Generation Meathead

The interwebs tells me that Rob Reiner is making war on the hate thinkers, particularly Trump voters.

Filmmaker, actor and outspoken Donald Trump detractor Rob Reiner says it is impossible to level with the Republican presidential nominee’s bigoted supporters, who are “mostly white males who don’t have college degrees.”
In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the actor said that there’s “a very serious strain of racism” that runs through those supporting the Republican presidential nominee.

“And that’s a kind of disturbing thing, and I don’t think you ever reach those people. I think that they’re impossible to turn around. It’s very disturbing because a lot of these racist ideas have kind of been dormant for a while, and he’s given voice to them — he’s kind of unearthed it. And the thing that’s most disturbing is to discover that there’s so many people that still hold those views,” Reiner said.

For those too young to remember, or too old to remember, Rob Reiner is famous for having played the character “Meathead” on the popular 70’s TV show All In The Family. The show was supposed to mock traditional Americans, particularly blue collar Americans, but the public received it mostly as a celebration of normal people at a time when normals were under assault from liberals, hippies and various other degenerates. Rob Reiner’s character came to represent what had gone wrong with the country.

Meathead was a loudmouth know-it-all boomer, who enjoyed lecturing his father-in-law about the terribleness of America and the men that had made the country. The irony was that Meathead lived off the people he ridiculed. Archie, the patriarch, worked and paid the bills while his daughter and son-in-law lived in his house. It was a perfect metaphor for what was happening in the country. The parasites were determined to kill the host, but in the mean time they were perfectly willing to enjoy the fruits the host had accumulated.

Years ago, the great Paul Gottfried remarked that the country had long been taken over by the Meathead generation and their ethics. The Archie Bunkers were all gone. By that he meant traditional working and middle class America had been lost and the country was now run by fashionable liberals, who occupied the first ruling elite in history to be actively working to destroy the foundation on which it rests. Look around the culture and all the high ground is occupied by degenerate boomers, who carry on as if it is still 1968.

It has been said a million times in a million places, but the Meathead generation has been, on the whole, a national disaster for America. The nation started falling to pieces right around when the first wave of boomers hit adulthood. With a respite in the 80’s when the old and the young teamed up to support a return to sanity, it has been a fifty year slide into cultural turpitude, forced upon us by the Early Boomer cohort. Look around the political class and the worst of the worst were born in the 40’s and were apart of the first assault upon the culture fifty years ago.

The good news, if there is any, is that the Early Boomers are starting to croak. The front edge is now 70, which means they are retiring or dropping dead quickly. The demographers place the end of Baby Boom as 1964, but that’s never been very useful culturally. Someone born in 1964 has nothing in common with someone born in 1946. The real troublesome cohort was born in the ten year period following the war.These are the Early Boomers, the first wave that we generally associate with the madness of the late 60’s and early 70’s.

That means if you are a young alt-right trouble maker, you only have another decade or so to put up with degenerates like Rob Reiner. This realization may be at the heart of the hysteria we see in the ruling class. Rasping geezers like Hillary Clinton look around and see their time is just about done. They also see that what is forming up behind them is a giant cultural eraser, ready to rub out any trace of what her cohort leaves behind. Her “Basket of Deplorables” are young dudes and dudettes in hazmat suits, ready for cleanup.

Maybe that happens, maybe it is too far gone and alt-right is a just an echo from a past that is too far gone to matter. Regardless, generation Meathead will be remembered as the cohort that gnawed away at the social fabric of the nation, like rats, until it began to fall to pieces. Maybe this election is the start of the great cleaning up of the mess made by guys like Reiner and he cohort. Maybe it is something else, but their time is coming to an end. Generation Meathead will soon be gone. Good riddance to bad cess.

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  1. I was born in 1949, and I’m here to tell you that things absolutely went to hell on my generation’s watch. I only hope I can stay around long enough to help fix it…we’ll see… Wow- this site is telling me my input is too short! Maybe these last 2 useless sentences will fix it…Oops, it’s actually that my name, “Ed” is too short…Arrrgh!

  2. Hmmm I don’t think it’s that simple, so cut and dried. I used to believe, (when I was a hippie in 1968) that everything would be all “peace and love”, and ” flower power” if all the guys that started WW ll were gone. Ha ha ha well I’m here to tell you 95% of those guys are gone and well…… you see what I mean.

