The Killing Season

Baltimore has the nickname of “Bodymore, Murderville” because of a high rate of homicide and the habit of the locals spray painting the slogan on abandoned buildings. The other “slogan” you see around the city is a re-write of a marketing campaign run by the city a few years back. The pols had the idea of putting the word “Believe” on everything, so the more clever changed it to “Behave” which gets to the heart of the issue. The city has a huge population of people who cannot behave themselves like civilized people.

Currently the city is on pace for over 360 murders and we are just getting into peak killing season. Usually, the winter tamps down the murder rates as it is just not as much fun to pop a cap in an ass when it is snowing sideways. Similarly, the spring has been very rainy and gangsters tend not to like going out to murder people for their sneakers when it is raining. In other words, it’s possible there is a lot of pent up demand for murder that will now be unleashed with the summer weather.

To put this in context, Boston has about 650,000 residents. People think the city is much bigger, but that’s because of the surrounding cities and towns bunched in next to Boston give the feel of a much larger metropolis. Baltimore is around 600,000 people, if the census is correct, which no on thinks is true. Baltimore has a strong incentive to overstate their numbers as they get more Federal money as a result. Boston is on pace for about 40 murders this year, while Baltimore will have 350.

With that in mind, the city has put the cops on extra duty, allowing for overtime as a way to tell the cops they are sorry for the Freddie Gray fiasco. The official position of the politicians and our Progressive masters is that the Obama administration’s war on cops had nothing to do with the explosion of black homicide. People on the streets know better, but no one cares what they think. Either way, the city’s decision to make a peace offering to the cops suggests they are ready to stop pretending.

The precipitating issue was the murder of a white bartender in one of the nice parts of the city. Long ago, Baltimore pretty much invented the idea of gentrification. Mayor William Donald Schaefer had a dream of fixing his city so he condemned a bunch of houses in and around the waterfront and gave them away to urban pioneers. The one condition was they had to fix them up and live in them. The result was some very nice neighborhoods for young professionals and older people who enjoy city living.

The way the city has managed to keep these nice neighborhoods alive is by having the police keep the blacks in their ghettos. No one says it like that, but that’s the way it worked. They used good old fashioned racial profiling to make sure the homies stayed on the West side and the gentry class whites stayed out of West Baltimore. Local whites will tell you that they have been pulled over by cops when they decided to take a shortcut through the ghetto. The assumption being that they were lost or stupid.

Whether or not the cops can restore something resembling order is hard to know. The lesson the Left never learns is that society is a fragile thing. It’s quite easy to destroy the delicate balance that allows for a safe and civilized city. Topple it over and not only does all hell break loose, but restoring order requires a massive effort. It’s pushing a rock up a hill. If all goes well, your massive effort will get the rock to the top, but one mistake and the rock rolls down to the bottom and you have nothing to show for your efforts.

There’s also the fact that the supporting institutions in the city are always a mistake away from collapse making the job more difficult. The city prison system is just an extension of the ghetto. This was an outlandish example, but it is so common that everyone just accepts it. There are services to help black inmates stay in touch with their friends back in the neighborhood. It’s easy to see why cops and judges get a bit cynical about the system. They know that no one really wants to fix the problems.

There is, of course, the ever present issue of race. You would think that a city like Baltimore, and the surrounding environs, would be teaming with racism. After all, the overwhelming majority of the murders are done by blacks against other blacks. Of the 159 murders, 12 victims were white. In a city that is 60% black, 90% of the victims will be black and 95% of the perpetrators will be black. According to the myths of our age, the Backlash™ from the whites should make life a living hell for innocent blacks.

The opposite is true. Most whites have become habituated to the reality of life in this part of the world. Everyone, white and black, knows the reality on the street. The blacks with anything on the ball do exactly like the whites and that’s put distance between themselves and the black ghetto. That does not stop the Progressive maniacs from ranting about racism, but they do it from high up in the towers of their whites-only neighborhoods. As a result, no one hears them and so they can be ignored.

Interestingly, blacks tend to think of Baltimore as a good city for them. Number play a role as the city is close to 60% black, but that just means there is a thriving black social life, which is not the case in most cities. For the well-behaved blacks, there are black middle-class neighborhoods in the suburbs where they can be around other well-behaved blacks. The irony here is that while we have some of the worst blacks in America, we also have some of the best blacks, too. White people like that. it gives them hope.

