The End of Anti-Racism

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I don’t remember when it was, but I have a recollection of John Derbyshire wondering when racism would become fashionable for young people. It may have been a podcast or a column, but it was long enough ago that I don’t recall much about it, other than the question itself. Everyone is required to think of racism in the same way that people used to think of devil worship or communism. It is, and always will be, the worst form of evil so it can never be normalized. Even thinking about it could be enough to get you in trouble.

I’m not much of a racist myself, but I don’t think about it very much either. Still, I remember Deb’s query because it was so provocative. We live in an age where nothing is sacred, so we are told. Being subversive and outrageous is the highest virtue. Our celebrities exist almost exclusively on  their ability to outrage. Logically, if racism is the great taboo, someone will try to make bank on being racist. Young people with their desire to reject their parent’s morals, would be prime candidates for this sort of thing.

To some degree, the alt-right, at least the social media version, is the first green shoots of hip racism to sprout into public view. Edgy internet personalities like Anthony Cumia and Gavin McInnes dance close to the edge of racism in their performances. Not being a regular listener, I can’t say for sure, but I have no recollection of them saying anything I’d put down as explicitly racist. Like dirty jokes in the 1950’s, there’s lots of innuendo and wink-wink sort of stuff, but even the edgiest guys are careful to avoid being racist.

Racism does seem perfect for mockery and derision by our hipsters. I was reading something the other day about the evolution of people on different continents. An interesting area of inquiry is why people in the Indus River Valley evolved different social structures from the people of Europe or East Asia. Every other paragraph, the writer felt compelled to write something like, “people have avoided asking this question for good reason.” The obvious reason is it might come off as racist and racism is so bad, the writer could be struck by lightning by even asking the question.

It reminded me of this post last year about banning research into IQ and race because, well, the void where God used to reside could be angered by it. Or maybe it is bad juju. Who knows, but the fear of racism is so pervasive that a science magazine is ready to hold a book burning and maybe throw a few heretics onto the fire just to prove he is not racism. It’s the sort of thing we associate with an age when fanatics from the Inquisition were snooping around, looking for sinners to torment.

When a taboo becomes as ridiculous as this, it is a prime candidate for mockery. The people who tend to like mocking social norms are young people. It may not be an accident that the alt-right skews very young. It’s also probably why a guy like Gavin McInnes mocks the pc-types, who are forever worried about racism. He is aiming for a younger audience and lampooning the nonsense young people see from adults is an obvious way to attract that audience. It’s a short trip from there to what Derb had in mind.

It’s natural to think that our current taboos are immutable, but think about the things that used to be off-limits that are now common. In my youth, men used to be sent to prison for making or distributing pornographic films. Now, TV is filled with what my parents would have considered to be pornography. The big New Year story was how Mariah Carey had some sort of screw up during her performance. No one noticed that this portly, middle aged mother of two was half naked, wiggling her goodies around on stage.

There is, of course, homosexual marriage. It went from being the punchline of jokes to being official dogma in a little more than a decade. In less than a generation, we went from a taboo on suggesting it to a taboo on opposing it. It’s a good example of how quickly these things can turn. There’s little reason to think that such a thing could not happen with racism. That’s not to say we will be bringing back Jim Crow, but maybe bringing back Blazing Saddles is not too far off. Perhaps race realism is the next gay marriage.

Of course, there is the issue of elite opinion, which had a lot to do with the sudden shift on an issue like homosexual marriage. So-called conservatives were more than happy to go along with the Left’s latest fads so things like gay marriage faced no opposition. Racism is hysterically opposed by everyone in the managerial class. But, this was true of Trump and that opposition just made him more attractive to voters. Old fogies flipping out over memes on twitter, they consider racist, will only encourage young people to do more of it.

It’s hard to know how this will go, but it is not unreasonable that we are headed into the age of post-anti-racism. The hysterical anti-racism of Boomers could never survive conflict with reality. The young, who have no experience with actual racism, are starting to respond with mockery of both racism and anti-racism. It’s hard to impose moral codes on people who are laughing at you and mocking your taboos. The great moral crusade of this age may not survive conflict with guys like John Rivers and his tweet storms.

