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This week is mostly about our rulers and their efforts to suppress dissent. We now live in a country with dissidents and political prisoners. I also have something on Jason Kessler, the man responsible for the Charlottesville debacle. Since this is the weekend of the big fight, I weigh in with some expert commentary and a prediction. The last segment is the on the title of this episode, The Great Fear.

This week, Spreaker has the full show. YouTube has the full show and segments from the show. I am now on iTunes, which means the Apple Nazis can listen to me on their Hitler phones.

I have been threatening to stream this to GabTV and I still have not done it. Maybe this weekend, but whom am I kidding? I will be looking at some alternatives as well, as platforms that support free speech are not easy to find.

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30 thoughts on “The Great Fear Podcast

  1. “Attacking Nazis” rings hollow when you’re simultaneously trying to erase the Founding Fathers from the public square.


    The problem is, there is no way to make racism “cool.” The “founding fathers” found themselves in a paradox and never bothered to build a coherent way out of it.

    Think about it?

    George Washington had to trust his black slaves when he went off to fight the crown; they could have easily slit Martha’s throat and ran off to the British?

    HOW could he trust them?

    WHY could he trust them?

    Think about it?

    George Washington refused to enlist black soldiers; but he trusted black males to maintain his plantation at Mount Vernon?

    George Washington refused to enlist black soldiers; but he had his own personal black man servant (Billy Lee) by his side at all times. Billy Lee could have slit Washington’s throat and and rode to the British lines as a hero to the crown, and possibly changed history FOREVER?

    How do you deny personhood to people you depend on that much?

    Someone should right a play about the interaction between Billy Lee and George Washington because he probably spent more time ALONE with Washington than Martha did?

    Think about it?

    George Washington is trusting and depending on all these black people; and at the same time telling OTHER WHITE PEOPLE “don’t trust these negroes…”

    The main problem with The Right is their lack of a coherent narrative.

    Just sayin

  2. Reducing human beings to just base animals is pure satanism, as if it needed to be said again.

    The udee emoji to represent a uterus is just sick, what kind of demented delusion do you have to be in to think this is anything other than horrorifying. Just a doubling down on the pussy hats. A normal woman is reviled by this, and there is a collapse of narrative here – what happened to not reducing a woman to just her sex but to look at the whole person – remember that one.

    The unification of men and women on the normal side of the spectrum into a cohesive whole has just dramatically gained momentum because of this explicit porno-satanism.

  3. Z,
    WRT “crotch warriors”, I find that calling them “dear” or “sweetheart” works as well. It also requires less mental processing and the deal gal can go straight to postal without passing through anger or argument.

  4. Dear Mr Z,

    let me first say that I love your blog! I discovered it after listening to the interview on Counter Currents, and now I listen to your podcasts and read your posts. I love your no-nonsens and intellectual approach, just perfect!

    At the beginning of this weeks podcast you were explaining how you were looking for subjects to talk about and that’s why I want to make a suggestion. As you probably guessed from the name I use, I live in Europe (English is not my mother language, so please forgive my grammar mistakes). Because I have family living in the States, I have always been very interested in American politics. My family were strong Trump-supporters and still are. But in our chat-talks and Skype-sessions they talk a lot of how the strong divide in the country is getting through in their personal life. My cousins wife said it this way ‘everything is politics now’ and discussions with people often end up in verbal fights about Trump. Since the shouting of the GOP representatives, they are also talking more and more of this divide evolving in a civil war. They are truly worried that such a thing would happen and see it as a plausible scenario, especially if Trump would be impeached. Patrick Buchanan also has written about such a scenario.

    So my question for you (and readers of this blog who want to take the time to write their thoughts on this subject) is very simple: do you recognize yourself in the statement that everything in the States is becoming more politicized (also in your personal life). And do you think that a civil war is a very possible reality?

    • To the extent that “everything in the United States is getting more politicized”, it is by design. There is a move afoot to make people intolerant of any opinions that deviate from their own. In the past, divergent opinions were tolerated. Not any more. Politicizing everything is part of this conscious process of intolerance, to make sure there are no places to hide. Everyone must be made part of the battle.

  5. Love the podcasts/blog, but I am going to take issue with a detail in this one. You made the statement that boxers are much better athletes than UFC fighters. i would assert the opposite. McGregor can fight Mayweather as a boxer and still have a chance at beating him. Mayweather could never go into the Octagon with McGregor and leave in a conscious state. The reason MMA fights are shorter than boxing matches is because of the greater physical demands that MMA puts on the body.
    I know you love boxing, but I think it is slowly turning into niche sport and losing its mass audience. When I was a young man in the Marine Corps, we were all encouraged to box in the base gym to supplement our line training drills. In 2005 the Marine Corps developed its own style of MMA and by 2008 your belt progression was listed on your fitness report. The Army has done something similar. Today in most clubs on military bases it is common to have MMA fights played, but it is rare to see a boxing match unless it is a big name fight.

    • ” but I am going to take issue with a detail in this one. You made the statement that boxers are much better athletes than UFC fighters. i would assert the opposite. ”


      And your assertion would be incorrect.

      Boxing requires greater conditioning than MMA and probably any other sport; thats why you never see boxers lifting weights.