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  1. It seems to me a big problem with well behaved blacks is they love signaling against whites by voting democrat or calling those whites who speak out against being robbed and murdered by blacks racist or worse.

    • the thing is, “well behaved” blacks are only well behaved compared to other blacks. they are all low class and violent; re:Evergreen State college.

  2. Considering the previous post (ie “you should consume local or you’re a douche bag”) and the fact you live in Baltimore is very interesting.
    I though you were in a relatively safe region of the US, relatively right wing, where you can expect a future, where the public debt isn’t in bankrupt territory, and where social programs didn’t reach the critical mass.
    But in fact you live in one of the worst area. One of the most leftist, black, and indebted area.
    And you are still willing to support all that.
    As you said in your previous post : “[your] friends and neighbors will eventually return the favor.”
    With a bankrupt city, a mountain of public debt, a horde of rabid leftists looking to skin some republicans.

  3. The way the city has managed to keep these nice neighborhoods alive is by having the police keep the blacks in their ghettos.

    That’s what they do in Paris. You rarely see blacks in the nice areas, the police would boot them out and be none too gentle about it.

  4. Most (white) people assume that their ancestors from the early middle ages were quite like themselves but only lacking literacy, running water, and opportunity, when in fact they were nothing like us. The behaviors of people at an inborn level changed tremendously over ten centuries of frequent public executions, and more so through feudal and manorial population demographic changes which were more suitable for the times. The people who could manage in the 17th century were by and large not those who could get by in the 6th. The great problem with Africans is that they have simply not undergone that type of culling. Those who desire to jump over the centuries have the opportunity to do so, but when they accomplish this they see fifty percent of their children fall right back. One black Baltimore cop offered that we should build a high wall around that ghetto with a gate to let out certifiable humans only, and then just flood it. That solution would have appeared to be entirely proper and necessary in the 16th century.

    • I get your last point, loud and clear. It strikes me that the Germans used a similar process in WW2 Warsaw, and the Cloud People seem to be practicing a (so far) “soft” version of it on the Dirt People today. All using their own definitions of “certifiable humans”. The black cop was not so much innovative, but instead was recognizing what people do to each other, in one way or another.

  5. Prior to Hurricane Katrina NOLA had one of those constantly updating electronic signs comparing the murder rate in NOLA to that in Boston–cities of roughly the same size. (Oddly enough they didn’t have one comparing demographics.)

  6. One of the numbers (or racial identification) in paragraph #9 of “The Killing Season” must be wrong, because it doesn’t make sense as written. I’m guessing that 90% of the victims are black, not white.

  7. Z-Man, I’ve heard it both as “Bodymore, Murderville” and Bodymore, Murderland”. “Murderland” sounds closer to “Maryland” to my ears. Great post.

  8. Huh. I thought the “Bodymore”, “Murderland” thing was just on The Wire. I reckon it’s like the chicken/egg question. But I’m kinda un-exposed to diverse cultures. I thought “Cheerio” was just in old Brit movies and breakfast cereal until a Brit I worked with said it, one day. If I remain unexposed to diversity any more than I already have been, that will be just frikkin’ fine with me. I had enough diversity to last me the rest of my life in 1969.

      • They aren’t your people and as such you don’t need to care for them anyway. There ain’t no “White Man’s Burden” you or I have to bear

        And note this isn’t all about race, my immediate neighbors are Black. Good folks, fellow countrymen and outstanding polite neighbors

        I have some shits to give about them, just not the ghetto bangers

  9. “Of the 159 murders, 12 victims were white. In a city that is 60% black, 90% of the victims will be white and 95% of the perpetrators will be black.”

    Did you mean 90% of the victims will be black?

  10. Flight (white and others) is the only real rational response. So Obama’s goal was to Section 8 our asses. Always remember what the hard left wants to do to us.

    • Dutch, why do you believe that flight is the only real rational response? Does that discourage aggressors better than standing your ground? Does flight help one to rationalize the expense of acquiring and filling a “bug out bag”?

      • Because life is short and living among low-impulse-control individuals and low IQ people is not attractive to me. Call me a bigot if you would like. Remus at Woodpile Report advises to “stay away from crowds”. My twist on it, learned from the hell that is called junior high, is to surround myself with people I am comfortable with, and to avoid like the plague people I am not comfortable with. I will do what I need to do to protect my family and myself, and the first step in that process is choosing my neighborhood very carefully. Obama’s version of Section 8 was to identify that process of carefully choosing one’s neighborhood, which many people do, and upend it. It was done with malice, IMO. See “blockbusting” for an older version of the same thing.

