Father’s Day in the Ghetto

When you live in or near the ghetto, you cannot help but notice the fact that family life is nothing like it is out in Honkyville. Dave Chappelle used to do a bit on how his limo driver took him through the ghetto once and he saw a baby on the street corner selling weed at one in the morning. What made it funny is the truth of it. In the ghetto, you will see little kids running around at all hours. Seeing an unattended toddler standing on the corner is not common but seeing small children without their parents is not rare.

I was riding through a section 8 area on my bike once, it was mid-morning probably, and I saw a small kid standing next to a running car. The car had both doors open. The townhouse it was in front of also had the door wide open. Presumably, there was a mother inside, maybe watching the kid and the running car. I did not stick around long enough to get the answer, but I was not shocked by it. This is just a feature of the underclass, especially the black underclass.

Father’s Day around here is always a bit amusing because I imagine the black guys all looking for a place to hide, not entirely sure which kid is technically theirs and which baby momma is looking for them. It is terrible, but I blame Maury Povich for making me cynical about these things. That and the black illegitimacy rate in America is 75%. In the ghetto it is 100%. It is why today the local grocery store is staffed entirely by black people. Whites take off and blacks gladly pick up the extra shifts.

It was not always this way. Black illegitimacy was at 12% before the Civil Rights Movement. Social justice and the welfare state destroyed the black family. By the mid-60’s illegitimacy among blacks was in the 40’s and then exploded with the introduction of recreational drug use. On the one hand, you had young blacks destroying themselves with drugs. On the other hand, you had a warlord culture evolve around the sale and distribution of street drugs. Thug life is not family life.

In the ghetto, black people do not have any concept of fatherhood because no one grew up with a father. Often, the mothers do not even know who it was that knocked them up so the biological father does not even have a name. It is as if the women were impregnated by ghosts. As a result, the black underclass is entirely matriarchal to the point where men live separate lives. The better mothers hope their boys get out of the ghetto, but most just accept they will end up on the corner.

Hispanics have gone a different way with illegitimacy. All the blather about Hispanics being culturally conservative ignores the fact that 53% of Hispanic babies are born to unwed mothers. The difference here is that Hispanic males are not invisible. They stick around and try to take a role in child raising. They may not marry their baby-momma, but they at least make a token effort to take care of the babies. There is still a shame component that compels even the male to pretend to be a responsible father.

The underclass whites are a lot like the Hispanics in that regard. Dwayne may not have bothered to marry Brandy when he knocked her up, but little Randy will grow up knowing Dwayne is his daddy. This is just a carryover effect from when American culture served the needs of the lower classes by enforcing basic rules of conduct. There are still some poor whites around who remember when you did the right thing, but in a generation or two that will fade into the mists of time.

Jerry Springer Nation is the end point for all of it.

It does not have to be this way, of course. In fact, the current conditions are an anomaly in America. This is a new problem created by our betters over the last couple of generations. Bored with the post-war prosperity of the 50’s, they decided to experiment on the poor by blowing apart the traditional institutions that gave some structure to the lower classes. Nature does not dispense her gifts equally. Some in every generation, born with the right stuff, managed to climb out of the under-class.

That is nearly impossible now. Kids coming out of the tough neighborhoods in American cities never learn the basics of behaving in a civilized society. The schools do not bother teaching them much of anything. With no useful role models, even kids with something on the ball are condemned to life in the urban reservation. For boys that means crime and then the cemetery. The unlucky head off to prison. The girls are just baby mills and a conduit to send tax dollars into the ghetto, so white liberals can feel special.

There has never been a time when poverty was fun. It was always hard, but the promise of America was always that even the poorest had hope. “Behave, do the right thing, work hard and anyone can grow up to be president.” That promise has been rescinded by the black-hearted sadists who rule over us. In the future, the robot historians will puzzle over why Americans did not rise up and hang the bastards long before they could do so much damage. Every time I ride through the ghetto, I wonder the same thing.

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  2. “The difference here is that Hispanic males are not invisible. They stick around and try to take a role in child raising.”

    This is due to the enduring legacy of the Roman Catholic Church within the Hispanic population. Whether they actually abide by it’s precepts (or not) is immaterial to them on an individual basis. The roots still run deep.

    The First Communion rites, the Quiniceria (sp?) rituals, the hugely expensive weddings (when they occur, which is really more often than not…I speak from experience having taught in Hispanic-dominated  school districts in Mexifornia for 28 years in Santa Ana and Lynwood), the supportive and large extended families, all the norm rather than the exception. Sex outside of marriage and babies born out of wedlock are simply an accepted way of life. 

    God simply forgives at confession. Remember, you can’t partake of Communion if you haven’t gone to confession. It’s a mortal sin if you do.

