The War On Reality

Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away.

–Philip K. Dick

That is a popular saying on the Dissident Right, because it stands in stark contrast to the dominant ideology of our age. The people who rule over us think reality will yield to wishful thinking. In fact, they deny reality exists as an objective, measurable thing. That’s where the idea of social construct arises. Our betters are sure that what we foolishly perceive as reality is just an illusion, an artifact of cultural conditioning. If they can convince enough people of this, then observable reality changes.

This is the true divide in the West and why civic nationalists are in the same ideological set as Progressives. They accept these assumptions about reality, just with some reservations. The Dissident Right, in contrast, rejects this entirely. Reality, particularly biological reality, is transcendent and independent of human observation. The world as we observe it is quantifiable and measurable. More important, it is largely immune to any tinkering we can do in the short run.

This is most true when it comes to human biology. John Derbyshire did a whole presentation on this at AmRen from the perspective of race. Race realism is just a subset of biological realism. The natural differences between the sexes, IQ differences and personality differences are other aspects. It is why “improving your mindset” sounds laughably ridiculous to someone like me. Your “mindset” is a product of your biology, your genetic makeup. You can no more change it than make yourself taller.

The fact that reality is undefeated, besting all comers, does not stop the cult that rules over of us from continuing to make war on biology. This story is the latest example of how they will destroy the military trying to prove that sex is a social construct.

A number of U.S. Army drill sergeants at Fort Benning, Georgia, have been temporarily suspended from their duties following allegations of sexual misconduct with trainees, the Army base said on Wednesday.

Investigators looking into an initial sexual assault allegation by a female trainee against a drill sergeant at the fort uncovered other incidents of alleged sexual misconduct, prompting a wider investigation, the base said in a statement.

A spokesman declined to say how many drill sergeants had been suspended as part of the investigation, but the statement indicated it was more than one.

Cracking down on sexual assault has been a priority for several years in the U.S. military, which reported in May that anonymous surveys in 2016 found that 14,900 service members experience some kind of kind of sexual assault in 2016, from groping to rape. That was down from 20,300 in 2014, according to the surveys, which are conducted every two years.

People who accept biological reality know it is a lethally stupid idea to have male drill instructors working with female trainees. Men like women, especially young women and they are wired to use every trick in the book to gain access to females. Setting up a situation where males have power over young females in this way, invites the sort of thing the military says they are trying to stop. Having girls in the army is debatable, but if you are, they need to be protected from the males.

Of course, females are wired to seek the attention of high status males. In boot camp, there is no one with higher status to the recruits than the drill instructor. That’s the whole point of the arrangement. The idea is to break down the recruits and build them back up into soldiers. Putting a male in charge of females is going to have the females competing with one another for the attention of their instructor. This is ground floor biology. Even the most disciplined males will be tempted at some point to say yes to the offer.

Again, this is not a new thing. The people putting males in charge of female recruits are the same people putting girls on Navy ships and then acting surprised when the girls get knocked up at sea. Currently, 16% of deployed females aboard ship are pregnant. You cannot serve on a Navy vessel while pregnant so it means these females are reassigned to shore duty. Overall, females in the Navy are 50% more likely to be reassigned to land duty than males, so it is not just pregnancy. It is biological reality.

This means that just about every ship in the fleet has a readiness problem, due to the lack of trained personnel. The Navy has a rule requiring every ship to be at least 25% female, so that means vessels cannot be deployed, because of the shortage of female sailors who are not pregnant. This 25% rule was just implemented. That’s why the pregnancy rates have gone up. It also means the rising pregnancy problem did not result in a reevaluation of the policy. Instead it was met with a new effort to prove that biology is not real.

The thing with the new religion is that it is always at odds with its stated goals. The simple solution to the pregnancy problem is to require all females to be on Norplant. This solves the pregnancy problem. Not only is this never suggested, doing so would set off howls from the cult about sexism. The reason is that such a requirement would require accepting biological reality. Instead of solving the problem or at least mitigating it, the cult prefers to wage a losing battle against biology, destroying the military in the process.

There is a reason reality is undefeated.

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  1. Just so you know, Norplant (and any other long-term hormonal contraceptive, such as Depo-Provera) works at least some of the time by being an abortifacient. Hormonal contraceptives do not always prevent ovulation, and in such cases, the newly conceived embryo is prevented from implanting, which kills it. So these “contraceptives” actually result in very early-term abortions.

    And I would agree that women do not belong on Navy ships. It’s insanity.

  2. Don’t fall into the trap of the Full Slate Genetic Fallacy.

    Cernovich might be a joke, but Neuroplasticity is real.

  3. How does the Israeli army handle the high number of female soldiers? I imagine they have racked up many ‘teachable moments.’

    • Steve;
      My impressions from having been to Israel a number of times in non-military capacities and from talking with Israeli work colleagues during those times, ~15 – 20 years ago, is that females were almost exclusively in single sex units. At least such were all I ever saw out and about then and recently when I returned as a tourist. Got the same account from the Israeli tour guides a couple of years ago.

      They agreed that numerous females had day/shift jobs in mixed-sex support echelon & HQ formations. But all lived in single sex dorms (unless married). IOW, this was very much like the situation in the US military when I started in 1969 (and also during WWII): Except proportionally many, many more females serve (nearly all in fact).

      But these proportions of women in the military are completely unnecessary for the US. The Israeli military is not a parallel case because they have a very different national military strategy from us. Also their military accession and utilization policies are not relevant as exemplars due to the vastly different geo-strategic circumstances between the USA and Israel.

      To begin with, we have great strategic depth that they lack entirely and we are not surrounded by ideological/religious enemies who greatly outnumber us and are sworn to our extermination. Now, one is not required to even like Israel to understand this point of view, and Prog’s dispute the latter part, but the relevant matter here is that the Israelis believe it to be true and have considerable historic and contemporaneous evidence in favor of it.

  4. Sauce on the 25% female rule, please. None of my service member friends know WTF you’re talking about.

  5. It’s tempting, and a little fun, to think of this as deliberate Progressive attempt to sabotage the US Military from within. However, ZMan reminded me of something very important a few days ago: never attribute to malice that which can be explained by stupidity.
    The current state of the Navy is better explained as a failure of Progressive do-gooders to think of the long-term and second-order implications of their decrees. The problem isn’t that the Cult is trying to actively destroy the military (or the country). The problem is that the Cult makes decisions emotionally. It’s all about the feelings. They rebel against reality, because reality is brutal and difficult and it gives them the sadz. So they issue instructions that make them feel good about themselves, and make them feel that they are seen as good people by others. They don’t expend the mental energy to think of long-term implications.
    Basically, Progressives are six-year olds who demand a can of chocolate frosting for dinner.

    • Peter;
      You may be right about the situation today being largely due to Prog stupidity, but when the ’60s radicals and their marxist mentors took over congress in 1972 they began pushing for women in the military as part of the wider ‘women’s rights movement’s’ strategy. Their intent was to subvert the patriarchy in general and the military was viewed as the peak of the patriarchy. Hence subverting the military was a high priority for the cultural marxists/feminists of that time (and now).

      They intended to do this by expanding women’s roles and rights everywhere, demanding gender equality and female preferment. Their idea was that the mere presence of Prog women in large numbers would produce a ‘kinder, gentler America’ (quoting GHW Bush in his 1988 election campaign). The military prong of the relentless feminist political offensive was lead by Con. Patricia Schroeder of CO, among many others.

