Theories Of The Crime

The recent developments in the so-called Russian hacking case have proven that it was never about Russia. It was about “other stuff.” This seemed obvious for a while, but now we know for sure. The two main figures singled out as part of some conspiracy to do something with the Russians, were found to have done nothing with the Russians. They have been charged with unrelated crimes. The public statements of Robert Mueller make clear that he is not investigating Russian involvement in the election.

This was not hard to figure out. I posted about this here and here. The chants of “Russian hacking” from the Clinton camp were always ridiculous. Lots of foreign governments meddle in our elections. That is not new. What they are not doing, because it cannot be done, is “hacking” the election. Instead, the public information has always supported the idea that the people involved in this probe were trying to hide something. The question is what are they trying to hide and why would they go to these lengths?

So, what is going on?

The first thing to note is that all of the recent scandals seem to include one of the people now involved in the probe into the mythical Russian hacking stuff. Robert Mueller was the delivery boy in the Uranium One deal. He delivered a uranium sample to the Russians on behalf of the United States government. He then handled the investigation of the shenanigans around the Clinton Foundation and the money that came in from Russian sources, just around the time when Hillary was pushing the Uranium One deal.

Of course, Mueller was the mentor of James Comey, who took over for Mueller as head of the FBI. Comey is one of those guys you see in Washington, who is a lot like the career assistant coach that finally gets to be head coach. Everyone loved him as the second banana and assumed he would be a great top banana. He gets the top job and suddenly, everyone realizes why he was a career assistant. Comey’s main role was in the Hillary Clinton e-mail scandal, which he managed to botch in ways no one imagined.

Comey’s blundering is reminiscent of Janet Reno. The Clintons picked her to run Justice because she was stupid, incurious and easily controlled by assistants. Reno was never bright enough to realize that her assistants were making sure she never asked the wrong questions or looked in the wrong places. That seems to be the role Comey played in the last years of the Obama administration. He staggered around thinking he was being the good citizen, when in reality he was being controlled by political operatives in the FBI.

Then there is the infamous “dodgy dossier” that was cooked up by a firm called Fusion GPS. This firm is run by former Wall Street Journal reporters. They exist to do opposition research for the political class. What we know is the Clinton campaign paid them for something. The NeverTrump loons paid them for something. The FBI relied on them to justify their Russia probes. We also know they are fighting Congress tooth and nail to prevent any of this being exposed to sunlight. So is the DOJ for some reason.

Then there is the fact that the FBI was bugging Trump Tower. Their justification was, wait for it, Russian gamblers. It is surely a coincidence and there is no reason to think they were listening to Trump. The fact that the DOJ was routinely unmasking Trump people, so they could listen in on their communications, was probably no big deal. Well, it was important to General Flynn. The FBI charged him with lying to them, because they had the electronic records contradicting his statement about his dealings with foreigners.

Then we have Obama appointee Rod Rosenstein, who seems to be in the middle of just about everything. There is a John Dean vibe to this guy. He was the one who wrote the long memo to Trump, recommending that Comey be fired. Then, coincidentally, he was the guy who recommended the appointment of the special prosecutor. Even crazier, he is the guy who picked Bob Mueller’s name out of nowhere to be on the list of options for President Trump. He just happens to be an old friend of Bob Mueller. What a coincidence!

Finally, the last member of the dramatis personae is Andrew McCabe, the second in command at the FBI. He came to fame when it was revealed that while he was leading the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s e-mail shenanigans, his old lady was taking fifty grand from Clinton bagman Terry McAuliffe. Mrs. McCabe was running for local office in Virginia and the governor, out of the blue, suddenly took an interest in her political career. He raised a bunch of money for her, just because he is that sort of guy.

Theories of the crime?

The first thing that is obvious is that the same cast of characters keep turning up in these different scandals. Rod Rosenstein, Bob Mueller, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, these names keep popping up in all of the not obviously related matters. Maybe it is a coincidence, but there is a Tammany Hall feel to it. No one guy is obviously guilty of anything, but criminality seems to hang over them like a bad odor. It is possible that the FBI has become a rotten precinct and infected some in the Department of Justice.

Another possibility is that these guys were turned by the Clinton machine and they got sloppy in the year prior to the election. They assumed Clinton was going to win, so they wanted to show their enthusiasm and loyalty by going the extra mile during the general election. After all, everyone in official Washington was sure Clinton was going to win for at least six months prior to the election. John Dean went to great lengths to conceal his own perfidy during the Watergate years. We have a gaggle of John Deans here.

Of course, there is the Trump factor. Maybe these guys figured they could clever their way out some embarrassment by maneuvering Trump into appointing a special prosecutor. Then he and his people would not get too curious about this stuff as no one dares take on a special prosecutor. They just assumed Trump would be like a normal politician and roll over for them. Instead, Trump is banging away at them. Suddenly we have serious people saying Trump should fire Mueller and bring in someone fresh.

