The Irrationality Of It All

A year ago, the life force of 49 carbon based life forms ceased somewhere on planet earth. Memorial services were planned comewhere to let Hate know that he or she, the sex and gender preference of Hate is unknown, that it was not going to win, whatever winning means, in the context of a war against an abstract concept. Media operations have posted stories about the triggering incident along with images of the faithful shaking their fist at Hate, which they appear to hate a lot, but in the good way, not the hateful way.

The “incident” is the mass shooting by a Muslim fanatic at an Orlando homosexual club that resulted in hundreds wounded and 49 dead. Reading the Progressive media, you would not know that. The Washington Post wrote that “49 people died” as if they just fell over from some strange illness. The Orlando Sentinel has the decency to tell us how they died, but then insults everyone’s intelligence by claiming the motive is a mystery. The motive is clear to everyone, including the lunatics working at the Sentinel.

It’s a good reminder that the Progs relentlessly rewrite the past, even the very recent past, in order to fit the current narrative. Right now, they hilariously hold onto the idea of building an anti-white coalition that somehow includes homicidal Muslims and homosexuals, who Muslims hate almost as much as they hate Jews. To that end, they have set about writing out the Muslim antagonists from the stories about Muslim terrorism. Here we are a year after the event and they are blaming guns. In another year, the killer will be a white guy.

This is why it is a fool’s errand to assign logical motives to Progressives. The goofy white woman holding the sign that reads “We Will Not Let Hate Win” in the Post story has no idea why she is there or even what she is saying with that sign. It is not even about a normal emotion like anger or sadness. People attending public memorial services for strangers can at least claim to feel bad for their community or humanity. That woman is there hoping to gain attention from the media so she can gain status among her coreligionists.

That’s the thing about this new religion. It is feminine. Their “war on hate” is more like a popular new diet craze or a fashion trend. The gals get into it because the popular gals are into it. Everyone gets into it more and more, until everyone is doing it to the fullest and it suddenly stops being popular. Some new thing is the new thing and the cool girls are into that and not the old thing. Today’s war on extremism is just the yoga pants craze, but for emotionally unstable single women. It gives them a way to gain attention.

It’s natural for people outside the Cult of Modern Liberalism to think that this weird religion has no future. No one wants to believe that something so insanely irrational could be the winning formula that organizes future societies. Everyone’s beliefs seem weird and delusional until you start to believe them too. The pagans of Europe thought early Christians were a bit nuts and then they converted, as that made more sense than worshiping the old gods. Christianity suddenly was not so crazy after all.

Given that this weird new religion defines the emerging global ruling class, the safe bet is they have staying power beyond what logic would dictate. It’s natural for people to look to their betters for status signals. The entire self-help industry relies on this truth. Tony Robbins presents himself as a wildly successful winner. He will help you emulate him, so you can be a winner too. Mike Cernovich is following this model and has gone far, despite never having actually done much of anything, other than self-promotion.

The passionate embrace of egalitarianism and multiculturalism by our betters is a powerful intoxicant. While it may be insane to think a coalition that includes Jews, Muslims fanatics and homosexuals can last very long, it may not really matter. It is the idea of it that matters and that’s what the new religion is selling. For our betters, they imagine a world that looks a lot like Chevy Chase Village in Maryland, where everyone is from all over, everyone is nice and the dining options are the best. Who could be against that?

On the other hand, there was a time when communism seemed like an inevitability. When I was a boy, most people assumed that in the fullness of time, humanity would sink into the darkness of international socialism. Instead, the cost of making it work exceeded the benefit and eventually, the whole thing collapsed. Today you are more likely to run into a lesbian druid than a communist. Maybe that’s where multiculturalism is headed, like a wave, it will eventually crest and then recede, leaving behind a lot of dead fish.

