Lessons From The Bear

For the last few years, the American ruling class has been obsessed with Russia. The Bear Scare in DC over Trump’s alleged ties to Putin is just one ridiculous element to the obsession.  At some level, even the dullards in the media know it is nonsense, but the Cloud People are convinced that the public shares their hatred of the Russians. China and Israel are much more involved in our elections, but they are not suitable bogeymen, in the minds of our betters. To them, the Russians are the scariest of scary monsters.

The Russia-Trump story is just a sideshow, of course. The neocon insistence that we start World War 3 over Ukraine is much more representative of the ruling elite’s hatred for the Russians. Steve Sailer has done yeoman’s work documenting the neocon warmonger’s efforts to stoke the fires of Russophobia. It’s not just the neocons. The Left has gone down a similar path, accusing Putin of being the new Hitler and claiming he has plans to invade Europe. The public face of the ruling elite is sure that Putin is very bad.

Of course, this enmity toward Putin has had the strange effect of endearing him to many nationalists in America, especially the younger ones. Their minds are not tainted by memories of the Cold War and the Soviet Union. Putin just looks like a strong leader, who embodies many of the qualities the alt-right types admire. Then you have old paleocons like Pat Buchanan defending Putin, mostly because of old scars from warring with the neocons in the olden thymes. This just encourages the neocons to hate Putin even more.

Guys like Steve Sailer try to pin the cause of this irrational hatred for Putin and the Russians on ancient ethnic grudges. It is true that all of the high profile Putin haters fit a certain ethnic profile. They also look a lot like the crew that tumbles out of the anti-Trump clown car whenever is screeches to a halt. It is not unfair to accuse these folks of being haunted by the hoof beats of Tzar Alexander’s men. The neocons were, after all, the ideological force behind the Right’s Cold War strategy for a reason.

That makes for a fun narrative and good way to taunt some of the more unhinged types like Bill Kristol and Max Boot, but it does not explain why the political class is uniformly anti-Russian. John McCain is nuts, but he is not looking under his bed for Cossacks at night. The same goes for most of the permanent war party in Washington. They would much prefer to be killing Muslims, but they have found it necessary to spend a lot of time going on about the threat of Putin and the Russian menace.

Another possibility is a much less mystical one. Instead of epigenetic fear of a pogrom, perhaps the source of this great fear is much higher, in the billionaire class that rules the nation through the political parties. After the fall of the Soviet Empire, Western bankers rushed in to loot Russia and her former client states. Eventually, the locals rallied and a class of oligarchs rose up to seize control the assets and build their own power bases outside the state. Then Putin came along and broke the backs of the oligarchs.

If you are a Sergey Brin, for example, the one thing that keeps you up at night is the thought of the state reasserting its authority over the oligarchs. Not that Trump is going to throw Mark Zuckerberg into prison or have Tim Cook sent to Siberia. The possibility of a modern Teddy Roosevelt, riding a populist message, promising to bring the billionaires to heel, is a realistic threat. Incentivizing the political class to demonize such talk is one way to hedge against that possibility. In that regard, Russian makes for a useful enemy.

It also makes Putin, and to a lesser degree the Visegrad Group, dangerous example. It’s not just their nationalism that bugs our oligarchs. Its that these countries cling to the outdated notion of state power being supreme. Our oligarchs, as we see with Big Tech’s efforts to subvert free speech, think the idea of the state is outdated. Instead, the new managerial state is supranational and subordinate to the people who finance it. The managerial state is to serve the oligarchs, not the people over whom it rules.

It’s probably why the political class made such a huge deal out of Putin cracking down on homosexual agitators and feminist nutters. They were looking for a way to undermine his moral authority. In a better age, politicians would accuse enemies of preferring the company of men. In this degraded age, politicians accuse their enemies of being sexually normal. Regardless, the point is to make the bad guys appear villainous and outside the bounds of human decency. Our politicians are the model our rulers prefer.

The least talked about aspect to all of this is that the West, particularly America, is probable less internally stable than Russian and the Visegrad Group. You don’t hear about widespread protests or dissident movements in Russia. The people of the Visegrad are pretty happy with their nationalistic politicians. They like having a patriotic ruling class. It is the West where we see the increasing use of coercion and top-down subversion, in the form of immigration, in order to keep the plates spinning.

The trouble for our oligarchs is that people will be loyal to a man or a cause. They will not be loyal to a committee. That’s why there are no monuments to committees. There are plenty of statues of great men and shrines to the gods. That’s the lesson the old eastern bloc countries learned. They were ruled by committees for a long time. To maintain order, it required men with guns and willingness to use them. The people of the East learned that a man on horse is a better choice than ten men behind desks.

That’s a lesson we’re about to learn in the West.

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  2. Re: “Another possibility is a much less mystical one. Instead of epigenetic fear of a pogrom, perhaps the source of this great fear is much higher, in the billionaire class that rules the nation through the political parties.”

    ZMan, your theories have much to recommend them – in particular your thesis that Putin is hated because he represents the old order wherein the power of the state was supreme, and even the privileged and wealthy were expected to follow the law or suffer the consequences.

    That being said, there is a much more-fundamental reason Putin and Russia are hated – namely, that oldest of motives – money. The Russians and the economic bloc they lead are the biggest competitors of the western ruling class in the high-stakes energy game to develop and sell the vast oil and liquid natural gas reserves in newly-discovered fields across the Middle East and SW Asia.

    The titanic struggle over who shall control these new finds and who shall develop and transport them to market is what drives almost everything happening in these regions. Billions upon billions of dollars are at stake.

    The conflict over control of these rights explains the recent obsession with the Ukraine and Syria, both of which are strategically-positioned along one possible route for bringing pipelines to a terminal in the Eastern Mediterranean. The Ukraine not only sits atop large fossil fuel reserve; it also offers a well-developed network of pipelines and Black Sea access. Syria also overlies significant reserves and is a well-positioned terminus for a pipeline planned by the Russian bloc – which includes Syria and Iran, as well as Russia herself.

    Iran and significant parts of Syria are Shi’ite Muslim, whereas the U.S.-led western bloc contains the Sunni Muslim Arab nations of the gulf – Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, etc. The Sunnis and the Shi’ites hate one another almost as much as they hate the infidels. The Sunnis will stop at nothing to prevent their ancient enemies from controlling these vast new finds. Israel also belongs to this bloc, Tel Aviv having thrown its lot in with them some time ago.

    The Western bloc has several pipeline proposals which bypass the Russians and Shi’ites entirely – and the oligarchs are pushing it relentlessly, not only directly and in the open, but by waging a comprehensive but mostly sub rosa propaganda campaign against Russia and her allies in any/all venues possible. Since the western elites do not wish to be honest and up-front about their motives, their mainstream media propaganda machine has created the meme of Putin and Russia as our arch-villains.

    Putin is despised by the western elites for another reason – he is a traditionalist and nationalist in an age when these things are seen as the ultimate sins. Putin and the Russian people refuse to get on board with the post-modernist cultural and ideological program; for that they are also hated.

    There’s still more: Putin and the Russian people refuse to kowtow to the politically-correct myths about Islam which so infect the West. Being a pragmatist, Putin has worked closely with Syria and Iran – which only magnifies his crime in the eyes of the Arab sheiks.

  3. It’s hard to say which is more, or less, stable, Russia or the US. On the surface it appears Russia is, but Charlottesville and other set ups don’t paint a pretty picture of the US.

    Giving weapons to the Ukrainians will not involve us in war. The Ukrainians are more than happy to fight for themselves. All they need to do is hold the line they are holding now, and the Donbas and Crimea will fall back into their laps. Russia can’t afford to support the invasion of Ukraine much longer.

    Yes, the business of it being a civil war in Ukraine is a Russian hoax.

  4. Say what you will about YouTube censorship, gems are available if you do enough searching. StarMedia has a very interesting channel that consists mostly of Russian films subtitled in English. I wonder what our Russian commentators think of this channel.

    SM’s documentary playlist has several multi-part films about Russia’s various wars.

    Soviet Storm, a series dealing with Russia’s Great Patriotic War (the struggle against the Nazi juggernaut), provides an interesting counterbalance to the American version of World War II, where the Americans saved everybody’s ass (dubbed in English).

    Some of their drama series are not bad, either. It’s so refreshing to see men/women behaving like real men/women: no LGBT nonsense shoved in your face in every other scene.