  3. What’s funny about Meathead is that there was a post “All In The Family” show called “Gloria”. Sally Struthers reprised her role as Gloria Stivic. It ran from 1982-1983. Meathead left Gloria for one of his students and moved to a commune. Typical, libtard, toxic nonsense but true of what they do. Let these people talk they keep opening their mouths and removing all doubt as to how stupid, toxic and dysfunctional they are.

  4. It appears meathead doesn’t know the difference between politically correct silence and speaking one’s mind. Not everyone who has their OWN opinion is a racist. Sometimes they are simply calling a spade a spade. That is called ‘honesty’. Not a word that is well understood in the liberal precincts.

  5. I spent the key years of the sixties in Africa, came back, took one look at where the culture was headed and said fuck you to it and never looked back.

  6. The good news, if there is any, is that the Early Boomers are starting to croak.

    Well, maybe that is good news, but I don’t think it solves anything. The educational system has been completely taken over by hard-core leftists, and the public schools and universities have been indoctrination systems for decades now. Meathead and his like (I could easily imagine the character becoming a school teacher) will live on in the young people they’ve taught to take so much nonsense as self-evident truth. I think the “Cultural Revolution” that’s gone on in the past decade or so can be explained along these lines.

    So, not to be a downer, but in the long term I’m inclined to think there won’t be much good news (whatever may happen in November).

    • Yeah, that’s yuuge!

      Seriously, this is the Bob Dole moment. In ’96 the whispers about his health become conventional wisdom once he took a header off a stage. In the public mind, the choice is quickly becoming sickly old woman versus Trump.

  7. The British version of ‘All In The Family’ was ‘Till Death Us Do Part’ with the likeable(?) Liverpool actor Tony Booth playing ‘the voice of left-wing reason’ against a supposedly obnoxious right-wing older man who, unthinkably, actually knew what was happening in the world. In a twist of irony, Booth’s daughter Cherie married one Tony Blair, who single-handedly (though no doubt with assistance from his shyster-lawyer wife) pissed all over the British people as Liebore prime minister for a good few years — and who still attracts demands that he should be tried as a war criminal.

    Still, one shouldn’t blame Cherie too much. her likeable(?) father buggered off when she was eight.

  8. Well, zman, as a Boomer from the heart of that period you, like others make the mistake of over-generalizing.

    Not all of us agree with the Meathead types, in fact vehemently oppose them. We served the country in times it was hard to serve – Vietnam. When we were spat upon by our peers.

    So, please, keep up the vitriol. You may alienate the wrong people but hey, what do you care right?

  9. Sort of late to this party. I was just about to throw out a NABALT. But after listening to my brother-in-law yakking away last night, I’m calling a strike on my own position. Nuke the site from orbit and all that.


  10. Mr. Z,

    This whole blog-site and alt-right internet phenomenon might be regarded as the village elders finally seizing back some of the educational apparatus from the loonies. In routing around the official channels you and others enable the village youth to catch a glimpse out the window of the asylum, a glimpse of a forgotten age. An older America, a better America.

    Hazmat suits aren’t the half of what’s coming.

    The Earth will tremble.

  11. The interesting thing is you used the word “echo” in reference to Millennials. One of the phrases to describe their generation was “Echo Boomers,” due to the large number of births echoing that of the Baby Boomers. I’m a GenXer, (’66), my husband is a Boomer, (’46), my kids, (’88), (’90), and I genuinely believe if there’s hope coming for the country, it will be from those born in the mid 90s and on.
    Luckily for me, despite being born in ’46, (which I HIGHLY agree falls into that worst of the worst prd), mg husband was raised in a rural area that retained the older mindset of the Archie Bunker set. He hates the same useless, narcissistic Boomers most all of us do. I’ve loathed these ppl my entire life, and have been ready for them to go for decades.

  12. Young Meatheads I can understand. Influenced by the schools, broke and disillusioned they hope a better system awaits them. But older Meatheads who have managed to avoid this thing called “reality” are the real problem.

