Total Information War

The wars that ended the feudal period in Europe started as feudal wars but ended as national wars. Taking the 14th century as the start of the Late Middle Ages, The Hundred Years’ War would be the start of that period. It began as a war between kings, leading armies of conscripts and mercenaries of various ethnicities. By the end, it was a war between two nations, fought by the people of those two nations. It is why most historians point to this as the beginning of the nation-state in Europe.

Similarly, the Thirty Years’ War started as a war of religion, among the smaller states that comprised the Holy Roman Empire. By the end, it was a war fought by nations, carving up central Europe. More important, the defining characteristic of people would not be their king or their religion, but their nation. By the time of Napoleonic, nations were mobilizing their people around love of country, not loyalty to a king. War had evolved to match the new social arrangements.

The point here is that wars eventually reflect the age. At the start of the Great War, the French were still using the cavalry charge. They had their line officers wearing brightly colored uniforms so they were easy to spot. The Maxim gun put an end to those old tactics and by the end of the war, both sides were fully employing the weapons and tactics of the industrial age. The Second World War was the perfection of the lessons learned in the first industrial age war.

It is not a perfect framing, but a useful one, when thinking about the current crisis and the inevitable wars that will come. Ours is the information age, so the wars will be information wars, especially the civil wars. The corruption of the internet by global corporations on behalf of the emerging global elite is an obvious example. The corruption of the registrars by companies like Google is a new type of weapon in the social war in the information age.

That is an important aspect here. Up until recently, the Left had a monopoly on our cultural morality. Labeling someone or something as racist or fascist, was enough to sideline that person or idea. The general public was willing to take their word for it and play along. Now, our rulers find themselves facing a skeptical public. Merely calling someone racist or fascist is not enough. That’s why they are moving on to using the blunt force of raw power against threats to their authority.

It is entirely possible that Anglin reported himself to the registrar of Gab, in order to generate attention for himself.  Anglin is a provocateur, which makes him a useful example to understand what is happening. We have an extra-judicial set of entities that can now regulate political speech on-line. The mere fact that these companies can censor speech on-line, based on their whim or in response to pressure brought by the state, is a serious problem for civilized society.

Morally, this is no different than the decision by the Germans to use poison gas in the Great War. Once it was clear that their conventional weapons were not enough, they made the choice to throw off any moral limits to waging war. That is what is going on with the new ruling elite. In America, speech is considered sacred. Everyone alive has grown up hearing the line about giving your life to defend the right of someone to say offensive things in public. The First Amendment is sacred.

Our rulers have decided they must abandon that principle.

The response from the dissidents to the attack on speech by Big Tech, has been an effort to create separate platforms. Gab is an alternative social media platform and others are now in the works. A parallel internet is slowly starting to sprout up with people looking into creating new registrars, new search engines and new funding mechanisms. It is a slow process, and as the attack on Gab shows, one that will be met with escalating attacks from Silicon Valley. We are into a total information war now.

Alt-tech is a defensive response, like the trench was in the Great War. The good guys need weapons to damage the other side’s lines. That will come in time. The old order no longer makes a lot of sense, so it can only be held together by force. The people in charge feel they need to use any means necessary, even if it means squandering what little moral authority they have left. They no longer care if we respect them, just as long as we fear them. They will choose tyranny if that is what it takes.

That is why it is important to not follow guys like Andrew Anglin or Chris Cantwell down the rabbit hole. Anglin is a performer and provocateur. Cantwell is just a sad sack looking for attention and he should never be encouraged. He makes resistance look bad. This is an information war so things like optics, narratives and imagery are the weapons. Defending reckless lunatics and provocateurs just hands the other side ammo if not handled perfectly.

When the Germans moved to the use of gas, it was a sign of weakness. When they unleashed unlimited submarine warfare, it was a sign they were scared. Desperate people reach for any weapon that is handy, regardless of the results. That is our ruling class. They are losing the information war so they seek to reshape the battlefield by shutting off the dissidents from having access to the battlefield. It is a sign of weakness that they are willing to squander their moral authority.

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  1. I’m not disputing your labeling of Cantwell as a “sad sack,” but I’d like to throw in my two cents, as someone who’s studied him carefully-
    Cantwell is a guy who wants to appear cynical, yet is actually a pretty naive fellow, who’s actions are emotionally driven, & his enthusiasm and inability to censor himself often lead him to make rash decisions that are very inadvisable. He is not a “bad” person, I’d call him a “means well,” person, but his lack of restraint dooms him.
    I rarely feel pity for people, (unlike most women), but I can’t help it. I have a smidgen for Cantwell. He never sees these car crashes coming, but there’s always this foreshadowing.
    I hope that made sense, I just took migraine medication.

  2. I think Observer makes a very good point. As long as you have “victim status” you can never be criticized or questioned about your motives.

    Don’t know who this Andrew Anglin guy. He could very well be a 100% crackpot, however have an honest discussion with one of your Jewish friends and you’ll find out that they do in fact enjoy being untouchable.

    Not an expert on the subject but believe Rules for Radicals states define your enemy’s rules and make them abide by them.

    We denounce these so-called Nazis (which could very well be plants ) yet the left enjoys sending out those College idiots dressed in black destroying property and attacking anyone that disagrees with their political outlook.

    The “normies” will never join our side. C’mon , you talked to these people during holiday get-togethers. They’ll continue to be spoon-fed whatever the media decides tells them.

