The God’s Must Be Crazy

Half a dozen years or ago, I had a Facebook page at the insistence of female friends, who told me I had to have a Facebook page. It did not last long as my life is not interesting and the lives of my friends are not interesting either. What killed the idea for me was that I kept seeing posts for “I Fucking Love Science!” and they were always from people with no math or science. The posts themselves were never really about science either. Instead, they were usually about confirming some belief bubbling up on the Left.

In other words, they were just using science as a placeholder for a transcendent authority that allegedly validated their preferences. Instead of claiming that God commands us to put more women and blacks into STEM fields, we’re to believe science is happier if we put more women and blacks into STEM fields, because, science!  I dropped Facebook a long time ago so I have no idea if it is still a thing, but I see there is a website for it now. By the looks of it, it is the same act.

For as long as I can remember, the Left has been claiming that science confirms their beliefs and preferences. Not that long ago they use to claim that socialism was based in science. Today it is multiculturalism. At least once a week, someone, not knowing the difference between statistics and science, makes a claim that science demands we fling open our borders to the gathering hordes. You see? Science says open borders is good, so only a science denier would oppose wholesale immigration and those people can be dismissed.

Science is not the only stand in for God that we have today. Libertarian economists worship at the altar of Castor and Pollux, or as they call them, Efficiency and Productivity. No matter the policy, they demand it be sent off to the druids of the local economics department so they can read the goat entrails and then forecast the policy’s impact on efficiency and productivity. For instance, clamping down on immigration is a bad thing because it lowers worker productivity and that makes the gods cross. Handing off trade policy to global planners is a good thing because it pleases efficiency.

The most stunningly absurd manifestation of this came from the libertarian economist Alex Tabbarok, who claimed the mystery cult of economics demanded open borders. He argued that your preferences are invalid unless you can please his gods and he was the guy who would decide if the gods were pleased. This is Bronze Age oogily-boogily and it exposes a truth about the Left in the modern era. While they may appear to have abandoned the Christian concept of God as a moral authority, in reality they just gave him some new names. They still point to the heavens and demand you submit.

That’s the thing you see with all of these sects within the Progressive hive. They maintain that old Puritan instinct where they assume to have special insights into the desires of the heavens and therefore they have a right to push everyone around. This is clear when you look at the campus war on whites. When the nutters demand the blanco check his privilege, they are claiming to speak for some mystical force that has decided that the honky hegemony must be eradicated. They assume the gods are on their side and the accused must justify his actions or else.

It’s not just a mysterious supernatural authority that animates their morality. They have a list of demons and sub-demons they believe are at war with the forces of light. Racism used to be a white guy refusing to hire a black guy. Now, it is this thing called “institutional racism” which you can’t actually see or describe. It’s this dark force that results in the IT department being staffed with pale penis people, rather than looking like the multicultural paradise we all know is the natural destiny of man. We must fight institutional racism!

Feminist have also conjured a monster, the opposition to which has become their rallying cry. Campus Rape Culture™ is not a real thing in the sense that it exists. Instead, it is a metaphysical concept that causes all sorts of bad things. The result is we have a line of hungover coeds at the rape counseling center blaming the campus rape culture for why they woke up with their underwear on their head. The rarity of actual rape on campus is held up as proof of the insidiousness of Campus Rape Culture™.

Eric Hoffer said, “Mass movements can rise and spread without belief in a God, but never without belief in a devil.” This is true, but the latter always results in the creation of the former. Once the great evil has been identified and described, there has to be a moral code in response to it and that requires a transcendent authority to animate. Otherwise, the moral code is just a list of preferences that can be disputed or discarded. If those preferences have the color of authority, one beyond the reach of man, then it has power.

That’s what we see with the various utopian tribes in the modern age. Modern Progressive have “the right side of history” as their spirit god. Libertarians have Efficiency and Productivity. The open borders crazies have “it’s who we are” and Buckley Conservatives have “conservative principles.” All of which serve as a supernatural authority whose word trumps any argument made by men in opposition. It also gives the adherents license to use any means necessary to impose their morality on the rest of us.

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  2. You see? Science says open borders is good, so only a science denier would oppose wholesale immigration and those people can be dismissed.

    “Step back non believers, or the rain will never come…”

    -Tanya Tucker-

  3. James LePore… Correct sir, or where the informational DNA came from to form the first cell. As we all are aware, no DNA… No cell.

  4. Here in the People’s Republic of Berserkeley, yard signs with the following slogans have begun to sprout up:

    In This House:

    Black Lives Matters
    Women’s Rights Are Human Rights
    No Human Is Illegal
    Science Is Real
    Love Is Love
    Kindness Is Everything

    Profits from this sale go to NextGen Climate.

    Love is love…now that is really profound…

    The mystery cult of science is deeply tied into the whole progressive ideology; in other words, science is just another social justice issue. Ergo, NextGen Climate.

    Apparently blacks are still at the top of the victim totem pole.

  5. “Honky Hegemony”
    funniest 2 words I’ve read all day…and of course spot on Z thanks!

  6. I abandoned F*ckbook early last year, but missed a whole bunch of fun.

    Apparently post Brexit and post US elections I missed a boatload of steaming angst and the heart-rending wails of my lefty relatives as they mourned how unfair the world had suddenly become. By all accounts it was tears, more tears and extra tears. Sad that I missed out on so much free entertainment.

    • @ UKer – I’ve been to the UK several times this year. The island is still afloat, people are working, and the weather and food is just as horrible as ever…just kidding!

      Let’s hope the rest of Europe wakes up and votes out too. I suspect things will only get better for everyone except Belgium.

      And on that note, I say Germany should rebuild its military and as a show of European sovereign solidarity and support for President Trump, we invade Belgium. America – please stay out this time. It took us 18-days back in May 1940, but I think we could probably do it in 18-hours.

      And we promise to only invade Belgium. Well, okay…can we go back and reclaim that little bit of Poland while we’re at it? Just to keep the Russians nervous! 🙂

      • Thanks Karl for visiting us peasants and yes, we are busy plugging the holes just below the white cliffs to keep our heads above water. But in the meantime if your countrymen are going to invade Belgium again you’re going to need a new Schlieffen Plan.

        PS I think we dropped our defence treaty with Belgium too if that helps, or if we haven’t then we need to do it fast.

        • Actually since we’re probably not allowed the old Blitz thing with Panzers these days (very un-PC), I was thinking we could simply encourage them to all own British cars. That should bring the whole country to a standstill quickly enough. You still build cars over there, right? 😉

          • Oh come on Karl, you can say it. Blitzkrieg! It’s ok. It is just a word. You still say things like Mercedes, and Volkswagen, Bayer, Siemens, Hugo Boss among other heavy industry firms. No one shut them down for their relationship to the Third Reich.

          • @ LetsPlay – And no one shut down Ford or IBM for their contributions to the Third Reich either. 🙂

        • Reparations for the Congo!
          There’s your legal excuse.

          If Sarkozy and Berlrsconi’s usurper can do it to Libya, perhaps we could see a British-German Alliance as the reunification of the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. Brussels by summer!

      • @ karl just remember, when the time comes, Moscow first. save donbass and crimea for last.

        • @ WW – Shhhhhhh….yes, yes, we know! One country at a time…start with a distraction in the west, then work eastward. What could possibly go wrong?

          • @ karl
            no need for subterfuge, there won’t be united kingdom threatening the rear this time. torys are kicking scotland out of the union soon .

            and the french are bankrupt – have you seen the news? they want you to pay for the renewal of their nuclear deterrent. i think you should pay and ask the codes in return.

