A Post About Fake News

Like a lot of people, I developed the habit of going to the Drudge Report as a one stop shopping experience for political news. His penchant for sprinkling in some news of the weird helped keep it interesting. He also is obsessed with extreme weather which I find amusing for some reason. The result is that it has been my first stop for general news going back to the Clinton years. Most mornings, it is my first stop just to see if anything important blew up while I was off-line.

The thing that always worked for Drudge is that he simply linked to the news stories in the mainstream press. He operated as a senior editor and headline writer. The New York Times may have decided to put something on page three below the fold, but Drudge would make it front page and give it a spicy headline. As these organizations became more dependent on web traffic, they became more Drudge friendly. That was true of writers as well.

Drudge was also the first to notice that the foreign press was often better at reporting on America than our local press. Many Americans now regularly read the British tabs because they were introduced to them through Drudge. While probably not intentional, it has opened the eyes of many Americans about the realty of the mainstream media in the United States. When the Guardian is doing a better job covering your hometown than your hometown news site, you notice it and you begin to wonder why.

That is the reason the Left has always claimed Drudge is a right-wing, even though his site is just links to left-wing publications. It is the editorial discretion. The people running the New York Times know they are shaping the news. They have always lied about it, but at some level they knew they were advocates for the Left. That was reflected in their choice of stories to cover and how hard they promoted those stories on their front pages. Drudge used that against them by re-prioritizing their stories.

The important thing though, is Drudge has always existed like an oxpecker. His site sits atop the mainstream media, plucking from it the stories that should be publicized. In return for this service, the mainstream media gets lots of traffic from Drudge. They could live without him, but it would be less pleasant. On the other hand, he cannot live without them. His existence depends on their existence. Drudge can thrive as long as most people think the news is largely true, but mostly biased to the Left.

What happens when the news is not true, but instead is mostly false and often just propaganda? How can Drudge work in the age of fake news? That keeps coming to mind every time I visit the Drudge Report lately. Yesterday he had a headline that read, “Dem Dream: Take Back House” and another, “Support Surges.” Both linked to stories that are entirely made up. The claim that there is a wave of support for Democrats right now is so ridiculous it should be in the Onion. That is obviously fake news

That is the reality of the Drudge Report now. He is working hard to add a tabloid gloss to the news, but the news is already well past being a tabloid. We are in the era of fake news, where political sites just make stuff up, claiming “anonymous sources.” Mike Cernovich has figured this out and he now has an army of anonymous sources of his own. On occasion, some of them have been right, which puts him ahead of the so-called journalists, who work in Washington politics. Drudge is now a fake news portal.

That is not the fault of Drudge. My recollection is that he hires people to help maintain the site, but he may be completely hands off now. It is that his business model is built upon the assumption that the news, to a great degree, is true. He then takes their news stories and adjusts out their bias by filtering and ranking them to highlight that which is often hidden by the mainstream press. If the news is fake, then he is doing what he set out to avoid, which is peddle bias.

This post is too long already, but there are two points that arise from this that are worth considering. One is that the fake news and its impact on sites like Drudge will have further collateral damage. Just as Drudge relies on the news being true, but biased, so do the conservatives. The hysterical pearl clutching at National Review looks even more ridiculous when it is clear they are reacting to fake news stories. In other words, fake news further reveals their complicity.

Another issue is that the prevailing orthodoxy is built around a superstructure composed of things like the mass media. Our progressive masters get to sway the public by filling the air with approved messages. The advertising model assumes people think the ads are there to sell product. If the public begins to see them as agit-prop, then all of those ads on TV peddling miscegenation take on a different color. Having a mixed race couple peddling camping gear then looks like an ad for race mixing, not camping gear.

In other words, a lot of other efforts depend upon the public accepting that the mass media is on the level, at least in terms of intentions. If people start assuming the news is fake, they are not going to be fooled by the ad men peddling the one true faith, dressed as product promotions. It is a short trip from there to questioning all of the other arrangements. Like the kids game Jenga, removing one key peg can cause a whole bunch of other things to come tumbling down as well.

Again, this is way to long, but the point is this. You do not have to red pill your honky friends on everything, just whatever they are ready for at the moment. The mass red pilling on the media is leading a lot of people to question all sorts of things that are only tangentially related. As the number of people aware of fake news grows, the number of people doubting the ad men and the intentions of corporate America grow as well. It means more people turning against the controlled opposition and their wealthy patrons.

