The Coming Violence of the Left

In my AmRen wrap-up about AntiFa, I noted that it was the women on the Left with the blood lust. The mentally disturbed woman I highlighted is a good example. She goes on social media with hysteric rants about imaginary violence, in an effort to get her fellow wackos to do something crazy. Her claims about gun fire and riots at American Renaissance were entirely false, but clearly, she was hoping her tweets would get her coreligionists into a violent mood. Her life is dedicated to bringing about bloodshed.

Further to that, this was floating around on social media yesterday in the run-up to the big rally in Charlottesville. Every claim in it is false. Mike Enoch has been lecturing people for weeks about the need to avoid violence and not bring weapons The organizers have developed a good relationship with the local police department so that the cops will protect the attendees from the Antifa. The cops spent most of Friday clearing weapons from the park that Antifa has been hiding there in advance of the rally.

Teddy Thin Skin has this post up on the same topic. He links to a mentally disturbed woman making claims about the rally, which are patently false. She claims to be a “behavior scientist” which is a clue that she is most likely just a cat lady. A look at her twitter feed reveals that she spends her days harassing people on twitter, in an effort to draw attention to herself. Steve Sailer often jokes that modern feminism is just a project for homely women to get the attention of males. Caroline Zero is proof of that.

Again, the trend you see with this cargo cult is that it is women out front, trying to push for violence and bloodshed. This is similar to what happened in the radical groups of the 60’s and 70’s. Many of the most violent members of the Black Panthers were women. The Weather Underground was led by a woman, Bernardine Dohrn. The radicalism of the 1960’s was initially led by males, but in time women took over and it became more violent and less coherent. Once again, the arrival of SJW’s signals the end phase.

There is something else going on today. Antifa is largely a cargo cult. They dress up like radicals and perform public events like the radicals of 50 years ago, all in the hope that the past will become the present. Unlike the past, there is no reactionary counter to the modern Progressive. No one is putting fire hoses on Lefty or having the cops break up Antifa’s protests. The people in charge are funding groups like Antifa. The government of Charlottesville is backing nutjobs like Caroline Zero.

As Eric Hoffer pointed out, mass movements need an enemy and the Left has always had the struggle as an essential element of their identity. It is why they have invented things like institutional racism and white privilege. Lacking anything resembling actual racism in modern America, and faced with a tsunami of anti-white sermonizing, they have been forced to invent a boogeyman. Like shamans of the past, the modern Left warns about evil spirits, but now they are called unconscious bias and extremism.

Similarly, and you see it in that Medium post linked by Thinskin, the Left is now trying to justify their move to violence. It is evident in the Antifa rants and that post claiming the alt-right is arming up for the rally. The Left wants to start murdering people, but they cannot find a justification, so they are starting to invent reasons. Caroline Zero is adding a veneer of 1970’s pop psychology to her calls for violence, but she is simply trying to invent a suitable stand-in for Bull Connor and the truncheon wielding riot police.

The incoherent and random violence of the 70’s was mostly due to dis-confirmation. The counter-culture did not usher in the age of peace, love and understanding. Instead, it decayed into drug use and degeneracy. Something similar is happening here. The election of Obama convinced many on the Left that the end times were upon us. The righteous would be carried to the promised land, and most important, the bad whites would be chased from the land, either sent into exile or reduced to the status of untouchables.

That obviously did not happen, which is why the Left is so unhinged. More important though, their attempt at a kill shot by putting Obama in the White House has ignited a genuine counter revolution. For fifty years the Left has faced nothing more than token resistance from “their friends on the Right” but now they are seeing a true opposition forming up. The Buckley Right embraced Progressive morality, with slightly different ends, while the alt-right rejects Progressive morality in its entirety. This is the result.

For people like Caroline Zero and Lacy MacAuley, this is reason enough to start murdering people. To them, this parade is violence because it is the nullification of their movement, which is the nullification of them. Their entire identity is now defined by their largely imaginary struggle against the mysterious forces of institutional racism, white privilege and invisible Hitlers. To them, that parade is the manifestation of evil, so they will resort to any means necessary to stop it.

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  1. The speaker in that video, man, woman or tranny in-between. It is really getting hard to tell with these wackos.

  2. It really is the world’s largest shit-test.

    With HR political officers running the admin, and lib females running the ad buys, their love of stormy social drama is pushing for “let’s get you and him to fight.”

    Those interspecies commercials?
    Fantasy marraige to Barack.

  3. Just remember what Kipling wrote: “The female of the species is more deadly than the male.”

  4. This has been a disaster of the highest order. If organizer Richard Spencer had been in the paid employ of Soros, he could not have done a better job. As a result, Trump has unleashed the DOJ on the Alt-Right; after Spencer trolled him into thinking the Alt-Right wants to gas his grandkids with the Nazi LARPing. Bannon is sure to be fired next week if he’s not gone already; along with Miller. Trump in preservation is sure to “pivot” and embrace open borders and the anti-White agenda; egged on by the knowledge that the Alt-Right, again wants to gas his grandkids. Wow, spewing out hatred against Jews sure worked out great didn’t it?

    Anyone could have predicted that Soros would spring Duke some airfare and hotel money to get in front of the camera; the smart move would be to have him shouted down by supporters chanting USA! Israel! or something, and Nazi flags immediately burned with lots of Israeli flags. To signal a broad White solidarity, to make normies comfortable.