      The women-in-the-military movement was given an inadvertent boost in the mid-to-late 1970’s because the US military, the Army in particular, was unable to maintain its recruitment goals due to disillusionment following the complete collapse of Vietnam in 1975 (see Miss Saigon for some atmospherics). So political pressure from the Carter Presidency + necessity resulted in many more military roles being opened up to women.

      The matter stood in stasis, doing not too much harm, through the Reagan years, which were some of the best to be in the US military. In the meantime, the feminists took over the media and academia using the Prog ratchet technique. Bush I caved quite a bit more re. the Prog ratchet operating upon the military. But since feminist utopia failed to arrive, media hysteria was unleashed about the dire condition of women in general, most definitely including those in the military, as part of the ’72 election campaign (see Year of the Woman).

      So to repay his backers (and Hillary Inc), Clinton I threw open the door for the feminists in the military, starting in 1993 when he entered office. Female military roles were greatly expanded, sexual harassment became a constant litany, 1 (800) GET – EVEN anonymous reporting phone lines were set up, ever expanding anti-harassment training became mandatory, AA promotions for females became the rule, feminist commissars we’re set up at higher HQ, etc.

      IOW, full institutionalization of the feminist Prog ratchet mechanisms was set up in the Pentagon during the Clinton years. Bush II basically did nothing to reset that ratchet (i.e. by closing the down the commissars, cleaning out the Clinton holdovers, etc.) so the cultural marxist administrative apparatus kept ticking over, waiting for the next Prog president, who duly arrived. Then it leaped back to life, with the results we see today.

      So, I’d say that it is *both* Prog subversion *and* Prog stupidity plus ‘Conservative’ passivity that explains the situation we are in today.

      • Let us thank squishy Bush 1 for federal sexual harassment law. Lawyers and judges are the gun-toting bandit mercenaries.

        The Bush gangsters applied military policy to the private sector- such as drug testing, per that criminal Bennett- bringing true Hayek’s nightmare of military planners organizing a civilian society.

      • Al, I wouldn’t disagree with any of that – but I’d argue that it actually bolsters my argument. The Progs attacked the military because they saw it as the Government Department of Evil Penis Oppression, instead of – y’know – an army, navy, and air force whose job it is to kill people and blow stuff up in defense of the nation’s interests. Their goal was to defeat their imaginary fantasy villains; they didn’t even know, or care, what the military’s actual job was. Lefties think of the military as a barbaric organization that recruits redneck psychopaths and trains them to kill babies overseas to protect Raytheon’s quarterly earnings. When they ran all three branches of government in the 90’s, they sent them to Somalia to run a Meals on Wheels for an entire country. It probably never occurred to most of them that their actions would result in disaster; they likely didn’t even *think* or the results of their actions. All they cared about were the happy-feelz camera shots of US soldiers handing out food to little black children.

        • Peter;
          Can’t basically disagree with a thing you say. I’d even forgotten about Clinton’s excellent Mogadishu adventures. We used to call it ‘national security seen as social work’.

          I’d guess I was thinking that you were coming down solely on the incompetence/stupidity/delusion side of the evergreen __ Right controversy about Prog motivation. Eight years were wasted arguing whether the malignant mulatto’s policies were motivated by ‘malice or incompetence, pick one’. (Embrace the healing power of AND, I say – not original to me).

          I was in the military at the time and I knew damn well at the time that this whole mess was being perpetrated by shrieking feminist harpies with malice aforethought. I was myself deluded into thinking that surely people could see where this was going and that the ‘conservative’ ‘adults in the room’ would step in and put a stop to it.

          But since you cast so a wide a net in defining Prog delusion, I must admit that you make a good case on that basis. In dialectical fashion, one can say that delusion (a false worldview) can and does motivate subversion (actions designed to bring the facts of the world into alignment with the deluded worldview whose actual motivation is concealed for political expediency). Because of this gross mis-alignment, the subversive actions fail to achieve the hoped for results. Since the deluded worldview can’t possibly be wrong, other explanations (bad juju – endemic, pervasive misogyny, etc.) must be true.

          This interpretation, in turn, reinforces/spreads more delusion since many of today’s actors are ignorant of yesterday’s subversive plans and actions and the lesser delusions that drove them. At the time they ‘just’ wanted to make males and females more equal. Now they want to outlaw Western Civilization and extirpate white males.

          • Excellent closing point. One of my “aha” moments, a few years out of college, was recognizing that Conservatives basically observed things, rationally, assumed what they saw was reality, and formed their worldview from it. Liberals started with their ideological worldview and warped reality to fit into their preconceived notions.

            So when a Conservative’s assumptions are shown to be wrong, he shrugs his shoulders, mutters “crap happens”, cracks a beer, and adjusts accordingly. When a Liberal’s assumptions are shown to be wrong, his brain short-circuits. It means the Blessed Vision is flawed, and that’s not possible. So the explanation they draw is that it’s *reality* that’s broken, because racism, sexism, homophobia, or whatever this week’s magic tantrum word is.

  6. As a broader comment, the problem of deciding on ‘reality’ is in the difference between thought processes, and can best be typified by the difference between doctors and lawyers.

    Doctors examine a system external to them, and their ‘success’ is determined by how accurately they modify their view of what’s going on to match that system and can effect a change in it. It’s a highly ‘results based’ process. Lawyers on the other hand, see ‘the truth’ as being whatever they can convince the jury of. And the only time ‘results’ come into play is in the winning of the argument. That in itself is seen as the outcome, and whether a guilty man goes free and an innocent one hangs is incidental.

    This has parallels in other industries of course. In banking for instance, traders and fund managers typically think like doctors and are typically more conservative in their political leanings. Investment bankers think like lawyers and tend to be more liberal. You would think that both would be ‘results based’ since the goal in both disciplines is profit, but it isn’t so. For the former group they have to be ‘right’ all the time or losses tomorrow will erode the profits of today. For the latter, once the deal is signed and the checks have all cleared you’re free to imagine a whole new world.

    You can describe this as a focus on a short term outcome vs long term, or a conflict in the direction of information flow (from the external in for doctors, internal out for lawyers) but it’s all describing the same thing.

    Taken just one step further, you can see how this affects the liberal obsession with controlling the ‘narrative’. By doing so, they believe they actually change the nature of the future. You can even imagine how this causes the narrative to become a product of their own psychopathology. Their fears, their disgust, and their desires all play a larger role for them, and endure largely untouched by the events on the ground.

    • George Soros has a theory of “reflexivity” that he applies to the markets. It attempts to explain market behavior, while at the same time it offers an insight into how to exaggerate that same behavior. A street definition of reflexivity is that people see things happening, react to it in their own lives, herd follow of sorts, and make the change bigger and stronger than it would otherwise be. Manipulating the environment can intensify that crowd behavior. It is how short term cascading effects can occur. Soros is trying to apply reflexivity to social issues, to drive behaviors to reinforce his preferences by harnessing the herd mentality.

      In this sense, he is trying to define the reality on the street by herding it in certain directions and amping up the behaviors, both in the numbers of participants and the intensities of behaviors.

      His theory and tactics attempt to reinforce the idea that reality is what you make of it. Dangerous stuff.

