The Potemkin Society

A Potemkin village is a fake community built solely to deceive others into thinking that a situation is better than it really is. The term comes from stories that Grigory Potemkin erected phony portable settlements along the banks of the Dnieper River in order to fool Catherine II, the Russian Empress. After she passed, the village would be disassembled and then reassembled further down so she could pass another nice village. The story is probably exaggerated, but the concept is a useful one so the term has stuck with us.

It is a useful term that came to mind in the run up to the Charlottesville rally. It came to mind after the riots in Berkeley. In both cases, you have fake cities that exist for no real reason, other than there is a government run college in them. In both cases, the people in charge are ridiculously unserious people, who should not be in charge of a convenience store, much less a small city. That is because the people who put them into office are just as ridiculously unserious. They are adult children playing grownup on the public dime.

This is not just a small city issue. The general lack of seriousness among the political class seems to be a byproduct of managerialism. Look around Washington and it is a parade of naive, clueless airheads produced by our finest colleges. It is not just an American phenomenon. Europe’s leaders are ever bit as ridiculous. The Europeans are creating a class of politicians that are close to fictional. Emmanuel Macron, the new leader of France, may as well be a hired actor, which is why he is a disaster.

Now, Macron’s problems are not all his own making. France, like the rest of Europe, is a financial knot that can never be untied. A lot of it has to do with being vassal states for the last 70 years, but a lot of is demographics resulting from socialism. When you make having babies expensive, people stop having babies. Macron inherited a country that is old, expensive and in debt. Still, he is proving to be incapable of doing the serious business of building coalitions and getting his program implemented.

That is the thing you see all over Europe. The political elites carry on like administrators of a university, rather than serious political leaders. Europe is facing an invasion from the south and instead of addressing it, they engage in public pose downs. The few serious countries, like Poland, find themselves on the receiving end of the elite’s wrath, not because they are wrong, but because they are making the barren spinsters running the EU look bad. The European Union is no more serious than a faculty lounge.

Again, this is probably as much a result of managerialism as anything else. The way Western politics is run is that some segments of the political class are paid representatives of the financial elite. Another segment relies on popular support for their position. Then there is a group of professionals, who do the hard work of figuring out how to get things done. Managerialism does not produce this class of leader. Instead, it is pompous dilettantes and hired men, whose loyalty is bought by the billionaire class.

Even the financial elite struggles with a lack of seriousness. Kevin Plank is supposed to be an important businessman, yet he goes in for ridiculous showboating like this. Under Armor makes overpriced underwear that they primarily sell to blacks and teenagers. In a just society, it would not exist, because it preys on the worst instincts of the weakest minds in society. But men are not angels and there will always be rich men who make money off the poor and stupid. The least they can do is act like adults in public.

But that is a rare thing in the financial elite these days. Google is the most recent example of how unserious people are incapable of managing simple difficulties. Instead of strutting around like a retarded peacock, the Google CEO could have easily made the whole thing disappear. A check and an NDA would have put a quick end to a trivial issue. Instead, he let some old lesbians lead him around by the nose and the result was a fiasco that promises to drag on into the court for years.

The common thread in our public discourse is that our leaders are more concerned with playing make believe than doing their duty. That is why the word “duty” is never mentioned in public discourse. When was the last time anyone heard a politician or a rich man talk publicly about his duty to society? The closest you get is some halfwit sportsball player talking about how he needs to give back to his community. Otherwise, we are ruled by a class of people with the maturity and fortitude of prep school teenagers.

That is what managerialism curdles into in time. What the giants of our side, guys like Sam Francis and James Burnham could not see in their time, is becoming clear in our time. The credentialism and parochialism of the managerial state produces people barely capable of working on a local school board committee. Their lack of exposure to the realities of the human condition cripples them spiritually. They become ruthless, overgrown adolescents playing dress up as they ascend into positions of authority.

That brings us back to Berkeley and Charlottesville. If the political class is unable and unwilling to manage the antics of Antifa and Jason Kessler, what are they going to do when smart and resourceful antagonists come along? The morons waving flags and throwing piss-bombs at each other are the easy problem to manage. The hard problem are the well organized guys with goals beyond getting themselves on TV. As I have said many times, Trump was a warning shot. The political class better get serious in a hurry.

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  1. Ms. Heyer’s death is a terrible thing, and her killer will face judgement. Historically, hers will be the first name on what will eventually be a very long list of dead in CW2.

  2. The political class needs to get serious “in a hurry”, all right. No signs of that ever happening, however. Maybe it’s estrogen in the water supply?! More likely, it’s that our system prevents able individuals from being elected or serving in important government positions, so the people who do serve are neither bright, knowledgeable, or serious….

  3. So, Zman, what do you think has happened to the people that once would have been statesmen? I suppose I am asking a nature/nurture question here.
    Are these giants still amongst us but turned from politics to some more fruitful field?
    Or have those with any potential had their brains turned to mush by the education system.
    I ask from the UK where the previous revolutionary leader was a stockbroker named Nigel and we are currently pining our hopes on an intellectual who called his new baby Sixtus.