    Ignore the background static, come together with your like-minded Americans. The tea party was enjoying huge success until it was derailed by the left. Don’t let this false narrative of “evil whitey” do the same thing to the alt right movement

  3. When did we reach the point where it became acceptable in polite conversation to argue that “maybe” the Nazis were bad guys, but they weren’t necessarily wrong? I’ve been reading this site for a long time, and much as I love free speech, there are some things that we can and should agree are 100%, absolutely, wrong and worthy of being shunned.

    The Nazis ran a brutal, murdering, cruel, inhuman, police state, and made a concerted effort to wipe out entire races of people in service to their cult of personality dictatorial dear-leader. There is no argument to be made that maybe they had a point, or that their “intellectual” descendants have a point. I read some of the comments below with a resounding, “W. T. Fuuuu….?” Even a broken clock is right twice a day. I don’t go around buying broken friggin clocks.

    I’m mainly a free speech absolutist because I like knowing who the crazies are, and I don’t have to try hard to find it these days.

    • A national socialist of the worst kind cannot equal the damage the international socialist have already accomplished. Until the apologist for socialist get that, some people will feel the more impolite the better. Fascist are running amok in black with masks, calling themselves anti-fascist because we have been drowning in polite for several generations.

    • Everything you’ve been taught about male & female nature has been a lie.
      Everything you’ve been taught about races has been a lie.
      Do you think it’s possible that what you’ve been taught about history might be a lie too?

    • That’s what we’re mad about.

      They Lied. Lied!!

      Yes, Hitler became a monster, and it all went terribly, horribly bad.

      But they- some of them- started a war, and got millions of their own people hurt or killed! They never quit, never reformed, and continue to this day!

      There was no unspoken German conspiracy to exterminate a people. Only deportation camps to push them into the Pale of Settlement.

      It was a war their brothers had started.

      The same brothers who cancelled the voluntary Havara plan to emigrate to Palestine to increase the pressure,

      The same brothers who ran and turned Polish camps into slave camps to service their Soviet rail and munitions,

      The same brothers who allowed their own to starve when Allied bombers destroyed the supply convoys to those camps, as German Catholic Nazi officers begged for aid,

      The same brothers who kept attacking German and Austrian banks for a generation,

      The same brothers whose diplomats sent double-dealing messages to all sides, including American industrialists,

      The same brothers who ran Rotfront riots and snipers while infiltrating or replacing the German and Russian officer corps,

      The same brothers who corralled and contolled the evidence at the kangaroo Nuremburg trials,

      The same brothers who murdered millions, including their own in Ukraine, and tens of millions of Christians,

      The same brothers who ordered the savage rape of Berlin, OSS werewolf hunters, and the genocide of the Sudenten population,

      The same brothers who engineered the World Wars and Godless Communism as they built the UN/Bretton Woods/Dulles criminal network fronts;

      It wasn’t Atheism that killed 200 million, it was the works of THIS bunch of “atheist socialists”, still very much at work today.

      If I had killed 200 million- including millions of my own, especially so- I would want a damn good cover story.

      One good enough, pervasive enough, that even my own people would never see what I had done. Was continuing to do.

      The savage, bloody reprisals- an endless thirst for vicious revenge- based on a story of their own making! So very Semitic.

      I believed the Narrative all my life.
      These are MY people!
      Yet when I asked myself, “why do people always complain about the Joooos?”….
      I began to look into the official story, and it shredded like tissue paper.

      We seek to understand Evil.
      Why? Why did this happen?
      I am heartbroken. Torn asunder.
      Wild with rage. I have been a fool, blinded by the very best of intentions.

      Yet we must confront the heart of darkness. Wrong as we are, foolish as we have been, we must admit our failures and take up the book and bayonet once again.
      This. Must. End!!

    • “There is no argument to be made that maybe they had a point”?? Not even about wiping out Marxists, syndicalists, and other secular humanist totalitarians? We need to temper your righteous declarations with some rather interesting facts.

      The NSDAP, a party of nationalist communism, came to power amidst the chaos which internationalists, humanists, and Yahoods had cultivated enthusiastically for at least 150 yrs or so. (Granted, Prussianization, too, was an important influence upon German politics.) The great Weimar republic, a machine constructed to advance humanist internationalism, provided the NSDAP with a transportation service into Berlin. Hitler’s appointment as Chancellor was unthinkable under the Kaiserreich and would have remained that way, but Weimar, that glorious triumph of humanism, made it probable that a tyrant would take over.

      At the center of the action in the late 1910’s was one leftist Yahood named Hugo Preuß, whom we ought to call the father of the Third Reich for his role in drafting the constitution of the Weimar republic. Yes, one of the usual suspects helped to bring about Hitler’s dictatorship AND the Holocaust. Preuß’s centralizing constitution of 1919 was the basis of the Nazis’ rule until the conquerors abolished Nazi government in 1945.

      It so happened that the self-chosen were overrepresented among the Fascists of Italy until NSDAP pressure drove them out in the late 1930’s. This strange presence of Jews in Fascism can be understood once you remember the origins of Fascism in communist internationalism, of which Jews have become inordinatley fond since liberation by Napoleon and others.

      Everyone should be able to agree that the NSDAP, a party of small communism, had at least one worthy goal, namely, elimnating Marxists, syndicalists, and other internationalist totalitarians. The Nazis did not murder a single one of them. No, not even one. We ought to celebrate the irony of Nazis wiping out people who spawned the Nazi movement through generations of agitation for socialism.