Back when Trump started running in the primary, I started calling him The Mule, after the character in the Asimov novel. For two years now, everyone who has dared to take on Trump has been blown to bits, usually by their own hand. It is quite remarkable. The arc of the Trump political career is littered with the obituaries of people who foolishly challenged him. The fact that Trump has maneuvered all of the main actors into the same box now, suggests he may have been ahead of these guys all along.

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    • Great article, great comments!

      Spoiler alert: Investigate the investigator and his team. Let him make himself too toxic to touch.

      Plus the happy hoots of “Anybody? Mueller? Mueller? Mueller?” in Ben Stein’s voice!

    • The Trump people won’t have to look very hard – Mueller has staffed the investigation with some really rancid scumbags, Andrew Weissmann in particular, who has a history of egregious prosecutorial misconduct that goes back decades:

      Weissmann has recently hit the headlines again due to the discovery of emails cheering on 0bama/Clintonista Sally Yates at DOJ for her refusal to enforce the Trump travel ban, but this guy is pure poison. He should have been disbarred, indicted and sent to prison years ago. The fact that he’s on the Mueller team is a clear signal to anyone who’s aware of this guy just what Mueller is up to:

      “Absent the good will of his friends Loretta Lynch and Bob Mueller, it is inconceivable that his DOJ or FBI career would be have been resuscitated after the Andersen debacle,” said one former prosecutor. “At the Justice Department, influential friendships mean everything, and can even overcome results that would be career killers for others.”

  2. …she was stupid, incurious and easily controlled by assistants…never bright enough to realize that her assistants were making sure she never asked the wrong questions or looked in the wrong places.

    Ever watched Yes, (Prime) Minister? If you have, this should sound oddly familiar. If you haven’t, you need to. BBC, 1979-87 or so.

  3. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein told us that Mueller was authorized to investigate “any links and/or coordination between the Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of President Donald Trump; and…any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation.” Now, on the surface that appears to restrict his investigation to any links or collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign. And none have been found, even after spending over $7 million in 3 months. But, here lies the rub. The authorization was also to find “any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation”. For instance, Trump got caught with his hand in the cookie jar when he was 6. Maybe it doesn’t rise to an impeachable offense, but if they find that he got his hand caught in some nookie “jar” when he was 17, well, the new standard is that women never lie and 50 years is not past the statute of limitations. And it doesn’t even have to be true. There are still some low IQ voters that think Trump actually did grab some woman by the pussy and assaulted them. The Fake News salesmen will not dissuade them of such a delusion.

    If such a travesty of justice occurred, what would those citizens that oppose the Deep State do? I’ve heard many a keyboard warrior claim that that would be the last straw, that it was time for Civil War II, and they would find rope and a tree. I don’t know if the people with this kind of mindset exist in a large enough percentage to actually accomplish this. What would Trump do? Would he call out the military? Would they follow him? Would he win or not? What do you think? I know that Lincoln did something similar to this to start the War of Northern Aggression, so this is not as unprecedented an action as most Americans would believe. And face it, Lincoln has been deified in American History. Why? Because he won and winners write the history.

  4. The whole Trump Russia thing never made sense. If Putin wanted anyone in the White House, it was Hillary. Hillary had a long history of selling out U.S. interests so long as she got her cut. I’m sure the KGB had a truckload of blackmail files on Bill & Hillary even before they hacked into the DNC server. Putin could get whatever he wanted from Hillary.

    Trump, on the other hand, is rich and rich people are notoriously hard to buy off.

    • Jay;
      Very plausible. But her husband *might* be compromised as well. He made a mysterious* visit to the USSR during his days in the UK as a ‘visiting scholar’ (Rhodes, Fullbright, I forget) in about 1969 or ’70. Ox-Bridge was a pretty notorious CP-USSR recruiting ground at the time.

      Alternatively, a young man of his sexual indiscipline would have been easily (even enthusiastically) enticed into a KGB honey trap. Even lowly butter bars such as myself were explicitly warned of such possibilities at this time in history and required to report any and all contacts with anyone ‘from there’. A self-initiated, solo trip to Moscow would have gotten me a fast court martial, no matter what happened there.** It was truly said that Clinton was the first president who could never have gotten a security clearance.***

      IMHO, part of Clinton’s recklessness stems from his ability to talk his way out of any and all trouble. Since he was dealing with hard-core pros, it wasn’t going to work this time. Since I’m already into out-there speculation about Clinton – Russia connections, how about that one: *Bill* Clinton is a KGB (or GRU) asset from the early ’70s.