    Contra Zman, love you but you are dead wrong; no one believes the Diablos or Hells Angels will come to your protection unless you PAY THEM and even then its even money they rob and beat you anyway; best case scenario. White people have an aversion to Hitler not because they love Jews but because they could see themselves as the next victims: those not Aryan Blonde Beasts, not German, perhaps Catholic, perhaps Celtic, perhaps French, perhaps Italian, perhaps Greek, perhaps Slav — the list of WHITE people Hitler wanted to kill was endless and did not stop merely start with Jews.

    Beyond Trump, most normies figure that the Alt-Right are a bunch of Hitler want to be types who’d shove them in the Gas Chambers in an organized fashion as opposed the chaotic shambolic Mau Mau where they have a fighting chance. But hey, a bunch of young idiots paid by Soros got to shout out how much they hate Jews.

    And this is **WHY** the Alt-Right has been a consistent failure, over and over again, for fifty plus years. All they have on offer is the Fuhrer. That’s it. Nothing, literally, else. No Pan-White solidarity, no unity, no appreciation that Celts, Angles, Saxons, Jutes, Huns, Romans, Franks, Jews, etc. can all live together in relative though not utopian amity against the massive and non-stop threat of immavasion from the Third World due to the latter’s endemic and genetic failure to produce prosperity.

    Would you trust Richard Spencer? Would you die for him? I know nothing about him save that this whole Charlottesville thing was a disaster. Torchlight parade? Instead of singing Dixie and Freebird and being specifically pan-White and Heritage America? Yes the police are the enemy as are the government, media, and most White women who side with the conquerors (they already HAVE replaced us).

    The goal of any political movement is to create the emotional aspect of projecting winning and that all of its backers will benefit from winning, and its enemies won’t lose too much from losing; in other words if the Alt-Right wins the statues stay up but there’s not an anti-Jewish pogrom followed by an anti-Catholic one then an anti Italian one then an anti-Polish one …

    And also to project fear that its enemies will start at worst killing people — the march should have filming and posting of the most exterminationist anti-White male stuff and put it all over click-bait stuff exploiting that weakness for clicks. At least 50% of this march’s objectives should have been to make normies fear anti-fa more than the Alt-Right on the reasonable view that the anti-fa and government/media/cops are fine with exterminating White males.

    In this Spencer failed miserably.

    • It’ll be interesting to see how some people in this react. I think you know I have reservations about Spencer as a leader. In fact, I have reservations about most of the more prominent alt-right people. I think they need to grow into their suits, which is certainly possible. These are early days. Still, they stepped on the dicks yesterday. That can’t keep happening.

    • Richard Spencer did not plan the march, nor did he plan Saturday’s rally. He was only invited to give a speech. He was, in fact, driven to the park in a van, and was only there, briefly. The event was planned months ago by Jason Kessler. The movement cannot do, what the movement cannot do, in regards to fighting media perception, infiltrators, or whoever wants to destroy it. That’s the struggle it faces. As far as Spencer goes, you are acting as if he’s some “God-King of the Alt-Right.”
      Which frankly, is beyond weird.
      He’s just a good looking guy who enjoys the media attention, happens to be a decent enough spokesperson, (at this time!), for the movement, and can’t properly enunciate the letter “t” for heaven’s sake!
      I can see a day in the very near future with someone else being the Alt-Right’s go-to media guy. For numerous reasons.

  5. I pray the rest of the country sees the blatant media spin on Virginia. However mention this to the women in my life they all respond, “I don’t want to hear that shit”.

    As working men we must band together. White collar, blue collar , rich middle-class, poor, etc.

    In the past fellow co-workers have thrown me under the bus when attacked by rabid feminist and militant minorities. They’re scared because they don’t want to lose their jobs.

    The left has used fear and intimidation to keep us on the sidelines. They have made the women in our life covert agents ready to turn us in at the moment they smell any kind of resistance.

    ” Please help my husband he’s talking crazy he sympathizes with those people in Virginia ”

    Left my government job and went back to driving a truck . Couldn’t stay there and support this kind of evil. Let us band together and gather the intestinal fortitude our grandfather’s and father’s had.

    If we cannot join the battle directly let us protect our brothers in this fight.

    • Please don’t be offended by what I am about to say, but as a woman, I need to tell you this. You need to get better control over the women in your life. You are not taking control in a manner that says to them that you will not put up with their nattering bullshit. Women will not belittle men or disregard what you have to say, if they truly respect you and your judgment. You need to start with your GF/wife and explain to her that you will no longer be in a relationship with a woman who does not respect your view points. She’ll get with the program, pronto, and respect you for it.
      Then work your way through the rest of the females in your family. When they disrespect you, be kind, but diligently firm, and correct them, each and every single time, and remind them that you will not tolerate it, or you will not continue to have an on-going relationship with them. That’s how you get women in line.
      All of you men should be doing this, good grief, it takes no time, to shape the whole kit ‘n kaboodle up.

      • Yes, truly said, in the urban centers where women outnumber men, the ladies are going to extremes trying to get our attention. They desperately want us men to re-engage in the eternal battle of the sexes.

  6. “The organizers have developed a good relationship with the local police department so that the cops will protect the attendees from the Antifa.”
    That didn’t happen. The police Stood Down as ordered. ProgreSSive Mayors and City Councils Control or Appoint Prog Police Chiefs. Prog Governors like McAwful control State Police and National Guard.
    Charlottesville, Va. is behind enemy Lines. Virginia is a “toss up” Purple State , and that’s considering most “Red” States are run by Politically Correct Rino Repub Governors unwilling to call out Antifa-BLM.

  7. “Steve Sailer often jokes that modern feminism is just a project for homely women to get the attention of males. Caroline Zero is proof of that.”

