The Age of the Two Laws

For as long as I have been alive, I’ve understood that the law does not treat everyone equally. We have the theory, all men are equal before the law, but in practice it is something different. This is the product of growing up poor. A poor man, who gets jammed up on a small crime, is going to get processed. That means he will get a public defender, who will negotiate terms with the state. If he hires an attorney, that lawyer will do the same thing, but maybe pulling in a favor from a buddy to get a better deal.

On the other hand, a rich guy will hire a team of lawyers and put so much pressure on the prosecutor, that the roles will be reversed. The state will cry uncle and take the best deal they can just to be done with the case. Joe Biden’s niece, for example, avoided serious punishment for a crime that would put most people in jail. The thing is, this is not a defect in the law. It is the way the world has always been. The rich and powerful have access to all the resources they need to get the best deal they can from the law.

That has always been tolerable as people have always accepted that human societies are hierarchical. The people at the top are at the top for a reason and being at the top comes with benefits, which is why people want to be at the top. Lately though, a new thing is turning up in the law. Slowly, we are seeing a second legal system, a shadow system, evolve alongside, and in some cases displacing, the old legal system. This new legal system is sort of like what anarcho-libertarians imagine. It’s private and transactional.

Instead of relying on the old law, large social organizations, like universities and corporations, are slowly creating a parallel legal system to adjudicate problems that are unique to them. The college campus is the most obvious example. The imaginary rape culture on campus has spawned a new legal system for addressing it. You see it in this story about Michigan State. The cops are in a secondary role, as the university addresses its more pressing issues, while relying on its own legal mechanisms.

Here we have four players accused of sexually assaulting a woman. Instead of the cops treating this like any other criminal complaint, the school is in charge of the investigation and the cops are on the sideline. The school brought in a law firm to do an investigation, provide the cops with evidence and then conduct a wide ranging evaluation of school policy and senior personnel. They have also tried and judged the players, removing them from campus and kicking them off the football team.

This is not an exception. Baylor University did the same thing when they had a similar issue with the football team. To date, one guy has been charged with an actual crime, but dozens of men have been cast into the outer darkness as punishment, for violating secret rules. The school president was forced into exile and the football coach as been banished. He will never work again, despite having done nothing illegal nor violating the terms of his contract. He was tried and convicted in the private legal system.

What we are seeing develop is a separate legal system for the managerial class. Unlike the criminal system, they are not going to have jails and incarcerate offenders. Instead, the land of the Dirt People will be their prison and you will be the tormentor of the condemned. For now, people accused of real crimes, like those MSU players, will be marched out of the kingdom and handed over to the “authorities” for prosecution, but they have been found guilty by the school and cast back into the land of the Dirt People.

The temptation is to say that the schools are responding to the threat of litigation, but that’s a trivial matter. A sad coed can be bought off for a few hundred grand, less than the cost of a low level administrator. The real issue is culture. The people inside want to enforce their values and will do so ruthlessly. The people sent into exile are a warning to those who remain inside. There’s a code of conduct and violations of those rules, as interpreted by those in charge, can result in the ultimate punishment, exile from The Cloud.

This is what we’re seeing with social media. Our rulers like to pay lip service to civil liberties, but they would much prefer it if they could do away with all of them. To that end, crack downs on political expression have been outsourced to media companies. When Theresa May promised to throw more yobs in jail for being mean to the Muslims, she was sending a signal to the big media companies that they need to crack down on dissent and that means banning people who say unapproved things.

This is anarcho-tyranny refined into a social system. The state is unable to perform its basic functions, but it is adept at working with private business to push around the law abiding citizens. There will now be a second legal system run by global corporations to police the speech of citizens. Instead of putting trouble makers in prison, however, they will put them on mute, making it hard for them to communicate their grievances. Users will not voice their complaints to the law. They will appeal to someone is customer support.

That’s where you see the motivation behind the evolution of this parallel legal system we are seeing with the Cloud People. Like so much of neo-liberalism, it is cloaked in libertarian arguments about private entities setting their own policies, but that’s only so it can avoid defending itself in open court or the court of public opinion. In the old law, the process determined your guilt and then your punishment. In the new law, the process is the punishment and a weapon to enforce conformity and submission.

