The Community Center

Not far from my little slice of heaven, the Cloud People built a community center, which is a funny name for these things. In actual communities, where people think of one another as fellow citizens, there’s no need to build community centers. In the ghetto, where the only thing everyone agrees upon is the fact the ghetto sucks, they always have a community center. These are built and paid for by people that don’t live in the community. They can’t bring themselves to call these things “low security detention centers” so we got a “community center.”

The word “community” gets thrown around a lot these days, but it is mostly a carryover from the olden thymes when the Left believed in class solidarity and the power of the people. The Left used to say “Individually we are weak like a single twig, but as a bundle we form a mighty faggot.” No one talks like that anymore, at least not in a serious way. Instead we get talk about “bringing people together” and how we are “stronger together” but it is just meaningless jargon to make the Cloud People feel righteous about not being Dirt People.

The point of these things is to provide a place for the neighborhood youth to hang out while being supervised by people the government pays to supervise youth. The standard model is a large gymnasium that can be used for basketball and other indoor activities. They have some offices for the bureaucrats hired to supervise the youth and organize activities for them. They don’t call them youth centers because people would just assume they are crime centers.

That’s what ends up happening with these things. The one near me opened up about six months ago and I saw people from all over coming and going. Even the Hispanics and Asians showed up with their kids. Then the young black males began to take over. First the Asians disappeared then the whites and finally the Hispanics threw in the towel. On the way home last night I saw a group of black males loitering around the front door, pants down, hats on sideways, playing with themselves. The point being made is they now run the community center.

The same thing happened with the public pool a few years back. One of the apartment communities made some sort of deal with the government to let the community have access to the pool. It used to be strictly for residents, who paid a fee to use the pool. Memorial Day the pool opened and it was a multi-culti paradise. By July 4th it was all black and by Labor Day the cops were there every day. One of the life guards got assaulted so the rest quit and the pool was then closed. It’s a private pool again.

That’s what will happen with the community center over time. The local hoodlums will set up shop and the cops will then setup shop to keep the drugs out. Eventually the people hired to do the supervising will get tired of having their cars broken into and their lives threatened so the whole project will careen to a predictable denouement. I’ll give it a year or two before the programs have been scaled back to the point where the building is empty most of the time, a monument to SWPL pride.

The sentiment behind these projects is not all bad, it’s just that they ignore objective reality. The white underclass is mostly a problem of jobs and drugs. There are too few jobs and too many drugs. The Hispanic underclass is mostly a cultural issue. These people are here as unskilled labor. The black underclass has a young black male problem. This cohort is 3% of the population and 30% of the crime. In the ghetto, young black males are why no one can have nice things.

A better use of resources would be to focus on the young black males with something other than indulgences like midnight basketball. The trouble is no one knows how to do that in a way that does not offend the sensibilities of the Cloud People. Even acknowledging that the black underclass has a young black male problem is a good way to be thrown out of the Cloud, so magic is blamed. The rulers build gleaming new community centers that will magically make the problems go away. At least that’s what everyone pretends will happen.

The other day, I saw a group of Muslim women walking past the community center with their small children. The women were decked out in their burqas, billowing faceless blobs that shock the sensibilities, seeing them on an American street. They stopped and stared and then shuffled on down the street to the block where they magically started appearing a couple of years ago. They wear the burqa to make clear they have no intention of assimilating. I suspect their men send them out as a message, a way of marking their turf.

One day, that community center will be a Muslim cultural center.

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  1. In early days of covering the Model Cities program (1970s), I quickly came to understand a neighborhood’s decision to build a federally-funded community center meant a place where teenage black males could hang out. It was a means of “getting our young people off the streets.”

  2. My wife and I are noodling around Lusitania. Badajoz and Merida to date, 3 days each, Coimbra next. So far 3 or 4 black folk, all apparently completely Spanish. No Muslims at all, not one so far. Despite initial trepidation walking around after dark, even in parks and industrial areas or poorer areas, is no problema.

    Late night streets full of old people, very young people, teenagers.

    No bad behaviour, no young male thugs strutting about, no loud voices bellowing obscenities.

    An astonishing amount of anti-Islam graffiti.

    These folk have been there, done that, and have no interest in doing it again.

    • @ Fred_Z – Portugal is wonderful. The people are very friendly, and the country is dirt cheap. In some ways it’s how Europe was 40-years ago. Your observation is correct, despite the proximity to North Africa, Spain and Portugal are pretty much unaffected by the current refugee problem and Muslim influence. But then it was our brilliant Chancellor who invited them here in the first place. Plus the Spanish para-military police (Guardia Civil) doesn’t play around with criminals.

  3. The reason the Islamists magically appear is because jihad has been declared. They are already here and numbers growing by the day. After 9/11 Europe seemed to be shocked at the amount of Islamists all of a sudden in their midst. But they had been there the whole time.

  4. Are the community centers a riff of “Magic Dirt Theory” applied to “Magic Building Theory”? Just noodling.

    • I’ve always wondered why the magic dirt never seems to work in the inner cities. It used to, obviously, back when the inner cities were prime real estate, the fashionable places to work and play for the rich and famous. Something since then must have destroyed the magic.