  5. The Russia vilification is just the replay of the memes used in the Soviet Union by Stalin et al, where: “The America in Soviet propaganda is ruled by force and fraud. Its handful of rulers pull the strings to which their subjects dance like puppets. Its domestic policy is one of exploitation and oppression and its foreign policy is characterized by deception and aggression”. Sounds a lot like the MSM description of Putin?

    It is starting to look like the later half of the 20th century was a form of A/B testing of certain mass propaganda techniques vs slightly different internal propaganda approaches coupled with violence using 2 population groups to see which one works better.

    Following the collapse of the Soviet B side, it seems that the West is gradually adding the same control and the more effective soft violence techniques used internally in the Soviet Union against its own population, with certain tweaks. Logically we should end up with the positions reversed, with a fully collectivist West pitted against the mercantile capitalists of the Russian sphere and a full switch will have occurred without many seeing the magician move his hands.

    The MSM/NGO/Social Media axis in this transition plays the role of the Comintern in tandem with academia to provide a facade of a strangely unified yet allegedly independent selection of opinion shaping view points which under the covers are all aligned via incentivization to a consistent message.

    Of course the class struggle has been updated to alternative group guilt targets as it does not quite work for most people in the US (although that is also gaining traction after a few false starts), but essentially the same “collective evil and punishment” ratchet is being played out by our useful idiots we see mobilizing to root out the enemies of the “good” people.

    In tandem with the mass importation of groups that traditionally have tolerated very authoritarian/corrupt ruling elite structures to dilute the push back and provide opportunity for further in-out group playbooks, one could almost see these changes as an intentional attempt to produce a refined and continued version of the original B experiment.

  6. * * * They also look a lot like the crew that tumbles out of the anti-Trump clown car whenever is screeches to a halt * * *

    Awesome ! It’s why I keep reading you Z ! 🙂

  7. The only other plausible furrin enemy are the Chinese, and they’re not quite white enough, old boy. They’re also genuinely dangerous.

    • Plus, those Chinese Red Chips propping up CALPERS and the West Coast property market go a long way… all the way to Democrat coffers.

  8. March of this year marked the 100th anniversary of the United States invasion of Russia at Vladivostok In an attempt to reverse the Russian Revolution (Along with Britain and France elsewhere)

    I think a piece of the Putin hatred goes back to Halford Mckinder’s “World Island” theory.
    Russia, of course, is the heart of the world Island and the US cannot acchieve true global hegemony while Russia remains intact and independent.

  9. The other reason that Putin has been chosen as the foreign boogieman is that nobody can call them racist, antisemetic or whatever for demonizing him.

  10. “That makes for a fun narrative and good way to taunt some of the more unhinged types like Bill Kristol and Max Boot, but it does not explain why the political class is uniformly anti-Russian”

    This is admirable skepticism; however, your political class is quite overwhelmingly Jewish. I’ve often wondered if any of your oligarchs could get away with even mildly anti-Zionist or counter-Semitic rhetoric. I imagine the answer to that is a resounding “no,” and would point to the fact that this has never happened as evidence to that fact.

  11. While I think that we are definitely watching the collapse of managerial state control due to a population proving to be far less compliant than they had experienced – at least outside of the urban hubs – the difference between where we are where Russia was when Putin came to power are drastic.

    Putin took over after the collapse of a totalitarian system, where the official, controlled corruption was unleashed into a frenzy of uncheckable corruption.

    He took over and remains popular because he has brought it back under control, and upholds the overall cultural norms in the process, but he hasn’t done much more than reimpose over Russia a non-hereditary Tsarism, and has avoided the Totalitarian impulses which eventually destroy all communist/socialist systems. That is something, but it’s not at all a mirror to our situation.

    Our problems are based on corruption as well, but we aren’t yet a fully centralized corruption machine, and the attempts by the oligarchs here are to create one by any and all means available. But in that we have some built in defenses as well – the states.

    We have 50 state goverments split between those who wish to submit to D.C. and the corrupt managerial system, and those that want to keep the power closer to home.

    Smaller states (CT/RI/MA), those with very few but very powerful urban cores (NY/CA/MN), and those with depedency issues (VT, ME) want the Feds to be in complete control because they can route the money and power to their allies.

    Larger states with either a more rural/suburban population base (FL/IN/PA), states that have a culture of independence and populated by those who ran from the Yankees (TX/OK/AZ), and those with a more commoditized base of industry (IA/GA/LA) are largely against Federal control because they don’t have a centralized base to receive and divvy up the Federal spoils – they are primary fighting to keep their local Democrats locked into the ghettos, and have no interest in giving up what they control so that Washington to can return a portion of the money and power back to those Democrats.

    A collapse of the managerial state serves to push more power back to the States, some of which will collapse as they are unprepared for and uninterested in independence, while others will thrive.

    As much as the rise of white identity is causing the more aware members of the left to see how their embrace of replacing the people will create an ever increasing and powerful backlash, the tendency and drive to double down is causing ever more people to flee from a D.C. based system because of the centralized corruption is feeds.

    The collapse of blue states – which I have sadly always lived in – can be met with a positive vision of dispersed power to the states. Calls to abandon the attempts to command progressive morality via oppression of only the ‘right’ people are being met with widespread support.

    There are ways to speed up the process and get us back to a place where ideas compete to win, instead of competing to shut down their opposition’s speech. First and foremost is to stop taking so much of the citizen’s resources in the first place, putting the responsibility for taxing onto the states, and having the Feds charge states for the resources they use. This won’t end control or corruption, but it will diffuse the power into enough centers that the people of San Francisco won’t be able to dictate the curriculum in Peoria.

    The next step is a bit more radical, but definitely necessary: Breaking up the big Blue states into smaller units. Smaller states actually have to follow the will of all the voters, and – coupled with very serious sanction and prison time for those who violate the rights of citizens by allowing/aiding voter fraud or actual suppression – will serve to break the managerial state precisely because there will be just too many centers of power to control, and fewer ways to overcome the will of the citizens themselves.

    Vermont may not turn red, but upstate NY, and large sections of CA will. Taking away the power to ‘bring home the bacon’ from DC will squash Progressives and Gramsci’s children from using Federal dollars to mandate acquiescence, and without the carrot/stick of DC money there is no appetite among the people for social reform.

    In the end, this may lead to exactly what the alt-right says it wants – a world where traditional European culture reigns supreme. But it won’t lead to blood in the streets, an outcome that as often as any other leads not to freedom, but varying degrees of slavery.

    • A virtual way to break up those big Blue states:
      Demand House representation per the original mandate, that is, one Representative per every 30,000 citizens, rather than 735,000 today drowning each other out. And, of course, repeal the 17th, Senate election.

  12. The supposed ‘crackdown’ on homosex agitation happened after Masha Gessen was made director of Radio Liberty or whatever. Everything about her except her passport is basically government issue standard crazy lesbian activist.

    Ever since then (at least) homosex has been an important part of the US diplomatic (and presumably intelligence) operations in Eastern Europe. So the crackdown on homosex seems more like our goons getting a beat down from their goons than an attack on a ‘community’. (‘coincidentally’, John Brennan, former CIA director, was a huge inverted rainbow fan)

  13. I don’t see Chile or Brazil or Peru or Uruguay or Costa Rica getting their knickers in a twist about Putin.
    Why is that?
    Because they mind their own damn business, that’s why, and frankly, they are too far away and too insignificant for Putin to bother with them.
    But aside from certain folks in the USA who else is getting all lathered up about Czar Putin?
    Well, we see Finland, Ukraine, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Poland somewhat nervous, and why would that be?
    Because they live next to the BEAR and their history with the BEAR has not been very fun at all.
    With the exception of Sweden, these nations have all been invaded by Mother Russia (just prior to and during WWII) and when they see Ukraine (as well as parts of Georgia) integrated – by force – into the Russian nation, it gets their adrenaline flowing.

    Frankly, the REAL threat Russia poses is to its neighbors on its borders; that’s pretty much it; though personally I would feel terrible if Russia decided to once again to “incorporate” these nations (all democracies, mostly) into a larger Russian State.
    What the USA policy should be in regards to all this baffles me; not sure what the USA should or could do. Though it’s obvious that NATO (i.e., Europe) will not do a damn thing (they are to busy committing suicide-by-Muslim).

