The Dead Witch Crisis

The news is now full of reports that Hillary Clinton had some sort of “episode” as she was getting into her assisted living van. It’s possible she was still drunk from the night before or maybe just so hungover she could barely walk. The campaign says she has pneumonia, which could mean anything or nothing. She has disappeared from sight so we’re left to speculate, but she is clearly a woman with serious health problems. The question people are beginning to ask is can she continue to campaign? If not, will she be forced to drop out? What would happen if she did?

The funny thing about all of this is most Americans don’t know how we actually select Presidents. The voting that is done in November will not, as a legal matter, select the next President. Voting merely selects the electors who will then meet on the Monday after the second Wednesday in December. They actually meet in their respective state capitals where they cast their votes for President and Vice President. All but Maine and Nebraska have a winner take all system for selecting electors so your vote sort of matters, unless you live in a one-party state.

Similarly, each state has rules for getting on the November ballot. For example, Evan McMuffin, the Never Trump candidate, missed the deadline to be on many state ballots. This applies to the party candidates, as well, so a last minute change would create complications for the Democrats. If Hillary Clinton was suddenly incapacitated or simply quit the race, the Democrats would have a problem. They would have to go to court in some states to have their new candidate listed on the ballot. It’s not impossible, but it would be a complication.

So, what are the possible scenarios?

At this late date, finding a replacement would be complicated. The Democrat Party has rules for this scenario so they could move quickly. The rules strongly encourage the party to pick the runner up, but they can pick anyone to fill the slot. Bernie Sanders would be the obvious option, but that would mean certain defeat to Donald Trump, the nightmare scenario for both parties. The Bernie Bros are committed, but their numbers are limited. Most Americans would assume his nomination is a surrender.

They could go with a famous person with some traction in the party, but the choices are limited. Joe Biden is famous, but old and prone to saying wildly offensive things to black people and women. Elizabeth Warren is popular with the crazies, but she scares normal people. She’s also a very poor campaigner. She passed on a chance to run and passed on the VP spot. This makes forcing Clinton aside a troublesome scenario simply because the other options are only slightly better than having a corpse at the top of the ticket,

That brings up another option. Imagine that on Halloween it is reported that Clinton fell off her broom again and hit her head, rendering her incapacitated. The Democrats could reach out to Congressional Republicans and ask for a delay in the election. Congress does not have the power to dictate when people vote. They do have the power to decide when the Electors must be selected by the states. Congress could work with the states to postpone the election to December 3 in order to sort things out.

This brings us back to the first scenario, but the difference here is the crisis feel would open another dimension. The Democrats would feel free to pick anyone they like and would probably consult with the Republicans to come up with a “senior statesman” they could offer up as safe choice in a crisis. In other words, this delay would allow both parties to reset the game board so that the election was no longer about the insurgent Trump versus the corrupt system. Instead, it would be about the steady hand in a time of crisis versus the irrational hothead.

Another scenario, the high risk scenario, is for Congress to cancel the election entirely. Article II gives Congress the power to set the date electors are chosen so they can delay this indefinitely. Speaker Ryan would become acting President until Congress could come up with a new election date. Since Republicans control something like 35 state legislatures, they could stall the process so that they can stack the Electoral College with party members, who would pick a party insider. A governor like Kasich or even Jeb Bush could be installed as president.

Those are the Machiavellian scenarios. Given the nature of the political class, it seems unlikely that any of those would happen, even if Clinton drops dead tomorrow. Even so, it offers a little glimpse into the future. Over the last century, we have invested enormous power into the office of President. If you’re wondering how we can flip from republic to empire, a crisis such as the above would offer the opportunity. One candidate that is unacceptable and one that is dead, opens the door for the political class to bypass the voters and install their own man.

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  1. I’ve thought for years that this country would have a second revolution, albeit a bloodless one. The last couple of years have convinced me that it will not be bloodless. Your option about party insiders putting one of theirs into the White House would almost certainly lead to that end.

  2. “Congress does not have the power to dictate when people vote.”

    Actually they do —
    “The Times, Places and Manner of holding Elections for Senators and Representatives, shall be prescribed in each State by the Legislature thereof; but the Congress may at any time by Law make or alter such Regulations, except as to the Places of chusing Senators.

    You then in the same graph —
    “Congress could work with the states to postpone the election to December 3 in order to sort things out.”