          • By that logic, the Iranian stuff won’t work either since the Frenchies have been making buku bucks selling nuclear tech to our enemies for a long, long time. Norko’s included. But they may have been negated by the Pakistanis’ or the Chinese. Who knows, maybe the French tech has been the trojan horse to be the fail safe for our enemies but then Bill Clinton sold out our tech to the Chineses for a quick buck the other way around. A nasty business. You just can’t trust anyone these days. Everyone is selling out to the highest bidder.

  7. There is something very dangerous when you combine “moral equivalent of war” with “the proof of the conspiracy is that it is so clever that you can’t actually find evidence of the conspiracy”. Now on the Campus Rape Culture beat…at the school one of my sons attends they are in the throes of a one of those scandals where allegedly a bunch of fraternity guys roofied and assaulted four girls at a party. So all the usual marches, student senate proclamations and other Progressive gnashing of teeth ensued. But apparently the “investigation” is being conducted by the University’s Title IX office. My son confirmed to me that there has been no search of the fraternity house for evidence, no apparently interviews by anyone other than campus police. So we have an allegation of eight aggravated felonies and this? If the same happened in the normal world, you’d seal the premises, turn it over, send everyone to the hospital for an exam and have a bunch of the ‘bros all sitting in separate interview rooms. It’s just one big Kabuki theater designed to play to narrative.

  8. It still seems to me that the essence of the problem to all the examples you pose here is the American education system and it’s planned decline over the past few decades.

    How does such a significant portion of the population, mostly the younger one, become so mixed up about everything?

    I just finished reading “Eight Lives Down” by Chris Hunter who was a EOD team leader for a British squad in Afstan. One quote he used which was unattributed but worthy of note was “Fight what is wrong, believe what is true, and do what is right.”

    On the surface, I immediately agreed with that sentiment. But after further reflection I came to realize that as with everything today, who determines what is wrong, what is true and what is right? I used to believe that it was an almost innate character trait, a moral code that people knew instinctively what each of those things were in any given situation. But with all the “situational ethics” much of the debate on these kinds of issues has shifted from a moral basis to a personal basis of what is easiest and most convenient or beneficial to “me” in any given situation. Responsibility on a larger scope has been relegated to the back shelf as “old school.”

    Back to my original point. If Pres. Trump is going to clean house of Departments, I hope Secty. DeVos will start by drastically cutting the Dept. of Education. That place is pure evil and has done damage that we are now seeing in our streets, homes, and in our leadership. There is much that is wrong, much truth that is not recognized or is derided, and right that requires too much sacrifice and is inconvenient for those in their safe places. Sure, problems go far beyond the DOE, but for my, that is a great place to start.

      • That article raises old, repeated complaints that are decades old. Oh, not fair. Racist! Now they, the minorities can ‘afford’ the costs/fees. I surprised they haven’t stooped to the extent of saying they can’t afford a good suit or interview dress and are therefore discriminated against. Taxpayers should provide them with a “fair” chance. Where does it stop? Excuses. And the ones keeping the excuses going are both the unions and the race bait industry. And the politicians and bureaucrats give-in every damn time because otherwise they are … racist.

    • That was a great, beautiful quote.

      It reminds me of “If you have to ask, you already know the answer.” Said by a wise aunt to an 8-year old’s question, “how do we know if it’s right or wrong?”

      A personal favorite- you must find and hold fast to the one true thing.

  9. Never underestimate the need to be “chosen”, the need to be “right”, and the need to belong. Current libtards are no different than those of the Catholic Church that burned people at the stake for disagreeing with their dogma. All in the name of “God”. The left has tried to do away with God, but they have to promote some kind of higher power to use to placate their needs and desires. This higher power is science, with a small “s”. Science, with a large “S”, utilizes the Scientific Method. To a leftist, science with a small “s” only requires agreement, not facts. When I look at libtard posting on the internet, I see that they post things like “Scientists all agree”. Ask them for proof and this is their only proof, even if there is nothing that validates it.

    And please, Please, PLEASE, stop referring to these idiots as “Progressives”. This sounds like a compliment since who could be against progress? Just remember that you are really progressing after you walk off a cliff. At least, until you hit the bottom

  10. Some “friend” I never heard of put on Facebook “It is a scientific fact that …” followed by some statement that had nothing to do with science, but was a leftist political opinion. I replied by asking, “What does science have to do with …” whatever preposterous claim had been made. The “friend” replied with, “Obviously you don’t believe in science.” Well, obviously one of us knows what science is not.

  11. Society is a group effort. Being told that we must invite immigrants to participate in our institutions has some similarity with being told by our relatives that our just about profitable owner managed business must employ our useless brother in law (s). Not all immigrants are equal of course, but there is something unique about the constitutional basis of American/British culture, and this is being lost fast. In fact, it was always a minority culture and perhaps we are deluding ourselves to think there is much left of it even today.

    • @ LPT – One only look at history of both countries to appreciate what uncontrolled immigration can do. The Vikings’ first contact in England occurred in in 793, when they raided a monastery at Lindisfarne. By 878 they had virtually conquered all of England. Move the clock forward to the 1600’s and white-Europeans displaced Native Americans as quickly as they arrived. In both cases, neither of the indigenous peoples were able to stop the “invaders”.

      My grandfather once told me:

      When an Englishman by the name of Robertson, who comes from the town of Goathland, tells me he is English, one can only smile.

      When an American by the name of Chopra, or Hong, or Schmidt, or Moretti , or Petrov who comes from the town of Paris, Texas tells me they are American, one can only smile.

      But when Mr. Yıldırım or Mr. Abdallah comes from Frankfurt and says he’s German, we all know better.

      • Will Mr Yildirim or Mr. Abdallah ever call himself German? The answer to that question decides your country’s fate.

          • You miss my point. I think this is a peculiarly American thing, as there are people in many European countries, or even in parts of countries, that will never accept newcomers unless they are born there. The essence of America is that almost all of us are either immigrants or descended from immigrants. There is a part of the American social compact that says you can be one of us, really and truly, but the price is that you must become one of us. It is an American thing. To come here, drink of the privileges and freedoms, enjoy what America has to offer, make yourself at home, raise a family, but not become and declare yourself an American, that’s just rude and inappropriate. It is not what America is about. I understand that history and tragedy has so twisted around the European states and cultures, that there is much less consensus on what it means to be a citizen of a specific nation or state, and whether that is a good thing. It is different here, and if I am reading your moments correctly, you lived in San Francisco for 10 years. I don’t think the San Francisco culture is representative of the U.S. It is called a “counter-cultural” place for a reason. People would not learn about that aspect of America in San Francisco.

          • @ Dutch – It’s a unique thing to be an American because it’s one of the few countries that will take anyone from anywhere and they can actually become an “American”. But what exactly does that mean?

            And I agree, living in the Bay Area was nothing like what I experienced in Colorado, Texas, Mississippi or the New England states. The people there were each as different from each other as night and day.

            Europeans have a long history going back 2,000 years of well recorded history. Even further if you include the unrecorded history of the Celts, Gaul’s and Germanic tribes before the Romans knew they existed. So when we say we are French, or German or Swiss, we can back it up with a unique culture, language and history that make us what and who we are.

            I don’t think any American (or anyone else) who comes to Europe and decides to becomes a citizen really considers themselves “French” or “German” after being issued a passport because they earned a language certificate and memorized some civic history. In Switzerland for example, it takes 10-years living at the same address and even if you pass the language and history test, your neighbors have the right to deny you citizenship just because they don’t like you if they don’t think you “fit in” to their community.

            How can one consider themselves to be a German if they don’t have the parental heritage going back multiple generations? If they haven’t been raised in a German family, come to understand German values or attitudes, learned in a German school or haven’t even read Goethe or Schiller and are unable to comprehend and appreciate the subtly of the language and the thoughts behind it? The same could be said of the Danes or Portuguese with respect to their cultures which are very, very different from each other.

