Black Nixon

If you read the Articles of Impeachment against Richard Nixon, what jumps out to a modern reader is just how weak the case was against the President. Impeachment is a political action, so the rules of evidence we see in a courtroom don’t apply, but even so, the allegations seem weak in comparison to those against Bill Clinton. The case against Nixon was what we would now call a corrupt enterprise, like a mobster. Bill Clinton, in contrast, was accused of specific crimes that he committed while in office.

In both cases, the key question to be decided by the political class was what was best for the political system. The guilt or innocence of either man was a secondary consideration, outside of the impact on the political system. In the case of Nixon, his decision to resign, rather than fight impeachment, was all about defending the political order. Whether or not it was proper to run Nixon out of town or allow Clinton to remain in office is debatable, but the calculus at the time was about the best interests of the political order.

In fact, it was the political nature of both cases that led to vastly different results. In the case of Nixon, the move to impeach him was the denouement to a long war between Nixon and the Washington establishment. They wanted him impeached because they hated him. On the other hand, the impeachment of Clinton was unsuccessful because the ruling elite decided to defend him. There was no doubt that he was guilty of perjury and he brought dishonor to the office, but Washington insiders were willing to give him a pass.

These two events are relevant to our age, especially the case of Nixon, as evidence emerges of serious corruption at the end of the Obama years. It has been clear for a while that the ridiculous Russian hacking stuff and the special prosecutor were a smokescreen to conceal something else. Months ago, I made the point that the most likely thing being concealed was corruption within the FBI. It was the most obvious answer, as Mueller, Rosenstein and Comey were the guys leading the charge on it.

What we are learning now is the Department of Justice was most likely compromised by the same people corrupting the FBI. This story from The Hill reveals that former Attorney General Loretta Lynch was coordinating with FBI Director Comey on the Clinton e-mail scandal. Given the relationship between Lynch and the Clintons, it is safe to assume she was keeping them up to speed on the process. It is also possible that Lynch never stopped working for the Clintons and was steering the investigation.

The link between Peter Strzok, the Chief of the FBI’s Counterespionage Section, and the Clinton operation is important, because of what is being learned about what the FBI was doing during the election. This detailed write up from Conservative Treehouse is impressive, but quite long. It pulls together all of the public information related to the top-secret memo floating around Washington. Serious people are talking about what is in that memo, characterizing it as the worst scandal in American history. That’s not nothin’.

The narrative that explains all of this is that high ranking people in the FBI, maybe even Director Comey, were working with the Justice Department to help Hillary Clinton in the election. That has seemed clear for a while now. What is becoming clear now is Fusion GPS, the political dirty tricks operation, functioned as a cutout for the FBI and the Clinton campaign. The FBI shared secret intel with Fusion, who then sold it to the Clinton campaign or distributed to the media at the direction of the campaign.

There is a word for all of this and it is called treason. It is one thing for a career intelligence officer to go bad and start selling intelligence to a foreign government. That just a part of the life of a nation state. It is an entirely different thing when senior members of the political class are working to undermine the fundamentals of the political system. It is the sort of thing that results in hangings or civil wars. It’s why the infamous memo has not been released, despite the fact it could be leaked or declassified by the White House.

That is what brings us back to Dick Nixon. The mere hint of abuse of the FBI and CIA by the political side of the White House was considered enough of a threat to warrant impeachment. What we have here is worse than anything Nixon was accused of doing, even by his fiercest critics. Stuff that is orders of magnitude worse went on in the Obama White House. Imagine senior FBI men, faced with federal prison, agreeing to rat out major political actors. Imagine them pointing the finger at Obama or his top aides.

Again, this is fundamentally a political problem, but it cannot be ignored. That is probably why no one is in a hurry to release that memo. It is not just about partisan politics. Imagine how blacks would react if we had a full blown political crisis that paints Obama as worse than Nixon. That is looking increasingly possible. People have forgotten about the systematic abuse of the IRS, using it against conservative activists in the run-up to the 2012 election. There is only so much that can be swept under the rug to protect Obama.

This will not end well.

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  1. I hope to hear some senator say of Obama, “What did the president know and when did he know it?” before the end of this year.

  2. It’s been guaranteed not to end well since at least the ’07-’08 bailouts. The only things really in question were just how bad and exactly what form the disaster would take.

  3. Somewhat OT, but the comment of the year over at Taki’s.

    The pussyhat Marches against Trump?

    “It was a selfie march.
    The Look At Me Too! March.”

    Hell, comment of the decade, comment of the entire matriarchy culture movement.

    • So when the womyn, who eagerly cheer this “let’s you and him fight”, come screaming, “save us from muslim and black beatings!”- why should we protect them?

      When blacks and browns come crying “save us from gang drive-bys!”, why should we protect them?

      When latte-sipping citiot man-buns come bleating, “save us from feminist putsches!”, why should we protect them?

      When administrators and jailers come pleading, “save our crazed mobs without water, food, or electricity, from doom!”- why should we protect them?

      When corrupt elites come demanding, “give us praetorians and mercenaries to guard our plunder!”, why should we protect them?

      What then do we owe them?

      Meet your new shitlords.
      May you kiss the boot now upon your necks.

  4. “Imagine how blacks would react if we have a full blown political crisis that paints Obama as worse than Nixon.”