  4. Late to the party, but that gives me the advantage of reading many comments.

    “Managerialism” is indeed largely as our host describes, but it’s important to understand how many “managers” landed in their managerial roles. This is particularly true in politics right down to the local level.

    The traditionalist-conservative-call-it-what-you-will movement folks would be wise to take a leaf from the following and begin using the same tactics to further the strategy necessary to achieve the desired ends:

  5. You say Socialist societies result in baby busts and population crashes. Current demographics seem to bear that out. Perhaps you could do an article explaining why you think that is and what could be done to change things.

  6. For those upset remember words have a specific meaning. White nationalist does not mean white supremacist or national SOCIALIST (Nazi).
    Are you a one world government globalist or an American nationalist?
    If you are an American nationalist, are you a white person?
    If you are a white person and an American nationalist, you are a white nationalist.
    Don’t let the Alt-Left smear you by lying about you and tying what you are to a lie.

  7. Hey Z man, thank you for an eloquent description of our present state of affairs ; it’s hard to have hope with this level of incompetence and duplicity. ..but then,just read the history of mankind, why was I hopeful?

  8. Great post. In Sam Francis’ Leviathan, he said the weakness of the managerial state was that “residue one” type of people dominated it. As I understand it, Pareto’s “Residue 1” type of elite is a version of Machiavellis’ “Fox” type of prince the defining characteristic is that they can not use violence effectively to maintain their rule. I thought this was a squishy concept and the weakest point of Francis’ book when I first read it. However, after the deep-state managed to abandon Berkely and Cville, both towns with an elite university, to riots between their Antifa enforcers and the deep state’s biggest enemies, the Alt-Right. Did they plan this and not consider that their side could lose the brawl? What was their thinking when they gave up control of THEIR territory.

  9. A contributing factor to the non-seriousness of the political class is the debt funding of the goodies to constituent groups. Once we can no longer borrow, and all spending must actually be paid for, things will get interesting…(Might soon be popcorn time with Illinois.)

    Regarding Spencer…isn’t that guy almost a socialist? Socialism (+ cultural marxism) is the root cause of all of problems. We’d still have all sorts of problems if we were still a white country. Can a functional society of any race subsidize single motherhood to the degree we do in the West?

    • Max, yes, Richard Spencer is basically a communist. Kessler, appears to be even farther to the left in economic terms. So “alt-right” just means nationalistic left, and the whole affair rhymes very well with the rise of Fascism following the crisis of Marxism in the late 1800’s. What’s new is that internationalist leftists are running low on strategic wedge issues to replace failed strategy.

      In the 1800’s they emphasized class warfare with sex warfare and race warfare as seasoning. The working class failed to show much revolutionary enthusiasm for betraying their countrymen in ravir of internationalism. So heretics like Mussolini went Fascist—i.e. to communism with a capitalist mask on. After, the big dysgenic civil war of 1939-45 in Europe, internationalists settled on race war and sex war, plus a little religious conflict, to foment chaos conducive to revolution. Once again, millions of people are refusing to go along with the internationalists’ divisive strategy.

      If the internationalist left realizes its predicament, it could panic with the thought that the movement is all played out and near death. It will be a truly epic moment if they don’t think of some new swindle to fool the masses. There could even be a nice spike of suicides among them, if they are goaded a little.

      Still, see Hitler’s 25-point plan for some clues about how the “alt-right” will attempt to formalize its distracting project of acquiring political power while doing basically nothing to rid the world permanently of communists. Schneider, whom I mentioned above, offers more clues.

      • “The masses”. There is a term you don’t see much anymore, at any rate in print. And this guy Schneider, he sounds like the guy to consult so that we can really know what’s cooking out there. Thanks, Allan! I’ll consult Schneider immediately! Gotta find those clues…

    • ” Can a functional society of any race subsidize single motherhood to the degree we do in the West?”
      And still not achieve replacement rate?

  10. Z Man;
    Did I miss your point that we’re in a bad place because we’ve got politicians wanting to act like managers, and they’re not very good at managing, while at the same time we’ve got managers acting like politicians, and they’re not very good politicians_? And our elite either can’t make either group stay in their lanes, don’t care or stupidly like this situation because they’ve always been about politicizing everything and don’t see where it will likely go.

    Our Cloud folk are starting to resemble the structure of Imperial China with mandarins, oppressed peasants and court eunuchs constantly scheming to supplant the current emperor with someone else. One can see the utility of the Confucian doctrine of ‘rectification of names’. I.e., managers’ duty is to be managers, politicians’ duty is to be politicians, etc.

    And we have also invading barbarians necessitating the building of a great wall….