  7. I am a black-belt level martial artist of many years experience – both as a student and as a teacher. As I am a scientist and medic by training, I have known about sexual dimorphism and the differences between the human male and female for a long time. And of course all of the politically-correct denial of these realities.

    I just wish some of these deniers of male-female “reality” could come train at our school for a while. It would prove edifying. To paraphrase the great boxer Mike Tyson, “everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.”
    There’s nothing like being thrown hard to the mat or being put in a triangle choke to cut through the fog of political-correctness and let you know you are in the real world.

    We have students ranging in age from 12-13 years old (i.e., about the youngest students we enroll) to folks in their fifties and sixties, male and female alike. We have many hard-working, highly-motivated and dedicated martial artists.

    In spite of all of that, I have never seen a woman beat a man on the mat – not once – in over twenty years of experience in judo, karate, hapkido and Brazilian jujitsu. I am not stating categorically that no woman can beat a man in martial arts – only that I have never seen it happen, which suggests that women of such capability are quite rare – and not the norm that the feminist “I am woman, hear me roar” types would have us believe.

    It isn’t a matter of the females lacking dedication, skill or bravery or any of the other qualities which lead to success. It is simply a matter of biological reality that men tend to be stronger in the ways which matter, tend to have greater stamina, and are more-aggressive. Size and strength matter. As a rule, males also tend to have superior spatial reasoning abilities, which in turn are beneficial to understanding the more-complex techniques.

    The instructors at the school have all learned over the years that we will lose a certain percentage of female students sometime during high-school, this being the period when many of our female students figure out what’s what – and that all of the feminist myths they have been fed were in fact lies. It is also around this time that they come to grips with the fact they are never going to be as strong as the men – some continue to train, but most do not.

    We don’t want to lose them, but neither are we willing to lie to them to keep them. We believe it is a disservice to mislead any of our students about the realities they face – whether in the dojo or out in the streets.

    Our school is not a black-belt factory – far from it. The training is extremely rigorous and very challenging – mentally, physically and emotionally. We have never had a woman leave our program saying it wasn’t tough-enough, but we have had a few guys over the years – typically 17-20 year olds – who say they want even more intensity and toughness in the training. Most of them become UFC competitors or the like. We sent one of our graduates into the Navy SEAL program – that’s the sort of young man we turn out when things go well.

    Another watershed has proven to be weapons disarmament training, which is done with fake (plastic)-but-realistic knives and pistols. One young lady, an 10th grader if memory serves – a very sweet young girl – actually burst into tears upon seeing these facsimiles being brought out. We did our best to make her feel at home, and no one ridiculed her at all. She ended up quitting a short time later, and we understand she went on to excel in all-girls sports at her high school. I wish I could say that episodes like this are rare, but they aren’t – not really. The guys just think weapons training is cool. They can’t wait to dive in and train. The guys have to be reminded constantly not to go overboard and make the training too realistic.

    The instructors have never done anything to dissuade our female (or male, for that matter) students from going as far as they want to go in the martial arts. We provide a welcoming environment for all. However, it is simply a reality that our training tends to expose and highlight the differences in male and female performance. It’s unavoidable. When the guys hit puberty, they blast off in terms of performance – size, strength, quickness, stamina, resistance to pain, etc. – and they just leave the gals behind.

  8. The Navy should an all-lady boat or two. A couple of the Ticonderoga class ships would be best. All-lady ships would mean no more pregnancies, no more special treatment, certain facilities needn’t be segregated and it would be a boon for recruiting and PR. It would make a great reality show and would let the Navy know just how correct they are about some of their policies.

  9. Obviously, the Navy needs to fund a study exploring why male Sailors are not getting pregnant.

  10. Here’s a piece of reality in a combat situation that had basically escaped everybody. Even if women were equal to men in every physical category, there would still be a yu-u-uge problem. Woman have these things called vaginas, see which are wide open avenues to their urinary tracts, and consequently to urinary tract infection. Your run of the mill urinary tract infection can hospitalize a woman for several days.

    One of the problems with combat, on the scale of say Okinawa is that it is filthy. People exposed to it for the first time frequent piss themselves and worse; hence the derogatory term for cowardice — You’re yellow. While this is merely humiliating for a man, it is a hygiene disaster for women; a urinary tract infection is imminent . And even without this situation, the inability to change out of dirty underwear every few days presents a hazard for women. Sustained combat in a small area, such as Fallujah, gets so unsanitary it causes eveyone to get the runs — again, a small embarrasment for men; major disaster for women

    • A good book which describes combat conditions is Eugene Sledge’s With the Old Breed: At Peleliu and Okinawa. One of the best books that I’ve read about ground combat in the Pacific. His description of the conditions on Okinawa are beyond belief. I enlisted in the Navy to avoid mud, dirt and filth in Vietnam. I can’t imagine any woman wanting to live in those conditions.

    • Most UTI’s do not require hospitalization. One study puts the figure at 16.7%. Actually, men are more likely to be admitted for UTI’s than women and the elderly are at special risk. But point taken.

  11. Here are a few remarks, esp. about the idea of feminist Progs waging “a losing battle against biology”:

    (1) Sexual dimorphism is the relevant biological term when studying differences between the sexes of a sexually reproducing species.

    (2) Homo sapiens is not a static species. Human nature can be altered according to known principles of selective breeding, unconscious natural selection of traits, and genetic mutation.

    (3) I expect Progs to wage a long war against present human sexual dimorphism in order reduce the obvious inequality of men and women, esp. in terms of size, strength, aggression, and abstract reasoning ability. Probably some fanatics of feminism are dreaming also of an inversion to make Homo sapiens more like the few mammalian species with larger females. Of course the war will amount to a conscious eugenics program even if it takes place entirely in private. This war, however, will be waged by leftists, so the eugenics program will become government policy advanced and protected world-wide with wide eyed piety.

    (4) Is not the feminization of males evidence that the war has already begun in earnest? Probably there are other causes of the feminization, e.g. more estrogen in water and food, and accelerated urbanization. Still, consider the cultural pressures even since just the 1980’s. Are there not abundant examples in pop culture of glorifying the weak, sensitive male while ridiculing the robust, strong minded male? Is not welfare statism directed at undermining strong males who can stand on their own feet or flourish through private teamwork beyond the control of feminist democracy?

    (5) A tactic of Prog feminist eugenics may be to favor fathering by weak males while suppressing reproduction of strong males. Any fertile Prog female can do 1/2 of this on her own. I don’t know if this tactic will have the effect of reducing sexual dimorphism, but the Progs are sure to try if I am correct about a war on dimorphism. And since they are crafty, they will seek many ways to favor the offspring of such pairings.

    Now consider what happens when the Progs cast off all restraint. They resort to animal husbandry by governmental nudging, to genetic engineering, and to subsidization schemes favoring their preferred direction of human evolution.

    (6) Human politics will always tend to be dominated by people who have some fortuitous combination of robust form, high intelligence, cunning, and martial teamwork. Many Progs are keen enough to realize this, hence the feminist campaign to capture the military. (Imagine a political movement surviving indefinitely w/o martial power!)