            A conservative US radio talk host named “Mike Savage” was always going on about borders, language and culture. Unfortunately, America lacks a common language or culture since the entire country was made up from every other language and culture that showed up during the course of its short history. Germany and France have one national language, Switzerland has four, America has one also – English, correct? Not according to the law it doesn’t. A national language is not mentioned in the American Constitution or the Bill of Rights.

            Can anyone tell me where the US Federal law mandates English as the national language? Trust me on this, if you go into a German court, it will be German, (high German), or nothing.

            America is the great melting pot, starting with the Swedes (Vikings) then Spanish, the French, and finally the English. Lets not forget the natives who were here long before any of these Europeans “discovered” it. Spanish was the first European language in the west, English in the east and French in the middle – I understand to this day Louisiana still practices Napoleonic code law. Interesting.

            Then toss in a million eastern Europeans, Swedes, Russians, Japanese, Chinese and who knows who from every corner of the planet. And they can just call themselves Americans for showing up? To this day I don’t understand how the native people of Alaska were Eskimos one day and Americans the next just because someone took possession of their land.

            With the exception of a few religions (Mormons and Scientologists) there’s not much that’s really uniquely “American” including music, dance, art and literature. It all came from somewhere else. Here in Europe, if it’s French, it originated in France. Same in Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands, Germany and Italy.

            We know a German when we see and hear one. But an American can be anyone of any color, race or prior nationality. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it has it’s own unique challenges of how you identify yourself and what each of you thinks makes someone else an American.

          • Being “American” is a state of mind as much as anything. In your heart, you subscribe to it or you don’t. It is really at odds with what it is to be anything else.

          • @ Dutch – Can I be an American and still hold to my German values, culture and language in my home. Even if I speak fluent English in public and prefer football (soccer) to baseball and bratwurst to hot dogs, apple strudel over apple pie and drive a Mercedes rather than a Chevy?

          • Yes. Especially in the upper Midwest, which is largely Historically German-American. “Pennsylvania Dutch” is actually from the German (“Dutch”=”Deutsch”), and historically has its own English dialect. America is made up of many things.

          • Karl;
            The answer to your question above is yes. In fact, there are more than a few folks like this in my part of the world, at least as far as beer, brats and strudel go. Soccer, now that’s a bridge too far 🙂

            As I’m sure you know, it is actually Bavarian regional culture that largely passes for who “Germans” are and what “Germans” do over here. For the benefit of co-posters, Bavarian regional culture, while not un-representative is hardly a complete picture of Germany or Germans. I recall from my military postings to central Germany over 45 years ago that there was some local thought at that time that Bavarians had some characteristics in common with Appalachian ‘hillbillies’. But I’d be a fool to set myself up as an expert on all things German. My point is that there is yet significant mutual incomprehension despite our many commonalities.

          • Minnesota and Wisconsin are very German, very Lutheran, and have been out front in many broad-based public social programs, reflecting Bismarck’s focus on such things. I’m sure German is still spoken in some (maybe not “many” any more?) homes in these states.

          • Dutch and I have a very different idea of what it means to be an American.
            I vehemently disagree that “anyone” can become an American, merely by adopted American English & basic cultural norms. I do not consider these people to be real Americans. I take the words, “natal,” & “nation,” to have a genuine meaning & do not consider a random group of people who look like any airport boarding area’s population, but planted on American grass & concrete to be a part of this nation.

  12. The local Portland news had a crawl line today about how Portland now has fewer blacks. Somehow, I don’t think they will understand that when you get rid of the manufacturing jobs that provided those blacks with a living, they will have to move elsewhere to find work.

    They still have diversity though, as the news typically reports a murder in town on a regular basis.

  13. No, sorry – I have to call you on this one. This whole concept of immigration for the benefit of society has nothing to do with science or the left, and everything to do with supporting capitalism since the start of the Industrial Revolution. England was the first country to encourage foreign immigration during the 1860’s-1900’s. European immigrants flooded into London and tripled the city population during that time.

    America followed suite with Chinese and Irish immigrants to get the railroads going, and quickly imported eastern Europeans to cities like Chicago and other industrial cities to fuel the huge demand for human labor. Like the Brits, the Americans tossed children into factories too, and all under conservative, Republican rule from 1860 to 1900 with only two Democratic presidents in that same period.

    Germany only imported Italians and Turks by the thousands as guest workers because we were stupid enough to have sent the best and brightest off as cannon fodder from 1938-1945. And we are only now reaping the rewards of those decisions.

    No, the left is not to blame, but they do make for a good scape-goat. The fact is global industrialist Republicans like Jeff Immelt at GE* and others like him are pushing just as hard as the left today as they did 150-years ago.

    Their goals are still the same, it’s just their rhetoric is slightly different.

    • In case you haven’t noticed, most of the very wealthy and the CEOs of the large American companies (many members of one are also members of the other) have gone full Democrat in the last ten years or so. The rest, like the Koch brothers, are nominally Republican but are in the Democrat camp on most things. The Democrat party, as we know it, did not exist until the early 20th century, thanks to Woodrow Wilson and F.D.Roosevelt. The two U.S. political parties of the late 19th entury concerned themselves with other things while child and immigrant labor filled the factories and work crews. Immigration back then was a central issue, but it was controversial as a cultural and assimilation issue. The employment aspect was in the background, but business basically exploited child and immigrant labor while the cultural aspects were argued far away in the seats of government. Remember, too, that government in the U.S. in the late 19th century was a small, remote, and not particularly powerful presence, unlike the 20th century and 21st century versions. You are conjuring something that did not exist at the time.

      • @ Dutch – From that perspective, can ignore any American political differences of the two parties until after 1900? I was under the impression American politics were strongly divided and very influential across all of what was America at that time, thus the resulting Civil war?

        Either way, one can’t argue that America is not a democracy or a country “of the people” under global industrialists today any more than it was under the Robber Barons of their day. Clearly it’s the policies of big industry and the bank which are implemented over those of your freely elected presidents and elected officials.

        Many Europeans still wonder how anyone could believe Trump could restore all those jobs which Republicans have been off-shoring for the past 30-years. Much of the blame has been put on either Clinton or Obama, but Regan, and both Bush Sr and Bush Jr. were just as responsible for the trade agreements which destroyed so many American jobs.

        • Quite a few things to comment on for your post, so I will hit them in order, as much as I can. After the U.S. Civil War, the political parties were animated by the nature of reconstruction and a gold standard dollar versus a silver standard (Wizard of Oz deals with the gold standard issue). The gold standard issue was intertwined with the potential bankruptcy of small family farms during times of recession, and keep in mind that family farming was one of the big cultural things of the time (Little House on the Prairie can be considered a diary of the era). The railroads to the west, partially government sponsored, were the big industrial project of the day. The settlement of the frontier and the subjugation of American Indians that resisted was a big issue. Ranchers that allowed their cattle to graze and roam freely on the prairie, versus farmers that fenced off and tilled the land was a conflict. Homesteading land and designated “Indian Territories”. So there was much going on, but most of them were not the issues of the 20th century (big banking, big government, big industry, worker’s rights, labor laws).

          The big gov’t/bank/industry thing started late in the 19th century, but came to dominate politics and the culture only in the early 20th century, along with the left-right political continuum and the American political parties as we know them.

          The U.S. has arguably always fallen well short of the ideals of the Founding Fathers. Politics and wealth and the public commons have always been manipulated for private gain. People have always been left out, marginalized, and demonized. Underneath it all is a common cultural aspiration that has suffered greatly in recent years and has been blamed for all manner of society’s ills. Trump’s popularity is, in part, his nod to those traditional cultural aspirations.

