The Stupid Party Way

Whatever the merits of Buckley Conservatism, it is utterly worthless as a political one. Since the whole point of ideology is to shape politics, an ideology that utterly fails in politics is worthless. Pretty much the only thing they can do well is explain why they lost and even there they manage to screw up. Somehow, the great conservative minds managed to convince themselves that the reason Romney lost was that he was not mushy enough. People can be forgiven for thinking it is deliberate.

News brings word that the House Republicans were stymied by the tiny minority of Democrats over the Zika response. The bill is to fund a response to the Zika virus that is spreading north from South America via mosquitoes and immigrants. The liberals demanded abortion provisions in the bill, which has nothing to do with abortion, but the Left never takes its eye off the ball. They attach abortion provisions to everything knowing the Right is too stupid to stop them.

The Left knows how to play the game. They know that the Right will want to look like good citizens and eventually cave on the abortion provisions just to get the Zika bill passed. Even if they don’t, there are a thousand other bills they will do the same thing with so eventually they will get what they want. The Left never takes a break, They are always pressing forward. There’s no deal you can strike with them that will end their attacks. They are like Muslims in this regard.

Another example is this stupid flag bill the House just passed. What on God’s green earth are this idiots thinking? This bill does nothing for Republicans and helps Democrats. On pure politics alone, the bill should have died in some no name committee. If the Democrats really wanted this bill, then the smart play is to attach a dozen poison pill amendments that lets the GOP vote for it, but makes Democrats vote against it. That’s how a majority handles the minority in a parliament.

But that’s not how the Wuss Right thinks. They are always seeking to curry favor with the Left. Paul Ryan would drop to his knees and beg Obama for forgiveness if he thought there was some chance he would give it. He spends more time plotting to derail those to his Right than he does trying to stop the Left. These are small issues that garner no attention in the media yet Ryan and his fellow “principled” conservatives can’t summon the courage to tell the Left to pound sand.

What’s maddening about this and why voters have thrown in the towel on these guys, is that they don’t seem to know the basics of politics. These men and women somehow managed to get elected without understanding how parliaments work. It’s tempting to think, as many in the Dissident Right claim, that it is deliberate. That’s the Moldbugian thesis. Republicans are the outer party and Democrats are the inner party. The conservative commentariat are just the fluffers for the stars of the political theater.

The argument against that is if they were truly so clever as to perpetuate this elaborate ruse on the public, they would do it so no one noticed. In reality, the Republican Party is just the land of misfit toys. The “conservatives” are just guys who tick the boxes they are told to tick, but don’t think much about it. There are exceptions, but most could just as easily be Anarcho-Syndicalists or Whigs. They just like the lifestyle and they are not very good at anything other than toadyism.

Paul Ryan has been in politics his whole life, He has done nothing else. We live in the age of mass media where everyone knows about everything instantly. He has to know he is about as popular with Republican voters as testicular cancer. He has to know his party is under the microscope. Yet, he can’t figure out how to score some small victories to maybe claw a little credibility back in time for the elections. That’s not a conspiracy. That’s stupidity. That’s the Stupid Party way.

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  1. Ryan is synonymous with craven capitulation; Just this week he was carrying the WH’s water in regards to the “Sue the Saudis” bill that passed the senate unanimously on Monday, and the PR bailout.

  2. I agree with the article except for the label of Buckley Conservatism on Ryan. Buckley actually fought, tooth and nail, by debating the left and standing up to them at every turn. Jim DeMint and Ted Cruz are such fighters and bear the mantle well of Buckley Conservatives. Ryan is a RINO, or a GOPe lackey. Everything you wrote is true about the Republican Establishment, but they sure ain’t Buckley Conservatives. He’d probably be rolling over in his grave if he read this.

      • Yes, Buckley was a fighter. It’s a shame he spent so much time fighting those to his right. If he had been half as successful against the left as he was against the right, imagine where we’d be today.

  3. It’s hard to believe that anyone gives any respect to Ryan after watching him submit to the bitch-slapping Biden gave him in the last VP election debate.

    He’s a pussy, and there is the incontrovertible evidence.

  4. We live in the age of mass media where everyone knows, superficially, about everything instantly, providing it is not filtered and suppressed by the left-leaning mass media.

    You can see however why the left is so desperate to stop freedom of speech on tinterwebz: no control makes them soooo unhappy. Years ago I was told of a tech guy who, in the early days of the internet, had a discussion with a non-tech lefty about the emerging web, and the lefty repeated, ad nauseum, “but who is in charge of it?” The concept of no-dictator unsettled the socialist more than you and I might comprehend. Thankfully our socialist-in-all-but-name mass media have figured out out ways to make things ‘trend’ in order to keep the rabble from noticing.