Doubt is on our side.

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  1. Just my two cents but my go-to source is The Conservative Treehouse. I find the Drudge Report more and more like the National Enquirer offering up a bunch of sleeze and hyped up trash from all sorts of worthless sources that have been thoroughly discredited as FAKE News. Beyond politics, I go to Breitbart.

    As for random news, always consider the source.

  2. The British press has outperformed the US version for a long time. There is obvious bias on the other side of the pond but, they seem to delight in spearing all sides of the welfare supported government class.

  3. Noticed the ads ages ago. It even shows up in places one wouldn’t expect. Take a comic for kids (and kid-like people), Archie comics. There was a storyline where Archie married the black Josie and they had a black red-headed daughter. And just to drive the point home, in case you missed it, blonde-haired Betty, usually hopelessly in love with Archive, fell for Josie’s brother – also black.

    On TV, blacks are way over-represented according to their actual numbers, which should be 1-2 in 10 at most. It’s even worse with gays.

  4. “Having a mixed race couple peddling camping gear then looks like an ad for race mixing, not camping gear.”

    Being involved in advertising, I can assure you this is the plan. Because ad men and advertisers have been convinced pushing SJW pieties is good for business as well as The Right Thing To Do.

  5. In my current gig, the end customers are all White women and the advertising and promotional materials all feature non-White women. So there’s that. Apparently that sells.

    For commercials, the real audience is the media buyers, all young women in New York, mostly White, with massive resentments against most White dudes for not being Alpha enough; leaving them to fight over the few Alpha dudes who become available. Or hook up with the local bike messenger / part time dealer with five other girls on the side. Yeah of course White Women/ Black male sells to this group; and from what I’ve seen in SoCal, lots of other White women.

    The White male / Black female pairings are there to appeal to White women, who like it for some reason. I assume it is positional jockeying for the product, only the “right” people use it and never downwardly White proles. For young women, nothing is more downwardly White than … White male and female couples. A couple of Gay White dudes? Sure.

    I am of course Downwardly White. So there’s that …

  6. When Antonin Scalia died I was shocked when people I knew simply assumed he was murdered. When I pointed out that he was quite elderly one of them rather crankily asserted that of course he was murdered, with me a fool to imagine otherwise.

    Well. This sort of thing reminds of what I used to read about the Soviet Union, in that everyone assumed what they saw from the state media was a lie, and they attempted to figure out the reality from that.

    When I see the Honkies- or some fraction of them, those I know- automatically concluding that their favorite Supreme Court Justice was offed by leftist Deep State villains- gosh, things have plainly gone tango uniform for the shovelers of Fake News.

    Way back in days of yore, when the National Review on dead tree mattered, I can’t imagine anyone openly admitting that they thought a Supreme Court Justice had been murdered. That would be crazy talk.

    Not now, thanks to long experience with Fake News. Rathergate, anyone?

  7. +1 for the Drudge Report !

    Wife and I always skip the story and go straight to the comments. Very handy for finding out what race the perpetrator was , details on terrorist attacks, etc.

    Yahoo is constantly pumping out fake news about the president. Yet most comments are Pro President Trump ! There may be hope for us yet.

    Have noticed the black male white female agenda for quite some time. Are we all supposed to breed into one giant mongrel race ruled by the elites ?

    Mention this to family and friends and just get the eye roll. Decades of brainwashing won’t disappear overnight . It will be a long and uphill battle

  8. I have thought for a while now that if all you knew about the US was from TV, you would think most couples are interracial and every family has at least one gay member.

  9. No one wants to grow old. That said, there are times when age is sweet. I remind the young people in my little world that they’re in control now: And they get very upset. They’re scared and confused, as they should be. They face issues so grave, with an education so feeble, a moral foundation so useless, that all they can do is cling to each other on Facebook and hope that nameless adults will make everything well.

    To paraphrase Vico: the twilight of society is peopled by “base savages masked under tender words and embraces.”

  10. For some reason, your conclusion regarding “redpilling” reminds me of my joking realization following the successful home-schooling of my three daughters that “home-schooling is a gateway drug for all sorts of anti-social behavior.”

  11. Some of the fake news has an interesting twist. It was bait set out by intelligence to track leakers.

  12. Good oh Zman. Agree with ya. I check Drudge daily.. and have noticed.. whoever does the links… they link to WAPO daily. Multiple stories. NYT too. It couldn’t be more partisan. Then throw in some Politico hit piece or another fake poll to influence the folks..

