The New Normal

A feature of modern life is the public act of grief after a “mass casualty event” like a flood or an Exploding Mohamed Occurrence. Once things settle down, the people in charge gather up for a parade or a ceremony at which they show everyone just how upset they are at what happened. The media makes a big deal of it and the public is encouraged to pretend it is a big deal. Then everyone goes back to what they were doing and we forget all about it.

In the Bronze Age, public acts of piety were common. In fact, they were a necessary part of the life of the polity. The ruler would participate in rituals in order to show the people he was in good with the gods and that he was sufficiently pious. It is argued that Cyrus the Great was able to defeat Babylon because the Babylonian king, Nabonidus, was not participating in these rituals, therefore his people welcomed the conquerors.

Today we don’t have our leaders slaughter a bull to the gods or do something interesting with virgins. Instead, our rulers invite barbarians onto our countries to slaughter us, so the rulers can then come out and show their piety. After the Exploding Mohamed Occurrence in Belgium, the European “leaders” had the typical ceremony.

Brussels Mayor Yvan Mayeur has led a minute’s silence in Paris with his French counterpart Anne Hidalgo.

The memorial for victims of the Brussels and Lahore attacks came exactly a week after explosions at the airport and on the metro killed 35 people in the Belgian capital.

“There is no more normal,” Mayeur warned. “This is a concept that needs to be redefined. We are in a different era and we need to live in this dimension and keep believing that our model of an open, multicultural city such as Paris, Brussels, London or New York, this is what we want to be. This is the future and that is the message I wanted to bring.”

Notice that expelling the Muslims is not an option? Notice that repelling the Muslims is never an option. Instead, we have to just accept this “new normal” where strange men with beards suddenly explode in public places. If Volkswagen made cars that exploded at the same rate as Muslims, the president of the company would be in jail and the company in bankruptcy. But the religion of multiculturalism overrides everything, including civil defense.

We are well past the point where this reckless behavior by the elites can be explained as simply mistaken. That quote makes clear that even the dullest politicians understand that a world of open borders is a future where the Exploding Mohamed Occurrence is going to be like the Windows game Minesweeper. Tick the wrong box and it is game over for you and your family. But you being blown to bits or having your daughter raped is the price you pay so they can have their public vigils.

Increasingly, this is where the evidence points. The Revolt of the Elites has as one manifestation a compulsion by the managerial class to create technocratic solutions to social problems. Given that the big issues of scarcity have been conquered, they are unconsciously creating new life threatening problems so they can solve them. I suppose we should be grateful that it is just Exploding Mohameds and not a new form of the Black Death.

The one thing George Bush said that was correct was that the job of government is to keep the people safe. Ultimately, settled people have tolerated hierarchical government where a minority rules the majority because of safety. For the overwhelming majority of people, a peaceful life of poverty beats a turbulent life, even one of prosperity. Most Americans would choose to be pets to a race of super intelligent chimps if it meant safety and comfort.

The bet being made today by the people in charge is you will accept a world of Exploding Mohameds. They will build out the custodial state, cameras on every block, even in homes, cops reviewing your twitter feed and the elimination of personal privacy, all in the name of safety. Every time a Mohamed goes off in a public space, the rulers will rush around acting like it is something they wish to prevent, while using it as a reason to slowly slam the cage door shut on the natives.

The problem here is that history has no example of this working. In every case where the people in charge have failed in their basic duties, the people in charge ended up dead oir fleeing for their lives. Maybe the technological revolution is allowing a break from historic trends. Maybe the people in charge can play this weird game of human chess and remain immune from the consequences. It is, however, not the way to bet.

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  3. Well done. Probably the best explanation of WHY the hell Western leaders are willing to import millions of Muslims who will never assimilate. They WANT to react to terrorism with a police state. It gives them access to far more power than a peaceful, prosperous, relatively homogeneous society.

  4. Here is the mission statement by those who make the rules for the global citizenry: “Out of chaos comes order!” Put that as the end result of the actions leaders in the west subscribe to and you will find the answer of why, how and when.
    Remember – the agenda must move forward!

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  6. “If Volkswagen made cars that exploded at the same rate as Muslims, the president of the company would be in jail and the company in bankruptcy” Brilliant. I’m going to use this often. Maybe use it in the way Trump would say: “If VW made cars that exploded at the same rate as Muslims, we would stop importing them.”