    So what alternatives do they have if they reject a war on human sexual dimorphism through managed human evolution? Contemporary human nature is obnoxious to them, they can’t bear the thought of losing a war against human nature, and they hate to abandon their strange religion. We live in a world which is suffused with speculation about genetic engineering of humans, so it’s only natural that this influence will motivate Progs to seek relief from their cognitive dissonance through sexual eugenics. And we remember their enthusiasm for eugenics 100 yrs ago.

  12. They should have DNA so can dishonorably discharge both the pregnant and the impregnator.
    But our empire is in our dotage.
    I don’t know what malady proved fatal to the British empire – debt weakens every empire. As does decadence in culture.

  13. I know it’s bigger than this but it’s the almost infinite financial cost of the limitless number of these things in public policy that boggles my mind.

    How much lower could the tax burden be? How much lighter the regulatory burden and footprint of the state?

    How much more could we squirrel away for our children instead of lighting their futures on fire.

    Of course the cultural and even existential issues are what keeps us up at night, but yeah.. .big money

  14. I served as an USMC artillery officer for six years (1990-1996). All artillery units at the battery, battalion and regimental level were all-male and I thanked God everyday I didn’t have to deal with issues faced by my brother Marine officers in aviation and combat service support units. Those units were mixed gender and they stories they to.d me at the O-Club were in-fucking-believable, that is, until you took into account human biology and the reality of human nature. Just like US Navy ships with female sailors onboard, USMC units with females Marines had to deal constantly with instances of unplanned pregnancies by single women in the unit often the result of a liaison with another Marine in the same unit. Then there was the duty booty, i.e. the WM who really liked men and was sleeping her way around the unit because she didn’t get enough male attention from daddy when she was younger. Married men on deployment would get stupid and knock these girls up or make promises they knew they couldn’t keep. End result: soap opera drama among Marines. One thing I definitely know from my time in the Corps. Units that are all male are always far more ready and suitable for combat operations. Units with women are frequently not combat ready except on paper based on a bureaucratic checklist devoid of a realistic appreciation of combat requirements.

  15. Well that opens up a whole ‘nuther can a worms, Z.

    Call me crazy, but I say that at least 50%, and probably closer to 95% of those claims of ‘sexual misconduct’ – are utter bullshit. From my anecdotal, purely limited life experience, every time some female starts bitching about harassment and abuse, the reality of it is that it’s either false, or the cunned stunt did something to deserve it.

    Years ago I did some volunteer work at a battered women’s shelter. I was so disgusted with it that I was griping to a cop friend who had answered his fair share of domestic dispute calls. He said ‘95% of all spousal abuse cases involve two idiots fighting, and the smaller idiot losing’. There should be serious, meaningful punishment for women that make false claims of abuse. Hopefully the military will be able to bring this about. One can hope, right?

    • Once knew a girl who had worked with “battered women”. Her verdict?

      “I wanted to hit them too.”

      They were mostly (not all, I assume) high-conflict headcases who got off on the violence until they pushed it too far, and then got off on the status of being a victim.

      And then went right back to the man who hit them, usually. Or else they found a new man dangerous enough to turn them on.

      A lot of men push their luck chasing an adrenaline rush and get hurt, but they don’t play victim, they don’t pretend they weren’t in it for the danger, and they don’t pretend they had a “right” to race motorcycles or skydive in perfect safety.

      • The first time I knew a woman (a neighbor) who worked hard to get hit, I didn’t believe my lying eyes. Eventually she corrected me herself by bragging about it. John was not an easy man to provoke and sometimes it took her all afternoon to get it done. Once my eyes were open I began to see that feature in other women. Not often to that degree, but in lesser degrees it is not uncommon.

  16. That 25% Female thing (target, not a rule, it seems) is a hoot: The Girl Admiral says they need to add extra women just so they won’t be seen as tokens. Lemme go look up “token” real quick…

    She also says the standards for SEALs etc won’t be lowered, but they always say that until they find that no girls can meet them. That’s the opening gambit. Step 2 is lowering the standards. Every damn time.

    “Just let us take the test!”

    “OK, fine. You’ll fail.”

    “No, girl power!”

    Fails test.

    “You promised we wouldn’t fail!”

    Then she cries and some poor thirsty schnook falls for it and lets Princess have her toy.

    *That’s* Girl Power.

    • Hundreds of enlisted women died or were maimed for life, needlessly, by being assigned to combat billets so that elite female officers could then reach flag rank.* And this heartless twit is what the system produces_? God help us.

      *Command and combat experience are keys to higher ranks This is as it should be under a sane system. There is always a risk that mere box checkers and butt kisser will ascend. But our system has been f’ed up by feminism demanding that the box checking must be tilted grossly in female favor.

  17. The sexes differ biologically, neurologically and psychologically, but not according to the false narrative of the science deniers. Thought crimes are called sexual assaults. Imaginary crimes will be punished by real prison time if cultural marxism is allowed to ripen on the utopian vine.

    The brave new world of artificial intelligence will incrementally absolve us of cultural marxism. I wonder what the robots will decide to do with the obsolete affirmative action memes.

    • I agree but if AI was left in western hands I’d be far more pessimistic. China doesn’t care though and their competition with American firms is the best way out of the poz.

      Can’t hide from the ruthless chinese.

  18. I was in a Marine Infantry battalion in the first Gulf War. The women in our Admin shop were shipped off to the Army headquarters in Riyad while we headed out into the desert.

    When the war was over, they came back to the unit with wild stories. Women being sent home almost daily for getting pregnant (some married and not deployed with her husband). Fraternization between officers and enlisted women, and general chaos in a headquarters unit while trying to manage a major war.

  19. I would like to think that this problem is just another case of social engineering run amok, but it is more likely that this is a covert and deliberate effort to impair the quality and competence of the US military. This sort of thing used to be called treason, not it’s called virtue signalling. And there is not one swinging dick in DC that will call this out for what it is.

    • It’s called “The Long March through the Institutions” (Gramsci). The list of all our “institutions” the leftists have already taken over/taken down is a long one.

        • If the political winds can be shifted, a blitz at every level might work. Its essentially martial law lite

          This could be a long term plan, basically have many Conservative kids , have healthy families, red pill them enough and they fix it bit by bit

          Generation Z might fix it as well or fatigue sets in and the soft consensus is a fix

          I’d start with returning the old doctrine of In Loco Parentis and treating teaching this crap to anyone under 21 the same as child molestation which it fundamentally is

          If it can’t be shifted politically, it could come to simple collapse as too many institution become converged and simply stop working ,

          Also a black swan scenario like J.M. Greers Twilight’s Last Gleaming (basically the US military get blasted to paint chips in a skirmish with China and a serious of stupid events similar to the way prohibition happened causes the US to separate)

          Also a high likelihood worst case scenario , war to the knife and hilt

          Exterminatus or a Right Wing authoritarian state is the outcome of that

          The general prediction is that will begin around 2030-ish or so and will cost up to 100 million lives or so

          Not a pleasant though

  20. I saw the beginnings of the great experiment when I was active duty some decades past. My unit, combat arms, was male only. We had to assign an escort whenever a woman came into the company area to among other things announce, “woman on the floor” wherever they went. I was tasked with assisting an armorer in the MI, Military Intelligence, unit one day. When I arrived, I was stunned with the only segregation was by room type for each sex. The latrine on one floor was female, the other floor male. I was “envious” of the guys in the unit. That was till the armorer explained the reality. As anyone with a brain knows woman as a group cannot do the physical things that a man can. So, the men had to pick up the slack. When it came time to go out in the field all the women suddenly had that time of the month. The policy was to return them every night to post so they could get a shower. And since they were there they may as well have diner in the mess hall. And let’s just take them out with the supply truck in the morning. So, they slept in the barracks every night. The guys had to stay out doing all the work with less staff, eating field rations and sleeping in the dirt. What most people miss is that the only way to learn the job is doing it. The females never learned the job yet were promoted just the same. There was an interesting article in Marine Corp Times about this topic.
    I don’t even want to think of what it is like today.

