The Warning Shot

One of the more irritating things about the current election is the obtuseness of the media, particularly the so-called conservative media. They insist on assigning motives to Trump voters that are at odds with observable reality. For months now the official narrative has been that Trump is powered by toothless hillbillies, high on meth and anger at the dusky fellows. Voting Trump is how these losers are lashing out in anger, always in anger. Never mind that the data says the opposite.

The narrative, coincidentally, always speaks to the wonderfulness of conservative media. Similarly, they tar Trump with every offense to decency, even though he is often saying the things these same conservatives used to say a decade or two ago. According to the modern conservative, anyone holding the opinions common a few decades ago is a monster. Hilariously, Trump’s lack of a political ambition is held against him by conservatives. Again, the critique is always about the critic in these cases.

That’s the cynical interpretation. These people know better, but choose to lie in order to flatter themselves and their owners. Another way to look at it though, and part of why Trump exists, is that these people and the entirely of the ruling class are divorced from reality. They live in their bunkered communities, work with other managerial types and spend their days agreeing with one another about their wonderfulness. To them, the status quo is fabulous. Why would anyone want to change it?

This story from the Imperial Capital is a good example of the blinkered nature of our elites.

Lawmakers on both sides of the Capitol are quietly launching a new effort to expand visas for low-skilled foreign workers in government funding bills — a push that could drive a deep ideological rift through both parties later this year.

Republicans and Democrats whose home states rely on immigrant labor are lobbying top appropriators to include language in this year’s funding bills to renew controversial provisions from last year’s omnibus spending measure that effectively quadrupled the number of low-skilled worker visas.

Nine House lawmakers, led by Rep. Billy Long (R-Mo.), sent a letter last week urging the Appropriations Committee to keep those higher numbers intact. And key senators have already begun to discuss the issue.

“Many businesses will be severely impacted, and some may be unable to operate, without this cap relief,” said the House letter, obtained by POLITICO and addressed to Reps. John Carter (R-Texas) and Lucille Roybal-Allard (D-Calif.), who head the panel that oversees funding for the Department of Homeland Security. “Failure to enact this exemption will hurt seasonal businesses across the country.”

The program in question is the H-2B visa, which covers immigrants who work as landscapers, housekeepers and seafood processors. Those visas are legally capped at 66,000 per year, which pro-business advocates say is an artificially low number that could harm key U.S. industries.

We have two primaries going on in which immigration is the defining issues. On the one side, the guy promising to build a wall and bar Muslims from entry crushed the field, despite being outspent a million-to-one. On the other side, the old-time socialist, who preaches worker’s rights and obliquely opposes the immigration lobbies, is making life hell for the party candidate. If Sanders went back to his old anti-immigration ways, he would run the table on Crooked Hillary.

Despite this year long news story, the politicians and their backers in both parties want to increase immigration! Obama is violating Federal law so he can import hundreds of thousands of Islamic terrorists. You could be forgiven if you started to wonder if these people actually hate you. How is it possible to be this blind to daily reality in America? It’s as if these people live on another planet and pop in every once in a while to stage a political show.

I’m fond of pointing out that all you have to do is spend a little time with grad students at an elite university to understand why Mao sent these people off the rice paddies. They manage to combine wrongheadedness with smug condescension to the point where you want to smash them in the face. I suspect a corollary here is that you can understand the French Revolution by spending a few minutes following American politics. A normal man wants “to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.”

This is why Trump exists. It’s never been about Trump, what he says or what he promises to do. That’s just the glitter on the stripper. The Trumpening is about the people in charge and their callous disregard for their duties and the country they allegedly serve. It’s as if the voting public went out and found the one guy who most offends the ruling class. Trump is a more polished version of Chuck Tingle and the voters are the Rabid Puppies. It’s not about voting for something as much as it is voting against something.

Trump is the warning shot. He’s the food riots before the revolution. He’s the stack of letters to the editor in protest over some issue. People do not go from happy to bloody revolt overnight. It’s a process and the early stages are warnings, at least they should be viewed as warnings. If the people in Washington insist on flooding the country with helot labor, despite what’s happening in the election, the people are going to insist on building scaffolds in Washington. The Trump phenomenon is the warning.

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  1. “They manage to combine wrongheadedness with smug condescension to the point where you want to smash them in the face. ……….. A normal man wants “to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.”

    Hemp ropes and lamp posts will do just fine.