  13. Reiner was cracking wise about Trump voters not having college degrees. Well guess who else doesn’t have a college degree? That’s right, the overstuffed shit bird known as “Meathead” 😛 Along with most entertainers and athletes…

  14. I wonder where Hollywood Filmmaker, actor and outspoken Donald Trump detractor Rob Reiner get’s HIS data on the basketful of demographic that he deems unworthy of representation in the democratically elected Republic?
    Is there a free pass on taxes, for the (about) 50% that actually PAY taxs, that goes with that?
    I suppose I can fire up the CaptDMO International Library Family Charitable Foundation. Oh, it wouldn’t pay me a SALARY, just for all the
    “administrative” living expenses, and “transporttion for EVERYBODY, First Class, including “staff” salary and “expenses”
    As tax free as a Hollywood “productiion”, filmed in exotic places, All expenses paid.
    Because Art is the opiate of the masses.

  15. It is the modern version of the Salem witch trials. These Libs see right wing witches everywhere, they must not be listened to, they must be burned at the stake. These witches are evil, they will infect you with doublebad thoughts and ideas, and they must be purged from the culture.

    How does one have any kind of reasonable interaction with people like that?

    • Oddly, an old STAPLE of student’s seeking “acting degrees” from college, “The Crucible”,
      no longer seem s to be the favorite as wild, and false accusationd abound in higher education.
      I suspect Mr. Miller’s political kindred realized “Oh wait! We didn’t mean “critical thinking” toward US!”

  16. But, I think you are wrong about the Boomers being about done. My guess is one of Hillarys contemporaries will roll on stage at 90 or so on a RideAlong waving a campaign sign saying “Vote For Me and I’ll Give You Some of His”. He/She will be the Dems Harold Stassen.

  17. Thank …. You …. zman. You gave perfect voice to what I’ve been thinking since as a 30ish engineer I watched the rot set in. Being born in the late 30’s has its advantages.

  18. As a degreed engineer who will certainly vote for Mr. Trump, I can find no evidence that Meathead ever graduated from UCLA.

  19. The irony here is that race relations in the US were inexorably improving. Lasting social change doesn’t take place overnight, but things were getting better about as fast as genuine change could happen, despite bi-partisan big government initiatives to perpetuate racial division and resentment, mostly in the name of racial equality. Then Barack Obama was elected. It was predicted that his coronation would be the harbinger of kumbaya racial unity in America but the exact opposite has occurred. It’s definitely not because racists resent a “black president”. It’s because the comments, attitudes and policies of the Obama administration seem designed to foster racial division and violence. It’s good politics when you can cause a problem that benefits you and blame it on your political opponents.

    • It’s because the black tribal leader once again sold his people into slavery, just like back in Africa, only this time the tribe is multi-racial, and for the most part is totally ignorant of what’s going on and just buys the simple explanation that “it’s all on Bush, the rich, and those awful white folks”. Fortunately, they’re starting to turn off “Dancing With the Stars”, mostly thanks to The Donald. Is it enough? Is it too late? Stay tuned, folks…

  20. Remember, meathead thinks that child molesters can be reformed, but the alt-right can’t.

    Next time a meathead (“dead from the neck up,” per Archie) tells you that you can’t reform X group and they have to be whatevered, ask him about child molesters and if THEY can be “turned around”.

  21. Reiner is a quintessential libtard: his reality is exactly 180 degrees out. It is the black community that is consumed by racism against whitey. We are seeing the results of over 50 years of affirmative action, set-asides, subsidies in every form and still 80 percent of the black community is falling on its face, unable to live and produce in their surrounding civilization. They have become feral and totally unemployable and worse: they have no understanding of where wealth comes from. All they have ever known is stuff comes from the government and whitey has so much more it has to be the racism of whitey denying them of their fair share: hence the deep racism and hatred.
    I grew up in the 50’s surrounded by quite a few blacks. Those blacks then truly wanted to assimilate but were denied. MLK was spot on for calling for equal treatment. Equal treatment today and most blacks would find themselves in a poverty they can not now even imagine.

  22. Archie Bunker was right, he was always right. That contempt by the cloud mandarins is instructional, it also appears as almost universal among the elitist of both the left and right. They call us dirt people “deplorables” “bitter clingers”, white right wing radicals, etc, like they call the AR15 an “assault rifle”…because deep down in their reptile cerebellum they know and fear a large number of dirt people are going to end up using those AR15’s to assault them for what they are doing to us.
    Take for instance this bit of ad hominem by HRC, it is from her speech at a NYC LGBT fundraiser sponsored by Barbara Streisand, another “generation meathead”, remember these are the intelligentsia who gave us “Teabaggers” and astroturf.

