Mao Was Right

When I was a kid, it was part of the holiday season to see politicians participating in the rituals of Christmas. The President would show up at a church somewhere to participate in a Christian mass, even if he was not a member of that particular sect. The exception was that non-Catholics would not take communion at a Catholic mass, out of respect to Catholics. Otherwise, it was considered a sign of respect for leaders to show up at a church at times like Christmas.

Similarly, political leaders would show up at a military memorial on veterans holidays to lay a wreath, say a prayer and demonstrate a proper reverence. On the 50th anniversary of D-Day, Ronald Reagan made a week out of showing his respect for the men and women, who saved Europe from herself. Even communist mayors of progressive American cities knew to show respect to veterans on those holidays. The point was for the people to see that these public figures were pious and shared our fidelity to the cultural institutions of society.

Public acts of piety by leaders are a part of settled society and an integral part of political leadership. Scipio Africanus, the great Roman general, is famous to modern people for defeating Hannibal at Zama. In his day, he was famous to his contemporaries for his great displays of public piety and his use of them to win the support of the people in order to defeat his political enemies. Roman emperors invested a great deal of wealth and time into public acts of piety, building great temples and holding elaborately expensive public events. Public piety is a feature of human society.

That’s an important thing to keep in mind when watching our public figures perform in public. In almost all cases, these performances are carefully considered and choreographed. They are intended to win support for the public figure. If they are attached to a cause, the way to bet is the public figure cares little for the cause, but is simply using it to curry favor with the public. The point is for you to walk away thinking the public person is moral and good, and therefore deserving of your support.

This is the case with the Atlantic Coast Conference announcing that they will be pulling their sportsball tournaments out of the state of North Carolina in protest of the state law banning deranged men in sundresses from stalking women in public toilets. For those unfamiliar with American college sports, our colleges run billion dollar sports leagues for some reason. How this happened would take a long to explain, but imagine if your football leagues were all owned and operated by your colleges and universities.

Here’s the statement from the college presidents:

“As members of the Atlantic Coast Conference, the ACC Council of Presidents reaffirmed our collective commitment to uphold the values of equality, diversity, inclusion and non-discrimination. Every one of our 15 universities is strongly committed to these values and therefore, we will continue to host ACC Championships at campus sites. We believe North Carolina House Bill 2 is inconsistent with these values, and as a result, we will relocate all neutral site championships for the 2016-17 academic year. All locations will be announced in the future from the conference office.”

Clearly, an army of public relations people worked on this statement for weeks so that it is packed the most pious punch possible. It has all the abracadabra phrases the Cloud People love. “Collective commitment” is one of my favorites. Cloud People love that phrase. Pol Pot was fond of that phrase too. The Cloud People never shut up about the glories of unity and collective action, while at the same time yapping about diversity and tolerance. Mussolini would be proud.

Similarly, the “values of equality, diversity, inclusion and non-discrimination” are not values anyone in the Cloud actually follows, but they like the way it sounds so they say it a lot. Show up at a faculty meeting with a Trump hat on and these people will run screaming for security. You will be arrested and thrown in a pit, all in the name of tolerance and inclusion. The words no longer have a literal meaning for the Cloud People. They are magic words and the point of using them is make you shut-up so they can boss you around without having to explain themselves.

The insanity of this is not in the fact they are on the side of mentally ill men in dresses stalking little girls in public toilets. That’s crazy, but what’s really nuts is the fact they think this appeals to the general public. “I support men in dresses watching my daughter pee” is something said by exactly no one ever. Dirt People feel sorry for transvestites and would support mental health services for them. Normal people would be against throwing trannies off rooftops, as is preferred by the Muslims the Cloud People are importing.

Otherwise, it is an ugly part of the human condition that normal people tend to ignore. If the man down the street likes to wear something pretty, that’s his business as long as it remains just his business. If he goes outside like that, he better be extremely respectful of the rest of us. The same is true of swingers and other fetishes like furries. Normal people have always understood that privacy must be respect and publicity should always be used carefully. Keep your private affairs private and respect the privacy of others.

It is just another example of the great gulf that lies between the rulers and those over whom they rule. Not so long ago, the rulers would have known this and showed their goodness by defending the little girl from the deranged man in the sundress. They may not have done much about it, other than make a speech, but they would have made the effort to show they are on the side of angels, with regards to men in sundresses stalking children in toilets. The North Carolina law is perfect example of this practice.

Today, they expect the fathers and mothers of those little girls to cheer them for unleashing perverts onto the public. It is the worst sort of grace on the cheap, because it inflicts a heavy cost on the public. The Cloud People ruthlessly enforce their codes of conduct in their world,, while denying normal people the right to do the same. One can be forgiven for thinking that maybe there is a sadistic pleasure at work. The Cloud People humor themselves by immiserating their subjects.