        • Our backs are against a wall here. There is nowhere left to run to unless you want to move to the high plains or mountain West. Once people Obama and every other blockbuster before him figure out they can push you around, they keep doing it.

          A non-trinitarian, unconventional strategy is what’s needed. Many immigrant groups that come here do not call the police when dealing with black crime. POlice forces are a modern invention of the last 200 years. Before that, people handled problems themselves.

    • The rational response is Fight not Flight but for now its best to be irrational since every day not at war is a day you can prepare for war. Prepare and make many nasty friends, you’ll need them.

      We can’t agree in anything enough to start anything and shouldn’t anyway however we will have to defend ourselves since outright extermination or subjugation of the European descended peoples especially the Deplorables is the goal of the Left since the equality they worship can’t be had while the Others remain

      I am fairly sure that as soon as Trump and people like him are gone, there will be political reprisals on a massive scale, a few small ones at first than growing.

      The choice you have is Fight or be enslaved or dead , no other. As some white nationalists are fond of saying “Diversity is hunting down the last White person” and you will never be left alone even if you aren’t actually white

      Assimilation won’t happen, coexistence won’t happen period, obey are die is the Lefts creed.

      And note this isn’t going to be The Revolution 2.0 or even something as nice as the Civil War 2.0 but more Rwanda X Bosnia meets Carthage or outright extermination if the Left can pull it off

      And note the Right isn’t sane any more either, the Furor Teutonicus, the Saxon hate is out there and when its unleashed . God, Gods help us all.

      Right now there is a small window in which this madness can be avoided, separation , repatriation a sufficient lock in power till saner people come on line whatever.

      Hell even talking here among ourselves and in the open helps a little.

      We can stop this awfulness and I even see signs among the Liberals that they want to stop it too but its not a given.

  11. Connect the dots. There is a painfully obvious problem. Elected politicians do not (and cannot) adequately address the problem. The victims continually re-elect failing leadership. The problem perpetuates (and worsens).

    The root of this problem lies within the voting population itself. Voting patterns are habitual and cannot change unless the population changes, or the voting rules are changed, or the crisis reaches epic proportions (murder rate must go up at least another order of magnitude or two).

    The rational response is to either leave town or purchase lots of firepower; everything else is distraction masturbation.

  12. I’d say that Boston, similar in population, is approaching apples and oranges in its racial makeup. The lower class, of all races, has mostly been pushed out of Boston proper and the former white ghettos. The high crime black ghetto is the Brockton area. Everett and Malden have assumed Chelsea and East Boston’s hispanic trouble makers (MS-13),
    But Roxbury is still Roxbury, but changing fast, Dorchester is gentrified for the most part, but these two places are where the cops spend most of their outreach and where the body count is measured. I didn’t do the math, but taken on their own Roxbury and Dorchester per capita probably have a similar murder and behavior problem as Bodymore and other majority black ghettos.

    • At one point in my life I repossessed cars in places like Mattapan and Roxbury. At their worst, they were nothing like West Baltimore. I’ve taken friends from Boston on ghetto tours and they are dumbfounded by what they see.

      • what keeps you there?

        there is nowhere in Boston as dilapidated as the drone cam footage of Baltimore shows.

      • Hey Z, Have you advised your tour guests of the negro phenomenon of the “Dung Room” ? Most white people are not aware of how common this is.

  13. Last I knew about it, Chicago was a similar story. But why not Boston_? Have all the low IQ, low impulse control folks been displaced elsewhere_?

    It has been reported that Chicago hoped to fix the problem by dispersing them downstate and to Iowa. The murder stats show that this plan is not working.

  14. ” The assumption being that they were lost or stupid.”
    Odd. In the wrong parts of NYC, at the wrong time of day, younger kinds in REALLY nice cars (daddy’s) with New Jersey plates were thought to be buying crack cocaine!
    Too bad if they got busted for possession. The car was forfeit.

    • I’m unsure what you mean by that, but the poor man in that twitter rant should go to the VA and avail himself to their mental health services.

    • aren’t there some blubbery femminists you can hang out with or something? other sjw dingleberries? a nearby bus station waiting room?

    • The sound of Mr. Clymer’s feelings will enlighten no one. My mother’s ancestors thrived in the Eden now known as America for millennia until my father’s ancestors arrived on these shores. My father’s ancestors did not assimilate into the culture of my mother’s ancestors.