Still, it is hard to accept. How can people with the ability to manage their own affairs convince themselves that the cause of the Orlando gay club slaughter was evil spirits, rather than the Muslim, who actually did it? How can sane people protest the march against sharia and march in favor of the gay rights at the same event? It defies explanation, other than it is some new form of mental illness that spreads like the flu, causing people to lose their marbles. It really does seem like collective madness.

When I was a boy, I would listen to my grandfather and his brothers tell war stories. Most served in the Pacific theater, against the Japs. They never got over the fanaticism they faced by the Japanese soldiers. They laughed about it, as men of that age would, but looking back I suspect they never could square what they saw with what they thought they knew about the world. Some things just defy all rationality and our current age may be one of those examples.

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  1. 2000 years from now, our language will be dust, but demons will still bear strange names.

    Preists will still rail against the dread god Hate, and his demons Racism, Intolerance, Misogyny, and Trump.
    Highest amongst them, second only to Hate, will be Demon Lord Gun.

  2. “Today’s war on extremism is just the yoga pants craze, but for emotionally unstable single women.”

    Not that there’s anything wrong with yoga pants.

    • While these explanations for this is all well and good, I always use occams razor to explain these people.

      They are just, really, really, stupid.

  3. Another angle: What if this is an _international_ feminist competition of virtue signaling_? How many Manchester teddy bears does it take to equal having the Eiffel Tower lit up in Paris_? Does a pride march in Orlando score above a bridge lined with votive candles in London.

    It is not even controversial any more that females compete with other females for status (as do males). For feminists it’s always about them and it’s always middle school, competing for who gets to sit at the cool kids lunch table.

    IOW, these displays have actually nothing to do with dead people or some miasma of misogyny blighting the West. Two possibilities: The jihadi’s love this because it shows how weak and stupid we are; Or it drives them nuts because they’re really just accessories in an opaque psychodrama.

  4. The goofy white woman holding the sign that reads “We Will Not Let Hate Win” in the Post story has no idea why she is there or even what she is saying with that sign

    Well, I think you’re wrong Z. I think she may not have known why she was there or what she was saying then, but now I imagine it is all quite clear to her.

    She was there, and will be there in the future because Trump.

    That’s all the progs know now, and as far as they are concerned it’s all they need to know

    Trump is the manifestation of all their fears and terrors. He hasn’t really done anything to justify this, except say “pussy” and act like a man, but that doesn’t matter.

    Trump is all the evil in the world, concentrated in a mass 6’2″ tall. If they can destroy it, then all will be right in the world. If they fail, then all is lost.

    So the Julius Caesar as Trump killing in Central Park will go on, and Snoop Dogg will keep firing the fake pistol at the clown doll, and Kathy Griffin will keep cutting off Trump’s head in effigy…these poor martyrs are willing to suffer to save the world, just like that selfless woman holding the sign who will not let hate to win

  5. Focusing on “hate” or “racism” or some other “ism” is what allows the left to draw a false moral equivalence between the actions of a terrorist committing mass murder in the name of Islam and a bakery which refuses to bake a wedding cake for two homosexual men. If both acts are driven by the same base emotion, hatred of those different from you, then both acts must be equally morally culpable.

    I recall that the gay community threw some support behind Trump after the attack. It looks like the half-life of that support was measured in weeks. Moral: never form an alliance with the left.

  6. I wonder if it has ever crossed their minds that muslims may not want these loons hanging around, or to “stand with them.” That’s the truly annoying thing about progressives, they assume everyone else likes them.

    • They seem to take it very personally that some of us have no respect for their virtuous twathood.

  7. The tides of history are a lot more powerful than emotional fads….But those who subscribe to the fads are more likely to end up prematurely erased in Darwinian fashion.

  8. Malcolm X explained this issue 50 years ago:

    “In this deceitful American game of power politics, the Negroes (i.e., the race problem, the integration and civil rights issues) are nothing but tools, used by one group of whites called Liberals against another group of whites called Conservatives, either to get into power or to remain in power. Among whites here in America, the political teams are no longer divided into Democrats and Republicans. The whites who are now struggling for control of the American political throne are divided into “liberal” and “conservative” camps. The white liberals from both parties cross party lines to work together toward the same goal, and white conservatives from both parties do likewise.

