You’re Not Welcome

One of the bedrock principles of Anglo-Saxon conservatism was the belief that all people have a right to associate with whoever they wish, as long as it is not for criminal purposes. All rights have limitations so forbidding convicted criminals from associating with other criminals is a reasonable exception. In the modern age, people can get a restraining order to have the state prevent someone from associating with them. These are reasonable exceptions that have no impact on the lives of the law abiding citizen.

This presents a problem for fanatics as people have the ability to ignore them by refusing to be around them. The gays that go around harassing Christian bakers, for example, are simply using the power of the state to force themselves into the lives of those who would otherwise ignore them. The goal being to drive these people out of the public space, assuming they take their beliefs with them. This is not possible when people have freedom of association and it is respected by the state.

The trouble with public accommodation laws is they turn Jim Crow on its head. Instead of forcing people to discriminate, the law now forces you to associate with people you don’t like. This is just another way of violating people’s right of free association. The result is a metastasizing list of laws telling business with whom they can and cannot conduct business. One groups morals imposed on everyone.

The trouble is people naturally self-segregate. Blacks like to be around blacks. Rich people prefer to be around rich people. Women at a party will congregate in one room while the men are in another. It is human nature. There’s also the fact that people notice things. If you are hiring people to work in your plant, you will notice that the Spanish guys tend to work harder than the black guys. These observations about the differences in groups reinforce our natural impulse to self-segregate.

This is problem for the New Religion as they insist that all people are the same and that the righteous never ever notice otherwise. A key part of the New Religion is the relentless hunting down of the heretics and non-believers so they are always on the lookout for people noticing. This is what has forced Airbnb to institute a  policy where all of their hosts swear loyalty to the one true faith.

What is the Airbnb Community Commitment?

Earlier this year, we launched a comprehensive effort to fight bias and discrimination in the Airbnb community. As a result of this effort, we’re asking everyone to agree to the following Community Commitment (beginning November 1, 2016) in order to continue using Airbnb:

I agree to treat everyone in the Airbnb community—regardless of their race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, disability, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, or age—with respect, and without judgment or bias.

How do I accept the commitment?

On or after November 1, we’ll show you the commitment when you log in to or open the Airbnb website, mobile or tablet app and we’ll automatically ask you to accept.

What if I decline the commitment?

If you decline the commitment, you won’t be able to host or book using Airbnb, and you have the option to cancel your account. Once your account is canceled, future booked trips will be canceled. You will still be able to browse Airbnb but you won’t be able to book any reservations or host any guests.

Notice the language. It’s not a rule that you must obey. No, it is a commitment because you want to be saved, don’t you? Of course you do. Who wouldn’t? You’ll also notice the appeal to community. It’s hard to know if the fascist borrowed this from our Puritans or it was the other way around, but totalitarians love the insider/outsider image. The good people are inside. The bad people are outside. You don’t want to be outside so that means adhering to the rules of the community, or else.

This commitment to community means you renounce your rights as a human being, because you cease to be an individual in the community. Your identity is the community and that means you have to open your home to a group of star seeds or satanists and pretend to like it. Your property rights no longer exist. Your freedom of association no longer exists. If you wake up and your boarder is standing over you with a meat clever, so be it. The community will carry on.

Airbnb is doomed if they try to enforce this, of course. Instead, they will pretend to care and leave it alone. This is just so they don’t get sued. That does not mean hosts will not get sued. You can be sure that buggerers are scanning the site looking for Christians to harass and then sue. The result, like the Christian bakers, is the religious will retreat further from the public space. That’s the whole point of this.

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  1. Ayn Rand would have something to say about this level of ‘committee’ control over an individual’s efforts to prosper. We are screwed if this socialism race to the bottom continues much longer … Vote Trump for gods sake.

  2. Gays targeting bakers over cake messages is also a reflection that it is easy for the violent left to go after ‘soft’ targets who are less likely to fight back. Trying that on with the baking members of the One True Faith would bring all sorts of problems down on the Gays, and anyway who cares about Christians in our modern, caring ‘n’ sharing world of equality?

  3. Living in Charleston, I am tempted at times to make my home available to retirees. I would enjoy doing such a thing, but all of the above is why I do not. You just know the hotel industry couldn’t be more pleased to endorse this agenda.

  4. Trust me when I tell you that the last cake you would ever want to personally consume is one knowingly prepared for you by an idealogical enemy.

  5. Will this philosophy ever get applied to college & pro sports? It’s already happening in K-12 with everyone gets a trophy b.s.

    Winning requires identifying and rewarding those with greater capacities to perform. If your NBA basketball team ends up mostly if not all black, that’s okay. Even if women are excluded, hispanics rarely make the grade, and whites increasingly don’t either.

  6. The only way to not lose the game, is to not play it. Let them have the public place, and let them have it to themselves. They don’t want just the public space they want everyone and everything in it to stay. That’s always the problem that the Cloud People can’t quite grasp. They think everything will remain the same no matter what they do.