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83 thoughts on “The End of Anti-Racism

  1. It’s too Asian here said the asian racist
    It’s too black here said the African racist
    It’s too white here said the western anti-racist

  2. In most everything I read, watch and hear lately, academics and journalists are going to insane lengths to avoid being labelled as “racist”: from avoiding the use of the word “Indo-European” or even implying that Indo-European speaking tribes displaced non-Indo Europeans (some skinhead may use your words to justify his Neo-Nazism) to denying without any caveats that the Mayans performed human sacrifice during the Classical an Post-Classical periods. Similar dodges are used all the time when discussing gender and sexual orientation issues.

    The spring has been stretched about as far as it can go. Either it snaps back (return to old equilibrium with some societal dislocation), breaks (new equilibrium with massive, violent dislocation), or deforms (new equilibrium based on distorted view of reality shared across most of society).

    I think your youth rebellion is the best case scenario, Z-man.

    • “In most everything I read, watch and hear lately, academics and journalists are going to insane lengths to avoid being labelled as “racist””

      …”I’m not much of a racist myself, but ….”

      Ahem. Even the wise Z has to at least offer this caveat. Not blaming him – who wants to have his life upended in a Crusade? I’m just pointing out that even in the deep alt-Right you often find at least this sort of touchstone. It’s kind of like a Catholic crossing himself without thought to ward off the evil spirits. In this case, at least they’re real.

      • The Raaacist scam is a way to control the speech and thoughts of the enemies of cultural marxism. The term Racist was even invented by a marxist. It is the ultimate bigotry. But discrimination, it is a natural condition of being human. It is human nature, so to me what the left is doing is outlawing our human nature, but it is a cunning sly grift that most fail to reckon. They react emotionally, understandably. And that is how they rule souls thus have nasty power over people. Nasty and ugly it is. It is not nice to be duped.
        Racism, like diversity, is dress rehearsal for things such as dividing and conquering people, civil and class war, it is a form of totalitarian rule of souls. Makes as many people as possible afraid, afraid of resisting a narrative, ideology or meme, and the people who are not intimidated and have the grit and fortitude to stand up for what they believe, or their principles, stick out like a sore thumb and you can pick them off easily because they are isolated by the division created.
        This is from a great blog that closed down, from The Enigma of Steel:
        “I discriminate.
        The entire human race are neither my brothers nor kin. There is nothing noble about non-discrimination—concepts such as love, trust and brotherhood lose all meaning when discrimination is removed.
        Sorry, bleeding hearts—love does not exist without discrimination. The person who “loves everyone” actually loves no one.  Imagine if I loved everyone as much as I loved my wife…this is a ridiculous notion—I love, honor and would lay down my life defending my wife before any other human on Earth precisely because I discriminate. Similarly, I strive to fill my inner circle with people who are strong, noble of character and wise because I discriminate.
        posted @

      • What comes after the “but” is important too. In my case, I simply don’t care enough about my own racism to quantify it. I’m a minority in my neighborhood. I’ve yet to meet an anti-racist who does not live in a majority white neighborhood. I don’t think that is a coincidence.

        • It’s the most useful double standard imaginable. It is meddling in the affairs of others on an astronomical scale. And because this whole scam of being a racist or anti racist is so personally intrusive, it has power to socially engineer people, which makes it real easy for people with ulterior motives to get away with really bad behavior towards their fellow man. Those who do, are the true bigots.

        • Actually, what comes after the “but” is irrelevant to my point – namely, that it’s impossible to even bring up the topic without first declaring that you’re not a racist. I notice this caveat every single time it’s discussed – right, left or center – which is why I mentioned it.

          I don’t mean to pick on you in particular, Z. But if we’re going to be among those who “notice things” let’s be honest about common modes of behavior.

  3. Antiracism is already a huge money maker for academia and I’m sure is seen as a potential jackpot by the global taxing fanatics, who, at this very moment, are dreaming of a white-privilege tax.

    • The race card is their hole card. In fact, they are trying to stack the deck with race cards.
      The way to look at that is like the joker cards in a new deck, useless, throw it in the trash bin of history.

  4. Every other gender, race, sexual preference, and social group went tribal in recent years, so the white males finally went tribal as well. But in the case of the white male, it is not tribalism, which is a noble thing when applied to any other group. Instead, it is racism (and sexism and misogyny) when the white males do it.

