The Anti-Man

Until someone mentioned him, I had never heard of Leonard Pitts. I just assumed he was a writer for a black website like The Root or the Huffington Post. One of the things about the media age is someone can be wildly famous, yet unknown to most people. PewDiePie is a great example. He has fifty million subscribers to his YouTube channel, yet few adults over forty have heard of him. The number of people, who are unknown to me, but are wildly popular with blacks is probably quite long.

Since this commenter kept posting the man’s name, I decided to look him up and I learned that he lives outside Washington and has been a columnist for the Miami Herald for decades. That is a weird thing, when you think about it. Why would the Miami Herald have a columnist, who lives in DC? The reason, of course, is that the demand for black columnists, to decorate the op-ed pages of big city newspapers, far outstrips supply. If you are a black guy who can play the part, the world is your oyster.

That may seem harsh, but a quick look at the columns written by Pitts finds what you always find with black writers. As Derb would put it, it is all blackety-black. He has done a lot of work on being a black father. He has written columns on being a black man. He has written lots of columns flinging his poo at Republicans over race. Pretty much every Progressive news operation has a slot for the black guy, who writes about his blackness and flings poo at Republicans for their lack of sensitivity to the blackness.

Pitts has authored some books too. His first was Becoming Dad: Black Men and the Journey to Fatherhood. The topic is obvious. His first novel is Before I Forget, a “novel of three generations of black men bound by blood — and by histories of mutual love, fear, and frustration.” His next novel, Freeman, is about a former slave. His most recent novel is called Grant Park and it is, wait for it, a story of race and race relations. To paraphrase John Derbyshire, Leonard Pitts is a prisoner of his own skin.

He is also a good example of the negative group identity. Blackness in America is a laundry list of grievances against whites and a list of things that blacks reject about society. It has little to say about what it means to be black, independent of whites. Much like the contours of a black hole, we can only know black identity by knowing the surrounding white identity. Wherever white culture ends, that’s where black identity begins. In America, being black means not being white.

This negative identity has been particularly toxic to black Americans, because a negative identity binds the worst with the best. The greatest exponents of black culture are those who are the most degenerate. Hip-hop culture is a perfect example. It celebrates the worst instincts of black people. Any black who points this out is pilloried for acting white. The result is a never ending race to the cultural bottom, dragging the rest of the black population down with it. Even Obama was forced to respect the gutter culture of hip-hop.

This anti-identity is why blacks demand to live near whites. Whites will often note that despite all the complaints about how whites treat blacks, black people will literally cross an ocean to live near whites. In America, this means demands for subsidies so that blacks can move into white suburban neighborhoods and send their kids to white schools. In cities with voucher programs, blacks try everything to get their kids out of black schools and into white schools. On its face, it seems illogical, given the list of black grievances.

There is more to this phenomenon, but one aspect is that black identity depends on proximity to whites. Sure, blacks want safer neighborhoods and better schools, but they also need to be near whites as being black in America is wholly defined by how whites treat blacks. The reason blacks are prisoners of their skin is because to do otherwise means losing what it means to be black. If all black people left America, whites would not change. If the roles were reversed, blacks would have to invent a new identity.

The negative identity is not just debilitating to groups. Thumbing through the writings of Leonard Pitts, the image of him is of a man in a perpetual state of outrage. He is a bundle of resentments. All of his interactions with the white world, even those of his imagination, are placed on his own scale of slights. His life is not the accumulation of experiences adding to his identity as a man, but a running list of complaints about the world around him. He is an anti-man, because if he did not exist, no one would feel the need to invent him.


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  1. We still would never have heard of Leonard Pitts, except for one thing: he speaks for millions of blacks, and a few million more Antifa types.

    There are more blacks in an average State than the national total of all KKK members—doubled and squared.

  2. A little overthought. It’s all about sponging. If blacks were given a country on this continent, complete with infrastructure and generous foreign aid, it would collapse to the level of Haiti within a decade, and they know it. (Conversely, if by separating themselves from whites they could boost their incomes by 10-15,000 dollars they’d be gone and talk about deriving their identity from whites would be moot.) As slavery and Jim Crow fade into the past it is becoming harder and harder to blame those things for the continuing abysmal economic performance of blacks. The less those excuses are valid the louder they have to scream about them to keep the subsidies flowing. That’s what “white privilege” is all about, a ghost in the machine designed to explain away black failure in a way so vague that it can’t be argued against.

