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Doug Ross is out with his annual awards for blogs and sites that cater to the Right and guess who is in the top tier? That’s right, yours truly is on the list of Most Influential sites this year. I’m right in there with the heavy hitters of the New Right. I’m not sure I deserve it, but I’ll take it.

The top spot goes to The Conservative Treehouse and that seems like a good choice. I was never a reader until this year, but I check in frequently these days. That’s mostly because I hear it mentioned on the great Howie Carr show and John Derbyshire mentions it on occasion in his podcast. That means it has reached a very wide audience in a short period of time. It is a fine site that is worth checking out regularly

The section titled “The Biggest Losers” is spot on. I know more people who quit reading these sites than people who continue to read them. It’s not so much their hostility to Trump and Trump voters that got them in trouble. No, it is their unwillingness to stray too far from the Progressive porch. When BLM was running around killing cops, these sites spent more time telling us how much they loved Lincoln than analyzing what was happening. Kept men are interesting to no one.

Doug gives his own site an award and he should. You can do a lot worse than Bad Blue as a home page. He spends a lot of time each day linking to other blogs and news sites that would interest the sort of monsters who notice things and pay attention. Aggregation is one of those things that makes the Internet much more usable, which is why Drudge remains a top-10 site after all these years. When curious about what to think about I scan through what Doug has linked.

Back to me for a second. The site is averaging about 75K readers now and according to the traffic stats, link backs and so forth, the growth is steady. Facebook and Twitter drive a lot of traffic, but I turn up on google searches too so that means other sites are linking to the blog. If you enter “opposite rule of liberalism” into your nearest google machine, look at the results. I’ve tried this for other pithy phrases I’m fond of using and the results are similar.

I am, of course, very thankful for the recognition. It is always nice to have someone praise your labors. I’m also thankful for the readers and commenters who make the site infinitely more interesting. I have no plans to quit this year so my hope is the readership breaks the 100K mark in 2017. More important, support the media that supports you. Guys like Steve Sailer and John Derbyshire could use a few bucks so donate during their beg-a-thons. The sites Doug highlights could always use more readers so recommend them when warranted.

Thank You!

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56 thoughts on “In Your Face Fellow Bloggers!

  1. Major Congratulations!
    I would have expected nothing less…. As I’ve mentioned before after my first couple of perusals, I had pretty much swallowed a treble hook…. knowing I’d found a secret door …and found the right flock.

    All you other commenters hi-5 your ownselfs….you add the synergy to this amazing pied piper the Zman.

  2. I got introduced to this blog by a friend this summer and have been a regular reader ever since. I was doing a lot of driving from the Midwest to the Imperial City for work (I refuse to move there…) and began noticing the Trump Pence signs sprouting like mushrooms with only an odd HRC sign once I got east of Cumberland.

    Everyone I spoke with thought I was insane when I said in June he would win. Won some money too come 08 November too…

    Anyway I love the historical context and mocking the managerial elites driving this country into the ground. Thanks and have a great 2017.

    • In or around September my sister and BIL were driving SB I-75 from Michigan to Florida when she texted me that all they saw in Ohio were Trump/Pence signs. I took it as a good omen….

    • I found this blog through American Digest and it has been a daily read from those days, if not even earlier. One lazy day, I read each and every post since blog’s inception to the date I had it bookmarked.

  3. You’re popular this side of the pond too. Congratulations from London! I was introduced to you in October by Tim Newman at White Sun of the Desert.

  4. Excellent blog and, most importantly, intelligent comments. The Internet has shown itself a force for radical change.

  5. Congratulations. Also, thank you for interacting with the commenters. I don’t read too many other Blogs (so I don’t know if it’s rare or not) but your active involvement in the comment stream is evidence that you respect your readers and are interested in and stimulated by what they have to say.

  6. Van der Leun pointed me here. Your blog really has become the theoretical center of the “movement,” such that it is.

    I have started reading Sailer and need to look at Conservative Treehouse more.

  7. “Welcome to the camp.
    I think you all know why we’re here.
    My name is ZMan
    and I became aware this year.”

    Me and you and a dog named Blue and MOTUS… all my favorites make the list.

    • I think you were the first site to start linking to me. Maggie’s Farm is another early adopter. After I’m ruler of these lands, you may have first choice of virgins.

      • I believe so. I check AD almost daily and found your blog when you were just starting. AG has been a font for other great stuff, like Kaching and now sadly defunct Happy Acres.

          • Fabulous news. His simple blog–very very simple–packed the greatest punch from the gentlest soul we shall see. I suspect that it was his kindness that killed them at tumblr. I linked his images to many, but especially to educate, or re-educate, my own kids. What is seen cannot be unseen.

            Also, thanks to Gerard for Zman and many others.

  8. Congrats Z, you deserve that and more. I usually start the day with the Z blog, that may be why my wife and kids have bolted j/k. You write well and you are INTERESTING. Thanks!

  9. What a way to start the New Year! Congrats! You are the face of the new media and truth and open, honest debate and sharing of information. Good on you Zman!

  10. Thanks for your work and a special thanks to American Digest. Gerard has led me to some terrific sites I would not have found on my own,

  11. I’ll add to the congrats! I greatly enjoy your writing and choice of topics and truly admire your energy, something I find myself lacking as the years pass. Thanks, too, for the tips! Bad Blue at first glance beats Breitbart; the latter has “exclusives” from Jackie Mason (!) and a link to Cindy Adams(!!), both of whom I remember from the 50s along with Jerry Lewis and didn’t like then. Some folks never know when to say die, I guess.