    Blacks have no such roots (pun intentional) and it is blindingly obvious.

    • What is to become of all the mixed children, besides becoming president? Just what will our race look like 25 years down the line? It’s not as though the best and brightest of two races are breeding. I am not overly bigoted just practical. I was a child in the sixties , and the black people I knew of were clean, hardworking people. They sure don’t look that way now.

    • I think – in fact, I’m sure – that at least some young black guys will take an example from LeBron and Curry.
      It could start a trend among the black basketball stars (or it is already) and filter down at least to some extent.

  3. Best way to impose Communism: destroy the family. Then nothing is left but atomized individuals dependent on the state.

  4. The whites don’t wanna live where the blacks are and the Blacks wanna live in white neighborhoods.

    “And the seasons they go round and round
    And the painted ponies go up and down
    We’re captive on the carousel of time
    We can’t return we can only look behind
    From where we came
    And go round and round and round
    In the circle game”

  5. They may not know who a particular father is, but my guess is that in a matriarchal society funded by Uncle, 10 or 20% of the males are being selected for all the fathering. It’s sort of a new age eugenics experiment, and I don’t suppose this new race is being selected for intelligence.

    • When you think about it, not unlike the selective breeding from slave days. Just a different massa (one they have no idea is there) directing the “hookup”.

    • Cultural marxism is the cult of the lowest common denominator. A race and immigrants granted unfettered access with a traditionally lower IQ is the perfect proxy for reverse racism, cultural diversity, and destruction of Western Christian values and traditions.

  6. If you don’t go to church on Sunday you’ll go to the local ink joint some other day of the week. Have to do your self-defining somewhere.

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  8. The difference between a democracy and a dictatorship is that in a democracy you vote first and take orders later; in a dictatorship you don’t have to waste your time voting. Charles Bukowski

  9. Don’t live near a ghetto, live way out in flyover land. Don’t have a TV, but when I go to a friends house and watch a bit of TV, it is remarkable, almost every commercial is black people actors, most of the sitcoms are almost all black people actors, see a commercial for home alarms or something to do with crime, it is unfailingly white men who are the perps, now we have blacks filling every role of science, the arts, the philosophers, the savor politicians, in the media, you name it, a black fills the role if you didn’t know better, white people have nothing to do with western society. Blacks are this super amazing race, they created the west and all its science, industry, its rule of law and it’s culture would not exist if there where no blacks. You would believe every person in America was a George Washington Carver or Albert Einstein with dark skin. I guess they don’t call TV programming for nothing. But it like everything these days comes back to the cultural marxists. Seems to me cultural marxism is slavery, it enslaves everything in order to control everything, it doesn’t destroy first, but it destroys everything eventually given the chance. Blacks are a most useful tool in that respect. No need for iron shackles, just create entire government sponsored plantations through social engineering and free shit for life, then you rule their souls, they are cultural putty, brainwash these slaves with the idea without them the world they see would not be possible and everyone that doesn’t have dark skin pigmentation is a racist out to suppress them and if those white people and their privilege didn’t exist black people would be in heaven on earth. Hard to fix that kind of institutional stupid. What funny is it is rich powerful white left wing extremists who are the slave masters of the blacks and nobody seems to reckon it much.

    • I tried watching Neighbors 2 and I gave up. Political Correctness is injected into every other scene.
      Every group of 4 kids is includes at least one black kid or ultra fat kid (or both) or of 2 gays who are getting married or/and fighting for feminism. I hope it tanked at the box office. Like crime, political correctness shouldn’t pay.

    • Well, you would be thrilled with the play “Hamilton”. It’s a rap musical about the Founding Fathers, with blacks in most parts. They got in a bit of trouble when they were casting for their road show. They basically said no whites allowed.

      • Ahhh, but did these black men get married to each other? Were there any lesbians? Was there a feminist conversation? If not, it’s transphobic, homophobic and mysoginist. It should be condemned.
        By the way, in Neighbors 2, the girls were overtly feminist and on a blackboard, the word “Feminist” appeared, but according to an interview, they were supposed to also say “feminist” an awful lot but it tested badly because “the term is so divisive” so they dropped it. Pity they didn’t drop the politics while they were at it.
        Feminism, by any other name would smell as foul. Feminism, thou art sick.

    • I am disabled and read a lot but I also watch my share of the boob tube to pass the time. Since Barry started his reign of racism I have noticed how movies, tv shows, commercials, news programs all have to have their token black, at least one. The majority of the time when it is a black male, they are clones of Barry, light skinned mulatto, thin, short cropped hair, tall with facial appearance that is eerily similar to our dear leader. After seven years of this crap, especially the Samuel L. Jackson dressed in black with eye patch, being the leader of the band (and so many of the leadership roles have the “house nigger” (my term) being the boss of all the white folks) showing us that the black man can be smart and be a leader just as much as anyone else. How is that perceptual mapping working on you? And to be clear, I do not use the “n” word out of derision. I use it because that is how I see show business treating these people. And they comply because of the money. They don’t object. And as far as I am concerned, the definition of a “nigger” has nothing to do with skin color, it has everything to do with attitude. You have stinkin thinkin, then you be one.