  3. FBI statistics show Black males 18-34 (3% of the popuation) commit between 52 and 55% of all homicides in the US, 86% being other black males.

    It appears that the only people in America that don’t think black lives matter is black people.

    • Exactly my thoughts and well said! I feel about black Americans the same way I do about Palestinians: they obviously put very little value on the lives of their tribe, so why should I feel any differently?

  4. Z-Man, you magnificent bastard, you’ve read my book!

    “negative identity binds the worst with the best. The greatest exponents of black culture are those who are the most degenerate. Hip-hop culture is a perfect example. It celebrates the worst instincts of black people. Any black who points this out is pilloried for acting white. The result is a never ending race to the cultural bottom, dragging the rest of the black population down with it. Even Obama was forced to respect the gutter culture of hip-hop.”

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    Found these gems several months ago. Been saving them and am not sure why. Perhaps for a moment like this.

  6. Despite its much balleyhooed diversity, Miami is not a particularly hospitable city to American blacks. It is the white American that is most welcoming to African Americans, a fact that most blacks would be reluctant to admit, but that revealed preferences lay bare. Lebron James said as much to his friends and closer acquaintances, and fled Miami. Miami´s black americans made their last stand in the riots of the early 80´s, when the power structure was still in Anglo white hands. Miami power transitioned shortly afterwards to less forgiving hispanic hands, and the relevance and power of African Americans disappeared with the retreating Anglos.
    Pitts undoubtedly finds himself much more at home in the Washington, DC area, with its proud black middle class comfortably sheltered beneath the white umbrella. Hispanics are a tough crowd for black theatre.

    • The same is true of Los Angeles county. It used to be heavily black. Now here are only traces of black people. The Mexicans pushed them all out at gunpoint.

      • there is ethnic cleansing of blacks all over the country, by the mexicans and other latins.

        • Whites are also on the block, more by economic warfare though Hire a Hispanic with managerial power for a job , especially a blue collar one and no White is getting hired again.

  7. This reminded me of something that happened in graduate school. I was at UGA and there was a black post-doc in the center who had befriended some people (grad students and post-docs) from the HBCUs in Atalanta. He would spend some weekends there “hanging out” with his chums, and some with us. I once asked him what they do for entertainment when they “hang out” in the city, and he told me “the usual, going places, eating out, shopping, and driving around talking about white people.” I must have looked perplexed, because he then said,”Oh, like you guys don’t drive around talking about black people.” I assured him that we did not, in fact, do that unless it was a specific current issue or political issue, and then it was mainly in the abstract. He didn’t believe me. This post reminded me of this after 20 years.

  8. OT: bad news; kapernick still hasn’t been signed by a team. good news; google made him an offer.

  9. Busy chap me, in and out of this and that.

    Two things seem to have happened in the culture wars while I was asleep.

    First the Beard v Telab thing. I have to say I find myself siding with Beard. She is a greatly distinguishes classicist and I have to say that I found Taleb’s conduct oafish. Just shouting BULLSHIT all the time is hardly convincing.

    But that lad who got fired from Google? I can’t think that he would not have maybe anticipated consequences. But still, the brutality of it is astonishing.

    • Did I read it right? The Alphabet CEO broke his vacation to personally fire the guy?

      I wonder what Page and Brin make of it?

    • The Google lad seems to be very perceptive and thorough. He teed up a very thoughtful screed that is almost impossible to objectively make an argument against, went so far as to explain that a multiplicity of factors probably explain the population gender discrepancies, including discrimination and social groupings, and yet twisted the knife on a hypocritical management team. He got what he had expected to get, termination. He had also filed a labor practices complaint with the state ahead of time, which gets him certain extra rights under the law. Smart cookie.

      He will probably win a secret, non-disclosed, life changing financial settlement, as long as he quietly goes away. The firing was a warning by Google to the rest of the employees, and the eight-figure secret settlement will be the cost of business on getting things done. Both sides calculated their positions well, and will take the best available outcome. An honest discussion of the facts is the loser here.

      • Not sure. Either Danone is teeing himself up for an alt-lite media career or else he was just naive and thought that he would have a space to express his views in.

        Either way I hope it signals the start of Alphabet’s commercial decline. Up you rise and down you fall. And has anyone ever clicked on any of those adverts? Shushhh

        • No clicking on the ads. Probably nobody does. Which means the next step is for Google to shake down the advertisers with the “nice little business you have there, it would be a shame if anything were to happen to it” gambit. Do business with unscrupulous powerful people, and it always comes down to that.