      It *would* explain the phenomenon of ‘Arkincide’ where anyone inconvenient to Clinton continuity in power meets with an accident or commits suicide. Can you image how far the Russian deep state would go to preserve the viability of such an asset_? An asset at the center of the American deep state_? OK, done with the tinfoil hat 😉

      * Mysterious for the way it instantly disappeared from the media and stayed disappeared.

      ** That’s why John F’n Kerry didn’t meet with the NVA reps in Paris until *after* he was out of the Navy.

      *** Obama is the second. W had to have one to go to pilot school when he was in the Texas Air Guard at the same time Clinton was in Moscow.

      • Sure would explain his odd loan to Russia to shore up their credit and ease their currency crisis, the year after Soros’ raid on the Thai baht.

  5. I voted for trump., but god is he stupid on process. He should have ended DACA on day one and asked for the resignation of all Obama DOJ, FBI and DHS appointees. that is standard procedure for a president elect. Better to have those slots open than have Obama/Hillary people there. The Bush/Rove/Mccain people in the agencies are fellow travelers, but would be less effective on their own .
    clearly he still does not understand the danger his family is in. Mueller will indict them all on slip in the wording. it’s an old trap, secretly tap a phone , or record a conversation. Then interview the target repeatedly until they miss some detail or get some detail wrong . Then Gotcha !!! . Any complex financial transaction can be ” money laundering” .

    • His two biggest mistakes were not realizing how treacherous/criminal these holdovers were, and appointing a completely worthless coward as AG in Sessions. The AG is the one who should be cleaning house at DOJ. Plus, the RINOs like Lindsey Graham threatened to not approve another AG if Sessions was fired. Trump should have fired him anyway, because it’s basically been an empty office since inauguration.

  6. What I’m enjoying regarding this entire Russia/Mueller fiasco is that, while in the real world the last two weeks have shown that the collusion investigation is an utterly compromised partisan sham with more devastating revelations to come, in Left-World the cat ladies and soy boys are positive that the Fusion GPS/Steele dossier “has been proven” and that somewhere Mueller has hoarded mountains of evidence that will bring Trump down at any moment.

    I disingenuously egged one of these hysterics on the other day, and asked if the Steele dossier was true why Mueller hadn’t indicted Carter Page for treason and espionage – Page being, according to the dossier, the chief villain and operative mastermind of the whole scheme (when in reality Page is just another more or less innocuous DC grifter doofus). As you might expect, when confronted with proof of the cognitive fallacy of their entire world view the screeching commenced and Don Jr. was going to be arrested for “collusion.” It was wrong to taunt this fool I suppose, but I was still rather pleased with myself.

    • I am pleased with you as well, Chris. The progs deserve to be taunted and made to appear to be as foolish as they are.

  7. Interesting, I also analogized Trump to the Mule and as a Black Swan. We were absolutely correct. Lets see how it all ends.

  8. At some point all of this reaches the level of conspiracy: “Conspiracy has been defined in the United States as an agreement of two or more people to commit a crime, or to accomplish a legal end through illegal actions.[22][23] A conspiracy does not need to have been planned in secret to meet the definition of the crime“

    I believe that point has now been reached.

  9. The problem for the Left is that they always think the Republican President (or candidate) is stupid. Always. (And that was one of the things that led me to question them, back when I was a Democrat). They reflexively think Trump is dumb. They are mistaken and are starting to learn that.

  10. What planet are you guys from. No one outside altright losers think this way

    It’s only a matter of time before Trump is impeached.

    • Screech on, deluded Soros-paid millennial soy boy, screech on.

      Name one impeachable offense that Trump has committed, just one, uncovered by the Mueller investigation.

  11. “Finally, the last member of the dramatis personae is Andrew McCabe, the second in command at the FBI. He came to fame when it was revealed that while he was leading the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s e-mail shenanigans, his old lady was taking fifty grand from Clinton bagman Terry McAuliffe. Mrs McCabe was running for local office in Virginia and the governor, out of the blue, suddenly took an interest in her political career. He raised a bunch of money for her, just because he is that sort of guy.”

    I’d say really focus here. Virginia is a wacky state when it comes to campaign finance laws. Candidates can spend contributions on essentially anything they want:

    So we have the Clinton machine funneling several hundred thousand dollars to the wife of the assistant director of the FBI, while she was under investigation, and this money could legally be used to buy hand bags and fine China.

    Sure on our team that’s just par for the course, but I think even normies will take a step back here.