    For a first guess, the major urban areas of the country would burn like they did in the Sixties. Then, probably, terrorist actions by our native-bred criminal caste, the return of black revolutionary direct action, allied with Antifa.

    • Maybe that’s what needs to happen to clear the bullshit out of the way and start dealing with reality.

  5. Punishing Obama would finally deliver the impossible dream of black Unity.

    They are hardwired with excessive individualism and certainty.
    They dream of the cohesion of other races, but their traits prevent this.

    The crucifixion of Him would give them their Messiah. Their paranoia would be justified by this narrative.

    The cities would indeed burn.
    Riot is the negro default.
    Be prepared for the fallout.

    • There must be hundreds of hours of recordings of obama slamming inner citie negroes. it would all be released as a prelude to his trial and imprisonment.

  6. Treason most foul, but if it succeed “none dare call it treason.” Since it didn’t succeed, hangings and long prison terms are in order for a large number of government officials. Make it so, President Trump.

  7. The memo hasn’t been leaked or released yet for a number of reasons. Firstly, as Nunes is well aware, there’s an ongoing counterintelligence operation by the FBI/DOJ to identify leakers of classified information. Nunes has made it very clear to GOP members of congress that anyone leaking the contents will be swiftly identified.

    Secondly, I suspect that Nunes want’s not only the memo, but all the supporting documentation released. My understanding is that this is part of the delay. Also, Nunes doesn’t want this leaked to the press, who have proven themselves time and again to be dishonest brokers. The info will be released to the American people, not to the WaPo. Yes, Nunes or someone else could read the memo from the floor of the House, but without the supporting documentation, they’ll be accused of grandstanding partisanship by the Dem controlled media, and it would give the swampdwellers a chance to doctor or destroy the evidence – which they already appear to be doing.

    Thirdly, and as Z’s post details, anyone who has followed this story is aware that the 0bama WH will be directly implicated. Barry do doubt gave his tacit approval, but minions like Lynch and Rice were likely aiding and abetting in a more hands on fashion. The question Trump is going to have to face soon is how much stomach to you have for sending high-ranking officials off for long prison sentences? The likely list of prosecutable offenders is going to be a long one: Clinton, Abedin, Lynch, Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Ohr, Rice, Powers, etc. My guess is that somebody is going to be made an example of while everybody else walks, and that person is going to be James Comey.

  8. I suggest that someone in Congress read the FISA report, out loud, on the floor of the House or Senate. It would be interesting to see how the MSM could avoid reporting that, and it would be interesting to see them try to maintain the narrative. Members of Congress are immune from prosecution from anything they say on the floor of Congress, so there is no legal consequence. We would get a chance to hear the details, and they would be in the Congressional Record for all time. Watching the rats scramble on the sinking ship would be great sport.
    History is on the side of primary sources.

  9. Throwing that videographer in prison after Benghazi was a foreshadowing of what they did to Trump.

  10. To be pedantic Its actually sedition. Treason in the US requires aiding a foreign power in time of war.

    This legal terminology is why the Rosenberg’s were tried for and executed for espionage over giving nuclear secrets to the Reds and why we haven’t tried anyone for treason since WW2

    Its a legal impossibility to press treason charges unless Congress declares war

    Its also why Jane Fonda could never legally have been charged with treason. We weren’t at war with Vietnam . She could in theory have been charged with sedition not that would ever happen

    The side effect of this is not as you might think a distinction without a difference as in the US penalties for sedition tend to be less than those for treason

    Now back on topic, the real issue for the US is how that play’s out. Does the deep state throw some people under the bus in order to stabilize the union , does somebody sing like a canary , hell does Trump go full marital law?

    My take on what happened is that no one though Trump would win and if he somehow looked like he was that he could be stopped/impeached whatever with a fake dossier or just leveraged into playing along or worse comes to worse, he could be impeached or dealt with some other way

    Turns out he’s not like that, Trump is not fake opposition and in fact has a healthy degree of paranoia and his own extensive and loyal security network with procedures in place.

    This leaves the deep state in a quandary,

    They can’t get to the President in any real way

    Right now trust is too low for a false flag hell if a crazy shooting up a school full of White kids in Connecticut couldn’t push the disarm the populace narrative , nothing could. No one trusts the system at all period,

    A bigger terror incident is too risky, it might lead to martial law under Trump or if not them or the union just ending

    They can try and cover up and might succeed but this ratchets things closer to a civil war and/or system failure

    The best solution is for someone to take the fall , a bunch of Democrats and a few Republicans so it looks bipartisan . Whether this can be arranged, or it will all blow over no one knows though of Q is on the level the US is in for a wild ride

  11. Sedition it is. It is hardly a coincidence (tovarisch?) that the GCHQ chief (Britain’s NSA), stepped down days after Trump’s inauguration. Their surveillance of Trump and the campaign would have been useful to allow NSA to surveil domestically (“foreign threat”).

    Having said that, I still believe the Donald’s main value is to be the man who comes to Washington and breaks all the china and crystal. We need it and it is likely the only thing that will allow a non-kinetic solution to some of our political issues.

  12. The bigger problem is that a real Big Brother apparatus has been in place for over a half-century now and high tech communications now enable much easier and comprehensive spying. Both Clinton and Obama raided the FBI political dirt files and actively used this intel to blackmail key members of Congress and the Supreme Court. DC is terrified that the current scandal will reveal the breadth and depth of this activity. Best case scenario is that Trump can put a real dent in the problem. Worst case scenario is that the beast is only slightly wounded and bounces back even stronger.