    “…Cited by BuzzFeed, Hillary made a statement which 4 years ago effectively lost Mitt Romney the election: “you know, just to be grossly generalist, you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables.”

    “Right?” she said as the crowd laughed and applauded. “The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic — you name it,” Clinton continued. “And unfortunately there are people like that. And he has lifted them up. He has given voice to their websites that used to only have 11,000 people — now have 11 million. He tweets and retweets their offensive, hateful, mean-spirited rhetoric.”

    It doesn’t end there, there is more.
    It’s the barren vagina in an oven mitt’s version of a similar speech of utter dirt people contempt regarding jobs, bibles, guns, traditions and bitter clingers by another LGBT who was running for POTUS. Interesting parallels there?
    It is signaling.
    Because along with this intelligentsia nurtured contempt comes arrogance of a special kind. You got to think like a member of the voluntary human extinction movement here. They not only fulfill the axiom of misery loves company, they are drama queens of the lowest kind, and they wallow in it all, bath in the superiority of their communal dark humanity, they are a plague on the earth, on humanity. And they are proud of it, trying to outdo each other. The more sublimely they can insult and demean the dirt people the higher in rank they go.
    There is a much darker edge to generation meathead, it is what they are asking for, it is primal, at some point their bigotry is rewarded by becoming reality, because they escalate these things, they push those they despise into a corner till there is no choice but to defend themselves with dire acts of preservation and defense, that those they look down upon with such contempt and derision, become real boogeymen and fulfill the false stigmata attached to them.

    • The entire election has been about virtue signaling. What do you think the NeverTrumpers are doing?

      I have been trying to come up with some ways to keep young people from falling for Lefty lies. I’m starting to think work is the answer. Young people that have jobs and pay taxes have a better idea of how government operates. Any other ideas?

      • Empty the trough, break the rice bowls, starting with unpopular parasites like :
        – public schools ( a freedom of education law?)
        – government pensioners – start by putting current govt. workers onto SOCIAL SECURITY! (a law against govt at any level indebting the youngsters?).
        – federal employees hours cut to part time. no pensions for part – timers.
        – lawyers: want equality? we should all be equal before the law, that is the goal, not equal handouts. Instead of obamacare, let’s enslave the lawyers into low paid govt workers Or how about just a law making it illegal for a lawyer to be a lawmaker? What a huge conflict of interest!

        The big savings will come from ending the 1.drug war and the 2.war against poverty and 3. war in general. :
        1. allow drug use, prohibit illegal dealers, and make users get a registration card to buy – so we don’t have too many of them driving semis…. BIG penalties for selling to others, use undercover buyers.
        2. poorhouses, not our current “bribe young girls into becoming single moms and (D)irtbag voters” system
        3. We have the means, we just refuse to use them properly. Attacks against US interests should result in deadly response against attackers, AND those who support them, ESPECIALLY the leaders. DON’T destroy our military with “nation building” or trying to garrison savages – use the military to KILL, and sane people will kill leaders who want war with US. (or allies). Save big on wear & tear, cut back on those who hate US enough to attack( or lead, or talk others into it)

        Obama has proven that the president can do whatever the hell he wants.

        • Abolition of The State. Secession from the slavery of the leviathan. Liberty from economic tyranny. The single greatest instrument of written freedom, the Declaration of Independence, spelled it out in no uncertain terms.
          The war of northern aggression never ended, it went into stealth mode after 1862. Lincoln’s Marxists have never rested. Their style of administrative tyranny has evolved into something even more insidious. It is an Overton Window showdown my friend, is what they are setting up, where this is all going. And all that stands in their way is the dirt people the barren vagina in an oven mitt just declared open war on our ass.
          This is the thing, I’ll say it to my grave, the dirt people are who have ever effected positive change and liberty in this world. No. One. Else. The only ones who have triumphed over tyranny. No. One. Else.
          It is why they hate us and despise us, that is the proof we are right, that we are right. It isn’t the Alt-Right the vaginal queen was after, it was the inherent virtue of the dirt people, because the Alt-Right is the dirt people trying to balance the human equation against the evil in this world. Who else will or can do that? It is a question of profound implications here. To piss on the Alt-Right is to piss on the dirt people.