      It amazes me when I point this out to family and friends and they say “oh, I never noticed that. But now that you mention it, you’re right!” What? Is everyone so stupid they can’t pick up on a wave of change that happens right in front of their ly’in eyes and they miss what is happening? Unbelievable!

      Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for people having equal opportunity in jobs but to see the same black actors in the lead roles over and over again, and so many blacks take over so many roles in greater proportion to their ethnic population given the economic status of most blacks is beyond the pale. It is a new quota system. You better have your share or the gummint will be all over your ass! So a few actors get rich being black and by playing one-trick ponies. For many, their acting is very limited in scope, they only get their roles because they are one of the few “qualified” actors to fit the bill that hallywood has set out to meet the social engineering goals of the socialists. By qualified, I mean popular but the buying public is so ignorant they don’t know that their favorite black actors are vehement America haters and racists in their own right. There are some truly gifted black actors but they get overshadowed by the tsunami of other media plastering “da black man” in our face. I am sick of it.

    • I watch commercials with one aim: to see if there is one without any black people. More specifically, if the ad has an all-white family, though the norm on UK TV (and I suppose some of our ads come from the States, if dubbed over) is happy, happy white blonde woman with grinning black man. Sometimes a black person is inserted into a ‘normal’ sitcom for the powerful social-but-funny factor: the other day I caught one where the white girl falls pregnant and the father-to-be is, of course, an intelligent if nerdy black. The audience loved it!

      But as yet in the UK we haven’t got a lot of muslim TV actors, though I have no doubt it will change as our brown friends pour in. Once we do, there will be women in burkas and so on lovingly making halal burgers for their numerous offspring. Of course, the real breakthrough would be simpering brown ME muslim woman in hijab sat holding hands on sofa with grinning black man, though maybe that is a bridge too far.

      • Very well put. I wonder if the black race that is so proud of themselves and all their accomplishments. I wonder if the thought occurs to them that their bloodline is being diluted and very soon there may not be pure blood black people in America. I know I certainly worry about the white race that I am so proud to be a part of.

  10. Civilization has always been rare, but no culture I’m aware of but ours has ever actively uncivilized its children. The project is well advanced – single momhood is now rampant in the white middle classes, and in the mid- and upper-middle classes, that’s often by choice (she’s not gonna make partner / tenure / VP if she has to take time out for courtship and marriage and a stupid – ugh! – man and all his silly needs, but she wants a little lifestyle accessory to play dress-up with). I’ve been in a lot of college classrooms over the years, at a lot of different levels, and even the Ivy Leaguers act like they were raised by wolves. If I were an aspiring fascist, I’d really think about recruiting the few ghetto-to-lower-middle kids with something on the ball as cadres for my Brownshirt movement. They crave structure, but have no idea that that’s what they want. Sure, you’ll get called rayciss at first, but Our Betters, the Liberals, are nothing if not power-worshipers. They’ll come around. Stalin called himself “the Little Father of the Peoples” for a reason.

    • There has never been a nation like us. Takes extraordinary means to destroy it from within. Takes a long time to do it. It is why the Fabian’s called it the Long March.

    • One of the 10,001 theories purporting to explain the decline and fall of Rome is that the elites turned over the raising of their kids to slaves, especially after women like Livia and Messalina started getting involved in politics. After a couple of generations of slaves bringing up children, the children had a slave mentality. Between “Chloe” putting on a business suit to leave her kids with her Salvadorean nanny twelve hours a day and the idiot box, isn’t that pretty much what we have done?

      I agree that it would be pretty easy to start a separatist or fascist militia in the ghetto. I’ve always believed that the Cloud People pay the Jesse Jacksons and Al Sharptons of the world to prevent that sort of movement from ever forming.

      Happy Father’s Day everyone. Mine started with my still lounging in bed better half yelling a list of chores after me as
      I walked down the stairs. The price we pay for civilization!