    • I would love to see Trump give a prime time address where he shows pictures of these guys, and says,
      “This is Andrew McCabe. His wife got 6-figures from former Clinton money bag man and loser McAuliffe in some tiny little race in VA. Guess who’s playing a role in this ‘investigation’?”
      “This is Peter Strzok. Peter is the guy who got Comey to change his review of Clinton’s email from “gross negligence”, which is a felony, to “extremely careless”. According to Peter’s extra-marital squeeze, Peter really hates me. So, of course, he was running the investigation for about a year.”
      “These people are x, y, and z. According to public records, they have cumulatively donated nearly $50,000 to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. They’re on the investigation team too.”
      “This is Robert Mueller. He’s a mentor and good friend of James Comey. You’ll remember Comey…he’s the guy who refused to refer charges on Hillary Clinton last year for her almost comically-illegal “private” server…and had botched this phony Russia investigation. Isn’t it great that the guy investigating you is best friends with the guy you just fired? Oh, and thus far, no Russian collusion…because there isn’t any.”

      “My fellow Americans, all of these people are now fired. You can rest easy tonight knowing that we have drained a big part of the swamp, and some of the alligators are now dead. Have a good evening.”

  12. Both the DOJ and FBI are demonstrating overt (in your face) criminality, and doing so with arrogance and impunity. That is no trivial matter. It’s not just that these organizations are fully corrupt, it’s that they have every reason to believe that they can continue in this mode indefinitely. There can be no check or balance until the average citizen comes to realize how horrific this is. Everyone instinctively wants to believe that they can’t all be bad, but that’s beside the point. The rot is systemic, not simply a few bad apples in the bushel.

  13. I’d say the Clintons had turned Mueller early on and he’s core. Why not send a flunkey to bring uranium to Russia unless a side conversation is necessary to the scheme_?

    We don’t need to spend much time on a larger ‘why’. It’s the usual from the dawn of time: Money, ideology, sex and ego. And with the Clintons it’s always the money

    As for how, I’d say ‘criminal enterprise model’: Clinton Crime Family operated along Russian lines is the mental framework to use. If so, then ‘comprimat’ is the tie that binds.

    Just about the first thing the Clintons did after being elected was scarf up 800 FBI files and bring them to the Whitehouse. Whose files they were has never been revealed so far as I know. But we can guess that they included all the movers and shakers there was any dirt on.

    As you have (I think) mentioned in the past, you can’t join a criminal enterprise unless you’re compromised. So long as all the kingpins at the core can only rely on your ‘loyalty’ they won’t fully trust you. They know very well what they’d do if the roles were reversed.

    Shallow thinkers such as myself at the time thought it was for blackmail. *It was for recruiting.*

    So who fetched them_? I’d say Mueller. That’s the comprimat on him. How else did he get to be FBI director and why else did the ever-compliant media spend so much time buffing his brass, as we used to say in the military.

    Why were the media so compliant, you may ask. After ‘Pervgate’ the question answers itself.

    Think about just how confident the Hillbots were prior to the election. Owning the FBI through comprimat on key insiders would go a long way to explaining this. Key insiders that you’d got promoted over the years (again Russian model): You’d have to keep the circle small for security reasons, though. So we may have all the names already.

    IOW, who else has been compromised_? As you say Comey is too dumb for them to need to have a lot on. So that leaves Mueller as the key guy. But what about Rosenstein_? Likely his was one of the 800 files. Probably some peccadillo from his student days that might cost him his law license.

    NOW the question is who’s been running Obama_? Plenty of smell of comprimat but never anything concrete. Could it be the Clintons and he had each other by the gonads_?

  14. I think you need to consider Admiral Rogers’ November 17, 2016 visit with Trump in your analysis. The next day Clapper leaked that Rogers should be fired.

    I have believed since the Rogers’ visit that Trump knows all of the cards in the deck and can force deal the deck any way he chooses. He is showing a Jack with an Ace in the hole. The managerial class is showing 19 and is asking to get hit.

    • Rogers seems to be one guy that has largely kept his mouth shut in all of this. Don’t know much about him, but seems different from the rest of these cartoon characters.

  15. The persistence of these highly placed felons suggests to me that the old habit of chopping heads off such treasonous individuals, after a short trial, was probably best…

  16. Wow Z, spending some time on 4chan? Maybe I’m wrong but I don’t think I have seen this much credit going to Trumpian maneuvering.

  17. Excellent post. I’ve been writing here about the rot at the DoJ for almost a year now. The Clintons understood perfectly that if you want to run the government as a criminal syndicate you need to have the DoJ locked down and corrupted, which they accomplished. Obama continued their tradition. Trump needs to decapitate and replace the entire DoJ leadership, then scramble the assignments of the lifetime civil servant employees.

    One correction: McCabe’s wife received $675k from McAuliffe, not $50k.

    It appears that Trump has learned that there is no gain for him in cooperating with the establishment. Hopefully he will start smashing things after the 2018 midterm elections.

  18. The revelation that a big time anti-Trumper (Strzok) within the FBI was basically working as a mole for the Clintons is enough for Trump to fire Mueller. The fact that Mueller was, as they say, “less than forthright” about Strzok‘s dismissal from the investigation, is enough for Trump to state that the investigation is nothing more than a hit job. After all, how can Mueller prosecute people for lying and obstruction of justice when he and his staff are lying and obstructing Congress.

