End of the Gatekeepers

The manufactured outrage over Harvey Weinstein has been entertaining, mostly because a lot of Hollywood blowhards have taken it in the shorts. Watching guys like Ben Affleck and Jimmy Kimmel suffer is enjoyable because they are horrible people fond of self-righteously lecturing the rest of us. The schadenfreude is all good fun, but it misses a bigger story. The reason Hollywood is imploding in scandals, over what has been the norm for generations, is that the smart money has left the business.

As Steve Sailer noted, degenerates like Harvey Weinstein have always been a fixture in the movie business. Smart Jewish men were drawn to the business, because success meant they got to be gatekeepers in a high demand business. That meant they could charge large tolls for the right to pass through the gates. Anyone who wanted to be in movies had to make it in Hollywood. Actresses and actors that wanted to be stars had to do what was required to make it past the gatekeeper. Everyone paid the toll.

Unsurprisingly, Hollywood has always been the land of horny men and slutty women, willing to trade sex for success. To some degree, that was always the attraction. In what other business could a golem like Weinstein have easy access to hot sleazy women, as a part of his daily work? For that matter, in what other business could hot sleazy women get rich and famous just for having the right look? Other than the smart guys who ran the place, Hollywood was for carny folk hoping they would find the golden ticket.

It all worked as long as Hollywood was the choke point of the entertainment business in America. For the longest time, that was the case. All movies were made in Hollywood and almost all TV shows. Some television work was done in New York City, but even that was controlled by the big studios. That meant smart men looking to make big money in movies went to Hollywood to make their money. They had no choice. Even if they wanted to go around the studios, the studio men controlled the distribution networks too.

Most everyone gets that technology is changing how people consume entertainments like movies and TV shows. Instead of a cable sub and trips to the theater, it is the internet and viewing on a variety of devices from anywhere with wireless access. That is why cord cutting is gaining steam. There is no reason to have a cable deal when you can get all the same stuff, on demand, from your internet provider. With gizmos like Kodi, you can get any video in the world, free of charge, as long as you have the technical savvy.

The other side of this coin is that technology has broken up the bottleneck that is Hollywood. Services like Amazon are greedy for content and they have the money to go around the gate keepers. Hollywood is no match when facing off with the giant tech companies and their control of the internet. Then there is the fact that making movies does not require prohibitively expensive video equipment and facilities. This guy made a very slick drama in Scotland for £3000. It is as good as anything Hollywood produces.

Then there is the fact that social media is making it easier for these independent content creators to get attention. PewDiePie has over fifty million subscribers to his YouTube channel. Mike Cernovich has proved that you can gain national attention, despite having no obvious talent, if you figure out how to work social media. Donald Trump is in the White House, because he figured out that old media is no longer valuable. He spent his time and money on other forms of marketing and won the election as a result.

The days of Hollywood being a choke point for video entertainment is over. The new players in the content business are the services like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu. They are becoming the new choke points for TV and movies so the smart guys are moving to those rackets. They do not have to be in Los Angeles or even in America. These services are so desperate for content, they will even go to Iceland for it. Like the big record labels of the prior age, Hollywood is on its way to becoming a legacy business.

As an aside, the foreshadowing of this was the pornography business. Twenty years ago, porn producers in the San Fernando Valley made big money producing porno films for home video rental. Bus loads of girls would come to Hollywood to become stars, only to end up in the valley making porn. Then, the internet and inexpensive video gear made it possible for anyone to put porn on-line. Before long, the internet was awash in free porn of every imaginable variety. The porn industry collapsed.

An axiom of modern, life is that the arrival of social justice warriors is a sign that a business or industry has entered a death spiral. It may not be dead, but its days of making big money have ended. The smart-money men, interested only in making money, have left the scene, leaving the people with other agendas to take over and impose those agendas. That is when the gals start running off the guys for being male and cook up schemes to help under-represented minorities realize their potential.