    Reality is so long as Congress were to pass a law for postponement prior to their winter recess it could be done. The real crux of the matter is in the injection of a new face to the ballot. Over half the states it is already past deadline to file for and arrive on the ballot come the election whether postponed or not.

  3. The most depressing thing I’ve ever read on here, Zman. Heh. i cannot imagine what any of the above would portend, but if the elites steal this from Trump somehow, well…. it will be girding time… and who has time for that?

    • Is it right others will gird their loins so others can sit back?
      Isn’t that how we ended up in the mess this nation is in to begin with?
      Just asking.

  4. I am astonished how little the American mainstream media cares about the fate of the United States. The issues surrounding the election of arguably the most powerful person in the world have as far as I can see from the damper side of the Atlantic, barely been examined. The collective MSM act of sweeping any relevant questions under the carpet means these people don’t regard the future of their profession, their employers or even their own well-being of being of any importance.

    perhaps all the journalists and commentators and pundits in the States have some private agreement that when the sh*t hits the fan they will personally be protected. Maybe the belief in the gilded halls and polished offices of the hacks is that all media outlets will immediately have tanks positioned outside the moment anything goes wrong. It is possible they have been told the National Guard will personally escort them to and from work and to their favourite restaurants when it all goes teats up.

    However it is possible they either don’t care because they are exhausted peddling the untruths (or more accurately, working hard to suppress the truth) or know whatever they do, the game is up and they are toast.

    I have commented on these pages before about the fact I used to work in newspapers, but one thing I learned right from early on in the business was that a good journalist will be eager to say: “Hang on, there’s a story here.” It’s in their DNA. Yet bizzarely none of them seem to saying that when all around them is breaking one of the most staggering and fascinating stories of our time.

  5. The Unthinkable becomes the routine in an instant. What’s needed is the Actor and the Moment. He’s in place…waiting to formally end the Republic.

  6. “A governor like Kasich or even Jeb Bush could be installed as president.” If so, no matter how high the inventories on that day there will not be a deer rifle round left on the shelves by the end of the week.

  7. As I said earlier, when do I exchange my “Hillary for Prison 2016” T-shirt for “Hillary for the Prison Hospital 2016” T-shirt?

    And I think it’s time to start forming the militias.

  8. Let’s look at it another way. It looks like the financial bubble is about to pop again. The elites may decide it would be better for that to happen under a Republican administration. They hang back for four years then ride in to rescue the economy. It would let them focus on the down ticket races too.

  9. Well if the US Congress must intervene somehow in the event that the normal election process gets discombobulated, you can bet your house, car, your IRA, 401K and your entire family that the Republicans will totally make the wrong decisions and literally hand over the election to whomever the dems choose.

    As good as the dems are at F’ing over this nation and the citizenry, they could not have done it without the help of the republicans.

    And the republican leadership is still flummoxed and clueless that THE DONALD won the nomination.
    What morons.

  10. “Bernie Sanders would be the obvious option, but that would mean certain defeat to Donald Trump, the nightmare scenario for both parties.” Why is Bernie Sanders the obvious option? And what does option mean in this context? And why would that mean certain defeat to Donald Trump? And what exactly does the author mean that this is the nightmare scenario for both parties? This whole column smacks of little more than desperation and BS.

    • Democratic Party rules dictate the composition of the committee that would select the replacement. Sanders would have a lot of his people in the room as delegates. No other candidate would have spear catchers in the room, making a case for them. With time of the essence, having somewhere near 30% of the delegates demanding Sanders be the choice, it is likely some portion of the rest flip to his side.

      But, your girl is not dead yet so you have that.

    • Hilary has pneumonia. Pneumonia can kill you, especially if you’re old. I don’t think it could be plausibly argued that if she were to die or drop out because of illness, it would be a momentous event. This therefore seems like realistic analysis to me. Here is the definition of option from my dictionary: a thing that is or may be chosen. Unless you’re talking about stock options, or Blackstone’s definition, it means pretty much the same in any context.

  11. If any of these DO play out, it will be a bad time to be “Law Enforcement”. Especially in Brevard County, Florida.

    As far as I am concerned, pig hunting season will officially be open.

    • I’m not so sure. I would tend to let both police and military ranks separate and/or clean house as I do not believe most are willing to serve a corrupt government. Their leaders might be and they should be the first to go, but the regular joes could be real useful if allowed to join in. Not all are sell-outs. Bureaucrats are another matter.