        • From what I understand, Damone is a Harvard/MIT educated Jew.
          I would be willing to lay good money on the fact he wrote his manifesto will the explicit intent of a lawsuit.

      • Maybe if he is ideologically motivated and reasonably financially comfortable he won’t agree any settlement involving a confidentially agreement?

        “Don’t be evil” lol.

      • Dutch, the fellow might sign an NDA for $$$ and go away quietly, but his Wrongthought essay will not, and if he gets a big pile of dough he’ll be able to subsidize quietly some of the needed discussion whether Google’s dirty rotten people like it or not.

        It’s by the way that the essay has an excellent segue into a discussion about communists spawning Fascism. (See footnote 7, if memory serves well.) The Wrongthinker had been discussing the origins of “diversity” as a substitute for the commies’ class warfare strategy but failed to add that Fascism sprouted amidst some commies. By about 1900 they had become frustrated with workers’ reluctance to betray nation for internationalism, terrorism, and a murky alliance with foreign workers whom they’d never met and could not relate to. Marxism was beset with other problems, too, so a few apostates cooked up Fascism as an expedient alternative to raise theirselves into power. One of the fruits was a great civil war among the white men.

        Well, the “diversity” scam, too, is proving to be a loser for the totalitarians. So how will internationalist lefty solve his unpopularity problem this time?? He can hardly travel the Fascism shortcut again without provoking a bloody war among internationalists. But lefty doesn’t want to abandon the dream of imposing worldwide totalitarian government. So I think that he’s due for a wonderful existential crisis if “diversity” is rolled back but he can’t find some new expedient ideology before suicidal ideation becomes his daily companion.

        • The Wrongthought essay will indeed hang around. That genie is not going back in the bottle. Clever guy.

  10. Thanks for your links page the other night Zman. I will read the links with some care. Although I see that Pinker is the top link and I can hardly imagine that he would share your political views!

  11. I see a win/win with the Google/Damore show. Either he makes them bleed financially, or loses and sets the precedent that right leaning employers can shitcan their shitlib employees at will, for “Code of Conduct violations”

    • And where precisely are these “right leaning employers” of which you speak? The last company that could have characterized as modestly “right leaning” was EDS under the guidance of H. Ross Perot. Now the entire Fortune 500 has fully converged to be all diversity all the time.

      The real win here is that Google can no longer hide behind corporate rhetoric that implies neutrality or even-handed dealing in with diversity issues. They are now squarely on the side of the left. If you are a white male, Google should be on the very bottom on your list of places to work.

      • I work at one. I won’t specify. It will come in handy if Google wins. I then have a few axes to grind myself 🙂

  12. The Woodpile Report, published every Tuesday, is my personal monitor of conditions. Per the WR measure, things are going exceedingly poorly of late. The voices of reconciliation (and I have tried to be one in the past) are disappearing quickly now, and it is all about knowing where you stand and preparing accordingly.

    Trent Denton’s little helicopter ride may not be farfetched or far off, from the look of things.

  13. Of all the damage the Progressives have done in my lifetime, race relations is one of the worst. I went through elementary school in the 70’s – when everyone seemed inspired by the MLK message of judging all people by the content of their character and the goal of a colorblind society.

    In the ensuing 4 decades, “civil rights” gradually deteriorated into a racket. Now all whites are automatically privileged racists – even those who fought the original civil rights battles. I’ve checked out of the thing. Anyone who starts talking about racism, social justice, or civil rights these days loses my attention faster than a fat lady at the bar.

    Pitts and his type are purposely making race relations worse in order to continue their racket.

    • Back in the late ’60s, some black kids were sent to our middle class white elementary school. One day, a group of them just showed up in class.

      They were loud, they liked to fight, they were tough kids, and they got in everyone’s face from day one. Total disruption. This eight year old got a quick education in race relations. Whether or not I say anything out loud, I internalized a clear message back then. I suspect I wasn’t the only one.

      • There were exactly 2 black kids in my class in the sleepy little x-urb town I grew up in. Both had parents who were married and raised them in a manner not significantly different than the rest of us. (My Mom was good friends with one family) So, they didn’t act any different – although my old buddy Reggie kind of reveled in being unique.

        Gave us a warped view of “black culture”.