    • Back in 2010 at a conference over in Crystal City by the Pentagon, happened to share a lunch table with this guy and had a long talk about what he termed “turn key totalitarianism” and his own experiences being surveilled by the FBI. Never looked at things the same again.

  13. Undisturbed by the surrounding drama, Jeffy Sessions will continue to play with the train set he got for Christmas.

  14. I’m very skeptical that this “memo” everyone’s going on about has any substantive new information. There is so, so much hype. I always associate this level of hype with a lack of any underlying significance.

    This is the document we actually want to see: The Probable Cause Affidavit submitted to the FISA court on Carter Page. The law says that a FISA warrant to surveil a US citizen requires a showing that the individual is an “agent of a foreign power.” As in a literal spy basically. Get that document, then get whoever signed it in front of congress and have them explain the basis of every factual allegation. Popcorn stocks through the roof.

  15. “as evidence emerges of serious corruption at the end of the Obama years.”

    You mean just the last 7.9 years of his administration?

  16. While it’s very, VERY easy to get so enraged about this that the drums of war start sounding like a good tune to dance to, there is still reason to believe that our system is not completely hopeless. That reason is sitting in the oval office today. If our political system were totally compromised, there is no way Donald Trump would ever have been on any ballot to begin with, much less have won the general election. In a nation where political corruption has set in past the point of no return one does not see outsiders challenge the status quo in the way that Trump did in 2016 and prevail. Trump is rich, certainly, and obviously famous, but he is one man and has no army of his own. His candidacy was predicated on the masterful exploitation of multiple media platforms and a groundswell of popular discontent with the status quo. He wasn’t a high ranking general sending armored divisions into D.C. and staging a coup. It wasn’t some shadowy cabal of CIA spooks engaging in covert skulduggery to prop up some front man. It was a legitimate election. If Obama and the entrenched bad actors in the executive branch were in total control, Trump would have been dealt with one way or another long before he became a real threat. Instead he’s in office today, and to me that’s a reason for optimism.

    I do believe that our system of government is at a precipice, and there are many grave dangers lurking on the near horizon, but it’s not a lost cause. The people who perpetrated this sedition can actually be federally indicted and face prison, it’s just a matter of the will to do it. Ultimately I believe the public would be behind that if the case were honestly laid out for them. I see a great many people subtly yearning for violence, when really that would be a calamity beyond all imagination. It’s understandable to be outraged about these things, it’s an outrageous (not to mention illegal) thing to use the organs of state against political foes in the manner that it seems the Obama administration did, but a civil war might well spell the end of the United States as we know it. It would not be simple, or short, or anything other than a horror show. I’m personally hoping that there are people in the government with hearts in the right place and the courage to do the right thing simply because it is the right thing. I suppose we’ll find out if that hope is misguided or not.

    • We get one shot at this. Trump snuck through simply because Prog hubris assumed he never had a shot. And as we’ve seen when the deep state strikes back, they won’t make that mistake again.

  17. Prosecuting and jailing the top members of the losing party by the winning party is about the worst thing I could imagine for the Republic. The only thing worse would be not prosecuting and jailing them for obvious sedition.

    We’re about to find out if we truly are a country of equal treatment under the law, or just another corrupt system like so many that have gone before.

    • So true. We are about to test the limits of immunization from prosecution for being black or being a woman.

      • Sadly, I think you’ve got a point. Part of the energy at the various pink pussy hat rallies around the country this weekend were to warn off politicians from pursuing any prosecutions vs. Hillary and her band of Merry Men by emphasizing that “We Vote” and “We Will Persist” with Senator Elizabeth Warren’s image on the posters.

        • “emphasizing that “We Vote” and “We Will Persist” with Senator Elizabeth Warren’s image on the posters.” – As if to remind everyone what a terrible mistake we made in the 1920s by passing the 19th amendment.

    • I suspect that both sides of the Progressive ruling class are worried about who is and who is not involved in this thing. That’s the reason for the slow walk of just about every part of it. The Mueller show, taken in isolation, is a ridiculous farce to this point. But, it was never intended to find anything. It was a stalling tactic.

      Forgotten in all of this is the NeverTrump loons. Matthew Continetti, the son-in-law of Bill Kristol, admitted to financing, in part, the FusionGPS dossier. How many NeverTrump “journalists” in Washington were taking money from operators like Fusion?

      The thing about political scandals is the resolution comes when all the players are known. Right now, no one seems to be sure who is and who is not mixed up in this thing.

      • In November 2007 I told my coffee group “The country just elected George Soros President.” Still not sure I was wrong.

      • The Mueller charade is a bald reanimation of the notion that the best defense is a good offense. And it is. Without something for the MSM to poke in the public’s eye they would have been left with a never ending shit storm of revelations to deflect. But now it’s round two and the home team is coming to the plate.

  18. The worst scandal in American history?

    Maybe, by rational standards that assume the Rule of Law still exists.

    It doesn’t. Otherwise Bill Clinton would have been removed from office, and his even more corrupt wife would have been shunned.

    My guess- nothing in this memo, nothing at all, will matter- even if the witless morons of the gop somehow manage to make it public, which I even manage to doubt.