          • Much likes Plato’s Republic. Sad but reflective of the Oligarchy’s view of common folks. And Yes, they are afraid of Us.

          • Like you said about Plato. Lord love a duck, did he have an inkling into the scope and scale of the lowest common denominator of the retards running this republic?
            What she just did a few hours ago is rich beyond words, instead of elites, they should called ignorites. The vagina in a oven mitt deserves the Typhoid Mary award for foot in mouth disease… as only an ignorite could:
            “…Not even the mainstream media could cover up the fact that Hillary Clinton made a major diplomatic snafu overnight when she called half of Trump supporters a “basket of deplorables”, adding that they were “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic.” Which is perhaps why, moments ago, Hillary almost, but not quite, apologized for her statement when said she regretted slamming “half” of Donald Trump’s supporters but stood by her characterization that much of his campaign is “deplorable.”

            “Last night I was ‘grossly generalistic,’ and that’s never a good idea. I regret saying ‘half’ — that was wrong,” Clinton said in a statement.

            Alas, her apology appears to have only made matters, and the confusion, worse:

            “Is Hillary apologizing for calling Trump voters deplorable or for getting the “half” wrong, and if not “half”, what is the real number
            — zerohedge (@zerohedge) September 10, 2016″

            “In any case, that was her “apology”; however just to avoid appearing weak, she added that “let’s be clear, what’s really ‘deplorable’ is that Donald Trump hired a major advocate for the so-called ‘alt-right’ movement to run his campaign and that David Duke and other white supremacists see him as a champion of their values.” Clinton was referring to Trump’s campaign CEO Steve Bannon, formerly the chairman of Breitbart News.”

        • Generally speaking, much you suggest makes more sense than our government’s present approach, which is why to support Trump- not because he’ll do just what you suggest, but because he’ll do whatever actually works, and devil take the hindmost. This is what Alpha males, and formerly Americans too, do when there’s a problem. If you can stand to win again, rather than stew in the broth of BS excuses, support Trump and get your family and associates to do the same.

      • Hearts and minds Brother, one heart and one mind at a time. If you change one mind you change the world, and that mind changes another, and it eventually becomes a preference cascade. You can adopt the stoics philosophy, as Senneca said, ideas are like seeds, like tiny ripples on a pond, you plant them, and far outside their diminutive size they grow into profound things. All you can do is plant those seeds, nurture them if possible with tenderness and care. The alternatives of non peaceful resistance and revolution are fraught with many trials and tribulations, a path many of us understand in our bones not to be taken but for no other remaining choices. It is never too late to effect change by planting ideas. Because the human terrain is always on top, that culture is upstream of politics. And we as apple are the only people on this Earth born into liberty, we get a head start, regardless of those trying to destroy us and our republic. In fact, in spite of the sonsofabitches.

    • “barren” is normally used to describe a woman without children. Didn’t HRC give birth to Webster Hubbell’s child, Chelsea? Or, was Chelsea adopted, like the 2 girls in the current White House?

      • “Barren” of principles and virtue. Barren of humility and humanity. She is a murderess psychopath matriarch of cultural marxism and organized crime, but I repeat myself here. Power is what she wants in order to shove her collectivist tyranny up our “Racist, Sexist, Homophobic, Basket Of Deplorables” arses.
        She didn’t attack the Alt-Right for nothing last week. This is hardball, kill the Kulak tactics, the part before liquidations begin, it is setting the stage for her coronation as dictator of the former USofA. It is the real politics of Alynskism writ large. Look at the crowd that laughed when she committed this grave and deadly serious act of racial/cultural hedonism.
        She see’s us dirt people not as people whose will must be respected regardless of our beliefs, as a statesmen would respect, this piece of human garbage doesn’t even see us dirt people as human, but enemies of Her State power, to be exterminated at her leisure, beck, and whim.
        It’s not “virtue signaling” it is the preemptory stages of pogrom of all that is good, of the dirt people, who are White, Christian, and Western.

        Friend, this is for all the marbles. It is all the ingredients and instruments of every act of state genocide which evolved through the twentieth century, it is Einstein’s theory of insanity, doing the same thing over and over expecting different results, the hell with the ultimate consequences, of a people and their culture rolled into a farce of a presidential election.
        TINVOWOOT, (“There Is No Voting Our Way Out Of This”), only the armed dirt citizen and it’s auxiliary support gets to vote after this.