      Please remember also the great overrepresentation of the Yahood in the central banking craze which swept the world more than 100 yrs ago. It’s another important aspect of the ironic history of the self-chosen people during the 20th c., for central banking helped to finance the destruction of so many of them.

      To sum up: The Nazis had the excellent idea of eliminating some of the worst troublemakers in the history of human civilization. The Nazis’ own motives were impure, and their means were foolish, but these judgements detract in no way from the propriety of the goal.

  4. I read a lot of countersignaling against Andrew Anglin from people who fundamentally don’t understand what he his doing & who he is doing it for.

    1) He’s not writing for you. He’s probably not even writing for anyone you know.

    He’s writing for white, rebellious teen age boys who have grown up in a technology & meme tsunami. He writes the way he does, simple-mindedly & outrageously because that is what young men respond to & think is funny & worth sharing.

    2) He’s trying out a new method to do something very important, that nobody else has quite figured out how to do yet. It’s an experiment, and one that seems to be having some success & some failures. And it’s worth watching to see how it turns out before piling on the guy trying it.

    Namely, he’s trying to de-sacralize The Holocaust in particular & Jews in general.

    Here’s why: Through some (((mysterious))) process, our culture has decided that The Holocaust the only inviolable & sacred taboo. The only Absolute, that is completely without nuance or doubt or question.

    The sacred status of this historical event is then used to rationalize all manner of courses of action that constrain & harm white people.

    We can’t learn about genetic differences between humans because the Nazis were interested in that, and they did the Holocaust.
    We can’t have national borders that protect white populations because the Nazis wanted to protect white populations and they did the Holocaust.
    We can’t publicly notice that Jews seems to be disproportionately represented in the higher levels of power, and pushing for policies that harm white people. Because Nazis noticed that Jews were disproportionately represented in higher levels of power, and pushed policies that harmed white people and they did the Holocaust.
    We have to support Israel because the Jews need a place to be safe because of the Holocaust. Etc… Etc… Etc….

    Here’s why: The premises of the Sacred Holocaust narrative make it very difficult to accept those premises — That Jews are victims, that White people have evil in their hearts, that anti-semitism & racism lead inescapably to genocide, & that white people cannot be trusted to restrain themselves from that genocide — and not agree to courses of action that constrain and harm white people.

    As long as this Holocaust event is recognized as inviolable & sacred, this trick has power. All the Left has to do is somehow link something that the Right wants to do with something the Nazis did and The Holocaust in the minds of Normies, and that something doesn’t get done.

    This is a serious problem for the Dissident Right. One that nobody has satisfactorily solved in 70 years.
    Questioning the specifics of The Holocaust hasn’t worked.
    Reasoning that the historical events of 1940’s Germany aren’t relevant to 2010’s America hasn’t worked.

    Hence, Andrew’s solution: To use extreme & shocking rhetoric & to relentlessly mock, parody, profane and crap on this Holocaust taboo to render it powerless. So that any attempt to kill an idea by linking it to The Holocaust doesn’t work anymore.

    His rhetoric may not be working with everyone. But it’s not designed to. It’s designed to work on those young white men. And from what I hear about Generation Zyklon, it sounds like it is.

  5. i dont care about “moral high ground” or “moral authority” any more. non-whites are encouraged to fight for their interests and whites should be able to as well. more and more it becomes clear that non-whites and (((you know who))) are the enemy

  6. “The response from the dissidents, to the attack on speech by Big Tech, has been an effort to create separate platforms.”

    It’s painful to put money in the coffers of Big Tech. Here’s the lede of an article today on breitbart about M$:

    “When Microsoft said Tuesday that Congress should put aside tax reform and make passing legislation to revive the DACA amnesty program its top priority, it did not mention that it is a huge beneficiary of the current corporate tax system.”

    One of the reasons I installed Linux Mint on my computer was to avoid paying money to Microsoft. I’ve been Windows-free for over five years now, and enjoyed every minute of it. Most Linux distributions come bundled with LibreOffice, a quite nice office suite that reads and writes M$ files if necessary. About the only thing I can’t do is run TurboTax.

    There are several cost-free varieties of Linux that people use. Mint is one of the most popular and trouble-free.

    When you buy a computer, it will have Windows on it. So you pay the M$ tax, even if you install Linux. I’ve built my last two desktops from scratch. No MS tax. If a mechanically uninclined person like me can build a computer, anyone can. If you’ve never tried building a computer, you might enjoy it.

    It’s one small way to avoid feeding the dragon.

  7. The Ongoing War is first and foremost a financial war with info control being a subset thereof. Unless and until control of finance is wrested from its present overlords and implementers and financial sovereignty returned to nations (e.g. public banking), nothing else can be done effectively.

  8. Hmmmmm. One of the reasons the left has been so successful against us is that they are masters of divide and conquer tactics. They’re still doing it. Before we had cucks and the Alt-Right. They successfully equated the Alt-Right with Fascism and racism and sexism and homophobia and etc ad nauseum… so now we have cucks, Alt Right and ‘the dissident right’. And maybe some other varieties of ‘lost boys’.