    Subotai Bahadur who comments a lot at Belmont Club said this:

    ‘You thought they said “Hope & Change”, they said “Rope & Chains”.’

    “Trump is the warning shot. …… The Trump phenomenon is the warning.”

    He is the murder weapon to be used on the eGoP after years and years of abuse.

  2. “The Trumpening is about the people in charge and their callous disregard for their duties and the country they allegedly serve.”

    This statement is not cynical enough. Ain’t no serving going on, other than self-serving. The ruling class project is a glorified and pimped-out looting operation.

    So yeah, they are disconnected from reality. They think of themselves as necessary for our proper development. Such people tend to end up hanging from lamp posts, when the peons finally get fed up enough.

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  4. The dilemma is we need temporary workers for certain segments of the economy- notably agriculture. Parts of agriculture, such as the fruit industry are labor intensive, seasonal and require a certain amount of skill.
    Here in my part of the world, there is a shortage of these workers. If we are going to clamp down on the illegal workers, then we need to increase the H2B visas– which is preferable.
    And no, these jobs are not going to be filled by Americans. And saying that these industries should die if they can’t pay workers enough to find locals just mean that the fruit you buy will come from outside the US.
    After the original amnesty bill was passed in the 80’s immigration would come around to the local plants, rounding up the illegals and hauling them back to the border. And this was with the I-9 form. Talking to the manager of the plant where nearly his entire work force had just been “confiscated”, he said they would all be back within the month with new phony id.
    We would much rather these workers come into the country with temporary work visas.
    What has to happen is a will to enforce the terms of those visas.

    • Well the folks that had banked on a plantation model can sell their land to family farmers, I’m pretty damn sure if it becomes a necessity they would find a way to mechanize fruit picking they did for the tomatoe. I hear technology has improved since then. If not cut the orchards down and use the land as pasture. At this point I think it’s safe to say that its cheaper to import fruit than fruitpickers And after Northern Ireland, the American South and southern California one would think plantations maybe aren’t the best idea either. And I live about 30 minutes from the Canadian border Americans do farm work here I’ve done it myself and in this centuary.

      • I think you’re mistaken that importing seasonal labor through the H2B visa is a net cost to the economy. And you’re also mistaken if you think that using land for pasture will yield anything like the yield of apples. I’m glad you had a chance to work in agriculture and I spent several summers bucking hay and changing hand lines back when that’s how it was done.
        For the most part immigrant farm laborers follow the harvest seasons beginning in the south and working their way north that ends here. There are plenty of agricultural jobs that are done by Americans. Picking apples isn’t’ one of them.
        I know they’re working on mechanical pickers for apples and tested them, but at this point I don’t think they’ve been successful.

  5. No, Z, he’s not. He’s a joke, and so are his supporters. And what painful mental contortions you’ve had to perform in order to think otherwise. This is nothing. A mere spasm. The body politic will go on as it always has after this is over. To paraphrase the great Don Draper, “It’ll shock you how much this never happened.”

    And yet you’ll still be writing these feverish, grand pronouncements that will, as always, amount to nothing. As the Clown Prince of the Republican Party himself would tweet: “Sad!”

  6. I wonder if Trump isn’t the American version of our AfD. He says many of the things the AfD proposes and like the AfD touches on what people believe or fear at a base level. Fortunately in America saying anti-Muslim or what might be perceived as hard core pro-Nazi ideas won’t get your arrested, fined or jailed as it will here. The threat of the AfD has triggered a coalition government between the left and center parties specifically against the AfD which is unprecedented. With the backlash after the recent bombings, the political elites are having a hard time trying to convince anyone the whole multi-cultural concept, especially towards Muslims, is such a great idea.

    One interesting note – in addition to stating Islam was incompatible with German constitution, the AfD also supported a call to ban minarets which isn’t actually anything new. Back in 2009, the Swiss voted to for a constitutional amendment to ban minarets and it passed! You have to give credit to the Swiss for that – I doubt the Americans would be as successful in such a move.

    • To some degree, yes, he is the leader of the AfD wing of the GOP. The fact is, a majority of Americans would just as soon shut off immigration entirely, but fear of being called a racist is powerful stuff here in America. Trump is somehow managing to say what most people think without having the heresy charges stick.

  7. ZMan, check out Nate Silver’s latest. The guy who made his name being right about Obama can’t seem to stop being wrong about Trump.