    Cultural marxism in tandem with the internet has turbo-charged the Jane Eyre complex.

    • Sailer is dead wrong. Feminism exists to poison relationships between men, disrupt families and to ensure a lot of white women don’t find mates. No guy wants to date a feminist. Because it turns women into bitches.

      If you want to wreck a culture, destroy the relationships between men and women. Feminism does that marvelously. .

      • Feminism was designed to do just as you said. It is a suicide capsule labeled as a designer drug.

  8. The blessings of having given up on the media, especially the news, is I didn’t hear about this until late last night.
    Then an idiot screamed at me “This is your fault!”. (Did I mention I was wearing a MAGA hat?) I suggested that though I didn’t know the facts, he didn’t either. Especially if his source was the MMedia.
    Of course he wasn’t listening to me, I was supposed to stand there and be screamed at. Finally I stopped the diatribe with two stiff fingers into his chest, stepping ‘Right’ up in his face and saying as slowly and in as low a register as I could “If the war against you people had really started, I’d have already gotten a list of people to kill, and your name would be on it”.
    Then my girlfriend started to freak out and we left.

    This morning I checked my mailbox, nothing there.

  9. Another piece of ancient wisdom with respect to dealing with AntiFa and their ilk:

    “There exists a law, not written down anywhere, but inborn in our hearts; a law which comes to us not by training or custom or reading; a law which has come to us not from theory but from practice, not by instruction but by natural intuition. I refer to the law which lays it down that, if our lives are endangered by plots or violence or armed robbers or enemies, any and every method of protecting ourselves is morally right.”

    – Marcus Tulius Cicero

  10. Vital Resistance and Social Justice
    Today, being an “elite” simply means you have been trained into sneering, illiterate idiocy.

    This is why you cannot even begin to have a reasonable debate with these people. We’re a hair’s breadth away from a descent into violence and savagery that will take almost everyone by surprise. Why would this be the case? Because those with the leftist worldview have invested their entire existence in what amounts to a fundamentally insane and downright evil premise: that your life doesn’t belong to you.
    Chantal Delsol, in her landmark “Unlearned Lessons of the Twentieth Century” has an excellent perspective on refusal of the Left to face reality:

    “Vital resistance and resentment are the two main responses to the events of 1989 (Delsol refers here to the collapse of the old Soviet Union – WD). Vital resistance: the mind realizes its mistake – it admits, for example, that nationalization of the means of production does not produce a happy society, but rather laziness and constant shortages; it refuses, however, to let go of the idea because of its passionate attachment to it. Existence – adventures, friendships, successes – is nourished and permeated by this belief to such an extent that the belief becomes an identity; the individual cannot renounce it without committing a kind of symbolic suicide. No one can admit… that his existence reflects the echo of a failure.”
    In other words, no one wants to admit that the premises upon which one has constructed their entire raison d’être amount to an empty, shrieking fraud. But it’s a lesson that will go unlearned by most of them until it is far, far too late.

    Balint Vasonyi observed that, “The communists have learned to their rue (one hopes) that it is a great mistake to kill millions of people.”
    This, I believe is a vain hope and is yet another one of the great unlearned lessons of the twentieth century. Vasonyi suggests that communists belatedly realized that they were killing off their most productive people, and that perhaps this was not such a good idea. I seriously doubt that, for not only did they not care, but that the deliberate slaughter of the ‘productive classes’ was an act completely consistent with a worldview built upon the will to power. In the revolutionary communist degringolade, the society they have conquered devolves quickly from a high-trust to a low-trust, to a no-trust one – as it must. Because the destruction of trust, the dissipation of what Francis Fukuyama terms ‘social capital’ is necessary if one wishes to reduce people to chattel. A double-edged sword, to be sure. When trust is everywhere destroyed, even those who hold power must also live in fear.

    Social Justice:
    Many of the dupes and useful idiots on the left claim that they are all for ‘social justice’ but most of them have no real idea of what that term really entails. ‘Social justice’ as the term is used today is a con game used by the clever to advance their personal wealth and egos, and by the ruling class as an instrument to destroy trust. In fact, when successfully applied, ‘social justice’ destroys a great deal more than that. It is a linchpin in the process of dehumanization, a process that plays into and feeds upon the aims and desires of will to power driven monsters.

    Monsters and motives aside for the moment, the chief problem with the ‘social justice’ meme is that it is based upon a defective notion of human rights. ‘Human rights,’ after all, are the chief argument made by advocates for the imposition of social justice and the redistribution of wealth. Chantal Delsol, in “Unlearned Lessons of the Twentieth Century” argues that in order to avoid conflict, what she calls ‘modernity’ has reduced the concept of rights to the merely biological and the material. This is a low-rent way for the smug and the self-righteous to assert their assumption of moral superiority, as it neatly dodges – and in fact destroys – the larger questions of human dignity and aspirations. As Delsol puts it:

    “And yet… what is left of man if we take away his territory, culture, his religion, his ideals of liberty and justice, and even his dreams of utopia and glory?… By devaluing our place and dreams, movements and thoughts, passions and desires, in order to spare ourselves from defending them at the cost of our blood, we reduce the subject to defending his last little possession – specifically, his blood, his body and the comfort that goes with them. If he cannot feel a connection to his culture in the broad sense, both in time and space, and therefore cannot see himself as responsible for it and serving it, man is no longer anything more than a Sapiens with strong emotions.” (explains the fundamental infantilization that is the hallmark of the Left, doesn’t it? –WD).