    For those like me who are confused as to what ‘managerialism’ means: 😉

  11. Like a majority of Americans, I would like to see everyone dealt with in a color-blind way. I’m old enough to remember that this is what many of us thought we were getting from the so-called civil-rights movement. Unfortunately, that turned out to be a big bait and switch operation. I don’t know if it was planned that way from the start, or if it just evolved. But for some time now, saying ‘color-blind’ approvingly in reference to law and social policy has been labeled ‘racist.’

    Here’s a quote from a 2013 Gallup poll about college admissions and affirmative action. I’ve gotten very cynical about polls lately, but the numbers in this are pretty decisive.


    PRINCETON, NJ — Two-thirds of Americans believe college applicants should be admitted solely based on merit, even if that results in few minorities being admitted, while 28% believe an applicant’s racial and ethnic background should be taken into account to promote diversity on college campuses. Three-quarters of whites and 59% of Hispanics believe applicants should be judged only on merit, while blacks are divided in their views.


    In this poll, you see about one quarter sharply to the left, as expected, but three-quarters on the anti-affirmative action side.

    It would be good to see a political movement decisively toward a color-blind society, but not one where the leaders have visions of a fourth Reich.

    Such a movement would be, to use Z’s terminology, a *serious* movement. And even though the goal would be moderate, the vitriol this movement would receive from all sides would be no small matter. The Ds would hate it because they feel the need to pander to their electoral base. The far, far-away right would hate it, because they don’t believe the law should be color blind. And the usual Republicans would run from it, intimidated by the first lobbing of the R word at them.

  12. >> This is not just a small city issue. The general lack of seriousness among the political class seems to be a byproduct of managerialism. Look around Washington and it is a parade of naive, clueless airheads produced by our finest colleges.

    I’ll come back to one of my familiar themes and contend that this is a byproduct of financial system supported by fiat currency. Western leaders are not serious because they can print their way out of problems with unlimited debt. This unlimited debt filters down to the state and local level through the welfare state, grants, etc., so even state and local leaders get to be in the insane clown posse. When resources are unlimited moral preening becomes an imperative.

    Contrast this with the deadly seriousness of leaders of countries who lack access to unlimited debt supported by fiat currencies. It’s no accident that the leaders of Hungary and Poland are making a stand while the leaders of France, Germany, and Britain strike moral poses for the media.

    Japan’s debt load suggests that we are still a long way from a debt bomb explosion so I don’t expect anything to change in my lifetime. The GOPe figured this out, which is why they present no serious opposition to the welfare state or the associated cultural challenges that drive debt spending.

    One of the challenges for the alt-right (or new-right, or whatever label you want to apply) is to figure out how to be relevant within this financial universe. IMO, we have to compete on cultural issues, because we can’t compete with free shit from the government. Ultimately I think it’s a losing battle, which is why I advocate breaking up the US, beginning with evicting California from the Union.

    • “When resources are unlimited moral preening becomes an imperative.”

      Excellent, and exactly correct. I must add, the US is most definitely NOT Japan for many reasons including: 1) Japan makes stuff for export (forex stream), 2) Japan does not have a global empire to maintain. The US will never survive 200% government debt-to-GDP, or government debt service on even the current debt at anything approaching normal interest rates. Ask the British about Sterling. Below you can see when Sterling lost its place as global reserve currency.

      When the money runs out, or when the money blows up, is when university towns collapse to one-tenth their current size. The Obama federal student loan bubble is $1 Trillion and counting.

      Take the time to look at this chart, cut and paste the link if you have to:

      All of that money being pumped into university towns for in essence nothing results in a lot of what Z Man describes above. In time the recipients come to believe it’ll never end. Anything even resembling conservatism threatens their rice bowl, and they know it, hence townspeople literally chasing rally goers out of town. Of course they’re not going to say that’s why they’re doing it.

    • Terrific comment. Only I would start with “granting” PR its independence, without consulting them. That would put the CA’s on notice that we’ve had enough, and we’re ready for devolution. 300+ million people might work for the old empires; we now see that it is too damn big for a free people.

      • And by the way, giving PR its independence would — in fifty years time — be the best thing for Puerto Rico. As pointed out above by ‘Guest’, countries “unsupported by fiat currencies” need to make their own way on the world, which in turn encourages serious leadership.

  13. An issue to consider is whether our system of government and economics can produce desirable outcomes at all, regardless of who is in charge.

    • Thank you. Universal suffrage is a one way street. Democracy self destructs in every case, but the Romans lasted longer than others because suffrage was restricted longer. Under universal suffrage it is the most calculating and manipulative who gain power. The respect which the conservative, whatever he is, has for the voter is not a mistake his enemies ever fall into.

      • It’s worth noting that Caracalla extended citizenship to all imperial subjects in 212. When I was very young I thought, good on you, C. How broad-minded, thought I, how “diverse”. Of course all he intended by that was to “socialize” the costs of Empire in the widest possible way available. Citizenship had become a curse, a euphemism for public slavery.