          Now to go Godwin and anticipate a typical European reaction, other political leaders have built their political movements on historical cultural cues as well (am I being too discreet here?). The difference is how one applies those callings to the present day, where one goes with them, is the movement successful, does it include mostly everyone, does it do so within the law and human decency? Those questions will be answered in the next few years. I would personally call it a bit better than 50/50 chance that things work out basically well. Trump appears to be pulling us back from some public policy and social attitude excesses. Anyone who “knows” whether this will all work out well or badly is only applying one’s own prejudices and preconceptions to the argument. We are in uncharted territory.

          • @ Dutch – Many thanks for the condensed history lesson. 🙂 American politics is a mysterious animal, not unlike Jacobs coat, a thing of many colors. I consider myself an educated man, yet I struggle to fully appreciate the complexity of your country’s politics. Perhaps LetsPlay was correct – my 10-years in the SF Bay area was not nearly enough to fully appreciate American politics or the incredible diversity you take for granted.

            Perhaps we can’t compare the morals and values of the past to our own, even going back 70-years brings many things that were once acceptable into question. But we can agree those in power will do whatever they can to keep it, even at the cost of their own citizens lives – that is one lesson history does repeat.

            To your point, yes, we will see. Hopefully our respective governments have finally come to realize the folly of dumbing down our children, embracing third world ideals and immoral values over our enlightened values and cultures that enabled us to flourish. Mistakes were made, no doubt, but unlike so much of the world, at least we learned from those mistakes through struggle and debate.

            I was watching a video of Mexican Mariachi music and dance with my wife over the weekend. It struck me how the Mexicans openly admitted the Spanish influenced their “native” music which was limited to only flutes and drums. Without realizing it, he admitted that the Europeans brought culture and civilization to a tribal third-world through something as simple as music with the introduction of violins, trumpets and the guitar.

            Odd how that never works well in the other direction.

          • I spent part of the weekend with a group of Mexicans and Mexican-Americans. It is unfortunate that the uncontrolled immigration has so warped things. It has allowed the dominant Mexican families, cartels, and government officials to absolutely pillage the country, far more than what is seen in the US or Europe (so far). The emigration to the US is a cultural safety valve exploited by the Mexican elites. Mexicans are gregarious, proud, entrepreneurial, and gracious people. Their culture is a big mix of influences, which makes for an interesting one. The elites are the same snobs as anywhere else, and the rest of the culture stays put, as it is basically very poor. There is little middle class as we know it. The only way to correctly experience the culture is to be invited to a private gathering or visit someone at home. Same for the US and for Germany, now that I think about it.

            Your background and historical understanding seems steeped in the Marxist labor-capital dialectic, conflict & resolution. That idea, while it explains a lot, is a late 19th century/early 20th century explanation, more appropriate to that time. Going further back in history, at least for the US, it does not explain much. The Cavalier/Roundhead argument of Zman is better, the “city on a hill” ideal is relevant, and generally a more classical explanation of history will work better, as these were the lenses the people of the day were looking through. The labor/capital conundrum had not been clearly explained yet.

          • Karl, got it! You lived in the one spot in the US that has little attachment to historical reality. Any connection between San Francisco and reality is purely coincidental!

          • Excellent rejoinder, I started barking- instinct- too soon, I withdraw and delete my hasty comment.

        • The Civil War was a religious war coincidental to the usual hot political debates. After the old republic was ended in 1865 the way was made clear for Progressives, but it still took them forty years to gain the high ground. We’ve been speaking in their tongue so long we don’t even know what the right questions are any longer. There are no debates but between small numbers of well informed people, and never public debates. There is no place for public debate under universal suffrage.

      • No business in politics? Absurdly, insanely laughable. Ludicrous.

        Your sensibilities are offended, and you automatically defend them. It’s natural, but it’s still conditioning.
        I agree with Karl, and appreciate the contrary view.

    • Karl, you still fail to see the way American is being attacked by the Left/Socialists and what Zman writes about here is true. Of course you are also right to the extent that whatever “party” someone might choose to affiliate with, people like Immelt are simply Globalist scum who are only out for themselves and their friends. He was an Obama Czar for Jobs for goodness sake! That speaks for itself just what a traitor he is.

      More on this at:

      • @ LetsPlay – On the contrary, I do agree. But it’s not just the left and socialists. Many conservatives, as well as many Christians, are also encouraging foreigners to come to the west. My argument is this is not just a left-liberal agenda. I agree that the globalists are certainly out for themselves, but it seems there are many who approach this subject from the humanitarian perspective as well.

      • @ LetsPlay – To your referred article – I should use harsh words and accuse you (or at least the website) of cultural appropriation! Using the English word “Liberty” with the German “Blitzkrieg” just smacks of insensitivity towards all things German. I mean really – can’t you come up with a good old American term and not appropriate German ones? Insensitive Brute! Wretched Kretin!

        Now I know why your students need safe places. I suddenly feel “uncomfortable” myself. Where’s my coloring book and crayons?

        • Easy there Karl. I think what you have just experienced is American use of a term that has “no” negative connotation to Germans or Germany. It is simply a term that has entered the vernacular as a way of describing a force or movement of something, in this case “liberty” which has no limited right of usage to the British only. Look at the site. It has nothing negative to say about your people. It is simply using a word the author chose to communicate his idea. I think you have bought into the Left’s idea of sensitivity to words and censoring thereof because they claim to be offended.

          • LetsPlay – Yes, of course! I was joking. I’ll be sure to include a smiley face when I am sarcastic. We Germans do have a sense of humor. No, really – we do.

            Like this –> 🙂

          • @ LetsPlay – I actually encourage any arguments that challenge the status quo here in Germany. And I will be sure to post a smiley face when I’m kidding or joking. But please, feel free to call me on things I get wrong about the US and I will try to correct things that are misunderstood about this side of the great pond. But when the historical topics do get tossed in the mix about our respective historical pasts, let’s agree they are for contrast and comparison and not intended as criticism or attacks of each other as people. It’s part of the natural debate and how we will come to understand each other and appreciate our common differences.

    • That may have been the case back then, but not today. The Left today has made immigration a hot button issue not because of the urgent need for cheap labor, (Though I would not put it past the corporations paying useful idiots among them for that purpose). No, the Left today wants mass immigration to gain useful idiots to displace the US western Constitutional culture with a foreign one that they believe will be more amendable to changing America to socialism. Our present birthrate is below average, and the newcomers will simply out breed us, and then take over all positions of power by default.The Left portrays the illegal immigrants as victims, so that they come off as heroes advocating for them.

      I believe the Left truly looks down at immigrants with soft condescending racism, as if they are naive children that they will be able to bend to their will and purpose. The Left thinks the immigrants will be so grateful to them, that they will follow the Left’s leadership. This conceit will backfire badly against the Left, as they will discover that the immigrants have their own agenda that will not include the paper dreams of pasty white college professors and agitators.

      • @ Ron – I’m not sure you need an influx of immigrants to dumb-down a population. American culture and the education system has been dumbing down for decades, without the help of foreigners.

        One only need to look at immigrant Indian, Chinese and Vietnamese children who can out-perform native speaking Whites, Blacks and Hispanics on college entrance exams.

        It’s not the foreigners you need to worry about, it’s the growing population of trailer-trash and ghetto dwellers who can vote!

        • Indian, Chinese, Vietnamese who can outperform…nature, nurture, culture? The Left’s big advantages in the immigration argument have been to conflate legal immigration and illegal immigration, to relabel “illegal aliens” as “undocumented workers” and to label illegals as “war refugees” when many, if not most, are economic opportunists. Under these mislabelings of the immigrant’s status and intent, people’s sympathies and guilts are played. The wealthy and dominant are very, very good at working the psyches of their countrymen to their own ends. And they do not like it one bit when some of us stand up to them.

          • @ Dutch – What does your prison population indicate? Are there lots of Indians, Vietnamese and Chinese in your prisons, or is it Whites, Blacks and Hispanics?

            Can you explain why I could see Mexicans at Home Depot looking for day jobs and not whites and blacks or Asians?

