The Disease of Modern Liberalism

Like most everyone, I woke up Sunday to the news that a lunatic had shot up a gay bar in Florida late Saturday night. Also like most people, I figured it was just another example of the old adage, “nothing good happens after midnight.” Then it became clear it was something more than just the usual trouble and I braced myself for a full blast of crazy from the Cult of Modern Liberalism. I just knew that they would swear this was the fulfillment of prophesy and demand reparations like after the black church shooting.

It did not turn out that way, obviously, as the shooter was a Liberal Democrat and a member of a sacred group. It’s hard to blame the honky when the shooter is a Muslim. Muslims are not real high on the totem pole for the Left, but they still rank higher than whites, even gay whites. The Left is afraid to elevate them too high on the piety pole as even Lefty understands what that means. Once we have a critical mass of Muslims they will start pitching lesbians off the roof at colleges around the country. That’s their thing.

After getting caught up on the details of the story I figured, like a lot of people, I’m sure, that the next play for the Left would be guns. Instead of blaming the Religion of Peace™, they would blame the magic of metallurgy and polymers for making the poor Mohammedan go bonkers. It was either that or Donald Trump creating an unfriendly atmosphere. It did not take long for the Cult to settle on guns since Hillary Clinton plans to run on gun grabbing this fall.

That’s the thing. Normals all know the drill now. President Obama could walk out of the White House, shoot a couple of pedestrians, rape a nun and then take a dump on Abe’s lap and the Left would find some way to twist it into proof their cause is just. If the Muslim had used a suicide vest instead of a gun, the Left would have blamed climate change for sending him over the edge. No matter what happens, the war on normal people must continue. It’s what defines them. It’s who they are.

That’s what’s important to understand about the Progressive mind. These are not people who think like normal people. Instead, they are completely immersed in their secular religion, in the same way the Muslim fanatics are consumed by Islam. No matter what happens in the world, the Left looks for a cause in the tenets of their faith. In this case, it is Magic Shape Theory that says shaping metal into a gun imbues it with the power to take possession of a human, making them into a killer.

This is why they never seem to lose focus on their causes, no matter how many times their cause has been rejected. Disarming the sinners, the bad whites they imagine are holding up the final ascent into the promised land, is a defining goal. After the Civil War, they wanted to murder all the bad whites. They still do, but they need to get the guns first. That’s what matters, not the dead gay guys lying on the dance floor or the Muslim lunatics running loose in the country.

It’s one reason the Left always wins. They never quit. Like all fanatics, they cannot be reasoned with or bargained with, because they can never accept anything but 100% of their goal. Getting within ten miles of the promised land is no better than  being a million miles from the promised land so they break whatever deal they made and demand to get a little closer and then a little closer. Before long normal people are getting thrown in prison and having their property confiscated because they did not show enough enthusiasm for sodomy.

It’s an important lesson. There can be no deal struck with these people. There’s no truce to be had or a balance to be struck. What defines American liberalism is an unquantifiable hatred of the sinner, the bad whites they see as the reason the prophesies have not been fulfilled. When you define yourself by the moral distance between yourself and the bad people, you can never embrace the bad people. You can never accept them. You can only lie in wait, for your chance at revenge and glory. That’s why they spring to action right after these events.

When the deranged white kid shot up the black church, the Left demanded the removal of every Confederate flag. That caught normal people by surprise as the Civil War has been over for 150 years. To the Left, however, it never ended. It just moved into different phases over time. The old hatreds are still there and any chance they get to exact vengeance on their sworn enemies, they take it. It’s all that matters to them. It is their reason to live.

I’m fond of pointing out that civilization exists in the space between barbarians on one side and fanatics on the other. The fear of the barbarian forces civilized people to do what they must to keep the fanatics under control. America has lost control of the fanatics and they are running amok at a time when barbarians are pouring over the border, abetted by the fanatics who see an advantage. Exploding Mohameds are a symptom of a greater disease, the disease of Modern Liberalism.

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  2. >Muslims are not real high on the totem pole for the Left.