    They can do this all day long. They own the platforms, they have no problems using violence, censorship and other dirty tricks because there is no incentive to keep them honest. I think we may need to show up for the riots, prepared to pound the living snot out of the Antifa kids AND the corrupt cops if necessary. The message they need to hear is that the law belongs to We The People, not They The Politicians. Further – if the cops and judiciary won’t do their jobs – we will, and they WON’T like the results.

    The only thing we have going for us is that because they run on victim politics – which are predicated on marginal, dull and weak people… is that they will eventually be undermined by them and destroy themselves. I personally think that’s inevitable- but how much damage will they do to us in the process? What are you going to do when you run out of money, Whitey? When all the welfare and social programs aimed at keeping negroes housed and fed has only produced millions more negroes that need to be housed and fed? What are the Free Shit Army, the Dindus and the vibrants going to do when their meal ticket expires?

    Clock’s tickin’, Whitey…

    • @Glenfilthie

      One of the reasons the left has been so successful against us is that they are masters of divide and conquer tactics.

      The other tactic has been to infiltrate and co-opt. Funny how Anglin rebranded himself as Alt-Right when when it started making inroads.

      • It also does not help that the alt-white movement is primarily composed of KKK types who have driven away pretty much every non-white and decent white male. Heck, even non-whites who are opposed to “diversity” and “multi-culti” nonsense would not touch you with a 10 foot long garbage pole. They also do not want to be a part of the corporatist cuckservative losers. By default they end up with left-liberalism.

        Maybe if the alt-white would stop patronizing Neo-nazis like Richard Spencer and the odious “scientific racists” like AmRen, and stop pushing racism wrapped up in “race realism”, the dissident right has a chance, otherwise enjoy your place in the garbage heap with your cuckservative brethen. Donald Trump has shown a pathway to victory for the new Right without any of the racist, neo-nazi baggage.

        • In 1960, the director of the CIA created ‘Wizner’s Wurlitzer’- funding and creating many of the “radical” cells, which then took on a life of their own.

          • Not at all, I recognize that cuckservatism has been a big fail. Any lingering doubt on that ended with the O-care repeal fiasco.

        • This is the problem I have with that, UY: on some things, those racists and Neo-Nazis ARE right, and some of their aims might coincide with ours. It’s a slam-dunk for Progs to equate Nazis with us the same way they did with the Alt-Right. We’re still pandering to them on their playing field and if we do that we’re going to lose.

          The fact is we need to define ourselves too. I happen to believe in race realism – the collective black IQ is what it is. I think we need to stop with the welfare and social program abuses and put those idiots to work or they’ll just run amok. I have HUGE problems with immigration, particularly when Americans can’t find jobs for their own kids. I have big problems with giving our kids’ jobs to vibrants, degenerates and foreigners with affirmative action and off-shoring their jobs. Having said all that I am smart enough to respect minorities that earn it.

          Do I even belong in the ‘Dissident Right’?

          Conversely – the Donks are literally purging themselves of white males. Where are THEY going to go? Is there a way for us to utilize that and drive a wedge into them for a change?

          Your two cents, as always, is sincerely appreciated.

          • I agree fully on reducing immigration, hell the most strident folks in favor of reducing immigration are immigrants who have stayed here for 20 or more years.

            Affirmative action – end it now. It may have made sense 40 years back, not anymore.

            Generally, thing is this. Maybe Black IQ is lower than the white IQ, but the dissident right needs followers and money. Everybody, even the blacks themselves in their hearts know that most black run nations are basket-cases and so they will be for the forseeable future. The dissident IMHO should not harp on this, The new right should:

            1) Curtail migration – It makes 100% economic and cultural sense, also eliminate illegal aliens, build the wall and scrap the ludicrous diversity visa nonsense.

            2) End AA – Again makes complete sense

            3) Trade – Enact tariffs and stop the excessive financialization of the economy. Bring back manufacturing.

            And please,please stop with the racialist nonsense. It may be correct but the left and media will use to bury you.

        • The so called “scientific racists” at AmRen are basing their arguments on decades of uncontroversial psychometric research, as well as irrefutable crime stats. Any individual you meet should be treated as an individual, but group differences are real and matter at the societal or civilizational level.
          Pretending they don’t exist so as not to hurt the feelings of various minority groups is not doing any of us any good, in fact the pretense that we’re all equal is destroying the West.
          If you can’t at least admit to the reality of group differences and different civilizational outcomes based on that knowledge, well then I don’t think we have any common ground.
          I don’t think we should make common ground with clownish NAZI’s, but pretending we’re all the same for the past 50 years has done nearly irreparable harm to the West.
          Most white people don’t hate blacks, but many millions of white folks have had bad experiences with black people over the past 50 years, from putting up with the general incompetence of affirmative action hires to experiencing violence and crime at the hands of the black underclass.
          There has been a kind of race war going on the U.S. since the end of the Civil Rights Era, and it’s been practically a one way street, black on white, while the media consciously covers it up or obfuscates whats really happening.
          All of this dirty laundry needs to be aired out and cleared up, and the only folks talking about it are people like Jared Taylor.

        • @UpYours,

          You may be on to something. I bet there are a lot of high-IQ natural conservatives in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. 82,000,000 people! All you have to do is go there and pick up all the cognitive $100 bills lying around on the sidewalk. They’d be just what our movement needs.

          Bon voyage!

          Once we get rid of the racists and the nativists and the fools who think girls don’t like algorithms and data structures as much as boys do, we can really get this thing going, and purge those transphobes once and for all.