        It took living in 21st century America to appreciate that. I sometimes think that Marx, for all his theoretical foibles, was on to something when he claimed that ‘imperialism is the last phase of capitalism’.

  14. whats the deal with under armour? i tend to buy their stuff for athletics mostly because it was a viable alternative to nike.

    • All those CEO’s who quit Trump’s advisory board were a bunch of creeps preening for the SJW’s and I have no doubt they were looking for a excuse to screw Trump the first chance they got.

      None of them mattered though,

  15. ZMan – another great essay. But it gave me the sads because it made me realize how pathetic people really are. Including myself and everyone else.

    There is this popular trope in many mainstream movies that something is bad, and some character is in denial, and then there is this big reveal and suddenly that character “sees the light.” Examples: the movie “They Live” (after a big and entertaining fight the black guy is forced to wear the glasses and suddenly sees and agrees with reality) – Harry Potter 6? 5? (Cornelius Fudge sees Voldemort a second before he disapperates from the Ministry of Magic and suddenly admits that he’s back). There are probably a lot of others but I’m too lazy to come up with them. Two points are sufficient to define a line.

    As MUCH as we wish reality works this way, it doesn’t. There is no magic pill. There is nothing that can be done to force people to accept reality when they refuse to see it. Redemption is a painful, individualized process, if we are blessed to get to see reality at all.

    Our buddy Trent is so desperate to get us to just see the light that he sees. He’s a true believer. I wonder why he has never stopped to think about why people see things differently. It’s too easy to say, well, anyone who disagrees with me is evil. I’m trying very hard to stop doing that, and your essay helped.

    • Well, getting in someone’s face and telling him his beliefs are false and stupid and —ist, and mine are better, and I’ll bust you in the chops to prove it, has worked exactly…never?

    • Everyone does have his own reality. Kurt Andersen has a long boring cover piece in the September edition of The Atlantic about the subject.

      It got me to thinking. Andersen is all wound up because a significant number of Americans believe in Genesis and doubt global warming. I believe that many people who fall into those camps don’t think a lot about it, or put it front and center in their lives. It is more of a reflex based on their point of view. In other words, they aren’t going to paint up a sign and march around about it, which is something the Left wants to do with every-single-issue in the world.

      Which means that there are the separate realities of the Right leaners and of the Left leaners. The twain shall not meet. The secret weapon of the right is that the normal people, who live their semi-comfortable lives, find the Right a lot more hospitable to live with than the Left. Right thinkers offer their positions as a take-it-or-leave-it set of propositions, and are mostly not too interested in pounding people over the head with them. The positions of the Left are all in-your-face, all of the time. Most normal people hate that. They want to live their lives without every single thing being done up as part of a psychodrama. Obama and Hillary were and are serious drama queens. So is Trump, actually. But Trump’s followers don’t generally take it into the street and bash people over the head with it.

      The people caught in the middle will quietly support the drama queen whose minions stay out of their faces on the streets of their community. It is the secret weapon of the Right. It also calls into question this whole Charlottesville thing. Does the Right need to get in people’s faces to make its point, or is the Right getting played by the Left on this one?

      • Rather than being opposites, Genesis and Global Warming own the very same religious impulse. The difference is that Genesis holds together a long moral string, and GW is but a hair shirt for the Church of What’s Happening Right Now.

        • And here’s the thing. A Biblical belief structure can be held and easily kept personal, and the power of the belief can be sustaining. For GW, the belief is frightening, and makes it (at least it appears to) necessary to beat people over the head with it.

          Which leads back to the secret weapons of the Right. The beliefs of the Right are the “normal” ones to most of the broader culture. Marriage is between a man and a woman, abortion has troubling aspects on many levels, people rise or fall to their natural level, people are not “blank slates”, men and women function slightly differently, etc. These are basic ideas the average American warms up to, viscerally. Not gay sex, gender fluidity, quotas by race or gender, and so on. So the Left has a harder sell.

          Because of this, the Right tends to be mostly “happy campers”, which is much more attractive to the average American than being perpetually aggrieved about everything. But because the Left feels the need to push unnatural things, they find that agitation is necessary to try to break the natural affinity for the “happier” and “normal” positions of the Right.

          Exercising our secret weapons is difficult, because it is a passive sort of process, letting those people in the middle find their way to your world view. The Lefties have a process by which the passion for their world view can be played out, but it involves trashing things and screwing around with people. In the long run, we are better off playing our passive advantage and letting the craziness of the Left do our work for us. Again, not satisfying, but it got Trump elected. People prefer a party to a shitfest.

        • Bravo. Twenty years from now, Global Warming will be Global cooling, but Genesis will still be Genesis. Nor does Genesis require literal belief (anyway not in my Church); the ‘COWIHRN’ requires (like INGSOC) total commitment to ‘the Word’, not as written, but as shouted over the microphones.