    The white liberal differs from the white conservative only in one way: the liberal is more deceitful than the conservative. The liberal is more hypocritical than the conservative. Both want power, but the white liberal is the one who has perfected the art of posing as the Negro’s friend and benefactor; and by winning the friendship, allegiance, and support of the Negro, the white liberal is able to use the Negro as a pawn or tool in this political “football game” that is constantly raging between the white liberals and white conservatives.”

    As applied here, Mulsims and gays are just more footballs used by liberals to battle conservatives for power.

    • Anyone who describes leftist totalitarians as “liberals” deserves to be shot promptly. It’s obnoxious to repeat their lie as if it were not basically misleading, and doing so makes you look like a tool.

  9. I now accept that quite a few people are crazy. I am not trying to change them. They are free to live their lives. But I am going to avoid them, as much as I can. I don’t need a lot of crazy in my immediate environment.

    If the crazies succeed in driving our culture off the cliff into oblivion, so be it. I’m not in a position to change that. I don’t need TV or the movies any more, real life provides an ongoing tragicomedy of epic proportions. Just watching it all burn, baby.

  10. I especially like the sign that says “I am a Lover, Atheist, Patriot, and I stand with Islam”. An Atheist standing with a religionist. I’m sure that you won’t ever see a sign that says “I am an Atheist and I stand with Christianity”! In addition, the Cognitive Dissonance of being a Patriot and standing with something that destroys your country is mind boggling. They reduce being a Patriot to believing only in abstract concepts and don’t recognize patriotism is about respect for your fellow citizens and of stewardship pf the land you live on. For these idiots, humanistic platitudes are more important than concrete reality. Such stupidity.

  11. Are anti farts commies or just very violent useful idiot anarchists? Are black supremacists commies or just genocidal maniacs? Because both groups seem to be the more scary militant groups that are not so rare, to my eyes at least. And exactly what are muslims in relation to this prog dynamic? More muscle towards common enemies? To my mind what binds all of these groups together, at least for now, is their hatred of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Another huge demographic, more relevant in California, Texas, and other areas, are predominately Catholic hispanics. What are militant reconquesta hispanics? Commies? Or do they have the numbers and will to entirerly do their own thing if necessary?

  12. Boy, did you nail Chevy Chase/Bethesda. Spent a lot of time there over the years for social reasons and always struck by the fact that the denizens actually believe it is the real world. And you cannot shake them from that belief.

    For my Dad and uncles Korea and the ChiComs were their Japs. Human wave attacks will do that to you. However, I think about how much they accomplished by their late 20s, war service, college, careers, kids, an overriding ability to separate the important from the trivial–then I look at these trivial snowflakes.

  13. And it took not one, but two, atomic bombs to snap the Japanese out of their fanaticism. There’s a life lesson in there about Progressives.

    I saw this report posted on Drudge the other day, about “Xanax Nation”.

    What I found humorous about it is that the author misses the precise explanation for why so many people have “anxiety”. He writes about those toy fidget spinners the kids are crazy about. Those are a fad, like Cabbage Patch Kids from the 80’s or Tamagotchi eggs from the 90’s. He then writes about all sorts of famous people afflicted with these disorders from Kurt Cobain to Lena Dunham. Despite this, he misses the point: they’re all fads. From spinners today to depression in the 90’s to “anxiety” back in the present. Cobain was a fad. Dunham is a fad.

    Like most of Progressivism, it’ll last until it becomes a national joke – like being called a “Liberal” or phrases like “Global Warming” are basically punch lines today. Very few people use either in polite company because everybody knows it’s a joke.

    So, mock it.

    After the 2016 election there was the “safety pin” revolution. It was so utterly stupid and ripe for mockery that it lasted only about a month until enough people started sharing pictures of infants wearing cloth diapers held by safety pins.