        • Heck my first exposure to Blacks was Fat Albert! The message of that show would get you burned at the stake these days

          I never actually met anyone who wasn’t White or in a couple of cases part Amerind till I was a young teenager

          While I’ve had a few non White friends good people on the whole whatever gains I am supposed to have had to had from diversity are rather illusive. Frankly if the US were basically 100% White I have trouble seeing how this would be bad, well alright I am rather fond of Amerinds but you know what I mean

      • Hum. Back in the ’50s, in segregated Florida, we had loud kids, kids that liked to fight, tough kids that got in everyone’s face from day one. I suspect a lot of the race stereotypes today reflect upbring rather than ethnicity.

        • I have no idea if these kids were aggressive and disruptive because of genes, upbringing, or simply because they got thrown into a strange place where they felt out of the social loop. But the rest of us, who were rather simple souls, couldn’t understand why they wouldn’t just settle down, make friends, and not cause so much trouble. It’s what the rest of us did, because it was what was expected and demanded of us.

          BTW, the black kids disappeared again at the end of the school year. If the district or the parents were up to something, we kids never knew about it.

    • “In the ensuing 4 decades, “civil rights” gradually deteriorated into a racket.”

      The biggest bait and switch ever.

    • MLK was an adulterous, plagiarizing, radical, anti-white, Marxist mouthpiece for a bunch of Commie Jews. May he and his handlers rot in peace.

  14. These ignoramuses have attained negative social critical mass, a chain reaction of destructive emotions devoid of reason. We are witnessing a gathering of evolutionary dead ends forming an imploding matrix.

  15. Leonard Pitts is a father of six, grandfather, Pulitzer prize winning writer. Jealous are we?

    Also, read verysmartbrothas

    Man, reading the snarky racist comments here makes me realize how important demographic change is.

    I cannot wait until this country is non white and you guys will receive justice.

    How does it feel knowing that your daughters will birth Children of Color?

    Oh, by the way, the google antidiversity Nazi just got fired. So much for your reactionary comeback!

    • you know, children from mixed marriages are not getting blacker so in a couple of generations they will join the white community simply because if your future comes to pass there won’t be very many blacks around and no meaningful black culture to assimilate into.

      and yes, leonard pitts is still gay

    • You of course realize that cheerleading for demographic change is racist. Judge us, judge yourself.

    • Oh hey, Tiny Duck.

      what does Soros pay anyway?

      Besides man, what are you complaining about ? The site owner actually did read Pitts and people here actually said he had an enviable life.

      You can in fact have a good life, be well paid , decently smart and still be infested with ideas that are dumb as bag of hammers.

      Anyway, since you are probably paid by reply, go grab something tasty from the vending machine and think of us when you are eating it.

      We won’t be thinking of you.

    • ” cannot wait until this country is non white and you guys will receive justice.”

      Ahhh, Justice…in what form, may I ask?

      • One other thing the low IQ Jew (I don’t think he’s black) forgets is that non-white doesn’t mean black, and that race differences will remain regardless of whether there are whites or not. The Asians will have the blacks for lunch.

        • Can you imagine the Chinese putting up with nonsense from the black “community”? Or worrying about whether they’re reduced to digging dandelion roots for their next meal? I figure blacks will be lucky if they’re found useful enough to drag plows. More likely they’ll just end up being used as pig fodder.

    • For almost 2 decades, I’ve worked as an independent steel importer from Mexico, China & S Korea.
      You have no idea about other races if you think negroes, Castillos, or Mestizos stand a snowball’s chance in hell of dominating ANYTHING in this country, once whites become a majority-minority.
      Also, if you are a Jew, as someone suggested below, don’t expect the fawning love and deference you’ve received from John Q. Anglo, in the future.
      The Chinese and Koreans don’t give 2 f*cks about your Star of David, your Rainbow Coalition, or anyone’s “muh Constitution.”
      Whitey may be knocked down several pegs, but the Yella Man will steam roll you whiney, useless eaters before noon.

  16. “If the roles were reversed, blacks would have to invent a new identity.”

    Another black invention? Like the dust pan. Or the mop. Things that can’t be proven. I have no faith in blacks inventing anything. We’ll have to invent it for them. Then they demand reparations for having an identity forced upon them.

  17. I fear a terrible tragedy when the Cloud folk have finally and completely burned up all the economic design margin that they’ve been using to feed their various pet victim groups, most particularly American Blacks. Cloud provided bread (e.g. SNAP cards) and circuses (e.g. Hip Hop, grievance theater, etc) via their so-called leaders, such as Mr Pitts, have made American Blacks collectively weak, intolerant and criminally intolerable all at the same time. Quite a feat. It would be darkly amusing if it were not so dangerous to all concerned.