      Kryptonite, maybe? The Dark Side of the Force? Who knows, really. Probably the same reason those Bronze Age societies all collapsed at almost the exact same time.

      • It’s those magic beans, remember obama’s magic beans?
        Cultural marxist’s fairy dust, aka other peoples money, plant the seeds of moral rot and totalitarianism, sprinkle it on magic dirt, it is like miracle grow, fertilizer for useful dupes and free shit army, they bear rotten fruit of destruction of virtue and traditions of our Republic.
        Community Centers are globalist speak for extinguishing self determination and individualism.

        • Ha ha! Doug, please take this in jest but this must be the shortest post I think you’ve made! Congrats man! I love your contributions Bro, even if a little long sometimes. Yeah, I know, I should be one to talk!! he he

  5. Seems like most of these places deserve a zippo raid. Right now, it’s a staging area for drug dealing and robbery. When the Muslims take over, it’ll be full of a bunch of people soldering wires to blasting caps and C4 and preaching hate for the kuffar.

    As we exit the era of nation-states, local non-state actors will fill the roll of security, especially when the government runs out of money, which is probably soon.

    • “…soldering wires to blasting caps ….

      Boy do I wish that they would try soldering wires to blasting caps!

  6. Simple lesson, really – those who *take* things usually get to keep them. Those who are unwilling to defend things lose them.

  7. This article hit so close to home when my wife read it she looked at me and said, “Are you theZman?”.
    ahahaha. Not yet.
    I live next to one of these dumps, it just happens to be north of the border. The various underclasses of the city (somalian gang recruiters, local thugs, etc) are currently in what I call the ‘posturing’ stage around the area. Soon one of them will assert their dominance, and the place will become a total wasteland, with the exception of late night hockey.
    Until, as you say, it becomes a Muslim cultural center.
    To quote a (in)famous man, this will not end well.

  8. This story has interesting parallels to many, many stories from another mostly useless field of study, namely International Development (i.e. spending vast and futile sums to turn the 3rd world into at least the 2nd. if not the 1st.). IOW, the 3rd. world inside our borders reacts similarly to cloud people initiatives as does the 3rd. world outside our borders.

    A architypical scenario that I personally know about: Benighted locals spend many long hours going down the mountain for water; The well-intentioned cloud money that isn’t stolen at the capitol hires someone to drill a well; Locals are briefly pleased to be saved the trip; Sincere cloud rep returns to find the well full of stones that the locals threw in to make the water come up higher where they could get at it easier & can’t imagine why they now have no water at all. Because it’s full of loose stones and they are neither solid rock that can be drilled out or earth that can be augured out, the well shaft is completely ruined. But the cloud reps are determined to start over. In this case it’s a Christian missionary organization so they are at least sincere in their religious motivation and not merely virtue signaling with OPM (other peoples’ money).

    By analogy, it seems that ‘the community’ you mentioned has no stake in the center nor the will to preserve it for the cloud people’s preferred uses (or their own). Probably it will become filled with trash rather than rocks, illustrating once again that it is culture that begets economics and not the other way around.

    • I don’t fund overseas missions as a rule, but a sincere question: how does this make people Christian? I see why it’s nice to dig wells for the Third World, what I don’t understand is how it leads anyone to salvation. I just don’t see the mechanism of action: those nice Christians made our lives easier, so that stuff they say about Jesus must be true?

      I mean if I suffer from a natural disaster, there’s nobody I’d rather see than the Salvation Army or Mennonite Disaster Services showing up to help, but how many people follow Christ as a result of those very helpful efforts?

      • Reminds me of a blog I used to read. Blogger was helping his brother who was a missionary to raise funds to go to S. America somewhere to dig a well. I thought to myself, so what did these people’s ancestors used to do before American (Christian) benevolence became available? Surely they had their methods for obtaining water. First, you move to where there is water. But beyond that there is mental processes and hard work. Christians and machinery make for easier well making but still the question remains “Just what did their ancestors used to do to survive?” That to me is the first question to be asked and answered. Like the parable about giving a man a fish so he can eat for a day vs. teaching him how to fish so he can eat for a lifetime. Sometimes the quickest or easiest solution is not the best for a given situation.

        • @ LetsPlay – Don’t forget that at one time Roman technology reached all they way north into Britain. But once that empire collapsed, it was nearly 1,500 years until Europe “discovered” sewers, toilets and baths. It’s why history keeps repeating itself – we keep forgetting. In south America and Mexico, the Mayans and Aztecs have extensive agriculture through irrigation. Same thing, different millennium.

      • In spite of all the unconscionably bad things many have perpetrated under the banner of Christ in the last 2000 years, and this includes a long history of organized religion, those who choose to follow the original Way go wherever need is. But not to proselytize or convert others but rather to simply serve Christ. The best sermon that exemplifies this was given by a man named Paris Reidhead called Ten Shekels and a Shirt.