    Some of this stuff you just have to mock it. That’s how you beat the cult.

  14. On the recommendation of one of your readers (sorry I can’t recall who), I read Igor Shafarevich’s The Socialist Phenomenon. He lays it out as only a USSR mathematician can. He baldly states that the point of socialism is the annihilation of the individual personality, and that socialism’s goal is the annihilation of the human race. Seeing all this, I can’t help but believe he’s right. These bints hate the rest of the world almost as much as they hate themselves, and if the rest of the world has to burn so they feel better about themselves, so be it.

    • The subtext of the environmental movement is “stop making babies.”

      The subtext of the climate change movement is “just die already.”

      A lot of the more suggestible among us have already answered the call.

  15. This and your previous post are the most insightful in dissecting the malaise that is spreading like an epidemic. What used to be fringe lunacy has now become mainstream. Or at least trumpeted by the horn of the media to seem so, as such free drama allows gives free content to attach their sponsors commercials to.

    Like moths to flame and curious cats, humans as a whole were made to worship something, to seek something transcendent outside themselves. Problem is, the human carnal side wants a easy religion or ideology, that provides cheap virtue to assuage one’s conscience while condoning bestiality behavior. A cycle of addiction occurs, as the gnawing emptiness continue to grows from serving the flesh and ego, the more public confession and outrage at mystic and elemental forces to allay the spiritual malnutrition from the empty calories virtue signalling provides.

    Soon enough self-loathing becomes the Progs obsession, leading them to destructive nihilism to destroy everything like as a toddler not only throwing out his toys from his playpen, but everyone else’s too who are happy and content.

  16. It might not pass. When October Revolution happened many people also thought that it would be temporary hence no one put up any strong resistance, not initially anyway.For a while the only people who tried to do anything were idealistic young men: freshly minted officers and junckers, hymnasists and such. When adults finally got their head out of their asses Bolsheviks managed to create( or to start creating) a functional military force. If people acted swiftly a lot of horrible thing would not have come to pass.
    But you are absolutely correct about collective insanity, some historians in Russia think that it’s a constant companion of all major cultural and political catastrophes.

  17. I live on the outskirts of the metro Orlando area, the media had a field day with the Pulse massacre. One of the ‘news/talk’ radio stations devoted an entire week (I kid you not) to the story from the time the news broke. Today that same station has featured ”Pulse – one year later” the whole day. Orlando has a surprisingly large ”gay community” because Disney has long attracted them. So the local media is catering to them with this cry-fest.

  18. This post and many of the comments express some surprise that people are crazy.

    Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

    I think I shall have another gin and tonic sanity emphasizer.

  19. Chevy Chase Village as the New Jerusalem. In the midst off it there was the tree of life, and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations, etc.

    Why were the Christians convinced this only happens at the end of time? Because they understood better than our overseers do now. It’s a blasphemy, this image of Chevy Chase as the New Jerusalem. It con only end in either repentance or wrath. That’s the nature of things.

  20. I have given this some thought, and believe I have arrived at an explanation. Leftists obsess over everything, that is to say they are perpetually obsessed. Over time this cognitive pattern becomes ingrained, and permanent. Think of a tree that is bent and then tied in position. After a few years you can take the tie away, and the tree will remain bent. So it is with the leftist; after years of chronic obsessiveness they cannot “let go”. Further, due to becoming jaded, the leftist has to focus on more and more extreme positions in order to get their fix of outrage.

  21. In the second book of Democracy in America Tocqueville gives his opinion on the difference between history and literature in aristocratic and democratic ages, saying that aristocrats tend more toward individual human agency/great men, and democrats toward impersonal forces that overtake events and people, which are outside of anyone’s control.
    This might help explain why it is that exploding Mohametans are never held responsible. The problem is that when someone on the right does anything, or even merely attempts to exist, they and anyone like them are more than personally responsible. Of course this doesn’t make sense. Nothing they do makes sense. That’s why our best descriptor for them is nihilist.
    We’re going to need huge disposal apparatuses.

