The Title IX Terror

Very early in the French Revolution, France found herself at war with the rest of Europe. For reasons we will not go into here, the French declared war on Austria in the spring of 1792 and soon Prussia joined in on the Austrian side. Eventually England was fielding an army on the continent as well. One of the many interesting things about the French Revolution is that the country was radically rearranging itself at the same time it was defending itself on all sides. The war and the revolution soon became intertwined.

By the time the Jacobins and the Committee for Public Safety had taken control of France and the revolution, things looked dire for the French army. Many of their officers had fled the country as they were of noble blood. Others fled for lack of pay and support. Those who rose up to replace them were often incompetent boobs, but loyal to the revolution. The solution the revolutionaries in Paris found to this problem was to begin executing their generals for treason. That’s right. The solution was to murder the generals.

The logic behind this was quite simple. Since the new men of the Republic were now in charge of the army, the army was a republican army stocked with virtuous men of the Republic. France was now the first nation in history mobilized for total war. If the army was now composed of virtuous men of the Republic, with the full support of the Republic, the only thing that could stop them was failure at the top and that failure could only be due to treason. The generals failed because they wanted to fail or planned to fail.

There is an important lesson here that has been with us ever since the French Revolution. The Utopian dreamers of the Left always lock in on two unassailable beliefs. One is their vision of the perfect society and the other is their ideal citizens for that society. Those two things become axiomatic, so when things fail to materialize, those two items are off the table. They can never be questioned. Instead, the hunt is on for enemies, heretics and schemers, who are actively trying to undermine the cause.

That’s what has happened on the college campus with regards to the Title IX jihad against men, particularly white men.The original purpose of Title IX was to get more women into graduate schools. In the 70’s, when this odious law was dreamed up, graduate schools, particularly law schools, were still dominated by men. By the time the law was actually passed and implemented in the Clinton administration, women dominated the college campus. They held most of the majority of staff positions, were the majority of undergrads and dominated most of the post-graduate schools.

The feminist pushing this law, however, always had other ideas. They had the radical dream of the female utopia on the college campus and, of course, the ideal revolutionary co-ed. When reality would not yield to their particular brand of lunacy, they went looking for enemies. After all, the dream is perfect and women of virtue were now in charge. The only reason utopia has not bloomed on campus is there must be enemies in their midst and those enemies have a penis! As a result, the campus has become a feminist toxic waste dump.

This story is emblematic of the insanity. You’ll note that tucked away in the story is the reference to a “Dear Colleague” letter – which urged schools to lower the standard of proof for sexual assault and misconduct. The reason for this is that when the feminist nutters found a witch to burn, they were confronted with the silly problem of actually having to prove their case. Since almost all of these cases involve either drunk people or crazy people, there was rarely a way to actually prove anything.

Instead, the enemies of the people were allowed to hide behind those antiquated rules of justice, which were all written by dick wielding enemies of the feminist revolution! In other words, the innocence of the accused is more proof that they are clever and crafty traitors working to undermine the revolution. It’s why every college campus has a Title IX officer now. These tinpot Torquemadas exist to circumvent justice in order to champion the cause of the just.

This too has echos of the French Revolution. The Jacobins sent what were essentially ideological enforcers out into the provinces. They sent Representatives on Mission to watch the generals in the field. During the Terror, Robespierre turned on his former friends, the Girondins, but making his case against them in open court became difficult. The solution was to find them guilty first and then worry about other stuff later. Nothing could stand in the way of the virtuous, as they furthered the cause of the revolution.

It is this toxic atmosphere that encourages the rape hoaxes that have become a feature of campus life. The gyno-revolution is not only short of enemies to persecute, it is short of victims too. That’s why a patently ridiculous story like the Rolling Stone hoax goes unchallenged for so long. It’s not just that these fanatics want to believe it. They have to believe it as to do otherwise means questioning the premise of the revolution and that is a good way to have your life ruined.

It is foolish to think that the Feds will ever find the balls to repeal Title IX or even scale back its scope. One reason feminist nutters are going berserk in the streets is in order to inoculate themselves to the Trumpian reform efforts. The answer will come in the Federal courts as more victims of the Title IX Terror press their case and win judgments. A few fines and the revolution is over. It’s a terrible way to solve the problem, but it is what happens when you put women in charge of anything.