    • You get my thumbs up Dutch. If there is such a thing as racism, then those who selectively use the charge of racist against others are hypocrites, are the racists.

  5. John Rivers’s Twitter storm showed up as suspended when I looked at 11:52 PM EST. That’s always a risk when proggies controlling social media.

    • I think there is a catch 22 with the term racist, or a conundrum intend to trap the intended target of racism. First, using the word racist or racism in the process of ones defense against the accusation lends credibility to an invented term and marxist dogma intended to trap it’s target in such a quandary in the first place. It is actually quite a brilliant piece of shudenfraude. It is very difficult to delegitimize, or defend oneself, race tribe, culture, from, (something that is inherently, and intended, illegitimate to begin with), being classified as racist without using the term racist, thus lending credibility where none exists. Is that called Dichotomy or what?

  6. Seems to me that the past eight years under the direction of Obama, Jarrett, Holder, et al, were the worst eight years in my life regarding race. I’ve been around, just turned sixty four, been to some really good schools, worked in Fortune 500 companies and met many different people of various ethnicity’s and backgrounds. Racism has always been present, just in a more passive aggressive manner in how it was displayed.

    These clowns opened Pandora’s Box and told the “victims” in our society (and they have been nurtured in that mindset for a few decades now), “It’s free range time cuz nobody is minding the store.” Law & Order … None. Respect for Police … Poor. Race relations … worst since the ’60’s. And we have seen from black Americans some of the worst they can offer out of their Rev. Wright’s pledge that “America’s chicken’s have come home to roost.” He might have been talking about foreign wars and imperialism and such (still racism), but the tribe heard “Free for all, ya’ll” and went to town. But the truth of the matter is, it was all a distraction from the true goal of “fundamentally transforming” this country.

    So when you talk in this post about racism, I see it directed in only one direction and that is from the white man to others, predominantly da black man. But it cuts both ways. If you have paid any attention to the words uttered by our esteemed “actors”, man, they have come out of the closet in terms of their own racism (hatred of whitey, America, etc.) and displayed some seething rage that you might think would have been mitigated to some extent by the millions of dollars they make off the “white” public and general audiences for their entertainment products. Their words and actions say more to me than anything an academic or MSM news person can utter. And it says it loud and clear. They were having their moment in the sun but they may rue the day they spoke against their fellow Americans with racism in their hearts.

    I personally think the “hay day” of racism will quickly come to a close with Obama and his crew leaving. If law & order can be restored, the recessionary economy restored to moderate growth and jobs follow, and foreign tensions can be brought down from a boil to at least a simmer, then as with the Hillary/DNC/Socialist defeat of 2016, racism will retreat and opportunity, clear and sunny skies will rule the day. The Deplorables and Trump will put them where they belong … back on the shelf until the next loon thinks they can bring it back successfully. The other part of restoration is to undo the “fundamental transformations” that were able to be accomplished, even as poorly executed as they have proven to be.

    • Hi LP, I see the opposite, when the left is out of political power they then vigorously exercise their cultural power. I think they will double down on enforcement of raysism, and all of the other isms plus some as yet unknown, to us, sin. They like to see us squirm, they like to make you deny your “lying” eyes. It must be a heady thrill to make otherwise mature and intelligent adults dance to their insane tune. I am a raysis, I can not unsee all I have seen.

      • A.T. – You could well be right. ACORN has morphed into BLM and of course the “network/resources” have been mobilized, however, like with BDM, it was the MSM and Democraps who turned vicious on fighting anything a Republican administration tried to accomplish. But that is the nature of politics. What was disgusting was the actions by Reid/Pelosi, etc. to change rules whenever it suited them. Now the shoe is on the other foot.

        The Dems/Libs/Socialists are hurting and they may well strike out like a wounded animal with any disregard for their own survival or that of anyone else. And of course, unless Trump and his team can roll back all of what Obama accomplished PDQ, then they will fight even longer. No. It is better to give them a knuckle sandwich to the solar plexus good and hard and take the wind out of them and knock them down for a long time.

        Without the taxpayer wallet, the Left is solely dependent of traitors like Georgie-boy Soros and his like to keep the fires stoked and burning. So, we need to cut off the funding to these groups and starve them of the fuel they so desperately need. After all, it is all about money.

