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  1. Liked the ferry man metaphor; I think alt west is more inclusive for the different roots of this tree.

  2. Since they identify themselves by who theu are against:
    If the Left erases the West, what then?
    If feminists break Western men, what then?
    What do they gain?

  3. Nice interview. Thanks for the effort you are putting into this, Z.

    I think the term you are looking for might be “European-American advocate.”

    It is accurate and positive. It doesn’t have much baggage.

    “Dissident right” is not bad. But it is more of an in-group term, is not self-explanatory, is less focused, and is basically negative.

  4. Hey Z, there is a black positive identity, (We Was Kangs)

    Racism is normal and healthy, only the dead and the braindead aren’t raysis.

    • If you hadn’t noticed, we are the people who matter to us. In other words we think about things the same way you do, only from our own perspective. Race matters to us too. Let’s have a conversation about race.

  5. Working on your thoughts about building something and not just getting people elected, anyone have ideas on how to build some dissident right cultural/economic keiretsu to contend with the leftist dominated corporatist/government monolith?

    • I would financially support Jared Taylor if he chose to build an AmRen campus and a library. Have month long seminars and classes devoted to teaching culture, politics, history and science. Bring in speakers who have experience dealing with the kind of foes we are up against. This would also help people network, build trust and develop relationships that can be beneficial to our cause over the long haul.

  6. Zman, your link to Counter-Currents Radio led me to their transcript of Victor Orban’s speech in Hungary.

    In it, he details Hungary’s great sin: they freed themselves from IMF loans.

    He then goes on to describe how those ‘loans’ and the hegemony of Brussels are plans of the emerging Soros Empire:

    Create conditions to bring in immigrants, such as war in MENA (or economic disruption in Latin America)

    Fund immigrant “benefits” that exceed the average wage, to create a pull factor for continuing settlement

    Mandate distribution of immigrants, regardless of local citizens’ desires

    Take away decision-making powers away from citizens or nations (whether by EU bureaucrats or by multinationals’ boards)

    This is war without bullets.
    Ethnic cleansing and political domination using bodies and breeders.

    This includes internal ‘immigrants’, such as disruptives, convicts, incapacitated, and balkanized 2nd generation.

    The lack of serious men dovetails nicely with the Conquest. A Favela World.

    Brilliant, damn brilliant, even though it will kill us and bring a dark age.
    Someone must rule, but it won’t be the West.

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