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    • I have to say that I’m not feeling a lot of sympathy for all the people who are suddenly awaking to things detailed in that article.

      I’ve known this stuff for 30 plus years ( since I was in college ) – you could see it happening even then. All of the whining and crying about ” why are we here now – how did this happen” – are more than a little bit disingenuous since anybody who cared to look could see it all forming up all those decades ago.

      I’ve recently run across the videos on Youtube being put out by a number of guys who are self-professed MGTOW’s – about the true nature of women – and why men need to be very careful in their dealings with them , especially in light of the current day legal climate. There’s so many people who are all acting like this is all something new – IT’S NOT.

  1. Men and women are complements not than duplicates. We all instinctively know and relate to each other in this way. There is a natural balance – right now it is way out of whack but it will rebalance, albeit with a price which has to paid but the war between the sexes is over.

    As for “feminists”, they are an odious insane subset of normal women that normal women keep clear of and don’t want to deal with their crap. Fortunately these freaky lunatics are at the cliff end. This is obvious by the extreme crazy of the pussy march, the old hag speakers they dredged up. Its also exemplified by the overwhelming number of women voting for Trump who reject their derangement.

    • In 1948, Wallace was a proxy agent for Stalin?
      Wallace had been FDR’s Vice President.
      So not surprised.

      I’ve long thought WWII was FDR saving Stalin from threats on his left and right flank.
      The War to Save Communism, except that American communists wanted to be the Supreme Soviet.

      (Since Mao was Stalin’s buttboy- exiled twice by the Chinese communist party, brought back by Moscow troops- that would complete Orwell’s dread vision of Fabian Oceania, Soviet Eurasia, and Communist Eastasia.
      And… Mao had the same (((advisors))) as did (((Stalin))), not one member of the Long March on his inner council.)

      • I think Churchill always smelled a rat. He certainly was keen enough to know what was afoot. He wasn’t in the best position to raise a stink about it. But he was real quick to come up with the name of The Iron Curtain, so you would think he understood pretty far back. He certainly alluded to it in some of his speeches. Besides, FDR was trying to cut the British Empire down to size in any case.
        The German Army was no push over. Regardless of the marxist prince FDR intentions, the Allies were strategically wise to have the Red Army bleed the Wehrmacht dry. They had a healthy respect for the fighting qualities of the German’s and understood the Allied armies where not of the same overall quality in men, it was in machines and materiel of war where their best qualities laid. Stalin certainly didn’t care how many Russian peasants died on the Eastern Front, it was a meat grinder he shoved every potential enemy he could figure out and find into. Made it easier for old Uncle Joe.

    • make her go over to an arab country and live then. that genital mutilation part is going to sting though

    • Blood calls to blood.
      Semitics. 4000 years of killing their own, then crying out for sympathy because they’re orphaned without family. And the family falls for it every time!

  2. Fuckin’ *GREAT* article over at!!! A brilliant piece of satire!

    Last paragraph::

    “Two hundred years ago, our forefathers, faced by a threat from without and treason from within, had the discipline to buckle down, get straight, and thus keep their heads, lives, fortunes, sacred honor, and APs [American Penises]. We urge all Americans still in possession of a penis to pay close heed to our review of recent history, and to meditate seriously on our proposal for triumphing over a situation that has already claimed the penises of millions of our fellow countrymen.

    Remember, the member you save could be your own.”

  3. I hope. I hope for a speech that declares the aims of Title IX have been met and exceeded. Therefore, ” I am asking for the Congress to repeal Title IX ” Make it so. Burn it. With fire.

    • Given how things have gone, I would not be shocked if such a move had no impact on public opinion. In the fullness of time, we will talk about this age as one where our rulers failed to act out of fear of a backlash that never existed.

  4. I’ll pose you an ANOVA problem. Which is a more important root cause of Sheila Jackson-Lee’s successful career. The Voting Rights Act or Title IX?