    • LP, Bravo!
      I too think the world is changing in better ways. Nothing so ugly and destitute of beauty of what the human race is capable of, as cultural marxism can survive long. It’s us dirt people who are and will change it too.

      Critical thinking is thinking about thinking to improve your thinking through better thinking. Get acquainted with the entire fascinating world of fallacies. Practice conversation and Socratic drilling. Identify your bias filters and hone your skills at identifying other people’s filters. Learn to frame arguments properly. -Bill Buppert

  7. I find it interesting how this concept went from “discrimination” to “racism”. Everyone discriminates. It’s why some prefer one brand of chocolate over another, or one brand of cars or shoes. Advertising and marketing people even promote and glamorize the idea of consumers having “discriminating taste” when it comes to selection various high end products.

    But then, no one gets upset when called a “discriminator”, but if you call someone a “racist” it borders on being called a “Nazi”. Which in some circles are almost one and the same. As you say, what was once considered obscene is now just an accepted part of the landscape of depravity.

    Back to the IQ issue, it’s much like the old saying “Don’t ask, don’t tell.” When one looks at the Middle East, most of the African continent, or those associated with the “religion of peace” you don’t need to ask about their IQ, it’s obvious.

  8. My son spent a year at military high school. The cadets there approached race much like the Korean War Vets I’ve known. Something to be joked about and laughed at, and not taken seriously. His roommate was a half-Asian, half-black kid who was simply referred to as “Blasian”. They were good friends.

    He really did not like the Chinese students (the ones really from China). Obnoxious, rich, entitled – and constantly talking in their “jibber-jabber”. He does a pretty good impression of their speech and bad attitudes.

    I think many in our next generation will have a healthier approach to race.

    • It’s funny, but my son’s college roommate is half Wyoming cowboy and half Singaporean Chinese. He shows up on move in day with a Make America Great Again hat, a Yeti cooler with Trump stickers and a Gadsden flag. Go figure.

      • My father has an ex- neighbor he keeps in touch with on occasion – who was a Chinese guy (and his family) who moved here from China when given half a chance. He finally got sick of MA – and moved up to NH. My father said the last time he went to visit him he had a pickup truck in the driveway – and the Stars and Bars flying from his flagpole in the front yard.

        I work with a Chinese guy – who is anti-communist as you can get – and has no tolerance for all the SJW BS that goes on. He’s on my daily mailing list of people I send out libertarian/conservative/alt-right news stories to.

        You say go figure – well actually it figures pretty well. I’ve met a number of Chinese men – and a quite a few Russians – all of whom came here from their “motherland” – who are what I would consider hard core believers in what I would call “traditional” American beliefs – and by that I mean conservative (not neocon) ones.

        This is one thing where I think the “alt-right” should tread carefully – there is more sentiment out there for their beliefs than they think – among many different people of all races and both genders, so either allowing themselves to be maligned as some sort of white power struggle – or outright doing it to themselves – is one way I see them going down to sure defeat over the long run.

    • I suspect the hysteria of race the last 25 years is due in part to the realization that none of the changes made in the 20th century did much to address the gap between blacks and everyone else. Black America is the nullification of the core beliefs of the Left. Rather than accept that, they have ratcheted up the hysteria.

      • Obama’s eight years of wasted time and treasure has done more to illuminate the foolishness of the whole racial “atonement” thing than pretty much anything else that could have been done. It is not that individual blacks are necessarily angry creatures incapable of handling adult responsibilities in normal ways, but that elevating a man to high office because of his color, despite the fact that he, personally, is an angry and incapable person, is foolishness of the highest order. Obama has set back racial relations in a big way, but he has also brought some big truths to the public table, and perhaps some real good will come of it. Maybe, now, people will truly be judged as individuals. But maybe, too, populations will be judged by their collective characteristics as well.

      • It’s the government plantation. Well written piece about Thomas Sowell over at Essays in Idleness:

        “…A disciplined and unexciteable controversialist, he rose closest to exhibiting passion when discussing, for instance, the destruction of the black family by the Great Society of Lyndon Baines Johnson — how it arrested the social and economic advancement blacks had been making by their own efforts to overcome the monstrous history of slavery. By its “helping hand” the government rewarded unwed motherhood, punished enterprise, and promoted crime. In addition to family, it undermined religion, and finally helped instal the abortion mills which disproportionally reduce the black population. And all of this by legislation drumrolled from the start with pseudo-Christian moral posturing.