      • There’s a caveat though – there are already foreign troops here all over the place. Russian and Chinese for sure. There are at least two camps in Georgia, the kind with barbed wire on the top of the fence, manned by Arabs. The great unknown is whether or not or how many police will side with the people instead of hedging their bets and aligning with the gov? Not too many defectors in 1938 Germany. All one has to do is look at history to make predictions about human nature.

        • Let me make myself clear here – I support the men and women who put their lives down on the line every day. I have a nephew who is a cop in Ferguson and I can tell you many prayers went up for those brave souls on the front line of manufactured war.

          On the other hand I am quite realistic about human nature and counting on the majority to side with rebels is not a good bet.

      • “Law Enforcement” in this country has been serving a corrupt government for YEARS. They consistently do WHATEVER they are told, as long as that paycheck keeps comin’ in. And the Elite stand behind their Blue Wall and laugh.

        I would merely remind you that every weapon provided to the cartels was a separate felony. Best estimate is that there were TWENTY-FIVE HUNDRED weapons moved. NOT ONE of those responsible was touched. Furthermore, Comey very clearly spelled out MULTIPLE felonies committed by Clinton in the e-mail treason. INTENT was not required for those to be felonies. Yet she will NOT be touched. Add in IRSgate and tell me again how police will “clean house” because “most are not willing to serve a corrupt government“. There are at most a few dozen truly good cops in this entire country.

        Happiness is dead pigs.

    • whaddya mean it WILL be a bad time to be “Law Enforcement”? IT IS a bad time to be law enforcement, as Obummer, the Klinton Krime Family and the dems have just proven. We have NO FBI and we have NO AG – Killery Billary Rotten Klinton – you know, the one who was named for Mt. Everest and helped her father build the log cabin in which she was born – is above the law. The whole rotten Klinton Krime Family is above the law. And they find pigfuckers to do their dirty work for them. Cheryl Mills, Huma Weiner, or Mrs. Danger,, Loretta Lynch, Comey – it is astonishing that the head of the FBI would roll over for the white trash that is the Klinton Krime Family.

      as the Romans used to say – “for my friends- everything; for my enemies – the law”

  12. That HRC is unfit to be president can no longer be doubted by any reasonable individual, but there is no shortage of the unreasonable, so the issue remains. If her health fails and there is a “stay” put on the electoral process, sham though it may be, any chance of reasonable debate will evaporate; pitchfork time will have come, and if it comes and goes, so goes the last semblance of the land of the free and the home of the brave.

    • You haven’t dealt with many of the Hillary faithful, have you? To them, this is still a bunch of unproven attacks on her with no basis in fact. It’s always amazing to see the Leftie thought process.

      • “It’s always amazing to see the Leftie feel process.”
        FIFY! There is no thought involved for Lefties.

        Gotta admit that body double they trotted out was good, but not entirely convincing, especially since she was too spry for someone who was close to being a corpse a couple hours earlier and the double’s hips and thighs, though wide, were not “fat-wide” like the Hill thing’s, if you catch my drift. Look again. Also note the double was not surrounded by SS agents as the Hill thing has to be, by their strict SS policies.

  13. The “creepy feeling” meter needle is stuck in red right now. Am neither superstitious or a follower of conspiracy cults. But did train originally as a historian and do not like the way a plethora of seeming unconnected events are lining up. This is just another one in the pattern.