    • Feminine Liberation was a lie like everything else out of marxism. I believe Real Women of the matriarchal heritage in a healthy patriarchy never needed liberation, they already where, it was built in, men and woman knew their duties and places in that structure.

  5. So sticking with Jacobin a recent meeting with the Dev Office here in NY, I explained that the large check was now designated for one of the club sports programs rather than academics, because I was sick of reading about inanities like this and this

    The interesting part of the conversation came when the development person admitted that there is increasing pushback from alumni donors and more funding being specifically directed to areas that are thought to be “free” this stupidity–or are given at levels that allow the donor to put restrictions on how the funds are utilized.

    • I tried to start a restricted scholarship once. Got frustrated with the foundation shits and said I was going to withdraw my offer. All of a sudden they started conceding points that had been unsurmountable obstacles. I pulled my money out anyway. Fuck them.

  6. Z Man;
    It is a keen insight to be see the paralllels between modern Feminism and Jacobinism and to be able to establish evidence through demonstration. To push the analogy a little, just as today’s toxic Feminism is a mutant fusion of Marxism and Post-Modern Multiculturalism, so Jacobinism was a mutant offspring of The Enlightenment, Rousseau and Anti-Clericalism.

    Also, the Russian Revolution provides pretty apt parallel good examples of the same political processes driven by rabid utopianism even though their visions of human perfection were different. For example, the Communist Party had Zampolits (political commissars) with the Red Army at all HQ above company level IIRC instead of Representatives on Mission. Same Idea. All orders had to have the Zampolit’s signature. Likewise, all set-backs both in production, transportation and in the military were due to ‘saboteurs and wreckers’ with investigations and lavish sentences for the unlucky man on the spot.

    But I still say the best historical parallel of what to do about the current situation before it becomes a murderous totalitarian dictatorship is that of the Protestant Reformation, particularly in England. The universities of today are The Church of Multi-Culturalism, Marxism and Feminism. Today, as then, The Crown (us ???) needs resources and The Church has vast amounts left to them by pious souls from an earlier age. Go where the money is_!!!

    • Indeed, Luther was right about the reformation. Further it’s effects on the time after the French indian wars up to the Declaration of Independence, the reformation had a long reaching profound effect on the colonial patriots. I’d say too, you must includes the Fabian’s in there someplace in the statist/marxist equation. In some aspects they are more influential in later American history than the Jocobin’s.

  7. Why do you keep linking to SJW Wikipedia? How about infogalactic?

    As a web surfer,if you use chrome, get the plugin called infosextant.

  8. Media is the model for higher education. The old media can marinate in their virtue signaling, while the new media rises to take its place. In a similar way, allow old education to chase its tail, and watch for-profit and on-line take over, especially for the male half. All those squirrelly women can live together at very expensive schools, wondering why they aren’t having any fun. Of course, there will be the predatory lesbians hazing the freshmen (freshwomen?).

    As Trump is breaking down so many other cultural norms, perhaps he can break the hold that Harvard/Yale/the Ivies have on our society.

    • I look at higher ed and wonder how it has staggered on this long. With 1.3 trillion in current school debt that is ~20% delinquent, the math says the model cannot last much longer. But, it has gone on long past where most people predicted. That means current predictions of doom are, at best, a guess. Still, the math says we are fast approaching an end of some sort. The price of something cannot go up by multiples of wage growth while its value goes down and not reach a point where demand collapses.

      Like health care, if higher ed was forced back to being a cash business, the resulting product would look radically different.

      • Because it’s about selling subprime loans, not an education. That and the QE of funding domestic colonization.

        Different economies, different economics.
        Can’t use consumer capitalism economics here. What’s the Cost of Goods Sold in education, legal, or government?

      • I’ve been trying to to find the spot, but my copy of Xenophon’s Symposium has no index. Here’s the wiki Callous was a wealthy Athenian who bankrupted himself by paying sophists for education. I think I once calculated a payment made by him to one of his teachers at $200,000 in US dollars ten or fifteen years ago. How people value things is a nebulous affair, but it is obvious that things can get out of hand. We are living in an education bubble that will eventually burst, but it is being held together by credentialism. This is one reason why I am so adamant about eliminating occupational licensing. The rationale is that if you know a bubble exists and it is being propagated by artificial means, it may take artifice to burst it, and doing so before the natural time for that to take place is less destructive.
        I could be wrong in this but my logic is not wrong. Then again, many true things are illogical. We live in a world of limited rationality.