      • The really interesting study is of the attitudes of “immigrant” blacks towards “native”. I’ve worked with many Nigerian, Jamaican and other Caribbean black immigrants. Some of what they say would make them welcome at a Klan rally. But it’s more borne of the experience of say, growing up one ten kids in a Nigerian backwater, living in a tin roofed shack, working your way through high school, winning a scholarship to UCLA, then winning a Sloan Fellowship to the London Business School, that leads one to ask in an unguarded moment, “what the fuck is wrong with these people?”.

        • One of the first things I learned as I entered the adult world was that West Indians don’t care for American blacks. It was a shocking at first as I grew up in the South and never thought much about diversity within the black population. Caribbeans and Africans do think about and they know a lot about it. There is a decent sized Ethiopian community in DC. To say they are hostile to the local African-American population is an understatement.

          I’m generally sympathetic to black people. 150 years of slavery plus 100 years of active, robust discrimination is not an ideal starting place for a minority population. The efforts to redress that have largely been counter productive. Still, that does not change the reality on the ground.

          • Ooh boy- or the Ghanans of Baltimore.
            Blacks hate Africans.
            Good news is Somalis are terrorized by them.

        • It is discriminating nature is all that is. How can being a discriminating person, a person who favors his tribe, or his kith and kin, his culture be anything but natural behavior. How can that be justifiably be held in contempt or immoral. The juxtaposition of cultural marxism is very difficult to understand, because it goes against all natural human behavior. Because it attacks instinctive behavior, people are easily caught unawares and defenseless. It is a truly evil but ingenious method of social engineering and manipulation. Cunning subterfuge.

        • I would disagree with your “it’s more borne of the experience” statement.

          When I was a kid (30 plus years ago) – one of my grandmother’s nephews lived with them. He was legally blind – and spent much of his life in and out of the MA Eye and Ear Infirmary. During periods when he lived on his own – he worked manual labor type stuff like washing dishes in restaurants and so forth. He often talked about some of his Caribbean black friends ( he was a lily-white old man of English-Scottish descent) – and how they talked about US born and bred blacks.

          What I’m trying to say is: even the dishwashers back 30 or more years ago – who came up here from the Caribbean – talked about the native born blacks in as you put it “in a way that would make them welcome at a Klan rally”.

          It’s not a new thing.

      • Africans ( wherever on Earth they are) are what they are. They can’t change, and they can’t be ‘fixed’.
        Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia, sub-Saharan Africa, Haiti all share the same characteristics: Large amounts of corruption, violence, deterioration and destitution.
        An example of the situation is here:
        The ‘bell curve’ is real, and we used to understand that due to low intelligence and impulsiveness there are those who cannot mentally mature – even if they physically do so. A non-African example are those who have Down’s Syndrome, typically they are described as ”having the mind of a [single-digit] year old” regardless of age.
        Usually treated in legal terms as being ‘children’ regardless of chronological age, and are typically prevented from reproducing not only due to the high chance their problems will be hereditary, but also the fact they’re not capable of caring/taking responsibility for offspring.
        Like ”downies” the vast majority of Africans have to have permanent ”keepers” because they can’t function is a modern, civilized society.
        It’s no different than an irresponsible pet owner who lets their animals run loose and breed at will. As has been seen repeatedly with ”cat ladies” this does the animals no favors and the results are a huge mess that must be cleaned up. The day is coming where a irresponsible keeper of large, dangerous African wildlife will cause tragic repercussions:

      • O’Connor might have been the only one whip believed that we’d be race neutral in twenty five years. The rest probably were just kicking the can. The belief that differences are solely our even mostly due to racism is just that a belief part of the liberal canon. It bears less relationship to truth than belief in witches souring milk or outer space aliens abducting people.

        The problem with false beliefs is that sometimes people act as if the are true. That’s where the problems come from. Acting like racism or proximity to Canada are the causes of the differences between the races will inevitably cause hardship to innocent people and resentment on all sides. If you simply held these beliefs but never acted on them you would harm no one. But since the assumptions they work from are entirely false they are causing real harm and misleading millions.