That is what is happening with Hollywood. The girls are taking over, which means they will be producing content that no one watches, as they burn through the assets of the movies business infrastructure. Soon, the oppressed people of color will be accusing the remaining studio men of being insufficiently remorseful about their ancestors owning slaves. Unlike colleges and corporations that go through this, the film business has an ample supply of degenerates like Harvey Weinstein. This is just getting started.

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  1. “Soon, the oppressed people of color will be accusing the remaining studio men of being insufficiently remorseful about their ancestors owning slaves.”

    Jim Goad noticed that the modern elite whites lecturing poor whites about racism are descendants of the slave owners. Here we have an example. I thought Jews like David were always on the right side of history? Hmmm, so many of them have blonde hair and blue eyes they’ll have trouble making that case to the hordes. Your skin is unfortunately unchangeable.

  2. It is actually worse than that. Hollywood has quality and production like the Auto industry in 1970. Union shop rules (see how long the credits are, best boys, gaffers, wardrobe, hairdressers, makeup… all separate jobs).
    So it takes $100 Million to do a movie? Where does it all go? Some to the stars, but a lot to a production line that is not post Deming, Just in Time, efficient.
    Would Justice League work if it was entirely animated but kept the script?
    They brought Peter Cushing’s visage back from the dead for the Star Wars prequel.
    Likely. The writing has been flattening to 2D characters and no real plot, when it doesn’t get offensively preachy and/or profane.
    Occasionally something breaks through but it is an independent with a small budget made away from Hollywood.
    With literature dying (what book next to adapt?) and going SJW pink, and the need to vandalize the old stories for their PC reboots, they aren’t even going to have raw material.

  3. Z just cut the cord and are using Kodi. Any apps you’d recommend for first run movies and streaming sports? You can send me email if you are more comfortable

  4. An axiom of modern, life is that the arrival of social justice warriors is a sign that a business or industry has entered a death spiral. It may not be dead, but its days of making big money have come to a close. The smart-money men, interested only in making money, have left the scene, leaving the people with other agendas to take over and impose those agendas. That’s when the gals start running off the guys for being male and cook up schemes to help under-represented minorities realize their potential.

    One can only hope that this is what is happening to university health care systems.

  5. The really creative people have left as well. The writing is mediocre, at best, and special effects have taken the place of good storytelling. Now that would have been an excruciating date, having to go to the female cast version of Ghostbusters.

    I suspect those people would have fled the sinking ship first.

  6. Institutional rot is all over, even in the military academies.



    This is what happens when you drop standards to let in minorities who have zero business in such academies and the management ends uo supporting it.

    • My good man, US Navy ships have been ramming boats all over the world recently like they were captained by affirmative action total incompetents, which they were. This is well along.

      • i am willing to give the crews of the ships involved the benefit of the doubt, and assume they were trying to ram the cargo ships.

    • Academy deans and superintendents have become SJW lightworkers to meet service diversity standards. Usually, this comes in the form of bringing in non-white athletes who have to go to the academy prep schools before attending the academies themselves. To offset the dum-dums, white cadets must be smarter than ever before. This is bad because most of these people belong in R&D not flying planes (though you don’t want dummies doing this) or commanding dum-dums. The behavioral standards are also lowered for the nonwhites and women; the latter get passed-around by the academy men. The white cadets are expected to believe the new dogmas of homosexuality and transgenderism so they can get past O-3. I think few want to now, judging by my time as an officer and having family who have gone to one of the academies.

      Note that Greg Popovich is a USAFA grad. This virtue-signalling cuck is pretty representative of Boomer white men who have graduated our elite military institutions and lost their way or never had it. They don’t care about much beyond alumni events.

  7. You know that this is probably the last time you’ll hear of such as this. From now on all the Harvey Wienstien’s will have videos of the “nasty girls” like Ashley Judd looking in the camera after having wiped his ass with her tongue and begging for a facial. I think it’s on you tube somewhere, so shut up Ashley, or else.