    It’s weird. Where are the stories from LA Times or other big city papers that still have writers? The Drudge has turned into churning the fake news cycle and is blatantly hyping stupid fake stuff. It is remarkable and I came to the same thinking as you. At what point is Drudge a going concern when all his site does is highlight the fake crap that the MSM really wants to emphasize?

    • i very rarely click through on drudge. and the site is often stale. there has definitely been a change in tone since the coronation…

  13. I’ve been annoyed too, recently, by Drudge linking to WaPo articles, etc. There’s some scary headline, you click the link, and then it’s “oh, this is the NY Times, forget it”.

    I guess it’s not his fault, like Z Man says, but I’ve now added CNN, the Bezos Post, and the Carlos Slim blog to the outlets that I Will Not Read. (Like MSNBC, HuffPo, or the big 3 network blogs).

    Would be great if Drudge began refusing to link to certain outlets. CNN at a minimum, let’s say. Freeze them out of his web traffic.

  14. What allows “autocorrect” to elide the correct spelling of a word with nonsensical tripe?

  15. Very interesting observations. This line of attack on the Prog media has, as Z Man points out, excellent potential to collapse a main pillar of the Prog edifice (another being their taxpayer provided interlocking slush funds). That the proposition can be demonstrated using another analytical framework should enhance its plausibility.

    So it is particularly interesting to examine this situation from a ‘military strategy as applied to politics’ point of view. How this can work as an analytical framework is:
    – One concise definition of the essence of military strategy is to make a surprise attack on the enemy’s center of gravity using tactics they have trouble dealing with. Ideal tactics are those which turn previous enemy strengths into weaknesses. The enemy center of gravity in a geographical sense is that enemy position which, if taken, will compel the collapse of the entire enemy front adjacent to it. In the political sense it relates to collapse of enemy political power and influence.
    – Pres. Donald Trump (PDT) evidently concluded early on that the MSM was Hillary’s actual political center of gravity. Clearly she was depending on them to drag her decaying zombie carcass of a candidacy over the finish line. I mean, what other basis of appeal did she have for anyone not cabled into the Prog slush machine_? Politics of the ’60’s_? Are you kidding (ht Nancy Pelosi)_?
    – The MSM’s go-to tactic against the Republican Party’s Washington Generals team over the last 50 years is to coordinate on a set of narratives by limited semi-covert mutual exploration. More specifically, the DNC covertly distributes narrative-relevant talking points and then the MSM outlets coordinate by trial balloon on them. And then the MSM rapidly spins up a suddenly-appearing media outrage sh*t storm seemingly out of nowhere that puts the Generals back on their heels in apparent surprise. As soon as that storm dies down it is followed by another ‘sudden’ storm on a new topic a week later or so, leaving the Republican Washington Generals constantly on the defensive.
    – This MSM tactic depends on both coordination and credibility. Coordination depends on focused time free of other major distractions. PDT disrupted that coordination by using his tweets to disrupt the process every two days or so by displaying a spinning shiny object that the MSM couldn’t help themselves from jumping on before they got whatever DNC talking points they were previously working on properly organized. My observation is that the entire MSM outrage cycle needs almost a week to complete. They had big trouble maintaining aim for that long due to the PDT tweets every two days on a new topic.
    – PDT also attacked MSM credibility in general. That attack continues to this day and is drawing blood. It makes the MSM crazy but they apparently lack the operational resilience to change their tactics, so far. They just recycle the same story lines to increasing disbelief. Absent a drastic change in political direction, their tactical repitition can easily lead to a credibility collapse which will, in turn, lead to an add revenue collapse via Z Man’s logic.

    So, to circle back, our strategy should be to work at every opportunity to bring about the collapse of the MSM revenue base before they can figure a way out of their folly. So encourage them to ‘persist’. My personal contribution will be to write no more helpful letters to the editor along the lines of, ‘here’s why you are missing the boat’.