  14. It is what is very rotten with the whole set up that is what you have to be concerned with. The set up being, there was always TINVOWOOT, (There Is No Voting Our way Out Of This), to begin with, if that was not true, anybody dropping out would not be an existential political event, to begin with.
    The whole charade is predicated on the fig leaf of the appearance of choice, that giving just the appearance of choice made it possible to run a charade, where the outcome was ordained, where just enough of vote rigging and gerrymander allowed the anointed next POTUS to win with the appearance of squeaking by for the “win” on the fringes of margin of voting poll error. And that relies on the appearance of legitimacy.
    It also relies on the appearance of a viable “candidate” who is the anointed one.
    It is why HRC is always within a percentage point or two of Donald Trump, it was how Obama was able to “win” two elections. You squeak out the “win” by rigging the popular vote count with just the amount of vote fraud that gives you a 3 point victory.
    But here’s the the thing, like everything these sonofabitches do, it is corrupted, there is not really any alternatives if something goes wrong, because the win is fixed on the fix is in and not much else.
    The fallback was a cuck was to run against the oven mitt, handing the win to her, or if the cuck was “elected” instead for some unforeseen reason, they had a marxist light to keep the destruction of America going until the next anointed usurper could be imposed upon us.
    But Donald Trump is not that cuck, he is an insurgent running an insurgency. His “Deplorable” status is about the fact he isn’t the preordained cuck stalking horse. It has nothing to do with his policy planks or his popularity with the dirt people and the deplorables. It is because he is not a component of the vote charade.
    They could care less what you or I or Trump thinks says or votes. Because that was pre-ordained, but now they are in a serious pickle, and because Trump IS The Great Fuck You, they have a real problem, there is no way they can take a newcomer “candidate” and give him or her a popular polling appearance that gives him or her a win with the popular vote so they can give him or her the electoral college fix and make it look legit enough to avoid a revolution.
    So what they will probably do, knowing Trump can only win, regardless of what improvised shinnanagin’s they try to pull, because the deplorables and dirt people are rather restyles and oh so very suspicious, is they will pull a crisis as a means, probably in some false flag event where congress, the Nazgul writing wraths in the Supreme court, or even the present usurper ion the oval office can rescind the checks and balances and appoint him another term, or maybe declare Martial Law. (Which the stage for Martial Law has been pre-set in a myriad of ways, just in case its needed). Martial law, it’s declaration solves a lot of problems, first it is “Constitutional”, it rescinds all forms of government, legally, where the “President” has full powers over everything. No more Congress, no more wring wraiths in black robes, no more Habeas Corpus, the 1st and 2nd Amendments are a foregone conclusion, and the length of Martial Law is at the sole descretion of the “president” who declares it. It is all spelled out in the USC,. Think that is conspiracy theory tin foil battery? Think again, Martial Law is essentially executive fiat, diktate, a pen and a phone, all wrapped up in a nice tidy package that solves every problem inhibiting the destruction of the USofA as we know it. And it is perfectly legal. They get to hide, in the most ultimate way imaginable, behind the rule of law they make us all obey yet they ignore to their benefit and leisure.
    It is the Tyrants of amerika Easy Button.

    • Based on my observations, we are already 80% of the way there. A formal declaration of martial law only makes it “official” and puts troops on the streets. What happens next is the big question. “Do not go gentle into that good night …” – Dylan Thomas

      • That is just it like you say.
        They have their dicks, or is vagina’s, caught in a ringer. They will have to destroy whatever forlorn beat up fig of legitimacy that remains to salvage this debacle. Regardless, the deplorable’s will be thrown under the bus, you can count on it. Yet they have another problem, it is the double standard of crisis of legitimacy, the ancient Chinese mandate of heaven conundrum. What they destroy, the wreckage of a constitutional republic, has to itself be destroyed, if freedom is to evolve to it’s next level in it’s evolution. The idea of liberty requires it, demands it. There is an outlier in all this a smoldering nobody is talking about. There are lots of deplorable’s who grok it is far past, waaay past restoration or recourse, there is no redressing the FUSA and going back, in that comeuppance and revenge is the first order of business, everything else is secondary. That nothing can be left to reinfect freedom with cultural marxism, it is the only way. That is something that is beginning to dawn on the deplorable’s. The Alt-Right gets it, it is why it is the Alt-Right. there is going to be many of the Great Fuck You of Trump voters who are going to turn into The I’m Gonna Get You Sucka’ Party if the rug is pulled out from under them. Pulling the rug out on the Deplorables at this stage is the kind of dis-enfranchise that starts revolutions that are all but impossible to put down, in fact they have a historical precedence of being winning revolutions, because they are open source insurgency’s, provincial, and unquestionably spontaneous grass roots cascade preferences. The kind of a plurality with a bone in it’s teeth.
        Hard to define, even harder for many to talk about, never mind accept. But being outliers and making people uncomfortable doesn’t negate the truth of such.
        There isn’t the scope and scale of preps and weapons purchases going on because everyone doing so is going to hide out at their bug-out redoubts and play tiddlywinks.
        If you have any sense of history, you know it is circular, and being unprepared to be proactive, or more, is what keeps you from taking the dirt nap first. Never mind good old fashioned payback. And those who deserve it among the political class have earned that distinction richly.

    • Brandon Smith (BTW, really good writer…opinions and explanations in a clear, concise manner) has been writing about the coming banking collapse for a while now.

      He posits that TPTB are going to be quite happy if Trump wins. Then they and the Left/Progs can impugn the collapsing economies all on him.