Like so much of the managerial state, it is not clear if it is sustainable in the medium run, much less the long run. Increasingly, males on campus are using the old law as a weapon against the new law. Falsely accused males are hiring attorneys who will do what the new law is too afraid to do and that’s examine these accusers. Most of these claims by coeds are dubious and some are criminal, abetted by college administrators. Eventually, one of these will become a vehicle for a very big lawsuit and settlement.

On the other hand, the future is not written. Thirty years ago, it was laughable to suggest homosexual marriage was a right. The willingness of the old law to submit to the new law is what will be tested over time. So far, the indications are the cops and prosecutors are OK with handing over their authority to colleges and corporations. Maybe the courts, staffed as they are with Cloud People, will happily go along with this new shadow system and all of us will become serfs on one social media platform or another.

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  1. The brains of the new right have been thinking about this problem for a long time. The consensus seems to be “we need to create alternate communications platforms.” was made as an alternative to twitter, Infogalactic as an alternative to wikipedia. Pax Dickinson is trying to set up an alternative to Patreon,

    I couldn’t say if I expect these plans to work out in the long run, but happily the problem seems to be understood and solutions are being sought after.

  2. Another recent aspect is the use of the Prog dominated DOJ in Chicago-like shakedown schemes. For example, it has now been revealed that the ‘malefactors of great wealth’ behind the ’08’ Wall St. near collapse got to skate by paying stockholder money to various Obama-supporting NGO’s. It’s was new during the Clinton/Obama era for Cloud folks to be shook-down so blatantly and directly after the fact of indictment for major crimes. Or to use indictment as a fundraising tool for the Prog ecosystem.

    In Chicago before-the-fact corruption used to be the rule, not after-the fact. IOW, it used to be that you could make minor trouble _stay_ away through judicious donation to various alder-people’s reelection campaigns. So the fix happened in advance (Precinct Captains and Watch Commanders are in regular communication, after all) and could be factored into the price of doing business. I.e. it was an orderly scheme of corruption, now transferred by Hillary et al to Wall St. et al.

    But to be able to just pay to get off after the fact of indictment for major crimes, even in Chicago, was usually unavailable. The mega-lawyer charade Z Man describes was the rule pre-Clinton. (Traffic tickets and the like, another story). The Microsoft anti-trust action that Billy G made go away by forming the foundation was the first major instance of this in the Clinton I regime, IRRC.

  3. I think the upcoming problems with male backlash and declining enrollments are part of what is driving the takeover of health care by university administrators. The most authoritarian environment in the USA is health care and state licensing boards are already a parallel legal system where people are tried and either sent into exile, treatment, or reeducation camps. It is also an indication on the massive amounts of money these people have access to. If there is one thing that you should never give a fucking dime to it is a university or a university hospital, especially a children’s hospital. These people have money dripping out of their ears.
     Most people don’t know it, but hospitals and health systems also have their own private tribunals and again there is no equality before the law in these things. This parallel legal system may be what the universities are basing their tribunals on, too. In medicine it is done via peer review and credential and executive committees. This is one reason why I think medical licensing should be abolished. As long as you have a licensing system there is a tendency toward monopoly and the monopoly is what allows the authoritarianism to creep in. The public system then has both the excuse that it lacks expertise to interfere in the internal workings of the health care system as well as mere laziness and that the medical people are fellow cloud people and actually more so because of educational status (affirmative action is killing this off, but the traditional attitudes are still there). This parallel legal system has been opposed by the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons for decades, but this is a small organization without any clout.
     This may look like a side show to you, but I have mentioned before that if you bother to look it up your state university or university health care system is likely the largest employer in your state. In some cases the run both first and second. I’ve also noted a Sam Francis essay written in The New Right Papers in 1982 which singles out the university systems as organizations that need to be “levelled” in his words if the right is going to successfully rule here. It won’t do to keep winning elections while sitting back and watching these bastards take over huge swaths of the economy while enjoying political autonomy. Start building siege engines and prepare to sack, rape and pillage.