    By the way, if I were Putin, I would have donated 100 million bucks to the Hillary for Prez campaign and stuffed about 10 million ballot boxes with Hillary votes.
    Putin / Russia literally lives (or not) from income from their oil/ gas exports; that is their primary source of income (what else do they produce?? other than military hardware?); and Hillary would have continued Ocommies anti-oil/gas/fracking policies thus helping keep world oil/gas prices elevated and thus helping fund Putin/Russia.

    Trump from the get go was trumpeting (funny pun that, no?) balls-to-the-wall USA oil/gas/fracking production; the absolute worst thing for Putin.

    Think what you will of Putin, but he does whatever he thinks will benefit Mother Russia and himself. He does not bother with any politically correct bullshit to satisfy Russian (or American or European) academics /media who majored in LGBT / womens / black / hispanic / sociology / imperialistic studies. He uses his “white” privilege to the max and is proud to do so.

    As for the Trump/Russian/election (totally phony) kerfuffle , well, that is all totally made up bullshit by all those (dems, republicans, commies, socialists, progressives, deep state, media et. al.) to incapacitate or remove Trump from office.

    If you seek a Russian / election / $$$ connection, seek out the Clinton Foundation, Hillary, Bill, Podesta, DNC folks.
    Water-boarding this pond scum would quickly open up this can of Bolshevik worms.

    • Poland and the Baltic states have Russia on one side and the EU on the other. Not a good place to be. Other than some sort of self-reliance strategy, they’ve got nuthin.

      Putin is out to disrupt the US, and so is Trump, in a different way. So they are simultaneously allies and enemies. Things are never simple.

      • It may simply be that the prog senses what we do, that White Russians and Trump America are natural allies. All measures must be taken to see that does not evolve. A prog is a bee who instinctively understands his relation to other bees and dangers to his hive. The path for those not in the hive is less well marked.

    • > Because they live next to the BEAR and their history with the BEAR has not been very fun at all. With the exception of Sweden

      Estonia, Latvia and Finland were all parts of Sweden once – before they became a part of Russian Empire during the string of Swedish-Russian wars that reduced the Swedish Empire – one of the Northern powerhouses of the 17th century – to a modern-day IKEA nation, killing about 2/3 of adult Swedish males in the process.

      Of course, Russian waged war on Swedish land, and almost burned Stockholm back in 1719.

      The most famous of those wars: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Northern_War

  14. I don’t mean to sidetrack the conversation, but this is one of the most fascinating and thought provoking discussion threads I have ever seen. Zman likes to set the table for a good conversation, and he happened to knock it out of the park this time. I will need to carefully retread this thread about a dozen times or so.

    • “I will need to carefully retread this thread about a dozen times or so.”

      So will I. This is a topic that I have no education, experience, or intuition for… so the article and comments are especially useful.

      • I am gladly heartened by the reunion of the Great Minds here. This one brought the true stalwarts out.

        I am humbled and refreshed by the depth of their knowledge, experience, and station. Like an impoverished fisherman cheering a procession of nobles from his miserable hovel.

  15. “For the last few years, the American ruling class has been obsessed with Russia. The Bear Scare in DC over Trump’s alleged ties to Putin is just one ridiculous element to the obsession. ”

    I figured that the simplest reason for all the Russia business is that our political and elite classes are geared for it. We spent fifty years focused on Russia and the people in power were planning on spending another fifty years at the same time the Soviets threw in the towel. There’s also the probable calculation that it won’t lead to much; we too tied economically to China to indulge in a straightforward Cold War with them but regardless of a lot of the work Putin has put into rebuilding and rehabilitating Russia, its still has deep problems that hobble it.

    “It also makes Putin, and to a lesser degree the Visegrad Group, dangerous example. It’s not just their nationalism that bugs our oligarchs. Its that these countries cling to the outdated notion of state power being supreme. ”

    I think that part of what makes Putin appealing as an opponent is that he’s a restrained and serious person; that means that no matter how much our debased elites howl in the press and on television, he’s not likely to do something outrageous that would require an actual war or a nuclear exchange. He is in a way a “soft” target because it doesn’t cost anyone in the elite to be against him or his country. Our ruling idiots don’t want a real war with Russia which is why nobody is talking about how we “guaranteed” Ukraine’s territorial integrity back in the 1990s and why nobody is seriously talking about either arming Ukraine or letting them into NATO. All of the talk aside, we basically have been leaning on Ukraine to accept that Crimea is done and gone. If Putin wanted to really grab the southern half of Ukraine and make a new country out of it, we’d howl but all that amounts to is just noise.

    As for the Visegrad Group and the flowering of East European nationalism, I don’t think this was as much of an issue for the global class before 2015. Merkel’s Muslim invasion is what changed everything; its less that the four nations in Visegrad were nationalistic that was the issue. That could be written off as local color that would fade with internal EU migration (i.e. not just moving Poles to England but slowly undoing the German expulsion from what is western Poland by opening up the opportunity for a lot of Germans to buy cheap summer homes across what was then the “border”) but now its something that could lead most of these countries out of the EU. State power being supreme wasn’t an issue as long as it was the state the oligarchs preferred. When Brussels sets the rules, thats fine. But when Poland and Hungary laugh at them and basically say no, then thats the problem. And it makes sense from the perspective of an oligarch. The EU is a shadowy mass of bureaucracy that can be quietly manipulated and bought off without interference. After all where do you go to protest if the EU screws you over? But a couple of separate governments that may or not be hyper-nationalistic but where the politicians have to answer very specifically in public or lose power? What oligarch would want that?

    “You don’t hear about widespread protests or dissident movements in Russia. The people of the Visegrad are pretty happy with their nationalistic politicians. They like having a patriotic ruling class. ”

    People, even in the opposition do like having a patriotic ruling class, no argument there. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any protests or opposition. Watch enough Russian television and you catch a lot is bubbling below the surface. (That said, its a sad comment on America that a Russian town hall meeting seems much less staged and managed than the US version and Putin seems more accessible to people than even the majority of our representatives are to us.)

    “The trouble for our oligarchs is that people will be loyal to a man or a cause. They will not be loyal to a committee. ”

    I wonder if they are insulated enough to think that one of them could be that person. Zuckerberg for instance seems to be seriously thinking about running for President. I could see him as a nameless functionary in an EU like bureaucracy but could he really be that far off in la-la land to think he has a chance to be President? (I wonder if there’s anyone around him who could pull him aside and tell him he’s an unappealing nebbish who got lucky and he’s safer off keeping off-stage. Thats the job his father is supposed to do but I imagine Zuckerberg’s father checked out a long, long time ago.) And could the others think that as well? We’ll sooner have a real Caesar and a mess of lamppost hangings before any of the current crop of tech elites can get themselves seated in the Oval Office dressed in purple.

    “The people of the East learned that a man on horse is a better choice than ten men behind desks.”

    They’ve kind of always known that. Thats why ever ruler in Russia usually ends up a Czar sooner or later in practice if not in name.

  16. The only effective response to neocon warmongering is to refuse to fight their wars for them. Today, there is not a single soul in DC that is worthy of respect (or for that matter, possesses real leadership qualities). Men like Thomas (Stonewall) Jackson were the kind of leader that other men followed with loyalty and devotion, and today the hive tears down his statute. The lack of quality leadership in DC is a reflection of the country-at-large. That is how bad things have become.

  17. White, tribal, Christian, ruthless in defense of its territory and its values, biologically realistic. For American progs, what’s not to hate?

  18. The theory I’ve nursing these last couple of years is that the Putin hate stems from the culmination of the Color Revolutions and Vlad’s role in that rather shameful defeat.

    The two things you should consider about the Color Revolutions is that they were (1) exercises in soft power and (2) being soft and fuzzy, they were perfect vehicles for what we now call the deep state to try out some rather novel theories with medals and promotions for everyone. In addition to the deep state, the Fourth Estate was fully complicit and the EU was along for the ride (which makes sense given that the EU governing apparat == European deep state without even really trying to hide it).

    When soft power went flaccid and shriveled in the face of Russian combined arms formations and Spetznaz, the medals and promotions stopped and guys like Boot and Kristol (the public face of the effort) lost access and influence.

    In times of yore, policy makers and pundits were ostracized for their real-world failures and went into political exile, usually for the rest of their lives. In our modern delusional times, screw-ups keep their access to the mic and podium and keep ranting on, their post-modern, degenerate hubris telling them all they have to do is tweak the narrative and yell it louder and everything will be back the way it was…

    Nemesis approaches in the darkness, a shit-eating grin on her face.