    As I see it, ‘modernity’ as Delsol defines it has striven to achieve not so much as the Nietzschean ‘transvaluation of all values’ as the devaluation of all values. The great irony is that it has left the latter to the will to power driven monsters and the former to those whose job, witting or not, is to reduce us all to chattel.
    But it’s not as if this pack of smug elitists and their applauders and enablers didn’t have a choice. They all did. They simply refused to reckon with the fact that at the end of the road they’ve chosen to travel lies madness, atrocity and slaughter. Another unlearned lesson of the twentieth century.

    “They had a choice, all of them. They could have followed in
    the footsteps of good men like my father, or President Truman. Decent men, who believed in a day’s work for a day’s pay. Instead they followed the droppings of lechers and Communists and didn’t realize that the trail led over a precipice until it was too late. Don’t tell me they didn’t have a choice.”

    Now the whole world stands on the brink, staring down into bloody hell, all those liberals and intellectuals and smooth-talkers… and all of a sudden, nobody can think of anything to say.”
    Rorschach – from “The Watchmen”

  11. These people are not crazy in a way that goes away. Their political value has a short shelf life and they are becoming a liability to those who have sought and hired out their limited skill set. Whites are tired of being demonized and have become desensitized to the growing body count of the grievance culture and are increasingly less willing to finance the production line of welfare queens. For every 100th monkey realizing new ways to wage violence and game the system, there are one hundred 100th monkeys becoming better eugenicists.

  12. Soros’s Big Left is using Antifa, BLM, Progressive Crazies, etc. as red flags. It worked in Charlottesville. We are going to see Big Media, which is still very powerful and has a huge megaphone, go crazy over the guy from Ohio. Conservative, Inc. will be on their side. They (Big Left, Big Media) are playing a long game: to defeat Trump and to impose globalism/open borders/progressivism on us. I am opposed to the use of force in situations like Charlottesville except in self defense. Normals/Dirt People need to play a long game too if we want tight borders/nationalism/traditional values to prevail. We want another, stronger Trump to follow Trump. We have a foothold now but we could lose it quickly if we don’t assess our enemies correctly and act accordingly.

  13. The dishonest media is all over this Charlottesville incident, but I have yet to hear a single mention of why the event was even taking place. Not a single word about the protest against removing a statue of Robert E. Lee from the campus. It’s as though the whole thing just “happened” without any reason…as though it all came about through the miasma of “hate” that suddenly distilled itself in Virginia. And, oh yeah, the counter-demonstrators and press just “happened” to be there to catch it all. This is how the sixties looked through the lens of the televisions back then.

  14. The Japanese Red Army was also led by a woman, the mainstream Right is read to surrender after today, they wanted Hillary after all.

    • The point is the mainstream right is just another wing of the uniparty that run’s D.C. It never defended anything, it’s job was to con conservative white people that they had a side to vote for. They really didn’t.

      They didn’t support Trump and they hate us with a passion for messing up their scam.,

      We lost nothing today. We are still hated by the elites, MSM, the political parties and the Left. And as you can see they stack the deck against us anytime we go out in public. We know the game is rigged and the political class doesn’t care if we are murdered.

  15. I am in Cville right now. I was at the torch march and the rally. We had to make it through a block long gauntlet of pepper spray, projectiles and batons to just get to the monument. No cops in sight. Then out men had to build shield walls to keep the antifa scum from over-running us. It was a constant running battle with the police inside the park barriers watching. The park was cut in half with barriers and the only way to the other side of Thebes’s park was to exit into antifa land and fight your way another block to the next entrance.
    The men I stood with today have had enough and will fight to our death to say our people. I couldn’t have asked for braver warriors than we had today.

  16. The power to deconstruct what others have built has its limits. The useful idiot proxy army is approaching obsolescence.

  17. The big difference is this time the Right knows or at least thinks that of they don’t win, its gulags and mass graves for them

    This changes the calculus a lot

    To win this the Left depends on amenable authority and k selected people being tricked into fighting each other , Police vs. Citizens Army vs. Citizens and so on

    However the Right is also aware of this , armed up,

    The other scary thing is that unlike in the 70’s Days of Rage when it was a war of preservation with clear lines of demarcation, we know have normal right wingers willing to hang out with race war now types.

    Heck the civic nationalist “The Donald” sub-Reddit posted articles “White Births now a majority” not “birthrates up” that probably came from Occidental Dissent !

    Worse with the erosion of the lines of demarcation, you also see a general understanding that is is a war of survival. I’ve seen open discussion on militia blogs of destroying the means by which cities are fed Holodomor style as a valid tactic, scorched earth was not on the menu last time

    This suggests to me that of things aren’t quited down, we will get an especially nasty civil war at some point and the best case scenario will be separation

    And note I don’t think things can be calmed down with any ease if at all . The US is quite near critical mass for a war and the USG is too stupid and unable to do what it takes which would be to make the economy grow (Trump is doing this a bit at least ) stop most immigration, repatriate a lot of people (thirty million) and stop the worst of the Leftism

    Not only is this politically too difficult (the Democrats need a new electorate and cheap labor crowd hates workers) the Left will have a violent tantrum if they docked.

    So we may not, God help us all.

  18. alr right anarchy in action. their twitter is clear – they wanted confrontation, these guys are all about chaos – they are not your friends.

      • if you don’t see that weaving nazi and confederate flags, screaming blood and soil and marching with torches deliberately looking for a physical confrontation with ANTIFA in a democrat controlled state and city is hurting Trumps agenda then you really deserve what’s coming.