    • Well said UKer, the axiom, “In a time of universal deceit, the Truth is a revolutionary idea” is a revolutionary truth in itself.
      Usurpers usurp. Everything. It is what they do. The dead elephants are no different, they just couch their systematic tyranny in “pleasant” terms giving us what we want to hear and nothing else. It is Divide and conquer. How they rule souls. Remember, “order out of chaos”. From the top down inside out. Along the way you “redistribute” the wealth to your crony buddies.
      The Stupid Party is no different from the cultural marxists, to the Black Tantrums Don’t Matter useful idiots, they don’t care about any of us, we are the dirt people, chattel, to be milked dry of our intrinsic wealth. Control the past, our heritages, our traditions, our culture, our energy, land, food and water, the great essentials of our modern age, and you can control everything. It is why they executed LeVoy Finnicum in the snow up in Oregon, and turned the other ranchers and their family’s from Burns Oregon, and the Hammond and Bundy cattle ranches into political prisoners. Those ranchers where getting too close to the truth.
      It is all rigged by a mere handful of oligarchs. They do not want anyone to know how corrupt they are and how they are managing to acquire power and wealth. Same old story through time. It is why they do everything they can to undermine the tireless minority of people who resist and defy them, it is always through history a determined fearless minority who have ever changed the world for good. The sonofabitches declared war on us really. But one thing they forget, It is the human terrain which is on top, culture is always upstream of tyranny and politics of it.

  5. Yes these guys are so stupid. It wouldn’t take much for some body with balls to get up and tell the Democrats to go suck lemons. It anit hard. But they… just…cant…somehow. Their such losers, they cant even conceive of winning, which they could do, they control the thing in congress, for gying out loud. The Democrats are not 50 foot tall.

    • Exactly what has perplexed and and driven base conservative nuts for 15 years now. We gave them EVERYTHING in 2001 – both Houses of Congress and the Presidency – and they delivered absolutely nothing. Less than nothing, they doubled the Federal budget and deficit. Gave them back the Congress a few years ago – same results.

      The GOPe shouldn’t be mad about Trump, they should be amazed that they aren’t hanging from lampposts.

      • It’s almost as if most Republicans who get elected to national office are child molesters, and the democrats have the video to prove it.

        Or something.

  6. “The argument against that is if they were truly so clever as to perpetuate this elaborate ruse on the public, they would do it so no one noticed.” And yet, this is the same party who thinks Mitt Romney lost because he wasn’t squishy enough. It’s a conspiracy run by Dunning-Kruger cases — not being very bright themselves, they think they can get away with such a dumb, halfassed show. And, really, they have good reason to think this — they are the majority party in Congress, after all.

    • They have two serious problems of their own making. The entire ensemble of the oligarchy have lied about everything to the extent the lied themselves into a corner. They can’t use the truth if they wanted to, it would be telling on themselves. The psychopath in a pants suit has no wiggle room on this either. What your witnessing is the “elites”, (which they certainly are not) exist now to survive their own illegitimacy. It is why Donald Trump owns them. It’s really simple, always tell the truth, and you don’t have much to worry about or be exposed for. The truth is self preserving by its very nature. It is why cultural marxists and musloids, (i think I repeated myself), black tantrums don’t matter, and the rest of the SJW idiots expend such resources trying to banish history and truth that interferes with their narrative. i know that sounds simplistic, but the truth is it is the truth of these clowns.
      It is like the black tantrums matter movement, all front of the bus about being reverse racists and everything. What a hoot! like they own the truth because the government plantation sanctions their pouting. White people own racism in a way black tantrums matter only can dream of obtaining. It is an absolute kind of racism that has no equal. White supremacy is. For a reason. The west, Christian Judea culture, science, arts, technology, industry, academia, the Reformation, the 5000 year leap of liberty, it brought mankind into a renaissance unparalleled in history. Who else did it? Who else could? Black tantrums matter? Islam? Cultural marxists? Radical chic red diaper babies in pants suits? The cuckservative cultural marxist light party? Lord love a duck I don’t think so.
      And these fucking clowns running things expect us to cowtow and genuflex to them and their idiocy, after the trail of political, economic, industrial destruction, and corruption they have left in their wake? Never mind the police state they have shoved up our arses.?
      No thanks.
      I Don’t Think So.
      I’ll be using my AR15 in exuberant fashion before that happens.

  7. “We live in the age of mass media where everyone knows about everything instantly. He has to know he is about as popular with Republican voters as testicular cancer. He has to know his party is under the microscope. ”

    Going to disagree with this. The human capacity for self-deception is boundless. I guarantee you that he’s convinced his detractors are a small vocal minority; getting booted from his seat will be the concerted effort of well-funded enemies, etc.

  8. ZMan, I don’t mean any offense by this, but these fuckers really do not care about the rest of us but for what benefits them first and last. And that right there is the cold truth of it. It is why they are what they are to begin with. Sure there’s a few with some principles and something of a moral compass, but the virtue of the collective lot of them, ain’t worth a bucket of warm spit. Sooner we all accept that reality, the sooner this bullshit called a government ends.

    • This has been going on for generations, it’s just that we hear about it sooner rather than later. Most politicians are in it for themselves. Career politicians must go. The founding fathers never meant for this to happen. And it appears to be too late to fix.

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