    What??? 🙂
    Muslims are at the very top of the totem pole. They represent the greatest danger to western civilization so they’re right at the top. Blacks, Mexicans, gays, trans, women – they’re all below Muslims.
    I think it’s because the number and percentage of Muslims in America and in your neck of the woods is much smaller than in Europe, that you think blacks are perhaps higher on the totem pole. That women and feminists are higher up.
    What the initial silence over the mass sexual attacks in Cologne (and then the excuses) ought to tell you, is that Muslims trump women, and to some extent trump molested women (if they were molested by Muslims).
    The feminist movement was very keen to insist that Muslim immigration has nothing to do with the attacks and that it’s wrong to focus on their religion. Instead, they said it’s just about men behaving badly or about german misogyny and that anyway only feminists can express distaste for what happened, and since they refuse to do that, everyone should shut up.

    You’ll see what happened in Molenbeek over time and how the left said nothing and insisted everything is fine.
    First they went for the Jews and the gays, then they went after uncovered women, calling them ‘whores’.
    Muslims are at the very top of the totem pole. This is what some gays apparently begin to realize.

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  5. It really couldn’t be much clearer than these ancient, words.
    2 Timothy 3:1-9
    1 But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days.2 People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, 3 without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, 4 treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God 5 having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with such people.6 They are the kind who worm their way into homes and gain control over gullible women, who are loaded down with sins and are swayed by all kinds of evil desires, 7 always learning but never able to come to a knowledge of the truth. 8 Just as Jannes and Jambres opposed Moses, so also these teachers oppose the truth. They are men of depraved minds, who, as far as the faith is concerned, are rejected. 9 But they will not get very far because, as in the case of those men, their folly will be clear to everyone.

  6. The new mayor of London is trying to ban public ads showing women in nighties and swimsuits based on a petition launched by progressives.

    It’s all coming together.

    You’re right Z. They don’t need the freighters loaded with jihadis. They only need patience.

  7. If it wasn’t for the truly sh*tty attitude towards women I’d be fine as a Muslim (other than regarding Mohammad as a child raping, slave trading wacko with an imaginary friend). As long as Homo defenestration wasn’t a mandatory community sport and a little leeway was given on the whole bacon and pork thing. (They’re obviously just kidding about beer, I mean really!)
    The five wives thing as OK as long as the girls understand that the f*cking kitchen is off limits. I cook. Just make appreciate noises at meals and everyone is happy.

    Other than that; the eye for an eye, chopping the hands off thieves, ‘Peace be with you’ thing. It’s all cool.

    I think drafting a few ex-Christans into the tribe would do them a world of good because frankly they seem to have gotten into a rut. For one thing, nothing wrong with Mecca that adding a NFL franchise wouldn’t cure.

    Long winded way of saying “Lighten up, nothing important is really changed’.

    • Hey slick, you might want to do a little research before you recite the shadaha. Islam is more-or-less satan worship. But hey, you might be cool with that.

    • Nice try at a little “sick” humor. But I don’t think many are up for that right now. This is serious shit.

  8. If anyone has the stomach, check out the twitter account of a classic case study of progressive lunacy: CNN’s Sally Kohn.

    Kohn is the same over-medicated lesbian who claimed that “illegal immigrant” was hate speech akin to calling a black person a nagger, and who is raising, or rather indoctrinating, her own child to become a lesbian so as to follow in her footsteps.

    With regards to the Orlando shootings, Kohn is convinced that a “climate of hate” created by Christians – who insist, hatefully, that even men in dresses use the men’s room – pushed this poor Muslim over the edge. It’s really astonishing. It’s one thing to have Z describe these wackadoos – but it’s another thing entirely to observe them in their natural habitat going through the mental gymnastics that come naturally to them. I’m afraid that at some point they will have to removed to a zoo – if not for their own protection, then for ours.

    • Ah, yes good ol’ Mustang Sally, along with her sidekick Rachael Madcow.

      Always good for a giggle (and ever needful of a shot of haldol).

  9. Since I don’t have a twatter account I’ll leave my twit here–Immigrants. Doing the job Americans just won’t do.

  10. “I’m fond of pointing out that civilization exists in the space between barbarians on one side and fanatics on the other. The fear of the barbarian forces civilized people to do what they must to keep the fanatics under control. America has lost control of the fanatics and they are running amok at a time when barbarians are pouring over the border, abetted by the fanatics who see an advantage.”