    The left doesn’t care, because they cheerfully embrace any tactic up to and including murder to win and keep political power. The disinterested aren’t going to care, because they simply aren’t ever going to hear about it. And the right doesn’t even matter, because the gop political establishment is still sulking because their voters refused to obey their command not to support Trump.

    Yes, this will not end well.

    • I don’t know. The elite can probably weasel their way out of it and baring an attempt at disarmament or maybe a cup against Trump the Right is barely able to manage a protest march

      The US went from 90% White to 60% with barely a whimper and we lost our cities to a foreign invasion .

      Sure we are good at buying and hording guns and ammo and prepper tat but so effing what? If you don’t have the ability to organize or any real plan what to use them for they are of no real value.

      Right now there aren’t any plans out there worth a civil war or worth risking life and limb for so the status quo wins.

      I can’t blame anyone really, I’m not doing it as no one is offering me anything massively better than what I have and I can’t assume that anyone else would act either nor advocate it. Aside from being illegal, its futile past a certain point

      Frankly there aren’t any plans that don’t involve a heaping dose of You Ain’t the Boss of Me

      This is probably the end of the Union when we realize that the people in most of these states should not be taking orders from people in the State a few borders over much less they other end of the Continent

      I don’t need New Yorks input on anything and the reverse is also true. Until we can accept that we can’t move forward

      Worse the divide is Urban/Rural too, we Deplorables don’t want to take any more orders from the cities even if they outnumber us. Sorting that out is nigh impossible with a functioning system and if it wen’t hot?

      Everybody dies basically. Screw that.

      Sure there are a few alternate ideas but frankly I’m not pissed off enough to fight for Christendom, I’m not at all religious and the Founding Father minrachy /Constitutionalism is not suited to 2017 in any way

      I’d like either Distributism or a Social Democracy with socially conservative leanings, the current Constitution and high homogeneity. 1980 that kept up with the times

      I don’t see that on the table and I don’t see anyone offering any second alternative that’s remotely good

      Other people have other ideas (Rapture from Bioshock writ large, Muh Constitution, Christendom 2.0, Leftism) but none of them have a second alternative either so people wisely remain passive and will

      well until someone does something mind bogglingly stupid beyond the normal undemocratic corruption that has been part and parcel since the founding

      Than we shall see. Its why I think unless Q is on the level and I have no opinion on that, nothing will come of this.

  19. “32. S. 110 of Article III of the Constitution & 18 U.S. Code § 2381 are quite clear. ‘Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason.’

    33. So let’s go through the elements. Did Obama owe an allegiance to the United States? Yes. Are Hezbollah and Iran enemies of the USA? Yes. Did Obama adhere to them? Yes. Did Obama give them aid and comfort? Yes. Worse – Obama deliberately made Iran and Hezbollah stronger.”


  20. That being the case, would the “Obummer detractors”, be justified in characterizing half-black Valerie Jarrett – de facto POTUS – and it/her puppet POTUS, half-black “Barry – the “Preening-Prez of the DarkHouse” to both be “red-diaper [commie] babies” mentored by al-CIA-da operatives to eventually be [hopefully] exposed as TRAITORS who were almost successful in continuing said high TREASON via the HildaBeast?

  21. Blacks don’t care if Obama is worse than Nixon according to some goofy white-people standards they don’t even understand.

    They care if he goes to prison, that’s all.

    Further, our whole culture is so compromised that most white Democrats, and effectively zero fake American Democrats, won’t care either. They’ll think these guys were just bending the law a tiny bit to do the right thing for what they call “America” — the Cathedral, the Cult, whatever.

    • We will soon witness the extremes people will go to, to protect and to promote their warped worldview. I honestly can’t explain it, other than as an example of mass brainwashing. Jim Jones’ people in South America had nothing on this crowd.

    • You know, I think Obama would benefit from prison. Look at how Mandela was granted sainthood because of his “principled resistance”. Plus, he would learn lots of neat skills, like how to do laundry, how to make a shiv, and how to be someone’s bitch. Besides Moochell, that is. And, of course, his favorite part of prison will be the shower room where he can bend over to pick-up soap to his heart’s content.

  22. I was tweeting this the other day. People want so bad for Obama to be frog-marched into prison and Obama has known all along that no matter what is discovered he’ll walk free because there is no reasoning with identity politics. I would be somewhat mollified if Hillary walked the plank, and she just might be thrown off the ship as a sacrificial appeasement.

    • Seeing Obama frog-marched into prison would be nice – but I agree, identity politics might keep him out. Hillary being thrown off the ship as a sacrifice might mollify the masses. But there would have to be a lot of other heads lopped off to make the whole thing “right”.

      Since it’s unlikely Obama will ever go to jail – I’d be satisfied with seeing him flee the country and take up residence in some Muslim majority country as a political refugee. That would give all the people saying he was a Muslim all along a massive political card to play that would be used to tell the identity politics types to STFU.

      • ” I’d be satisfied with seeing him flee the country and take up residence in some Muslim majority country”

        Maybe not so far out of the realm of possibility. The military government in Thailand surreptitiously allowed the former PM to leave the country before they brought charges against him. Then about a decade later his daughter became PM and started causing them problems, so they got rid of her the same way.

        They were having a lot of trouble with popular insurgency in Bangkok and throughout the country, so I guess they figured that it was better to get rid of the troublemakers than to actually put them on trial for anything.