        Since they are causing harm and spending time, money and lives doing it they must be stopped. More and more are starting to believe their lying eyes. Better they are unafraid of speaking the truth or just sick of living a lie.

        Maybe the average man of the west will free himself maybe not but at least there’s a chance.

    • You might want to share this article with your son. He can ask his classmates why the work ethic described is such considering the travel/education/internet, etc. that exposes so many to the “can do” and “excellence” spirit in American attitudes. Never mind … just read.


  9. For all the people that ask for “an honest dialog on race”, my reply has always been, “go watch Blazing Saddles, that was the last honest dialog, everything since has been a weird kabuki theater”. One of the funniest episodes was when my ten year old went to the Post Office to get his passport. When the young black female clerk was taking his picture, she kept telling him not to “chink his eyes up” (he was squinting). He had no clue what she was talking about. Had a fun time on the ride home explaining what a “chink” was….

  10. I’m not much of a racist, either. Married outside my race. Wonderful woman. Interestingly enough my kids are the ones who woke me up to white genocide and the JQ. What should be interesting to anyone reading this is that they could have even more easily chosen the other side and come out looking like the fake heroes of the left, but chose them one they are on because it is right. All the more strange as we live in a university town and go to a cucked church. So friendships are limited and we go around speaking in code. They wear MAGA hats. One of the guys I used to go pheasant hunting with won’t speak to me. The really funny thing is that anyone looking at my family probably thinks that I poisoned my sons. Sure, I was conservative, but I was going along with the mainstream neocon stuff until they started literally preaching to me about Trump and Pepe just after he declared his intention to run.
    One thing I thought about when reading today’s post was Cicero’s oration against Clodia. Discourse in Republican Rome got very coarse in the time just prior to the triumvirates. I’m not saying it was a cause of anything, just noticing. I see nothing wrong with mocking the memes of the left and tearing down everything that they’ve built if they won’t change, including the university that provides most of the employment around here. I’d rather see my home town a desert than the country as a whole destroyed by these diseased bastards. It would be nice to keep the Republic. But thinking on: having 250 years of a Pax Americana starting out with a deified emperor ascendant and strictly enforced morals legislation in a religious ethnostate isn’t such a bad thing, either.

    • The thing about diversity is it can only work in a low density nation with a well maintained border and freedom of association. Within certain limits, such a country can allow people to celebrate their culture at the small scale locally, but enforce the high culture nationally. Race in America is not much of a problem as long as no one tried to fix it. That’s when trouble starts.

      • Z Man;
        You give a pretty good description of a multi-ethnic, empire. This kind of polity has been a historic norm for millennia. The difference being that the historical examples were all highly authoritarian. That is, the ‘free’ part in any associations was in notably short supply and any minority cultural celebration was well watched and strictly limited, particularly if they had fellow members in an adjacent realm.

        IOW, what you describe is how a free people could possibly live along side with ‘vibrants’ in true diversity. Unfortunately, what you describe is not where we are nor where our idiot elite evidently wants to go. The likely outcome is that we revert to the historic norm with a purged higher culture.

      • The thing you got to keep in mind to retain proper perspective, and to protect oneself from the ravaging effects of diversity, is to divide people and conquer them, is a time honored method of ruling over people. No self respecting tyrant or system of tyranny can be successful without dividing people. It is the marxist axiom of order out of chaos. If you can get people to go at each others throats, to make them attack each others natural perfectly normal cultural divisions, especially where people naturally find an equilibrium, a cultural balance between them, you unbalance the delicate but workable naturally occurring solutions, well you get them to do your dirty work, and you can sit back and manipulate them further at your leisure and safety.

        There are those who love to point out the founders are long dead white men who where slave owners, and they are hypocrites for founding a nation of liberty because they where slave owners. Gee that really sounds awful, and brother is that one piece of circular logic. But the reality is much different. Those founders where intelligent enough to understand it was a pickle they had no easy or workable solutions, other than to create a republic with republican form of government, that that in itself was in the long run the solution, maybe not perfect, but humans aren’t perfect to begin with, but given the chance most of us find a way , the means to balancing our foibles against our better nature.
        Racism’s, diversity’s, purpose is to unbalance that human equation.
        It’s really sneaky and dirty. Those behind need to be done away with. There isn’t much in this world more evil and destructive than these perpetrators of bigotry.