    We haven’t simply lost control of the fanatics, we’ve elevated them to the leadership role of every major cultural institution in the country. The President is a fanatic. The entire Democratic party is run by fanatics. Virtually all K-12 schools, universities, and government agencies are run by fanatics. The mainstream media is completely dominated by fanatics. Big tech is run by fanatics. Professional sports leagues are run by fanatics. And then there’s Hollywood and the professional entertainment complex . . . too much ground to cover there.

    The problem is not one of a small group of progressive liberal fanatics who wield undue influence over our culture. The problem is the pervasive cultural rot of American society due to the success of the “long march” of the left through America’s institutions, now over 50 years in the making. In a metaphorical sense, we are stewing in our own fetid cultural juices.

    Is anyone really surprised that a first-generation citizen born to immigrant parents from a culturally conservative society like Afghanistan would take stock of the sewer pit that is American culture in 2016 and snap?

    The degree to which leftist goodthink has become pervasive was made evident to me by the reaction to the shooting of my friends’ kids and my kids’ friends on social media. These are kids in their late teens through mid-twenties, middle class, mostly white, mostly college educated, and most of which are not more than two generations removed from farmers, the literal dirt people. Nobody would characterize these kids as fanatics. Yet these kids simply lack the critical reasoning skills required to contemplate any meaningful questions about the shooting because they have been thoroughly and completely indoctrinated by fanatics.

    Is it a good idea to have a policy of mass immigration from third-world countries of vastly different cultures? You can’t have that thought, because racism and white privilege. Is it a good idea to use the coercive power of the state to force private persons to celebrate gay culture against their sincere religious objections? Can’t entertain that thought, because homophobia. Is it significant that three out of six major mass shootings in the US in the last two years have been committed by Muslims? You can’t ask because, because Islamophobia.

    If, as you contend, civilization exists in the space between the barbarians and the fanatics then we are well and truly screwed because the vast majority of our citizens simply lack the ability to identify, much less defend, the elements of their civilization. It’s going to take an onslaught by the barbarians to purge our societal institutions of their governing fanatics. I say bring on the barbarians.

  11. “…civilization exists in the space between barbarians on one side and fanatics on the other.”

    Disagree on this one. The fanatics *are* barbarians, and vice-versa. Their tactics and strategies (such as they are) are identical. Rust Never Sleeps, and all that. 

    Leftists and muslums fit both bills nicely.

    Civilization exists when both are sufficiently and harshly put, and kept down.


    Otherwise, right as rain.

    • Civilization exists between barbarians on two sides. In form they are entirely different but in need they are identical. Uniformity and submission were not abstract ideas to early man, they are a way of life baked into our instinct. All civilization is a renunciation of instinct, so saw two utterly different men as Hayek and Freud.

  12. Conservatives persist in bringing logic to a gunfight. As though somehow a fanatic may be persuaded that the beliefs he/she/it has invested every fiber of being in, are in fact wrong and suddenly become a model citizen of the world. In the case of ISIS and its hangers on, I’m afraid we’re stuck with LeMay’s Law– “if you kill enough of them, they stop fighting”. For the useful idiots among our own, I have no idea what is a workable solution.

  13. On a TV show covering ‘what the papers say’ over here this morning a prominent (in his own reckoning) lefty who happens to be gay got up and dramatically stormed out of the studio because he felt the questions being put to him about the Orlando shooting were focussing too much on the muslim/religion issues instead of what he regarded as the more important, which was homophobia. As all lefties know, homophobia is beyond all considerations of race and religion even if some of the biggest homophobia is from islam.

    Of course, it is a useful tactic to be so outraged that the murder of fellow gays wasn’t the sole focus that he can avoid having to face up to the ‘let’s all love our friends the muslims’ part of himself. Moral: Never miss an opportunity to wriggle out of difficult questions under the guise of a hissy fit.

    • The Gays (and specifically, male homosexuals) are a unique, protected class in the Progressive social structure. That is because male sodomy is the War Hammer of Degeneracy. It’s like the universal solvent of everything that is wholesome and good. It’s diabolical because it operates on the physical, moral, and spiritual planes. On the physical plane, it creates unfathomable new diseases; on the moral plane, it thoroughly undermines social relations by undermining the fundamental building block of society, the family; on the spiritual plane, it defies God in a unique and special way because it relies on recruitment to spread– as sodomy begets sodomy, it is a self-replicating engine of sin. It’s no accident that the corruption of children is a critical element of sodomy; while homosexuals are only 2% of the population, they are responsible for 50% of all child sex abuse cases.