  8. those power skirts look like they can bang all night. going to flip a coin; heads it’s the power skirt hunt; tails it’s Pamplona next summer.

  9. More specifically to Weinstein, his company was crumbling. The Church of Liberalism is financed through the selling of indulgences. The money you pay is directly proportional to the sins for which you are forgiven.

    That also explains all the piety after the fact by all these people who remained silent over the years.

  10. Last Hollywood film I watch is Gran Torino. I do not miss much about Europe, except food from super market (truly stereotype but food in Americna grocer is terrible) and cinema. English film like Harry Brown is needed, anti-PC thug ghetto culture but Hollywood liberals will never dare approach this.

  11. To quote the anti puritan from his
    We need more men like Harvey Weinstein:

    “They pay the price of their lack of integrity on their knees servicing men like him. It is justice when the evil and superficial eat each other. No sympathy. No compassion. No tears.”

    Those eyes starring back out of the abyss? Weinstein!

  12. You people are delusional

    People of Color are the future and media will not be marketed to whites if media wants to realize she a profit

    This page st is delusional wishful thinking from a bitter old man

    • Well if you want more profit than what a dollar store turns, you have to target whitey. Same if you want a tip, you better wait on that white table.

      Who do you think has income to spare on foam fingers and the desire to pull those? Not Jamal, and you can’t buy stadium tickets with EBT cards.

      • But don’t look to Prog whitey. They are well known as lousy tippers and tight with a buck. Always quick with an excuse why things aren’t right and so nobody gets a tip.

    • Well, we may be delusional, but at least we’re not accessories to rape or co-conspirators in the cover-up. If your post is any indication, then pretty much everyone you like, and a lot of people you voted for…ARE.

    • People of Color may be the future, but it isn’t going to be a future that anyone wants to live in, unless those future People of Color learn some of the manners and mores of the old white culture, which is fast slipping away anyway.

    • what’s the going price for a person of color? i mean a strong healthy buck, a real mandingo.

  13. So what’s with Ronan willingly stepping out and doing a major story on a VERY well connected studio head, so prominently tied to the Democrats and Hillary??? Something is afoot!

    • This story has been trying to get out for years, going into a decade or more. Why now? Because when the vultures cannot feed off of the carrion of others, they turn on their own. The culture has inoculated itself against Hollywood, and has basically dumped Hollywood along the side of the road, so the Hollywood people must climb over each other now to get to the top. They can no longer feast on the riches provided by the rest of the culture buying movie tickets (yay!). Hollywood is returning to its relatively dirt-poor carny roots. Washington might be undergoing a similar reversion to its roots, if we are lucky.

      Slightly OT, but I visited a place in Santa Fe, New Mexico, last week, called Meow Wolf. One of these “experience” places, kind of an exercise in pointless mental overstimulation, perfect for selfies and talking about it on Facebook. Disney has to be crapping in its pants over this sort of thing, because it has everything the Disney theme parks lack, once you get to be over about six years old. It is social, free roaming (no lines), and full of things you have never seen or contemplated before, and all served at breakneck pace and rather hallucinatory in nature. You come out of it mentally wrung out (at least you do if you are in your fifties). I have seen the future, and Disney, movie theaters, and even home entertainment, as it currently exists, ain’t it.

      • The people paying for the Dems have had enough. Love to be a fly on the wall when the word comes down that it is time for a bunch of these old Dem hacks to pack it up and hit the road. The Republican side, too. They are not going to go quietly. They have deluded themselves into thinking they are doing God’s work, for a healthy skim off the top for themselves.

  14. Yes, this is yet another example of the transitioning of our society from the old to the new. People like Weinstein, Affleck, and Kimmel genuinely believed that their angry Progressive facade will inoculate them from zombie mob attack, and now they have become men without a country. No one wants them. Their old tribe views them as dead men walking and is gleefully gorging on their guts. And the Red Tribe will not take them in because they never had any guts to begin with. The depravity of Hollywood isn’t just about sex or politics, it’s the old story of unbridled power corrupting systemically. If we had a real news media, Washington DC would be next.