  21. While all branches of our military are pozzed, the Navy is by far the worst re pregnant women and unable-to-swim non-White men. Also for what it’s worth, 80% of those drill instructors are Negro, and the majority of their victims are White. I wouldn’t expect that to surprise you or any regular readers, but it still needs to be specified. Where sex is involved, these days, race almost always is too.

  22. Note that nowhere in the linked article about US Army Drill instructors abusing recruits does it note that the DIs were men.

    The Marines, back in the late 80s or 90s had a “sex scandal” at their female recruit training facility at Paris Island. Only it wasn’t the male marines engaging in sex with recruits because there were no male DIs.

    • Spelling Nazi — Parris Island, SC. Our son graduated from Marine Recruit School there in 1996. Oooh rah. There were a couple of women’s units graduating, too, led by female DIs.

    • One taboo topic they won’t investigate: whether or not Millenials are capable of high-tedium, high-concentration jobs.

      Remember the behavior of those two small boat crews who were captured by the Iranians a little while back? How they whined and cried? What if that wasn’t such an isolated pattern of behavior?

      Look at these recent accidents. You’d think it would be a simple thing to look out the window and watch for traffic. But it’s a tedious task, and Millenials are easily bored.

      We all comment on how the kids coming out of school are unprepared for the real world. Maybe that inability also pertains to military service.

      If my assertion is true, then the state of our country’s educational system is now a national security matter.

    • I asked a buddy who served as a Fire Controlman on a Burke class ship back in the mid-90s what the hell he thought was happening. He thought two things. 1) the old labor intensive system of a fore, aft, two sponson watches plus a walking deck officer (plus the normal bridge watch) with 15 minute phone check-ins must have been abandoned to save labor costs. And 2) as noted below, the inability to focus on tedious, but necessary, tasks for long periods of time. My dad was the captains “telephone talker” for his last two years in the Navy and you did your job with Prussian precision because it was understood by all that running aground, hitting a pier or wharf, another ship or any other major fuck up in ship handling ended the officer’s career. Period.

  23. Until someone can look feminism in the face and say no, I guess this problem will not be solved. My father said that women always had their own bases etc. on occasion they might be forced together for a mission, but it was not on a daily basis.
    Women do not belong in the military. Unless they will fill the office, medical or kitchen positions and free up able bodied men.

  24. Way back in high school, a female acquaintance, who really, really liked men, IYKWIM, couldn’t wait to join the navy after graduation. She was quite open about how great it would be to be cooped up on a ship with all those horny men around.

    • Not only that, but should she tire of the tedium and wish for new fields of conquest, all she had to do was let herself get knocked up. Rapid return to port, guaranteed.

  25. Z Man;
    I can confirm from personal and professional experience that your analysis about females in the military is 100% true. And, there is another biology-based reason why women in the military (as instituted today) are bad news for our national defense capabilities.* That is, almost all females lack the innate upper body strength to be proficient at most *essential* combat-related tasks, for example rapid handling of 90+lb. tank rounds in a tightly closed spaces, rapidly loading bombs on aircraft pylons and the like.**

    But we can’t have females not meeting standards in a female dominant society, now can we. So the standards had to be degraded and the men just have to take up the slack. Particularly since females have the ready, biology-based means to entice such cooperation, not to mention the weight of the mighty Pentagon on their side.

    Serious female integration other than for clerical positions and the like (which make use of characteristics that women excel at, like attention to detail and fine motor coordination) was begun under Bush I at the direct instigation of radical feminist politicians that *hated* the military and hoped to ruin it. Rep Pat Schroeder of CO was a leader. She made no effort to conceal her purposes. This naturally accelerated institutionally under Clinton I, who was actually the first feminist/female president, not arguably just the first black president.

    I’m sure the end of the Cold War played no small part in Cloud Folk thinking that it was then OK to placate the passive-egressive-privileged-females-looking-for-costless-cause that they were married to by doing this. After all, didn’t the ease of winning Gulf War I show that our military capabilities were unimpaired and female soldiers were just as good_? Actually, no: Females, while contributors, were often just extra trouble and extra drama. And we weren’t fighting a peer competitor. Not even close, as it turned out.

    But it was a brave officer indeed that put his carer at risk by pointing out the obvious facts cited above and that this policy was being instigated by our country’s political enemies. Consequently, it was bound to lead to a bad place should we ever again need to have the ability to fight a military peer competitor, like right now.

    And, apparently for this or other reasons, Bush II saw no reason to reverse the institutional ratchet that his dad’s policies set in motion and his buddy Clinton I accelerated. So the malignant mulatto had the bureaucratic means ready to hand to accelerate the process yet again, extending the ‘right’ of military service to dangerous, dysfunctional deviants whom one must constantly affirm and dare not criticize.***

    So here we are today, looking at the rising might of China, wondering why our diverse Navy can’t even steer ships anymore. Mission accomplished, Pat Schroeder.

    *No disrespect is intended to brave women who are doing their best in a f’d up, unfair-to-both sexes situation. TlDr: Blue collar women are being crippled and killed so some elite bitch or two can make flag rank; The entire point of putting women in combat (That, plus our ruination, of course).

    ** The truth to bear in mind is that women are fully capable of performing almost all *non-essential* military tasks and do so as well as men: Cloud equality.

    ***The bad effects on morale of special groups with special privileges *ought* not need to be pointed out.

    • There’s another issue. Women are much more willing to inflict emotional pain on others than men, but much less willing to inflict physical pain. War fighting is about inflicting physical harm on the enemy, not making them feel guilty about missing a birthday.

      • Men are also much more hierarchical in their relationships. They take orders from above and give them to those below them. Women tend to think everyone exists on a flat and equal plane, no matter their rank, and argue everything rather than take orders from a superior.

      • Yes, absolutely_! I was too long already so I skipped that very important biological difference. You can’t be an effective fighter pilot, tank commander, etc. unless you *want* to blow the other guy away, up close and personal. Also helps to think yourself indestructible and invincible, two not-very-feminine characteristics.

        The ego required to be one of these is off-putting to many, normal males included, until they realize that they *have* to think that way to hope to survive actual combat against a like-minded foe.

        • For men, in battle, in sports, or in a bar fight, the adrenaline kicks in with the testosterone and it is “all out”, bad outcomes be damned. Women don’t do that. Current case in point, Hillary says she wanted a “pause” in the debate to decide whether to confront Trump. Back in 2000, Gore just went for it with Bush 2, even though it was kind of a jackass move. That’s what men do.

          • To be fair, Gore going after Bush was probably planned by his handlers. He’s your classic beta male, who’s had any sort of man instincts bred out of him. It’s why GW instinctively doing the nod/brush off was so great. For all his faults, he’s a real man. And the contrast against Gore’s planned ‘manliness’ really made that apparent.