    Looking forward to more years of reading your work. Happy and Prosperous New Year!

  12. Sincere congratulations and thanks to Zman, and thanks to the many thoughtful commentators on this site.

    I would urge everyone to take appropriate precautions to maintain your anonymity in 2017. Given the drubbing the political left took in 2016 I expect a major doxxing push from the left. Just visiting a blog like this one could be hazardous to your career, and anything you write in the comments can and will be used against you.

    • If Z gets doxed, we can help him out like Salier. In the new year I will be setting aside my pennies, nickels, and coupons for just this purpose.

        • I call top bunk!! Honestly, it wouldn’t be ALL bad… in my head you’re all crusty curmudgeons who carry shanks up your shirtsleeves, so I’m either wrong, in which case our mutual camp time will be a revelation, or I’m right, in which case we’ll be like the Mafia inside the camp system — not too many of us, but we’ll rule the exercise yard.

          Congrats to Z Man, and a happy new year to you all.

  13. Zman, can you give us any assurance that you will not be letting the NRO cucks post here, after NRO goes tits up? 😛

  14. Don’t like at least half the winners over at Doug’s. won’t be going back or reading him. For me, a person’s reaction to Trump is an excellent predictor of their worthwhileness. And Mr Ross has a lot of anti-Trumpers in his awards.

      • how’s that philosophy working out in Syria? and the thing is, the cucks are the friends of my enemies, so no, it isn’t the time you say it is. love your writing though 🙂

    • Ross was nevertrump as long as he could get away with it. How’d readership and slowly changed his tune. Was old my homepage for a long time. Back on it tentatively.

  15. Congratulations, not just a mention but right up front and center!

    Is it just me, or are many of the sites sort of falling away into some sort of irrelevancy? Even Drudge and ZH, while they still grab me now and then, seem to have become less compelling to visit.

    My personal “big five” are Z, American Digest, Woodpile Report, Conservative Treehouse, and Instapundit. And Z is the only one of the five where I read every comment of every posting and think carefully about what has been written. You seem to have captured “lightning in a bottle” here. I think it is just one of those things that happens now and again, and I am enjoying the trip while it lasts. Again, congratulations and Happy New Year.

  16. Congrats Z Man;

    Found your blog via Instapundit last fall (Why is he not on the list_?). I really appreciate (and share with less ability) your appreciation for historical knowledge and deep skepticism regards current power and money arrangements: I might as well say wisdom.

  17. The thing is — and this makes me a little sad — this blog will not be improved by all the new attention. Once it becomes monetarily valuable, as it will this year, it will become “safer”. C’est le guerre 🙂 Look at poor Belmont Club for an example of what I am talking about.

  18. Well done “Z”! This should be a very interesting year for you, and all of us, especially with a new American president, and the potential for some major shake ups in European politics. All the best to yourself and everyone on here as we move forward into 2017. Frohes neues Jahr – Gruß!

  19. Mr Zman I believe you serve the Kudos because your efforts have positive effects on others. Your way of expressing insights and viewpoints enables people to identify with what your writing about, and by wonderful and positive consequence, bring people together, help others find common ground and a sense of solidarity. There is everything to be said for this and your work.
    I think it is safe to say in this world today, that is a great thing. Bring people together.
    The key to successful anti agenda politics and anti propaganda, to creating a healthy rational alternative to the narrative as means:
    Tell the truth, and help people to see it as such. I think you do that splendidly Mr Zman.

  20. Well, well, well. Congrats! I have been a reader hear about a year. Tune in daily. This past summer I titled a painting I finished, ” Zman and the Hummingbird “. It is hanging in a prominent place! Kudos!!!

  21. Bravo Zulu, Zman,that’s some fine company you’re in. Hope that award includes a case of Dom Perignon for you winners,and a case of carbonated cider vinegar for the losers.

  22. Congratulations Z! The recognition is well deserved. You are consistently timely and relevant as are your commenters. You are a daily read. I email links to your site regularly to family and friends and will continue to do so in 2017. Happy New Year!

  23. As (((we))) like to say, Mazel Tov! I found my way here sometime in 2015 via your comments on iSteve. I very much enjoy your sane, thought-provoking commentary.

  24. Congratulations Z Man. An honor richly deserved. When I miss a post, I feel a disturbance in the force until I catch up. And that also means all the comments. The best Commenters cannot cannot deliver without a stimulating essay to start them moving.

  25. Your blog is always a great read. And no commercials.
    The comments are the icing on the cake.
    You keep writing we’ll keep reading.
    God bless.

  26. Doug’s site went into the crapper last year for his endless links to stories that were intent on taking Trump out and aking Cruz the nominee. Hey it’s his site and he can do anything with it he wants but all I repeatedly asked for was a little more balance. Yaknow something better then 12-1 or 12-0.

    Anyway Z congrats on your success. I like your reporting from the bowels of DC

    • Ditto, I had to leave BB for the same reason. Too much Trump hating. I scan occasionally but that site is way s
      Down on my daily roving.

  27. Congratulations, you deserve it. I appreciate your pro bono site and the effort you put into it. Found you from American Digest so thanks to Gerard.. I too remember when a comment thread of 10 was a big day.

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