      Also, it’s very important to note the distinction between sodomy and homosexuality. Homosexuality is a subculture; sodomy is a sex act. Progressives support both homosexuality and sodomy because homosexuality is used to fight a cultural war, while sodomy is used to promote a war against God and believers in God. Islam tacitly tolerates and channelizes Sodomy but not Homosexuality, as Homosexual culture is not compatible with Islamic culture. When Progressivism and Islam finally merge, the culture war will be over, and Homosexual culture will be discarded; but sodomy will still be allowed to flourish.

  14. “After the Civil War, they wanted to murder all the bad whites.”
    “It’s one reason the Left always wins. They never quit.”

    Well, there’s the curious fact that they let the bad whites take back the South in 1876. The whole crusade for negro equality didn’t get going again until the creation of the NAACP in 1909- and didn’t gain any momentum until after WWII.

    • They didn’t, though. Radical Reconstruction ended because the voting public which endured four years of Civil War and the Lincoln tyranny finally got sick of the Radicals’ excesses (especially paying for it all). Letting the Dems “redeem” the South was a way for the GOP to keep power while shutting the crazies out for a few decades. More dramatic, but not really different from the Democrats getting their crazies under control in the 1970s. Meanwhile, the lunatics who pushed Radical Reconstruction in the 1860s were flogging prohibition in the 1870s, urban reform in the 80s, female suffrage in the 90s, and the whole Dewey / James / Taylor “Progressive” schmear at the turn of the century. They never go away.

        • That’s at least half the trick with American history — finding out where the Puritans are. In the Civil War, Gilded Age, and Progressive Era, they were in the Republican Party. Then the Democrats got religion in the Sixties, thanks to race and their very willing Devil, Barry Goldwater. The interesting times are when you can’t find them in either major party, or equally distributed across both…. They’re always there, but when they don’t seem to have a natural “home” in either party, they have no systematic restraints on their lunacy (see, for example, John Brown).

  15. Well, we had a relatively peaceful time since 1945, but it’s ending.

    War is coming, more ugly than usual, because it’s going to be the cavaliers and the roundheads at it again.

  16. “It’s an important lesson. There can be no deal struck with these people. There’s no truce to be had or a balance to be struck. What defines American liberalism is an unquantifiable hatred of the sinner, the bad whites they see as the reason the prophesies have not been fulfilled. When you define yourself by the moral distance between yourself and the bad people, you can never embrace the bad people. You can never accept them. You can only lie in wait, for your chance at revenge and glory. That’s why they spring to action right after these events.”

    The same can be said for Islam. This is why the Cult loves Islam so much. They see a kindred spirit, willing to behead anyone who opposes them. Of course for the Cult the beheading is figurative. They’re satisfied with getting you fired and ruining your life. When the Cult and Islam come to final blows, the Cult will grovel and submit. They are moral and physical cowards and have no taste for actual bloodshed. They actually want to be enslaved. It is their dream.

    • Yes. Just as within Islam, there is a division between “moderate” muslims and warrior jihadist muslims, so there is a division between Progressivism and Islam; they share a similar ideology but play different roles within that ideology. Or to restate, Progressives provide comfort and support to Islam the same way that “moderate” muslims provide comfort and support to jihadist muslims. My guess is, Progressives will quickly and gladly convert to Islam when they inevitably get faced with the choice, because why wouldn’t they? In fact, I think there is a very real possibility that most Western leaders are already in fact crypto-Muslims. Justin Trudeau was captured on videotape reciting the shahadah in a mosque in front of muslim witnesses; this is all it technically takes to become a muslim. John Brennan, the Director of the CIA, is reputed to be a cryto-Muslim; given how long he served in Saudi Arabia, it’s quite reasonable to believe that they got to him. Barack Obama was born of a Muslim father, which automatically makes him a Muslim; and the “Christian” church he joined is one of a very few that does not require baptism, which is the cornerstone sacrament of Christianity. Virtually the entire German leadership class behaves exactly as they would if they were Muslim; is it really that big of a stretch to think that behind closed doors, they recited the shahadah in front of a few Muslim witnesses at some point in the past? Islam is the only major religion that literally only takes one minute to join. A minute to learn, a lifetime to master!