      • Marina;

        I think if you asked those particular missionaries, they’d give you several related answers:
        – ‘We know very well that doing stuff for strangers will not, all by itself, make them Christians. But it will open up dialog about why we’re doing it. This gives us a chance to share the Gospel with them.
        – We believe that God alone can call a person to Christ through His Holy Spirit. While He calls some directly through such things as dreams and miracles, ordinarily a man must hear the Gospel to open the door to his heart.
        – Besides all this, we are commanded by God to help others and preach the Gospel to the ends of the earth.’

        • Right, but the apostles managed to grow Christianity from a lunatic fringe movement with a dozen followers to the majority religion of the Roman empire without, as far as I know, building any infrastructure investments. So why are Christians today doing this? This isn’t offering some free pizza to come to a gospel talk, it’s pseudo government.

          For that matter, given millions upon millions of Christians in Asia and Africa and South America, why are enthusiastic Westerners forever heading on missions there when there are hordes of secular and lapsed people here? Africa has AFRICAN Christians who run local missions. It feels like virtue signaling combined with vacationing.

          • Oh, I assure you there is no trace of vacation for those who go on missions to the third world. It might interest you to know there is a growing attention to the missions fields opening up here in the US. I’ve only recently become aware of a small church in Cleveland, Georgia that is sponsoring a trip for Dec. 1-4 to Boonville, KY, which is a community of about 4500 people in the poorest county in the whole of the US.

            The unemployment rate is 74% because the only industry is coal mining. Thus far a semi has been donated and four churches and a handful of individual groups are collecting much needed basic supplies that will be taken by volunteers. This effort is unwritten by Christians, not to convert anyone but to feed and comfort the poor. I spoke with the woman who spearheaded this and her only desire is to bring hope to the hopeless. If they see Christ in the Christians who are doing this so then that’s certainly not a bad thing but it’s not the reason they are going.

            She told me a story from her experience last December. They were set up in the gym of the school handing out food boxes, clothing and toys. An eight year old boy came up and she asked him if he wanted a toy. He said, no m’am, I want a coat, I’m cold. Fighting back the tears, she said, how about both? She helped find a warm coat and a toy. He left smiling and grateful.

            How different is this picture from the community centers set up and then taken over by the ungrateful?

          • I am reading a book by Philip Caputo “Acts of Faith” about do-gooders in war torn Africa. Caputo is the author of “A Rumor of War” and a Vietnam Vet. He is well traveled and his writing is par excellence. He knows of what he speaks even if the book is a novel. The picture he paints of the lives of do-gooders, the ones on the fronts lines equates to the troops doing the fighting in a war. Their lives are on the line. The uuuugh organizations like the UN, Red Cross, etc. are the REMF’s who play games with the money and resources which is their main goal. If someone gets help it is a collateral effect.

            My scripture for today turns out to fit nicely for this discussion.

            “Let nothing be done through selfish ambition or conceit, but in lowliness of mind let each esteem others better than himself. Let each of you look out not only for his own interests, but also for the interests of others.” Philippians 2:3-4 NKJV

            The goal of Christians is to treat others with the Golden Rule. If someone like the Clintons or their CF or the CGI would take this to heart, the scandals would be far fewer. I say fewer because, yes, even in Christian circles, such happens. People are people. Christians are not perfect and have admitted such in seeking to be a Christ-follower.

          • @ LetsPlay – We ignore Matthew 10:14 at our own peril – “If anyone will not welcome you or heed your words, shake the dust off your feet when you leave that home or town.”

            Instead of walking away from people who hate everything about us after we have offered charity, assistance and the gospel, many Christians (as well as secular do-gooders) feel the need to impose ourselves and our values on people whether they like it or not and for their own good.

            The results are exactly to be expected when one picks and choose the passages that fit one’s agenda.

  9. When we gave up freedom of association was when lost the ability to have actual communities – if unwelcome people cannot be excluded, there is no longer any social stricture against groups who cannot/ will not assimilate. Not every interpersonal problem can/should be dealt with by force of law, ostracism of unpleasant types is an important freedom.

    After half a century of stupid policy (affirmative action) we find we have neutered ourselves with the loss of ability to form voluntary associations. Nowadays we have to have politicians, policemen and lawyers to regulate our dealings with People who Suck. When we had freedom of association they would have learned from an early age to not act like aholes if they were going to be tolerated.

    If only the cloud people could admit they were wrong about freedom of association/ affirmative action, we could begin to rebuild society VOLUNTARY acceptance is much better for building a society than FORCE.

    Truly the worst part of a screw-up is the denial part. Our socialist/fascist (what’s the diff?) sith lords have screwed up so badly and in so many ways that a large deal of destruction may again be needed to once again stop them.

    • I’m like a fungus. I’m spreading all over!

      A lot of people use Instapundit as a content feed. I’m surprised by the volume of traffic they can send my way.

      • You ought to consider peddling some Z-brand merchandise 🙂 I personally want a t-shirt *and* a cap.

        • I would hate to lose him to MSNBC or some other high paying gig.
          But…..a Zman cap to go with my Rush mug….

  10. I have probably mentioned on these pages before about a ‘multi-cultural’ community centre near where I used to live in Rotherham (pronounced Rovrum, by the way) which some asian/Chinese family turned up thinking it was for the likes of everyone. How wrong people can be: the local muslims who use it exclusively soon showed them the exit door.