      • @ BB – Thanks for the link – interesting read. Both there and here, the “average” person has shown they’ve had enough of our political elites forcing their dysfunctional ideological and cultural experiments down our throats. The fact Trump and the AfD can actually get traction should be exactly what the ZMan has called a “warning shot” across the bow of the established ruling class. Both here and in America, the powers that be are being forced to take notice of what they thought once unthinkable – that the likes of Trump and the AfD could even be possible in their world view of politics.

  8. With my hammer, nails, and wood in tow, I ask please: do give me coordinates for the first proposed structure; I’m on my way.

    • Sure. If you’re going to come over and hang me, I can shoot you an address but you may want to give the GPS a starting point. What’s the lat/long of your mom’s basement, tough guy?

  9. “You could be forgiven if you started to wonder if these people actually hate you.” Yup. As I like to ask, what would they be doing differently if they were trying to start a civil war? And you’re spot on about Mao — say what you will about the old murderer, he had some good ideas vis a vis the intellectuals. They simply have no idea that allegiance must be earned. It makes one wonder what their private lives are like. Do they all run around selling each other out, stabbing each other in the back, and powering through it with a shit-eating grin?

    • Short answer: yes.

      I would tell you about my experiences as the research assistant for the dean of a professional school at a major university, but no one would believe me.

      • You owe it to yourself to find the courage to tell the truth about what experienced. I for one would like to hear what you have to say. The truth doesn’t scare or turn me away. The truth has a sanitizing effect. Reach down within and release your inner defiance, “truth in a time of universal deceit is a revolutionary idea” after all.

  10. I sorta predicted some eight years ago that would be a backlash of regular conservative voters against the own “conservative” prestige media, the Neocons purged anyone who not agree with them from the “conservative” press and think tanks, they’re able to make this because they have a lot of money behind them.

    Trump main advantage is that he owns himself, a self-made billionaire that can’t be bought.

  11. The “conservative media” are the oxymoron’s of our time. And I do mean moron’s. It’s cuckserfdom, a product of cultural marxist social engineering, and the fools don’t even know they are the most useful of useless dupes.
    Cuckservatives, limp dick dupes who for all their diarrhea of the mouth and keyboard, might as well sport strap-on’s and march down Main St. in high heels holding ready for hillary placards. It’s cuck-nitive dissonance writ large across the dead elephant branch of the marxist media. Nobody could be so utterly blind to how box of rock stupid that it is unintentional that these specimen’s of right wing marxism have entered into such a faustian bargain unknowingly. All the appointed candidates on the dead elephant ticket had one job, and one job only, elect the psychopath in a pants suit. But to their fabulous chagrin, with the advent of TheGreat Fuck You candidate, Donald Trump, they had to not only throw the election for the appearances of legitimacy to the pants suit, they had to find a way to destroy Trump and the dirt people.
    Well something is in the wind you can count on it. Who wants to make bets seriously desperate action is going to be waged against Trump and the dirt people now the stalking horses have withdrawn or eliminated?
    You got to keep in mind follow the money, rivers of it, total GDP of other nations kinds of money have been squandered on crushing The Great Fuck You of the dirt people. Look, I’m saying, this shit is serious as a fucking heart attack serious. The money and loss of influence at stake here is in no uncertain terms the one world order and its unfettered progress, that is what us dirt people have thrown a wrench into here.
    The sonsofabicthes are going to kill Donald if they get the opportunity, whether through some conspiracy which is typical of the bastards, or some proxy that provides all the usual plausible deniability. One thing lot of everyone don’t see, that Rancher, LeVoy Finnicum they sonsofabitches executed in Burns Oregon this last winter, and made political prisoner’s out of like Soltsyneiztsen in the old Soviet Russia? Well LeVoy Finnicum and his fellow patriots, they are dirt people writ large, they walked into a nest of corruption of the one world order level, and the psychopath in a pants suit, her organized crime syndicate, and all the fellow ilk involved with her, they put the hit on LeVoy because he was too close, too well recognized, he was starting a revolution of resistance and defiance, just like Trump, just like Trump against the same actors and corrupt oligarchy as LeVoy Finnicum and his compatriots, just like us dirt people who are voting for trump because Trump is The great Fuck You. This is all dress rehearsal, if by some wonderful miracle our will is not turned into an assassination of Donald, dress rehearsal for a particularly American kind of 2nd revolution.