    • Change a few words here and there and you have the financial world these days. If you have enough, you can do it your own way. The rest of us, both practitioners and the clients who deposit or invest their savings, are mere pawns of the system. The screws have been tightening in every direction, month by month, with extreme velocity.

  4. Your insightful but depressingly true essay reminds me of the extrajudicial actions exercised by the Pharisees and Sadducees in the dark of night to arrest and condemn Christ, and then turn the conviction of blasphemy into treason to get him crucified by the state apparatus.

  5. “He who makes the exception is the sovereign,” as the jurist Carl Schmitt used to say. I guess for Hillary the pronoun should (maybe) be changed to “She who makes the exception.” I think a lot of progressives and feminists knew that Hillary was an unprosecuted felon, and that if she won the election, they would consider the triumph of their laws over existing laws as a fait accompli.

    I worked in operational security in the Army and know that if I had done once what Hillary Clinton did several thousand times I would be at USDB Fort Leavenworth for at least a decade. If I destroyed or “bleach-bit” any evidence after getting a subpoena I’d get hit with more time than Aldrich Ames.

    What we’re seeing with the left isn’t “parallel justice,” such as has existed since Dickens wrote “Bleak House,” like, say, a rich athlete killing his wife but assembling a dream team of bar mitzvah’d barristers to go free; what we’re seeing isn’t even something equivalent to the leniency the Second Empire showed the putschists and assassins in Weimar Germany (since even Hitler had to do a small stint in jail).

    Hillary and Co.’s open contempt for the law is a slow-motion coup and a consolidation of global tyranny unlike anything seen before in our species’ history. And no I am not being hyperbolic. She was making a play to be the strong(wo)man of the global village. I hear Zuckerberg is contemplating a potential presidential run, so we can expect something that puts Orwell and Huxley to shame if he gets in the White House.

    • The audacity of Hillary and of her co-coup-spiritors is astounding. They are either living in the biggest mental cocoon ever built, or their cynicism about the rest of us is monumental. Either way, the election of Trump, and not getting her as President, is a yuuuuge gift to the American experiment.

      • That’s not a cocoon, that’s an egg designed by Weil, Fromm, Adorno, and company. Like cancer, it works very efficiently until it kills the host. Optimist believe the death of the host brings a new beginning; pessimists suspect its only legacy are zombies.

  6. The people inside are interested in one thing and one thing only: the perpetuation and growth of a soviet- like system of elites and proles. The Title IX trials are show trials, meant not to silence dissent but to destroy dissenters. For a long time the Dirt People trusted their political leaders and esteemed college professors and administrators. Those days are over but it might be too late.

    • Not really. The option too simply eliminate all the institutions by force is always there.

      Colleges are these days mostly useless except for social signalling among elite anyway, we can teach in small schools, by apprentice and with the internet and lose little .

      If the dirt people realize this and decide that f they can’rt use the institutions to good measure , they can be done away with, things will change fast

      And unlike years ago when the Right was entirely made of noble losers, these days people who understand how the left works, read Allinsky and the like are becoming common.

      Never would anyone have chanted “You can’t run, you can’t hide, you get helicopter ride.” in my lifetime and been perfectly wiling to punch a girl in the face

      The Lefts methods are becoming open to the Right with the added bonus that genuine conservatism as the Right needs benefits does not require complexity

      They need a big administrative state to prosper, the Right does not and can afford loses of administrative capital the Left cannot.

      No TV? More time for the Bible

  7. Control over the local police has been going on for some time. There is a large intersection in my neighborhood with a Dunkin Donuts. The parade of blue lights and guns is amazing.

    Boston PD, State police, Amtrak PD, School PD, Housing PD, Transit PD, UMass PD, BU PD, North- Eastern PD, etc, etc, etc.

    It’s like every square block of the city has its own police force ! All by design. Any crime that happens on their patch of dirt is immediately squashed by the administration.

    Play ball or wind up in the unemployment line.

    • Until there is no one left to support the system, that’s the way it usually ends.

    • Two (Deux, one two, more than one less than three) mooks set off a pressure cooker in Boston and the rulers expect a population of Shelter In Place, and they seem to have gotten it. Try and imagine Paul Revere shouting that one on his ride. Or in the words of the lords of the English, Run Hide Tell. Now, maybe TPdoc is right, that’s a happier thought for sure.