    Whatever the US used to be, it is now emerging that our genius elite is rapidly transforming us into a multi-ethnic empire. Whether we were once actually a unitary nation state is now irrelevant. The Cloud Folk are so stupid as to not know how to actually *do* ‘divide and rule’. Pro tip: *All* the ethnicities within your empire have to feel that, despite some mutual antagonism, they have skin in the game and that continuation of the status quo is better than fracture along ethnic lines.

    Anyone with a knowledge of actual history should be aware of what happens once ethnic fracture occurs, namely insurrection, civil war and ethnic cleansing (modern examples; The Balkans, Iraq, Syria, etc.). Also, they should know what eventually happens to a small minority ethnic group within any large multi-ethnic empire that refuses to be conciliated, namely they are crushed and the survivors (if any) are scattered. Best example I can think of off the top of my head is the Jewish Revolt in AD 66 – 70 against the Romans, costing > 1mil fatal casualties.–Roman_War

    This followed Boudica’s revolt in Brittanica in AD 60. The latter was estimated to cause ~80,000 fatal casualties.

    Upon visiting Masada, I was amazed that almost nobody in the group understood why the Romans went to the trouble of exterminating the few Zealots within. Since the Jewish leaders, most particularly the Zealots, were too stupid to understand the widely publicized fate of the Celtic rebels about six years prior, the Romans had to make the most extreme example possible of them to send an unmistakable message to any other disgruntled ethnic groups within the empire to not even think about revolt.

  18. lets be blunt and honest. Blacks (including the miscegented american blacks with a slightly higher ave IQ) have never built anything approaching a first world nation. For all intents and purposes they are functionally a sub-species. That is not a “quality” judgement (good vs bad) it simply is.
    Without the ability to attach themselves to western societies they will rapidly recede back to tribal societies of relatively low tech, basically what they can buy from the west/east. This is a fundamental conundrum for blacks and something nefariously used by less scrupulous whites like the democrats.
    The only peaceful and stable solutions are complete separation or blacks assuming a recognized subservient role to the more advanced society they cling to. And for all of the (But i know a smart kind peaceful …. black guy) BTAALT, great, a representative of blacks that is 2 – 4 standard deviations away from the black average is meaningless.

    • I rarely have anything nice to say about our dusky underclass, but let me try. Negroes are the most spectacularly successful large parasite on earth. This is no small feat.

  19. Reminds me of the worthless fucking nigger DC columnist of my generation, Carl Rowan. He carried water for the left and couched everything in terms of resentment, too, and used to be real big on gun control and registration. His voice in this regard became a bit muted when he shot at a burglar in his apartment with an unregistered illegally possessed handgun in hand gun in handgun banned DC and — surprise! — was never prosecuted for doing so.

    If a white guy wrote a book about white brothers bound by blood everyone would assume he was a Nazi. The Nazi and KKK guys should just start publishing little booklets with names taken from black publications and reverse the races just for fun.

    • And the “burglar” turned out to be a teen aged boy in his swimming pool. Defenseless and nearly naked.

  20. Shit sells.

    That is why the media is so full of it. I seriously wonder if the people writing that crap believe it, or they are just trolling us? Most media outlets are leftwing mouthpieces and it makes sense to me that this guy plays well to them: they hate America, they hate themselves and love to read about victims, abusive masters and their fall. That is why Antifa is trying to make Hitlers out of guys like our host, or the fat old white family man next door. Every narrative needs good guys and bad guys – and we have been assigned our roles.
    I am not worried about monkeys or puppets like the Anti-Man. I would love to know who his masters are and when the first shot in the coming race war is fired – whoever that is should be one of the top targets. This negro scribblerian is just a cog in the machine.

  21. Imagine the column Pitts would write, as he is being taken to that final, special camp, after the progs take over. Blacks in this country have no idea what a knife’s edge their little world is built on.

  22. Several months ago I cited the case of Elif Şafak, a Turkish woman author, who got rather fed up of critics expressing disappointment that she’d written an ordinary story instead of a politically-charged screed about how difficult life is as a Turkish woman. They even complained her books didn’t have enough Turkish women in, as if by being a Turkish woman that’s all she ought to write about. There are few more condescending than pasty-white western liberals.