        • When the Russians come pouring through the Fulda Gap, the girls will just refuse to tell them what they’re really crying about.

  26. Every society has some sort of set of pretty lies it tells itself to try and pretend that its smoothed out the rough edges of reality. Our problem is that the people in charge think the lies they’ve told themselves are the reality.

    (I’ve watched the whole outrageous Confederate statue uproar morph into ESPN removing an Asian guy named Lee because someone might hear his name and think of Robert E Lee and I’m wondering if maybe I’m the one going crazy. Are these people serious? It would be almost comforting to believe they are doing all this as part of a master plan to consolidate power but really its more and more just peak stupidity on their part.)

    • This is an example of how insulated our elites are from the rest of us. They look around and see Cloud People weeping over Confederate statues and they think it is happening in the real world. Meanwhile, the rest of us are looking at our rulers and wondering if they have gone insane.

      • Here in australia in the last two years the media has been astonished by 57% in favour of a burka ban and 51% ban on all Muslims.

        Astonished, but soon forgotten and ignored and onto more noble cloud pursuits.

    • That’s it. The pretty lies. Drive home from work after a long day, listen to the radio news, and whatever is being said is secondary to the familiar, friendly pattern in which it’s presented. It’s all by design. It’s all ambient chloroform for your mind. OK, sure, you just heard Limbaugh and Hannity ripping the bad guys; but then the all-soothing hourly “updates”, and the all-essential report on your football team, and of course the “crime report”, and the weather. The never-ending pattern.

      We laugh at the little girls glued to their phones. But are we all any better? The Amish don’t lose sleep over what’s happening at CNN. They’ve got work to do.

    • Yup, a twofer. Take down the awful male military and also hasten the demise of that repulsive sexist racist capitalist system.

    • “Never attribute to delusion that which is undertaken by subversives.”

      Yesterday’s essay from Z seemed to imply the opposite of this. I suppose there’s some intellectual point to determining whether the bigger problem is delusion or subversion. But that can lead us into a false dichotomy, which we would do well to avoid.

      Delustion and subversion are both abundant, and they are synergistic.

      • Subversion begot delusion. One cannot address the problem of delusion if they are not first addressing subversion. Accusing people of being deluded is also a waste of time. True believers cannot be brought around to new modes of thought. You take down their thought leaders and then they either break from the spell or destroy themselves as rudderless ships of insanity.

        Duality or not, conservatism inc. got nowhere in the last half century calling their opponents delusional and the success of neolib/con politics indicates that subversion lead delusion by a very wide margin.

        • Issac;
          Check. Very perceptive observation. Subversion followed by delusion is the short explanation for the utter mess that the US military is now, particularly the Navy.

          It was initiated by elite white females and allowed by ‘conservative’ elite white males in the ’80s (pre boomers I might add) because they apparently thought that it wouldn’t matter all that much.

  27. Woman in the military is debatable, but at the close of an honest debate any rational human would conclude that it is a terrible idea and should be abolished immediately. There is no specialty in the armed forces better served by females than males. As the article states, the presence of females in close quarter environments such as aboard Navy vessels and in boot camp squad bays only intensifies the instinctual requirements both men and women are already hard wired to satisfy. While stressful, those previous examples are mild compared to infantry units spending weeks in close quarters sharing a foxhole, or bunker, or armored vehicle on the front lines of Afghanistan. Now that those units are mixed, the same results in pregnancy are sure to happen, but now what happens when a male and female are on a 12 hour watch on the perimeter of a defensive line and don’t see a few Taliban sneak by because they’re getting busy. The ones who do get pregnant will be sent back, the father will likely by charged with Article 134 and get busted down, and the mother will not lose any TIS/TIG towards her next promotion and come back with more rank, but with a fraction the combat experience as compared to troops who spent the last year in country.

    Also, as explained to a former platoon sergeant of mine who served in the 1st Iraq War: prostitution was rampant in remote, deployed areas. The females were making thousands of dollars selling themselves to the males, because despite the relative brief amount of actual combat, the ground forces were in place for months before and after with considerable down time. The higher ups knew it was happening and turned a blind eye, because the resulting fall out would have been a disaster for everybody.

    Further, we are already seeing what happens when woman in the military reach the upper echelons of command: Pregnancy suits and high heel marches and sensitivity training for all of the males, and an overall feminist takeover of the armed forces.

    Not to mention the fact that physically women are weaker, have less endurance, lower tolerance for pain, and more prone to injury to men.

    As the article stated, the presence of females among males causes both sexes to behave in a manner that draws attention from the opposite; ground floor biology. There is no situation in the service, be it the mess kitchen, the admin office, the supply shed, the ops room, or the field where this isn’t a potential problem.

    Speaking of ground floor biology, tribally speaking, men are hard wired to protect their woman from threat of harm or reproductive compromise to other tribes. Women in the military work against this very basic programming in any and every negative way.

    • “that physically women are weaker, have less endurance, lower tolerance for pain, and more prone to injury to men.” Mike@Mike.Mike

      Women are also lower in mean IQ than men. Read The Scientific Study of General Intelligence: Tribute to Arthur Jensen 1st Edition
      by Helmuth Nyborg (Editor)

      If i remember correctly, chapter nine (about 50 pages) covers the difference in IQ between men and women.

      Dan Kurt

      • The difference in mean is small, if real. The difference in standard deviation is relevant when you’re hiring engineers to teach at Harvard, but not when you’re hiring 100IQ folks to drive trucks.

    • It’s not solely an issue on front line units. When I worked in nukes, fraternization out in the missile fields was pretty common among security forces, topside personnel, and we even had mixed crews on alerts which presented a lot of challenges.

      I pulled alerts with a friend of mine, female officer. On a 24-hour nuclear alert, you would rack for maybe 5-6 hours, and the other person would rack for 5-6 hours. It’s hard to sleep as the missile crew area is noisy with equipment. Anyway, it was about 5am and I was hopping out of bed to take my shift, and the crew area was…empty! I stretched and looked around for my crew partner, and as she popped out from behind the blast door and (I kid you not)…she screamed! I had inadvertently scared the crap out of her in a 20×6 foot capsule crewed by two people. I’m standing there laughing as she yelled, “What the hell are you doing? I could have been…naked or something!”

      Well, that would have been a hell of a thing, tho she wasn’t my type.

      About a week later, in a similar situation, before I got out of bed, I put a sock on my hand (like a sock puppet), stuck it through the curtain, and yelled her name really, really, loud. “A-man-da!!!! I’m a-waaaake!!!” Being 5am, this also scared the shit out of her, and I laughed about it for weeks.

      The funny part was how many people just assumed we were gettin’ busy down in the LCC. I worked with a guy whose wife would call him ever 90 minutes for his entire 24-hour shift if she knew he was going on alert with a female crew partner.

      It just makes for a lot of completely unnecessary, forced, awkward, uncomfortable situations that serve no valid military purpose. And, it doesn’t help on “the home front” for a lot of married military people.