  8. “Not to go on all-fours; that is the Law. Are we not Men? “Not to suck up Drink; that is the Law. Are we not Men? “Not to eat Fish or Flesh; that is the Law. Are we not Men? “Not to claw the Bark of Trees; that is the Law. Are we not Men? “Not to chase other Men; that is the Law. Are we not Men?”

  9. Ah well, in the fullness of time they will hang from lamp-posts, be machine gunned against a wall or sent to a “re-education” camp and be beaten to death.

    I don’t really approve or look forward to it, but the thought does not entirely displease me.

    You can fuck with us dirt people for only so long until eventually we go berserk, kill and bury our oppressors in dirt.

    New Yorkers, Friscoites, DCers, Berliners, Parisians, Londoners, why not take the easy course and leave us the fuck alone? Do you really care to risk all, your lives, your families, your fortunes, to force your religion on us?

    • Quite frankly, I relish the idea, and hope I live long enough to see the show. The blood thirsty psychopathic frootloopian left, the entire Cloud People force, deserve retribution for all the ills and horrors they’ve caused. They think nothing of insane rhetoric and baiting of loosely strung nuts that they pander to, that they indoctrinate with their fantasies, so by God, I for one, want to see them all pay for what they’ve done and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Bring on the rope.

  10. The alternate courts for sexual misconduct at universities is mandated by law (Title IX), so I don’t think it’s as much an outgrowth of culture as it’s people obeying the law, which perhaps is an outgrowth of culture.

    • Think of the situation from the perspective of the bar. Mandatory kangaroo courts are a good way to avoid dividing too deeply the lawyers’ guilds of each state. Any lawyer who raises an objection to his peers and judges will be told to shut up and honor his promise to uphold The Law or risk punishment, including expulsion from the bar.

      None of this is very surprising. Lawyers are important sevants, even ring leaders, of America’s many rackets, e.g. incorporation with limited liability, perpetual lifespan, and artificial personhood.

  11. Its crazy to me how programs quick to release players as if they are guilty. Any woman can accuse a man of this and ruin your his for an extended period of time if fact he may be innocent. Some fans run with it because it adds juice to their lives. I remember in college, i watch this white chick get a train ran on her. She danced for the guy first and they each went in one by one. Some women are not innocent

    It’s sick how these schools make money off the young Black Men but as soon as some white girl cries rape they get dropped like a hot potato

    • do you really think anyone here gives a rat’s ass about your college experience?

    • Black Americans have been robbed of their identity by the destruction of their ancestral tree and agency by socially engineering their dependence on the welfare state. Liberals have even pillaged the wombs of black women and desecrated the remains of their unborn children by trafficking their organs. Aren’t they great? Snap out of it, Trent. Stop wasting your life.

      • Trent is really Hillary’s douche nozzle. The stories he could tell, whoo-hee. He kind of smells funny though…

    • Shit, mang. I mebah one time I wuz at dis strip club in Norf Carolina after a bakkaball game and I gave dis one white bitch a dolla, and then I noticed she wuz pregnant. That shit kinda turnt me off, ya feel me? So I tried to snatch dat dolla back, but befoe I could, a baby’s hand came out dat white bitch’s pussy and took da dollar away.

      Wut wuz I tryin to say? Oh yeah, free Mumia and Michelle Obama 2020. We needz to be prezodint again.

  12. we have more and more of the government, and will soon have it all. then we can defund the colleges, nationalize the social media platforms, and break up google and amazon via antitrust.

  13. All evolution is messy and it takes a lot of time to sort out what works in the end. The power players that are using direct force to accomplish their indoctrination mission are doing so simply because it is effective. The proper evolutionary response is for the victims to get smarter and fight back in unconventional ways that exploit weaknesses in the power player defense shield. Most of these incipient tyrants are so arrogant atop their power pyramid that they no awareness of the vulnerability at their six.