Again, it is easy to see why Mao sent these people to the rice paddies.

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  1. Our excuse was, however lame: it was raining. Glorious, much needed rain trapped us at our houseboat on Sunday. We were forced to stay the day, inside, binging on the final seven episodes of Justified.

    And now we are in mild withdrawal. Vaguely disoriented.

    Upon reflection, I reviewed the take away. There has to be one, for me at least, having invested so many hours into the project.

    Firstly, I noted, in a fallen world, there really is no such thing as good guys and bad guys when the rules are strictly manmade, as opposed to having been Divinely issued. What must be done can always be justified as being for the god of the greater good.

    Secondly, in a world where the rules are loosely interpreted, the enemy of my enemy can be my friend just as the friend of my friend can often do me more harm than my enemy.

    And lastly, life is not a movie or TV show so, more often than not, those who wish me harm do not always get what they deserve in this life. But since I do believe in Divinely appointed justification, I am assured of a tidy series finale. Fret not. 🙂

  2. Mao Ze-Dong, a blood thirsty megalomanic mass murderer.
    Counting the famine and purges in China and Tibet, he probably killed almost 80,000,000 people.
    And he had a cabal of help doing it. In fact, he pitted various members of his inner “cultural revolution” against each other with the kind of cunning only a truly demonic psychopath could. The results where they where constantly plotting and murdering each other to see who could murder more dirt people than the other. That was how they where ranked in the hierarchy. It was diabolically brilliant on Mao’s part.
    And that’s the thing with the red diaper baby regime in power and in waiting here, they strut around like they are little Mao’s and Che’s. Except they have a serious problem. America ain’t China.

    I always appreciated Mao’s thinking for it’s brutality:
    “Every Communist must grasp the truth, “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.” “Our principle is that the Party commands the gun, and the gun must never be allowed to command the Party.”
    – Mao Tse-tung
    November 6, 1938

    But Mao, and these disgusting pathetic little Mao’s running the present regime in washington who want to disarm America got it wrong. Mao had it ass backwards. Every believer in Liberty must grasp the truth, our sovereignty and our sovereign lawful will exists ultimately through the barrel of our guns. Our principle is if the Liberty to protect ourselves, our loved ones, our property, (remember, guns are property, that is the first thing, “laws”, the constitution, or diktat, have nothing to do with it) our primal freedoms are prohibited, if peaceful redress is prohibited, if reasoned petition is spat upon and mocked, then violent redress will eventually become a matter of fact, and a matter of our survival as free men. In other words, what else is there?
    The cultural power that grows out of the barrel of our guns becomes the most legitimate form of Liberty that exists.

  3. These are the same schools that brought us the Duke lacrosse scam, the Va Tech gun-free campus where 32 people were gunned down, where people’s lives are ruined by false rape accusations, where dissent from liberal orthodoxy is not allowed, and where liberal fascists rule with iron fists. But hey lets signal to our fellow fascists how righteously progressive we are! I pray that NC stands its ground.

    • As “Guest” above points out, if indeed comments are true, I wouldn’t hold out much hope for NC. Seems to be the same sort of repub cut out of the same cloth as the rinos in DC. If they truly hold the cards in gov’t and yet this shit is going on, then one should be screaming “bloody hell!” And if they aren’t, then they are complicit. Time to tear someone a new assO.

  4. I’ve finally come to accept that there’s not going to be any logical explanation for anything the left champions. First of all, let’s establish that transvestites can use a public restroom. No one is saying they are banned from the facility that corresponds with their equipment. So what’s the deal? They are uncomfortable going into a men’s room dressed like a woman? Are they embarrassed? Afraid of being molested by a man dressed like a man? Humiliated? No, this is just more social conditioning. Making us, no, demanding that we acquiesce to the latest attempt to shred all common sense and any standards that were once the pinions of our civilization.

    My sister and I used to shop Target at least once a week. After the CEO went against his board and public opinion and stood firm in his vocal pronouncement about Target’s restroom policies, we said no. Our little bit is not going to hurt Target’s bottomline in the slightest. But my sister and I feel that if the lefties can take a stand, so can we. I haven’t missed Target at all.

    • I quit Target long ago because they Removed the second (and sometimes third) entry door. I refuse to be herded thru a store. This I suppose is a bit like being herded thru bathrooms……

  5. “I support men in dresses watching my daughter pee” is something that SHOULD be heard. Oleg of People’s Cube comes close, but I wish there would be a straight faced straight man on some panel talk show pushing the party line dialed up to 11. Jesse Watters?