  12. “One of the more irritating things about the current election is the obtuseness of the media, particularly the so-called conservative media. They insist on assigning motives to Trump voters that are at odds with observable reality.”

    Exhibit A (but by no means the worst of the lot): Victor Davis Hanson.

    Hanson is a smart and interesting guy: he’s a professor of classics at a non-moonbat university, and still runs a family farm, against increasing odds and obstacles, in central California. He writes often and sometimes perceptively for PJ Media and NR.

    He’s most perceptive when writing about the transformation of California from the golden state to something that looks a lot like Sinaloa:

    The other day he came out with this in NR:

    It’s not completely wrongheaded, and has merit in spots, but it goes predictably off the rails:

    “Tomorrow Trump could declare there to be 57 states, or address vets as Corpse-men or tell his legions to bring a gun to a knife fight — and none of his supporters would find him clueless, half-educated, or incendiary. If Trump brought one of his wheeler-dealer Manhattan real-estate cronies to a rally and the man’s court-ordered ankle bracelet went off, no one would bat an eye. In other words, Trump is a postmodern creation, for whom traditional and time-tested rules do not apply. He is neither brilliant nor unhinged, neither ecumenical nor just a polarizer, not a wrecker and not a savior of the Republican party, but something else altogether. He does not defy conventional wisdom. There simply is no convention and no wisdom applicable to Donald J. Trump. For years postmodernists have lectured us that there is no truth, no absolutes, no timeless protocols worthy of reverence; Trump is their Nemesis, who reifies their theories that truth is simply a narrative whose veracity is established by the degree of power and persuasion behind it.”

    In other words, Trump supporters are irrational nihilists who have been driven mad and abandoned reality to support a man part myth of their own devising and part caudillo.

    Hanson concedes later in the article that Trump supporters are in fact angry, furious in fact, and even manages to rattle off the many things that they are angry about. But somehow it doesn’t add up for Hanson – somehow being angry at the people and policies that transformed central California into Sinaloa, for example, and then giving enthusiastic support to the one candidate who has pledged to put an end to those policies is not the mark of a rational man. Because Trump is a figment of our imagination, or a “narcissist,” or a vulgarian with a fake tan, who could not possibly mean what he says, and we are only sad, angry dupes easily deceived by a meretricious showman. If only we were wise enough to put a similar faith in the political wisdom of the editors of NR.

    • Hanson, Charles Murray and others like them had to accept Neocon dogmas to have a voice in the national “conservative” media and think tanks.

    • Getting a little tired of the “angry” thing, actually. I’m a Trump supporter, but am not angry. Gave up anger long, long ago. Many of us have simply had enough of sighing.

      • I’m with fodderwing, but I do occasionally go into the basement and look at my pitchfork, torch and rope collection with anticipation…

        • Agreed. Though I go into the garage often to fondle my coil of hemp rope and ream of lamp posts for a while.

  13. PS. Did not realize how strategically important landscapers, housekeepers and seafood processors were to our national interest and security. I’ll sleep better at night knowing Congress is really putting the wood to solving this problem.

  14. A big slug of the electorate has finally figured out (and this includes Sanders voters–they just come at this from a different perspective) that the political elite has been peeing on their leg for years and claiming it is raining. And I think the pundits would be surprised how far up the income scale support for Trump goes. But living “behind enemy lines” we have to carefully suss out who may be a supporter or not. Suspect there are more out there than polling picks up. In the upper middle class cohort around here–people are seriously concerned about their kid’s future and most are not innumerate–so the implications of 1-2 % growth vs 2-3% is readily apparent to them even if it is as elusive as the Higgs Boson to Obama and the Washington crowd.

    • I’m sure all the shit about gallows and hitlists and burning it all down and getting rid of the fuckheads who wear eyeglasses will work out better *in this revolution* than in the other ones. Carry on…

  15. Z, you have, in the last two paragraphs, seemingly demoted Trump to a mere figurehead for the betrayal and anger that the dirt people feel.  This is falling into the narrative and trap that the Left has been (and will be) pounding on until November.

    Did you not see (or read the transcript of) his foreign policy speech a couple of weeks ago? Is that the speech of a mere figurehead of the “revolt of the masses”?