    • No one actually takes a male that wears a princess crown seriously, Except your other LBGTQ friends who think you’re “outrageous”. Ex-military, eh? When did you come out of the closet?

    • “Equality” is always the goal stated (initially). Once these movements reach parity with “the other”, they inevitably metastasize into exactly that which they once claimed was evil.

      When anything is modified with “justice”, replace it with “revenge” to understand the unspoken goal.

    • Trent, here’s some condescending advice from a white man of vast privilege: Get off twitter and your bs “brotha” blogs, and try reading a real book. I suggest you start with William Faulkner – how about “Absalom, Absalom”? It might actually broaden your stereotypical lefty perspective, which is silly, pinched and butt ignorant. You ain’t “woke” bro, you’re just a parrot in a cage.

      • “The face that begs for a fist”! Yes!

        Come on people, le twit is great fun!
        I especially enjoyed the snarling, spitting africans- and the clueless lovey suckups cheering “Fight the Power!”

  15. There will always be low impulse control, low IQ people who will congregate in ghettos. Ancient Rome had a large one and pretty much every city in the world today has one. There is nothing to be “done” about this as there will always be large numbers of low impulse control, low IQ people. The best that can be done is to keep them penned in which is what’s being done de facto all over the world. Utopia does not exist, and if it did we’d all be dead from boredom or we’d manufacture conflict to keep us stimulated and alive. We only know we’re alive because we know we’re going to die. Good/bad, rich/poor, up/down, smart/dumb, without contrast we do not exist.

    • But, because of their lower levels of wealth, the Romans used more ‘active measures’ than our current, largely catch-and-release, system. As did the English in Dickens day as well as all other societies up to the last 100 years ago or so. We can afford the current system, for now.

      It seems that we will always have with us those deficient in impulse control or IQ. So it is darkly amusing that should the Progs actually succeed in their objective of turning us into Venezuela, their elaborate methods of dealing with such folks will be long gone along with the deficit funding propping it up. It is even more ironic since it is obvious by now that most of their precious processes are just make-work for mid-witted Cloud spawn: An elaborate charade, perhaps.

      • I’m pretty sure they know it’s a charade, a pretense for making money and moral preening. All from behind the gates of very safe enclaves of wealth and status.

      • Those “active measures” included a culling, by imprisonment/exile/death, of the least able to control their low-impulse/high violence tendencies. Over centuries of time, this altered the genetic basis of the White European population. The natural African environment has, to the contrary, rewarded its most violent and profligate inhabitants. Epigenetics combined with highly predictive heritable DNA equals racial reality.

    • >The best that can be done is to keep them penned in which is what’s being done de facto all over the world.

      The best that was ever done with the impulsive and violent was to hang them by the neck until dead. Rehabilitation is for non-violent criminals.

  16. You guys NEED to read Leonard Pitts and verysmartbrothas if for nothing else to get out of your echo chamber.

    They make points about the pernicious effects of slavery, white privilege, and white male supremacy.

    Please I beg of you just read a couple of their articles and I guarantee your view will shift.

    • How about we read that other saint of the DemocRATic party, Margaret Sanger. What did SHE plan to do to the black population?

    • Or we could be reasonable and review…

      The Talk: Nonblack Version

      It’s by the way that an overwhelming majority of American blacks demonstrate a perennial devotion to organized criminality. Most of them vote leftist every two years. Right on cue. The same majority of blacks is a little too friendly to Islamic theocracy, too, and this in spite of the fact that many of them claim to be Christians.

      It’s also by the way that Mr. Derbyshire has written a fascinating account of the life and work of Georg Friedrich Bernhard Riemann. See Prime Obsession: Bernhard Riemann and the Greatest Unsolved Problem in Mathematics.

      If you’re in a mood to get out of your own echo chamber, it would behoove you to see also the Wikipedia entry for Riemannian geometry. You will find that the topic is important to general relativity and, thus, to an accurate description of your body without the burdensome prejudice of presentism.

    • Trent, I gave you a vote-up, raising your total from -17 to -16, because I think it’s mean of everyone to down-vote you and you clearly like Zman and a lot of his posters or you wouldn’t come back. Have you read the Lord of the Rings? I like everyone who’s read the Lord of the Rings.

    • I actually have. They are in a short morons. Intersectionalism is about the most stupid ideology ever, even outright Marxism of the economic sort is smarter than that since it can produce some goods

      Go earn your blood money elsewhere.