    • A very plausible theory. I should say, yet another very plausible theory for the Prog Hive’s implausible (not to mention dangerous) Russian/Putin hatred.* I even put out one theory myself above in the thread that makes a certain amount of sense (Moslem Brotherhood penetration and influence). But why so many, Batman_?

      The ‘what’ of the matter is obvious: It’s that the ‘why’ of the hive’s explanation for it makes no obvious rational sense. So we’re all over the place here looking for an alternative that makes some sense from a traditional/historical political point of view.

      There may be none: No universal explanation for Prog insanity that in the darkness binds them all. So, I confess that I’m at a loss to explain it unless it’s something inherent in their ersatz religion: As in, ‘Those whom the gods/God wish(es) to destroy, they/He first make(s) mad.’ If they were powerless, it would be humorous.

      *IMHO, a realist view of Putin would entail recognizing that he is neither angel nor devil, but rather a traditional, bloody-handed, nationalist strongmen whom it’s best not to trifle with even though you must deal with him on a day-to-day basis.

      • You bring up a good point. The Hive is not just Progressive, it is Transnational. There may be too may hands on the Ouija Board pointer to figure out who is pushing it where. We are back to the discussion on committees, aren’t we? When you consider all of the agencies that make up the deep state; our own oligarchs; the “donors” exerting their influence through the various foundations and think tanks; the EU (I am starting to realize how much we underestimate its influence); and the Fourth Estate, that’s a lot of interests represented on the committee. We mistake the committee’s outputs for some dark design, when really they are just crap.

        Which brings to mind something that a really smart engineer told me: “You eventually reach the point in your career when you realize that the only reason that we stay in business is that we are just a tiny bit less f*cked up than the competition.”

        • “It’s a frickin’ jungle out there.”

          It is natural for most us to try to discern the Hand of the Mover (a Father) that we might place our footsteps along a proper path. Other cultures see an Emperor as the middleman twixt Earth and Heaven; yet more, polytheism, Aunts and Uncles, the original dysfuntional Committee. Worse still, the modern age, wherein our Siblings will help us bring down Dad, as Zeus did to Chronos.

          Those like me, blind to such family dynamics (and sadly mystified by people in general), see an Ecology at work. The human ecology.

          In the great age of the sociobiologists- such works as The Naked Ape, The Territorial Imperative- I discovered A. Boucher’s Corporation Man.

          He observed departments in the BBC headunting, raiding each other for talent, and realized that human groups instintively came in certain sizes:

          5 to 15 males formed hunting bands for an immediate goal, such as bringing down a mammoth or raising a roof.
          Regardless of individual weaknesses, they formed effective units with a natural pecking order, from chief hunter to spearmaker and scout.

          Females form a camp of up to 40, including young and old, and form a more level “team player” network to deal with the essential, mundane chores of feeding, washing, nursing.
          Keeping the men fed so they can do the heavy lifting, as in our grandparents’ day.

          Human tribes naturally hit a limit of about 500-600, evidenced by Roman legions (facial retention blurs at about 500, Roman legions maxxed out at 600 troops).

          Culture- language, dress, and artifact signals- and intermarraige with the next valley over allowed us to daisychain into larger nations.

          Natural environments have endless niches. The flexibility of our groups has filled every environment, and built numerous sub-niches within those environments. Even so, human social structures remain consistent across the planet, and across aeons. As do ants, and herbivores, and predators.

          Eternal competition, between groups that cooperate within, is the tumble of genetic diversity. No disease or blight will get us all. Some will dominate the landscape.

          Yet we are limited in our predictions by our natural tendency to organize social patterns by immediate Family.

          Marching to the beat of different drummers, most envision that their star will rise, or remember greatness in their past.

          Nature is amoral, beyond morality.
          There may be no Plan.
          But, by the gods, the monkeys in my Tree are gonna get those bananas before yours do!

    • Great point. The current Putin hating hysteria dates from right after the Obama people were unsuccessful in getting ground troops in Syria. In this case Russia stood in the way, as far as they were concerned. Within weeks our stooges were demonstrating to overthrow the Ukrainian government.

    • Bit of Russian language trivia: Vlad is short for Vladislav. A Vladimir would be nicknamed Vova or Vovoya.

      Another way to look at the disdain for Putin’s Russia is that it’s a kind of anti-Brezhnev-ism (I am not good with words). Brezhnev’s government maintained that socialism was the inevitable end game for all humanity. Because of this he could never allow a socialist state to fail, because if a socialist government collapsed, that would pretty well demonstrate he was wrong about the inevitable end game of all humanity.

      Our leaders have a similar view, maybe call it end-of-history, whereby the corporate/bureaucratic regulatory empire is the inevitable end game for all humanity. Putin is this loud flashing siren screaming “eh, no it’s not” for all to see and hear.

  19. accusing Putin of being the new Hitler and claiming he has plans to invade Europe.

    What percentage of the non-rabid Leftist American populace would give 2 sheets if Putin did invade Europe? What if he then put down the Islamic Invasion and sent them all packing? There’d be a lot of new statues in Europe (of Putin) and maybe a couple here in the U.S.

    • Because his armored divisions would have to violate the borders of Poland, The Czech Republic, and/or Hungary to save the Germans and the French and the Italians from their own politicians and the muslim horde.

      The Poles and the Hungarians (and the Czechs) have been absolutely magnificent in resisting the islamic invasion and the EU. They do have absolutely valid historical antipathies to the Russians, so unless and until Poland makes a modus vivendi with the Russians, its not happening.

      Better for Putin to encourage the Visegrad nations to form a bulwark on his western border, and encourage Poland to finish off Germany herself, which at this point, in a sweet reversal of 1939, is entirely plausible, because I don’t think the Bundeswehr could fight its way out of wet paper bag against the Poles. They can’t even fight unarmed muslims. The German military, like their entire culture and nation, has been gelded. Germans in muslim controlled Deutschistan might welcome them as liberators.

      Putin is looking south like the Tsar in 1914. I hope he makes Istanbul Constantinople again. That’s a target that doesn’t require a European war, and NATO would stand by. No one in Europe can fight a war anymore, and our military is a hollow shell that can’t even intimidate the North Koreans, much less the Russians.

  20. “Then Putin came along and broke the backs of the oligarchs.” Yes, but HOW? I’d love to hear Our Betters, the Liberals, try to explain that one. It’s the same question I have about Nazi Germany, actually — how the unique globalist evil of capitalism, that is so multinationally evil it even causes hurricanes when there’s a Republican president, so meekly grabs ankle for guys like Putin and Hitler. We’re told that e.g. Hitler broke the big industrial combines, but according to the Left, Big Business runs the world. How? (I know the answer – it’s that stuff about “no statues to committees” — and I know that if they could see a self-contradiction they wouldn’t be Leftists, but it’d be fun to see them try).

    • > “Then Putin came along and broke the backs of the oligarchs.” Yes, but HOW?

      I might have an answer, but I’m not sure you’d like it. Putin is a head of “siloviki”, a clan built around ex-KGB/MVD/military: soviet secret police, civil police and top army people. So, he’s a Deep State candidate. A legitimised, popular junta leader. Funny, right?

      Even funnier, that this is what all those Brins and Zukerbergs will eventually get if they ever remake the US into an oligarchy. Men with guns will take their assets from them and establish a (decorated) military rule.

      • Yes. Putin is exhibit #1 for the proposition that someone can be 1) a very very bad guy, but 2) who accomplishes some good things. It has happened everywhere, throughout history – when your choices are between a) Augustus, and b) another round of horrible civil wars, most people pick a). Which was my point about Hitler — Big Business thought it was using him (and most businessmen in the US and UK were ok, if not outright enthusiastic, about this); instead, he used them, far more ruthlessly. Our Brins, Zuckerbergs et al had best pray long and hard every night that Trump isn’t *really* Hitler, like they keep saying he is.!

      • One way or another, when the rules get ignored, it always devolves into The Godfather. Among the delusions of the left, is that this is not the case.

      • “Even funnier, that this is what all those Brins and Zukerbergs will eventually get if they ever remake the US into an oligarchy. Men with guns will take their assets from them and establish a (decorated) military rule.”

        Promise? The ZMAN likes to remind us that when the elites tear up the rule book, they’re usually the first ones to suffer.