        • Doug! You are on a roll. Man, keep on rolling!

          But don’t limit the dirt people to “white” only. I am second gen American of Mexican ancestry, an Army brat and red-white & blue through and through. My allegiance is to the country and its founding ideals, not to the government or any man/woman.

          I had to send a reply to one of the NW survivalist sites (read “white supremacist” groups) who said they would shoot any person of color when the SHTF. I called them on that asking “So you would shoot me, on sight simply for the color of my skin, when I am as American as any of you?” There are too many idiots, truly racists, who cannot imagine that others may hold to the same ideals of the country and who only imagine that it really is only about “white” people. If you have lived and traveled around this world, you know that there are good and bad people in every group. And evil lurks in the hearts of all men.

          • LetsPlay, It is not I who define the bigotry, racism was invented by cultural marxists as an instrument to rule peoples souls my friend, along with all the other constructs of dividing and conquering, it is they who define the “White Plague” and place such stigmata on us dirt people.
            There will always be bigots and haters, it is part and parcel of who we are in this nation. Liberty for thee, liberty for me, right? The white supremacists you mentioned, they are an entirely different kettle of fish from those who call us a basket of deplorable’s.
            Thing is us dirt people we are all Kulaks now, by default we belong to the honorable resistance. It don’t matter if your white brown or purple, the object of the marxists is to single out individual groups and get them all. Pick them off, by isolating each group, so the other groups say glad they ain’t picking on me, it is how it works, then they can go after the others. It is the nuts and bolts of totalitarianism. White today, brown tomorrow, purple next week. Make everyone you can afraid, then the ones who are not afraid, who are defiant, stick out like a sore thumb. It is identity tactics and strategy. They do it with people of the 2nd Amendment, with Coal miners, with the Alt-Right, Southerners, whatever is expedient and effective etc. And you and I regardless of our culture or skin pigmentation are next. They are determined to make everyone not approved a racists or a criminal or a domestic terrorist so they can have their pick of reason to wage pogrom or jail people, even kill, those they don’t like. And they have usurped the rule of law and the idea of representative republic, co-opted it in order to enforce this diktat of ideology, because nobody in their right mind would ever willing go along with out being forced to comply through threat and use of force and violence in the form of a government gun.
            Dirt people are people not part of that system of administrative tyranny. They are people not of race or creed or color, they are those who each defy the sonofabitches each in their own way.
            These new world order scum are the enemies of humanity. They rule peoples souls by pitting them against each other. By hurting people by taking away everything they value, it isn’t just thievery through transfer of peoples intrinsic wealth and prosperity, but by degrading people and reminding them of it every day.
            But you do that you risk creating a monster, a movement, a plurality of people who will not be denied. You can’t “shock and awe” someone who is not afraid to fight and or die, but even more someone who believes in who they are and has the courage of their virtues, but on the contrary desires to do so on the battlefield, whether it a cultural battlefield or a battlefield of arms.
            Dirt people ARE the number one target of the cultural marxists, of the global elitists, of corporate cronyism, of the sycophants and free shit army that enables all of the above, and vice versa. We dirt people are the enemy.
            It says everything about us who we are what we are made of that everyone wants to exterminate us. Don’t for a second bullshit yourself about it. We are gonna have to fight, there is going to be a war over us, waged against us. There already is. We dirt people are the underdog, but we are the most powerful weapon of liberty and freedom ever created, the most powerful weapon of any kind. As long as we exist there can never be a one world order, as long as we dirt people exist there exist liberty.

          • Doug,

            As eloquent as you put your thoughts on paper, I must admit, I view this line of reasoning as being the prima facie evidence on how we continue to spiral into a low trust environment. Replace the words “dirt people” in your post with the word “Islam” and it sounds awfully like the anger and bile spit from the pulpit at the radical mosques.

      • The guy kind of had a point:
        ‘It was always the women, and above all the young ones, who were the most bigoted adherents of the Party, the swallowers of slogans, the amateur spies and nosers-out of unorthodoxy.’ George Orwell, Nineteen Eighty-Four

        Look at the oven mitt’s associations with Saul Alynski et all as a red diaper college student.