      • The orchestrated colledge debt is a subsidy dressed up as higher education, but really funding for cultural maxims with a vagina. Bankrupting the system is icing on the cake of order out of chaos. Once the reasons for financing this aspect of the agenda are completed, higher education is no longer required. So it matters not if it collapses.

  9. “More than two years after the incident, even Melanie’s gender has changed. When 16 months later she reported what happened on the train tracks, Melanie had been taking male hormones for 12 weeks; she had legally changed her name, adopting a male identity. Her voice dropped; she shaved her facial hair. The woman referred to in this account as Melanie now hopes to surgically alter her gender in the future, and lives and dresses as a man.

    Back in 2014, she had also been hospitalized after a suicide attempt, and taken a semester-long medical leave to pursue therapy. While her mental fragility, hormone treatment and gender change appear to have played no role in the administration’s decision-making process, the transitioning did make a difference to Melanie.”
    By the end of the article things get really confusing because the author uses “he, him” to describe both parties. This is totally fucked up.
    A couple of generations from now people who think like this are going to be exterminated. You know that something like this has to have happened in the past and will happen again some time. It seems inevitable.

    • Don’t fuck crazy girls. Girls who initiate with you have initiated or will initiate with someone else. A girl’s politics is a good clue as to her sanity. I would recommend one slightly to the right and not too judgemental. A hard right winger probably won’t do any better job raising kids than a hard left-winger will. And if she’s slightly to the right in early child rearing years she will most likely drift farther to the right as she ages. All good there.

  10. What I would like to see is red state governors and legislatures take control of their state supported university systems, by force if necessary, and start draining the swamp of all this left wing crap. Trump destroying title IX would also be good.

    • Trump probably does not need Congress to curb some of this. Title IX and supporting legislation basically give the DoE a free hand in crafting policy. The law was never intended to finance this rape hoax stuff so they could cut that out tomorrow. My guess is he is not going to spend political capital on that until he has done some higher priority things.

      • Politically it might be a lower priority, but it tactical terms in the long term culture war attacking higher education is of the utmost priority. Academia and the universities is the keystone of the left. Its the rock the whole movement is built on, and it’s the one thing most of the ideological components of the left have in common. It’s the source of all their moral and ideological authority.

      • When I think of this issue in the context of “Drain the Swamp” I also include the legal/judicial system which enables this kind of frivolous action to proceed. It is apparent that Progressives dominate the judiciary and Trump with his many appointments at the District/Appellate/Federal levels can do much to provide some balance to the nuttery that is going on. Freedom of speech is one thing. Freedom to waste people’s time and tax payers money on this kind of stuff, for virtue signalling or for character assassination is not something I support.

        • Trump’s moving on business time.
          The lawyers we call legislators work on legal time- refiling a motion to set a new date to reconsider to validity of the standing of evidence item B in the appeal, yabba yabba.

          Christmas every day.
          The Buffoon has gotten more done in 6 days than the last 30 years.

  11. I think I read somewhere that the Trump administration is talking about de-weaponizing Title IX. This impressed me because it is a measure of how deeply they are drilling down into the fascist bullshit we have been dealing with. Rolling Stone got hit with a big judgment. Let’s hope there are many more to come as I agree that will eventually put an end to kangaroo courts on campus.

  12. Seems that there’s crazy, batshit crazy and Melanie. I predict a boom in brothels and spinsters.

    • This Michigan State story is, in its entirety (including the tranny twist), the most perverse college dating saga I’ve ever heard. No parent should send any son they care about to any state school in Michigan, period. And should said son still demand to go, he must be forbidden from having any contact with any coed outside class under any circumstances. And if he can’t control his impulses, a Detroit ho is not a lot more risky in the long term so long as he uses protection. Good God_!

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