      But if/when, for example, the EBT/welfare structures go south there *will* be open bloodletting in the streets by the Blacks. I, for one, would welcome that because the armed White populace would gladly put it down and simply allow the big cites to burn and a massive political retrenchment would occur. Additionally, Trump would have no hesitation to turn the Army loose on the streets. Remember when JFK sent the 101st Airborne to the South to force integration? The precedence was set (or we could go back to the tyrant Lincoln for another example).

  15. Hillary will make it through the election. She obviously has problems but doesn’t appear to be quite on death’s door; her worshippers don’t care anyway. If she wins, she will resign in a few months when the hackers start releasing the Sec of State emails. VP Kaine will pardon her and be President the rest of the term. Warren will run for President in the next election. The dems turn to hard core left will be complete.

  16. Much as Mr. Obama’s effort to defend The Constitution have increased firearm sales, the “political class cabal” MIGHT bring Amazon sales of torches, hay rakes, scythes, hoes, shovels, and ladders, to new heights.
    Consider: Don’t petition, or “request” your elected representatives, instruct them.

      • Sounds like Kathleen is a “Fifty Shades” kind of gal! Just wrong an ignorant in her kinky assessment. Trump, as always is out campaigning and ignoring the dead vagina stumbling. he’s simply following Napoleon’s maxim: “Do not interfere when your enemy is busy destroying herself!”

        • You’re a moron. All I meant was that Kellyanne is a good campaign manager and making sure he does not open up his mouth at the wrong time, as he has in previous occasions. She obviously told him not to respond in a way to draw any attention to himself, and away from the Hildabeast. That you could draw some kind of kinky reference says much about your thought process, not mine.

  17. In the Matrix you can promote and hide the serious health issues of the political class’s candidate with all manner of lies. The point is to get her elected so that the powers already in place can finish the job of ‘fundamentally changing’ America. If they can just keep her alive. If she becomes irretrievably incapacitated or expires before election day, depending on how close to deadline, they would likely lie about that as well. We’d be told she had a relapse or something and needed her rest even as she was growing cold and stiff in a locked room. Think about that for a sec. That they are capable of perpetrating that level of deception is a stunning revelation of how far into the state of being an ‘empire’ we have sunk.

    I’ve been pondering the possibilities would be in the event they just cannot keep her alive in spite of modern medical miracles in a syringe. Suspended elections is the likeliest of scenarios. Some have suggested that Valerie (uh, Obummer) might just carry on. Who could/would stop this? Acting prez Ryan sounds quite plausible too though. That way Jarret would be able to continue without missing a beat. In this option, given that she is becoming a liability, seems like Hitlery might need to worry that the next syringe administered by her neurologist could be something that would produce a more lasting result. .

    The truly scariest of thoughts is that they can do whatever they want to do and we are pretty much helpless to stop them without unleashing an anarchy that they are quite prepared to squelch. Don’t think they aren’t ready for all contingencies.

      • Here’s what I know about the psychopathic thought processing – especially the Clinton Crime family – first – they reside mostly in their own alternate realities and they don’t really know average Americans at all. So, they continued to believe that the same rhetoric and manipulations from the media to the dumbed downs would work much the same as it did in ‘08 and ’12. They were not prepared for the unknown masses, who are sick of the same ole, same old, to rise up and embrace the likes of Trump.

        In their alternate world they are certainly prepared and expectant that Hil will win. When I said they are prepared I am talking about prepared to use force, in the event the unwashed masses (the dirt people?) decide to fight back.

        • I suspect that, if the Repubs elected in 2012 has actually stood up to Obama, they would have been able to run Bush or Rubio like they wanted. Their failure to do so, after running on a platform to stop him, is what caused the anger.

  18. What no one is willing to say … dead vagina walking. The 40% still willing to vote for a dead vagina will no doubt be willing to accomplish further trashing the US Constitution. As for Paul Ryan, good luck chuck! Barry probably isn’t going anywhere.

    • “dead vagina walking” – HILLarious!!!!!!!! Actually, I think that they have already wired the pantsuit with animatronics, like they use at Disney World

  19. The very disturbing questions:
    Can we trust what the media reports? no
    Can we trust the government tells us? no.
    Can anyone believe a word out of obama’s lying mouth? no
    Is there anyone who speaks with credibility on any aspect of this mess? No.
    Trust level all around is zero.
    Not a foot to stand on. No solid ground.
    Everyone is reduced to wild ass guessing. None of us has has a clue.
    Happy fucking 9/11


  20. Think something like Parkinsons or Myasthenia Gravis or one of several other neurological problems. All have measurable end points. Any way you parse it she Will Not be around for the curtain call.