  16. Breitbart is unreadable, the popup, side scrolling ads are unbearable and up there with the worst clickbait sites

  17. The problem for journalism has always been that “journalist,” if done right and on the level, is a job no sane person with anything on the ball would ever take. You spend most of your days as a stenographer for city council meetings, and arrange the squibs coming in over the wire services. Look at old-timey papers, before the eggheads got ahold of it and started issuing credentials — page one is about some new city ordinance; a tiny box down in the corner reads “Hitler wins Election” or “Famine in the Punjab; Thousands Dead.” If propaganda is straight prostitution, then “journalism” is a high-end “escort” service — you get to live a semblance of the good life, so long as you put out exactly how the rich tricks want you to.

    • You nailed it in the last sentence. Happen to live in a place chock full of the NY media crowd. What is interesting is that most aspire to be in the “in” crowd, but economically are not. So seem almost “ornamental” since they do appear on CNBC or write for the NYT so are always a good conversation piece to have at the party, but are never going to own the house next to yours in the Hamptons. And you can almost reach out and touch the seething resentment. The other feature is, that with a few exceptions, they are just not that well educated. I know a few that are, but many went to second or third tier “respectable” colleges and pursued less difficult degrees. Just look at a tool like Jim Acosta, third tier school and a made-up major. He has likely never had any intellectual curiosity about immigration and as the exchange showed–is wholly deficient in even the basic history of it. And these are the folks that somehow believe they have been awarded the crown of public opinion.

  18. I think many of us are like Lot’s wife. One minute we’re talking about how everything has changed, the elites have been exposed, the Dirt People have taken the red pill… and the next we complain that the media are all against us, and the LIV will march like zombies to the polling booths to put us all back into the matrix again.

    I think the election of Trump was itself proof that things had changed. Everyone knew that the media was trying to pull Hillary over the finish line. The important thing is that they failed. And 8 months later, they’re still using the same techniques that failed last year, thinking that if they just keep at it a little longer and a little louder, the magic will work again. But once a magic trick is exposed, it can’t work again.

    BTW, Z-man, I was thinking about the shrinking market for mainstream news, and it occurred to me to wonder just where those LIVs get their news now? You live in the big city – do the people you live among watch CNN for their news? I’m starting to feel as if the only people who really do watch the big news networks people like my 82-year old aunt, who can’t adjust to an internet world, and just keep relying on the same sources they always have, without even thinking about whether they’re trustworthy or not.

    • Lefty around here watch/listen to PBS and NPR. Normies use the internet. Blacks don’t pay any attention. I suspect the audiences for cable news are much smaller than claimed.

      • The PBS/NPR thing seems to be a way to declare one’s hard left affiliation without getting oneself dirty with the proletarian CNN/MSNBC “fake news” thing. PBS/NPR–condescension with extra dimensions. Not only hard left, but elite hard left.

      • There’s another thing that really chaps my cheeks about PBS/NPR. They are the “highbrow” network of all the operas and Boston Pops and so on. The network of the rich liberal elites. Those people who can most afford a subscription. And yet, they insist on a government subsidy, as if they get the goodies and the rest of the poor people’s networks can just go pound sand. They simultaneously defend the subsidy as necessary and unneeded. The real point that they insist on making is that they get to dip into the till and the rest of us don’t get to, and don’t you forget it, plebes! I will do a happy dance on the day that subsidy gets taken out.

  19. The SJWs at Google have created an API called Perspective which will rank content based on perceived *Toxicity”.

    It would be entertaining to apply the API to various sites to see what Google considers toxic. The API will call out a phrase like:

    “illegal immigration is a problem” and report 44% likely to be perceived as toxic.


    “radical islam” and report 83% likely to be perceived as toxic.




  20. One thing about whites…
    When we get fed up, continents burn, plus we’re pretty darn good at genocide. I don’t see a problem, only a mutt child poking a polar bear with a stick.

    • My grammar is perfect. Typos are my issue as I often do these from a tablet.

      I’m going to set up a Gab channel for the grammar Nazis to group edit my stuff.

      • Grammarly catches lots of stuff including typos. It also makes recommendations worth ignoring. The free version is all you need. Load the plugin into Chrome and voila. Worth trying is all I am saying.

        • That is interesting. I’m very much opposed to overly restrictive grammar. Language evolves. Just read a book from 100 years ago. But, flagging spelling and typos would be useful. I could use word, but that’s more hassle for me as I’m often doing these things on the run.

          Maybe I’ll do a fundraiser to hire a copy editing service.

  21. The race mixing thing has changed. It used to always be black-guy, white-chick. Now they are doing more white-guy, black-chick, and throwing the occasional zipperhead into the mix. Weird.