        • You’re cucking in overdrive and throwing out every MSM trope there is at us and anyone who isn’t with John McCain or McMullin.

          Lets get some things straight, most ethnics don’t like whites, they are tribal as hell and promote their own kind over ours. The Mexicans still see themselves as citizens of Mexico. The Blacks hate us because we don’t want to give them more bling and hand outs for free. Most will never ever vote for us unless we morph into Democrats. IOW open the borders and lifetime handouts for everyone.

          Race Realism is not racism. It’s simply recognizing the fact that races are different, in some cases really different. It’s reality. It’s that no one dares talk about it.

          Politically it is a no go at this time.

          Racism? Sonny boy, you better take a hard look at the Democrats who busy peddling anti-white racism by the train load, identity politics and even promoting race war via BLM. If the Democrats get their way, we will have a race war.

          As for Trump, his strategy is economic populism/nationalism. And yes the alt-right needs to embrace it. Otherwise the the movement will die. However make no mistake it is seen by a majority of ethnics as “racist” That’s why you don’t see blacks, Asians or Mexicans in any numbers at Trump rallies. To them secure borders and enforcing immigration laws is bad.

      • That’s the big one, right there.
        Why destroy an asset, say, a corporation, an army, or a nation, when you can take it over?

      • Wonder how many of the nazi protestors are imposters? Or paid for? As a side note, remember all the questions about the guy with the newly pressed pants and the nazi flag with fold marks, new out of the box, at Charlottesville? Seems everyone was trying to id him but I’ve never seen a definitive story. Poor guy was either a left plant or is now hiding in a hole somewhere trying to avoid everyone. T

    • The Political Right is terrified of the concept of “collective” anything being so atomized I’m surprised cooperation is even possible.

      A pro tip for them, collective action for collective goals is not Communism

      hang together or hang separately

    • Look on the bright side. South Africa was able to rub the country in a relatively stable, successful way for 350 years with what; 10, 15% white people?

      If the minds can be captured this can be done.

      Demographics aren’t the problem; will is.

      • Mexico is run, however well or badly, by ten percent of the population. Business, media, government. In my personal experience Mexicans apparently believe this to be entirely natural.

  9. I have to disagree. I made the point here a while back that defending the Nazis was the way forward. The very fact that you have to talk about Anglin and Cantwell makes my point. The conversation wouldn’t be where it is without them and they provide foot soldiers with dedication that normies will never have. Declaring certain people off limits for the right is what NR did back in the fifties and sixties and all it did was tame and weaken the movement, depriving it of a ton of hard working dedicated people. This is a relatively tiny movement. We need all the help we can get.

    • I don’t know what NAZI’s you’ve been looking at, but the ones I’ve seen are flabby looking clowns. They are not warriors and don’t strike fear into the heart of anyone other than middle aged Jewish people who fund the ADL/SPLC.
      I’ve said this here before, but aligning yourself with David Duke and a very small army of trailer park losers is not an effective strategy.
      That you seem to think it is is bewildering to say the least.
      You want to know who you want on your side ?
      Guys like Jocko Willink.
      If you don’t know who he is, look him up.
      He’s the type of man that knows how to lead men and that most other men will automatically follow.
      Richard Spencer and Andrew Anglin are not leaders of men, and real men won’t listen to them, let alone follow them.

      • Well, Hitler was more of a Spencer than a Willink, and people followed him.

        On the other hand, Hitler was a retarded lunatic who managed to do more damage to his own country than any leader in history, including winners like Pl Pot.

        So there’s that.

      • The movement does not need trailer park trash, meth heads and LARPers as Nazis. They add nothing to the movement and worse alienate a whole lot of normies whom we need on our side.

        From a PR perspective, they are the equivalent of finding radioactive waste in the punch bowl. Remember the rule in PR is don’t give your opponent any ammunition to use against you. Including Nazis is the equivalent of handing the MSM a steak knife to stick in our collective backs.

        Let them rot, sell meth or just die.

    • Enjoy your posts tpd, but have to disagree on this one. Nazi flags and drama queens like Anglin are sure to drive away potential supporters. T

  10. Well…….these prog fits of righteousness may be a sign of weakness and fear, but to borrow from Burke there’s a lot of ruin in a prog. I do love your optimism. Look forward to it.

  11. Sorry, but this being somewhat in my area of expertise, I have to interject. If the established gatekeepers of the internet (domain registrars for example) will it, there will be no alt-tech revolution. Tor is a bit of a tougher nut to crack, but should the state desire to crush darkweb sites, they can and have. Truly decentralized web solutions just aren’t in the cards yet. There are some clever ideas floating around and some alpha-level implementations at a very small scale; however, you shouldn’t be putting a lot of stock into a global mesh-net appearing any time soon.

  12. It’s important to remember that all of this warfare you’re talking about (while real in some sense) is still virtual. Virtual and real warfare can meet (I knew guys screwing with predator drones at Fort Huachuca almost a decade ago), but the virtual arena is still mostly just a glowing box. Someone can walk up to you in your swivel chair while you’re engaged in a flame war online and put a bullet in your medulla oblongata and it’s game over. Government-ordered shutdowns have happened (see Egypt) and been proposed here (see Joe Liebermann’s bill). You don’t have to be Alex Jones to know that the grid can go down, and no one will be worrying about sites online when there’s no functioning lights in your city. I’m not a prepper, but I think it’s important to do some push-ups in between web design seminars.