            Can you explain why the sterio-typical Indians are running 7-11’s and hotels in America, while the Asians are running shops and stores or becoming engineers and doctors and not out on the streets selling crack?

            My observation was these people actually came to America to work, just as they do here in Germany. They may come from a culture different than yours, but I suspect in a generation or two their children will be as “American” as yours even if they don’t look white-European. You know, like Cherokee or Sioux don’t look like you, but have deeper “American” roots than you. Just saying.

            While Germany doesn’t have the numbers of Asians as the UK, most here at least are not social-benefit opportunists. Their cultures promote hard work and education, which is why it’s the “local native” kids that are the problem in schools, not the “foreigners” who are actually trying to learn something. We could argue about the eastern European kids…but that’s another story.

            I agree Islamists from the middle-east are not here or there to assimilate, so we might want to change the dialog from “foreigners” to Arabs since we all agree who we don’t want in our countries.

          • Karl, you ask complex and interesting questions. America has historically been a place where people can “make good” for themselves and their families. The essence of the issue (as I framed in my comment about Mr. Abdallah) is that it works when immigrants buy into the culture and institutions that they move to. The non-assimilation of some of the Muslim Arabs, who choose to practice an insular form of fundamentalist Islam, is an extreme case.

            Here in California, the generosity of welfare programs and the widespread lack of requirements for legal documentation mean that there is a large Hispanic subculture, typically working age men, that lives in poverty and sends back “remittances” to the family at home. This is not a healthy long term arrangement for anyone involved, though the Mexican state suffers a bit less poverty and social unrest in the short run, by encouraging this stuff, and California tolerates it out of generosity and pragmatism. The actual people involved, the migrants and those who hire them, benefit from the cash transactions involved. The informal employer does not need to worry about taxes and payments over and above the cash involved (does anyone in California employ “documented” domestic help?–just asking).

            The rest of it, about jail populations, school achievement, and employment patterns, I would look at a combination of IQ, what part of the host culture the migrant employee population was drawn from, and some recognition of impulse control and long term planning that goes on in people’s lives (again, a nature/nurture thing).

            What is the “right” answer to the immigration thing? No one-size-fits-all, but perhaps a screening process that examines a person’s likelihood to succeed in what they are trying to do, are they likely to eventually identify as “American”, and do they have the necessary impulse control to bear down and succeed? More real jobs filled, fewer people looking for work on street corners, fewer people in jail. A rational immigration policy would do these things. A reasonable plan to get from where we are to where we need to be will be a lot of work, but a necessary thing, IMO.

          • @ Dutch – In my eyes the worst thing about immigration is the impact of the brain trust of a nation departing with all the solutions to their own nations problems.

            The west is far too attractive because pickings are easy and even the poorest in America and Europe have food and shelter. There are no Indians to fight, no crops to fail, no Armies showing up and conscripting your children to die in battle (as was the case here).

            What you would imagine as the worst day in America or Europe is infinitely better than the best day in Aleppo Syria any day of the week.

            Now when the smart ones leave (the high IQ you mentioned) their home country has one less chance of improving. The truth is we keep encouraging the best and the worst because their countries will never get better and they know it. And to be honest, you can’t really blame them for wanting to leave or taking the opportunity if and when it presents itself.

        • “Indian, Chinese and Vietnamese children who can out-perform native speaking Whites, Blacks and Hispanics on college entrance exams.”

          This overstates the importance of people who are good at taking college entrance examinations. We need to maintain the number and quality of the technical workers required to keep the place running. A trade-education system like the one in Germany would be more useful than the 2/3 of the meaningless graduates produced by our colleges.

          • @ Lorenzo – Wait, What? Someone here agrees with me on a socialistic concept like trade-education? I’ve been on that topic ever since I discovered this site and was branded a Marxist serial baby killer for such heresy.

            But, when you’re right, you’re right. It’s time America stopped wasting money on kids who have no place in a University and who are obtaining useless degrees in “Women’s Studies” and “Journalism”. Degrees in “Arts and Crafts” and “Photography” should not exist – a hobby does not warrant a university diploma or a mountain of debt!

            The robot future, however that is defined, will still require humans to build, program, maintain and install them. They won’t just show up by themselves no matter what you see on the Boston Dynamics YouTube videos.

            But until you show the same respect for a master electrician as you do a brain surgeon, it will never happen. When you look up to someone with a degree finger painting and look down on a person who can rebuild a transmission blindfolded, you have no chance.

            Same goes with your attitude towards sports athletes and entertainers. Take them off the pedestals and start promoting firemen, ambulance drivers and old age care givers.

            Until then, you’re on the same path as Rome who had celebrity chefs in its last days, as one of the most visible symbols of decadence is obscene, expensive over-consumption.

          • I attended vocational school before college and ran a couple of privatized companies in post-reunification Sachsen and Sachsen-Anhalt, so I have seen the benefits of such training on both ends of the arrangement.

          • “A socialist concept like trade-education?” No, I don’t think so. I agree with you Karl.

            The trades are simply an alternative for people who have different interests, motivations, and like to do things with their hands, primarily. I would even include Ag schools like Cal Poly – SLO where I went. I studied Engineering but they had Ag schools, HVAC and other more hands on type programs for those with more of an engineering bent.

            But a big advocate in the US for this kind of program is Mike Rowe who has done some shows like “Dirty Jobs.” You can find more about his interests on this effort at

            But this ties in nicely with Pres. Trump’s Development and Construction background. When you see him at plants and such, he doesn’t just hobnob with the big shots. He meets and greets the regular workers, the skilled trades people and he “connects” with them and that is why they voted for him. They can tell he understands them and he values their contributions to America’s productivity and economic strength. That is the foundation of our economy despite whatever Wall Street might want everyone to believe.

            I think you are on the right track with that idea. Keep on pushing Karl. I do so from my little perch also.

      • “The Left thinks the immigrants will be so grateful to them, that they will follow the Left’s leadership.” And if they vote for Obama, the blacks will forgive and love them.

    • Karl;
      Two points: First: Then as now employers prefer inexpensive and tractable workers and will support whichever politicians promise to deliver same. Folk from the then-oppressive societies you cite were used to having few rights and low pay. Hence they were favored as employees for dangerous and dirty jobs such as railroad construction and steel mills, etc. And these employees reached back to the old country to bring in their fellows, then as now.

      OTOH, to employ local labor, which was then available from the surplus farm population (~ 70% lived on farms then), the industrialists would have had to pay up and use more post-WWII German/Japanese management methods. Else they’d have had the sort of labor troubles (which they richly deserved) that the coal mine owners had in Appalachia.

      Second: By comparison to the contemporaneous European states of 150 years ago, the US national government was small and weak. It only began to bulk up in the First Progressive Era towards the end of the 1800’s as a result of popular indignation against the labor practices of those self-serving industrialists, often led by Progressive Republicans such a T. Roosevelt (and the American Left). The Left is justly held responsible today because of the cosmopolitan Globalism they exclusively embraced from the late 1960’s onwards. Before that the American Left was American first and Left second. Only the few American Communists (i.e. International Socialists) were Left first and Americans if at all. Now the Left is actively anti-American.

      • @ AFDN – I would not consider T. Roosevelt a liberal as much as I would consider him a progressive of his time given his position and power. John Muir and Upton Sinclaire don’t strike me as a leftist or liberals either, but as a rational men who recognized the abuse of government and industry against the American people and the ruining of the land itself.

        As thezman pointed out some time ago, these particular men should not be confused with the so-called progressives of today – which I now understand. It was not my misunderstanding of the word ‘progressive’, but how the definition has changed over time.

        To your point of industry and respect of workers, Germans have always had a very different attitude going back to 1869 under the North German Confederation. Bismarck further promoted positive industrial relations between worker/owner by encouraging a social awareness (e.g. health insurance, retirement benefits, etc.) and cooperation.