        Don’t read from the script your enemies wrote for you. Be smart like Trump.

        • The enemies call us Nazis whether we’re carrying flags or not. The only way to not be a Nazi is to stay home and be silent, and THAT is following the script they wrote for us.

          Don’t be a cuck.

          P.S. I see nothing wrong with:

          Confederate flags
          Blood and soil(though tactically speaking it’s probably too soon)
          Seeking confrontation with ANTIFA
          Marching in Democrat controlled territory

          I don’t imagine the number of Nazi flags was very high, or representative of the attendees as a whole.

          Again, don’t be a cuck.

          • I am not an anarchist. If that makes me a cuck, so be it. I draw a line in the sand when someone supposedly on my side starts mowing people down ISIL style.

            Being a cuck means accepting progressive narrative which at the moment is – everyone that supports trump is a white terrorist. Which is what you are doing in this thread.

            The only people benefiting from this mess are spencer and pax dick. They went there looking for a fight, they got it.

          • You are not an anarchist, you are Neville Chamberlain. The left has abandoned civil society and Western Civilization, and can’t be reasoned with. This ends in violence or submission to the left, no exceptions.

            You are in denial, and you are parroting the leftist narrative. The fact is that we are not allowed to express our views or gather in groups without being met with violence on the left. Today proved that again, yet you blame us and not the left.

          • I saw a photo of the guy who drove into the crowd. Not exactly winston churchill.

            And Neville got navy and air force ready and declared war on Hitler. It wasn’t his fault the French could not hold the line in Ardennes.

          • WW, your nauseating comments read like a Ted Cruz rant. You’re painting with a very large brush and have accepted the media’s portrayal of the men who participated in the Unite The Right rally. In fact, you are standing with progressives in condemning them as a violent mob of terrorists.

            Being pro-Trump doesn’t make you Alt-Right or Dissident Right. Aside from some pioneers in Paleocon Politics and Race Realism this is a movement full of young men and as such will have some volatile elements. If a few masked Antifa bums and BLM thugs get their skulls smacked then so what? Every one of them would be happy to see your daughters raped and your sons displaced and dead on the streets.

            I’m going to end by giving you some advice about your chosen namesake. If you truly want to offer young men wisdom and guidance don’t start by sounding like you’ve just walked out of a CPAC meeting and browbeat them with your moral superiority complex. There were plenty of brave white men at that rally who don’t deserve your scorn or ridicule.

          • I offer no advice. I also don’t care to know how my comments made you feel.

            My point is simple. This event was different then all the other incidents we had with the alt right anarchists and antifa/blm. Here both sides came together to the same location looking for trouble. And they both got it – 3 dead unknown wounded so far.

            Both sides shielded themselves in high moral principles- alt right with the first amendment and blm with their usual anti slavery rhetoric. in both cases it was just an excuse.

            In these circumstances, taking sides is, in my opinion, stupid because it plays into the progressive narrative. You must remember the number of people that are conversant in the dialogue we are all having in this comment section is very small compared with the general population. Typical person wil only remember a nazi flag and torches and will take a note who is defending that.

            And I got my info and opinions not from MSM, but from reading the twitter feed of those so called white nationalists. try pax dickinson for example. they were hoping to create an incident so they could be arrested.

            To wrap it up, I think Trumps approach where he condemns both sides is the right one. Anarchists should go back watching infowars and leave the politics to adults.

          • The point is not to act like an idiot – the point is to win.

            Show me on the doll where the tactics being employed will actually lead to LONG TERM success.

          • There were the obligatory Craigslist ads for “actors and camera men” for Charlottesville listed, but have now been removed. They do this EVERY>SINGLE>TIME
            We know it, the government knows it, the cops know it, the left knows it, the media knows it, but it doesn’t matter. Everyone has the, “whites R bad nazis,” narrative, and that’s how it’s going to be, whether it be young men infiltrating for the lulz, or some on our side LARPing, or paid actors. There’s no way to win that battle, you just have to fight past it, all the dog shit humans like Larry Sabato & Jonah Goldberg, who are virtue spiraling so hard they’ve almost drilled to the center of the Earth.

  19. The funniest part about the mentally ill woman is that she was essentially held hostage by a Turk in Turkey and raped repeatedly by him but she still shills anti-white. She wrote a huge blog post about the experience and probably left out a lot of details.

    That’s what real crazy looks like.

    • U.G.,

      the surprise you express with your “but she still shills anti-white” is misplaced. Her Turk experience, given the tendencies of women generally and the twistedness of that woman in particular, is all the more reason for her to shill anti-white.

    • i think the fact that this woman was undoubtedly corn-holed multiple times (and probably by multiple people) shows that god has a sense of humor. i take comfort in this knowledge.

  20. What all of this is really about is the Left seeing that people no longer have personal, economic, or emotional independence. We are all supposed to be minions of the Progressive Borg, bowing down to our masters.

    Isn’t going to happen.

    They have pushed so hard for so long, and Obama was supposed to put this whole Borg thing over the top. Instead we all got Trump.

    One paradox is that the two sides have dug in so fiercely, that those of us who prize our independence are now forced to make a choice. Do we organize our side, or do we stand clear? A case can be made for either one. Do we give up our personal independence, to attach ourselves to a faction of a movement that could go off the rails? Do we stand clear, keep our independence and personal space from it all, and not lend a helping hand to things that most likely should be done, as a collective body, in support for our side?