        That sounds similar to the situation we have here. Maybe it would work here, if Obama was made to understand that it would be very much in his interest just to say nice things and try to calm the situation from afar.

        But Southeast Asians are innately a whole lot more docile than blacks.

        • It’s probably also easier in the bigger picture to have him flee the country , end up in some Muslim majority shithole country , then wait til he (inevitably) starts dissing the United States – then drone strike his ass to get rid of him.

    • LOOK: We are talking about TREASON and SEDITION here…*not* some after-the-fact “coverup”. What’s with the “liberal” hand-wringing?!?

  23. The Intelligence section of the FBI providing raw, unverified signals info to Fusion GPS is key. Sally Yates blocking the IG from oversight of the Intelligence section was the first flashing red light. Easy to see in hindsight, of course. Please remember Senator McCain is part of this little party. A personal note, if I may, concerning forgiveness and salvation. McCain needs to be hounded and prosecuted to his miserable last dying breath.

    • Second that! Considering the necessity of “reciprocal forgiveness”, as a [daily] ACTIVE Repentant, I frequently have a difficult time resolving the possibility of forgiving a John In-Sane or, worse yet, the HildaBeast, notwithstanding the likes of Soros, Sick Chaney, Eric [the race-baiter/gate-keeper] Holder, etal – just to mention a few of the most reprehensible. But, I take solace in the [almost] assurance that said reprobates would NEVER be able to “give restitution to the FULLEST of their individual capabilities”, which is the second element of the three-part “repentance/forgiveness/salvation process” of what I call the “three Rs” – 1) Realization/acceptance of One’s “spiritual alienation”, 2) Restitution according to each individual’s FINANCIAL capability as defined by the most needy, 3) Resolution to NEVER turn/”look back”.

  24. One working theory is that Sessions and Trump are keeping arms length so when the blows fall there is as little taint of retribution as possible. But funny how HillAry et al have gone radio silent. Particularly with the opportunities present by the Vagina March. Only Schiff is talking on the Dem side and his latest schtick is “partisan talking points”. All that does is scream for release of the underlying documents. Half the shutdown may be to get breathing space to formulate the 4.0 version of Russiagate and line up the press outlets.

    • Obama and Hillary have been very quiet lately. Any travel plans to non-extradition countries on their agendas?

  25. Suspect that memo contains information that is so “nuclear” that the dilemma is how much of the village do you wish to destroy to save it. That is why Devin Nunes has looked like man who sees dead people all around him for the past nine months. Mike Rogers’ body language in all those hearings screamed “I want to strangle these fucks sitting next to me with my bare hands”. Technically this probably falls in the sedition rather than treason category (unless there was real collusion with a foreign power). But I imagine even Trump is concerned about a couple years worth of trials that might put the leadership of the FBI and DoJ in jail. And whither the “resistance” and their ilk? I live among them. Watched the Santayana-like redoubling this past weekend. This is what civil wars (hot or cold) are made of. Can’t see reconciling with these people.

    • Maybe we all need to start sending emails with pictures of Mussolini hanging upside down to all of our local politicians , with a caption underneath that reads:

      “Don’t let this be you. Do the right thing. Prosecute the ones you KNOW are guilty. Stop fucking around. We’re watching”

      • OK for leftists to do stuff like that with Trump, but you would get a visit from the FBI if you sent anything like that to any of your congress critters.

  26. The correct term here I believe is ‘sedition’. Treason is when someone sells out to a foreign power.

    • I used treason because it does appear the FBI and Fusion GPS were working with at least one foreign government. They may have been dupes, but British intelligence was involved at some level. But otherwise, you are correct. This is seditious conspiracy.

      • CORRECT.
        Definition of Sedition
        Sedition is defined as “conduct or language inciting rebellion against the authority of a state.”

        Examples of Sedition
        When the United States instituted the draft for the Vietnam War, many young Americans showed their defiance by burning their draft cards. This act alone was seditious in nature, but not illegal. Burning the American flag has been upheld by the Supreme Court to be a constitutional right of citizens, but is also considered seditious. While not all acts of sedition are legal, being seditious does not automatically make them illegal. In dictatorial governments, of course, any act of sedition might be illegal and result in severe punishment.

        Definition of Treason
        Treason is defined as “violation of allegiance toward one’s country or sovereign, especially the betrayal of one’s country by waging war against it or by consciously and purposely acting to aid its enemies.”

        Examples of Treason
        Americans usually think of Benedict Arnold when treason is mentioned. Arnold sold military secrets to the British during the Revolutionary War. This is a clear act of treason. Spies who spy against their own country are committing treason. Treasonous acts are illegal in all countries and are often punishable by death.

        • The US Constitution itself defines treason, in Art.III section 3:

          “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort. No person shall be convicted of treason unless on the testimony of two witnesses to the same overt act, or on confession in open court.

          The Congress shall have power to declare the punishment of treason, but no attainder of treason shall work corruption of blood, or forfeiture except during the life of the person attainted.”

          The punishment required if someone is convicted of treason is found in 18 U.S. Code § 2381 – Treason, which states:

          “Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.”

          Personally, I’m not a vengeful man- but I’d really like to see the Black Messiah’s neck fitted with a hempen necklace, and I’d love to watch him dance at the end of his rope. It would be fitting, considering how many lives he has ruined, and the damage he has done to this country.