    • I remember the Ford Pinto got some press about the fact it tended to explode. Now if Ford would export Pintos to EMO countries, we might be onto something.

      • The Pinto did not explode on its own. The owners, being so depressed at having to drive a Pinto, blew up their own cars.

        Although, given the ugly styling of modern cars, the Pinto would be a striking design today.

        • Awww, c’mon! The Pinto was sort of fun to drive! Far fewer Pintos exploded than Corvairs ran off the roads into death spirals.

          • My recollection is they built the Mustang II on the Pinto chassis. That was the Charlie Angels car. Mustang enthusiasts pretend the Mustang II never existed.

          • We WISH the Mustang II never existed.

            If it hadn’t, many a current hotrod would have a properly designed front suspension instead of that abortion that adorned the MII (and now hobbles huge numbers of otherwise awesome home built cars).

            If only the aftermarket had found a way to knock off the original Camaro front suspension instead of the MII.

            Happily, with older modern era Corvettes getting into the price range where people are willing to buy and dismantle them, the C5 & C6 Corvette suspensions are becoming the new standard because they are literally a bolt-on proposition. Much easier to build the mounting cradle for them even than the MII, which is why they’re winning the market share. Eventually the aftermarket will switch over as well, and THEN the world can truly begin healing from the damage done by the Mustang II. 😉

          • Europeans often mock the American car culture because American cars have poor handling. They have (had) a point. Long after the Euros were running rack and pinion American cars had the tired old steering box with the worm gear.

          • American cars are well built for long, straight, wide roads. Something we don’t really have here.

          • The car culture here evolved from the ground up. Poor guys would fix up their car and hit the open road for some cheap fun. In Europe, car ownership was a rich man’s game for a long time so the car culture evolved from the top down. In Europe, F1 drivers are king. In America, NASCAR is the top motor sport. Even drag racing gets better crowds and coverage than open wheel racing.

            That said, America is a big country with lots of sub-culture. If you’re into the nimble handling cars, you’ll have plenty of company.

          • A 95 is long and straight and without too much traffic, and I was frequently passed at high speed by various exotic machines and the occasional Opel from Weilheim.

          • Owkhay, my brother used to SCCA race his Ford PInto in Showroom Stock class and beat the 914 Porsche (1.8L) all the time the 914 is bog slow and didn’t handle all that well on the track either.

          • Ralph (Ralf) Nader never had a driver’s license in his life, and GM never lost a court case involving the Corvair.

  7. I have long held the view that the people we elect are incapable (or unprepared) for the job they are doing. They are elected — should the process be honest and fair — on a string of vague promises which is more a wish list than a reality. These leaders don’t even have to adhere to these so called pledges. A manifesto is nothing more than hot air, and the people who make it lack any sort of cold reasoning ability.

    I don’t want to love my leaders: I want them to actually do something other than hold hands in a pathetic show of ‘solidarity’ to which the Exploding Ones must find highly amusing. To borrow from Shakespeare, politics and leadership now is a tale told by idiots full of sound and (pretend) fury from our great and good, signifying nothing at all. But as you say, once the parade is over and the platitudes uttered these people can congratulate themselves, retreat home under protection and dine well. They don’t even have to pick up any pieces, just as they don’t have to wash their own dinner plates.

    • The problem is no longer the people we elect, it is the people who elect them. This was always at the center of the progressive design. Progressives remain safe from retribution because conservatives cannot even imagine that type of malice exists, only right wing nuts can do that.
      Tocqueville–Universal suffrage the most detestable element of democratic government, and more so a powerful revolutionary instrument.

      • Of the worst kind is allowing female suffrage. A vote by vagina is a vote for emotion over reason almost every time!

    • It’s amazing how many people think talking about something is enough. I am not interested in speeches or debates about a problem. I don’t want a commitee to study it. I want someone to take steps to actually DO something.

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  9. My issue (as always) is who is defining the credentials, and handing out the back stage passes, for “elite”.
    Is this yet another “self-identified” thing?
    Is this a Kardasian/Connors thing?

  10. “… the people in charge ended up dead oir fleeing for their lives.”

    Yes, but you should also note that we take out a big, big chunk of the people that supported this view as well. Purges don’t stop at the top and their are far more lamp posts than rulers. We tend to go on until all the lamp posts are decorated with rotting danglers “pour encourage les autres.”

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