    • Super complex, so i’ll give a TL;DR version:
      Hitler didn’t “break” the big industrial combines-he co-opted them by presenting them with the least bad option at the time.
      The KPD obviously was not an option, the SPD was Marxist lite, and the and the DNVP were hemorrhaging voters to the Nazis. The Nazis were at least going to not bring Bolshevik revolution. After 1934 and the Night of the Long Knives, Hitler purges, with murder, the most radical Socialists within the Party, the Rohm and Strasser faction. This mollifies the old conservative elites of the Army as well as big business and the remnants of the aristocracy. Instead of Communist revolutionaries in the streets and Wiemar economic chaos, Hitler stabilizes the economy and breaks the trade unions of the SPD.

      Big business gambled on Hitler being the most controllable of the populist politicians, because the moderate, elitist politicians were done. It was quickly becoming a Communist vs Nazi showdown to control Wiemar Germany. The mistake made was that the old elites of German society, in the Army and the bureaucracy and the economy, thought that they could “moderate” Hitler as Chancellor. They jumped on a tiger’s back and thought they could tame it, but ended up being eaten just like everyone else.

      • I must say, that’s the most realistic summary I’ve yet seen. Nobody woke up and said, “We’re going to go completely starkers, and become the most hated people in history”.

      • This corresponds pretty well with the account of the late Georgetown historian Carroll Quigley, who provided a similar account of how “The Quartet” put Hitler into power.

  21. The bear scare is a narcissistic projection of the monstrousness of the left so massive, unmanageable and violent the poor bear can’t sustain the weight. Therein lies the implausibility.

    Tear down our statues, rename our streets and render university educations and void, as deconstruction is all they’ve got. We will rebuild all of it in our own image because beggars and parasites can’t be choosers.

    • Edit:

      Tear down our statues, rename our streets and render university educations null and void, as deconstruction is all they’ve got. We will rebuild all of it in our own image because and parasites can’t be choosers.

  22. I have to admit that, having spent much of my early adulthood training to kill Russians, I still register them as “enemy” when I see them and start automatically prioritizing targets. But yeah – the whole Russia hacked the election thing is absurd on several levels.

    Of course the media knows it’s nonsense. The DNC never did turn over their “hacked” servers to the FBI, because the damming info on Hillary was leaked not hacked. Now they are doing their absolute best to ignore the story of the Bernie-Bro leaker who was murdered and the Pakistani IT administrators black-mailing the DNC.

    • Gotcher newest and best Russia – DNC conspiracy raht cheer: The Russian FSB actually runs the Pakistani ISI who actually runs Imran Awan who actually penetrates DWS (close your eyes and think of Islamabad). Awan gets hired on out of gratitude and penetrates the DNC via DWS. Imran then passes the files back up the chain to Moscow. Moscow passes the files to Guiccifer II in Romania who publishes them on the internet. *That’s* how the sneaky Rooskies’ Bond villain Vlad, The Remote Control Impaler, hacked the election. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

      OTOH, the backpack left for the keystone capitol cops to find with DWS computer and copies of Imran’s docs in it business smells like some third party giving up *both* Imran *and* DWS to divert attention. So there’s that.

      • Both the Americans and the Russians long held their opponents in higher esteem than revealed facts might warrant, but especially so the Russians for the Americans. As Obama was elected we began doing many things that were incomprehensible, literally, to Putin. and he assumed that the Americans were running another brilliant dodge that would only become apparent when it was finally complete. It took him two or three years to understand this was no act and that is when he began to enjoy publicly giving Americans exactly the respect they deserved.

  23. I think the elite hate the Russians for being too white, traditionalist, and religious. After 70 years of real socialism, they ended up preferring the “American Dream”. Damn that must hurt our ruling elite.

    And the bastards seem to be far more traditionally moral than modern westerners. That must hurt too.

    • Absolutely, the Western Marxist left considers Putin, the ex KGB man, as the ultimate apostate. Putin took Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama’s Trotskyist dream world and shredded it in front of their faces. He raised the old Imperial Eagle, the Church, and made Russia great again.

    • Not just being too white, traditionalist, and religious, but for living the traditional male and female roles in society. Russian men still drink and fight. Putin is not the Bond villian, but the original James Bond himself, before he was softened up, post-Fleming. All male, amoral, doing his duty but taking what he wants, without asking first and without apology.

      I have a nephew, adopted as a child from Russia. He is having severe socialization issues as a teenager now. I see it, in part, the problem of merging his born and bred, and early environment of strong traditional male roles, having to contend with a liberal New England family and school life that demands he drop all of who he is, or was.

  24. “To maintain order, it required men with guns and willingness to use them.”

    It also requires the willingness of the society being repressed to participate in its own repression by engaging in propping up the wholesale lies. The USSR collapsed gradually under its contradictions, then suddenly when the people involved decided there was no longer any point in participating.

  25. For the Government Party, Putin bears all the trappings of your average, Hollywood, Bond villain. How many Bond movies are we up to now? 26? The Government Party needs a Bond villain to keep up appearances.

    It’s also human nature to hate the people who remind us most of ourselves. Putin is very much the leader people like McCain, Pelosi, etc. aspire to be. The Obama’s aren’t staying in D.C. to let their kid finish school. Obama aspires to be an American Putin.

    Nobody cares what Dmitry Medvedev thinks. He’s just there to let Putin reset the “term limits” clock.

    We have a permanent-government in this country too. The purpose of a good Bond villain is to give people something to look at so they don’t spend too much time looking at what their own government is up to. After all, James Bond is a hero, not an assassin…right?

    • Quite a bit of Putin hate is signaling, there is a correlation between your level of Putin hate and where you reside on the “Woke” scale.

  26. I think a lot of it is simply that the Russians don’t belong to any ethnic or religious victim class, so they’re fair game. Portray a Russian as a bad guy in a film and nobody will say a word.

  27. The Russians have always been the the Russians, even whilst being “Soviets” for a while. Russian is an imperial power that views eastern Europe as its sphere of influence and won’t take kindly to meddling. Remember the Crimean War? And the election meddling, hell, the Russians have been doing that since the Third International. They even bought and ran their own third party candidate in Henry Wallace in 1948 after being foiled by the Democrats finally coming to their senses and kicking him off the 1944 ticket. Were it not borderline sedition by the Dems, the whole affair about Russians, Russians, Russians would be hilarious.

    • The really odd thing is that the Dems are running a replay right now with The Moslem Brotherhood playing the role of the Communist International in the 1920s – 1950s: Peoples’ Exhibit A is Humma Abadin (spelling_?)

      Apparently there’s no organization easier to penetrate and manipulate than one engaged in penetration and manipulation itself yet thinking itself immune. Whether, as some have postulated, that the malignant mulatto was a secret Moslem I don’t know, but that’s at least as good an explanation as any other I have heard for many of his actions. Obama as the Moslem Brotherhood’s Henry Wallace actually elected kinda fits. Then the strange Russian antipathy of the Prog inner party falls into place pretty neatly, given the Russian’s historical role in rolling back the caliphate, etc.

      • I’d toss in Sarsour. And they don’t even try to hide their “5th Column-ness”. Occam has generally kept me away from conspiracy theories…but you are right about the fascination with anything Islamic with the Dems. If I were female or any of the LGBTSQXYZ letters, I’d be breaking out in hives.

        • The word conspiracy is sometimes used to deflect attention from an opponent’s sustained strategy. For example, the USSR had a sustained strategy of taking over the world for communism (and to promote Russian hegemony). It was modeled on the Bolshevik’s demonstrated successful strategy against the Russian Empire which centrally involved many conspiracies. Elsewhere, it involved conspiracies with locals to overthrow various countries’ governments and install communists.

          To do this they used a great variety of tactics. One of those was to try to discredit their various opponents in other countries as conspiracy theorists. IOW, there *was* a long term conspiracy and part of it was gas-lighting the target population that there was no conspiracy.

          So, the fact that there are more conspiracy theories than actual conspiracies doesn’t mean that there are no actual conspiracies.

          The Moslem Brotherhood and other Islamic Supremacists appear to me to be using many elements of the communists’ playbook. Hell, they even have some of the identical fellow travelers from the Prog Hive, who simply shifted alliances.

          • Occam’s Razor often forces me to accept ‘conspiracy theories’.