  6. The power of sportsball is strong so it doesn’t surprise me to see something like that law. Here is the silly state of ohio. It is very well known to the pols and assorted bureaucrats here that a sizable chunk of the lumpen would put a bullet in their own mother if the buckeye football coach says it might help recruiting next season. So they will trot out the current and/or former sportball coach to support school levies. They dragged out the current and former coaches to drum up support for kasich in the presidential primary. The fact that he won this state just backs up my belief of how stupid most people in ohio really are. How would you deal with an employee who pesters for a job and no sooner does he get it, then he turns right around and takes the better part of a year off to apply and interview for a nicer gig? Here in the land of useless nuts, they keep sending him a paycheck and and put signs supporting him in their front yards.

  7. The Normies need to start pushing back. Hard.

    North Carolina is firmly in control of the Republicans. It has a Republican Governor and Lt. Gov. Both Houses of the legislature are solidly Red. The ACC is headquartered in NC. A Republican party worth fighting for would respond to this by immediately revoking the ACC’s tax exempt status at the state level and applying a massive (Yuuuuge!) tax to all revenue of the ACC. The power to tax is the power to destroy. Time to take a wrecking ball to these organizations.

  8. The Dirt People’s unforgivable sin is living un-ironically. They’re NASCAR fans because they like to watch loud cars go fast. They watch sportsball because they like seeing big men hit each other, etc. Which means that when they say they don’t want freaks in sundresses watching their daughters pee, they really mean it. The Cloud People don’t want this either, of course, but they say they do, which is ironic, which is cool, even though they’d never let one of their own near a “transgendered” bathroom (It’s always a dentist from Toledo, or some other such Aspiring Elitist, who sends his daughter off to Williams to get some mind-expanding diversity and is shocked by the coed showers). You know you’re truly an Ivy Leaguer when you can live like a redneck while talking like a professor and not losing a second’s sleep over it.

  9. Sounds to me like the ACC sees a way to put up the “new” locations to the highest bidder. Not so much to punish NC, but a way to make more bucks. Always follow the money. It will be interesting to see just who gets the nod. Their faux outrage and “collective values” is just a bunch of horseshit.

    I wouldn’t send these clowns to the rice paddies, I would send them to the rock piles to break rocks. That is something they know. They have rocks for brains and shit for mortar.

  10. “The Cloud People ruthlessly enforce their codes of conduct in their world, while denying normal people the right to do the same.” This is an obvious but simple mechanism to force us to depend upon them.

    • They are far from ruthless Karl, they are just getting away with things because they have rigged the system in their favor. Most of the elites, which they are neither, wouldn’t last a week without the sycophants they surround themselves with to give them special protection. Tell you what is ruthless, people who get to the point where they have had enough of these perfumed mandarin’s and their special brand of anarchy and mayhem.
      Though you are most correct they are totalitarians, and there are millions who are the totalitarians among us:

      “…Fear is the psychological weapon of choice for totalitarian systems of power. Make the people afraid. Get them to surrender their rights in the name of national security. And then finish off the few who aren’t afraid enough. If this law is not revoked we will be no different from any sordid military dictatorship. Its implementation will be a huge leap forward for the corporate oligarchs who plan to continue to plunder the nation and use state and military security to cow the population into submission. ”

      from: US Totalitarianism Loses Major Battle As Judge Permanently Blocks NDAA’s Military Detention Provision

      It is the ones not afraid the sonofabitches got to worry about.

  11. I would be totally with the CumuloNIMBYs if they politely regarded hoi polloi as unwashed rubes and quietly sort of disregarded them, leaving them more or less alone to tend to their own affairs. That’s fair. I’d even partake in a bit of the holier-than-thou.

    The mass importation of the Global South into the formerly First World country once known as America is clearly a break from sanity, though they were able to rustle up some sort of rational justification in order to appease the heretic heathens whose ancestors founded the country, and shout down anyone else with “racism”, which Power Word they’d spent the previous few decades working on.

    But man, first the gay marriage thing, and now the transgender stuff, not only that Olympian-turned-drag-queen incident but the bathroom episode too…there’s no possible justification, they’re just banshee-shrieking insane.

    We have to get off this crazy train soon, or it’s going to be killing fields.

    • Operations like the Post were only effective when they could fool most people into thinking they were straight news. The only people who think that now are crazy or brain damaged. The result is the Progressive media preaches to the choir. Trump may win the election primary due to the media’s opposition to him.

  12. “the ACC Council of Presidents reaffirmed our collective ….”
    oops, was that out of context?
    “immiserating”? Nice, but you may need to dumb it down a bit when offering criticism to
    The Cloud People.

  13. If the day ever comes involving my grandchildren or their cousins . . . Berserker comes to mind. As for the elites, I’m still working on an appropriate response to all of their perversities.

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