  23. Reminds me of Dewayne Wickham, whose op-ed pieces pretty much narrate the same dribble. Everything is racist and Republicans are poo

  24. “He is an anti-man, because if he did not exist, no one would feel the need to invent him.”

    Liberals will always invent another Emmanual Goldstein.

  25. At least Ta-Nehisi Coates is savvy enough to play the angry black nerd with his progressive keepers, rather than the angry black man. The NPR tote-bag crowd will pay a black man to tell them they’re evil racists, but they don’t want to feel like they’ve fallen into the gorilla enclosure with Harambe and they don’t want to have their eardrums blasted by Samuel L. Jackson or Al Sharpton decibel histrionics. Coates’ at least sugarcoats his message, so that every post at the Atlantic is basically, “White people suck, but the new ‘Star Wars’ is good and this killer app helps you find any Thai restaurant within a ten mile radius.”

    My favorite “Race to the bottom” moment with Obama was when he invited a bunch of rappers to the White House for the “My Brother’s Keeper” initiative, which was designed to help keep young black men free from entanglement with the criminal justice system. Obama was giving a speech, when the ankle bracelet of one of the rappers present started beeping. Rick Ross (the rapper in question) had been charged with kidnapping earlier in the year.

    • Rick Ross (the rapper in question) had been charged with kidnapping earlier in the year.

      I saw him at the MTV Africa awards in Lagos! He got on stage and started going on about gangstas, addressing an audience of Nigeria’s wealthy elite. He then ensured he had a full police escort before departing for the airport, concerned he might run into some proper gangsters.

      • The “keeping it real” charade was a joke from the beginning. Tupac was a theater major at a creative and performing arts school as a youth. Rick Ross himself took his name from a drug dealer who was in prison, but was in fact himself revealed to be an ex-corrections officer who worked in prison. Gangsta rappers are either just actors or very, very stupid people who draw attention to their illegal behavior and end up going to prison. Look up “C-Murder.” If you’re going to literally commit murder, maybe you shouldn’t rap about it and use the word in your stage name.

    • Good for her. I like the idea of a Republican lock in power for a few decades, well if we can uncuck the party a bit more anyway

      • Oh, come on. The GOP was formed in part to monetize anti-slavery fanaticism in the North through military spending, and basically the same ethos rules it today. All of its leaders, ward heelers, and financial backers should be doxed with the objective of carrying out a swift and amusing decapitation which involves the use of leftists to do some of the dirty work.

    • There already is a black party, it’s called the Democrat Party, just as the Republican Party is the white party. It will become abundantly clearer, very, very soon.

  26. Nice paraphrase of Voltaire at the end. Though in our society today, for the reasons you list, I think if Pitts did not exist, somebody would invent him. White Liberals need people like Pitts as their confessional or maybe he’s their penance or their guilty conscience.

    Any good religion needs both a devil and people who know what he looks like.

  27. I picked up in the ’60s and ’70’s on the stories of black children who were doing good in school, being accused of “acting white” for getting good grades. I realized then that some blacks were actively fighting against assimilation into America. Until that negative attitude is turned around and explicitly rejected by the majority of blacks, there will never be peace here.

    This hyphenated-American crap is killing us. That has to change. I don’t know how to make it happen, though.

    • I think that it is too late, OC. The SJW’s attempt to extinguish the Western Canon is merely taking “stop acting white” to the next level. Since they see themselves as “allies” to the blacks, removing any and all reference to modern and pre-modern Western thought from the classroom is their attempt to ensure that no one ever “acts white” ever again. At its root, it is the purity spiral that Zman and others write of. In their minds, the old culture must be destroyed to atone for the sins of prior generations. To bring it back down to the level of street talk, the Millennium begins once everyone stops acting white.

      • Its got to be the dumbest plan ever since it depending on Whites still acting White even when they are punished for it . This is already shifting and its going to accelerate

        When Whites stop acting White they turn into almost a caricature of what we are typically accused of become the kind of people who sleep well after mass genocide, enslave whole populations and consider public crucification and impalement edifying

        Best case scenario, we share nothing

        Basically what everyone else does only with extreme orderliness, long time preferences and our generally higher intelligence

        The “Christian” edifice that keep this intact is being eroded and to do that is suicide.

    • Yeah. If only they would let the blank slate do its work and assimilate to become more like us all our problems would be solved.

    • The goal of the left is to destroy the “patriarchy,” I.e., white males, I.e.Western Civilization. Every single trace of it. They hate it with every fiber of their being. There is no turning back, there is no bargaining or compromise with these people.
      We either destroy them, or they destroy us. It’s really that simple. Anyone who thinks we have a chance to peacefully fix this issue is deluding themselves. This ends only one way. Bloody.