          If I weren’t merciful, I’d feed him to the pigs.

      • Agree, sedition over treason. But was billy clinton’s cash for secrets to the Chinese not treason?

  27. It must be really bad. If the republicans aren’t leaking it then they are into it up to their eyes, or the whole system is at risk. I doubt anyone will be able to spin it so their only hope is to just bite the bullet.

    • Other Al;
      I know that it’s beyond all recent precedent for Repub. conduct, but it’s just slightly possible that the House guys are slow-walking the disclosure to maintain negotiating pressure on the Dems.

      As evidence, the Progs/Harlem Globetrotters caving on a government shutdown today instead of the GOPe/Washington Generals is a first ever event in my getting-to-be-long lifetime.

      Of course, “If wishers were horses, beggars would ride.” as my old Appalachian granny used to say.

  28. Obama isn’t smart enough to have orchestrated this, though the Obama White House (I’m thinking more Valerie Jarrett than anyone else) could have done it. Obama had a winning smile and he took a good photo. He would have made a hell of a good mulatto mall Santa.

    I think (as usual) Steve Sailer has the best take on this. There’s a lot of class animus motivating the attacks on Trump. The high-low coalition was supposed to be the black and brown underclass and Chuck Schumer types selling America down the river, but the high-working class team-up between Trump and some cohort of white working- and middle-class Americans is pissing off the good people. They see construction workers cheering on some guy with orange hair eating McDonald’s and calling Haiti a “shit-hole” and all they can think is how it reminds them of a red-baiter from Linda Yorba who liked to bowl.

  29. Piffle. The (ongoing) IRS scandal was far, far, far worse than anything Dick Nixon ever did, and has been going for years. What happened? Bupkis. The rule of law is dead, dead, dead. Pick your patron, kids, it’s going to be a rocky ride.

  30. Greenwald has it partially correct, but he let his leftist tendencies carry him away. I expect the memo to be released or leaked to the press. The lugenpress continues to report that the memo is classified, but it’s not clear that is correct since a Congressional committee has no legal authority to designate a document as classified. However, much of the supporting material upon which the memo relies may be classified. Without the supporting material the memo will be written off as a partisan political document, with the help of a compliant press.

    To the best of my knowledge, nobody from the White House has been given access to read the memo. No clue why Greenwald believes anyone in the White House is in a position to make a judgment about declassifying the memo or any of its supporting documentation when they haven’t even been given access to the memo.

    Kudos to Conservative Treehouse for covering this story in a way that nobody in the MSM would. My sense is that their theory that Admiral Mike Rogers spilled the beans to Trump in his meeting with Trump on November 17, 2016, is likely accurate.

    I still maintain it was an egregious error for Sessions to recuse himself in this matter, leaving control of the investigation in the hands of Rosenstein, who may well have been involved.

  31. If a host of political insiders from the Clinton and Obama camps are not facing indictments in 3 months then constitutional order has devolved into a mere pretense.

    • There’s quite a bit of talk amongst right wing / conservative / alt right type forums and web sites that civil war is coming. I’ve seen the talk among a lot of commentors go from “civil war will get here soon” to “civil war is right around the corner” among a lot of the stuff I read over the last few years.

      As you said: Constitutional order may be on the edge of devolving into a mere pretense. I see similar comments being made in quite a few places.

      But………… I see this as an opportunity. An opportunity for those of us who are not in the cloud – to apply that power which we have. The writings of Matt Bracken (as just one example) – are relatively popular in the pro-gun pro-Constitution crowd. A common theme in his writing is that the political class is just as susceptible to death by gunfire as the rest of us are.

      I think this is important because: If the political / cloud class thinks they are going somehow sweep this all under the rug and send the entire political system into a tailspin to save their own asses …… I think it’s important to have it made perfectly clear that jail should be seen as an better alternative to death by gunfire – or hanging.

      This might help set some minds right when those political calculations are being made on whether or not to let people walk on all of this. We all know that politicians will throw each other under the bus to save their own asses. Given a choice they will choose to protect each other. In this case – if this whole thing is a bad as ZMan is saying (and I believe it is) – it should be made crystal clear that to save it then the offenders need to burn.

      The United States does have one fundamental thing that I don’t think any other country has: A well armed populace , and a history (long ago I know) – of using that armament to effect a positive political change.

      The dirt people have a “Trump” card here – and that is the not so idle threat to effect political change thru force of arms. I know there is a lot of debate on whether this could or would actually happen in this day and age – but the cloud people are ignorant of the dirt people and reality. And the power of your enemy is often that which you perceive them to have – and not that which they actually have.

      I think the point here is that if it becomes well understood that the Obama administration and the Clintons were engaged in some very serious corruption – they need to be held to account – and the dirt people need to force that issue by threats if that is what it takes.

      • A good way to kick off a civil war would be to indict Barack Obama.

        Or even to begin investigating him.

        The cities in this country would burn. And Obama knows this, which is one of the reasons he was willing to risk what he did in being involved in this.

          • It would be bad for the whites living there.

            But I guess it has to happen sooner or later, if we’re to have a chance of taking the country back and restoring the rule of law.

            So bring it on.

          • White have load of ammo, stored food and tacit arrangements to handle this situation

            I don’t want this to happen, there folks White, Black and Brown who are my countrymen who’d suffer. I might not make it myself but if it happens so be it.