        The idea was then, as it is now, that healthy workers are more productive workers who then become more highly skilled workers and thus contribute greater productivity over time. In this way, it also develops a sense of loyalty between both parties which means highly skilled works tend not to leave for greener pastures. It wasn’t so long ago that the shop foreman, the Meister (Master) would hire and train the workforce while management concerned itself with running the business. To be fair, this was usually limited to skilled and semi-skilled workers.

        For Germans, the worker/owner relationship is generally more cooperative and less adversarial since 99% of German companies are still owned by private families, often dating back several hundred years.

        For Americans, tossing workers on the scrap heap has always been possible due an abundance of cheap, easily replaceable labor which does not lend itself to owners social concern for their employees. In the UK there are plenty of examples of high-brow, overly educated elitists who ruined much of their industry simply through stupidity, ignorance and simple upper class arrogance. One need look no further than the British car industry which has virtually disappeared in our lifetime.

        While there may be a few exceptions in the past (e.g. Hershey Chocolate) for the typical American worker today, I don’t believe this attitude has changed much in 100-years.

        Either way, the future of our respective countries under these new global industrialists may not work out so well for any of us.

    • A detail: the Turks were forced on Germany by the victorious Allies. Turkish workers were imported to work at American bases first, and then as labor for connected bosses next.

      • I think the Turks and Germans have had a “thing” for each other for over 100 yrs. Go back to the great German archeologists of the late 19th c., like Schleimann who uncovered ancient Troy, although there are questions about that. Fifty years ago in Istanbul, the German archeologists still ruled on the “big digs,” the Brits second, followed by Americans and French. To a certain class of old family Germans, Turkey is their Palm Beach! It almost like the Germans can relax and enjoy a gemutlich lifestyle without requiring a huge amount of money. The things that drove me crazy about the Turks don’t seem to bother the Germans I knew there. I don’t know about the Turkish educational system or if the Germans send their offspring home for schooling. For whatever reasons, the two groups are just simpatico. Many Turks speak German when they don’t have to, i.e. not working in a VW plant.

    • Karl, remind me which country “imported” — or should I say press ganged — millions of Polish, French, Russian, etc workers to run its factories, clean its sewers, and labor on its farms from 1939 to 1945? Afterwards, those same millions of unfortunates filled the displaced persons camps. The ones unfortunate enough to be forceably repatriated to the Soviet Union usually got a one way ticket to the Gulag. And all because of this one country. I think its name sounded something like “gross douche rike.” Maybe you can help me?

        • The Hun always misses the point. We all have these sorts of things in our attics. I call your slavery and raise you Teutonic Knights and atrocities in East Africa. Well what about your Indians you might say. I then counter with the partitions of Poland and the immiseration of a proud, free people.

          Well it’s not just the Boche. Euro-peons in general love to play this game with Americans, assuming we don’t know their history. I remember one blog I used to frequent. There was a Greek who used to always rag on us about all of our awful history. I brought up the Great Idea, Greece’s invasion of Turkey in 1923. He immediately got all defensive (I think his reply was “what’s your point”) and proceeded to deny that his country’s unwarranted aggression was in any way comparable to ours.

          Since subtlety doesn’t seem to be part of your mental toolbox, I’ll spell it out for you. The Americans here do know a lot of European history. We can go atrocity to atrocity with you. Can you please just stop the GD yankee bashing?

          • @ El Baboso – Not bashing the Americans at all, and I will accept any criticism of German behavior in our not so glorious past. Reflecting on our respective pasts is not a commentary of who we are, but who we have been. Countries, like people, change over time. It’s not “bashing” to remind someone they use to like the BeeGee’s when they complain about Justin Bieber. History is just a place holder of where we have been, not necessarily a sign of where we are going.

    • Karl, you ignorant slob! The Republicans were the “liberals” of the time between 1860-1890! In the latter part of that period of American history they became ” “progressive”, as well. Stop with the political history of which all you know involves labels, rather than philosophies.

      • @ Old Codger – Forgive me for trying to understand your countries political landscape. But when Republicans freed the slaves, how is it they suddenly went from liberal, to progressive to conservative? Have they switched back or Jeff Immelt a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

    • These posts are altering my life! How true, the duplicity of Mr. Jeff of General Electric. I missed that when he said it. If there are any economists reading this, the knee-jerk conservative response to border tax imports is negative, it just costs the consumer more, but doesn’t a high corporate income tax accomplish the exact same negative result? Wouldn’t reducing the income tax on corporations (they actually don’t pay it, but collect it and pass it on) and putting an import tax instead, have the effect of retaining jobs while raising the same revenue?

  14. Poor old lefties. 40+ years ago they were in “if it feels good, do it” mode, flowers in their hair, painting each others’ bodies, having loveins, setting up communes, driving around stoned in psychedelic VW vans, and generally making trouble only for themselves then and later in life. Now look at them, terrified of reality, perpetually offended, rowdy, disruptive, destructive (self and generally), and becoming such a general nuisance the whole country is turning on them. I liked them better back then.

    • Never underestimate what a young man would do to find a sexual partner. Never underestimate what a young woman would do to find a provider and protector. They took it all seriously when the rest of us (even some of us who were their age at the time) looked at it as a trivial lark of sorts. Now they seek to impose their preferences on the rest of us, and some of us still look at their behavior as trivial and misguided. They hate the likes of me for not taking them seriously and for farting in their general di-rection.

    • And yet, both forms have proven to be remarkably effective tactics for destroying the societies they hate.

      • They always smelled rather odd and were always so dumb/immature. Then they grew up to be insurance salesmen, who now attend mega-churches!

  15. They’ll just retort that nationalism, nations, culture, morals, rights, national sovereignty, ‘peoplehood’ are just preferential oogly boogly as well.

    I can’t say quite why I disagree, but even if I agree, they’re MY oogly boogly and perhaps it is enough to get the progs arguing on that level.

  16. Yet another outstanding post. To add another darkly amusing example of transparently ignorant ‘IFLS’ TM: The idea that the universe is a simulation as propagated by Mr Prog Science himself, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, no less. Link:

    The elementary logical consequence of this view is that if the universe is a simulation, then someone (i.e. an extremely intelligent being) existing outside of the universe not only had to write the code but also create the processor it runs on (a pretty good basic, if twisted, definition of God). This rather obvious implication seemingly escapes the Manhattan upper W Side hive-mind. One of my kids actually attended the event cited. I asked her if anyone there grasped this or brought it up. She said, “Dad, it went right over their heads. And if anyone was smart enough to realize this, they’re smart enough to realize that they’d better not say it there.”

    Now, one might object that in some mysterious way the universe itself is the processor as well as the process but that still leaves the small (/sarc) matter of the code/rules/forms (What, we’re back to forms_?). Anyone with a basic knowledge of IT knows that software needs a physical medium to exist but that it exists independent of that medium as demonstrated by the fact that it cam be moved from media to media, e.g. punch cards to processor in my day 🙂

    BTW, the IFLS TM website is exactly what you’d expect: A mixture of a few short pieces trolling for $$$ to feed the Prog ecosystem and (mostly) click-bait for the same folks that buy all those magazines at the supermarket checkouts.

    • Excellent comment. To continue in the same vein, “in some mysterious way the universe itself is the processor as well as the process” is a bit of circumlocution worthy of a Taoist or Buddhist monk or the most obscure Roman theologians.

      “The Universe is the Processor as well as the Process.” “The Way that can be Discovered is not the True Way”. Om….

      “The Universe is The Processor and The Process, as was shown by the Hypostatic Union of the Neoplatonic Archons…”

      One could go on but it could get silly.