    If Trump were to fire Mueller the way he fired Comey, that would be extra sweet. Comey found out via CNN, and he laughed and thought it was a joke.

    Then you send the United States Secret Service to the FBI and DOJ, and impound ALL of the emails and documents and servers with info about the Clinton email investigation. Turn every document over to Congress, and fire any remaining Clinton appointees at DOJ and FBI.

    The shit storm would last a few weeks, the the media and nevertrumpers would move on to their next scheme. They’re pretty much down to “assassination” at this point.

  19. Trump is an idiot savant with a double dose of savant , He does the greatest impersonation of Columbo I have ever seen with equally and efective results.

  20. Either Trump is way ahead of them, or they’re really, really, really, really, REALLY stupid. These aren’t mutually exclusive, of course, but Trump is giving me a newfound respect for kooky konspiracy theories. At least when the Saucer People and the Reverse Vampires conspire, the conspiracy goes off without a hitch. These people could fuck up a wet dream. You’d think people whose job is to investigate crime would be a lot better at crime…. No wonder we never win the war on drugs. “Oh no, officer, that’s just 35 tons of…ummm… bubble gum.” “Well carry on then!”

    • My theory on Trump is that he is a great improviser. He’s not an ideologue, so he take things as they are and makes the bets of what he has in the moment. This often means stirring the pop in order get better options. That’s his real gift. Most people prefer polite and orderly. Trump feels at home in raucous and disorderly. These twin gifts is making him a Tasmanian Devil in Washington. It’s that he is unpredictable, a common complaint from DC. It’s that he creates disorder, thus making everyone unpredictable.

      Trump is smart. He has been around a lot of political crooks. From his perspective, the chaos of a special prosecutor, especially one who is himself compromised, plays to his advantage. All he needs to do is keep the pressure on and something will give. I suspect he probably pegged Comey and Rosenstein as order takers, unable to run their own show. Mueller is the sort of guy Trump has been running circles around his whole life.


        Trump is a speculator. You push him, he’ll fly into the asteroid field. He has a different relationship with risk than the professional politicians.

        re: ideology – do you know how he came up with his policies? He spent a few hours listening to callers on talk radio bitch about what they didn’t like about the status quo and took notes. That’s it. He’s the kind of guy who would play chess with a roomful of chessmasters and just have them all playing each other while making them think he was playing them by himself.

        • Trump is the rube who gets invited to the poker table, asks the others about what beats what, consistently loses small amounts, then runs the table.

        • I like the story about how HRC and DJT chose their campaign slogans. HRC focus grouped over 100 phrases before settling on “I’m with her.” Trump heard someone shout MAGA from the audience and immediately made it his slogan. Then he turned hers on its head: “Clinton’s Slogan Is “I’m With Her”; My Response is “I’m With You: The American People”. Brilliant

          • All the professional politicians are like that though to some degree – “What’s the safest thing I can do next?” And they’ll spend all this time and money to make sure they know the answer to that question, and then very deliberately and carefully, that’s what they do.

            Whereas Trump will make 10 different decisions in that timeframe. Some of them will bomb, but on balance he’ll win enough to more than make up for the losses. He’ll just splatter spaghetti everywhere because he knows enough of it will stick.

            What would really change things is if a few of the professional pollies took notes and figured out why he’s beating them and started adopting the speculative model themselves. Or if other speculator types take notes of what Trump did and emulate it too to get into public office.

          • Yes. Trump talks like we do, instead of in corporate word salad phrases. Plus, he showed the next Republican running for president, that he doesn’t have to curl up in the fetal position every time the MSM criticizes him. Also, that he can be tough on immigration, and not only will it not cost him the hispanic vote, it will help him with white voters. Of course, the likely scenario is that Trumpism dies with Trump, which would be a real shame.

        • ” … he came up with his policies……”

          Try building even a one shitter out-house in NYC and after spending a few hundred grand in legal and regulatory fees you will find your permit is not-approved.
          This is basically the crap Trump had to put up with – as well as sucking up to crooked politicians and mafia controlled unions to get anything done.
          If this does not crystallize your ideology, nothing will.

          Talk radio just affirms how F’d up govt. is.

      • If Trump is the master strategist you describe here, then given his over-sized ego, his target would ultimately be the dude who belittled him in 2011 at the White House Correspondent dinner. None other than Barack Obama.

      • I’m not saying Trump isn’t smart – I think he’s very smart, and way more canny than he is smart — but he’s also going up against the B Team’s JV squad here. The dumbest people in the world are the Dunning-Kruger cases, and the more I see of this whole mess, the more I realize the FBI is DK’d, top to bottom, bow to stern.