    Withdraw from the public space.

  7. I recently became aware of AirBNB’s community commitment and was so disgusted, so fed up with it all that I wrote the management a letter and then cancelled my account with them. I wrote, in part:

    I just used Airbnb twice this past month and had plans to continue to use it but no more. Being a good guest who left my hosts’ homes in as good of condition as I found them, always taking the dirty sheets off, bundling the dirty towels together, doing all the dishes, wiping down the counters and putting everything away before leaving way ahead of the required check out time apparently is just not enough. We have to swear fealty to the new oath to prove we are worthy of being Airbnb customers. . .

    When I used Airbnb in the past, I never bothered to find out what sex, race, or religion my hosts were or what gender they were most comfortable with. Why? BECAUSE I WAS PLANNING MY TRIP. I was always interested in my hosts’ property, not them. But that also was not enough right? Because I might have been harboring some deep seated discriminatory feelings that would only go away if I check your little commitment box, right?

    Do whatever you think is best for your business. It no longer matters to me.

    Since sending the letter, I have not heard back from Air BNB and do not expect to. I just refuse to participate in their little social experiment. I will not play along. I don’t need them.

    At any rate, I love this essay. You nailed precisely why their commitment actually works AGAINST the individual and against freedom.

    • On a similar principle I stopped shopping at Target. They don’t need me, I don’t need them. I can do this because I have options. One day, I may have to make a more difficult choice – do business, buy and sell, or not. That’s when principle becomes more than a standard, it becomes a life or death choice.

  8. Anyone notice something here about these two dates?:

    Same oligarchs at the root of the pivotal nature of each event?

  9. The civil rights laws breached our rights of association. After all, if you believe that it is wrong to discriminate based on the color of a person’s skin, it was only a matter of time before the logic of that argument could be used to justify the acceptance of homosexuality…and beyond. Civil rights was the emotional wedge issue that radical leftists used to lull America into the welfare state. The stupid politicians fell for it. Now that we do not have any rights of association, I see no way to stop government intrusion into our private lives in myriad directions. Obamacare is one such breach. It may require a violent revolution to restore our rights. Jim Crow laws were not put in place to humiliate blacks. They were put in place to protect whites. Northerners in lily white neighborhoods had trouble understanding this. But they do now. Whites fled the inner city school integration plans of the 70s and 80s to preserve what was left of their rights. And to preserve their safety. But there is no guarantee the government can’t plop hundreds of non-white refugees in your midst one fine day. Rights of association, indeed. The way things are going, whites will be looking back wistfully on those Jim Crow laws of the 50s.

  10. Of course they are only selectively universal. I bet this assertive tolerance and welcoming does not extend to Klansmen, neo-Nazis, paleo-Nazis, Rednecks, snake-handling Pentecostals, or Tea-Partiers.

    • I keep waiting for snake-handling Pentecostal neo-Nazi lesbian flower arrangers to be welcomed to the Party.

  11. Of course there is. Bake a cake that tastes terrible and looks worse. Then apologize profusely on the basis of your humble and inadequate talents as a baker. Ditto for flower arrangements and any other service provision.

  12. Allowing somebody to use a room in your home or an apartment, along with your furniture inside is a very personal decision. Doubtful that people are going to rent rooms just to anybody.

  13. “This is problem for the New Religion as they insist that all people are the same”. What, no diversity.

    • The same people who hate the rich, but buy lottery tickets every week. We are all the same, BUT Indians, negroes, women, gays, immigrants … all get special status and protections and largess and privilege .. .. from who ??? The endangered species known as White Men whose illusion of privilege vanished forty years ago. We are just noticing it big time, lately. Men, being men, have been broad-shouldered about our diminishing status in the world, but all of our masculine outer shell is all used up and you are now hitting the meat. That is where it stops.

  14. We are approaching a public space the size of a postage stamp. How long until we are having debates about how many homos will fit on the head of a pin?

  15. Just wondering, is Spirit Cooking going to be the new Transgender Bathroom thing this time around? Those airbnb landlords are going to have a heck of a time getting all those bloody scribbles off the walls between tenants.

  16. The principle reason housing is so ridiculously, insanely, unfathomably expensive is because, excepting the almighty dollar, there is no legal method by which people can choose their neighbors and the children with whom their children go to school.

    An unfathomable amount of “national wealth” is tied up in grossly inflated housing prices which sole purpose is to get away from the diversity. And of course with Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing, not only do the naïve, middle-class sheep get to pay way too much for some cookie-cutter suburban houses, but with their tribute to the IRS they get to pay to move the Section 8 race warriors into their neighborhoods. And of course the biggest producers of housing are in on the gambit.

    Untold millions of normal Americans have been totally wiped out in the great grinding gears of this machine. Turns out, shearing the white middle class into oblivion is extremely profitable.