      Boxing is about strength and ENDURANCE.

      This is also why, just like Z man said, McGregor only has the first 3 or 4 rounds to knock Floyd out, because after that McGregor is gonna be out of steam and Floyd will slap him around for the next 8 rounds.

      MMA is NOT boxing.

      • So you are saying that Mayweather could get in the Octagon and last three rounds with McGregor? Because if he was the best athlete he could.

        • No.

          Im saying boxing requires greater skill and conditioning than MMA.

          Im NOT trying to throw shade on McGregor; yes, he is a bad ass… but the limitations imposed by the rules of boxing force fighters to rely more on skill and conditioning, which results in a better athlete.

          In his prime, Mike Tyson was doing 1000 sit ups a day.

          • That’s like telling me that a marathon runner is a better athlete than someone who runs the decathlon. The marathon runner has better endurance and a smaller skill set that he is able to focus on and perfect, so that makes him better.
            I’m not knocking boxing. It’s a great sport. But there is a reason that it has steadily been losing ground to the MMA.

          • OK, but the “ground” it is losing is all the “low ground” and thats why MMA will never measure up or have the cachet and mystique of boxing.

            With more training, McGregor could be a decent boxer; but he basically ran out of gas and Maywether was counting on it. Im disappointed that the fight needed to be stopped because if McGregor was able to go the distance, I would consider it a win for him; on conditioning alone.

            Lets see if McGregor can pile up 50 MMA wins without a lucky elbow to the eye taking him out early.

  6. The Spreaker link gives me an ‘access denied’ message page, and the spreaker site download link gives me a ‘log in’ page. Broken garbage. Download does not work at all.

    Conclusion: Spreaker is utter crap.

  7. Z, thanks for doing this. And thanks for making short segments available on you tube. They are perfect for sending to friends.

  8. McGregor has 3 rounds to knock out Maywether; if it goes beyond that, Floyd is gonna punish him and make it look pretty. (boxers have better conditioning)

    I would like to thank Z man for providing a realistic assessment of this fight and not getting all caught up in the racial fanboy politics…

    If I were McGregor, I would ACT like I was gonna kick the shit out of him, in order to confuse Maywether.

    McGregor is a hard puncher and he does have a chance. Even if “they” told him to lose; if he thinks he has a chance?

    you never know?

    Irish ain’t the niggers of Europe for nothin.

    Just sayin

    • No.

      The reason blacks don’t do landscaping anymore is the same reason whites don’t drive the buses. both groups climbed one of two rungs on the racial labor ladder. D.C is a very artificial labor market where for several decades now, black people have had good access to “inside labor” jobs; security guards, drivers, retail, food service, warehouse, clerical… basically anything blue collar, English speaking, and basic literacy.

      In addition, you just can’t compete with Mexicans when it comes to landscaping work.

      D.C is an example of what happens when black people have access to better jobs.

      We take them.

      • Ya, DC is an example of what happens when black people have access to employment where three people are hired to do the work of one person in a job that should not exist in the first place.

    • Back in rural PA I left a bunch of cash on the kitchen table for the white guy who did my grass while I was out.

  9. Frank Bruni was formerly the restaurant critic for the NYT. The editors there decided that because Frank had an opinion on poulet aux écrevisses that he should have opinions on politics too. It will no doubt come as a shock – brace yourselves – that Frank is a homosexual, as well as being a self-important idiot.

    • Eric Asimov, nephew of Sir Isaac Asimov, the science fiction writer, also reviewed restaurants for the NY Times. His sister Nan Asimov wrote for the San Francisco Chronicle. Their father, Isaac’s brother, was the editor of The Long Island Press, and Long Island Newsday.

  10. Sigh. I wish you’d publish the text version; I usually don’t find time to listen to an hour-long podcast (and I’ve always been a reader more than a listener.)

    It’s a dilemma. I don’t want to be deprived of your wisdom & your thoughts, but I just don’t like this format. Oh well; my loss I guess.

    I’ll download it anyway, and try to find the time to give it my full attention.

    • I don’t think Z has a text version of the show–he’s doing these podcasts from a few notes & links, and the rest is “gift of gab”. But he also posts an article just about every day, so we got that too.

  11. Generations of women who would not know their fathers if they passed them on the street have a concept of masculinity based on fantasy and manifests unrealistic expectations of all men. They have never been mentored by male relatives nor have their male offspring. They react as though they are encountering an alien race on a mothership during discourse with men with which they are culturally unfamiliar. They can only speak the language of Planet Pootie, and are angry, hurt and vengeful when people outside of their circle don’t understand what they consider wisdom.

  12. “The New York Times is becoming the Turner Diaries for progressive crackpots…” (wipes tears from face) Just putting that out there for others to copy and paste. Kindly credit the Z man. Genius quote. This sums it up exactly.

    • Only True Believers read Carlos Slims Blog at this point and you are not going to change their minds.

  13. Great show, Z-man. Since you are getting a lot of downloads, it might help if you render your MP3 file to a smaller format. I think you use Audacity–try Bit Rate Mode = Average, and Quality = 48 kbps. I did that to your 70MB audio file and it rendered to about 23MB without noticeable loss of audio quality.

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