      • Bottom line is diversity can only exist in a low pressure environment. Once the pressure is on it is likely to fall apart. University towns tend to be low pressure from an economic standpoint. I’ve lived here mostly since 1970. When there’s a recession you’d only know it by reading the news. Money flows in here from so many outside sources it’s ridiculous. That’s a big reason why university faculty have little or no conception of reality. They think that the answer to everything is to make the world more like the one they live in. More meetings and higher level administration is the answer. Anyone who thinks otherwise is like a bad student who will flunk out next semester. People don’t die from bad policies they go to junior college or work at Starbucks.

        • Yes indeed, the inverse of what your saying If a plurality reject it on principle, it ceases to be legitimate?
          (I wholly agree)

        • It can work in high pressure environments too. 18th century Philadelphia was a “vibrant” city. But, you have to be willing to tolerate relatively high rates of violence and the authorities using rough measures to keep the peace. Unless you are a pirate, it is not a good result.

          But your point is taken. Whenever I’m on a college campus, I marvel at the isolation. I certainly get the attraction. It’s nice being around smart, well behaved people who often posses a curiosity about esoteric subjects. That’s not most of the world though.

    • There’s discourse then there is resistance, then there is a sea change in thinking. A fine line between them. Then there is revolution. Anybody pick up on the MAGA hats?

      • The ones that wear them actually live out of town, but they wear them when they’re here, and they know when to be discrete. These towns are full of quaint restaurants. We were in one a while back and a lady came over to virtue signal. When she saw the hats sitting on a chair she cut her visit short.

  11. I’ve been saying for years now that today’s blue-haired bicurous vegan slam poet is tomorrow’s obergruppenfuhrer (seriously – check the archives!). These people define themselves as being on the radical fringe of it, whatever “it” is. As standards of living decline and we have to make some serious decisions about who gets the dwindling supply of gibs, hipsters will be among the hardest hit. And since the zeitgeist pendulum* is swinging back hard right… Give ’em five years and they’ll be sporting honest-to-god armbands and saying their favorite group to deport is some obscure tribe you’ve never heard of.

    *Yes, the zeitgeist has a pendulum. If you don’t believe me, you hate science.

    • Beta males that find their way to positions of political power are like poor relations that inherit a bunch of money. They don’t know how to handle it, having never grown up with it, so they waste it in wanton and destructive ways.

  12. I hope you are right about this, because it is becoming quite wearing to bother worrying about being treated as an outcast any time you make a random comment about silly social nonsense.

  13. Very insightful. Another candidate for the posited great reversal against Cultural Marxism is multiculturalism. Our ‘lyin eyes’ give ample evidence that certain cultures produce better results for the members as a whole than others, particularly those in the ME and global south. Yet we are demanded by our ignorant elite to assent to the obvious lie that cultures are all equally good, just not, by some random chance, our own.

    Of course, this assumes that today’s college grad can actually distinguish race from culture. It is a very well deserved tribute to the great Thomas Sowell that he ‘boldly went where no public intellectual had gone before’ to address this topic, for example in his book Black Rednecks and White Liberals.

    It is interesting to me that the rise of secularism in the West coincided with the rise of doctrines of racial superiority over the ROW (rest of the world) as justifying European dominance and exploitation: Before Darwin it was doctrines of cultural superiority that did the justifying, even back to the Greeks and Romans. A cynic might well conclude that it was all just domination in search of justification: Nothing new under the sun, etc.

    Your premise therefore follows. If raysiss-ism is just justification for domination, than anti-raysiss-ism is too. And this is something we can easily see right here and right now.

  14. The biggest problem “racism” has is currently playing out on my Facebook feed. A friend of mine posted a shocking video* of how Muslims treat women in France, while simultaneously telling me that her preferred candidate in the election – Clinton – didn’t want to expand the very immigration that is fueling radicalism in France. It’s pretty funny, like the robot on Star Trek whose head explodes from the contradictions.

    She was particularly angry that the French PM was too weak, and wouldn’t do anything about it. What she doesn’t understand is that he can’t really act because of all the reasons you list above. It’s currently taboo for him to do so.