      Speaking of getting silly. By merest accident of searching for something else I recently encountered the writing of Australian feminist/queertheorist/phenomenologist Astrida Neimanis. Her work seems to focus on the connection between femininity, homosexuality, obsessive body and genitalia worship, the fact that our bodies consist mainly of water, and the gaian deep ecology movement and its views on the water resources of the earth.

      Imagine chanting, “all hail the hydrocommons” before an idol of a golden vagina, and you see the outlines of the New Religion before you.

      Ere long, the call of the muezzin will be sweet music.

      • So if I find myself before a Golden Vagina, am I not wrong to exclaim out loud “f**k that!?”. After all, isn’t that what it’s for?

    • Al from da Nort, whether you meant to or not, you couldn’t have thought of a better analogy for the way things really are. You and Z-man have both seen two sides of the same truth.

      It goes like this:

      Somewhere far back in time, in the midst of the garden grew a tree whose fruit, it was said, would impart the knowledge of Good and Evil. One said unto man that to eat of this fruit would surely cause death. Another, that original Progressive, said “not so,” but rather apprehending this knowledge (synonymous with ‘science’) would bring mankind into ‘Godhood’. A cunning lie, in that it was a partial truth; for God had indeed said He was creating man “in His image”. Just wasn’t going to happen THAT day, as the Deceiver would have them believe.

      Fast forward a half dozen millennia. We’ve arrived at that point where we actually believe we indeed create our own reality…that is believing we ourselves DEFINE what is evil and what is good. Or, at least, that’s what they’d have us believe.

      Science is indeed the “stand-in for God”, whose authority overcomes all dissent. That is a spot-on observation…

      But, whether the universe is a simulation, or a process, or something else entirely, we can’t know at this time. Yet I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss the idea that “the universe itself is the processor as well as the process”! Neil DeGrasse Tyson is certainly a deluded fool or a liar (I suspect both) but I think he INTENDED to make the point that this “universe simulation” requires a Simulator—a Creator. And the Luciferian Tyson is most certainly hoping to reveal that it’s none other than that original Progressive I alluded to. That is his end game; the Father of Lies capturing all of mankind in the Mother of all Lies…

      (“He who has ears to hear…”)

      Some “extremely intelligent being” did indeed create this realm we find ourselves in. I submit that we have a Usurper on the loose, one who has enslaved the minds of men under the guise of “Science”, and that perhaps this “universe” isn’t at all what it seems. What if the simulation is very real—more real than we are in fact—but we’ve misunderstood it? What if we’ve allowed ourselves to be corrupted with our knowledge and to blindly accept what our modern priests and prophets in lab coats and NASA costumes have told us THEY KNOW is the truth…When in fact it is one mammoth Lie? Else they themselves are greatly deceived. What if the scriptures are true, God created “the heavens and the earth”, AND His own Adversary, for a purpose almost no one has understood? (Yet). If so, it certainly seems rational to me that He made provision that the “True Way” can indeed be discovered…that there is in fact a “physical medium for the software”—spoken of by the prophets of ancient scripture—and that software is known as the LOGOS: He is the Processesor working Himself out in the Process!

      In fact, your comment “that software needs a physical medium to exist but that it exists independent of that medium” is an actual tenement of Christian doctrine, described ever so succinctly, and beautifully in the first chapter of John… “In the beginning was the Logos, and the Logos was with God, and the Logos was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him, and without him was not anything made that was made.” Keep reading for the rest of the Truth…

  17. The god of this world has many different paths intended to darken and distract the human heart. He does not mind which one is taken, as all of his paths lead toward him and away from the light. What I did not consider until this post was, it appears he enjoys watching his disciples on different paths fighting each other along the way.

  18. As a white man who grew up in the seventies, I can testify from personal experience that institutional racism exists … AGAINST WHITE MEN! First, the gov’t took away our right of freedom of association and bussed me to failing inner city black schools where I was exposed to institutional racism for seven years. Next, during 3 years in the Army, I observed the institutional racism of tribal blacks and hispanics getting promoted and favored over white men. Busting my ass to get into college, I noticed institutional racism against white men when I learned that negroes were held to a far lesser standard and obtained college admission despite poor SAT scores. White college men were further discriminated against by refusing their right to freedom of association while they had to watch black fraternities form, scholarships and grants created only for negroes and never the white college men, and various other black-only student clubs and organizations. Even then the blacks were bleating about institutional racism because white men were far superior in taking standardized tests, which of course must be racism. After graduating, I observed institutional racism when I applied for law school, reminded yet again that blacks only needed a 2.5GPA in college and merely sit for the LSAT to obtain admission regardless of how poorly they performed on the standardized test. Passing the bar exam was a one off event for myself, but again institutional racism raised its ugly head again as I knew of a negro who failed the bar exam for 7 years in a row! In the workforce I again noticed institutional racism when I, as a white man, was turned down for government jobs due to Affirmative Action, diversity quotas, and preferences for negroes regardless of merit. I suppose all this institutional racism is the reason why I am now a multi-millionaire and retired at 45. Because of institutional racism against white men, it had the unintended effect of iron sharpening the iron of my will, creating opportunities each time a door was closed, and calling up the resources of my intellect to become even more adaptive and creative and resourceful in pursuing financial freedom. Thank you, my niggas!

  19. I think what you have just described is the reason for the rise of nationalism and ethnicity in politics. These are tangible. What they replace are things that can be categorized with the nebulous things in search of contrived divine sanction. The conservatives had something with the Constitution, but since they have conceded to the libs the right to continually revise it, they destroyed what permanence and tangibility that it once seemed to have.
    The libs spent many years taking down every aspect of traditional civic and social life in America without considering the vacuum that would be created and the possibilities of what would fill that void. They rush now to fill it with things that lack substance and offend sensibilities, and when these are rejected respond that the people rejecting their ammoniacal libations should be cleansed from the future and replaced.
    I don’t think they will be the ones deciding who gets replaced.

  20. It’s not the gods are crazy, it’s all the shades and degrees of cultural marxism seeping into every facet of a lot peoples affairs writ large and they don’t recognize it’s so.
    It’s like a fractal species of cargo cultism obtaining a herd populism. It is such a contrast to the traditional and alt-right, like alien species.
    I look around and see people preparing themselves physically, spiritually, for the possibility of a future where rendering of the fabric of our society has reached a point where their fellow Americans inured to cultural marxist light social behavior could end up in a serious sticky wicket. It won’t be pretty. What are these folks going to do when the lies of social justice and politically correct bullshit become the inevitable consequences safe places of the mind and Faceborg can not provide for.
    I think of the energy and resources, time itself, people invest in these social traps, to the exclusion of life’s simple daily extingencies, and the degradation of plain old hands on labor and sustenance of the spirit and soul, and I think, what are these people going to end up doing when things go bad?

    The world is always a dangerous place. The path the political class is taking the structure of our civilization is not healthy.
    Being so disconnected from reality and so connected to a world that only exists as a matrix of interconnected electron pathways between the brain and the silicon chip isn’t healthy either.
    Between the two it encompasses enough of the makeup of our nation that if ones fails, the other fails. Both are predicated on the illusions of something solidly legitimate. Both are so connected in subtle but, critical to a large portion of the population and it’s function. In such a way that the legacy ways of life are lost or forgotten to this matrix’s adherents.
    I venture off this ridge, go down into the world, and everywhere everyone is plugged in. The glow worm hue of phosphor electrons baths heir faces in a gentle embrace of slavery to silicon. They come out of this trance, and many have almost hostile vibes for having to be disturbed from their entrancement.
    And i think they are alien species to me. I don’t want anything to do with these electron zombies. I feel like a stranger in a strange land. I no longer relate to my fellow humans of this sub species. Or am I the neanderthal? I just want to get back to the homestead, knowing and seeing my safe place, tend the fire, or take off my shoes and feel the damp earth on my feet as I weed my grocery store. I take a piss off my porch at midnight, in the serene embrace of pleasant rich dark while staring up at the old man in the moon. And I wonder, when does it come asunder? It can’t last. It’s a dead end this electron matrix.