  14. The inertia of the liberal civil servants that form the core of the swamp bureaucracy and the raw phallic power of the military industrial complex create a cyclonic force field that is hard penetrate, but not impossible. And let us not forget Wikileaks is sitting on information that literally could bring the whole stinking swamp down. Negotiations are ongoing.

    The AstroTurf will dry up and blow away without Daddy Soros money. Our DOJ is deconstructing the pipeline as we speak. The left likes money for nothing and when that delivery system collapses we won’t see much of them.

    The hard rock of the constitution will weather this storm. The virtue signaling of the left includes bragging about criminal activity on social media. We will see them in court no matter how long it takes with the bonanza of the trail of evidence they so proudly display.

    • “the raw phallic power of the military industrial complex create a cyclonic force field that is hard penetrate” – Dorothy Parker

      • Edited version:

        “the raw phallic power of the military industrial complex create a cyclonic force field that is hard to penetrate” – Dorothy Parker

  15. The Clinton email thing is an example of why the managerial state will have trouble sustaining a two-track legal system. Yes, she escaped an obvious felony charge, a huge fine, and a less likely but certainly appropriate jail sentence. Score one for the managerial state’s private legal system. However, she lost the election in an electoral landslide to a guy whose only managerial state credentials to the Presidency are, well, I can’t think of any. Score one for the traditional legal system (of which our Constitution, election laws, etc. are part).

    Why did that two track system break down? Information. The problem with information, as Clinton herself so brutally learned (Wikileaks, “private” emails getting hacked, etc.) is that you cannot really put a cork in it. CNN can cut its feeds all it wants, but word is now getting out that Mueller is hiring a small army of Democrat lawyers and donors for his “investigation”. The managerial state will not be able to keep that quiet, and any “investigation” is going to wind up going nowhere…much like Fitz-mas from a decade ago.

    The information was concealed during the Plame investigation (they knew who the leaker was on Day One, there was no crime, and no investigation was necessary). That will be much more difficult to sustain a decade later with their inability to control the information flow. They’ll try of course, but it won’t work. People on both sides of the issue have figured out how this all works now.

    The problem with the managerial state is that it has rules, and those rules have to get followed (even in their separate legal track, there are rules which must be obeyed). You simply beat that back by not playing by the rules of the managerial state. That in turn gets them to break their own rules, and then they start eating their own and collapse.

    Take Comey’s testimony last week. If Trump is to be impeached for obstructing a criminal investigation (which Comey pretty much exonerated Trump over), then what of Loretta Lynch – and by relationship, President Obama – interfering with the Clinton investigation. So the managerial state tries to lay traps for Trump, and they wind up shooting themselves in the face by admitting (under oath) that the Messiah himself and his appointed apostles were obstructing justice.

    The two-track legal system depends on secrecy. The managerial state sucks at that. The more you use their own managerial state processes, the more obvious their actions become, and the easier it is to beat them.

    • When the demos started their fling the feces game they forgot that the proposed victims know how to play and had just as much ammo.

    • Except for one thing. The managerial state will simply lie and ignore, and allow their media flunkies to select the stories and parrot the lies. Which is why they want control of the Internet. And why we need to be tireless in recording and sharing the truth, as someone needs to do it.

      They also seem quite willing to burn down the house rather than to give an inch on anything. I cannot understand such an attitude.

      • I’ve a few guesses as to why they seem so eager to burn down the house.

        My first guess has to do with their privileged upbringing. I could write a whole book on this, but many of them seem wholly ignorant of what the rules of conflict are. They dig in when normals would negotiate and roll over when your average dirt person would fight.

        Enough has been written on their narcissism to fill a lot of books, but that would be my second possible causation. “This ball is mine and I’m not sharing it with anyone!”

        Finally, they have a sense of destiny about them not unlike the Old Bolsheviks. Its like Bukharin, who when faced with the liquidation of several waves of his comrades, could still believe that Stalin would spare him.

      • Maybe, but it’s the house they live in. I worked in the Federal Govt for 20 years. They will do ANYTHING to keep their 6-7 figure jobs. If they burn it down, they’re out of a job. Only a couple million people work for the Federal Govt (excluding military), and the Law of Large Numbers says that really only about half of them are actual traitors. Yes, they can do some damage, but don’t underestimate the power of those in Government who are exceptionally angry about this deep-state bullshit.