    Swimming pools in the UK are now being pressed to have “women only” swimming sessions to appease the muslim sensibilities, so I expect increasingly these pools will become ‘haram’ for whites too.

    On the topic of muslim ownership over here, I used to live near a small park that was an asset for the community but of course it slowly became muslim only, which in their view was only right (I was called white trash there once by a fat muslim child, which was nice). Consequently there was a public meeting in which several white speakers urged everyone to “take back the park” without ever being able to bring themselves to say the word “muslim” or even “Asian” (which in the UK means Pakistani, not Chinese or Japanese). So there we were, listening to people being pleasant and talking round the elephant in the room — or in the park — and not being able to name it. Needless to say, the meeting broke up with no answer forthcoming and whites quietly surrendered ownership of the park to the muslims.

    But, best not to mention it. The government of the UK don’t like their whites saying such things.

  11. We have a similar problem here with Turks and ‘refugee’ behavior at public pools and neo-Nazi’s attacking youth clubs. My children (all in university) refuse to go to the public pool anymore. The combination of Turks, “refugees” and asocial Germans makes it for an unpleasant visit. In some youth clubs, similar but different to what you describe as community centers, neo-Nazis gangs have found university kids make easy targets of physical abuse.

    However during my visit to Ireland earlier this year, one community center I visited in a rather small town was full to the rafters with old age pensioners for bingo night. Not a single person there under the age of 60 to be seen. It’s all about who goes there rather than the facility itself.

    • Why do the “university kids make easy targets?” Because of the “zero tolerance for violence” or no fighting allowed mentality. A bunch of pussies, that’s why. They won’t stand up for themselves just like a country is told it is not right to stand up for themselves and what they believe in, even if to protect the ones and the things they love.

      They are bullies and all they understand is a good punch in the nose. If that doesn’t settle it, you still cannot back down, otherwise they own you.

      • @ LetsPlay – There’s a link in the rise of the Afd which has indirectly sparked and encouraged neo-Nazi skin-heads activity. It used to be limited to hooligan activities or drunken brawls at sporting events and outdoor concerts. However there have been growing attacks on university professors (e.g. Indians, Pakistanis, the “dusky fellows” that are often mention in this blog) and of course the occasional student.

        Neo-Nazi’s see them all the same. Actually a few American exchange students have also been beaten – but it’s their own fault I’m sure – they made the mistake of being serious about getting a good education, the typical nerds and geeks. But you’re right. They were probably pussies too and deserved an unprovoked beating by a bunch of neo-Nazis. I’m sure that was a great cultural lesson they wouldn’t have likely received at an American college. But to your point – the problem isn’t a lack of willingness to fight as much it’s often a few students being taken by surprise and outnumbered.

        Many of these neo-Nazis are ‘fringe’ and very pro AfD. They hate everything about the Jews and Americans and anyone else that’s not German. But they do favor the Arabs because of the shared hatred of the Jews. At the moment, most of this happens in the old east Germany, but the fear is it will spread west. The AfD’s growing favor in the polls is a not a joke and should be taken seriously given the attitudes and people they represent.

        • It is what happens when people are given no say in what happens in their country. We are not allowed to have a discussion about immigration any more. If someone says they are upset with women in buquas on their streets, they are called names.

          You have to give people an outlet for their feelings and give them some control over their communities. When you don’t, well you will see much worse than what you have now.

          • @ Notsothoreau – I’m looking for an Assistant Commissioner of Ballistic Punishments. The pay is terrible, but the benefits are excellent. Don’t forget to pick up your armband at the servants entrance.

    • Karl, in Germany you have a purposefully imported musloid invasion. You and your fellow German’s are being played as useful dupes. Here in the good ol’ USofA, we have a government plantation problem. Both problems are proxy strategies to destroy our white western legacy and heritages.
      Your problem in Germany is possible because the cultural marxists running your government cultivated the guilt of the weak, via manipulation of your nations history, they prey on the whiteness of “racial” guilt regarding the Third Reich.
      What they do here in America is count on a similar white guilt about “slavery”.
      What they are really doing is playing the weak, the unprincipled, those who do not understand racism is a purposefully invented lie, invented by cultural marxists, among our civilization in order to herd people socially and socially engineer them into becoming willing participants in lies and being “culturally” responsible for something they, we, as present day people born long after those time periods in history are not responsible for.
      In simplest terms Karl, just how the fuck am I responsible for something somebody did, 50, 200, years ago? What because I’m white? That is reverse racism, and bigotry, and hypocrisy of the highest order imaginable.

      • @ Doug – there’s truth in your words with regards to the imported invasion. But we Germans do not have the colonial connections with Muslims as do our French and Dutch neighbors with Muslims in theirs. Our Muslim connection is related directly to our relationship with the Turks during the Great War and the welcoming of Turkish guest workers during the 1950’s and who, unlike the Italians and Portuguese, remained in Germany yet still refuse to become “German”.