            The question is will “Some of you Leftists must fall on your sword or the cities will urn and you all hang” work . I doubt it. Being a Leftists means never having to be loyal but you never know

          • By and large, the whites living in those large “urban” (vibrantly diverse) cities are Lwftist stooges. Again: WIN WIN!

          • Exactly.

            Inevitably when the subject of EBT cards getting shut off, or Obama getting indicted – or any of the myriad of things that seem to be perceived as setting off the gimmeedats – you will get the “the cities will burn!” response.

            I agree with you : so where’s the bad thing here?

            I think people on the right are just sort of stupid about this. Pay attention to what happens when the inner city riots. They burn down their own shit and their own neighborhood first. They very rarely range outside of that. I don’t recall ANY instances of free roaming dindus burning down rich neighborhoods.

            I fail to see why putting a serious scare into the cosmic whites who populate big cities is a BAD THING. There’s a very serious case of reality denial going on in this country right now. Maybe having a few gentrified upper middle class city neighborhoods burning with gangs of roaming yutes who are constantly screaming “Kill Whitey!!” would be just the ticket.

            There’s nothing to shut somebody up than being able to PROVE them wrong. Ron Paul did this a number of times during his presidential campaign (said something predicting future behavior and was proven correct) – and it could be argued that Trump got elected on a similar turn of events (the Kate Steinle incident combined with Trumps earlier comments about rapists and murderers).

            It would be nice to be an alt righter who has been calling out the nature of the black population for the last few years – then see cities burn all over the country – and be able to say ” see – I told you so!”.

            That’s the kind of politics that gets very hard to fight back against.

          • I remember what cities were like in the 1970’s and 80’s. Compared to what they were like back then – there’s a lot there to burn these days. Part of the problem we have right now with the cosmic whites that ZMan talks about – is that the cities have become to be perceived as some sort of paradise. (I’m leaving out places like Baltimore and Detroit)

            Women in particular seem to LOVE cities much more than men do. There’s been a shitload of money spent on cities over the last 20 years. An interesting exercise might be to trace where all that money came from. Are cities self-supporting (as leftists like to claim) – or are they basically sucking funds thru taxation and government spending out of the rest of the country to support themselves? As well as having infrastructure spending funded by deficit spending by state, local, and federal governments?

            If you’re unfamiliar with what cities in general were like back when white flight was in full effect – I’d suggest watching movies from the late 1960’s and thru the 70’s. I’ve seen multiple movies set in NYC from that time period that give a pretty good picture of what shitholes many major cities in the US were back then.

          • We locked up enough Black people to keep the cities safe.

            That said baring Chinese style residency permits and some kind of forced small town living, you’ll never keep women out of cities

            Young women (under 40) are very stimulus and hypergamy driven and you can’t be that way in a small town or country setting.

            Fundamentally until the economy falls apart enough that cities are really really dangerous , a civil war or some very authoritarian slightly crazy anti urban faction takes over, expect more urbanization

            And yes this also means you should not expect fertility rates to go up much. Lower TFR is normal for cities and will stay that way with anyone with a 3 digit IQ and good impulse control

            This means if we ban abortion, IQ’s go down since mostly lower IQ people get abortions but if we don’t IQ’s also go down since smart people have fewer kids in urban setting

            And you can’t bring in more immigrants other than Asians as that will also lower the IQ

            Asians OTOH will lower trust faster than some groups too and as urban societies always lower trust no matter what choice you make, your society gets lower trust and dumber

            The only way out is basically economic management to favor small towns . Basically you control imports heavily, go strong nationalist and some kind of group handles zoning at a national level.

            It may not work though, creating artificial corporate towns is fraught with peril and populace cities will fight you tooth and nail for resources since they are resource pigs

            In any case you wouldn’t recognize the society as a whole and our idea of Freedom would be toast

          • But then where could I order my Double Ristretto Venti Half-Soy Nonfat Decaf Organic Chocolate Brownie Iced Vanilla Double-Shot Gingerbread Frappuccino Extra Hot With Foam Whipped Cream?

        • So? Its not 1968 and no one is really afraid of the “kids gone wild” crap like they were back than

          The rural/urban divide means a lot of Americans wouldn’t mourn if the Big Blue cities were smoking holes. We do’t really need them nearly as much anyway and they’ll be rebuilt in time anyway. The land there is valuable, the people, the dregs, Commies and rebels not so much

      • Today’s tech makes the possibility of armed insurrection very remote. The gov have the money, the manpower and the weaponry. Can you think of a way to avoid detection from satellites and drones? However, large scale disobediance would be possible, work strikes, non-payment of taxes, etc. I think breakup of the union is likely.

        • A few guys with an AK-47 were able to shut down power to part of silicon valley with ease and that is was a test run or a prank not a real problem.

          I’ll also note the USG could not stop the leak of its entire security clearance database with names, addresses and sensitive data of millions of people . Likely it was the Chinese buts also possible for patriots to get the same.