    Then, one of her gal-pals chimes in with how Trump is a jerk (“grab her by the…”) to expand the definition to all men. That’s pretty funny when you consider that Trump doesn’t endorse stoning women to death…but they want to put him in the same jar with people who do. Why? I don’t even care why. It’s just stupid, and it doesn’t deserve much more than to be called that.

    These kinds of contradictions are coming to a head as the various grievance groups that the American Left professes to champion start to show up in numbers sufficient to drag American Liberalism through the thorn bushes by their pretentious little ears. Assassination of police officers and terrorist attacks on US soil did more to elect Donald Trump than anything other than the fact that Hillary Clinton is a corrupt politician and a provable felon.

    *It’s only shocking if you ignore just about everything that goes on inside the countries these people originate from.

  15. I like to “trigger” people on FB by pointing out that babies are the most racist people on the planet. Much research has shown that babies strongly identify with those who look like them, and are skeptical of those who don’t. Naturally, this is a survival trait, group identification being important. Other research has shown that babies of different races have quite different reactions to different kinds of stimuli and the world in general….

  16. On issues of race there are two blogs that every YT should read on a regular basis: Very Smart Brothers and Field Negro

    I never fully understood the breadth and depth of contempt and resentment blacks hold for *all* whites until I started reading these blogs, and especially the comment sections. Like Zman, I was generally sympathetic to the plight of black people in the US. Then I started reading these blogs. No more sympathy.

    Sadly, I’m afraid Vox Day has it correct when he says that your skin is your uniform. If the SHTF, Zman, I’m afraid you are in deep trouble in your ‘hood. I hope you have a bug-out bag ready.

    • There is an Aferican blogger named cobb who lives by conservative values, and so he set out to define what that meant, especially as it applies to blacks. He became Republican and made the rounds of conservative and Republican organizations. He is introspective and very well written. One of his great objects was to comnunicate what this meant to intelligent young black men. Judging by the comment section discussions, he failed. What people seek is not discovery, it is power and affirmation. Intelligent young black men are quickly promoted to the top of the prog class, where the unexamined life is a requirement.

    • I managed to get through a couple of pieces from verysmartbrothas and was struck by their childishness and could not help but compare the writer to Thomas Sowell. It was like putting Paris Hilton up against Aristotle, or Dan Brown against Shakespeare.

  17. I remember when right thinking people were against racial prejudice, because obviously you shouldn’t judge people before you get to know them. I’m no spring chicken

    • “If you have always believed that everyone should play by the same rules and be judged by the same standards, that would have gotten you labeled a radical 60 years ago, a liberal 30 years ago and a racist today.”

      – Thomas Sowell

  18. I was listening to an interview of a geneticist once on the radio, and it was great, until they asked him if man was still evolving. You could literally hear him squirm on the radio as he attempted, gingerly, to explain that travel and interbreeding was actually destroying any environmental specialization that currently existed in man, and so we were devolving. I felt sorry for the guy, but it’s as if he were too stupid to not tell the truth.

  19. The Boomers are just nearing the age of retirement and beginning to receive their pensions. They are the ones who are most heavily invested and with the most to lose by venturing into the minefield. The young millenials are not yet heavily invested, have little to lose, and have come of age taking certain risks for granted as a feature of life.
    I know several Boomers who seem to have lost their fear as they became free again.More of us than you realize are speaking out and going off the reservation – carrying our tomahawks too.Often generational conflict has been the alliance of the very young and the very old against piggy in the middle.

  20. And of course you mean by “racism” “White people noticing that blacks are different” – which definition by itself means that you have acceded to the Critical Theorists. The extent to which the Frankfurt School’s neuroticism has infiltrated Western culture can be measured by the fact that “Political Correctness” (bastard child of two Marxists, Antonio Gramsci and Georg Lukacs) is acceptable phraseology in mainstream discourse. A normal society would vomit in revulsion at allowing this kind of language to be used in public. Employing the kind of babytalk exemplified by the terms “N-word” (Narcissism? Nepenthe?) and “C-word” (Calabash? Citric acid?) should be grounds for shunning among rational adults.

    I would assume that anybody who can read would realize that “racism” is more than acceptable as long as it’s practiced against normal white people, especially when male. Simultaneously, the secret code associated with this observation includes the letters “PC” – and I defy anyone here to avoid making the guilty connection to the impropriety of his own thoughts. This is madness – ask your elders. And learn to say what you mean, period.

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