        Do not be mistaken about the guilt – ours is unique to the Jewish issue because while the Jews were brutalized my every European country throughout history, we were the only modern country capable of industrialized extermination of innocent men, women and children. That, my American friend, is guilt that is taught in our schools to our children, has outlawed the public display of the swastika, banned the Nazi party and if you should even imply that Holocaust never occurred, will get you jailed. Today, to speak against Islam is to equal to anti-Semitic discussion. And we do not tolerate that here.

        No, Doug – you are not responsible for the past. But you and I are responsible for the future. We become responsible when we fail to acknowledge these things happened. We become responsible when these acts are allowed to become forgotten. The names and actions of those who did inhuman acts against innocents should be taught to every child and in every school. Names like Rudolf Höss, Ilse Koch, and Josef Mengele and their actions against humanity should be burned into living memory so these monsters can never exist in our world again.

        • Your dead nuts right I’m not, and I can only speak for myself, the past is long gone, that the future begins with each of us.
          I think the Nazi’s where not a German atrocity, they are an atrocity of the dark side of humanity, they are not unique to any peoples or time, that pogrom and genocidal crap has been going on long as men could kill each other, and it’s propagation through time is contingent on racial, nationalistic, and every kind of religious “guilt” foisted as a narrative to manipulate and socially engineer people for the purpose of imposing another brand of genocide or pogrom of tyranny, per say cultural marxism, or whatever the latest version of the human extinction movement is calling itself. No. And Hell No. Time and time again through history, it has been the dirt people who have ever effected positive change in this world. No one else. Look around, the world is going to hell in a hand basket. In the sphere of your life, you see anybody you know personally advancing the state of affairs today? Bet you your answer is no one, or pretty close to it. But those those Turks, why aren’t they repatriated to their own culture and country? You say they reject German culture, mores, and way of life. Why then are they still in Germany? They sound like aliens infesting Germany. Is that your doing? How about the people in my country who reject everything about America and are attempting to impose racial superiority on me and my country and culture, foment a race war, murdering and pillaging other people because they are White American’s. Is it my fault? You know what Karl, the honest answer is yes, not yes because of the past or what somebody long dead did or did not do, but because I have done nothing to stop these people from the destruction and bigotry they commit. It is not my fault it has got this far, but the only real solution begins with me, with each of us, and I’m trying to figure out what is required in the best way possible. But it ain’t looking like anything pleasant to understate the obvious.
          The future that is prosperous, healthy, moral, and principled is contingent upon what we as rational logical individual people do and nothing else. Nobody is coming to save you or me. Only ourselves, we are our own saviours. That is what everyone has to get through their thick skulls. The idea of the nation state is an unmitigated proven disaster. The scale of genocide and wars of the last century and a half are pretty definitive proof. To bullshit yourself or anyone otherwise is to whistle past the graveyard of everyone a victim of tyranny, and to set oneself up for the next round. The buck stops with each of us Karl. That is the cold hard truth. It is not enough the truth should be taught, it must be lived also. All the memes and narratives, dissimulations, gnashing of teeth and prevarications in the world don’t change the truth. And those foisting them on us in particular, for whatever reasons they fabricate, can go fuck a flying rolling donut.
          That my friend begins with me, with you, with all of us. And until we stand up and say enough, no more, we enable those things because we did not do anything to stop it.

          • @ Doug – Turks became German citizens as just like Blacks, Mexicans and everyone else that came to your country became American citizens. And like America, Germany respect and protects freedom of religion. We welcome Christians, Jews, Muslims, Mormons, Hindu, Buddhists as well as atheists and all variations of pagan tree worshipers. Removing people from society based on their religion, as we attempted with the Jews, is wrong. The problem isn’t religion so much as it is the extent to which people chose to act in it’s name.

            Over the past 30-40 decades, acts of terrorism in Europe were home-grown like RAF in Germany or ETA in Spain or IRA in Ireland. Common violent criminal acts in Germany are more often committed by Russians, Albanians, and Romanians than Turkish-Germans. The Turks are deeply connected to their country as are many Mexicans in yours, but not all are deeply connected to Islam. They do tend to cling to their language and their culture, and obviously not all do, and many break away from their own traditions and follow more western ideals and attitudes. So as I have said before, the problems that face Germany, Europe and America are not so different.

            The problem as I see it, is the unwillingness of our respective governments to impose and enforce equally, the existing laws of our lands against those who would do us harm. It is why, since the 15th century, the Lady of Justice is depicted blindfolded – so that the law may be applied with objectivity. But the objectivity she represents has long ceased to exist in western courts.

            Objectivity would throw out the word ‘terrorist’ or ‘Muslim’ and simply call these people what they really are – murderers. In my eyes, a man who kills people at an abortion clinic in the name of his god is just as much a criminal as a man who randomly attacks people on a train in the name of his god. We all know these acts have nothing to do with god, but everything to do with a deranged state of an individual who refuses to comply with the social norms. Both men in this example are murders. Nothing more, nothing less.

            But tolerance does have its limits. We can not allow the teaching of violence against others for the sake of a religion or ideology. Those people who do should be charged with criminal acts and jailed and/or deported. But you are correct, the “buck” does stop with each of us but today we seem more and more helpless to do the right thing. As Edmund Burke said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

        • It wasn’t such a bad plan as it turned out. The idea was to set up hot spots (detention centers) along the Balkan route. I think croatian quota was 50000. Trouble was a certain government refused Eu (German) offer and kept the borders open for transit so the whole system collapsed and you know what happened next.

