast us to smithereens, I argue that it is better to be blasted to smithereens in DEFENSE of your community than as supplicants to Muslim sword-slaying.
Therefore: Expel ALL MUSLIMS.
And if the deniers still want to play prostrate ala Stockholm Syndrome, we’ll give them a pillow and let them cry themselves to sleep. Miserable Pissants.
Remember this, pissants: there are no innocent civilians according to Islam: all Kafir are MARKED FOR DEATH or subjugation.
Get it?


In fact, “Belgium in Denial” over at galliawatch discusses this very thing, that the more we are hated and murdered the greater is the outpouring of sympathy for the “other,” among the Europeans, at least. Sad: recipe for societal suicide.


This article in the NYT provides statistics through March 10th of this year that show that immigration is up by a 26:1 ratio over the same time period last year:

The closing of the Balkan route has disrupted the flow somewhat, but based on past attempts to interdict drug flows, my guess is that smugglers will find work arounds shortly.

If these trends persist (and as our host wisely points out, they often do not), we are looking at at a Bronze Age Collapse or Camp of the Saints type event.


“Statistics”? NYT?

This sort of thing happens all over Europe. There is no protection of free speech, even political speech. When the individual thinks they are alone in how they think, they are less likely to act for fear of reprisals. But what if people realized they weren’t alone, that the majority is thinking (and saying in private) the exact same thing? Would this embolden them? The “authorities” cannot silence everyone, cannot threaten loss of jobs for everyone, cannot arrest everyone. What if people started to push back? To assert their rights as sovereign individuals. The State operates in this manner because… Read more »

“The fellas at Pegida or Soldiers of Odin will soon figure out that petitioning their rulers for redress is a waste of time. Instead, they will take up the tactics of the Mohammedan. After all, success breeds imitators. Burning down migrant centers will soon move to blowing up mosques.”

And they will get it wrong again.

The primary rage and violence should be directed against their own political filth.

Revolution, not crime is what is necessary.


@ bilejones No true revolution was ever peaceful. Islam is evil, and to deny that it is will only make your “non-criminal” revolution fail. As I see it, PEGIDA and Soldiers of Odin are the only ones willing to not only stick their thick necks out, but also want to actively protect the women of Europe, along with Christianity. A bloodless overthrow would always be better, but that’s a fantasy when you’re dealing with something as heartless as Islam. I back PEGIDA and the Soldiers of Odin 100%, because this is war.


We forget that the Knights of old were the skinheads of their time.


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Is everyone starting to get a better, more appreciate, understanding of The Inquisition? That started out as a necessary final institution to the Spanish Reconquest, to remove the Moors and their damned religion.

Radovan Karadzic will spend forty years in prison for the crime of being ahead of the curve.