    Let’s look at what Trump has NOT done and, by implication, what he has promised to reverse:

    Donald Trump did not steal your money. Donald Trump did not raise your taxes. Donald Trump did not triple the price of food. Donald did not make your medical insurance unaffordable. Trump is not stirring up a race war. Trump did not leave any US soldiers in Benghazi to be slaughtered and desecrated by Muslims. Trump did not send the US Navy to fight for a Syrian version of Al-Qaeda. Trump did not arm ISIS who later began to systematically exterminate Christians throughout the Middle East. Trump did not betray Israel. Trump did not provide financing and technology to Iran’s nuclear weapons program. Trump did not give our military secrets to China. Trump did not remove our nuclear missile shield in Poland at the behest of Russia. Trump did not shrivel our military, and betray our needful veterans.

    Trump did not hamper and stymie our economy for eight years. Trump did not increase our debt to almost 20 trillion dollars. Trump did not ruin our national credit rating not once, but twice. Trump did not double African American unemployment. Trump did not increase welfare expenses to record levels for eight years. Trump did not sign a law making it legal to execute and imprison Americans on his own say-so. Trump did not set free practically all of terrorists in Guantanamo Bay. Trump did not stop securing our border and enforcing immigration law setting us on a path to becoming a 3rd world non-nation. Trump did not attempt to steal your gun rights, violate US Constitutional law, exercise power far beyond his legal limits or commit treason against this nation, not once but hundreds of times.

    Yet despite being not guilty of all these crimes against our nation, Trump is the one who has been, is now, and will be ripped apart in the mainstream news, non-stop.

    And he is the only one with a prayer of reversing it.

    Make America Great Again is not just a mantra or slogan.  It’s a promise.

    • I disagree. This is not about the man. Deranged and unhealthy movements are about the men who lead them. This groundswell is something else. Trump would not exist if the the public was not ready for Trump.

      Mark me down as a guy who thinks history is both social currents and the deeds of individual men. Trump is a unique guy and few could play the role he is playing, but he would have gone nowhere four years ago or ten years ago. Trump exists in this moment. It’s why Reagan worship is silly. He was the reformer his age required.

      • Funny, too, how that was common knowledge just a few decades ago — the age and the man exist in (ahem) a dialectical relationship. But for the Civil War, US Grant would’ve been just another failed leather goods dealer. But for Grant, the Civil War would’ve ended in a negotiated peace. It takes a uniquely modern flavor of dumb to argue — as our intellectuals do — that a) everything that happens is the inevitable outcome of patriarchy, capitalism, etc. and b) Obama is such a uniquely effective individual that His mere presence will lower the seas.

      • I think you and Fuel Filter are both correct. Trump hasn’t done any of the things FF lists, (although BHO has), and the Movement, if it can even be called that at this juncture, is not a Cult of Personality (like BHO). Trump is a galvanizing force; he is our Lightning Rod. He doesn’t need to be anything else, but it’s icing on the cake if he can deliver more.

      • Zman there is something here we are all not reckoning with, and that is our motive power as not slaves. Look at what is going down, here in short order the balance of power between the oligarchy and the dirt people has been turned on it’s head, and almost no one is seeing it for what it is. Granted we are not accustomed to our will as a plurality having such an effect on politics and The Narrative, but that is exactly what is happening. I’m saying so many people can’t grok what is hitting them upside the head, that Trump the man isn’t what is revolutionary, it is that we are all Trump now. We are the revolutionaries, we have the power, we have always had the power to determine our lives, just that for long time now we have been hoodwinked into believing we are powerless as people to effect change to our determination.
        Look around, those running things, the lap dog media, the globalists have been exposed as the liars and cheats, criminals and despots they have always been, they are under siege, and they don’t know to shit or go blind, their illusion of power and influence is crumbling. Trump’s ascendence is our acsendence and ours is Trumps. Make no mistake about the profound realities here. The fulcrum of liberty depends on the motive power of believing in our individual dignity as naturally free people, we are not slaves to the state, we where not born as slaves or serfs, cash chattel for these “elites”, (oh how I despise that term, for they are niether), who are the ultimate entitlement class, a tiny group of psychopaths who believe they are entitled to rule over the rest of us and having the indignity and duty as slaves to pay for it also. Fuck these fuckers. And fuck these fuckers is what people are beginning to believe. It is withdrawal of consent, the one commodity the fuckers can not survive. No guns required. Withdraw consent and all the fuckers have left is use of force and violence. It is all they really ever had, but they dressed up that cake of shit with frosting, what people are beginning to understand is it’s still a cake made of shit.