    • When I hear about neo-Nazi’s in Germany, I assume the people referenced are not really a recent version of the monsters who killed 6 million Jews, invaded Poland, France, etc., but simply Germans who think Germany should be German.

      • @ Anonymous and James – If you want to find out what neo-Nazi’s in Germany today think about Americans, Jews and Blacks, come over and have a beer a bar in Gorlitz or Cottbus. Be sure to wear a big American flag on your t-shirt. I hope you’re into mixed martial arts and know the German version of dialing 911 – you’ll need it. And if you don’t speak German, I hope your Russian is good. They have Nazi’s too and they don’t play well with others.

        I’m sorry this article isn’t in English, but you can copy/paste it into Google translate to get the idea.

          • @ James – make no mistake. NeoNazis are only about racism and hatred. They are the lowest form of mob mentality and lack the intellectual ability to comprehend what makes Germans German. If you asked them about people like Leibniz, Kant, or Luther you’d only get blank stares.

        • Karl, I read it. I’m not impressed. These so-called Neo-Nazis numbered 26K in 2010 in Germany, 600 of which were yearning for the Third Reich. And their numbers were declining. This doesn’t seem like much in a country of 81 million. I continue to be of the opinion that statists label anyone who wants to restrict immigration from the ME as Neo-Nazi.

          Here is the Google translation:

          So Brown is Germany

          Berlin – Brown Kameradschaften clandestine paramilitary exercises, folk festivals in the NPD: Anywhere in Germany right-wing extremists are active. According to Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution of the right-wing is a total though declining: 25,000 right-wing extremists counted the Authority in 2010 in Germany (2009: 26,600). But there is a second, disturbing result, which in Germany is manifested: the Constitution Protection Under the extreme right, the share of particularly radical neo-Nazis, those who yearn for basically the “Third Reich” again. 5600 members had the neo-Nazi scene, according to security officials 2010-600 more than the year before.

          Among them are the so-called “autonomous nationalists” the biggest inflow – groups of young men who dress like links Autonomous, even copy their symbols. Their banners are sayings like “Fuck the law, fight the system”, they propagate violence against political opponents and police. Thousand neo-Nazis belong to this sub-scene. A sound ideological basis have the “autonomous nationalists” constitutionally protect not that it was mainly a “strategic actionistic realignment” under the Nazis, it is – in the “traditional neo-Nazi camp” Accordingly, many fear that the “autonomous nationalists “potential followers scare by their sharp appearance.

          Especially active are the “autonomous nationalists” in West Germany and in the Berlin area. In the other Eastern states they have a minor importance – for the right-wing is here still anchored in many areas in the middle of society. At sports events attract the right-wing NPD or its youth organization to young people, martial arts events serve as a recruitment fair. In Saxony-Anhalt Laucha long trained an NPD functionary football youth.

          In all Eastern states, the NPD was the last state elections in at least two per cent – in any western German state that was the case. In Saxony and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern the far right sitting in Parliament.

          Authorities observed throughout Germany, but especially in the East, that unite smaller neo-Nazi groups, usually there are no more than ten people who meet in a private environment. According to this model worked well the Zwickau terrorist cell that was the investigators, however, apparently not really noticed in their information gathering.

      • If even that far. A “Nazi” is basically now a white person who can look at facts and go “Is this a good idea?”

  12. >would be to focus on the young black males with something other than indulgences like midnight basketball. The trouble is no one knows how to do that in a way that does not offend the sensibilities of the Cloud People.<

    perhaps start ignoring their opinion?

  13. The community center has become the intersection of best intentions and bald-faced reality. What to do? Nothing. There is nothing we can do in a multicultural atmosphere. When you don’t have a community that can draw on at least one cohesive element to bind them loosely together, you’ve got nothing but future trouble. Yes, the Burkha Brigade will be taking over the community center. As much as I abhor their culture, they are living and defending it. If we can’t defend our own culture, they will one day impose theirs on us.

  14. Is there anything that can be done with young black ghetto males? Beyond just chaining them to a plow? What possible good are they anywhere, to anyone?

    As for the Muslim women, Canada’s capital is now lousy with them. It’s still a shock for me to see them; I wonder how the hell these people washed up here. It wasn’t like that when I moved here, about 35 years ago now. You know what I saw everywhere, which I never see anymore? Lots of young soldiers in uniform, walking the downtown streets. And whenever they passed a superior officer, they’d salute. I enjoyed seeing that so much; it made me feel like I was living in a Jane Austen novel, with a military detachment quartered in the town. Then they dropped the rule about saluting, and now the whole place looks like some refugee camp was set up in a nearby field.

      • Repatriation is a good start. That’s fundamental transformation of America I can believe in.
        Nothing like getting back to one’s “Roots”.
        Not much free shit in Africa.
        They don’t have outmoded ancient white guy ideas like Habeas Corpus, The 1st and 2nd Amendment, equality of rule of law, welfare, EBT cards, simple things of a white racist society like running water, sewage systems, electricity, paved roads, cell phone service, hospitals etc.
        No Cloward Piven Community Organizer’s either.
        Lots of tribal communities though, who take racism against social parasites to an entirely nother level.