  22. Progs don’t care if they use sexual perversion or jihadism to destabilize civilization, much the same way that a vandal will break a window with whatever is handy. Sooner or later, however, various factions among the progs will realize that they are parts of very thing they are seeking to shatter.

    • People need to orient their lives around some bigger story of sorts. The stories going around the last few years have gotten awfully weird. I blame Edward Bernays.

    • That’s what I think — and people are too “nice” anymore to tell them the truth, starting with their parents.
      And to wisdom of my great-granny, who lived to 101: “Idle hands and minds are the Devil’s playground; go get yourself something (productive) to do if you’re that bored….and quit feeling sorry for yourself!” I grew up on a small, subsistence farm — there was always something to do or something new you could learn. Nothing’s really stopping folks now from doing the same, other than being allowed to wallow about and get themselves into trouble.

      For the record, yes, we children did get our butts beat if we didn’t heed that warning. It wasn’t soft, but it was fair — and that makes a difference.

  23. There are 3 possibilities. One, insanity really is at epidemic proportions in society and we are doomed. Two, the insane are still a small minority and only appear large because of the magnifying glass of major media. Three, most of us are still relatively sane but have better things to do with our time than engage in a battle of wits with the mentally ill. I’d like to think that it’s the latter possibility, but the hive grows stronger every year.

    • does the hive grow stronger every year? looks to me like the hive is collapsing, and can no longer provide sustenance to all within.

      • Chit-chat with a random college student and listen to both their vocabulary and the content of their thoughts. Sadly, it is evolution in reverse. Do not underestimate the power of brain cell destruction via the iphone addiction.

    • I spend a lot of time thinking about possibility three. The Internet gives everyone a voice and allows weirdos to congregate and amplify their voices. In the past, if you were a weirdo, you either publicly carried on with your weirdness and accepted shunning or worse, or you hid your weirdness to some extent or another, hoping that you could fit in and live a normal, if repressed life.

      Post Internet, if you are a — I don’t know — a left-handed, one-eyed, bisexual atheist, it is now fairly easy to find other left-handed, one-eyed, bisexual, atheists (LOBAs). You can spend a substantial portion of your day chatting online with other LOBAs. Soon someone comes up with a LOBA manifesto and a LOBA trust fund kid starts a foundation and builds a war chest. The word gets out and other LOBAs rally to the cause. They all feel empowered since they have other LOBAs to share their tales of woe with and lash out at the establishment with.

      But there aren’t enough LOBAs to force the change you want (basically, societal recognition that you aren’t a weirdo), so you band with other groups of weirdos to form an “Alliance” or “Coalition.”

      As time goes by, more and more repugnant groups of weirdos emerge, each demanding mainstreaming of their deviancy. The inflection point that I’m looking for is if there is some degree of repugnancy that causes society to convulse and push back. What happens when NAMBLA demands its “rights?” The polygamists (Muslim or other)?

      If we ever reach that point and a deviancy rollback begins, then there is some hope that we can continue as a healthy society. If not we’ll just continue to swirl ever further down the cultural toilet and out into the cesspit of civilizational collapse.

  24. The mass state of irrationality we are witnessing proves the effectiveness of exposure to indoctrination beginning in kindergarten through higher education. The brainwashed point and shriekers will outlive their usefulness. Can’t wait to see what happens then. By the way, that sign she’s holding was probably mass-produced long before this event took place with George Soros money.

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  26. The lunatic woman in the bottom photograph stridently waving her sign above her head nicely encapsulates these fanatics.

    The proclamations, such as they are, are all about the self-definition of this unhinged narcissist and her right to be considered a member of the elect for espousing them: Let no one doubt that she’s a lover, an atheist, a patriot…and she stands with Islam!

    Missing, of course, from this display of self-righteousness preening is any comprehension of the beliefs she is standing with, and its accompanying ironies.