    • In the dial-up days, Australia decided to tax the phone lines, shutting down 3/4 of internet commerce by small and micro businesses.

      Then they ‘black-holed’ sites- over 100,000 until they lost count. (Nobody knows.)

      Then they banned gun ownership- because of a deranged school shooter off his meds, natch.

      Then the Muslim beach gangs began.

    • Joey;
      Excellent point. Specifically, at least for me, the transformational insight, the lightbulb moment, was realizing that significant elements of our current ruling elite are actively hostile enemies of me and my descendants for ill-considered, casual reasons of enrichment and inclusion. The older you are, the harder this concept is to grasp because it is so much at odds with the situation existent in our formative years (i.e. when such attitudes are formed in your early adulthood).

      Once one gets *that* concept, your advice (and the discussion here) makes perfect (if confused) sense. Maybe your advice is even insufficient.

      So, I’d say that making that lightbulb go on for nearly everybody ought to be a very high priority. Prudence would seem to dictate that one ought not immediately jump from being an apparently placid ‘normie’ to ‘full prepper’ if we hope to draw our friends and neighbors along. Besides, being a ‘full prepper’ is an expensive and solipsistic taste, not even available to lots of potential allies.

  13. Amazon is evil and Bezos is a Globalist. So I stopped buying on Amazon.
    Will someone please create an Alt-Right commercial site that I can spend thousands of dollars a year at?
    Pay-Pal is evil and uses it’s control to destroy Conservative businesses on the web, punish ‘wrong thinking’ and probably kills puppies.
    Will someone please create an Alt-Right transaction application so that I don’t have to type in my credit card info every time I need to buy something?

    Which came first? The great business idea for the internet or the progressive/fascist beast behind it? Or does the power of money corrupt and obscene amounts of money corrupt obscenely?

    • When you say “obscene amounts of money”, do you mean merely scandalous or… truly pornographic?

      To answer the question, privateers look for opportunity, and sometimes create it.
      Since the Bolshevik East India Company- excuse me, the CIA- had a large hand in Google’s development at MIT, I suspect their allies saw Amazon as one such opportunity.

      Spengler of Asia Times (David Goldman) once explained that the generals of Egypt own pretty much everything.

      Ours is a ‘public-private’ world now, of rentier Kapitalism, not capitalism.
      Of interlocking directorates and revolving doors, all trained at the same trust fund universities.
      Our purchasing power degrades while theirs hoovers up our deflated assets.

      I see ‘Egyptian generals’ all the way down.

    • I start out by going to local stores. If they don’t have it I go to the net, look up the various places and prices and try to find a vendor who signals something right wingish in what they sell, how they do it or in what they sell. Usually try to find it even in sporting goods sites or survivalist sites. Can find almost anything that way.

  14. “Up until recently, the Progs had a monopoly on our cultural morality.”

    They still do. They simply control those corporations that function as gateways to the Internet. They went from being shaken down by the hustlers to joining them.

  15. RE podcast 8: Spreaker must have purged FTN because it had a huge audience. Meanwhile, likely virtually no one was listening to the NS podcast you referred to.

  16. Speaking of which, here is the Guardianess literally peeing it’s panties at the sight of a rich Alt-Right turning the tables:

    “Robert Mercer, the big data billionare waging war on mainstream media”

    Gee, I didn’t hear such wailing and rending of garments when the Silicon Valley quants created microtargeting for Obama (and got rich off the subsequent NSA wiring contracts.)

    A bit lengthy, and I apologise for linkiness.

    Zman, you certainly know much more about this than I do. It also seems a fine example of how war is married to finance.

    Looks like some rich guys are finally defecting! Lordy, we’ve waited long enough.

    • PS- found it perusing NZ/Aussie sites.
      Seems they’re tearing down Captain Cook statues there.

      Like ghey marriage, immigrant floods, and green fronts- it all seems a tad coordinated.

      • Can confirm. Plebiscite for gay marriage this months but the progs are challenging our supreme court to forbid the people the vote.


    • So solly, NSA/HFT (high frequency trading) contracts- wiring up the Deep State at all ends: a “public-private” venture, as were the Roman Legions.

    • “Looks like some rich guys are finally defecting! Lordy, we’ve waited long enough.”

      I hope he brings some friends with him.

      “Speaking of which, here is the Guardianess literally peeing it’s panties at the sight of a rich Alt-Right turning the tables:”

      That’s no exaggeration. Thanks for the link.

  17. You need to go one level deeper. It’s not an information war, but rather a war to control the dissemination of disinformation. Repetitive targeted messaging is now being used to memetically infect the weak-minded and alter their reflex behaviors. This is how you create hive-minded sheeple whose sole talent is dependency. And once you control the herd, you can now stampede your way toward any end-goal you desire. This blog appeals to the shrinking subset of us who are still rational. Good luck trying to re-educate the zombie hordes.

    • Very well said! One modification I’d make, however, is with respect to the “creation” of hive-minded sheeple”: I believe it reasonable to conclude that they’re born that way, having known no small number of them when I was about ten years old and could recognize the symptoms.