  28. Regarding things popular with blacks and unknown to everyone else, I worked at a DVD factory in the mid-2000’s and was amazed that by far the biggest seller was movies by some guy I’d never heard of, Tyler Perry.

    *DVD’s, by the way, are a format people used to watch movies on before we had streaming over the internet.

    • Not just purchasing movies and games on DVD, but the biggest reliable movie theater audiences are black people. They will literally go see anything.
      We know they can never change or self-reflect, because to do so would mean that they’d have to admit that their low IQs and criminal behaviors were the sources for their own problems. This will never happen.
      Liberals will never allow it.

  29. Leonard is welcome to move back to Africa. Which ‘well run’ African country run by a black dictator would he like to move to? Liberia has a racist constitution only allowing those of African dissent to become a Liberian. Perhaps he should take them up on the offer. The fact of the matter is that if we could kick out most of the worthless blacks, GDP would go up because of a declining tax bill to support these parasites. Plenty of white and brown one of course, but only one population stands out in infamy in regards to crime and costs to society.

    • That would be hilarious. I probably have more readers than him, so it would not be a bad strategy.

  30. Honestly, those blacks (or other hate groups) that see the USA as the ultimate manifestation of evil and racism really need to permanently leave the USA and never come back.
    I would actually support having a portion of my taxes go to funding the “self-deportation” of anybody who will always hate (and agitate for the destruction of) the USA, under the condition that they permanently lose their USA citizenship and are never, ever allowed back into the USA.

    How ironic is it not? …..that half of Black Africa, Haiti and the Black Caribbean would jump at the chance to live in the USA

    • Where would they go? The “black” destinations do not have an opportunity set for those who talk more than act, or who act in a criminal manner. Those who don’t fall into these two categories have no reason to leave.

  31. Walter Williams once wrote something along the lines of — black people will not make any progress until they stop blaming all their problems on the white man. He told blacks that there was no whitey hiding under their beds causing all their woes.

    • Walter, like Clarence, is a race traitor of the worst kind–white wives. Obama, give credit, dumped the Dutch girl to get authentic with Mike and that Mother-in Law from hell.

      • Walter Williams’s deceased wife was black. I listened to an interview with him some years ago and got the impression he wasn’t a fan of interracial marriage personally.

    • Booker T. Washington:
      “There is another class of coloured people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs — partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs.”

  32. It is comical. Blacks move in , crime goes up , White’s move out.
    Wait a couple years and look who just moved in next door !

    Maybe it’s a real estate scam ? Buy cheap property in the ghetto, rehab it and sell it to the yuppies 🙂

  33. I read one of Pitts’ horseshit columns a decade or so ago. He wrote “If a white man wants to see a racist he can simply look in the mirror”. I immediately went in my bathroom to look, and I’ll be damned if he wasn’t right.

  34. I wonder why blacks and their agony aunts never draw the logical conclusion from the rantings of guys like this: What “Black America” really needs is some good old fashioned Racism. A guy like Pitts lives a life that is the envy of 98% of Whites, and 99.9% of Blacks, worldwide, and yet he has nothing but resentment and neurosis. Wouldn’t he be so much happier facing down some *real* injustice? Bull Connor, were he alive today, would be the most popular man in Black America – he’d bring meaning to their lives.

    • Because Pitts’ writing is required by (((someone))) to morally cripple Whites during the stage of ethnic warfare when Whites could still conceivably fight back. Once Whites are defeated/disarmed, men like Pitts will be cast aside….obsolete farm equipment once more.

    • In some respects, blacks in America is a tragedy. After the Civil War, the freed slaves should have been sent off to a place of their own. That would have been the humane course. Even so, the white majority should have made a point of supporting the talented ten percent, as they punished the bottom ten percent. Five generations of selection pressure would have made the Civil Rights Movement largely unnecessary.

      • Fifty plus years ago–instead of throwing trillions down the rabbit hole and millions of blacks after it–had George Wallace become dictator of America we would see blacks retaining a solid family formation, an authentic black middle class, and a median IQ significantly higher than it is now. Evolution is not a one way street.

      • There were some genuine attempts to start a “Back to Africa” movement. Marcus Garvey was an earnest advocate of it. The boxer Muhammad Ali once visited Sub-Saharan Africa, and upon returning looked to Drew Bundini (the guy who wrote his poems) and said, “Thank God my ancestors got on that boat.”