  16. You know who disagrees with you guys?

    Blacks, Latinos, homosexuals, white girls, transgender, Muslims, Jews, Asians.

    Pretty much everyone who is not a white male. That’s 95% of the world. I like our chances

    • Why? The white Europeans have always been outnumbered and they have always dominated.
      The reason there is any problem now is the brain rotted other whites using the minorities as a wedge for domination of their ideology and hatred.

    • Thank you very much! If you and those idiots disagree with us, it means we are right. And much, much smarter than you and those idiots. By the way, are you a negro?

    • Ok – you answered my earlier question. You ARE retarded if you think that the long list of utterly incompatibles you listed are somehow going to “win”.

      Your “chances” are shit.

      If you have to come up with a list that long to defeat the “white man”, you’re admitting to your own weakness.

    • This isn’t really for Trent though that was a damned good troll.

      To fisk.

      Muslims are a threat but like the other groups have mostly double digit IQ’s and limited ability to trust and so long as we aren’t proximal to them, they aren’t a serious problem.

      The average IQ in Africa is around 70 or so, they aren’t a threat and the it wasn’t that long ago, the West essentially owned Africa . This was unwise and deeply racists )of the caring kind of cloying leftist racism) but we could do it again if we wished, subject to Chinese influence

      The Chinese being wiser than we just exploit them , give them some, take a lot. Its still a win for Africa they get things they simply can’t have otherwise but in the end its very good for China

      Asian racists make White racists look like Car Bears and if there was a serious achievable plan to destroy every other race on the planet other than Asians and Whites , most of them would go along with it and if it was done would go home guilt free and sleep the sleep of the just.

      Japan is utterly racist so are Chinese people (if you aren’t Han you are nothing) as are Koreans and these are the most developed nations. They are only mildly racists against Whites

      Women have only the power men give them, if men wanted it we could have Gor or White Sharia or just reduce civil rights to say that of ancient Rome and without the help of men, women would have no chance to stop it .

      And there aren’t enough mentally healthy, fighting able trans-folk on the planet to form a brigade

      As for Jews, American Jewry is nearly gone something like 3/4 of all Ashkenazim in the US are mixed race , they have political power only for a little while longer as Rahm Emanuel learned being nearly beaten by a Hispanic sanitation worker a couple of years ago .

      The majority left are Orthodox Jews and even a fair number of them are mixed with Whites . The .Alt Right is also cordial and supportive of Israel and other nations BTW

      Mainly the West is temporarily enervated and under bad leadership , the former has receded a little (White births are now the majority of all US births for the 1st time in 10 years and they are almost all the Conservative or Hard Right people) ands can recover and the fight over the .Alt Right is about leadership

      Its fixable and with good leadership and economic stewardship, nearly every problem we have can be reversed very very fast

      The problems other groups have are fare more intractable.

  17. Depends on what you mean by serious.
    Definition of serious:
    1: thoughtful or subdued in appearance or manner: sober
    2: a: requiring much thought or work
    b : of or relating to a matter of importance
    3: a : not joking or trifling
    b: archaic : pious
    c : deeply interested
    4: a : not easily answered or solved
    b : having important or dangerous possible consequences
    5: excessive or impressive in quality, quantity, extent, or degree

    Everyone takes THEMSELVES seriously. They are serious in their own minds. While the left may not be serious in some ways, the elite and their functionaries are. Dangerously so. They are “serious” because their survival is at stake.

  18. I was wondering about ‘alt right’ – are they controlled opposition or just plain stupid? Jason Kessler settled that. They have to go. This event was not an accident and the only one hurt by this is Trump.

    • They have to go? Leaving whom? The jolly good fellows at the GOP? No one’s going back to that, you can forget it. The only “controlled opposition” I see is people like you, looking for a kill shot to stamp out those pesky troublemakers who’re upsetting rice bowls all over the country right now.

    • Per Zero Hedge (yeah, I know…), Kessler was an identified part of the Occupy movement last year and was a CNN stringer in the past. He also publicly unloaded on the woman who died, in a completely tasteless and inappropriate fashion. He is either a provacateur who doesn’t care about the cause he stands for, a complete plant for a set-up, or just a garden variety psycho. Not good.

      Perhaps a lesson here, don’t give the Antifa crowd an easy target. There is no upside in it.

    • One could just as easily say you cucks and boomers have to go for handing our country to over the left and then sitting around on your bums badmouthing the young men for trying to do something about it.

      • I’m Gen X, and whatever those guys in Charlottesville were trying to achieve…they failed, except in tarring and feathering the Alt-right brand.
        If they were trying to stop Confederate statues from being torn down, they failed, because more have been ripped down in just the past 2 days.
        There is a way to do street theatre, and getting bamboozled by the cops and then brawling with Antifa isn’t one of them.
        The whole thing was just too perfect. Not exactly a false flag, but definitely some shenanigans behind the scenes on both sides.