  15. Z Man;
    An interesting logical construct on the ubiquitous “why now” questions about this affair. As to “why Harvey”, most people can’t imagine that he was the worst of the Hollywood moguls, (although this *is* possible) so that mystery remains.

    But I wonder about the direction of causation of the three factors you cite, namely the advent of disruptive technology, the ‘power skirts’ (love that) showing up and the smart money leaving: Which is first_?

    Having watched this horror play out up close and personal in a medium-high tech business in a prior life I recall that it was first the disruptive technology. The smart guys in charge even knew that it was coming but earnings targets and organizational inertia prevented effective adaptation. If by ‘smart money’ you mean Wall St. sharks, then I’d tentatively agree that it was second. But few of the smart guys inside left early, mostly due to ‘golden handcuffs’, and some that did leave early ended up broke because they weren’t actually as smart as they thought.

    Power skirts showed up after the stock price went to a market average P/E. The mostly decorative Board of Directors started to parachute them in after a couple of years of disappointing earnings. They apparently hoped to buy favor with The Cloud so as to get that disruptive technology disrupted via regulation. It was during the Clinton I era, and since the BOD was decorative, they didn’t realize that you had to *pay* as well as to signal your obedience. Harvey did knew that, for sure, and yet it didn’t help him in the end: Hence the mystery of “why Harvey”.

    Finally, after the PC pogroms got going, the inside smart guys with life options bailed out. Bereft of cis white males who knew how to run things, the company was taken apart and the pieces sold off.

    So the causal chain in that case was: 1, Disruptive technologies > 2, Eroding earnings > 3, Share price stagnation (outside smart money leaving) > 4, The BOD Awakens > 5, The Ride of the Power-skirt Valkyries > 6, Inside smart guys taking their money and running (inside smart money leaving) > 7, Eventual collapse. If this framework is accurate, then Hollywood is at Stage 4 heading for Stage 5, hence la affaire Herve.

    • Harvey was no longer able to make anyone rich or famous, so he was viewed as weak and vulnerable. It’s always how these things go. In corporate America, old guys who have not kept up with the times are always the first targets of the cackling hens in HR.

      Next they will come for the gay casting directors.

      • Yeah or they supposed that they held their positions purely due to unassailable merit and could therefore let down their guard. They thought, “What’s a couple of Power-skirts_? How much trouble could they cause_?”.

        Predators usually attack the weak and sick. Parasites thrive in animals with weakened immune systems, setting them up for the predators. There are many useful business analogies to be found in nature.

        Serious Q: Can any organization fight off the SJW parasites these days_? I ask because I didn’t want to bet serious money on that happening in my firm 15 years ago and so bailed out. So I don’t have any recent experience to go by.

        • “Can any organization fight off the SJW parasites these days?”

          To the best of my knowledge, Defense Contractors are essentially unfettered by social justice. Curiously, much more so than military themselves. I’ve often thought of this as a paradox, but perhaps it’s simply the modern paradigm of expensive hardware and expendable troops.

          • Issac;
            Great answer. And it explains the advent of the ubiquitous defense contractor. They are relatively unburdened by the parasite load that our military must carry due to previous Cloud ‘supervision’. And, because ‘stuff’ must still get done out in the badlands, they are the ‘go-to’ by inside people that still care about results instead of process. Sadly, they are fewer and fewer.

          • “An increase in the influence of women in public life has often been associated with na- tional decline. The later Romans complained
            that, although Rome ruled the world, women ruled Rome. In the tenth century, a similar tendency was observable in the Arab Empire, the women demanding admission to the professions hitherto monopolised by men. ‘What,’ wrote the contemporary historian, Ibn Bessam, ‘have the professions of clerk, tax-collector or preacher to do with women? These occupations have always been limited to men alone.’ Many women practised law, while others obtained posts as university professors. There was an agitation for the appointment of female judges, which, however, does not appear to have succeeded.