      • Thanks Joan. Can I call you Joan of Arch sometime? She was one of my childhood heroes. I had a lithograph of her in armor with her sword on my wall and would think of how brave she was. Her’s is one of the kind of Vagina’s that matter.
        It is terrible that it is the truth. It is we the dirt people who are civilized components of the glue that is all that holds everything together. How dare these cretin’s besmirch our simple dignities of liberty. Who the fuck do these people think they are, gods or something? They creators of anarchy, the worst kind of anarchy, and they have the hubris to insult us on top of the injury they willfully foment.
        It is time to show them the wrath they so cavalierly spit on.

  23. And who shows up for this one? Boomers tried of being blamed for the world’s problems :). Do you honestly think the Boomer children of blue collar workers were like the Boomer children of white collar workers? The true destructive force was Boomer children of the rich. Why do you think Bill Ayers got off Scot free? Why do you think the folks from the Weather Underground became professors?

    • Thank you. Only a small proportion of Boomers became hippies, drop-outs, draft evaders, and left-wing college professors. Most of us got jobs and lived a normal life, without making ourselves conspicuous.

      • I totally agree w/that. My hubby did NOT have a thing in common w/ Meathead, he said they had ONE protester at Univ of Tenn, while he attended. The problem was, the world fell at the feet of the small number of actual idiot Boomers, and kissed their asses. It hasn’t stopped since. Plus, all that adulation, spawned more of them. Like a strain of Ebola.

      • Correct. We were part of Nixon’s ”Silent Majority” which turned out to be a major joke. However, we didn’t matter then, and we don’t matter now as far as the Establishment is concerned. As far as I’m concerned, I just want some sweet, sweet revenge on the way out.

  24. Objection your honor: NABALT (not all boomers are like that :-). Although, sad to say, having lived what quaintly used to be known as a normal life seems exceptional to judge by the MSM. In fact, MOST of us did not live the sadly celebrated Meathead Life. It’s the ‘great inversion’ discussed in your just prior post that makes it seem that way. Nobody used to care what celebutards’ political views were.

    My personal experience was that elite universities were infiltrated by Frankfurt School Marxists inn the ’40’s and ’50’s and worked their critiques assiduously in the ’60’s to cultivate easily impressed boomers who were flattered to be pretended to be listened to. Then as now, there were radical facility members pulling the strings of the Vietnam era protests.

    The big surprise was that, then as now, (most of) the administrators immediately capitulated to the radical fringe, making them seem powerful Really it was a Kabuki by the elite professoriate. (America, you’d better do what they demand or who knows might happen).

    Indeed, one of the ringleaders at my U castigated us at some later class reunion for turning his long-cultivated putsch into self indulgence. Actually, once the draft went away, so did the radicalism – except for those now in power. Bottom line, they kicked in a door held open by the then elite, most of whom were their parents, leaving the dirt people angry and bewildered. Most of us were just a bewildered.

    • Al, do you recall any intellectuals publicly campaigning against the trends you describe? In the newspapers, on TV, in the church even?

      • Striver;

        There were many people in all the non-U institutions you mentioned who publicly campaigned against Cultural Marxism, even right down to this day: Just very, very few ‘public intellectuals’. Those that did (Alan Bloom, Harry Jaffa, Roger Kimball & the Claremont Crowd) often came at it by decrying the bad effects on the humanities. Then there were The WF Buckley folk and the Neocons who did some good work at that time by providing the few public platforms for opposition. No doubt there were many more individuals but they were usually marginalized by the ‘public media’.

        Don’t forget, it is the public media platform that can make one a ‘public intellectual’. Since the Frankfurters were considered avant grade in the ’40’s & ’50’s and one can only stay in the public media by being all-in with the cutting edge critique of everything, those opposed had little chance of wide public exposure.

        • Thank you Al, appreciate the first-hand account. Interesting how both the left and the neocons ended up on the damaging side to the nation, though via different paths. Overall the current situation looks to me like a complete failure of the founding stock leaders to uphold the traditional values that made the nation.

    • We’re in the same cohort, Al. I was born in ’46, a “leading edge” boomer. You’re right: most of us were not Meathead Men. All I had in common with Meathead was longish hair and a blonde wife.Meathead was the kind of guy who got pantsed at a boarding school and wedgied or maybe wet-willied in the locker rooms of Brooklyn public high schools. All the Frankfurt School cultural Marxists were of this type and the unfortunate Gramsci was very disfavored physically. One of my professors (an engaging one, I have to confess), one of the fathers of the neocon movement, had a serious visual defect that was unnerving, given that when he spoke to you, he was looking elsewhere. These were the Meathead mentors.