          • Funny how White People are held to an entirely different set of racial purity than the rest of humanity. Those that have claimed and demand that purity in itself makes them incredibly racists themselves, it is a stunning double standard.
            Takle this thought for example: OK so being white, your whiteness, automatically qualifies you in the eyes of the racial supremacy genocidal ideologues, ((BLM, cultural marxists, sjw’s, even the musloid fanatics are getting in on the act with the crusades thousands of years ago)), because somebody in the past, with white skin, did something bad to others with brown skin. Of course only white skin people have ever done anything bad to brown skin people. Brown skin people are perfect! The most innocent benign, peaceful, honest, morally advanced humans who have ever walked the earth. They could never be racists themselves, that is the bailiwick of white people only. Bet you didn’t know that. Before long, the truth will out it will be the brown people who went to the moon, cured the worlds disease, wrote the Magna Carta, The Bill of rights, painted the Cistien Chapel, and came up with the theory of relativity.
            All sarcasm aside, there is a stunning double standard here. It is so outrageous, it isn’t even on peoples radar. That is a unique feature cultural marxism’s The Big Lie, (take a guess who invented the word racism and racist?) The double standard is if myself, as a white man, am responsible for bad things white people, supposedly, did decades, centuries, in the past, how come the good thing white people have done have ceased to exist?
            How about the 13th Amendment? Abolition of slavery? The equality of rule of law? A society, a society mind you please, because governments make or create nothing, it is only people who produce and create, which has bent over backwards, lavished billions upon billions of it treasure and hard earned wealth, to assist, assist mind you, key word here, brown people.
            Of all the civilizations on earth in all of history, there is none that come close to the charity and good will of the dirt white people. I’m not talking government here, I saying it is people who have extended a hand in charity the likes of which are unparalleled in human history to their fellow brown citizen’s, extended every courtesy of equal consideration, from the law to every component of culture and contract. Sometime in your race’s history, all races have faced this undeniable truth, you got to pull yourself up by your druthers and get your fucking shit together and stop bellyaching and whining. Because if you don’t, it is a path to self destruction, and that has only one thing to blame itself on.
            But no, none of that and more enough, now they want blood. White blood.
            Can’t fix that kind of stupid.
            White people don’t go to their cities and burn them down and murder white people because they feel entitled, they go to your city, burn it down, kill you by the millions, and salt the earth when they and their culture are faced with existential destruction. White people are known for it through history, and are exceptionally good at it once pushed past endurance and tolerance. And they tend to go after the ones behind it all too, regardless of their station or race.

            Community Centers…mmmmm

          • Tell it man! Hope you feel better after letting it all out. You ARE absolutely right that it don’t make no sense at all, but hey, as they say, “stupid is as stupid does.” People don’t think for themselves and don’t have a life so what do they do, they listen to others and allow themselves to worked up into a frenzy. Even an entitled elite like Colin Kapernick thinks he is worthy of carrying the “oppressed” banner.

            What is missing from their discussion is any mention of “personal responsibility.” They think they are educated because they can throw around a few quotes by Malcolm X or Che or Mao. Truth is, they are dumb as rocks. That is why they are owned and are basically slaves in the modern age. They cannot, do not, will not think for themselves. And they expect the gubmint, i.e. taxpayer, to provide/protect them like they are some endangered species. And for all they get, they are UNGRATEFUL. Lunacy.

          • “Before long, the truth will out it will be the brown people who went to the moon, cured the worlds disease, wrote the Magna Carta, The Bill of rights, painted the Cistien Chapel, and came up with the theory of relativity.”

            This already happens to a certain extent, with mathematics, philosophy, classics translation and technology. It was either the Chinese or Arabs who invented everything and the greedy stupid Christian white people didn’t like any of that stuff until they figured out that they could hurt brown people with the above. (That’s how capitalism was invented, by the way! White people wanted to hurt other races that were superior to them!!!)

            The only Europeans, according to academic history as taught now, that did anything were (((you know who))).

          • Exactly as I heard it from the black Puerto Rican.
            “You didn’t build that, you stole it.
            You’re still the barbarian raiders you were 600 years ago, when you were sleeping with your pigs.”

  15. One thing I’ve been wondering for a while: What do the blacks think about their new muslim neighbors? Also, what do the muslims think of the blacks? Scared of the crime? Not deterred?

    • Muslims very often seem to worry a lot more about losing face than going to jail. I wonder if the blacks have started learning that yet.

    • The blacks taking over the community centers likely don’t give a shit what the neighbors or the cloud people think, and the moslems know that the Arabic word for “black” (Abid) is synonymous with the word for “slave”. And moslems historically castrated black male slaves, so not deterred is most likely, just biding time.

      • Interestingly, Arabic has many words for the same things, and one of the words for black is Sauda/Aswad. So I wonder if the House of Saud in Saudi Arabic might mean Black Arabia. Of course, this is the color black, as opposed to the race of black men. Nevertheless, Saudis seem to be really much darker than other Arabs.