        • Of course, if brawling with scrubs and hippies is someone’s idea of fun, have at it.
          It’s not a long term strategy and leads nowhere except prison

        • Show me in my comment where I said going to Charlottesville was a good idea? I’m simply pointing out the hypocrisy and short-sighted perspective of WW’s moaning about the Alt-Right and his rabid desire to ostracize them.

          Gen Z may be the last white majority generation we have and to gleefully call for throwing them to the wolves is cuckoldry at its finest. Do our young guys need better leadership? I believe so, but unlike Zman (who provided perspective and constructive correction), these guys just sit around and lob insults. This degenerate, feckless attitude only exacerbates the situation and drives people away.

        • I think you are going a bot overboard. There were a ton of mistakes and it gave the enemy a chance to get in some body blows. The thing to remember is that you are way too close to be a fair judge. Right now, my normies friends are fixated on the rampaging mobs toppling statues. Events may have overcome the mistakes of a few days ago.

          The result of all this is we learned that the alt-right is not ready for prime time, but we also learned that the left has another level of crazy.

  19. You needn’t tell me about fictional leaders. Here in Canada we have The Little Prince Justin Trudeau. The scum of the earth is pouring through our southern border, and what’s the big news with him? Oh, he was out kayaking and spotted a wedding party on the water, so he paddled over and kissed the bride! What a heart-throb!

    Meanwhile Olympic Stadium in Montreal is filling up with rapefugees, and he’s looking for his next selfie.

    • Well… his mother was literally a bipolar whore and his father was a closet butt blaster – so might be one of the best examples of Z’s lecture yet – over and above the wanks at Google, in Europe, etc. The only way an idiot like that could ever get into a job like that is if somebody very powerful was pulling some serious strings.

      Or maybe being a substitute drama teacher DOES qualify ya for leadership these days, whadda I know?

      I do know I won’t touch management work with a ten foot pole. The only thing WORSE than working for barren spinsters, queers, and SJW’s is having them “work” for you.

    • Every time I think of your teenage king, I think of his mother flashing her muff in NYC a million years ago.

      • she was a filthy infected thing, the Whoore Trudeau. left a slime trail like a big snail…

      • No kidding. Have been just old enough to remember those “show your cooter” tours of the NYC club scene, that is the forever association with the Trudeau name

  20. Once again, the problem you describe far worse than you have indicated. If we were living in our ancestral environment of extreme hardship and daily existential threat, faux leaders (such as we have today) would be long dead and replaced by men of real strength and intelligence. The financial and political systems of the present have created a new type of environment, and it selects solely for cunning and guile. There is no easy mechanism to correct this. And talking (no matter how intelligently) is not going to reverse course.

    • It will reverse as the end point of this sort of managerial leadership is going to be a return of “extreme hardship and daily existential threat”. Something we have not seen in the west since the late 1800s

      It will just be very unpleasant to live through.

      • I agree, but my worry is that that endpoint is five hundred years from now… and by the way, what do you have against the late 1800s? They represent, to my taste, the zenith of Western civilization.

    • “If we were living in our ancestral environment of extreme hardship and daily existential threat, faux leaders (such as we have today) would be long dead and replaced by men of real strength and intelligence.”

      Just so we don’t forget, extreme hardship and existential threat also produces leaders like Russia’s 1917 Bolsheviks.

      • It also describes the environment preceding the Revolutionary War that created the USA. They don’t teach that history anymore, but those forefathers of ours were pretty special people. I would be proud to follow in their footsteps, if that’s what it takes to reclaim this country.

        • I kind of agree, but it isn’t possible to equate the conditions in Russia in late 1916 with conditions in the British American colonies in 1775. Sadly men like that could not reclaim the country we inhabit today: They’d never get a hearing. Anyway, they belonged to a rural society of four or five million people; I frankly have no idea what (say) the views of John Adams would be today. I didn’t know the man: I only know that he and his associates were practical and mature men — and yes, I’m all for following practical and mature men.

          • In some sense the actual ideological descendants of the founding fathers rebelled in the 1860’s and lost to the Industrial state

            Now that state is cannibalizing itself ,who knows what comes next,

  21. Now that some of the smoke has cleared and everyone has calmed down a bit, I have to say I see Charlottesville as a complete disaster.
    As soon as I saw David Duke hanging with Dick Spencer I knew it would be a bust. David Duke is a cartoon character the media has been trotting out for decades to scare average people, and Spencer is shaping up to follow in his footsteps.
    You mentioned meeting Spencer in your excellent write up of the Amren conference, but other than seeming like a nice guy, I see nothing but trouble following Spencer and anyone that attaches themselves to him.
    He is not a leader of men, or even of boys for that matter.
    Torchlit processions in front of Confederate statues while shouting Blood and Soil isn’t going to appeal to Chad and Stacy.
    You know what appeals to Chad and Stacy ?
    The Google fiasco and how Damore handled it appeals to normal, educated people.
    Potential agent provocateurs like Kessler and the KKK crowd appeal to trash and will only attract trash. As I’m sure most who read Zman know, by the late 60’s almost every radical organization in the U.S., both far right and far left, had been infiltrated by Intel agencies.
    Street theatre that leads to civilian deaths is a suicidal path for any movement.
    Zman should tread very carefully about who he aligns himself with.