  18. “When they unleashed unlimited submarine warfare, ”
    They have a right to break a blockade,
    It was a sign that like Japan under FDR’s Regime, they did not have access to vital foods and commodities.
    No one seems to remember that in WW! the aggression came from the UK (as usual) and the US

  19. As Vox Day likes to reiterate, this is 4GW, and the moral supersedes everything in this type of war, especially since casualties are comparatively light compared to war between nation states. Until it comes to shooting, people like Anglin and Cantwell need to be encouraged to be less stupid, sometimes gently, like Vox is trying to do with his debates, and sometimes less so in the case of Cantwell, who my need to languish in prison, where he can serve a more useful purpose as a kind of martyr if he can control his impulse to say stupid things.

    • Thanks for the info.
      I have no idea who these guys are.
      Zman is the People Magazine of the alt-right, letting us know who’s new and hot in the world of fash.

  20. Meanwhile, back in the real world.

    “t is generally assumed that gas was first used by the Germans in World War One. This is not accurate. The first recorded gas attack was by the French. In August 1914, the French used tear gas grenades containing xylyl bromide on the Germans. This was more an irritant rather than a gas that would kill. It was used by the French to stop the seemingly unstoppable German army advancing throughout Belgium and north-eastern France. In one sense, it was an act of desperation as opposed to a premeditated act that all but went against the ‘rules’ of war. However, while the French were the first to use a gas against an enemy, the Germans had been giving a great deal of thought to the use of poison gas as a way of inflicting a major defeat on an enemy.”

      • No, I would say his understanding is this instance is superficial. Saying the use of poison gas was a sign of weakness or unrestricted submarine warfare is due to being scared, is the equivalent of calling the British development of the tank and their naval blockade weakness and being scared.

        The stalemate in the West during WWI caused both sides to look for answers to break the stalemate. Just like tanks or a whole host of other innovations, poison gas was an attempt to break the stalemate. It wasn’t used in WWII because everyone remembered how bad it was in the previous war and that it didn’t have the expected results. Now, if you think poison gas was a sign of weakness in WWI, what was the reason for the use of the atomic bomb in WWII? Was it a sign of weakness or was it an attempt to force Japan to surrender without having to kill or starve millions, and to achieve a unified Japanese surrender?

        German unrestricted submarine warfare is the equivalent of what the British were doing with their naval blockade. What won the war for the Allied powers was that blockade. They were starving the Germans out of the war. The British had declared the blockade including the confiscation of neutral shipping. Germany’s only hope was to counter-blockade Britain. They could not do that on the surface. That left their submarines. They struck Allied shipping but that wasn’t enough since neutral shipping was simply sailing into port. The Germans calculated, wrongly, that they could starve out Britain before the Americans could bring sufficient forces into the war to tip the balance.

        • You post is beyond wrong. The use of gas was a desperation move. The German general always knew that math was against them. The Schlieffen Plan was an explicit acknowledgement of that reality. The race to the sea was similarly based on both sides understanding of the math. The Germans were searching for an equalizer because otherwise they knew they were doomed.

          The decision to unleash the subs on all shipping was similarly a desperate tactic and a stupid one. The decision was made after the Turnip Winter, in which the German population was on the brink of starvation.

          • Yes, the Schlieffen Plan was designed to knock France out of any war quickly so that Germany would not have to face a two front war. By the end of 1915 though, the Germans mainly stayed on the defensive in the static West while they parried periphery issues to the south and beat the Russians in the east. I don’t see how using gas is desperation.

            The German navy had been clamoring for unrestricted submarine operations since stopping the practice in 1915. So it wasn’t something new. The German submarine force was much larger than in 1915. The problem was they overestimated their ability to prevent the US buildup in Europe. Hindsight says it was a stupid move. At the time, it wasn’t an unreasonable risk. Had the navy’s calculations been correct, the move would be hailed for it’s military boldness. More stupid was the attempt to get Mexico onto the side of the Central Powers. Most of this though is Monday morning quarterbacking.

            I am hesitant to call calculated political and military decisions panicked or desperate. And saying such a thing about an opponent in the middle of a conflict is a good way to get your clock cleaned. Always assume your opponent will make the best choice available.

    • One guy pushes an old lady out of the way of a bus, while another pushes an old lady into the path of a bus. You may argue that both men push old ladies, but most sane people would recognize the moral difference between the two.

      The French use of tear gas <> the German use of chlorine gas.

      • I think the main point to keep in mind about using poison* in warfare is that the present, somewhat odd** moral distinction is in place largely because it is mostly *ineffective* in mobile warfare against a prepared enemy and is difficult to employ in sufficient quantities to be effective. Equally important is the credible threat of reprisal.*** As shown by history, should any weapon become highly useful and the issue of the war be in doubt, it will likely be used, particularly if the enemy retaliation is likely to be feeble. As a recent example, Saddam used it against Iran until the mullah’s began retaliating.

        So, by analogy, if the global elite finds a technique useful to suppress opposition without the fear of reprisal, they will use it. Count on it. So maintaining a credible thereat of reprisal is what’s vital now. Hello anti-trust agitation and litigation.

        In WWII, both sides were well and thoroughly prepared to use poison gas but held back for the above reasons. The added fact that troops instinctively dislike it was somewhat important. The moral case (e.g. ‘It’s not who we are.’) is (useful) propaganda.

        Interestingly, one of the largest mass-casualty gas warfare events in WWII occurred in Naples, Italy when the Luftwaffe blew up a US freighter in the harbor that was secretly loaded full of mustard gas. Might have started gas warfare in earnest except that would have forced us to admit that it was our stuff, not theirs. Plus theirs was likely to be more effective – the Germans *invented* nerve gas, after all.