            Tunnel vision, yes.
            “They must’ve been stupid”- er, no.
            Ruthless, lying? AKA… tunnel vision.

          • Agreed. Many things get done through conspiracies. The 9/11 hijackers conspired to knock down the WTC. Judas Iscariot conspired with the pharisees to hand over Jesus.

    • > The Russians have always been the the Russians, even whilst being “Soviets” for a while.

      As a Russian, I can’t agree to that. The communist experiment was not organic for the Russians and required Bolsheviks to get rid – physically – of gentry and clergy, the Russian thinking classes, first. Whatever educated people left in the country, they were city dwellers. Which demographically meant: 1/3 Jews and 1/3 Poles, both ethnic groups having a grudge against Russian. Just look for Zemlyachka, Dzerzhinsky, Yagoda – or Trotsky, – and they attitude toward ethnic Russians.

      Red Revolution was an ethnic, anti-Russian revolution. It eventually suffocated in pure volumes of Slavs, Russian and Ukrainian, slowly making their way into the system. “Russian” (or rather Ukrainian – after Khrushchev and Brezhnev) part of Soviet Union was from the 60s onwards and only lasted for two decades.

      • Just look for Zemlyachka, Dzerzhinsky, Yagoda – or Trotsky, – and they attitude toward ethnic Russians.

        Hell, look at Stalin and Beria… Wasn’t Lenin’s father a Siberian aboriginal and his mother a Swedish-German mix?

        • They say he was half Russian, with an admixture of Turkish/Mongol blood (Chuvash or Kalmyk – he have certain Asian features), and – yes, Swedish/German mother.

          And he is the most Russian of all first-wave Bolsheviks, which tells a lot about the popularity of their ideas among ethnic Russians.

          I didn’t mention Stalin and Beria because they were on the quest for personal power. Those butchers equally didn’t care about most of the Soviet nations (Chechens, Crimean Tatars, etc.), or so it seems to me, while early Bolsheviks often were specifically Russophobic (due to pale of settlement, the division of Poland, etc.).

          • This is what drives me nuts about modern Western understandings of the Russian Revolution. I’m not a specialist in this area, but just basic reading should tell us that the Bolsheviks hated nationalism above everything (imperialism is the highest stage of capitalism, after all). They were very enthusiastic about “Sovietizing” the national minorities, which meant, in practice, wiping them out. Same thing for the Jews — Lenin’s and especially Stalin’s purges worked pretty well as Holocausts, too, and were designed to, but you still hear people over here talking about “Jewish Bolshevism.”

            Thanks for the Russian perspective, Sergey. Z Man, you really get around! We’ve got the UK, Russia, Germany…. for a bunch of hating haters that hate, you guys sure are a diverse community.

          • The fact that Bolshevism was Jewish and the fact that Bolshevist regarded Jews as dangerous potential enemies are two facts not necessarily in opposition. Rabbi Marx himself loathed Jews.

          • A side note about that Jewish Bolshevism: the problem is, that once their latest Frankenstein’s monster is rampaging on a life of it’s own, the nomads flee to better pastures such as the Columbia School of Journalism, the OSS/CIA, the New York Fed, Mao’s advisory council and opium fields, both the Nazi officer corps and the Rotfront, the Bretton Woods administration, the BIS banks, the DC Beltway, etc.

            Tikkun Olam- managing the cattle- never learns. And they hate being tied down, leaving the traditionalist nationalists behind to take the hit.
            (Or killing them if they resist, as in the Holodomor.)
            The nomadics ride the wave.

            Israel herself is a convenient hidey hole- as Sicily was to the Cosa Nostra- but even she is under constant soft assault by her own socialists.

            Our mistake is the illusion that the Semitics have the empathy, the union of the hajnals. They are more like the Han, who happily cheat and murder one another. This is a consistent cycle since the Bronze Age. Truly an epic People, as are the Han (who replaced the Ming Yiaou).

            Idea guys- yes. But unified? One people, united by oppression? When someone tells me good King Jesus was a Jew, I say, well, so were the Sadducees and Pharisees.

            Forgive me for veering off into the loonyland of the Jewish Question.
            In Z’s last article, a late commentor left a great summary of the damage done by the Holocaustianity Narrative.

            The Russia Question is yet another wave of the submerged tide.

            The BIS central banks and their captured mercenaries, the US neocon military, are waging a quiet war against the One Belt initiative.

            Not conspiracy, but instinct, like African violence. We must calculate the fractal effects, or continue to be blindsided.

          • > Thanks for the Russian perspective, Sergey.

            If you are interested, I’m a UK-based Russian expat, who got here after the initial shock of reading UK MSM, specifically the Guardian. I had no idea how Left-wing modern West is before that! Even what passes for “conservative thought” in West would be deemed in Russia as delusional humanistic wishful thinking that wouldn’t survive the confrontation with daily reality outside of the First world kindergarten.

            So I gradually moved toward the non-mainstream socially conservative political blogs until finally discovered the Alt-Right movement. Or the believers in ‘Gods of the Copybook Headings’ as I call them. The Gods, who are well-renowned among Russians, thanks to our harsh climate and tough people (that make the idea of malevolence being a part of human character evident, protecting us from the naivety of the modern West).

            Funnily, within Russia the English are still considered to be made from Empire-building material; and Americans men all to be Lone Ranger marine types living in the land of individual freedom. I still laugh (although with some sadness) after every interaction with young Brits when I recall how I used to think about their kin. The oldtimers are still tough as nails though.

          • Have had the pleasure of working closely was a bunch of Brezhnev era Russian emigrants for years (I’m in a quant business). All are ruthless realists and have never hesitated to correct soft headed idiocy or nostalgia for the system they grew up under.

          • My business partner is the son of Russian immigrants to the US. “Ruthless realist” describes him very well, along with the idea that “you create your own good fortune”. Great partner, hope I can keep up with him over time.

          • The thing is, the population of Ukraine was around 12% Jewish, yet less than 1% of them died during the Holomodor. They were virtually unscathed while the Ukrainian rural population was resorting to cannibalism. The perpetrators of the genocide, moreover, were disproportionately Jewish in origin, from the Communist Party functionaries to the OGPU/NKVD/Comsomol units that carried out the confiscation and collectivization program.

            To a Ukranian, as well as a Russian “kulak”, the agent of your destruction very often had a Jewish face. Thus, the correlation between Jews and Bolshevism is not simply Nazi propaganda, although it is conveniently dismissed as such in the West, in no small part by the Communist agents in the Western governments and media at the time and since.

            That stoked up resentment came pouring out when the Germans occupied the Ukraine 10 years later, when the survivors turned the tables.

          • Well, one problem they had to work through initially was the apparent contradiction of Marxist theory with the realities of the defeat of the communist revolutionary attempts in the rest of Europe (if you ever wonder why we got the Immigration Act of 1924, this was one reason). It left the Soviets with the problem that Marxism envisioned a general rising of the worker proletariat. Instead all they got was one revolution in the most agrarian backwater in Europe. So once the Stalin/Bukharin wing of building socialism in one country beat out Trotsky and “permanent revolution”, the crushing of any identity other than “Soviet” began in order to strengthen for the long “war” ahead. Obviously, much more complicated than one paragraph. But ethnic identities were one luxury that was unaffordable.

  28. If you want examples of monuments to committees look at the ugly architecture of museums in the last fifty years.

    By the way. Is there any correlation between the ethnicity of many of the oligarchs of the former USSR and the fact that our oligarchs hate Russia for freeing itself from them?

    I’ve suggested it before, but one of the most illuminating books on the subject of the end of the Soviet Union was written about twenty years before it fell: Nationalism, The Last Stage of Communism by Emil Lengyel.

    • P.J. O’Rourke termed Soviet/Eastern bloc architecture “Commie Concrete”. Stark, lifeless and crumbling (since they couldn’t even manage to make decent cement as simple as that is)

        • His “Foreigners around the World” remains a classic. He also said “Commies love concrete. They just can’t figure out how to make it.”

      • And these same guys, these ‘apes on the take’ – shoved Hitler’s Blitzkrieg up his ass. They beat Americans into space and will probably be hassling the Chinese for the best real estate on moon in the future. (That won’t come to pass for us, obsessed as we are with saving negroes and welfare slugs from themselves and paying through the nose for the pleasure).