      • He reminds me of successful traders. Zero care if the market is moving up or down, so long as it is moving. The lack of a complex idealogical rule set is an asset not a liability. The focus is on a short list of outcomes that can be counted on one hand. In the Washington construct, that, plus fearlessness, makes Trump a complete enigma.

    • Someone has been playing the Illuminati card game I see. Sounds like there ought to be a Trump card in SJ Games next set though.

  21. You’re unending babbling about
    the obvious is nothing but impotent
    It serves no purpose, other than to free
    your trapped and deluded cuck.

  22. Let’s hope you’re right, Zman. If Trump can take down this Deep State cabal, he may emerge as our greatest president.

    • If he can dynamite the bunkers of the Cabal, he may emerge as our greatest human being, never mind president. I would reintroduce the 500 dollar bill (which we need) and put the Donald’s portrait on it. Or maybe Melania; after all, the Romans issued coinage routinely with the images of imperial wives and mothers, and she is beautiful.

      • Trump is a warrior–and he will do his wily best. I don’t know if he can succeed, but he will have done his best and open the paths and byways to accomplish what has to be done tediously and meticulously. But he will do the brave and audacious and hard-hitting part, and for that, we must all thank him and honor him. Even if he *doesn’t* make it–he opened the door.

  23. I really want to believe that Trump is just biding his time right now until his tax plan passes both houses of congress and lands on his desk to sign, then shit-cans mueller, mccabe, and Rosenstein. If he does what needs to be done before he gets that, a bunch of never-trump assholes in the senate would pull a McCain just because they can.

    He needs to fire sessions, too. What a worthless pile of shit that guy is. He’s too much of a pussy to actually stand up to anyone who has the ability to defend themselves, which means pot smokers in CO and CA are the only people in any kind of peril of his justice department doing it’s job.

    • Your’re not the only one wondering where in the hell is Jeff Sessions.
      The FBI and Justice Dept are withholding documents from Congress, despite a subpoena to turn them over, and Jeff Sessions is nowhere to be found.
      He needs to get off his ass or quit or replaced.

  24. The “Mule” was prescient. I’ll be happy when these bastards get led into a small room, a memo is placed in front of them detailing their crimes and they are handed their service pistol with one round and given five minutes to do the right thing.

    • When you go back and see what our government did to the Rosensteins for 1/16 of what the Clintons have pulled, and pulled brazenly, at that, is when you know that the concept of equal justice in the good old USA is as dead as Julius Caesar.

  25. The most important thing people will end up taking away from this is the pervasiveness of corruption in institutional government. The whole idea that a civil service system provides a country with “civil servants” is being destroyed. We need to go back to something closer to the spoils system, where at least people get what they voted for.

    • The biggest problem is that there is now an unspoken tradition of keeping the prior president’s appointees in place after the inauguration. Every single Obama appointed should have been pink slipped on Day 1. That there are still Clinton/Obama types all over the place is a big problem. Trump should also ID appointees who were “hired” into the civil service, and can them too.

      Kill the alligators, then drain the swamp.

    • We need to get back to what the Founders (at least some of them) intended …. which is a minimalist Federal Government.

      Less government = less corruption. Even if the entirety of the government is utterly corrupt from top to bottom – if they don’t have the power to do much and the number of people and the money involved is exponentially smaller – then overall corruption problem is inevitably smaller.

      I love saying this to lefties – and then letting them rant.

      Once they dig their hole deep enough I remind them that this is the exact same logic they always resort to when arguing for more gun control :

      “Less guns equals less shootings”.

      That usually pisses them off pretty good.

      • No. What we need to do is get in power and begin totally fucking up the entire world of the liberal and destroy every fucking thing they love before killing every Damn last one of them.

        Get the idea?

        • LOL.

          So I say make the government smaller – and you say No.

          You’re riding the failbus if you’re going to try and do this any other way than by reducing the size of government.

          Conservative does not = large government.

          Your response is just another example of the idiocy floating around on the right side of the aisle – and reminds me that “conservatives” signed up lock stock and barrel for the leftist stupidity being offered up by the Neocons.

          Is “Teapartydoc” supposed to be ironic?

          Government is irredeemable. It simply cannot be fixed. That is the lesson of history. Large government DIRECTLY and inevitably equals corruption and tyranny.

          I get the idea. You apparently do not.

          • I don’t disagree about making govt smaller. I’m saying we can’t afford to wait on some kind of constitutionally compatible evolution. We no longer have a constitution as it was intended. Taking things as they are now and playing by the rules as they have been changed by the libs isn’t going to salvage anything.

            I’d love to have the old constitution back, but getting there is going to take action as radical as it took to get there in the first place.