          Equifax leaked even more information than that as did Yahoo and if you think patriots/deplorables can’t figure out how to get that data think again

          On the ground, the State of California could barely stop a single rogue cop without terrorizing the population

          They certainly do have scary technology and can be dangerous and should not be underestimated but they are far from invincible

          Americans simply lack the urge to rebel yet , the anger is there on the Left and Right but neither side has a real alternative they can live with so the fighting is mostly sub rosa and what we seen in public, just theater

          if it goes hot, short of mass use of bioweapons by the Chinese or someone (and note rebels could do that as well) nukes or a famine it can’t be stopped by anybody till it stops

          Now I do agree someone on the union breakup notion., odds are a hot war won’t happen and the US as a concept and a nation will die of exhaustion like the USSR did before that

          Its creaking now, everyone can see that

        • Andy — Today’s hyper-tech has had a very hard time against relatively backwards insurgents in the Middle East for the past seventeen-plus years. An armed and resistant populace is foolish if it goes toe to toe with M1 tanks, cruise missiles and Predator / Reaper / Global Hawk systems. That’s not how it works. Note: They take out the oppositions guys as they are tossing their trash; they dont try to take on FA-18s and Apaches. Not advocating; just observing.

        • Bullshit.

          This the type of cuckservative response that constantly gets trotted out whenever this subject comes up.

          The US military still hasn’t pacified Afghanistan. And it never pacified Iraq.

        • “…Can you think of a way to avoid detection from satellites and drones?…”

          Sure let me tell you how. If you take one of those “space age heat blankets” you can get for a couple bucks and cover it on both sides with a couple of dyed sheets,(for camo), Thermal can’t see you at all when you’re covered with it. So there’s you’re drones out assuming you camo the sheets.

          Now just the State of Pennsylvania has more hunting permits issued than the whole army every year, meaning they all have guns and that’s just one State. Take out support troops and all we really don’t have but 10% of the army really fighters and even worse 1/3 are training, 1/3 are refitting/resting and 1/3 are fighting. They don’t have the manpower assuming you can get every single one of them to start shooting Americans.

          Ok so let’s talk about the armored personal carriers. First you can’t run the country form inside one of these. You have to get out. Second as they’re driving around napalm, made with gasoline and washing soap mixed, will cover the view-ports with fire making them really difficult to see out of, and hot. If they get out then…well all those hunters. Even if only 1% of Americans fight back it would be completely unmanageable and as soon as they start shooting civilians it will fire up masses of people to start shooting back. Invading the US is STUPID.

      • 9274 sealed indictments prepared by last week.

        Trump’s tax cut benefited the MIC.
        He’s sided with the army against the spooks.

        This is civil war at the top.
        Deep State military foreign adventurers against Shadow Government domestic surveillance political officers.

        Throw in the Black, Latino, and Muslim Brotherhood proxies, and watch the favelas ignite, while the Womyn attack the middle class.

        ‘Bigly’ doesn’t begin to describe this.

        • “…9274 sealed indictments prepared by last week…”

          Says who? 8Chan? I’ll believe it when I see it.

  32. The Democrats in the House have to be careful with all this talk of impeachment. If articles of impeachment are drafted, the conduct of the FBI and DoJ as outlined in the secret memo and other documents will be directly relevant and would have to be made public in the trial in the Senate. Whether or not Trump is removed, the DoJ will still be headed by Sessions and a lot of top Obama Administration officials will have to worry about doing some prison time. Are they willing to take that risk, particularly if the thread leads all the way up to Obama.

    • It’s the Streisand Effect, the obverse of what Hunter Thompson noted in his writing about Lyndon Johnson. If you call the other guy a pig fucker to make him deny fucking pigs, the other guy’s denial may loom in the public imagination. But people may remember that you brought it up. Every time Hillary or someone brings up Trump’s alleged collusion with foreign powers or Russia, she runs the risk of her technique backfiring. Ditto with the dems and impeachment proceedings. Trump’s a honey badger and once he gets going and pushes back those dominoes will topple.

      • The biggest problem for Democrats continues to be the fact that Trump refuses to play by the rules. And they simply cannot figure out how to deal with that. All the rituals that have worked against Republicans in the past keep failing.

      • Fully agree. This is why I don’t really believe the apparent excuse for Bannon’s defenestration: that Trump was furious about the Trump Tower meeting with Russians being brought back into the public eye. It seems to me that Trump can’t lose with that story; every time it comes up, it reminds people of what a lying nothingburger it’s turned out to be. In fact, I was thinking that the big danger is that the whole thing will fade away and people will forget about it, allowing Mueller and his cronies to slink off once the spotlight is off them. Bring it back, and everyone remembers the obviously corrupt media crowing that this time they had Trump, and how nothing EVER develops. And the media is incapable of admitting that they could have gotten something wrong, so they double down again and again, hoping that one of these times the magic will work and they’ll be reliving Watergate again.

        • The June 9th Trump Tower meeting was a carefully orchestrated sting operation (CIA style tradecraft). Nixon went down because of what he did “after” the Plumbers got caught (coverup). They are trying the same trick on Trump and focusing on alleged obstruction related to Don Sr.’s coaching of Don Jr. Make no mistake about it, this is an attempted coup d’etat in progress.

        • Doc;
          Yeah, I remember the media giddiness as Watergate unfolded ’72 – ’73. If you were, like Hillary, elite Boomer spawn, it was a wonder to be alive in DC just then. Out in fly-over we were just scratching our heads.

          I’m not seeing this giddiness now. More like desperation. I hope this is a harbinger.

    • In the immortal words of Jesse Jackson “Keep Hope Live” and my fav, “Stay Out The Bushes”.

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