    Another little trick they do a lot, that I read about and now notice, is use children who are implausibly light-skinned for the couple in question. The black husband and wife have (some how) miraculously produced little mulattoes, while the race-mixed couple have produced octoroons.

    The propaganda message to whites is “you can even have kids who look a lot like you”. The truth is: not so much.

    Heidi Klum and her offspring by the singer Seal:


    • Yep the kids never look even remotely like the white parent. That’s why in reality you don’t see very many white men/black female pairings with kids. Most men do know the offspring will never identify with or look like them in the least.

      Look at the NY mayor’s kid. Big dumb looking black guy where black side is totally dominant.

      Even Obama doesn’t look half-white. He looks like a 3rd world black with Indonesian blood lines.

      • He looks half white to me, part black, all red, and uncannily like his CIA stringer grandfather.

  22. ” … the point is this. You don’t have to red pill your honky friends on everything, just whatever their¹ they’re ready for at the moment.”

    Use the idea of “fairness,” which the Left has exploited so successfully.

    The easiest thing to start with is this: No person should be made to feel ashamed of his skin color.

    Your honky friends are ready to hear this put into words. The term “white pride” will probably scare them away. This won’t.

    Use it to combat the “white privilege” crap. Push it for all it’s worth. Anyone can see that “white privilege” is supposed to make white people, particularly our impressionable young people, ashamed of who they are.

    This is an easy place to start moving the Overton window.

  23. I never followed Drudge, although I did see him on TV a few times. His webpage looks like he spent a minimal effort on it at all. Given the amount of money he has made, he should be able to make it look more professional instead of text based. I’m not talking about looking like Breitbart, which is pretty much devolved to mainstream media levels of eye candy to distract the easily manipulated. Plus, Drudge is jewish, so there’s that.

      • I’ve always assumed he was gay. There’s a weird spergy gay type that is closer to asexual than gay. These are often very smart or bookish men, who don’t go in for the gay lifestyle and often rail against it. Lyndsay Graham is one of these types.

    • There have been some studies done recently that found the simpler the better. That’s one reason it gets a billion hits a year.

        • I’m a plain guy. I would have been a good Amish person. I tend away from sites that take forever to load or that have a lot of scripts. I really hate it when I have to chase links around or find the hidden audio.

          Simple is best.

          • Yeah, the hidden audio. I’ve taken to just turning off my sound when it hits instead of looking for it.

  24. Man you guys need to get out of your bubble. NO ONE THINKS LIKE YOU DO.

    Read Leonard Pitts. Read verysmartbrothas.

    You guys have no connection with reality and Trump will be impeached within the year. Did you Jim Acosta DESTROY Stephen Miller yesterday? Did you know how popular Stephen Colbert is? Do you understand that most children are of Color.

    Listen carefully: IT IS OVER FOR YOU GUYS. Only time will tell

    • I think you’re probably right, Trent. It’s just about over for us white guys. Read Spengler. (The real one, not the Jew that lives in Hong Kong or where-ever.) No culture lasts forever.
      But when we go down, we take civilization down with us. And I don’t think you’ll like what happens then.

      • The Jewish “Spengler” lives in NYC. One of the most sophisticated people on the planet.
        One of his essays claims that women try to marry victors of the wars (think Germany 1945 or end of Cold War Russian women).
        Unfortunately a lot of white western women have same tendency. You could see a lot of blond French women with mixed race kids even 15 yrs ago. Must be much worse by now.

    • Not sure which color you are – or think you are , but you probably better start doing a little more reading. With a name like Trent Denton – I’m guessing you identify with the darker side of the color palette.

      From what I’ve seen over 5 decades – that’s going to be a real problem for you if the lighter side of the “color” palette starts to take over. Because the brownies don’t like the darkies any more than the whiteys do, and in fact – since they actually have to deal with them in REALITY (instead of in fantasy land as most whites do) – like the darker side of the color rainbow a LOT less than your average white person.

      You can guilt a lot of white people into supporting welfare for “coloreds” – as the article on Vox a number of weeks ago pointed out (lifetime take for the average darker skinned citizen is in the $700k range – while whitey ends up getting screwed to the tune of $200k or so).

      I don’t think that dynamic is going to stay in place if the mestizos outbreed the whiteys and take over. Put the Latins in charge – and the darker skinned are going to have a really big problem.