    It’s said the majority is always sane, because, well, majority. And thats an ugly proposition nation right there. It’s an ugly power. And it’s ugliness is beginning to become a power unto itself. A crowd derangement syndrome. Where the reality of that matrix is anathema to the reality of the flesh and blood dirt world below the feet.

    I live a physical life, a dirt life. I perform physical labor daily, it is how I garner an income, how I feed myself, how I keep my house warm. I do almost everything myself with my hands and my eyes and my body.
    I venture on the matrix to obtain an overview of events, how the world is moving, to be prepared, to try and enlighten myself so my physical world is congruent and adaptive to changes that effect my physical world.
    And every day I see so many people going down the rabbit hole further and further, and I worry how the hell are they going to survive if the matrix that consumes so much of their life force comes crashing down? What are they going to do when they come up out of that world of electrons and have to do the day to day physical stuff?

    • Your self characterization reminds me of John the savage from “Brave New World”. Or the guy from Plato’s cave allegory who manages to escape and sees the real world.In any case you are true son of Adam, who was blessed, not cursed by God to earn his bread by the sweat of his brow, so as to always keep him connected with reality.

      • Always admired Plato’s cave for it’s bare bones accuracy, it sure is allegory. Scary in a way too. What if Plato is more right than he knew? That’s chilling.
        I look at to be blessed with good fortune, with humility mind you, to have “five acres and independence”. We don’t have barely enough in monetary wealth to get by, but are rich nevertheless. Even in this neck of the woods it is about as rural as rural can be, there’s a lot of neighbors who have beautiful land and don’t utilize its physical value or work it to produce the sustainable resource it can provide. It’s none of my business really what others do with theirs, I just can’t but sense it is a resource that is fast approaching thrive or die circumstances.

    • I spend less and less time on the internet, but am glad I stopped by today for the privilege and pleasure of picking up a new phrase: “electron zombies”. Wonderful! Thanks!

      Like you, I seldom venture off my property, enjoy pissing of the porch, moon-gazing and mind-beaming. Just this morning (summer’s-end, where I am), I decided that this is the year to seriously ramp up our greenhouse and veggie-patch production. I’m soon to be 71, about to take my last “adventure” trip (the Amazon) sympathize fully with your chagrin with those who have grown so detached from the natural world and its denizens.

      • Just popped into my head freelance, but your welcome. It is kind of funny now you mention it. Electron Zombies, rolls off the tongue.
        Yes, got that right, serenity and contentment, no place like home.
        My farmer friend & neighbor Randy will come by and say lets go up on the hill and have us a sit, we can gaze upon the land and be masters of all we purvey.
        He’s just making good fun out of the belief we both share we only rent God’s earth for a little while, and we have to be good Shepard’s of it while we live this mortal coil.
        Springs close here, the daffodils and crocuses have popped up, the hay fields are just showing a hint of green. Red breasted Robins showed up last weekend.
        I hope your trip is everything you hope.

      • Well thanks and kind regards. To be frank, it was written with a heart felt expression of concern for my fellow American’s. I can not but help sense there is a long row to hoe here, as a people some of us have lost all touch with legacies hard won and wisdom gained down through time. And we can not afford to loose those things.
        Not that one size fits all, because it takes all kinds, but people disconnected in the matrix are people disconnected so far from the physical provincial nature of nature and provincial culture ways and it’s value and necessities is not healthy culturally or spiritually.

      • Is that what you think?
        Me, I’m sad. I remember a overt vibrant world where git er’ done was SOP. Now I see a jacked in world that is loosing physical touch with legacy culture mores and values.
        I want to retain those legacy things, my connections to a provincial way of life.
        I suspect killing people off because they don’t adhere to my sense of things holds no value. The 20th century proved that is not what the marxists of all flavors chalk it up to be.
        What is needed is a grass roots movement towards those values I admire. The more, not the less, the merrier.

  21. The left hates “The Natural Order”, men are generally smarter and stronger than women, and blacks are generally dumber than everyone else. This railing against nature is what causes leftists to be deranged. It kills them to think that White Privilege, or Male Privilege may be just the way things are. The gods are cruel and inflexible, science is malleable.

    • I have spent quite a bit of professional time with Asians, and I can tell you that they often operate at a mental pace that is quicker and more sophisticated than mine. There is a gentle and unspoken charity given there, in that they slightly “dumb down” the content and slow the pace, so that I can keep up. I think that in the educational community, those would be labeled as “microaggressions”.

      The difference in how people’s brains operate is real, IMHO, and has some correlation with IQ measures. The problem for the Libs is that once this is common knowledge, all notions of how they want to construct the world go out the window. People are not born equal, some have talents and skills others will never acquire, and a man must know his limitations. Railing against the God-given order of things is pissing into the wind.

      Communities, in part, protect their members against depredations brought in from the wider world. People can be dumber, or slower, and do just fine in a community that provides for their place in it. Those who would “flatten” the world, rationalize job transfer, and reward those at the top, had better be very careful about it. Unless they are truly the smartest and most clever of all, they will be bitten in the backside by the monster they have created, sooner or later. In making things a fight of all against all, few will win and most will lose horribly.

  22. “Science” even has its own creation myth: in the beginning giant membranes touched each other and presto, Big Bang! (Though they never do say where the membranes came from).

    • God or stuff came from nothing, we’re all at a loss either way. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

    • It isn’t a myth. Well, maybe not giant membranes touching, but enthusiastic membranes touching is why Mrs. thor and I have several children.

      Back to the subject: it is always interesting to note that the progressives worship economics as a science yet hate its laws. So they clamor for a minimum wage, then don’t understand why teenage unemployment goes up.

      • Their clamor is for the giddy feeling of self- righteous “I feel so good about how much I care about others” claptrap.

  23. C.S. Lewis observed the worship of science as the new god of the modern age. Atheists deride the blind faith practiced by those who worship God, yet so many secularists with little or no understanding of science do the same because some blurb in the news has the word “Science” attached, so it must be true!

    I would love to ask them: “So you understand completely the logical process and methods they went through to achieves the conclusion?” They would admit no, but state it must be true because scientists wear the white lab coats of scientific priesthood, and thus they take it on faith what they claim to be true even though they do not understand themselves!

    But the real motivation behind the worship science has nothing to do with resolving moral issues or social ills. Scientific discovery in of itself never provides moral guidance or recommends ethic behavior. It only reveals what is, not what to do with it. It is the wrong discipline for it. Science can measure the decibels in Handel’s Messiah, or examine the pigment of paint on a Rembrandt, but it cannot explain the appeal to the soul that lifts our minds and hearts to the heavens.

    It is the seeking to unlock the secrets of POWER that moral neutral scientific discovery offers.The Progressives seek to design a bigger and better mousetrap using scientific principles to lure the masses into their hands.To build a more efficient truncheon to rule and reign over the herds to guide them as they will.They are modern day Gollums and Saurons seeking to gain the One Ring to rule us all.

    • A lot of things are based on trust, since you can’t know everything by yourself. The problems of society are built on misplaced trust.

  24. ” While they may appear to have abandoned the Christian concept of God as a moral authority, in reality they just gave him some new names.”

    The name of Abraham’s God is “I Am”.
    The name of the Left’s god is “I Know”, and the Libertarian’s is “I Have”.

  25. this kind of rigidity of perception that is a hallmark of the leftist personality frees the holder from having to exert much mental energy; i.e. it is a lazy adaptation. in slow moving times it might have been viable, but in today’s fluid world it is fatal. i may not know for sure what all the dark shapes are, but I at least know they are moving.

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