    • The press wouldn’t notice if they stuffed and mounted her and gave her mechanical lips that spew the party line.
      After all, that is all that really matters.
      Us deplorable’s and our interests don’t count anyway.
      After their done with her in the elections, they can just set her in the chair in the oval office, George Soros and Humin can sign the executive diktat.

  21. I’m reminded of the old Chinese curse, “may you live in interesting times”.

    If the next few months go poorly I may eject from this country into a relative backwater: When Hitler got elected, von Neumann said “bad, bad things are going to happen here” and left to America. Hitler was right, but von Neumann was more right. I think we’re at a historical watershed moment on par with that of 1933.

      • No. Hitler got a lot of things very right, at first, but he was standing up against the weight of the world, which ultimately crushed him and his country, and drove him insane along the way.

        • Meh.
          So Dolf kissed a few babies? Got the trains to run on time, did he?
          I’m never gonna be a fan of his.
          Way too much downside vs. upside – like 6 million to one ratio, or so.

          With any luck, Hillery will be meeting him very soon. She will find him charming. Her first question:
          “Dolf baby, how did I screw that up?” “It was in the bag!”

          • Yeah yeah yeah, the six million, the Jew soap and lampshades, the diesel engines that carbon monoxide-poisoned whole roomfuls of people, the showers that were really gas chambers, the delousing chambers that were really gas chambers, the cremation facilities that were really mass ovens, etc.

            What a racket.

          • Soooo, what’s your opinion of the other guy who started WWII and killed 20 million of his own people before that, Uncle Joe Stalin? Remember Uncle Joe and Dolf had a pact to jointly invade Poland one from the west and one from the east, which they both carried out! Uncle Joe then doubled down on his evil, when he then executed 30,000 Polish military officers in the Katyn Forest.

            Did Joe magically become a good guy simply because Dolf turned on him? Or did the US pick the wrong guy to war upon, based upon the persuasive powers of a greatly Soviet-infiltrated regime acting upon a weak and compromised FDR?

    • A handful of years back, there was a Congressman from Oregon who had lost his marbles. He was dressing up as stuffed animals and assaulting people. His staff hid all of it a he was running for reelection. After the election the truth got out and he had to resign.

      The point being, Clinton’s staff will hide very serious health problems. At this point, it’s probably their singular focus.

      • All this at a time when the managerial and governing classes have tossed away every last shred of self discipline and integrity, thus forfeiting the confidence of the population who pay attention to what’s going on.

        Some dicey weeks and months are coming up.

      • I have personally talked (or embarrassed) two young women out of voting for Hillary. You may think me a Wizard. Alas, my powers do not extend so far as votes for Trump. Today one of those ladies said what struck her most of all about the video of Hillary stumbling about today was the complete lack of surprise exhibited by the security agents. Very telling to her.

        The first debate is in two weeks. I don’t think anyone in the progressive party is going to rip that date out of Hillary’s claws, which leads them farther down the road of no return. I can tell you right now that the really cool people expect Kaine to take over and all for the better. They don’t know Hillary. Like Adolf, if she is going down the Reich is going with her.

        I do suspect that the Cucks will be eager to co-operate with the Progs. This would make for the most interesting election in American history, and if one or two of your scenarios plays out the ramifications will be enormous.

        • Progs allegedly plotting to drop a house on Hillary

          I keep being reminded of Howard Dean’s campaign. For weeks the press pretended that he was sweeping to victory. After he finished third in Iowa, it was revealed that he was playing to empty chairs and his campaign buses were empty. We keep getting sneak pics of Clinton events where the crowd is dressed as empty chairs.

          • Cute header. Lol On the bright side: We discover our courage, heart, and smarts along the way, and are back home in the end. ?

      • Does Hillary’s personal physician run any personal risk if she gets busted having knowingly misrepresented Hillary’s health to the American public? Is this not the definition of fraud?

        Any lawyers out there?

        • A doctor has no obligation to the pubic, with regards his opinions of his patients, outside of something extraordinary like a patient with an infectious disease. Usually, doctors just avoid saying anything unless instructed to make a statement from the patient.

      • What is the substantial difference between that Oregon Congressmen and the rest, down in that political cesspool by the Potomac River?

    • How about this scenario then,

      -Comment seen on WRSA by kg9aq:
      “HALF OF TRUMP’S voters might be DEPLORABLE but the

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