        Indeed, as Andrew Breitbart said so succinctly, “We have guns”. To me, Andrew said it all in a nut shell, watch this guy, there is huge application of reason in this man, you can see the motive power of defiance and rightful liberty, it is there in the most humblest of forms, yet it is a warning like nothing else so powerful:

        “Bring It On”

        “We Have the Guns…

    • “Donald Trump did not steal your money.”

      The hell you say…?!

      As for all the rest, he directly supported all the politicians who DID those things.

      • Oh so you’re not voting for anyone then? Because by your logic they’re all culpable

    • Spot on, Fuel Filter! I don’t worship Trump – he is, after all, just a man. But I believe that I do understand him and his motivations. He (like I) had immigrant grandparents, people who were certainly not rich and powerful when they came to our shores. He (like I) had parents who did well in this country, which gave them the freedom and opportunity to make the best of themselves (by working their asses off). He (like I) grew up in a nation where traditional Western values, the ones (like honesty, hard work, thrift, freedom of expression, etc.) that made this country great, were assumed to be pretty much forever – and that they SHOULD be pretty much forever.

      Recently, he (like I) has found that those elected to protect us from outside forces, and to ensure a level and reasonably just playing field here at home, have turned on us. Turned on us to the point where the very existence of our nation is in peril – OUR nation, The United States of America, the world’s most successful and powerful nation…being brought down by a bunch of people so intent on benefiting from their corruption of and within the system that they are blind to the effects, blind to the fact that they are killing the host.

      Trump has kids and grandkids. Money – he has PLENTY of that, and can make more anywhere if he feels the need to do so – but those kids and grandkids are unique…and he sees that his generation is NOT bequeathing a healthy land of freedom, opportunity or any kind of reasonable justice to those younger folks. His financial legacy is set – no one in his family will wonder where their next meal is coming from for the next 200 years – but there’s more to life than money (and he ought to know – what is the utility of an extra $1 billion to him? Not much, believe it or not. It won’t change his lifestyle one bit). He understands that his REAL legacy will be to do something substantive to reverse the impending downfall of this nation, to save the nation from the traitors within. He’s not in it for the money – he has that. He’s not in it for the fame – he has that, too. Yes, he enjoys the attention, but going through this horrific process, dealing with the true scumbags that he’s had to meet and negotiate with (and this is just the beginning) – all of that is something that a 69-year-old multi-billionaire never had to deal with; he could have simply kept doing what he was doing, move several hundred million bucks off-shore to a safer location for the kids, and enjoyed the rest of his life with a hot wife and hot & cold running servants. Yet, he chose to wade into the cesspool of politics, to mix it up with the scumbags destroying HIS (and our) country. The purpose simply cannot be anything other than that the guy has a pure motivation, which is to perform the ultimate corporate turnaround, to reverse the course of the massive ship of state – by restoring common sense and time-tested values to government, and defiantly attacking and bringing down those who have gleefully ordered the ship to go full throttle toward the killer iceberg.

      Is the man perfect? Not just “no,” but “HELL, no!” – but, then again, who is or ever was? Do I agree with all of his proposed policies, let alone his (hopefully) past positions? Not a snowball’s chance in Hell. Do I agree with all of his methods of getting and keeping attention, of responding to attacks, of persuading people to at least not vote for the other guy (or skanky, snarly gal, as the case may be)? Nope. But he is the ONLY one who really and truly is not part of “their” club. Oh, he’s played some games on their club’s fields, but in the end he left and went back home. He knows them, deals with them when he has to, but he is not OF them. He’s just a very smart, but otherwise ordinary, guy who has had the great fortune to be in the right place at the right time – with the tools, money, connections, etc. that he developed over time – to be hugely successful. He is the ONLY guy out there criticizing the Establishment for real, without being part of it and using that stance as a campaign prop. He is the ONLY one who can (IMHO) take on Hillary and the Dems successfully. He is, to put it bluntly, our only hope – if he loses, it will prove the axiom that “if voting could solve anything, it’d be illegal.” We have no other choice – especially now that he’s captured the confidence and votes of more people in his party than anyone in history, and that with several states to go – there is no one else who is willing to burn down the whole rotten structure and start over, or who would be able to do so even if they were motivated to do so.

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