      • Trent is a white prog troll or a gay mulatto. Mulattoes can dream of ruling because they often do wherever there are large black populations around, and all concerned accept that as perfectly natural. Which it is.

  25. I used the Drudge Report exactly the same way for just as long. Without really thinking about it, I believe I noticed the same trend as you did and I modified my use of the page.

    First thing in the morning, yes. Once or twice more throughout the day to see if there’s anything new, yes. But that’s about it. More importantly the number of headlines I actually click on has dropped from “most of them” to about 2 or 3 per day.

    Fake News is off-putting even when you aren’t consciously trying to avoid it.

  26. The whole race mixing thing in advertising really picked up steam maybe 4 or 5 years ago. It was very apparent if you were a person who paid attention. There was always some of it around – but it struck me that somewhere along the line , somebody flipped a switch and the prevalence of it really increased – almost exponentially.

    It started showing up in places where there was really no reason for it – and it didn’t even make sense.

    If you watch enough of this stuff – you do notice these things. It was mostly “mix the white women with other races” for the last few years. Starting maybe a year or so ago though – it was “show some white men with women of other races”. Now there is that movie “Loving” – which shows a blonde haired white man defending his black wife. I’ve noticed the same theme (white man with black woman) in some drug commercials, travel ads – etc.

    Again – it was like a light switch got flipped somewhere and somebody said: “Release the white man / black woman propoganda now!”

    • You noticed that too, Carlsdad? I am mostly stuck at home awaiting a transplant so my TV is always on as is my laptop. I thought I was imagining things when I began to notice a proliferation of mixed race couples on ads from diapers to dining. I’ve also noticed an almost painful attempt to make all TV doctors and judges black. If not black then Asian but if they are Asian they are all women. Like there is no such thing as an Asian male doctor. I’ve also noticed that every 115lb, 5’2″ chick is capable of beating the crap out of two dozen huge hit men all while killing another ten with the gun that never runs out of bullets.

      Ya gotta love Hollywood. They never sleep when a good narrative offers a particularly bad propaganda angle for their anti American-Christian-white lifestyle. They show history like it was: the black-moslem-atheist-socialist-handicapped-women who founded and built this nation into the most powerful, freest, productive force for good in all of human history are deserved a hearty *Thanks!*. Cause God knows the white Christian guys who actually did it won’t get one.

    • A few years ago, some outdoor company had an ad where you see a tent in the woods. The tent opens and inside is a black guys, a white woman, a white kid and a slightly Asian kid. Clearly, they thought about the races they were putting in the tent. But why would they do that? Everyone knows that black people don’t go camping. The company knows their client base is 100% honky and mostly downscale honky from the burbs and exurbs.

      The only plausible answer was they wanted to see race mixing more than they wanted to sell camping gear.

      • That’s exactly the kind of thing I’m thinking of.

        If you watch you will see that kind of thing all over the advertising world. The ones that stand out in my mind are clothing ads. Whether they’re on TV, newspaper flyers, or in print ads. The typical mix will be white female, black male, and another female of some other race (Asian, Hispanic, black – pick one). This format is present in ads for clothing whether it’s children’s or adults.

        And, to your point about : “doubt is on our side” . I caught the wife getting skeptical the other day. Probably from me pointing this shit out in numerous instances. We were watching TV and that Subaru ad came on where it’s a number of instances of kids being told “you’re not taking that”.

        The kids all being told “you’re not taking that” – are a bunch of white kids. The ad finishes with a black teenage boy looking out the window – seeing that it’s raining – and asking ” Mom , I’m taking the Subaru”.

        The wife responded with ” isn’t that nice – so all the little white kids are irresponsible but the black kid is just great because he’s taking the Subaru” .

        So yeah – the propaganda can be fought , if you just start pointing out how ridiculous it all is.

        From what I’ve read – Target really took a hit on profits for their stand on the whole transgender bathroom thing. Point is: there are some things that a bridge too far. We can make other things a bridge too far – by just pointing them out.

      • That’s my impression of that particular ad and the current ads that are playing. And it’s really in your face as well.

        One really nasty ad has a white couple in a store setting, notice a big black former NFL player, the wife openly goes ga ga over this flabby old black dude in front of her cucked white husband who just stands there.

        And oh the black dude is already surrounded by several young white girls.

        You don’t even notice what the commercial is trying to sell, all I noticed was the racism and mockery of white men.