        You haven’t seen groveling until you’ve seen govt employees faced with the prospect of a private sector job, or a contractor on the edge.

        The entire premise of their power rests on the idea that the public respects them. That is eroding very very fast.

        • THe federal contractor down the street is now enjoying two months of “paternity leave” and was terrified of Trump even though they just hired a bunch more people and expanded the budget of his department. He has never worked in the private sector. His job is to give away our money to foreign people in foreign countries, basically.

          People don’t mind paying taxes and bureaucrats as long as there’s a return on investment. Western taxpayers are seeing none. Further, we’re seeing our money be used to finance internal wars against us or given away to foreigners.

    • It seems line the Deep State anti-American Left is chain smoking exploding cigars. Every time they set out to lay a trap it blows up in their faces. Then they proceed to do it again – they just can’t believe their tried and true ways of doing things aren’t working anymore.

      • The problem is that they’ve really lost their minds. So here’s Comey admitting that he wrote some memos (which may or may not be true), and that he “leaked” them to a friend who in turn “leaked” them to the press. AND, that he did so in order to spark a special prosecutor. I’ll tell you what, anybody in Trump’s sphere who gets caught up in a dragnet is going to go straight to that Congressional testimony to put a cork in any trumped-up criminal charges. They have precisely what they needed from Comey to totally discredit the Mueller “investigation”. Trump would be right to issue an executive order directing Federal employees and advisors to him to ignore any subpoenas or interviews from the “special prosecutor’s” office. Just flat out tell them to not even bother calling.

        That’ll get them all sputtering with rage, and enraged people do not think clearly.

        • I have wondered whether the administration has left Mueller in place as a special investigator, precisely so they can impugn his motives if he turns up anything damning about the Trump team. Since a special investigator always turns up something, perhaps this is a rough sort of immunization against his findings. And the law obviously disqualifies Mueller from the position, and that could not be more clear (only an “appearance” of conflict of interest is enough to bar him from the job).

          • Trump could order Sessions to reopen the Clinton email criminal investigation any time he wants. If you want to see this special prosecutor shut down fast, convene a Grand Jury, and start sending subpoenas to Clinton and her staff.

            Use their own rules against them, works like a charm.

    • See my comment on health care. How much about the prosecutions going on in your own local hospital do you know about? I thought so. The managerial state will learn from the medical monopoly. It is only a matter of time. This system can’t be beaten by simply playing outside the rules, it needs to be destroyed at the political and legal level.
      I did give you an invite because of the quality of your comment. Everything you say is very well thought out. I just don’t agree with it.

      • I agree with what you wrote. My point isn’t to play entirely outside the rules. Quite the opposite. My belief is that using the managerial state’s own rules against it is how you destroy them. Take taxes. I think one of the big mistakes conservatives made during that whole IRS-targeting-Tea-Party debacle was not fighting fire with fire. You don’t break the law or advocate doing so, but you certainly CAN organize people to file endless extensions on their taxes, and so much paperwork that the IRS just sort of implodes. The sheer volume of it would wreak havoc on the agency…and it’s all perfectly legal.

        You just have to be willing to use their own weapons against them. Put THEM through the process, and make the process their punishment. People have a lot more power than they realize.

        Btw, I say “conservatives”, but it was clear at the time that both the elected Republicans in Congress and “Conservative Inc.” pretty much hated the Tea Party too. So nobody really lifted a finger to fight.

    • I’d like to agree with you, but I don’t. Now that a special counsel has been appointed this “investigation” will drag on for Trump’s entire first term and will frustrate his ability to move forward with his agenda. Trump has few loyalists on either side of the aisle. It’s far more likely that Trump will be impeached than the investigation will fizzle.

      This whole mess is entirely Jeff Sessions’ fault for unnecessarily and prematurely recusing himself from any DoJ investigation into the (nonexistent) contacts between the Trump campaign and the Russians. Sessions’ first duty of loyalty is to the President, and he should have informed Trump that he thought it was necessary to recuse himself and offered his resignation as Attorney General. Instead the f*cking moron called a meeting senior DoJ staff (many of whom were Obama loyalists) and openly discussed whether he should be recused. Unsurprisingly, they reached a consensus that he should recuse. Sessions agreed with the consensus before he informed the White House.