      • And I could care less about the opinion of someone juvenile enough to post under a ridiculous handle like Karl Hungus.
        At least I use my real name.
        Go back to hanging out with Duke and his skinheads and let the adults build a real movement.

    • I should probably do a post on the topic, but my general impression of Spencer, prior to actually meeting him, was that he needed to ripen on the vine a bit more. He said some good things, but would then say some weird or confusing things. Meeting him, I was generally impressed with his self-awareness, but cognizant of the fact he may simply be good at first impressions.

      Since getting into this, my sense has been that I should do my own thing and trust my own experience. Nothing has changed my mind on that score.

      • You ought to publish a piece against military conscription with a specific plan to abolish not only its machinery (e.g. the Selective Service System) in the USA but also the constitutional basis for imposing conscription. Frame it as an attack upon everyone from far left to far right. Or, on the other hand, explain why you think that you and others of your ilk are entitled to the cheap labor and “involuntary servitude” of armed conscripts.


        Get off the fence and show us how close, or far, you are from Taco_Town communism. A concrete, practical plan to kill military conscription would undermine the reasonable suspicion that you are basically just another dirty, rotten Fascist who needs to be put down in an alley in the ghetto.

        • What is your obsession with Taco Town? I enjoy his/her posts. Yours, though, are almost as monomaniacal as Trent Denton’s. They have joined his in my “automatically scroll past” file. And go write your own essay on military conscription if you think it’s so damned important.

          • Good you said that. And here I was about to demand Z write a post that nobody would read if I wrote it.

          • Hey, doc, maybe you’d care to explain how you knew what I wrote if my posts had been inserted into your “‘automatically scroll past’ file”.

            Meanwhile, let’s identify and isolate just one rightless Fascist low life at a time, ok?

        • Here’s a thought, Allan. Tell us what you think and try to do it in plain English. It’s evident that you take yourself seriously. The question is: Why?

        • What does this have to do with anything?

          Allan, some of your posts are OK, some are pretty good but a lot of them are off topic or incoherent,

          Maybe you should look at the “likes” meter. If its chronically low, its a sign you are on the wrong topic or blog and ought to fix that

          be polite, be on topic and be useful or BTFO

      • Years ago an attractive young woman I knew while on a longish flight happened to sit next to Duke–who was then not well-known by the public and, to my friend, a nobody.

        Duke made a play for her and, after first explaining he was a “wizard under the sheets” gave her his KKK card.

    • It may be too late already. This blog features much sneering at big, bad libertarians, and one of the Zman’s loyalists, Taco_Town, is out of the Fascism closet. Taco_Town insists also that’s it’s folly to demand ideological purity, e.g. uncompromising opposition to favorite tricks of internationalist despotism.

      Fascists have much the same collectivst orientation as the internatonalist pest, so expect to encounter here some apologetics for favorite Fascist programs like military conscription and Mussolinicare, a “state accident and insurance company” scheme imposed upon Italy ca. 1936.

      Ref: Schneider, The Fascist Government of Italy, 1936.

    • Richard Spencer is 0 – 2. First Hail victory at NPI, then his face getting plastered on every lefty twitter feed in a meme and now the Nazi’s in Lee Park.

      He seems to exist solely to fuck up what ever momentum the Alt-Right manages to grow. If he isn’t a plant, he should still be frozen out for incompetence.

  22. I beg of you PLEASE leave your echo chamber.

    Read Marie Lu, read Sabaa Tahir, read verysmartbrothas, read Dara Lind, read other columnists of color and from other mariginilized groups.

    They will tell you that the Charlottesville massacre is not “a minor unserious incident”. It is part of the greatest struggle America is facing: the dominance of white supremacy and racism. Only when racism (white supremacy) is eradicated will America be a country worth anything. Racism, slavery, coolinialsim, homophobia, islamaphobia, Christian supremacy, misogoyny all are a part of the white male power structure.

    This is the great battle of our time. You guys have had affirmative action for 100s of years. Mediocare white men are given unearned privileges and advantages. YOU started the fight. WE are going to finish it.

    • If you are seriously suggesting that one person run over by a car qualifies as “The Charlottesville Massacre” then you are an idiot and perfectly represent the rest of your anti-American, racist rant. You idiots on the left really are void of any intellect whatsoever.