      • I agree that it’s not solely a front line issue. I even stated that there isn’t a situation in the service where inter-sex fraternization isn’t a potential problem. I would however say that the potential for ultimate disaster is higher along the front lines, unless of course, you had two security force members doing it on the nuke command console and her buttock accidentally depresses the big red launch button. 🙂

      • My Navy officer husband went on WESTPAC deployment for 5 1/2 mos in 1970. If there had been ANY women aboard the ship, or even any gay guys, I would have been rip-shit, and not the only one. What is the US military thinking? It’s bad enough if they’ve picked up a VD in some Phillipine port, but HIV? or a pregnant gurrll-friend? WTF? Nice for the spouse left behind to wonder about all the possibilities.

        • It cuts both ways. My dad was Navy, and my mom as an officer’s wife frequently had to “go get” the ladies who hit the bars the instant the ship left Norfolk. When I was single stationed in Japan, I had to be careful at the bars because the Navy wives would be out doing reconnaissance-in-force when their hubbies deployed. Trouble I didn’t want or need.

      • I was in missiles when they were considering allowing women on missile crews. The biggest source of objection were the crewmembers’ wives.

        • It was not a trivial issue in practice. Not just married couples, but officers who were dating… or worse if they had split up. Awkward!

  28. Only an insane death cult society sends its prime fertilty women off to combat or any other capacity that derails combat effectiveness of its warriors.

    • Does it say anywhere in the article that the Drill Sergeants were male? They mention sexual assault specifically but not rape. I’d wager if they were male, and the author knew so, it would be HIGHLIGHTED in the story…

      • These are drill sergeants at an infantry course that just opened up to females this year, so I’m pretty sure the sergeants are male. Of course, that just makes the story that much worse – having women in the Army is questionable enough but having women in the infantry is off the charts, batshit insane. These girls are literally not going to be able to carry their own rucks.

          • The Army sends recruits to different locations based on their MOS – so this was an all-male site until recently.

            After the Marines I joined the Army National Guard. New soldiers who came to the unit with combat MOS (Armor or Infantry) seemed fairly well-trained. The ones who came from mixed gender schools from the start (Radio Operators, Drivers, etc…) were poorly trained and disciplined, out-of-shape, and generally pissed me off.

            As for the ladies in the Infantry – I have literally seen them unable to carry a basic combat load into the barracks in a single trip. Less than the load-out the men were humping 30 miles a day in Infantry school.

        • And God help them if they’re captured by the enemy.

          We should probably equip our female soldiers with cyanide pills should they ever find themselves captive to Muzzies.

          • I recently retired from the Air Force. I know that all the women who deployed to the Middle East in the past decade were told that, if they were captured or kidnapped, to expect to be raped.

          • “We should probably equip our female soldiers with cyanide pills should they ever find themselves captive to Muzzies.”

            Do you actually think a contemporary female has enough self-respect to kill herself after being treated like a goat? No, they will bond with their rapists and convince themselves the haji will love them or that they deserved it, and accept being dominated by a male. Any male. Even a third worlder with an IQ of less than 80.

        • Not at all. The story is written to give you the presumption they were male drill sergeants without explicitly saying so. The problem I have is in the reporting. Similar to when Democratic politicians political affiliations are conveniently buried deep in the story (giggity) if mentioned at all.

        • Yes.

          Because then it’s further proof/demonstration that *people* in abuse their positions of authority and trust, not *men*.

    • That’s one of the goals of Progressivism, the destruction of the military. Progressives are deathly afraid of strong males. They pretend otherwise, of course. Recall how ridiculously uncomfortable 44 looked when he showed up on the aircraft carrier wearing a flight jacket with CIC patch?

      O/T, forgive me: noticed a new commenter at Voxday this A.M. Someone named “Trent Benton”, replying to the “Ghe sparemo” post. Same racist silliness,only thing missing was his usual Leonard Pitts reference.

  29. We must manfully endure a thousand Fort Hoods so that we may not lose our greatest, most precious asset: diversity.

    • It took a 21st century American general, and 14 dead soldiers, to prove the elemental importance of diversity in this glorious and happy new world of ours. They did not die in vain: They gave a general the “teaching moment” he needed to explain a harsh yet essential principle of human happiness.

  30. why wouldn’t the navy be all jacked up when 90% of the country are brain dead phone zombies. the on going decay in society makes it very dangerous to stay in the cities (or near them). there is no way to avoid the collapse of the current system with so much necrotic tissue…

    • I watch my kids and their friends play the video games. They are all medieval/gothic battle games with sword fights and castles. Dark Souls, Zelda, and so on.

      For all the SJW posturing, it looks like the kids mostly like playing a really old school white warrior guy, whacking away at enemies with a sword.

      Then there is some sort of Mario battle game, where the kids fight each other basically as cosplay characters but fighting agai at each other MMA style.

      Meanwhile, all the diverse and women superheroes die on the Marvel vine.

      These are the kids supporting all the diversity/anti-racism/anti-white male crap. Their interests and hobbies betray them.

      There is also the issue of whether a strongly developed set of twitchy fingers is actually a valuable life skill.

    • “Brain dead phone zombies”. That nails it. I wouldn’t say it’s 90% of the country, but maybe 90% of young females. They’re gone; they don’t participate in the life around them, they are as unformed and helpless as baby sea turtles getting picked off by seabirds.

      Many of these clueless young ladies won’t even rise to the level of ‘cat ladies’. Cat ladies at least feed their cats; it is unclear that the ‘phone zombies’ even know that animals, like people, need to eat.

      And that said, many of them will “go off to college” and find gigs in the Outer Party.

  31. When Kipling wrote that line “with terror and slaughter return!”, I don’t think he was being all allegorical ‘n shit.

  32. There’s also the reality that Islam and Western Civilization are like oil and water. Europeans knew this 500 years ago, so they booted out the Muslims when they reconquered the Iberian Peninsula and other territories.

    Now they are ready to endure constant terrorism and loss of their national identities to deny that reality.

  33. It also goes beyond just racial and sex differences. One of the most important things that’s rarely talked about is how we identify with those who are genetically similar to us. If there were no racial differences, we would still generally prefer the company of those that are genetically similar to ourselves.

  34. The Marine Corps still trains male and female recruits separately and occasionally gets pressure to go full co-ed. Makes me wonder why they hate women.

    As a radio operator, I went through the all-male Boot Camp and first month of Infantry school (MCT), then was shipped off to radio school which was co-ed. Having been separated from women for 4 months, we were absolutely shocked at the reality how much less the women (who had just spent 3 months in Boot Camp) could do physically.

    • There was a very big study done on male and female recruits. Unsurprisingly, the gap between males and females is not big at the start. Lots of males enter the service way out of shape. By the end of basic, the gap is massive. The top-2% of females are the bottom 5% of males. Further, a female in her peak condition has the cardiovascular capacity of a 50 year old man.

      Having females in the service is fine, as long as precautions are taken to avoid the obvious problems, but we’re so far from the shores of reality, it is a moot point.

      • I think it will take a major battlefield defeat to force us to fix this. A defeat similar to Task Force Smith in the Korean War. Hopefully not as large as the Chinese attack across the Yalu which chewed up several Army divisions and forced the Marine division to be evacuated by sea. I hope something like this never happens but I think it will.

        • The difference between the Marines and Army behavior in that battle are self-evident. The former trained and prepared constantly, and held to true and tried principles of unit cohesion during their advance, refusing to rush. Task Force Faith, while having some experienced officers and NCO’s, suffered with too many of its troops being green and used to comfortable garrison duty in Japan or at home. To make things worse, they were constantly pushed by MacArthur’s underling, Almond, to advance recklessly without all their units or leaving guards at the vital passes, behind them, violating unit cohesion in enemy territory. MacArthur’s hubris and refusal to accept solid intel of a build up of Red Chinese troops resulted the to awful reality of US/UN forces being hammered by a surprised attack. The Marines retreated in good order, but Task Force Faith suffered almost a rout, losing one-third of its troops.