      The normal leading edge boomer folks just got on with their lives, steering a wide path around the resentoid and ruthlessly ambitious creeps determined to destroy a society that had rejected them in their youth because of their physical shortcomings. Look no further than HRC; better yet, look away, as everyone did back at Park Ridge High, where she was a teachers’ pet and likely considered a dog by male classmates.

  25. It occurs to me when I read about people like “meathead” that we could speed along their demise by flooding the interwebz with “Who the fu*k is rob reiner?” Make him irrelevant while he still exhales CO2.

      • Yes, ignore. Every election these nonentities come out of the woodwork and begin spouting this stuff. Or threatening to move to New Zealand – or Spain – or Lake Como. Wherever. A transparent ploy to get their faded names back out there in the media, if only for a moment or two. Or maybe a day?

        The average American does not know who Rob Reiner is. Now isn’t that a good (enough) thing?

    • What you wrote Severien reminds me of this, can’t remember who penned it though: “…The old-fashioned Jeffersonian relics found in the South—liberty, individualism, Christian values and self-government—had to be replaced by total submission to the New England vision of a City on a Hill, a “city” in which there was no place for “regional diversity” or the Constitution.”
      A guy named old rebel who passed this year said something pretty sublime:
      “You know why the left will ultimately lose? Because their war is against human nature. Humans are tribal beings; they need a sense of identity, of belonging. The leftist agenda is so anti-human, it cannot survive without a big government to impose it. Nationalism, on the other hand, continues to spring up despite all the establishment’s attempts to eradicate it.” -old rebel
      It is both the source of Reiners contempt and fear of us dirt people. Pathetic doesn’t come close to what that is.

      It’s the Faustian bargain they have made. Know how insane Reiner and his ilk are? They ain’t happy unless they can take everyone with them to hell.
      Now I have a 7th grade education, I’m a coal miner from WV, but it certainly doesn’t take a formal education to understand right from wrong, reason and sanity from a psychopathic moron and his fellow scalawags. I look around for these last 58 years and I see the deliberate calculated demise of everything that made America the unique thing it is, is exactly attributable, without exception, the class warfare of your a piece of shit and worthless if you don’t have a sheepskin. Who the fuck do these people think they are, how does their comforts of civilized society remain viable, who grows their food, keeps the lights on, who keeps them safe in their inner sanctums of hate and derision, the garbage collected, who builds and maintains the physical components of this world, fucking cultural marxists fairy’s?

  26. Reiner has insulted me! My strain of racism is not “very serious;” it’s lighthearted and gay! As an aside, one of the greatest benefits of Generation Meathead’s passing will be the end of this obsession with college degrees. Look: I’ve taught college, I’ve lived in a college town forever, and I can assure you there’s no bigger barrier to clear thought than a college degree. Orwell said life in an English prep school was a years-long bath in lukewarm snobbery; four years of college is getting hotboxed on Cheeto dust and Cultural Marxism. Unless you’re very smart, very mature, and have a dedicated mentor, you’re guaranteed to come out far dumber than you went in. When I’m dictator, I’m closing all institutions of “higher learning” for at least a decade, to let the poison finally get pissed out of our system.

    • It’s true. I majored in a technical degree because I was good at math and knew it would pay the bills. Sadly, the liberal arts side of campus didn’t teach anything but repackaged Marxism. It’s a shame, because the liberal arts have a lot to offer humanity. Humanity has moral and spiritual interests addressed by the liberal arts as well as a need for better technology. I’ve taught myself history and English through outside reading.

    • Well, keep the bigger ones open for the football and basketball. But for those, make the Administrations evenly balance faculties between true conservatives and proggs. Then, expel any student who disrupts any speaker or prof or files fake sexual regret rape reports. NO affirmative action for genders or race. Finally, ban all PC speech of every kind! That’ should take care of 90% of the clowns clogging up the system.

    • Jobs American won’t do is a result of youngsters being conned that “getting a worthless college degree and student debt is a irreversible human right”. Think of the immigration problems you could solve by breaking this tenuous link.

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