        * The main chemical warfare agents now are volatile liquids (sarin) and thickened volatile liquids (VX – what the fat king of Korea supposedly used to off his half-bro). These latter are like pine sap except brushing up against a drop of it can kill you.

        **Objectively, death by nerve agent is pretty quick and painless compared to bleeding out from an IED or being burned alive in an armored vehicle hit by an RPG, not to mention via the recently ‘outlawed’ napalm. It can’t be detested because it’s arbitrary and capricious. An artillery strike is exactly that. Maybe it’s because it seems treacherous, don’t know, but it’s real enough.

        ***The USSR had *vast* quantities of VX targeted against all our fixed installations, such as ports and airfields, as ‘area denial weapons’. So we had plenty on hand as well to ensure deterrence because the commies might have gambled that we wouldn’t go nuclear in response to the Port of Antwerp being slimed, for example.

    • I won’t weigh in on the debate, but it’s interesting to note that the Chlorine gas shells used by Germany were developed by German Jew Fritz Haber. Upon learning of his involvement his wife committed suicide in the back yard. Haber went directly back to the front lines after her death.

      He later developed the process for exacting Nitrogen from air to form Ammonia, without which modern agriculture could not exist. He, along with Norman Borlaug, are uniquely responsible for the rise in the population of Earth. Billions of people exist today because of these two men.

      One of the gases evaluated by his laboratory was Zyklon A, the precursor to the Zyklon B gas used to slaughter Jews in concentration camps.

      He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1918 for his contribution to the Haber-Bosch process for producing Nitrogen.

      • An excellent example of the a-morality of technology in this fallen world. Fritz Haber: Damed for one achievement in mass production chemistry and acclaimed for another. IIRC, both Zyklon A & B were originally developed as candidate, more effective insecticides. Their less human-lethal derivatives are used for such today.

        It wasn’t the chemistry that made the difference between the two.

  21. Z thanks for the perspective in this article.

    I’ll suggest readers here look at Wikipedia’s list of Alinsky’s rules for radicals. There’s a numbered list of them about half-way through the article. You might find some of them useful.

  22. Typical boomer. Bitches for years about how those darn kids never do anything, then when they do he bitches about that.

    The French were the 1st to use gas in WW1.

    Anglin is 1 of the most effective offensive weapons in this new information war, and you think he is a moron…

    Cantwell is a self-promoter, which is another way of saying effective in an information war. He is also a fanatical ideologue who is still learning, will likely end up playing a similar role to Thomas Paine.

    Mid 19th century war to WW1 was an entirely new thing, probably never before seen. Then the doctrine of blitzkrieg was developed and war became just like it always was, only more expensive.

    The information war will determine the starting forces when war goes back to being like it always was, but even more expensive.

      • If I recall correctly the popular jingle was
        “Hitler has only got one ball
        Goering has two but very small
        Himmler has something similar
        While poor old Goebals has no balls at all.”

      • Do you really believe that, Zman? Yes, I am aware of the two “new books” by “historians” that postulate these things. Do I have to remind you that books that histories and biographies that have been written in the last 17 years should always be suspect. Especially about Hitler. While his cryptorchidism has been discussed since before the end of WWII, why would information that would reflect badly on Hitler only be “discovered” since 2001 and 2015 respectively? The jews would have used this 70 years ago if they could have gotten away with it. And who has been more studied in the last century than Adolph Hitler? You think something this tabloid would have been overlooked in German documents? Have you not noticed that the only modern Historians that get published nowadays are court historians that support some false narrative or some disinformation? Look at the words that accounts of these two books use. Postulate. Theorize. So and so believes. Academia is full of whores. Take their word at your own peril.

        • No, he doesn’t believe that, he’s using the “Vox Day, Sargon of Akkad, etc.,” technique of attack against guys that Vox likes to tag with the label “Alt-Retard.”
          It was bad enough with Sargon, who is no Rightist, but it has reached the point where Vox has developed the theory there are infinite number of Andrew Anglins. How this of benefit to anyone, is this anything other than childish man-boys dick waving, I have no idea. Whatever it is, it is repellent. Please don’t adopt this tactic, Zman, even if only in jest. Your top down neutrality is your strength.
          Time for the fan boys and children on the internet to grow up, time for the so-called thought leaders to grow up, time for the so-called thought leaders to stop the never-ending jockeying for positions, while proclaiming they’re not jockeying for positions.

      • “Hitler’s First War” by Tom Webber sheds a lot of light on the myths of Hitler (both pro- and anti-Hitler). Hitler was wounded in the leg at the Somme (but didn’t lose a nut), and none of the weird sexual fetishes attributed to him were substantiated (though Eva said they’d never slept together). He strikes me as an asexual ascetic, though everyone who knew him said Hitler in private was (obviously) much different than in public. His “wound in a gas attack” was actually hysterical blindness, and aside from the Battle of Ypres he was an “Etappeschwein” (in a support unit, what we call REMF, rear echelon motherfuckers). Hitler only got his Iron Cross due to the intercession of a Jewish lieutenant named Hugo Gutmann, who Hitler sneaked out of Germany and protected (Google it; I’m not making it up). Hitler is still pretty much a total mystery, resisting scrutiny by those who worship him and hate him. A quick quantitative analysis obviously yields that he was a mass murderer, but people the left admires murdered more. When the kids on campus put away their red flags, then they’ll maybe have a leg to stand on when they scream about brown-shirts.

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