  17. “Muslims are not real high on the totem pole for the Left, but they still rank higher than whites, even gay whites”
    Greetings Zman. I strongly disagree with the above statement. The hierarchy does move and shift through time and circumstances so there is never a definitive structure but nowadays the pecking order goes something like this:
    Muslim > LGBT > Black > Feminist > Jew
    Hispanics are way trickier to place here since their circumstances and story vary wildly. Consider them a joker card that can fit above almost everywhere as per need.
    Jews are always last in the victim game. They are too smart and successful to be considered victims. Also many times they are not even practicing jews in any sense but just white people who want an official minority card issued to their names.
    Why would I say Muslims are at the top of the left victimhood pecking order? Well, I could run a lot of examples of clashes of muslims vs other minorities where muslims always come on top in the official liberal narratives no matter how atrocious the crime (e.g. Rotherham rapes anyone? Or any rape by “refugees” in the last six months?), but I would run out of space and bore everyone. Esentially the reason Muslims are on top of the food chain, even higher than LGBT, is because their potential use for societal transformation by the left is barely beginning. That’s why hispanics are also in the ascent. On contrast: LGBTs are already peaking in their usefulness. They had their run. It was a great and glorious run. History books will talk about it. Monuments will be made. Streets and avenues will be christened with the names of LGBT heroes and martyrs (except those of Orlando, those will be swept under the rug, at least for a while). But now a new class of victims has appeared with more potential to continue the march toward the Shining Path and LGBTs must cede the scenario to them for the greater good.

    • There are those who aligned themselves with radical Islam back in the 60’s because they knew this long before the sleeping Conservative Right had a clue. They are still aligned with it, and preach it from their latent Christian pulpits.

      • I didn’t know that. I fuzzily remember the western intelligentsia rising in defense of Salman Rushdie in the 1980’s and also that several movies had muslim terrorists as the villains (e.g. True Lies with James Cameron). Scenarios that are hard to imagine now.

        • Muslim terrorists actually help reinforce most liberal propaganda memes. First, and most importantly, Islam is absolved of its terrorists because “those aren’t TRUE Muslims, because ‘Religion of Peace!’; meanwhile, Muslim terrorism can be used to propagate gun control, mass surveillance, and global military adventurism. Plus, remember that Islam and Liberalism/Progressivism are ideologically similar, so there is a deep underlying sympathy between the two “religions”.

        • Oh, Reagan had an impact on the narrative of those elites who sought to survive the temporary setback to their long march. Those Hollywood characterizations of terrorists were more about the Middle East “otherness” and oil cartels, not about Islam. No, the subculture of Islam infiltrated the lower ends of the scale in the black communities and I well remember hearing ersatz “Black Muslims” preaching from street corners of my youth, the conversion of Cassius Clay having a large impact. Angela Davis and the Black Panthers were did not play all the cards in their hand, either. Even the SPLC lists the New Black Panthers as an Islamic extremist partner. It always has been. The ascendancy is now being played. Only history will tell us if they overplayed their hand too soon.

  18. It’s really not about the whiteness of whites, it is the now imperceptible Christian culture that defined the West and its successes. White progs are tolerated as useful tools, to be eaten last. White devils are persons of any color who maintain that truth is knowable, justice has a baseline, evil is real, logic is not the handmaid of Satan, and objectivity can only go so far before one must act in self-defense.

  19. I think part of the mainline GOP collapse this year was that the base recognized the left’s fanaticism and unwillingness to honor any compromise – unlike the mainstream Republican candidates. We’ve seen it too many times.

  20. And to think I keep trying to rationalize why they think the way they do. Liberalism it like a mental disease after all.

    • Definitely. What we need is a modern version of March-of-Dimes, an updated version of Jerry’s kids (call it Bernie’s Kids and run endless loops of Pajama Boy, Mattress Gurl, etc.). Can we get a Go-Fund set up for Gene Replacement Therapy or maybe something useful can finally be extracted from stem cells?

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