    To participate in Charlottesville appears to be folly. But it is clear to any sane thinking person that we are in the right, and the other side is some cross of Nazis and the people who stood in the doorways blocking the kids from entering school. To not participate is to shirk our part in standing up to these Leftist idiots. Not sure how to go on this one.

  21. It has always been obvious to me how deficient the left is in the ability to “successfully” perform violence. They have always been able to hide behind the military or the police while loathing these two groups. In the same way that the formerly great British Army relied on the Scots to do their fighting, the left expects White Males to kill for them. But, the soldiers and honest police have nothing but contempt for liberals. And the left has not bothered to obtain the skills necessary to be a lean, mean fighting machine.

    Being a soldier requires a type of discipline liberals do not have. Soldiers engage in training that is repetitive and boring that forces them to reshape their thought process. This makes the soldiers obedient to authority and capable of following orders even when their death is possible. For the left to now pretend that they will engage in violence against the “right” is delusional. The people they hate know how to fight and take the 2nd Amendment seriously. If the left ever does go to war, they will hide behind explosives and the killing of innocents that are not armed. It would be a short war. However, the same soldiers and police they despise may actually follow the orders of their superiors and target the right. We can only hope and pray that our police and soldiers have the integrity and honor to do what the soldiers and police of the Soviet Union did. If they do, we can get on with rebuilding the West.

  22. I’m finding myself surprised at how little political violence there has been over this summer.

    Where have the antifa goons gone?

    Why isn’t Black Lives Matter burning down their own neighborhoods?

    • Since they only use these people as a political tool to push whatever agenda they feel needs pushing, and the 2018 mid-terms are on the horizon, evidently, dead dindu nuffins aren’t what they need to sell to get votes, so, no BLM protests.
      Same thing happened with Occupy. Once they no longer needed them for their agenda, they packed up their rape tents & their genital lice, & hit the bricks.
      We’ll just have to wait & see what political activist iteration Mr. Soros’s money takes in the future, I guess.
      I can hardly wait.

    • Gateway Pun dit is full of news. Apparently the counter protesters (Antifa) have been getting rowdy. Apparently a car found itself caught up in the antifa mob and tried to ram its way through. I KIA and several wounded. The car had Ohio license plates and the driver is currently in custody.I suggest awaiting further information before tallying score.

      • Gateway Pundit is ok as far as basic “facts” on what happened, but they are not going to write anything but anti white BS like “white supremacists,” or “neo-Nazis,” etc., and assign blame where it most likely does not belong.
        On a side note, I spent the day on Twitter yesterday being called a “c*nt,” a “Nazi-sympathizer,” a “lunatic,” and told that, I, and my entire “white trash family” should be “melted down, along with all those Confederate monuments,” by some lovely Christian, right wing, National Review reading, CPAC attending, people. They really are such good people, not like those horrible Nazi, white supremacists, who need to die out, already.
        I should add, this was all due to me saying that we should address why thousands of white young men feel the need to take to the streets, why they are dying in record numbers, and why they are shouting, “You will not replace us.”
        However, if a dozen people throw up a Roman salute, the “rules” say, you are required to immediately dismiss anything these people say or do, now or in the future, forever and ever, and hope they die in a hot, hot fire.

  23. I know, I know, if you could see the logical consequences of their actions, you wouldn’t be Leftists, but please, I’m begging y’all: Stop now. At a 4th of July party, the host had a big Rottweiler-type dog, and a guest brought a yappy lapdog. The yappy lapdog, never having seen a Rottie, thought it would be a good idea to run around and play Mx. Tough Doggy all over the Rottie’s yard. The Rottie, poor beast, spent most of the afternoon with this bemused “are you @#$ kidding me?” expression on its face. Then the lapdog nipped him… Fortunately the landing — about 20 feet away — was relatively soft. You guys — “Antifa” or whatever you call yourselves — are the lapdog. You’ve been playing Mx. Tough Doggy all over the Rottweiler’s yard for decades now. Please, please, take the lesson. You REALLY don’t want to go where you’re going. Not with those people.

  24. These folks will go down about as easily as a wounded Cape Buffalo. Can’t underinvest in optics and range time.

  25. Hoffer: There is no telling to what extremes of cruelty and ruthlessness a man will go when he is freed from the fears, hesitations, doubts and the vague stirrings of decency that go with individual judgement. When we lose our individual independence in the corporateness of a mass movement, we find a new freedom – freedom to hate, bully, lie, torture, murder and betray without shame and remorse.

    • Ah, but in lefty’s case the freedom is for the good cause of saving the weak, the needy, and the “downtrodden” without the discomfort of bearing much of the cost implied by her alleged caring.

  26. This is your best post in a while, I have very little to add. Some random thoughts:

    1. Marxism over the years has morphed from workers vs owners to non-productive vs productive people. The left is now almost solely people on the dole, the underemployed affluent young, and professionals who produce little of tangible value. As always, it is based almost entirely on envy.

    2. The people who the left is fighting against have something to lose, and I like to think they will fight back before all is lost.

    3. I’m almost to the point personally where authoritarian fascism would be preferable to the status quo. Certainly if things get worse without any real consequences for the left.

    • Since you are agitating for “authoritarian fascism”, it would be a good idea to consider the leftist genealogy of your political morality. This will help you to remember your place in the ranks and files of a movement of which almost all the leaders had been radical leftists.

      I would recommend that you begin your studies of Fascism by reading…

      The Mystery of Fascism
      By David Ramsay Steele

      I should add now that I’ve met the author and been to his home a few times. On one occasion he gave me a copy of “Atheism Explained”, an extraordinary book he wrote about ten yrs ago. Steele has written also a book about Karl Marx and Ludwig von Mises, and when last I checked he was an editor at Open Court Books in Chicago.