      • I remember the first time I was struck by a miscegenation theme in a commercial. It was during the 2008 Olympics (I can date it because we were staying at the house of friends while they were away and I can place the memory in their living room). There was a McDonald’s commercial that had a trashy looking white woman on the front stoop (looked sort of East coast) enjoying McDonald’s take out when her black “significant other” shows up. I think they had kids too. That commercial played endlessly, so the race-mixing stuck in my mind as something vaguely remarkable.

        Now it seems every commercial is obliged to have racial mixture, and an all-white cast has become remarkable.

        As for the white guy/non-white female theme, I guess they realized that the ads were all black guy/white female, so they felt they had to mix it up a bit (to make the overall pitch less obvious?). Though these commercials are mostly black/white, there is a car commercial that has a white guy showing off his fancy American car to his initially skeptical Asian (Chinese, I’d guess) mother-in-law. There’s another Asian one whose content I can’t recall.

        They’re also keen on multi-racial individuals. I’ve noticed a fair number of commercials where the main character is a woman who I guess would be considered black by the “one drop” rule but clearly has a lot of European ancestry. There’s one (not surprisingly) flogging ancestry dot com, but there’s also a strange commercial for an SUV (I think) that has a woman of such ancestry (lots of white features and complexion like coffee with a whole lot of cream added) with that stringy hair blacks have, but the kids in the back of the car look straight caucasian. Kinda makes her look like the nanny!

        Used to be that television simply insisted on having every judge, medical department head, and police superintendent be black. Now they want to ignore the world around us, and go straight to the bi-racial future that awaits us!

        • I’ve lived outside of the US for a long time now, and when I visit, it’s usually by air, with stops in conference centers, so you don’t get much of a view of the country as a whole. So when we recently took a trans-continental drive and spent some time in a small town (a county seat sort of place) as well as a major urban center, I was curious to see how reflective the miscegenation commercials are of the “real world”.

          I’d say that over the course of a week and a half, I saw something like ten to fifteen couples with children in restaurants, and something like 75% of them seemed to be white women with black fathers.

          One thing that I noticed was that the fathers seemed to have adopted the ethos of contemporary white guys in that they carted around the children and pushed the strollers etc. (Back in the day when we had children, my wife did all the baby minding and also carted them around, but it seems to be de rigueur these days for the fathers to “do their bit” by acting as infant chauffeurs.)

          Anyway, this amused me because there’s a fairly constant theme these days on sites like Vox Day that when white women have children with black men, the latter invariably dump them and they become “single moms”. I have no idea what the overall statistics about this are (just reporting my idle observations), but there sure seemed to be a lot of hen-pecked, feminism-infected black fathers of biracial children out there!

          • Inter-racial mating is still rare, but more common now for obvious reasons. There’s a natural ceiling to it because evolutionary biology works hard against it. Women are wired to select males that resemble their kin. This has been backed up with testing. Modern women are much less inclined to find males outside their race to be attractive. Males are far less discriminating.

            The divorce rates of mixed couple has always been very high. I can speculate as to why, but I have no good data to suggest anything. My guess is that the ease of divorce in the modern age is the answer. Every additional point of potential conflict makes divorce more likely.

          • Just by looking around, I am seeing white women marrying darker guys (Latino, Black), and white guys marrying Latinas but not Blacks. I have no numbers to confirm. I am thinking the women seek the macho protection of the darker men, but the men are choosing the more nurturing Catholic Latina choice rather than the more “out-there” darker women.

            It is amazing to me how many white women really don’t like most white men most of the time. We walk on eggs when we are around them and they hate that.

          • Dutch, here in Florida it seems that every third couple you see are black male with white female. In the grocery stores about every other cart is half full of half black half white toddlers.
            I suspect the black guys lure their mates in with drugs. The Latin communities tend to be closed with not a lot of mixing of races.
            I could never understand the attraction. As long as they are forced to get on that ship to Africa, they made their choice.

          • Women are wired to select males that resemble their kin. This has been backed up with testing.

            On the other hand, there does seem to be this BBC shtick going around. Surely the expression “once you go black you never go back” has a long lineage.

            I’m not trying to be argumentative. I have no idea what to make of any of this. I’m not disputing the visceral dislike of mating “the Other”, but there does seem to be a certain attraction for it among some women. Maybe this is an instance where “nurture” is overcoming “nature”? I really don’t know the answer myself.