    White flight, a trillion-dollar business.

    • Yup, I was mentally screaming “Section 8, Section 8” as I read through this post.

      Federally sponsored blockbusting.

    • But if you pay attention you notice that those Section 8 developments are never dumped on upper-middle-class communities. They are always dumped on white middle-class areas, turning those middle-class areas into future slums. The people who have enough money to get out do so. Those who don’t, are stuck.

      • Make no mistake: it’s working itself up the ladder. And it’s accelerating, too. Fifty years ago it was the working class, now it’s the middle class, in ten or twenty years max it will creep into the upper-middle class. In thirty years anyone not already “grandfathered in” will need to be “local rich” and above to be able to afford to insulate themselves, and even they will be increasingly disenfranchised in their major institutions like the elite colleges.

        Then it will jjust be the global elite sitting atop the world. I suspect, but cannot prove, that they have seceded from the nominally top colleges into their own fully private bubble. Harvard nowadays is hopelessly upper-middle-class.

        • Oh, it’s made it up to the toney new “island” community in Charleston. Section 8. They don’t call it that, and they have a pretty tight filter on new applicants, but it’s there. Heck, the new Section 8 housing in the poorer areas near town is designed to look very appealing to white middle class. Because town planners know that white urbanites will eventually be unable to resist making it their exclusive uptown enclave.

  17. Insightful, as always. What I wonder is if there is a way to peacefully retake any portion of the public space. Trump and co have been shifting the overton window rightward–surely there’s something to be done in any of these particular cases.

    • The best, most realistic way to wrest our power back from the federal government, and to move toward our founding principles, is to proceed quickly with an Article V Convention of states, to propose and pass amendments to the Constitution. I suggest that we all agree to pass Mark Levin’s 11 Liberty Amendments *in toto*.

      I really wish he had included one more amendment to abolish the IRS, and still another to abolish the Federal Reserve and outlaw fractional reserve banking, but if we pass the first excellent slate of amendments, we will have time and energy to consider and expedite a few others.

      I hope that DJT, should he raise his right hand on 1-20-17, will that very day voice his full support for the existing Article V efforts, and help accelerate the process.

      • >. I suggest that we all agree to pass Mark Levin’s 11 Liberty Amendments *in toto*. grab the credit card, 2) purge the fed. gov’t wholesale.

        • an edit mode

          I suggest that we all agree to pass Mark Levin’s 11 Liberty Amendments *in toto*.

          No. The 1st Cos should concentrate on 2 items: 1) Remove the ability of 280 DC creatures to raise the fed gov’t debt limit and give it to 3/4 of state legislatures. 2) Term limit all federal employment to 12 years total lifetime per citizens. 1 grab the credit card 2 wholesale purge of the fed gov’t.

    • Shifting the overton window? Good point. Somehow I have the sneaking intuition shifting it a wee bit to the right may not be enough. The FBI choked again. Looks like the Praetorian Guard was true to form. Illegitimacy is they name and they god. This country will be ungovernable if is installed.
      How about nuking that window from orbit… “Just to be sure”.
      This will bake a few noodles:

    • It’s called “competition.” This is where someone with the resources steps in and shellacks Airbnb in the ass with a service that people want. Those that want to “belong” can keep their community. Those that want BnB services will flock to a free business. Airbnb policies are not law. Fuck them.

      • VRBO and other local agencies are competing. If Airbnb keeps pursuing SJW crap, it will wreck their business.

      • Air BnB swallowed too much of the “sharing economy” Kool-aid. Funny but the sharing economy model was never about sharing; it was (and is) always a commercial and financial arrangement for mutual benefit. So both parties have to be comfortable with the arrangement. Back when I first joined Air BnB, I (among the many thousands of individuals offering to rent out their homes), I figured it was a good way to offset the cost of my travel/vacations by allowing someone else to pay a portion of the rent for a Manhattan apartment I didn’t use while out of town. They provided a platform for those who needed a place to stay to contact those willing to rent out their homes on a short-term basis. They also provided services to help total strangers negotiate the terms of the arrangement & feel comfortable with their counterparties, especially the party renting their home. I NEVER had any problems with those I rented to, in large part because I was very careful with who I allowed to stay in my home while I was gone (plus I’d make them fork up a considerable case deposit to be returned only upon my determining after coming home that all was good to go.). Then about two years ago, Air BnB became concerned with stories of some vacation home applicants being turned down for a home or an apartment for “unknown” reasons. It was clear that some home owners didn’t want to rent to people from certain racial/ethnic groups or those of a certain sexual orientation. Rather than just accept the reality that the one who owns the home does not want to open it to everyone on Air BnB’s database, Air BnB has tried to force the issue by shaming renters. It’s not going to work and I expect they’ll soon their cute little, sharing economy business model has been irreparably damaged.

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