        • @Jewel: no, “Saudi” doesn’t come from the root meaning “black” in Arabic. There are two different letters in Arabic that get transliterated as “a” in English: the vowel “alif” (English “short a”) and the consonant “ain” (doesn’t exist in standard English, but roughly the sound in a heavy Southern accent “a’aight” = all right, way back in the throat.)

          Arabic words almost always come from three letter, consonant roots: “Aswad” (black) comes from the root “S-W-D”. “Saudi” comes from the root “S-ain-D”, meaning lucky or blessed. In Arabic, they don’t sound particularly alike.

          The Saudis are darker than most Arabs because of the intense slave trade/raiding done on East Africa for centuries. (The Red Sea’s original name was “the Pirate Coast”.) The women/girls captured would be kept as concubines (the males were castrated); but in contrast to Western practice, the children of slave women were considered free (although second rank) sons/daughters of the woman’s owner. Bearing the owner’s son would increase the slave woman’s status and conditions significantly (she would become an “Umm walad”, the mother of a male heir). Most Gulfies are more African than Arab, genetically. Likewise, Turks and North Africans are lighter-skinned (predominantly Caucasian), because their slave raids/slave tax were against southern Europe and Slavs.

          • Thank you for the correction. My Arabic is young and minimal, but I do notice puns in English. I forgot about the letters that have no counterparts in English.

          • The lighter-skinned saudis do not consider themselves “black.” Several years ago, I was trying to retrieve one of my bags at the dammam airport [“lost” two days prior when only one of my two bags was put on the plane in NY – regardless of the fact that supposedly “business class” bags are given special priority / attention status {Qatar Airways puts different tags on business class bags than on economy class bags}] and had already been told by one man that my bag was in someone’s office and that I needed to do such-and-such to get it. So, I headed off to the office I needed to go to and, of course, my bag was not there. I was perturbed and said, “I was just at the ‘lost luggage’ counter and was told to come here.” The man in the office asked, “Was it a white man that told you to come here?” I couldn’t help myself and responded, “No. There aren’t any white men there. I am white. All three men at ‘lost luggage’ are much, much darker than I am,” as I pulled my abeya sleeve all the way up to show him what “white” skin looks like. [As an American woman – with blonde hair! – I had to wear an abeya anytime I left our compound during the eight years we lived in saudi. I didn’t have to wear a head-covering, or cover my face, but as a woman, and a fair-skinned American one, I would have been asking for trouble by not wearing the long black bag…]

    • Many formerly Christian Blacks in the US have converted to Islam, the same is happening in the UK and France where the Black Caribbean population is also converting to Islam, is all about sticking up to whitey.

      • One issue in Brits converting to islam is that halal food is better for that cult in our jails. So many felons are happy to convert for the better food alone, though I expect lot of burglars and so on have never really thought much about who God spoke and why.

        I recall a couple of episodes in ‘Orange is the new black’ where the inmates, disgusted with prison food, wanted to be Jewish for the better kosher food. But, in the spirit of modern life, it was easy for the show’s producers and writers to pick on Jewishness as the appeal as it (a) allowed the inmates to sing songs from Fiddler on the Roof and (b) avoided offending the easily offendable muslims.

        • I was told, by an aqaimtance, that you get more food in the kosher meals. Guess we don’t have halal meals there yet.

        • I’ve heard from multiple people (of different religions) who do missions work in prison that religious conversations are frequent and ever changing. Prison life is boring as hell, and religious holidays and observance are a way to break up the monotony. I guess some prisoners change religion on the regular in anticipation of holidays.

    • Moslems recruit a lot of black folks. Black culture is filled with angry young men; many of them have never been employed, and never will be. They are “rebels without a clue.” The black urban culture treats studying, reading, learning, dressing nicely, being polite, as “acting like Whitey.” Those who do these things are “Uncle Toms,” or “Oreos.” They are despised. The young men wear their pants very low, to mimic prison garb where belts are not allowed. Their music is tribal in nature, with lyrics calling police “pigs,” women “ho’s” and is also anger-filled.

      All this fits in nicely with the moslem aim: to islamify the world and subject everyone to sharia law. An army of angry young men, who have nothing to live for and nothing to lose, is ideal for islam. Islam does not require, or desire, thinking among its angry young army; they want bodies that will detonate bombs or pull triggers to murder innocents, and not care if they die in the process; better yet if they want to die, to get to “paradise.” Intelligence is unnecessary; most angry young blacks aren’t very intelligent, and that’s OK.

      Prisons are major recruiting places for islam. What better place to find disaffected, angry young men who want to blow up “the system” that put them there? Who are not smart enough to ever become “middle-American” type workers, and who have been fed a diet of “it’s all Whitey’s fault” all their lives? Who desperately want to fit in somewhere, with someone who will provide them a sense of purpose, a task, a destiny to fulfill? Hey, come join islam, it’s yer ticket to paradise, we got 72 renewable virgins waitin’ for you. Won’t be no math, yo. Free guns & bombs, sex slaves, we got it all!

      Islam thrives on the disaffected, the angry, the unfulfilled. That’s their natural manure.

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