  27. “How can sane people protest the march against sharia and march in favor of the gay rights at the same event? It defies explanation …”

    No it doesn’t. Both activities are tools to subvert traditional Western civilization. It doesn’t matter if tool “A” and tool “B” are also antagonistic to each other.

  28. I think that young men only say Progressive things because they feel that this is a necessary condition for their having girlfriends — magically so, since they will say Progressive things for this reason even if there are no girls around. And older men only say Progressive things because they feel that this is a necessary condition for their wives being nice to them — magically so, etc. So it’s really coming from the women, and the men just go along with it because they’re afraid they’ll lose the women’s love otherwise.

    • I don’t know. My experience when young was that the feminist girls were mostly trying to get the attention of boys. Feminism was a way for them to make a lot of noise and attract the sort of guy who would not mind putting a women in her place. The feminists were adventuresses, but lacking the courage to take it all the way. My sense is young guys these days just don’t see the point in taking on that project. The result is the girls shriek louder.

      On the other hand, middle-aged feminist are just middle aged women who have gone bonkers. Women tend to get a little nutty in their middle years. They say men have a midlife crisis, but women are more prone to this than men. My theory here is that women have a clear biological purpose. That’s to find a high status mate, bear children and raise them. Once the kids get independent, the female loses her reason to exist. The bust up of traditional families have removed grandmothering as an acceptable role.

      • Maybe you’re right — I was just thinking of a couple of examples of young guys I know, plus the fact that my unwillingness/inability to censor my own non-Progressive speech has been a big contributing factor to my current woman-less state.
        Anyway, your suggestion that Progressivism is a Love vs. Hate religion, with Love and Hate as antagonistic cosmic spirits (maybe Love as the original All-Soul with Hate as the break-away rebel who captures sparks of Love that must be redeemed) is VERY interesting and thought-provoking. Some associations and responsive thoughts: (1) Is the original Christian” Love (Khesed/Agape) more a Brotherly Love (yes, I know that strictly speaking Brotherly Love is Philia not Agape), while this Progressive Love is Motherly Love? If so, wouldn’t Progressivism be more akin to Catholicism (Mary’s Mother-Love) than to Puritanism (Cromwell’s band of warrior-bros), despite the Walzer/Moldbug association of Puritanism with political Leftism?; (2) It has struck me that in Dickens’ novels there’s a kind of cosmic battle between the Spirits of Cheerfulness and Gloom, with Friendliness associated with Cheerfulness and Meanness associated with Gloom — an anticipation of the Love vs. Hate Progressive religion? (3) In the Gospel of John, Jesus as the embodiment of Love opposes himself to Lies rather than to Hate, doesn’t he? Maybe I’m not remembering correctly. This reminds me that according to Nietzsche the Zoroastrian Evil Spirit, Ahriman, is the Lie (rather than Hate).

        • “we”

          i believe that there was a point raised about grandparents who have divorced, being more interested in their own love lives (than seeing their grand kids) 🙂

      • The joy of autonomy is greater than the pain of isolation for some of us. The independence of my children crowned my success as a mother. This rite of passage is called the return of the maiden, revisiting girlhood prior to the onset of menses, before the masculine aspect of the psyche became externalized by biological imperatives.

        If you are burdened with the Herculean task of coping with a crazy person, you have my deepest sympathy (been there, done that). I don’t disagree with you about the nuttiness of women and must confess I avoid them. Never let them tell you that we’re all the same.

      • In some ways I wish I had had you-all’s insight when I was 20. But males of our generation were trained to think that females actually wanted what they said they wanted. I was in college when 2nd wave feminism burst on the scene in the late ’60’s. At the time we mostly thought they were crazy bitches (WTF, the most privileged females on the face of the planet, evah!, were an oppressed minority_?) and best avoided rather than ‘flipped’ for fun.