            Tea Party ironic? Those guys dressed up like Indians and boarded ships while armed. Do you think that that was anything like your fucking process conservatism?

          • The problem with your “solution” is that it only is temporary.
            If today the left/liberal is totally destroyed, it will only be a matter of time when they are once again in power.
            Because we have voters and elections, that’s why.
            And it was voters that elected our first black communist president; our first left wing, big govt., anti-constitutional president, Woodrow Wilson; and our first pro-Stalinist, pro-fascist president, FDR.
            A very small federal govt., IMHO, can only be accomplished if the 16th Amendment to the Constitution is reversed; which established the income tax in 1913.
            It was the income tax that opened up the flood gates of big $$$$$ flowing into the sewer of Washington DC and allowed and encouraged the USA to become the policeman of the world as well as permitting our criminally negligent Congress from pawning off their responsibilities onto 10,000 unaccountable Federal Agencies.
            This takes money; and lots of it.

            It would also be beneficial if the 17th Amendment to the Constitution (1913) were overturned – the direct election by the people of US Senators.
            Prior to this, Senators literally worked for the state that appointed them; they did not work for the Federal Govt.
            Today, Senatorial elections are basically mini-national elections and money pours into their campaign coffers from out-of -state organizations and the news media is the cheering/propaganda section of the liberal progressive elites in NYC and DC attempting to influence the Senatorial election results.

            Washington DC cannot be fixed unless the $$$ spigot is totally shut down.
            There is no other way (short of states seceding from our former, no longer in operative, Constitutional Republic.

  26. I never understood why John Dean was allowed to testify against Nixon. Weren’t his conversations subject to attorney-client privilege? He always came across to me as a sleaxy rat.

    • In the book Silent Coup, Len Colodny and Robert Gettlin make a pretty good case for Dean being the real mastermind behind the Watergate break in. They were wrong about Al Haig probably being “Deep Throat” but I’ve never accepted the claim the Mark Felt being the source either. The contemporaneous accounts by Woodward and Bernstein always pointed to that being a fiction. They had multiple sources in the White House so they created “Deep Throat” to add drama and obscure their sources. John Dean was most likely one of their sources.

  27. No more than he’s way ahead of the North Koreans and the US foreign policy establishment as well.

    • You get the feeling that Lil Kim is sitting there seething that his repeat of Dad and Grandads Cargo Cult rituals has not resulting in ships full of oil and food showing up.

      • I expect that Kim and Trump already have a better relationship than Trump has or wants with State.

  28. There are numerous interesting theories surrounding these events. I’ll try to summarize one promoted by Thomas Wictor, Brian Cates, Imperator Rex 3, and others on Twitter. Supposedly Trump used references to Putin during the campaign to lure the Democrats into the “Russian collusion” story, knowing that he had nothing to hide, but that Hillary did (Uranium One, etc.). Mueller has been Trump’s man all along, helping to root out leaks and biased political FBI agents, and destroying the Trump-Russia story. He intentionally stacked his team with the Clinton-connected, not because he was biased against Trump, but to catch them: they were surveilled and caught in the act of biased/unprofessional conduct. (How did they find those text messages from Strzok and others, hmm?) Thus the FBI swamp is drained, and the stage set up to reopen the (intentionally) botched Hillary emails case.

    Oh, and Tony Podesta shut down his firm and hasn’t been seen for a month. Is he singing to the Feds?

    Hillary, Abedin, Cheryl Mills, and many others must be sweating.

    I am not entirely convinced all this is true, but Trump is a longer-term thinker than many give him credit for, and he’s surprised me before. If it is true, it’ll be quite a show when “The Storm” finally hits.

    • That sounds awesome, but as much as I hate to use the overused term Occam’s Razor…the theory is just too complicated.

      It’s much more likely that this is just Version 4.0 of the “Special Prosecutor” kabuki theater that took place during Reagan (Iran Contra), Clinton (Whitewater), Bush (Plame)…mysteriously took 8 years off for Obama…and is now back for Trump (Russia).

      The tinfoil hat theory that this is a gigantic mole hunt ignores the fact that all the people involved in running the investigation are avid antiTrumpers, and Mueller is buddies with Comey.

      Nope, this investigation is just revenge-porn, nothing more.

  29. I’ve started to think that Trump knows *exactly* what he’s doing by leaving Mueller in place… because Trump *knows* there’s nothing to find on his side, so everything that’s dug up will eventually redound on the opposition.

    And so far, that’s pretty much what’s been happening… all manner of ugly getting exposed that under a ‘friendly’ SP might never have come up, because a friendly wouldn’t have been so desperate to find dirt that redirected attention away from himself. And now it’s all public record.

    You don’t have to drain the swamp via a pump and a ditch; letting it boil itself away works too, and incidentally cooks the alligators.