    • TD, “white supremacy” is just a churlish way of villifying some people who oppose African mob violence, among other behaviors of the most savage breed of human. An example of such activity is the riot yesterday at the United Center in Chicago. The usual “mariginilized” suspects celebrated their opposition to “racism (white supremacy)” with great enthusiasm, as you can see in the videos at…

      United Center closes after fights break out at youth neighborhood game

      • The Muhammadists, too, have a better religion, but it doesn’t require anyone to believe the absurdity of originated original sin. That doctrine is quite similar to the fashionable smear known as “white privilege” and makes the alleged god of the Jews into a prisoner of his own laws of human nature. Islam eliminates some other ridiculous ideas, too. However, after your conversion to Muhammadist Christianity you will still be obligated to affirm that messianic Judaism is basically correct. So, there. You will have “Change” with respect for tradition, too.

          • I know this blog leans Christian but what Allan said was perfectly rational and accurate after a fashion if a bit unclear

            In case anyone hasn’t figured it out yet social justice is a distorted form of Christianity , its driven from the same religious and cultural forces just mutated into a heresy along the way

            Only 1/3 of young people identify as White and Christian anyway

            Not all of those are Conservative, church going types either.

            Its not that dissimilar to Europe (religiously not ethnically) where nations are nominally Christian, people identify as Christian but few attend Church

            It may not be the social glue that we use to rebuild a society .

            That said I understand peoples concern, without it, you must have smaller polities and may well end up with a lot of blood and soil binds

            No one wants to see the US Empire turn into smaller states even if somehow it can be done with little violence

            I’m just not sure there is a way out or if we should bother trying to delay the inevitable

          • “No one wants to see the US Empire turn into smaller states even if somehow it can be done with little violence”

            I do. It’s called subsidiarity. It means when you have a disaster, it is localized, and the people in the other states can learn what to avoid. Going the other way, toward one world government, will turn us all into animals. Idiocracy.

    • Hey, Trent, check it out. Some peaceful Muhammadists rioted in Uttar Pradesh against “Christian supremacy, misogoyny”, and other features “the white male power structure.”

      India: Muslims riot after Friday prayers, attack police and Hindu temple, many policemen injured

      N.b. the clever way that Mo’s “mariginilized” boys played to an old stereotype by rioting on Friday after prayers.

    • For some reason the words
      “Go fuck yourself”
      spring readily to mind.
      Preferably in whatever your ancestral hell hole is.

    • Look, ignore this guy. He’s a foolish left wing troll. I’ve never understood people who post foolishly on sites where they are so very not welcome, but giving such people any kind of attention only encourages them. T

      • This guy won’t go away till he’s banned.

        Trolls gonna Troll and most of them aren’t going to learn not to do it. since its ego and boredom driven. Well unless he’s paid for it.

        He ran the same thing at Vox day’s blog and probably elsewhere till he got booted . No idea why, these blogs are filled with hardheads

    • Are you for real? You must have a diploma in liberal arts from a major university. Worthless piece of paper.

    • Your minions couldn’t finish a happy meal. Intellectual light weights drunk on the kool-aid. The only thing I started was work today like I have every day for more years than you’ve likely been alive. Don’t recall any white privilege along the way but I do recall dedication, determination and hard work getting where I’m currently at. You have no idea of the demon which lives deeply inside a family man. It is kept inside away from polite society let out only in defense of his family, community and country. Once set free it rivals few other forces and it’s savage lust for justice will only be filled when justice is served. Be careful what you wish for it’s far more dangerous than you know.

    • We really actually *are* going to have to shoot you people in self defense, aren’t we?

    • Trent, sorry to say it but you are an idiot. Blacks have been coddled for decades and you still can’t get your act together. Every country in Africa, run by blacks is a shithole. Funny how every group who has come to America except blacks prospers eventually through hard work, but not the black community. And when a black does strive to do better the first to pull him down are other blacks. But go roll yourself a blunt and blame your whole miserable life on the white man. Easier to claim to be a victim than to realize you are the problem.

    • Mediocre White men keep the power on and the water safe to drink. Without them, you get a 95% reduction in population and your beloved Matrarchy of sexual freedom on the dirt floor of grass shacks. Enjoy.

  23. A Potemkin village can just sit there until it is dismantled. A Potemkin movie needs a script. The script we’re stuck with is political correctness.

  24. Great essay. Glad I’m not the only one who has become disillusioned with the people in charge.

    I’ve reached the point where I realize that just about all the people who run the company I work for are vapid, selfish, and short-sighted. They aren’t all morons, but they are shallow and don’t bother thinking beyond their own agendas. 80% of being an executive is acting like an executive.

    I’ve also met my share of politicians and their pet bureaucrats and some of them really are morons. They seem like method actors playing a role they don’t really understand. I wouldn’t trust most of them to walk my dog or mow my lawn.

  25. The lads have a bit of a roue and the girlies are atwitter, delighted by scandal.
    It’s all just a soap opera, innit?

    Meanwhile, the gruff ‘n’ tough are over there, playing with their army men.

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