      • I’m advocating for nothing of the sort, I’m just saying it’s becoming more and more the lesser of two evils. Things can’t keep going as they are. I’d prefer a better way, but I’m not convinced there is one.

        • Oh, bullshit, Taco Town. You’re just trying to have it both ways, and it’s clear that you have only foggy notions about Fascism itself, which originated on the radical left as an expedient alternative to the shortcomings and defects of communist internationalism. At least, however, you are being true to the history of Fascism, which found it rather easy to manipulate frustrated folks like you who had been prodded leftward for decades anyway.

          Since you will need a salute for your political movement, why not suggest to your leftist handlers–after they emerge from obscurity– that they rehabilitate the Bellamy salute?


          Notice the direction of the palms. They are turned to the left. The 20th century made the palm face downward, and your renaissance of nationalistic communism could distinguish itself from past errors by turning the hand another 90 degrees. This yields novelty without the crudeness of trampling tradition. True, the resulting hand position is awkward. Nevertheless, the world is turning to the right!

          • You sound like a pansy libertarian.

            That being said, this is a war, and wars are messy. If you are this concerned about personally staying ideologically pure, then you’re useless. The left needs to be defeated and punished, by any means necessary.

          • You write like you doublethink in cliches. Not to worry, however. I know how to apply a joint lock firmly enough to bring your attention back to reality without wrecking your elbow, for example. A nice feature of this is that you’ll be struggling to handle your knife or gun with your weak hand at about the same time that I’ve just learned where to get another tool.

            Don’t hoot and holler now that you have property rights or a right to keep and bear tools. You’ve made it thoroughly clear that you have no rights at all. It is ever thus with Fascists.

            Now, go practice your salute. “this is a war”, and “the left [which–ahem–includes Fascist leaders] needs to be defeated and punished, by any means necessary”, e.g. by helping tools to identify theirselves.

          • I own firearms and know how to use them. There is no way you ever get close enough to apply a joint lock before I’ve already put two into vital areas.

            Ideology and big talk is nothing compared to actually pulling the trigger. I put my faith in trigger pullers before I put faith in intellectuals. Your ideology doesn’t amount to anything if you’re the one bleeding out on the ground.

            If the past few years have taught us anything is that the future is not going to be won by cucks.

          • Oh, ok, Taco Town. You never shake hands, and you never misjudge people who get close enough to shake hands with you.

            P.S. The present America was won by people who are reluctant to carry weapons, and much of their bullying is done by people described as “heroes” by right wingers. The astonishing irony is not lost on all of the winners.

          • What are you saying here is that the left isn’t the most important enemy. You are saying you would rather the left win than the right be something you don’t want it to be. You’re just the same as the McMullin re-ublicans.

            I say first priority is the defeat of the left, worry about the details later. If you aren’t part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.

          • You’re still refusing to understand. What I’m claiming is that you, are a leftist, albeit not an internationalist one. I have claimed also that you think in cliches, and you did not fail to confirm this when you wrote, “If you aren’t part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.”

            It’s by the way that the Fascism experiment has been carried out enough times to learn that it’s a fool’s errand. This comes as no surprise to those of us who have done their homework about the topic, know its origins, and can resist the bromides of antirationalists.

            So, how is the new salute coming along? I was thinking that it would be fun if nationalists and internationalists gave each other some variant of the straight armed salute. So I’ve begun to read an animal training book called Reaching the Animal Mind, by Karen Pryor. She wrote also Don’t Shoot the Dog!, which was published in the 1980’s. It appears that she believes many people, even those who train animals for a living, have been using her techniques incorrectly. This suggests a business opportunity in what appears to be a market crowded with animal trainers, including dog walkers who dabble in training to pick up some extra revenue.

            Reaching the Animal Mind

          • How does any of that beat the left? Why is what you just said more than empty talk?

            I’m open to a better way, why is yours it? What makes you think you can win? Convince me that you can win.

            Talk is cheap.

          • I really don’t see how there’s much of a difference between getting my ass kicked by some multicultural a-hole in a grey suit who marches under a red flag with a hammer and sickle on it – or some white a-hole in a black suit who marches under a red flag with a swastika in the middle of it.

            The whole “this is a war, and wars are messy” is just a bullshit excuse to justify one form of tyranny over very slightly different one.

            The people who fought the revolution that founded this country were at least thinking along the right lines. They weren’t looking for tyranny – of any form. And neither am I. Tyranny doesn’t like people who think for themselves and don’t need masters. Masters is NOT what we need. A master however is what it seems the whole lot of the left – and a good part of the right seem to crave.

            I came to the conclusion a long time ago that people once accustomed to tyranny – basically put themselves into a box. They’ll exchange one form for another endlessly until death. The thought of living under liberty scares them so much they’ll act like a beaten woman who would rather get the shit beat out of her every day than take the risk of living on her own.

            Now that we have a society dominated by the feminine – apparently there’s a bunch of men who have adopted this same mental state.

            You appear to be one of them.

    • T.T.;
      Historical note re #3 above: Over the last 100 years (with the exception of Czarist Russia), leftist anarchy and nihilism is _exactly_ how authoritarian corporatism (how actual fascism works) usually via military takeover, came into power in a good part of the world.