      • Intersectionalism = the compound interest of Cultural Marxism’s Critical Theory.

        Trent – I am curious to know how many additional hundreds of years you estimate will be required before the “pernicious effects of slavery” are rendered negligible? Given your concerns of “White privilege/supremacy” I suspect you would say that they never will until Whites are debased into an impoverished underclass….in the nation their ancestors built when it was 90% White.

        Since non-Whites will risk their lives to get into our nations, perhaps the question you should be asking is what mental illnesses are these non-Whites suffering from that leads them to go to such lengths to be oppressed and ruled over by irremediable racists? Clearly you’re an immigration restrictionist as well.

        But we both know you want more immigration…the browner/poorer/more foreign the better. Thus you merely want to see Whites crushed. Whatever your reasons are interest me little, but assuming you got your wish, and are not a member of the tribe, one only need look at the European ruins in their former African colonies to picture your rainbow utopia USA. There are skyscrapers built by the Belgians in Kinshasa, Zaire which function as multistory mud huts. The infrastructure/elevators failed long ago under the weight of 75 IQ high time preferences.

        White privilege = a tiny global minority who is expected to be the world’s bank, police man, and hospital, and being labeled as evil for the privilege.

        We’re already called Nazis. So if I am doing the time, why not do the crime?

        • all these studies are gibberish. Objectively blacks cannot compete on a level playing field, and even when given all the tools necessary to succeed, they cannot succeed. See Detroit, Camden, Newark, Cleveland, New Orleans, Haiti, etc..

          Objective reality trumps ivory tower philosophy.

    • Trent Denton is correct. Everyone reading this blog should read Leonard Pitts and VSB. And it will shift your view. You will soon come to recognized that there exists no set of facts upon which the failure of black people can’t be blamed on white people. Having grown up dirt poor in the rural Midwest, I was quite sympathetic to the plight of black people who were treated unfairly by the man. No more.

      Check out this beauty at VSB:

      Contrast this with the transcript from final 74 seconds before shooting:

      9:05 p.m. — Castile’s vehicle comes to a stop.

      9:05:15-9:05:22 — Yanez approaches vehicle on driver’s side.

      9:05:22-9:05:38: — Yanez leans at driver’s side window, greets Castile, tells him of brake light problem.

      9:05:33 — Officer Joseph Kauser approaches vehicle on passenger side, stands near rear door.

      9:05:38 — Yanez asks for driver’s license and proof of insurance.

      9:05:48 — Castile provides proof of insurance.

      9:05:49-9:05:52 — Yanez glances at card, tucks it into outer pocket.

      9:05:52-9:05:55 — Castile tells Yanez: “Sir, I have to tell you that I do have a firearm on me.” Castile interrupts to say “OK” and places right hand on holstered gun.

      9:05:55-9:06:02 — Yanez says, “OK, don’t reach for it, then.” Castile says, “I’m … I’m … (inaudible) reaching … Yanez interrupts to say, “Don’t pull it out.” Castile says: “I’m not pulling it out.” His girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds, says, “He’s not pulling it out.” Yanez shouts: “Don’t pull it out!” Yanez draws his gun with right hand while reaching inside driver’s window with left. Yanez removes left arm from car, fires seven shots, the last at 9:06:02.

      Both the cop and Castile’s girlfriend testified that the gun was in the same pocket into which he was reaching. Conservative Treehouse even has a high-res photo:

      By all means, read VSB!

    • Tiny Duck, you really should stick to one sock puppet. Your diction and recommendations are quite distinctive and easily identifiable, particularly for those of us who routinely read more than one online information source.

      You forgot to add the bit about White women bearing non-White children and feelz. No worries; we can all fill in the blanks.

    • The current mayor of Baltimore is a black woman, the previous mayor was a black woman, and since 1996 the U.S. congressman has been Elijah Cummings. So much for white supremacy, white privilege and the legacy of slavery.

    • Blacks demonstrate the same social pathologies around the world. It doesn’t matter whether their ancestors were enslaved or not. Black society is the same everywhere you go.

    • In our “racist” society, I’ve been waiting for someone to notice the Forbes article from a couple of months back listing the wealthiest people from the entertainment field. Five of the first eight wealthiest were black. What happened to “white privilege”?

  17. Social engineering corralled the genetically challenged into the slaughterhouse yard. Scientific engineering will finish the job.

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