    • Mueller is way outside the lines of his original charter. Trump should show the same balls firing Mueller that he showed firing Flynn, Comey, that assistant AG, Price, and others.

      Nobody EVER gets fired in the Government Party. It is the ultimate humiliation, and the ultimate rebuke. Which is why Trump should wait for the tax bill to pass, and then shit-can Mueller.

      Frankly, I think that’s all Trump is waiting for. Between the ABC News false reporting, the Reuters false reporting, the Strzok scandal, all the leaks, the half-dozen or more investigators who are Obama/Clinton donors, and the obvious shift by Mueller away from the purpose of his investigation (“Russian meddling”, *snort*), Trump has all the ammo he needs.

      I think Trump mouthed off about McCain last summer, and it got Obamacare repeal defeated…by McCain. It’s more likely that Trump is keeping his powder dry, get that tax reform bill passed, and then make a few firings to take advantage of the bump in the polls he’s gonna get from delivering tax reform.

      OBTW, tax reform may include a repeal of the Obamacare individual mandate. Democrats sold their souls to Satan to get the mandate. It’ll take a generation or more before the opportunity comes back their way.

      The facts and the policies are on Trump’s side. He can afford to let this play out until after the tax bill passes. Then: firings. Lots of them, I hope.

  30. To quote Cersei Lannister ” when you play the the Game of Thrones you win or you die ” . Clinton Inc. must prevail & force the President out. If you fail in overthrowing a government the parties concerned do not usually shake hands & go for a beer together.One has to wonder just how far everybody is willing to go?

  31. Wasn’t it Machiavelli who said it’s better to kill someone than make them poor? All those in intelligence who were working for a Hillary win, knew there would be a quid pro quo as they slid down the greased skids from the government to the private sector and enjoyed early retirement. Now that Trump won they’re remnants of a failed revolution, reduced to sniping and laying roadside bombs at night in the hope it takes Trump down. Peter Strzok is the guy who’s going to make or break the faction still loyal to Hillary trying to destroy Trump. If his dismissal from the investigation due to personal animus to Trump revealed in text conversations (which I guess the Russians also hacked!) stick, then that a precedent is established, sanity is restored, and the foundation falls from underneath all of these motherfuckers. You can’t hate and try to destroy the President and serve said president simultaneously. Unless you believe he’s only president because of the Kremlin, in which case you’re fucking stupid or insane, and should go to Chile with Hillary Clinton and live in exile.

  32. The total failure by Mueller and his team of merry globalist Hillary worshipers of finding one item that connects PDT and his campaign to “Russia collusion” speaks for itself. Makes one wonder if Jim Hoft over at GWP isn’t on to something when he wrote on December 3, 2017, “It’s even plausible that the entire investigation is in place to allow Mueller and his team the ability to destroy information related to their past criminal actions.” Time will tell.

    Also, for those who like to get into the minutia of things, I’d recommend a recent (November 6, 2017) posting on Kevin Shipp’s web site “The Intelligence Hour with Kevin Shipp”. This is a 54 plus minute voice only narrative, by KS alone, of the Mueller witch hunt in general but it does go into details – especially about the “Dossier”.

    • Past criminal actions such as $21 Trillion displaced and missing from the Federal budget since 1998?

      Seperate from the 23 to 43 trillion $ vanished in the Mortgage Meltdown aftermath.

      Stripping the place. They are asset stripping the place.

      • Oh, and didn’t the Marines raid Langley recently? Since the CIA is a privateer company with letters of marque, Trump may be taking on a much, much bigger problem than we realize.

        • That’s why the Mad Dog is SecDef. When push comes to shove, the military will wholeheartedly follow that man to burning the Swamp to the ground.

          • Trump has chosen the military industrial complex as allies, and that may save his life in the end. Something will eventually have to be done about the MIC since we can’t occupy every country around the world, but for now divide and conquer.

      • Yes, ever since the Vietnam War, there has been a looting extravaganza of epic proportions by the political establishment and the (((financiers))), which will apparently end only when America is completely gutted.

        • I like how the new Saudi king dealt with this. He arrested his entire “billionaire class”, and held them prisoner in the Four Seasons hotel until they realized he was serious and supposedly he’s recovered several TRILLIONS of dollars in hidden assets, and had them signed over to the Royal Treasury.

          Imagine Trump rounding up Zuckerberg, Bloomberg, various Hudge Fund criminals, banksters, and holding them incommunacado in his DC hotel, letting some loyal CIA interrogators get the goods on all of them. The political operatives who are obvious traitors like Rice, Huma, the Clintons, Mills, Podesta bros could be held on a separate floor, or maybe cheaper digs. Unlike the billionaires, who might have some future use, the politicians should all go to Gitmo or directly to the dirt after confession of their crimes.

          Bracken did a nice treatment of this:

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