      It seems Progs cannot help themselves nor learn from their mistakes. It’s almost as though they are in the grips of some powerful, evil, spiritual force causing them to aim for their own destruction and, incidentally, at the destruction of any civilization they inhabit any organized numbers. /sarc

      The weeping tranny in the video clip could be (your choice) either darkly amusing or pathetic for zir/zhe/its’ obvious psychological derangement + vast sense of entitlement. But we have a pretty good idea from history where this kind of thing goes.

      • Al, that’s kinda why I brought it up. That and how the left keeps talking like its fighting a preemptive war against that sort of Fascism, to which I can’t help but think “that sort of fascism would be far preferable to a world/country controlled by you idiots”.

        I would love to see a better outcome this time, but at this time I’m not that optimistic and I must say the left getting thrown out of helicopters by a modern day Pinochet regime is something I will enjoy watching.

        • T.T.;
          I know you and the rest of the guys talking about Pinochet, et al, are meaning this as a warning to the Progs about where things might go if they don’t back off forcing every one of us to kneel down and kiss satan’s butt, so to speak. But suppose that they are spiritually blinded, inoculated against rational moral thinking. What then_? It appears to me that they can no longer help themselves.

          Morally rational people will recoil at the idea of summary executions until the strife is at full boil, then it would suddenly be on with great destruction. Better to let the Progs alone force the pace in turning the normies against them with their ever growing madness. Then the inflection point could be reached sooner and there’d be less damage.

          Certainly the Progs appear immune from warning or feedback. So warning/threatening them is not only fruitless but counterproductive: It enables the normies to avoid the obvious implications of their passivity in the face of moral madness.

          Stand firm against the madness but provide no excuses to the fence-sitters for wavering, I’d say. Nobody seriously wants to go there, we just recognize that it might happen, based upon numerous historical examples.

          • The left won’t listen to reason, it’s going to take force and people are going to be hurt. Hurting people is something you need to train yourself for, our own armed forces train people to pull the trigger. We, as a political movement need to train ourselves to pull the trigger when it becomes necessary.

            This being said, timing is everything and we should indeed wait until the time is right, when the normies in the center will cheer us on for pulling the trigger or at least stand aside.

          • I believe it was Claire Wolfe who said,”It’s too late to work within the system, but it’s too soon to shoot the SOBs.” Spot on, methinks…

  27. I hear there were “no toasting” signs everything at AmRen, no drinks were served to Spencer and there was no hailing cabs, only uber was allowed. Fun fact, uber was invented so neo nazis can find a ride, why else do you think it has an umlaut in the name? Take a clue people!

    • There is no umlaut in “Uber Technologies” or in ueber, which is the best way to write über without an umlaut.

      It’s by the way that “socialism” is a clever euphemism for secular communism, the most antisocial religion ever devised. So it would be appropriate to call Hitler’s party the National Communist German Workers Party. Note well, now, the rabid nationalism of leftist regimes in Venezuela and northern Korea.

    • Why all the dislikes?

      It was supposed to be funny, an alt right inside joke!
      No ice cream, no pets, no hailing people, our or otherwise.

      Never mind.

      • Your humor has become so advanced that people have mistaken it for stupidity. Might be time to roll it back a notch or two.

  28. It helps to understand the underlying motivation. The Antifa crowd are parasites utterly dependent upon a host for survival. For them, the pushback against endless government handouts is an existential threat. They truly believe that they will die if their government host is, in any way, diminished. Worse is that they somehow believe that they can fight. Parasites feed, they do not possess the skill to fight. But they can shriek loudly.

    • It has nothing to do with the structure of the Federal budget. That’s never been the case. The Left is all about culture. They only care about economics when it applies to the culture war.

      • We agree that the structure of the federal budget is irrelevant. They are not bright enough to understand such details. They see government solely as a magical source of nourishment that is essential for life. Their desperation springs from this imperative.

      • Hey, Z – I really liked the podcast yesterday!

        But… what culture, Z? When you say the word ‘culture’ to me, it evokes stuff like art, literature, architecture, education of the young, etc.
        These a-holes don’t have any of that. Vox Day makes a living publishing because SJW’s have literally sunk the classical publishing houses. The universities are now intellectual wastelands, and Hollywood has gone from being a centre of glamour to being a contemptible cesspool for degenerates and deviants because of these idiots. Can’t it be said that these guys have no culture at all? Am I misunderstanding something?

        • Glen, this is what I found on for ‘culture.’ You were probably thinking of #1, 2, and 4. Those are positive meanings. Z was using it for #5 and 6. Those are neutral.

          1. the quality in a person or society that arises from a concern for what is regarded as excellent in arts, letters, manners, scholarly pursuits, etc.
          2. that which is excellent in the arts, manners, etc.
          3. a particular form or stage of civilization, as that of a certain nation or period:
          Greek culture.
          4. development or improvement of the mind by education or training.
          5. the behaviors and beliefs characteristic of a particular social, ethnic, or age group:
          the youth culture; the drug culture.
          6. Anthropology. the sum total of ways of living built up by a group of human beings and transmitted from one generation to another.

      • I disagree.
        A vast number of the lunatic left are funded either directly or indirectly by taxes.
        The Feds are the major source.

        • Bingo. They are either directly on the public welfare teat or if they have jobs they are made-up jobs funded by taxpayer money. They are able to cause so much trouble because they are not hungry. They have immense amounts of free time available for this sort of crap. If they were forced to scrounge for food most of them would fade away.

          And people can get hungry quickly.

    • They have been trained in tactics and to fight in classes funded by George Soros. when the police are ordered to stand down and observe then the Antifa and BLM create havoc. Many supporters of lawful gathering in Charlottesville were injured by the Antifa-BLM attacks.

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