        Of course, once one seriously dating, much less married, the actual, universal truth became obvious. But by then the insight was usually too late to be applied. IOW, to throw over a pretty good marriage for a few sessions of hot sex with a crazy bitch by using dis then had a whole lot of downside: Crazy is still crazy, after all.

        And time bears out the first diagnosis. The progression from crazy young feminist in the ’60’s or ’70’s to bitter, crazy old cat-lady in the 20-teens has proved to be nearly inevitable among the few I have had occasion to be acquainted with.

      • women have a clear biological purpose. That’s to find a high status mate, bear children and raise them. Once the kids get independent, the female loses her reason to exist

        Seen it dozens of times, but you left out an important step in this process. Once the female loses her reason to exist she typically goes on a vision quest to eat, pray, love; and of course this requires that she jettison the male who has been supporting her all these years, and siphon off as much of the assets he has primarily collected over the years, in order to fuel her journey to discover her new self and its raison d’etre

      • Female here, of the “middle aged crazy” variety.
        Yes, young women do the crazy feminist thing to get attention from men…or to punish men for not giving them enough attention. I know this because I was a teenage girl at one point in my life, and hormones drove me to incessantly want male attention. Just like the young men around me had hormones that drove them nuts. Meh, the young adult years are turbulent times. While I loved looking good and being able to dance all night every night, I’m not sad that they are over. Callous youth can be pretty callous…and nonproductive (because half your brain is firmly situated in your nether regions at all times).
        Yes, this is when the sisterhood of the moldy cat ladies (aka. older feminists) usually strike — they have opportunity galore.
        It used to be that a girl found a decent enough and willing young man, and vice versa, sometime in this time frame (after the period of complete hormonal insanity had crested and receded a bit for both), had lots of fun sex (hopefully after marriage), got knocked up and raised a family (I don’t need to reiterate how that plan got sent awry…thank you men and women of the sexual revolution). Anyway, it settled both genders down a bit, and I do believe they became happier (sex!) and less stuck on themselves (family)
        Midlife isn’t so bad. I don’t feel all that crazy — hot flashes suck, but at least that monthly hormonal cycle has pretty much gone away, and I feel a lot more mellow. I have no desire to join the sisterhood of the moldy cat ladies as I’m pretty damn content; I have a bunch of kids, and it’s kind of nice to have most of them grown and out of the house (fyi: one’s biological imperative doesn’t really quit all that early — I’m in my 50s and still have young children to raise…and they take up a lot of energy; I’m a lot more tired than I used to be — naps are nice). I wish I was still physically capable of doing many of the things I did in my chaotic years, but there’s always less strenuous hobbies. I wish sometimes I could look as good as I did, but for the love of God I’m old — who am I here to impress with my looks? Other men? I’m happily married, so why would I want to do that? My husband is just as happy with companionship, a sandwich and maybe a homemade pie or rolls; we’re both no spring chickens. And he isn’t the hot, strong young stud he used to be either — so I guess we still suit each other…as it should be. We’re at that point in marriage when life transitions to a slower, gentler pace — it’s a different kind of good, but still good.
        The sisterhood of the moldly cat ladies strikes this group of women only because the idiots have been led to believe that your skippycanoe is the only thing you’re about (and for men, their winky — hence the reason we haven’t cured some disease, but boner pills, by golly!). Fyi: that’s part of that Cernovich guy’s problem — hormone injections? get help dude! Learn to age with some grace! Brotherhood of moldy bro men.
        And again, all thanks to the sexual revolution — making both men and women crazy and miserable for 50 odd years now.
        And yes, my husband and I have done our part, like our parents and grandparents, to counsel our children on this very thing….so they don’t become members of either moldy set. The only worry is that they are young and adrift in a world taken over by these insane people.

    • I think that young men only say Progressive things because they feel that this is a necessary condition for their having girlfriends

      Reminds of two of my comrades in grad school who once reminisced happily about their undergraduate days when they prominently displayed books by the likes of Derrida and Foucault as a way to get laid. This was accompanied by much chortling.