        These are the guys, who in front of millions during the winter Olympics – confronted the batshit crazy women of Pussy Riot. Do you remember the footage? The usual bunch of clueless harridans and femcnuts, chanting and waving placards. A Russian cop calmly addressed one of the ladies and politely asked her to leave. She started screaming and chanting. The cop raised his voice to the lot of them and ordered them to vacate, that the Olympics were not to be a venue for their demonstration. Then ALL the gals were bitching and screaming at the tops of their lungs.
        The signal was given – and all the cops rushed in to methodically slap the shit out of the bints until they left. One tripped and fell and tried to get her placard – and a cop booted her in the ass for her troubles. The bints ran a few yards, turned to scream again – and the cops were right there, slapping, punting, and cuffing. None of them were seriously hurt – they were just run off and dispensed with – without a second thought!

        THAT is the way to handle stupid women that insist on making a nuisance of themselves, gentlemen. The media went nuts, and Putin smirked at them and ignored them. THAT is the way to handle a feral media! 🙂

        It’s not just the zillionaires and oligarchs that fear Russia – it’s the average progtard on the street – most of whom are deranged she-twinks, sexual degenerates and lesbians. Street protest, public mischief, and delinquent behaviour is a major form of entertainment for those types and anybody that holds them in the contempt they deserve are people to be feared and loathed.

        • But they still can’t pour decent concrete….a mystery that will rank up there with the whereabouts of Judge Crater….

          • The poor quality of Soviet concrete is not a mystery, they used to use a naturally occurring cement which has little compressive or flexural strength, in comparison to kiln fired Portland cement. Also they eschewed the use of admixtures such as water reducing and air entraining agents. Russian concrete was a crapshoot, some good some bad.

            I toured the USSR as an engineering student in the 70s and observed some buildings under construction and some which were just completed. I observed a number of buildings, over three stories, which required iron banding to prevent rupture. At that time the Russians were about 50 years behind us in heavy construction. Construction was a dangerous occupation in the USSR. Carelessness and drunkenness was rampant.

    • teapartydoc wrote:
      “By the way. Is there any correlation between the ethnicity of many of the oligarchs of the former USSR and the fact that our oligarchs hate Russia for freeing itself from them?”

      Indeed, there is

  29. I believe the reason why Leftists hate modern Russia is that Russia is one of the very few countries in the World that took the Leftist path to its very end, and now is the log in the eye of every Leftist.

    Like Solzhenitsyn’s books, that totally destroyed left-leaning public intellectuals, and put a solid argument for the Right to oppose Left with, the mere existence of modern Russia is a live evidence of how destructive socialism can be, and that it always ends up with the restoration of what had been destroyed.

    This is a thing that most Westerners do not realise about Russia: it took the path of “social progress” to the very end, very fast, with all the brakes being dismantled by Red Terror. No-fault divorce? 1917. Legalisation of abortions? 1920. What is a legal norm in the West today, was made so in Russia a hundred years ago, with no opposition and dissent being allowed.

    I am saying “Russia” instead of ex-USSR because the rest of Eastern block and Baltics were reabsorbed into EUSSR in no time, central Asian states went back to pre-historic petro-Islam, and small Caucasus states of Georgia and Armenia effectively failed.

    It seems that my native beloved Russia is condemned to be the eternal martyr of white civilization, being in a constant opposition to the current trend of Western thought.

    • Agreed. The USSR proved beyond a shadow of a doubt what the Left HAS to deny: There’s such a thing as human nature. You can severely deform the human personality, but there are hard limits — there really is such a thing as the New Soviet Man, but he’s nothing like what they thought he would be, because human nature doesn’t work like that. Theodore Dalrymple said a Romanian dissident told him the Romanian psyche would take five generations to recover from Communism. It’ll probably take at least that long to get the SJW virus into remission… and I doubt we have that long.

    • I don’t believe that Russia is condemned to be the “eternal martyr of white civilization”; the next “martyr” could well be the USA given the way things are going. Europe chose to be a suicide rather than a martyr, but unless and until the back of the fraudulent financial system is broken, Russia and her evolving financial system could prove to be the straw that breaks the camel’s back of the system set up by the emigres from what is now southern Ukraine.

      • By “martyr” I meant someone who goes against the grain of a shared narrative of the superseding group, not purely a sufferer. On the other hand, it diversifies The West a bid, like back 300 hundred years ago, when we had a Republican alternative of the New World in opposition to Old World’s monarchies.

        The US, the EU, and that semi-separate bit of it, the UK, are all in terrible shape. I watch the news from America with awe – surely there is a certain amount of journalist-induced panic, but even with that in mind, what you guys have there – Harvey, Irma, fires in the west, Charlotte, Berkley, extreme political polarization, Chicago-Baltimore slaughterhouses, impending bankruptcy of whole states – seems like a real-life story of a mythical flood. You know, in a Jordan Peterson sense, “retribution for a wilful blindness”.

        • Got it, thanks. I don’t watch news and don’t live in the USA or Europe, though I’m a citizen of both. My fears for and growing discomfort in both were strong enough to induce me to leave the former 20 years ago and the latter 13 years ago. ‘m beginning to see Russia as the only possibly effective counterweight to a financially-ruled oligarchy that has bamboozled the West and now threatens its destruction.

          • And therein lies the real reason the neocons are constantly pushing for war between the US and Russia: The two most powerful white nations (or formerly white) must not be allowed to ally themselves.

    • The Russia led by Tsar Putin is a Christian nationalist nation-state in a world that our ‘betters’ are busily transforming. Putin stands in their way. Not only is the NWO a real plan, the long term goal is mixing of the races to eliminate any distinctions

      • “The Most Holy and Christian Tsar” Putin has, in fact, ripped-off billions of dollars from his people and the economic situation in his country is worsening with worsening life expectancy. He is trying to assert control over non-state Christian churches and the Orthodox church.

        He’s a useful foil to the globalists and Western idiots, but that’s about it.

          • Unlike Western leaders, Putin is not a homosexualist nor a trangenderist and, despite being a philanderer, affirms traditional sex roles and marriage. He is not beholden to large multinational corporations. He has not started pointless wars throughout the world and tried to stop some of ours (Syria). He is not welcoming hordes of Muslims into his land (many come nonetheless – they have a huge problem with Muslims in Russia). The right to keep and bear arms seems to be improving in Putin’s Russia.

            Off the top of my head, those are the ways he’s different and better than WEstern leaders. He’s still a thief and a murderer. Have no illusions about KGB men.

  30. There’s a reason Putin always has a slightly bemused look on his face whenever he has to deal with a Western leader. For progressives and neoconservatives, time is a line in which the farther forward you go, the better and more moral everyone and everything is. For them the past is evil and needs to be erased, or at least denigrated. But Russia is metaphysically more Eastern (perhaps due to the Asian influence both through conquest by the Golden Khanate and just geography) and time for them is circular, and the past is a present you live in (which is why they take their Christianity seriously and threw Pussy Riot in jail). Thus Putin’s bemusement when Westerners disparage Russia for being stuck in the past. The past is where you’re supposed to be stuck, and you can’t win a race, leap forward, or progress when you have no choice but to move in a circle. The left never could see the forest for the trees and they never cared about people, or anything besides some future that’s never coming. This also explains the unhinged hatred for Steve Bannon, since he also understands things are cyclic and not linear (look up “The Fourth Turning”).

    • The most intriguing aspect of the Trump presidency so far was when he and Putin had an unscheduled meeting for an hour and a half with no one but Putin’s translator present.

      I disagree with the cyclical theory. I believe Russia is just further along the path than we are. Exactly one hundred years further.

  31. So we’ve gone from fortresses to cattle pens then. The Cloud operates above and beyond borders.

    Multinational conglomerates vs nation states. That really is a New World Order.

  32. Most people in the west tend to forget the veneer of civilization in quite thin. There have been recent examples, Katrina and New Orleans, being a good lesson in the breakdown of order. When the conflagration comes as our host quite eloquently points out it will not end well. It seems those in the cloud are just trying to position themselves to survive what will come.

    • Saw a bit of that after Sandy. Thankfully not too much. Nothing that lighting up the guys in the pickup truck (out looking for generators to steal) with 1500 lumens and allowing them to see a slung shotgun didn’t solve. But one thing was painfully clear, the vast majority of Progs (who are the majority here) were utterly unequipped to cope with even a simple extended power outage.

      • These people would call 911 for caffeine withdrawal if their local Starbucks ran out of coffee.