      It was an unforgivable breach of loyalty. Sessions should resign, but there’s no way Trump could get an AG appointed now.

      • disagree. this investigation will distract the moonbats for a couple of years while trump gets things done. and if they catch mueller cheating they will be innoculated against subsequent special investigations (i.e. there won’t be any).

      • I agree that Sessions did a foolish thing. But he is still the AG, and he can right the ship simply by announcing that the botched Clinton investigation is being reopened. The way you shut this down isn’t to fire more people. You put an axe over the opposition’s neck, and tell them how things are going to be.

        • Sessions’ act wasn’t simply foolish; it was the kind of moronically stupid mistake that a first-year attorney fresh out of law school makes.

          Have you at least considered the possibility that Sessions and Rosenstein are working in concert with other deep state actors to undermine Trump? It would explain a lot.

  16. Same goes for the rabid lawfare being waged against the Trump administration: Cloud People vs. Dirt People on a continental scale.

  17. I expect some crushing lawsuit losses for the schools are coming soon. But I wonder how big they will have to be for the schools to change? And why should the managers even care if they destroy their schools’ endowments? It’s not as if its their money, and they can move on to other jobs with a reputation as a true believer.

    Duke payed undisclosed sums to their lacrosse players and coach a decade ago – probably north of $100 million. Has their attitude actually improved since then? Yale is facing multiple lawsuits. How big would they have to lose to even notice the financial hit?

    • Those college admins fear being scolded by other cloud people far more than they worry about legal action. Harvard will probably write six figure checks to the kids they screwed over for their Facebook posts. That’s cheap grace.

    • The disconnect between the pools of assets and the people in charge of using them properly is appalling. I am sure the school administrators won’t blink an eye as they run down the assets and then beg the benefactors and taxpayers for more, cashing their own pay checks all along. Sort of like what I heard recently about iHeart, the company that owns all the radio stations. They are going broke, but the highly paid execs are simply riding the firm into the ground, for as long as the cash lasts. The CEO is being paid $4.6 million per year to ride that pony.

      • The old law will realize their pensions are in jeopardy if they allow themselves to become irrelevant. Cloudfolk like Elon Musk and Zuckercuck want to take over much more than roads, space, and the internet: they want to replace all government and are doing a good job with help from their lobbyists.

        If no one wants to call the cops or use the local judges anymore due to their irrelevance and corruption, it will be harder to fleece the taxpayer.

        The University of California PD’s jurisdiction is all of California, if you can believe it. These Keystone Kops are great at busting fratdicks for drinking and ‘sexual assault’, but terrible at busting actual rapists and muggers.

        • we are all busy re-routing around and away from the parasitic class. crypto-currency is going to be a big part of that. eventually we will retake the means of production, both industrial and cultural. the cloud people will have to fend for themselves at that point — because we know who all of them are.

    • When was the last time you heard about a sex scandal at Duke?

      Meanwhile, over at UVA, Rolling Stone has severely damaged this line of assault for the campus Left.

      These campus tribunals have been going on for a decade or more. I’ve said for years that once men realize they can lawyer up, and soak the university for millions, that this latest fad will dry up. That’s now starting to happen.

      In a strange twist of fate, due to low application rates among men, colleges are now desperate and fighting over male enrollment because college applications are running 60/40 female these days.

      They are not going to succeed in recruiting men to go to a campus where they’re told on Day 1 that they are already a rape suspect.

      • knowledge and skill certification, through standardized testing, will be replacing the polluted college system. a degree from harvard won’t be worth anything in the new world, as hiring will be based on certification.

        • Purdue university just bought Kaplan. They want to make sure that they are in charge of credentialing no matter how it gets done.

          • And the learning I did with Kaplan on-line (for professional certifications) was the most efficient and productive educational experience of my life.

  18. I can see it now in the dean’s office: “You in a heap o’ trouble, boy!”

    Red bubble light optional.

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