            Soon after this period, government and public order collapsed, and foreign invaders overran the country. The resulting increase in confusion and violence made it unsafe for women to move unescorted in the streets, with the result that this feminist movement collapsed. ”

            Sir John Glubb in “The Fate of Empires”

        • “Q: Can any organization fight off the SJW parasites these days_?”

          I really don’t know the answer.

          But I’m encouraged by what has happened to organizations that dirt people have stopped supporting. Macys. Target. Mainline churches. The trog and prog party structures. Cable TV. ESPN. TV and print news. The NFL. Hollywood.

          Don’t expect any of these initial changes will continue in the right direction by themselves. And remember that your and your friends’ support or withdrawl of support has consequences.

          Meanwhile, I’d really enjoy watching academia take some widespread, sustained ridicule and get some serious competition.

          • God knows I’m no economist, but market forces — your and your friends support — make a difference. The trick is having enough noisy friends.

      • There’s also a generational factor involved; the old saying that “The first generation builds the business, the second makes it a success, and the third wrecks it” is in play here. Although a part of me wonders if this is part of mop up operation so to speak as the gays rather than SJWs consolidate control from the previous establishment. Everyone is screaming that Harvey Weinstein got sex for jobs from a bunch of ambitious Hollywood starlets but Terry Crews and Corey Feldmen’s talk floated in and then promptly out of the conversation.

    • Usually there is some sort of catalyst that triggers these shifts. Weinstein mastered being a creature of two coasts and DC. And he was the guy who could make Presidents, former Presidents (Clinton) and other political celebrities appear with a snap of his fingers. That is an intimidating mojo. “Hey {fill in the blank actress}, I know I boinked you against your will a decade ago, but the President and Michelle are swinging by my birthday party and would love to meet you. Oh and bring a check”… Trump gets in and suddenly he’s got ‘nuttin.

  16. Bkah, blah, blah.….…
    No one gives a fuck about
    the widely known (long standing) obvious.
    At day’s end, a treasonous
    Uniparty dictatorship and their
    communist foot-soldiers still rule America.

    • Do you go outside? Read the Internet? Have conversations with other humans? I ask because your post suggests you are visiting earth for the first time or maybe just awoke from a coma.

  17. I know I’m an old codger, for the life of me I cannot see how PewDiePie can have 50 million YouTube viewers. Are younger people’s lives really that boring and pathetic? i also don’t believe that the present day music and film offerings are very good. It is wonderful that the old model has been broken, but what passes for self-produced content has not provided any artists that will be remembered in 100 years. I think this is partially due to the fact that these two areas go through cycles and there aren’t any real great artists breaking new ground that can resonate with the public. But, I also think we are in a shake-down era were the rules have changed, forcing everyone to figure them out and get in on the ground floor for the first bubble expansion. Sort of like the computer and internet boom. They know that if they catch lightning in a bottle they will be the next Jobs and Gates, so everyone is hustling to ride the wave.

    • why is some kid “pathetic” for liking PewDiePie? have you even seen one of his videos? do you know he is fighting against PC? maybe kids should watch the pedo fare from hollywood. oops, i think i see some kids playing on your lawn, better get after them…

    • AnonWM, it’s millions of 9 year olds to 14 year olds .. prob now all older now, but new youngers joining in too. I doubt a lot of those subs are “current”, ie, like AOL email .. there’s a lot of dead-wood there… but it’s worldwide. Those of us over 21 ( much over ) would never had heard of him, except Pewd kinda said he liked Trump last year. That is not allowed! So WSJ went after him, got him demonitized, kicked from a Disney deal and successful made him “off limits” to the kiddos…. thereby ensuring he’s now forbidden fruit and edgy. The left played the politics all wrong.