        • I don’t think it’ll be simply a TF Smith situation. It’ll likely be that a major mixed-sex US unit is overrun, and the captured women will be gang-raped on video, to amuse the rest of the enemy army and to shame the US. I think that would finally drive the point home.

          It’s an ugly scenario, but one I think is, unfortunately, far more likely.

          • Nothing will drive the point home. Defeat after defeat since 1945 have not driven-home the failure of our foreign policy, yet we persist in invading other countries.

      • those obvious precautions being all female units. Mixing men and women together in single unit is a disaster. Ask me how I know that.

    • Even at the “elite” athlete level, the strongest of the strong, women cannot keep up with men. I always found this report in The Atlantic fun to read because underneath the reporting, you can hear the writer screaming “No, it CAN’T BE! No, no, nooooooooo!”

      Somebody once told me that the US boys *high school* track and field records surpass the women’s Olympic and World records. So, I looked them both up, and it’s true.

      High school records:

      Women’s World records:

      The differences are not even tenths or hundredths of seconds but often multiple seconds, and high school athletes are not elite athletes with endorsements and personal trainers, and access to world class facilities, or performance enhancing medicines, etc.

      When I was in the military, we frequently had mixed gender physical training. The men generally trained with “chivalry” in mind around the ladies…helping them keep up on long runs…helping them over the obstacles…and so on. We were just expected to pretend like we were all the same.

      • I was digging through some of the sports stats and was shocked to find that female shot-put records were at or a little further than men.

        Then I found out that the wimmen used a 8.8 pound shot and men used a 16.01 pound.

        So even using a ball of *half* the weight women can barely throw it as far as men *at the elite level*.

      • The sad part is, men know the truth. Women often learn the hard way. An example of this I like to use is I was leaving the office and a 20-something girl approached me in the parking lot. She had a flat tire and tried changing it herself. She could not get the lugnuts off. When I went to help, I saw she had the jack in the wrong place and it was going to end in disaster, so I changed her tire. She kept trying to talk me out of doing it, but I just changed her tire anyway.

        The girl was ashamed to be a woman and let a man help her. It was pathetic. Her morality was completely backward. More important, she could have seriously harmed herself trying to do something better left to a man. Feminism is child abuse.

        • Z,

          The sad thing is that many 20-something men do not know how to use a lug wrench or change a flat tire.

          As for military training, IMHO, it probably makes some sense for a few women to receive specialized training for “Special Operations” and operations in certain denied areas. But we should have no illusions about their absolute levels of strength or endurance.

          • I wonder how much of that has to do with the improved reliability of tires, and the relative ease of “roadside assistance”. I had an old and dear friend killed when he stopped on the roadside to help a motorist change her tire. He was side-swiped by a drunk driver.

            My kids all had/have to put the spare on the car before I let them get their license, but they also have the number for USAA roadside assistance in the glove box on the insurance card. I tell them unless they can safely maneuver the car to someplace well out of traffic like a rest/parking area, to just get off the road, pop the hood, put on their 4-ways and call for roadside assistance.

        • Translation: She was thankful for your help although she might have been too brainwashed to verbalize it. Feminism is terrorism. There, I said it.

        • More and more, I find myself telling people, “Just say thank-you”. A simple thank-you would do. Instead, people have to turn everything into a damned sociology class. She got her tire changed, which is a pain in the ass. You got to do a good deed. Everybody won in that exchange.

          Heck, I’d complain less about paying all my Obamacare taxes if the people getting the subsidies would just say thank-you. But they don’t, and when I suggest it, they get very, very, angry.

          • Oh, no, no, no, hokkoda. Saying thank you to the producers just won’t do. The needy are entitled to free stuff, so gratitude toward society’s designated mules and milking cows would be inappropriate.

          • Actually, that’s no joke. The wife of a friend, who worked as a pharmacy clerk, said customers on welfare were the worst to deal with because of their insistence on getting everything they were “entitled ” to, and she was a liberal. This is in a 100% white area. Tim

        • I changed a female stranger’s tire last fall.
          But before I did, I checked her car bumper for Hillary stickers.

        • Razib despite being a hbd guy had no clue about the male female difference. At least he claimed not to know.

          I know he looks like an under-fed Chihuahua but he is still kind of a man.

      • You can see this dichotomy at any CrossFit gym during the first rounds of the Open. They announce the workouts on Thursday and competitors have until Monday to complete the workout before a certified judge and report their scores. The women’s weights are ALWAYS well below the men’s prescribed weights for whatever movement. And any exercise requiring strong upper body development like pull-ups, bar muscle-ups, etc. will eliminate all but the top 1-2% of females. It’s really funny (in a sad sort of way) to watch how the CrossFit Games, like the Olympics, emphasizes the achievements of female athletes barely doing what males who didn’t make a Regional competition do daily. Every CrossFit fan knows the names of the Icelandic women who dominate the women’s division but the males in the master’s division (aged 41-49) who run faster, lift more, etc. are unknown to the same so-called fans.

      • I read a few years back that the Australian National women`s soccer team which at the time was ranked as one of the best in the world played a match against a schoolboy team and were absolutely slaughtered,the ladies lost 8-0 if I recall right and this was against lads 14 or 15 years old, how would they have fared against young men of 20 or 21 who were fully developed and properly trained?

      • It’s simply a reality. My spouse and I were both elite level rowers–and she was considered a freak of nature-being able to knock off 20 true pull ups in a set and bench her own weight +25 lbs. For me those were warm ups. Same held in ergometer scores. On the water, often used women’s collegiate eights to pace myself in a single. Later in life, when attending Basic school at the county fire academy, we started off with several women in the class (volunteer departments are required to accept them if they pass a background, physical and agility tests) but the simply could manage skills like going up a 100′ aerial in full bunkers and Scott, and carrying a roof saw, rope bag and roof hook (about a 100lb total gear load). Or hucking a full geared fellow FF up a flight of basement steps in a rescue drill. Getting assigned one on a ladder drill was a nightmare…again, lacked the body strength to pull and throw three fly ladders. Not for lack of trying. But all failed to obtain interior certification. And this was no where near the level of fitness required for combat readiness.

        • I once got DNIF’d as a nuclear weapons officer when I broke my hand playing softball (I made the catch though!). The flight surgeon pulled me off alerts because I could not “carry a crew partner up the escape ladder in the event of a fire” with my broken hand. The ladder was something like 70 feet, straight up with no arrest or platforms. (bonus: we were never trained, nor tested, performing this, and I doubted anyone could actually do it)

          That being said, in my flight was a crew consisting of a 5’0″, 90lb soaking wet female crewed with a 6’3″, 210lb dude. My commanding officer was upset with me because my aggressive softball playing had set him back an able-bodied crew member. When I explained the ladder-rule to him, I thought he was gonna die laughing.

          That was the day I realized that a lot of the military had become just a silly PC joke.

  35. Just like the soviets wanted to sidestep supply and demand, we want to sidestep biology, we too know better!

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