      As for today, I’m not so sure about the cynical interpretation. I think that nowadays the kids get pretty much straight, unadulterated leftist thought both in school and via the entertainment industry, and when you’ve never really tasted anything else, that swill actually tastes pretty good.

      And we also know that the story of the emperor’s clothing is actually a poor reflection of human nature. When everybody’s invested in the idea of how marvelous the old fool looks in his non-existent garments, the crowd’s reaction upon the kid’s pointing out that he isn’t wearing anything is not to recognize the truth and thank him for enlightening them. Instead, they shout him down with cries of “Silence, you impertinent lout!”

      So maybe some young men are only pretending, but I think there are a lot of true believers among them.

      • When in college I used to seek out an occasional feminist, if she was even semi-attractive. I would say outrageous things supporting the “patriarchy” as soon as the shrieking started I knew I was getting trim. It is a shit test, as soon as you have their attention you will soon have their feet up around their ears.

        Hate is always equipped with a penis.

        • I didn’t date much in college. There was one girl that I studied with some in med school after getting married who was a fierce feminist. One of the other guys who went to the parties told me that some stranger at one of them started talking shit to her in very unrespectful ways and after talking to her like this for about five minutes he was flipping her nipples and they left the group. She’s a psychiatrist now.

      • Derida? Ha!
        When he was teaching at NYU, he was accused of sexual harrassment by a young half-French, half- Vietnamese assistant.
        Covered up, as usual.

      • Here’s the advice I give my students:
        To the girls: Find a nice, hard working boy who is respectful, and can fix something, make something, and at least kill spiders. Such a fellow is indispensable to your life going forward. Learn how to make him a sandwich, keep the house halfway clean, and keep your own counsel from time to time because men don’t like to talk all the time.
        To the boys: find a nice, hard working girl who is respectful, will make you a sandwich and wants to have kids with you. Such a woman will be indispensable. Learn how to fix something, make something, and at least kill spiders. Learn how to share your thoughts and feelings about things a bit more because women like to talk things over.
        To both: don’t get hung up on looks because bodies change and find a hobby for those inevitable times when you can’t stand the sight of each other…and don’t have sex with anybody you couldn’t see yourself sticking with for the rest of your life, or before you are ready to give up on your own life goals in pursuit of service to others. Marriage is a hard, dirty job but somebody’s got to do it.
        Ps. it helps if your families get along.
        And some of us English majors absolutely hate Derrida and Foucault (and Saussure, can’t stand him either…come to think of it I wasn’t much of Hegel or Rousseau fan as well…the roots of civilizational decline run deep and are old). We do exist!
        So, always something to keep in mind; not everything works on everybody. My husband impressed me with quoting Henry V St. Crispin’s Day…and his collection of deer antlers…and fixing my toilet. We met in a sports bar. Different strokes….

    • Couldn’t disagree more.
      I’ve never said a “progressive thing” in my life and lack of women has never been a problem.

      • My luck with women changed when I stopped giving a shit and made sure everyone around me knew I had no shits to give. Wish I had tried that a few years earlier in high school.

      • Agreed. Lack of self-censorship is not the problem. Trying to be the smartest guy in the room and being unfunny and off-putting cause problems with women. Women tend to find a guy who’s alpha-enough to say what he wants pretty attractive, especially if it gains him status amongst other males. Female conversation is consensus seeking, so independent, free-thinking men are novel and attractive.

    • No the sincere say those things because they lack self respect. Look at the typical while liberal ‘male’ and it is clear why this is the case.

      The insincere say these things out of fear of the mob, the fear of loss.

      Courage is the most rare public virtue nowadays.

    • Not me … my wife is conservative. There are many like her, but you cant pick them up in a bar.

  29. “Maybe that’s where multiculturalism is headed, like a wave, it will eventually crest and then recede, leaving behind a lot of dead fish.”

    With fish you mean people, there is already a trail of dead people and will only grow bigger, I see the next decade (2020s) as the reckoning in the US and EU.

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