      • My modest proposal is any African IN America convicted of a violent felony gets sent to Africa. Even with transportation costs and the bribes necessary plus and even say, $5000 to give this African funds to start it’s new life in it’s natural habitat would cost about the same as one year in a US prison.
        Pitts is real piece of work, after was protested by White activists, because it was particularly horrendous, Pitts wrote in his column ”Cry me a river” and argued Whites have no right to protest horrific acts done against them. It convinced me Africans don’t belong IN America.

        • If we assume Vox Day’s numbers are even close to being accurate then financially it would make more sense to send every black in the US to Liberia on a first class ticket along with $25,000 cash in each of their pockets. Offer Liberia a one time payment of 2 billion $ for taking them. That doubles Liberian GDP for the year and is peanuts compared to the cost of government support of even 1 generation of 16 million blacks.

          That program would pay out about 400 million and be worth every penny. Violent crime would drop by about 80% welfare roles and the associated expenditure would drop by about 40% etc etc.

          • Where do you come up with $400 million cost? $25,000 apiece plus a one way first class ticket for over 40 million people does not equal $400 million. Try over $1 trillion.

          • 25,000 x 16,000,000 = 400,000,000,000

            I assumed 16 million blacks, I was wrong, it’s 37 million blacks, so to your point, about 900 million.

            Still worth it!!!! We bailed the broke banks out for more than that and got nothing for it. At least 1 trillion here provides a “return on investment”

            The $ amount wasn’t so much the point as the concept. I’d guess if you ran the numbers, you’d save more then you spent by doing something like this.

            But yes I acknowledge it’s a fantasy. There is no peaceful way to separate the groups.

          • “In 2016 US Census Bureau estimated 46,778,674 African Americans in the United States meaning that 14.5% of the total American population of 323.1 Million is Black. This includes those who identify as ‘Black Only’ and as ‘Black in combination with another race’. The ‘Black Only’ category by itself totaled 43 million African Americans or 13.3% of the total population.”

            I don’t know where you got 37 million either. You also left out the cost of the one way ticket. That would be about $43 billion more. So, somewhere in the neighborhood of $1 trillion.

            Yes, a fantasy. A beautiful fantasy. Plus, if we ever have the opportunity to separate, blacks will not do it willingly. It would be more logical to give them 5 States in the US. Then walling them off! Don’t worry. They’ll kill each other and starve, so after a few years they’ll be fewer of them. Then we could buy them off cheap. Like with a sandwich.

          • Who wants to live in Africa? Even Africans are floating on inner tubes, cargo pallets and beer coolers to Europe. I would.

      • Back in the Jim Crow South, Blacks had set up a parallel society, Black barber shops, Churches, funeral parlors, and all the other accoutrements of a society. The Historically Black Colleges. And the best, the most talented Blacks remaining in their community, set the standards for their people, making effort to educate and uplift their lesser relatives. During the Silly Rights Crusade Liberal universities and stole the talented Blacks from Black Society to serve as exotic Tiki Totems, for Liberal doo-gooder society.It continues to this day, and will not end well.

        • Has extended to Africa such that the brightest & best leave the continent (as they are the only ones who have the knowledge & means- $ to do so). The effect being that the Elite (top 1-2%) make the US & West their 2nd home (at the cost of a huge one time transfer of wealth from the 3rd World to West funded in part by corruption) while the bottom 98% & those who have the means to leave but choose not to suffer the consequences: a Vicious Cycle of Poverty.

          Usually Fake News show stories of “Africans” who move back from the US to some how show benefits of “immigration”. Problem is they never follow up the story to the end as most times the returnees run away faster than they came in after they realise all the BS they have been fed in liberal schools don’t work in real life there

          Any “African” returnee who is successful is mostly likely involved in some form of Corrupt Local/International Scheme or has close ties to the central government with lucrative contracts being the prize

    • There’s a lot of truth to this. Blacks love hardcore racists, because Klansmen (like that Daniel Carver guy who used to go on Howard Stern’s show) obsess about blacks and basically put them front-and-center in their demonology pantheon. Once the Great Migration got under way, blacks discovered a whole new group of white people who were too busy working in industrial settings to give a crap whether or not a black man rode the bus with them or ate at the same counter, and they didn’t like it. They would rather be hated than ignored. The Kanye types carry on as if they need white attention to literally breathe.

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