    • Every younger generation has been “boring and pathetic” to the ones that came before. And vice-versa. To the younger ones, all the older ones do is talk about what they ate recently and their personal health issues.

      • For a while I had to work around retired-aged people. All they talked about was what they were going to eat later.

        • surprised they didn’t also talk about laxatives and catheters, going by all the adverts for same. i make sure to talk about Furrys and Bronys so the kids know i am hep to their lingo

  18. It was members of the Tribe who created Hollywood and they still repreesnt the vast majority of its big wigs.

    As to the why of pornography, we have the testimony of a member of the Tribe:

    “Because Christ sucks” is why Jews are involved in pornography said Al Goldstein.

    There was a time– 1930s – when the Catholics had those Hollywood bastids by the balls and they were squeezing them so bad (boycotts) that the Tribe was publicly bawling and so the Catholics forced them to accept The Code which prevented The Tribe from being moral sappers of America.

    Sadly, Catholic Bishops lost their courage and pornography began to flourish and it did its intended job- to undermine Christian morality in America

    This is not only well known, it is well-documented.

    • Ironically, the Hayes code forced film makers to be more creative and subtle. This resulted in better quality movies. It’s kind of a guilty pleasure to watch pre-code movies with all their naughtiness 🙂 And the stars were much better looking too.

      • The old Barbara Stanwycks and the Nick and Nora movies were great fun, watching the actors stay just inside the boundaries of the Hayes code. Stanwyck, of course, could get a rise out of the male audience simply by reciting the A B C’s into the camera. No one in film today is capable of that.

          • Myrna Loy (Nora in “The Thin Man” series, “The Best Years of our Lives”), Stanwyck (“Ball of Fire”, “Bringing Up Baby”, “Double Indemnity”), Claudette Colbert (“It Happened One Night”). Also Ginger Rogers or Jean Harlow. That’s enough to keep one busy for a while.

        • Rita Hayworth was the best! Sing, dance act, body that wouldn’t quit! No social X-ray, she had a butt and fabulous gams. And a face that moved with liveliness and cheerfulness between cute, sultry and beautiful.

      • And they could act. Today’s actresses are so gummed up with botox, their faces are frozen. They can’t show ANY emotion. And their fake tits are so ginormus that its a turn-off.

    • ABS;
      I think you are blaming only the pimps for prostitution. Without the ho’s and the johns, they could get nowhere. Not that this excuses the pimps.

      • Yep, that is the very spirit of the ADL’s spirited defense of Jewish pornographers. I’ll see if I can chase down the quote

      • Foxman then fell back on the same justification for obscenity that Irving Thalberg used in his fight with the Legion of Decency. Pornography is controlled by ‘consumers,’ most of whom are Gentiles. Therefore, Gentiles are ultimately responsible for pornography. According to Foxman, even if Jews dominate a particular field, as is the case with both Hollywood and the related pornography industry, that bears no relationship to the fact that they are Jews, no matter how one defines the term. To say otherwise is to be an anti-Semite.


  19. The other benchmark I always used was the mass entry of Asian money. Outside of making shit, they have an absolute blind spot on real estate and cultural stuff. The Japanese went from being sixteen feet tall to pissing all their money away on real estate, golf courses and entertainment. Now the Chinese can take their turn.

  20. wait until all the pedo dirt starts coming out, there won’t be a hollywood person left in the country (that isn’t in prison) once that dam breaks. and as you mentioned, the cost and means of production have now reached a level that anyone with a story and a few friends can make a decent quality movie. ask the record industry how that worked out for them.

    • The fact that virtually the whole of the Hollywood elite came out and signed a petition asking for a “never mind” on a guy that deliberately drugged and sodomized a thirteen year old summed it up. If that had been my kid, I’d still be in jail for having field dressed the guy while he was still alive.

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