      • I guess you could call Father’s day in the ghetto’s an oxymoron.
        I’ll take bitter clinging to century’s old established traditions, guns, and the bible any day.
        My grandparents raised me. They where old world dirt people. Lived through the great depression. You wasted nothing, they understood what it was like to have more than you needed, love of children was unconditional, but it was with no exception as a child you behaved and learned your place or got a whooping, and you worked chores with your elders. You wasted nothing. Raised a truck garden, preserved a larder from it. The first time hunting, after I shot a partridge, my pop asked me how I felt about it, did I feel remorse, I was pretty small, had to think hard to respond cause I could sense it was very important, it was such an adult question, I said I did feel remorse, pop told me that was good I did, and left it at that. They did things like that, and each time I grew older and wiser. It was love and the way of things from so many angles it was a warm embrace. It was serenity and safety in these ways that came from old things long established. For a species of humans(?), to disavow and deconstruct these ways, the culture of it all, the sense of time and history, is the worst thing imaginable. It is sowing the seeds of destruction of ages of learning being a good, emphatic, reasoned, and productive person, thru hardship and perseverance, sacrifices in small myriad ways. I think the bitter ones are those who reject such nurture and nature. Of something bigger and better than themselves, of leaving more than you take. There is nothing bitter about being raised by patriarchal elders who dote on you as a child, are devoted to something better than themselves, so you grow into a valuable and productive person, an asset to civilization and your race and it’s culture and continuation of it’s heritage. If that is now racist or some kind of racist privilege, well that is your problem, really your problem, not mine, seriously. It is such a crying shame, you are missing what makes life so wonderful and blessed. It is the ultimate in contradiction in terms I am expected as a White Western Christian Man to cowtow and bend a knee to such hatefulness and a life barren of traditions and common sense. Holy cow, it doesn’t get more insane and self destructive than that.

    • Also in my experience ha a HS teacher for 30 years- the prevalence of DDD (Dad Deficit Disorder). It affects both boys and girls, but boys suffer more.Single moms often lose control of their boys at around age 13 or 14.

  11. In an area where I used to live – a middle class to upper class mostly white area – moms or dads would wait with their kids for the morning and afternoon school bus.
    In the same neighborhood was an apartment complex that had many mexican residents; you NEVER, EVER saw the parents waiting with their kids for the school bus; I am speaking about grammar school kids waiting along a busy street and not an adult in site.

    My daughter’s 2nd grade teacher (at the time; about 15 years ago) told me that the parents of the mexican kids NEVER showed up during parent-teacher meeting days; she surmised that the mexican parents just did not want to interact with “authority” figures.

    I am fairly sure these mexican kids had two parents living with them; regular families and such.

    Perhaps it was a cultural thing, who knows?

  12. “The most confusing day in Harlem is…”
    My first teaching job was teaching snotty rich kids on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Actually most of my charges were good kids, if a tad spoiled. Anyway, the divorce rate among the parents at our school was, to my “having grown up Catholic” eye, off the charts. I developed a theory that I’ve read about on this blog, a lot, namely that money can insulate the rich from much of the social dysfunction brought on by bad decisions, but as it flies down the food chain the results are calamitous. Add in drugs and a Glock or two and who boy! In addition very few members of the underclass of all races creeds and colors attend religious services. That’s bad, too. Indifferent Catholic though I am, I have come to believe that while individuals can be good without God, societies cannot. And the religions of the SJWs, as well as environmentalism, and Islam that will fill the gap are infinitely worse.

    • Fundamentally, the people who benefit the most from organized society have the greatest obligation to maintain the rules under which society is organized. The rich and powerful are only rich and powerful because he society makes it possible. The people cede some of their freedom in exchange for protecting the society as a whole. Similarly, the rich give up some of their freedom in order to set a good example and therefore reinforce the codes of conduct that animate society.

      In the 1960’s, America’s cultural elite simply stopped holding up their end of the bargain. They began to engage in every deviant behavior and do so in the most public way. The thing is, drug taking, divorce and promiscuity are way down in the ruling classes, but they still sell it to the rest of the country as the epitome of personal freedom.

      • Anthony Daniels has often mentioned that the lower orders used to ape their betters- now it’s the other way around. One quick and handy index is how people dress today compared to, say 50 years ago when I was a kid. People dress for church as if they are going to the beach or the gym. I attended three graduations this spring- two high school, including the school where I teach, and my son’s graduation from Ohio Wesleyan. In each case I was one of the few wearing a tie- and perhaps the only one, including at the HS graduations the administrators on the podium, wearing a suit. It seems like a small thing, but I think it’s very culturally significant.

      • They traded that basic deviant behavior for the kind of deviant behavior only possible with power that comes with robbing the wealth of a nation.

      • look up noblesse oblige, learned that at a program at Williamsburg Va historical village. The well off have an obligation to help and sat a GOOD example to the less fortunate for the good of society. Don’t happen, can you say Hollywood, politicians etc????

  13. Curl up with a copy of Charles Murray’s “Coming Apart”. African Anericans simply got the first spot in line for the liberal elite’s sociological Lethal Dose-50 experiment. On a brighter note, while at hing up on Sunday Morning reading,Netherlands kids are conjuring something down in the kitchen for Fathers Day.

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