        • In all seriousness, since Sandy came at the end of a long volunteer fire career, there was one priceless moment, while responding the umpteenth tree down call, where I was treated to a wealthy 30 something suburban housewife screaming into her cell phone at ConEd (on the speakerphone setting)– “I don’t care what your priorities are, I’m demanding that you restore power to my house now!”. Over and over. Well as C-F’d as ConEd was, those priorities were places like hospitals, nursing homes, elderly housing, commercial districts with grocery stores, gas stations etc. That’s kind of what you are dealing with with these folks.

          • We had a cat one some years ago. This is a wooded area, and when the wind brings down the trees, it sounds like gunfire. The snowflakes were calling 911 and talk radio stations to report gun shots in the thick of the hurricane. (Those were some tough thugs!)

          • The key term in your comment is “suburban housewife”. As much of the alt-right and the MGTOW community would attest : there is a definite “female” problem in regards to making sane and logical decisions, and acceding to reality.

            In December of 2008 we had a big ice storm up here in New England. Lines were down everywhere, some places didn’t get power back for a couple of weeks. The power outages in my town were pretty much universal at first – and within a few days spots had power back. I didn’t get power back at my house for 3-4 days if I remember correctly. The biggest problem with having no power – at least at my home: was no heat. No heat = pipes freezing, things that should not be frozen do (like paint) – and are therefore ruined – etc.

            I had been agitating to buy a generator for a few years – the wife always nixed the idea: “why do we need that”. So the power goes out – and the house starts getting colder and colder. It’s like the 3rd day in – and we’re sleeping in bed with 4 blankets on top of us – and she wakes up at 4am all pissed off yelling about how she can’t take it any more “I’m going to a hotel!”. Yeah – where is that? They’re all full. “Well I’ll go to somebody else’s house!” – Yeah – who do you know that has power? . (see – here’s the example of not acceding to reality).

            So I tell her – Look , go take a hot shower ( we have hot water because we’re on town water and natural gas – gravity doesn’t care about the power being out and the water heater has a pilot light – another reality she cannot understand) – then we’ll go find some place to eat – and then at 8am when places start opening – we’ll call around and try to find a generator. So we go and eat – and at 8am I start calling around every Honda Power dealer I can find in the New England area. Finally – I find what I’m looking for in upstate Maine – about an hour above Portland. So now she’s all pissed about that – and I have to remind her that she’s not going anywhere anyway – the power is out everywhere. So the likely thing we’re going to be doing – is sitting in the car trying to stay warm. Might as well be driving it somewhere and accomplishing something. I also remind her – it’s either drive and get the generator – or we go home and start draining pipes. Plus there’s 3 cats in the house – and they’re going to be living in sub freezing temps in about another 14 hours by my calculations.

            Her main objection – is spending the money. I have to remind her that – letting the temps drop in the house have a cost too. Where the hell are we going? We’re going to have pack up the cats – and go to my parents house – which she doesn’t like. I can’t leave the house the way it is – the pipes all have to get drained. We have about $400 in paint in the basement because we were working on home renovations – it’s not supposed to freeze – so it’s all going to be junk. You’re going to spend one way or another. She just can’t see all the costs – because she doesn’t have a firm grip on the WHOLE reality of the situation.

            I see this over and over again – to the point where it’s comical. One of my co-worker buddies is all pissed off one day – and it’s because his wife is pulling a nutter making all sorts of crazy ass decisions that make absolutely no sense. He’s all pissed off – and I was laughing – because it’s like his wife – and mine – share the same brain.

            My statement (which pisses her off to no end) whenever something like this goes down is: “Yet another example of why women don’t rule the world”.

          • Love it! Here’s what you do, get the generator, do what you need to do. Man up. She will end up bragging about you to her friends, and will look at you with a new set of eyes. Don’t discuss things, just do them and give her the choice of staying put or going on the car ride to Maine.

            How do I know? Went through the 2003 fires here in Southern California (through them, literally driving out through a firestorm). No time to discuss, just to do what needed to be done. Worked out just fine, now when things aren’t to be discussed, she respects that I have my reasons.

          • Truth. Tell her to just relax and let you deal with it. Be calm and decisive. She wants to know somebody competent is in charge, and nothing scares her more than the prospect of a basket case like her having any authority during a crisis.

            Some of them are too far gone to handle that, and then you’ve got real problems that require an attorney.

          • Sometimes that is easy – sometimes that is a bit harder. I’ve often just done things without “consultation” and dealt with the consequences later. The gun cabinet, my shop, and the driveway all are full of those decisions. This particular one was something I felt we both needed to be involved in – because she might have to operate the thing on her own – and , most importantly – she needed to understand why we needed one. So a lesson needed to be taught.

          • As a woman, I’d make a terrible husband. I would have told her to shut up, she was being stupid & I was going to handle the issue & if she didn’t like it, I’d let her freeze to death, lol.
            This must be why lesbians fight do much. Women have zero patience.

          • If you truly believe that line of BS (“…she will look at you with a new set of eyes.”) I’ve got this little bridge in Brooklyn, I can get for you…real cheap!

          • Hmm, my husband and I lived off grid for sometime. We did have a house in town for a few years. When we sold it, we boight a generator before we moved onto the country. Too many women are just ornamental and have no real skills.

          • You might want to get some sub-zero sleeping bags for heatless indoor occasions. The cats will love them, by the way.

          • With a 2000W generator my house is fully functional – a side benefit I guess of being “on the grid”. Town water relies on pressure – I don’t have to run a pump. Forced hot water heating doesn’t take much wattage to run a circulating pump. Natural gas from the street requires no electricity on my end to still function. So the only reason I need electricity is to keep the heating water pump running – some lights and the refrigerator. All that is taken care of with maybe 1200W or so. With no electricity – I still have fully functional hot water. If I really wanted to go crazy – I could probably rig up a pedal powered hot water heating pump or something like that. Not worth the time investment IMHO.

            My father heats his house with a wood stove and he’s in the middle of a suburban housing development. I could do the same – but I have no good place to install a wood stove. That would make the house pretty much off-grid capable in the event of a power outage – except for the refrigerator. Since the power mostly goes out for long periods of time in the winter – that is also a solvable problem on the cheap (buy coolers and use snow).

            My ultimate solution is to pickup one of those newer quieter military diesel 10KW gensets and
            get it wired into the house. That will pretty much solve all the problems and even run the shop so if we’re stuck at home in the middle of a massive storm – I’ll just go into the barn and make stuff.

          • You’re out of date. In the past this was a woman issue, (#NotAll), but the advent of the numale of today has changed all of that. You’ve obviously missed the montage videos of guys calling 911, because they were afraid of their cats, for one example. Today, being male does not preclude you from being useless or helpless. Equality!

          • They’re women , damn it!

            They have NO BRAINS! All they work with is emotion and their own personal dramas! Its all about THEM! Solipsistic to the end, they will blame you if things don’t go their own immediate way!

            When the “next best thing” politically, finally breaks out, I surmise the first thing to go, will be suffrage for all those vaginas that now have the vote!!

          • I get folks like that at work, demanding we fix their internet because they need to do online banking.

    • In 2011 there was flooding on the upper Missouri River due to record snow melt in the Rockies. The Corps of Engineers opened flood gates on the dam systems to manage the increased flow. Those who had built I what was historically the seasonal floodplain now found their properties threatened. Much of the riverfront properties are million dollar McMansion type houses. In Bismarck, North Dakota, the city set up sand bag filling sites where anyone could collect filled sand bags to protect their property. Particularly telling was a front page photo of a middle aged couple, dressed in exercise clothing, loading filled sandbags into an SUV. What i took away from that picture is that there are people out there who don’t own work cloths! Work cloths meaning the sort of clothing worn while doing manual labor.

      • Everyone should probably own boots, work gloves, Carhartt trousers and shirts and a Mossy Oak or Stihl hat – even if you’re unaccustomed/useless for manual labor. At the very least, it signals to tradesmen that you’re one of them or respect them. Tradesmen are more likely to prioritize fixing your suburban crisis if they like you. Also, deadlift so you have broader shoulders that make you look like you’ll help them carry lumber or other supplies.

    • I always tell people who believe that we have “evolved” past our animal nature, to gather up the faculty from an Ivy league university & lock them in a room together for 48 hrs w/only one candy bar. Post “experiment,” we can talk.

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