          • I believe that the prevailing thinking among younger adult white women right now is that white men are either gay, wimps, or obnoxious beer drinking bro’s. A woman’s status among her peer females is largely set by who she is dating, and white men who are not really cute, really socially smooth, and really rich are o-u-t out. The other females respect a peer woman who dates dark and “tames the macho tiger”, if she is not dating the smooth, cute, rich white guy that the other females want. I really believe that much of the social positioning a young woman takes is for the benefit of her standing amongst her female peer group, and that is a tough crowd.

            Young women who are serious about who they are and what they are doing in life don’t ride that carousel, but there are plenty who do.

      • It happens in Australia too. Even weirder is that some of the advertising has Jamaal and Tyrique with slim white women. Two big problems there. Australia doesn’t have any African-American men and even fewer slim white women.

    • To me, this is part of why the Democrats and the media believed their own hype that the country was minority-majority and Trump’s election victory was so shocking! I mean, everything they see on TV is mixed race this, and gender fluid and smart! They USA they see depicted on TV and movies and in ads…( the USA they force-feed everyone ) is not what is actually out there. Cognitive dissonance … explains the refusal to accept the election too…. everything they thought they knew… thrown upon the rocks of reality.

  27. Doubt is indeed on our side. It will create a vacuum. The question is what will fill this space. That is still very much up for grabs and potentially by something we haven’t even thought of yet.

    Exciting times, Chinese curses and all.

    • That creation of doubt fits into Army insurgency warfare doctrine. I would suggest to the readers that is our destination. We will conduct an insurgency based war to restore Western Civilization.

      • Why would you restore the same vehicle that just caused it’s own ruination? It is very much like going back to the American principles of 1789. What happened will only happen again, except faster. Take a step forward or take a step back, but don’t restore this thing.

        • Next time we could try using the enforcement mechanism that was abandoned in 1903 – an armed an organized population capable of enforcing their rights. One thing the founders of the US and Mao would agree – political power comes from the barrel of a gun. The disagreement is on who should be holding that gun.

  28. Take a look at Breitbart. They look to pick fights with the progs and everyday there seems to be some celebrity meltdown or over reaction. Half of what they post is just provocation which no serious person wanting news would even read.
    It gives an aura of importance or relevance that is just not there.

    I mostly read comments now.

    • Correct, David.

      Although I will say this about that: from what I’ve seen as a new follower of this blog – the author’s content is as good as the comments…

    • I have several sites I visit mainly for the comments. That’s where most of the meat is.

      National Review drove in its last coffin nails first by deleting any comments that didn’t agree with the Hebrew Neocon Orthodoxy on how best to destroy America. Finally, seeing that wasn’t sufficient they eliminated the comment section entirely, leaving no reason to visit at all.

      • I don’t think you can give a coherent reason why Whites shouldn’t be anti-Semites or ,against Jewish evil, as I would say. It’s in Whites best interest to be against the Jews. Really the only reason you have is, it’s not nice but why should we be nice to them? Are they nice to us? 24 hour a day demoralizing propaganda from the Jews attacking us, yet we should be civil? Concerted action to destroy our civilization on all the fronts they can fund? Attacking us on 09-11. Looting the Treasury in the banking crisis.

        Uncivil races shouldn’t expect civility from civil people. They haven’t earned it. In the past I would have thought differently but experience shows that they abuse the civility of others to shut down debate. I don’t believe the few that say they are different. Maybe they are but from my perspective they need to do something about their brethren, fast. We have thousands of years of experience with Jews and it’s all…bad. What exactly about this specific day and time is different? At some point Whites will write the Jews off, as I have, as a pernicious viral pest and push to separate you from us. Cry when you’ve moved to Israel. Don’t do it here in the US while you’re still tormenting us.

    • Agreed. The big boys and girls on “our team” just beat a drum now, exposing publicity-seekers on the Left by giving them… more publicity.

      I know what the airheads on CNN and MSNBC are “thinking”: thanks to Limbaugh. Here’s the thing: My life is improved in part by not knowing, or thinking about, the lucubrations of complete fools.

      Rush Limbaugh makes his millions nowadays by “exposing” on a daily basis all the rubbish that we know is out there and want to avoid. We learn nothing from this course in “advanced conservative studies”, except that Rush ought to hang it up. He was an inspiration in the 90s. He’s just an old man with way too much money now.

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