Privileged Identity Exploration Model

Twenty-five years ago, I was sitting in an education camp, run by a lesbian and a Ghanaian. We had been force marched to the camp by our company’s human resource department. Everyone in the camp was white, but most of inmates were women. The point of the exercise was to lecture us about discrimination and racism. I came very close to being sent to the hot-box for pointing out to the Ghanaian that he chose to leave a black country and come to America. He was welcome to return, if he did not like it in America.

All joking aside, the funny part of the exchange was that the Ghanaian obviously never thought much about what he was doing. The company offered him this cushy gig where he spent a few hours a month lecturing white people about racism. It was better than working so he never bothered to think it through until I confronted him. The poor guy was so upset by the experience that he quit being the diversity counselor. It turned out that having the whip hand on whitey was more work than he was willing to do, so he quit.

The other thing that I recall about the camp was a women with a last name that looked like an eye chart. She was pretty and very polite, but she did not like being in diversity camp one bit. She tore into the lesbian about the fact it was just an excuse to lecture white men, which at the time was a keen observation. The prevailing opinion at the time was that the diversity movement was just a cover for giving blacks jobs they could not do, in order to make the company brochure look good. This gal saw where it was heading right away.

Here we are in the current year and that’s a reality that most everyone has figured out, even if no one bothers saying it. In fact, the casual acceptance of this reality is quite remarkable. The most under represented group in America now is white men. Look around the college campus, the government office or the workplace and that is the reality. One-legged trans-black Elvis impersonators have a box they can tick, but the straight white man has no box. This is the thing everyone knows, but no one dares mention in public.

All mass movements need a bogeyman, but the anti-white crusaders are struggling to find examples of evil white men, who are oppressing the the good people. Sure, the perverts, who decorate the news of late all look white, but, well, you know. Larry David tried to point this out, but we are so far down the taboo cul-de-sac that it is impossible to turn back. The white women will keep yelling “he touched me” until the last white-looking man is driven from the media, even if it is starting to look like a scene from Schindler’s List.

That’s what I suspect is at the root of the white privilege nonsense. Rather than locate an actual bad white man and haul him into the public square to be pilloried, they have invented this miasma they call “privilege.” It’s not actually privilege, as in a special right or immunity from certain laws. Instead it is a mysterious force that can only be realized through a set of sacred rituals. A shaman of sorts, usually called a diversity counselor, guides the white person through the process so they can see their privilege.

That’s what you see in this article about Privileged Identity Exploration Model being used at universities, to help white people overcome their whiteness, so they can engage in social justice causes. It’s a lot like brainwashing, where the initiate is forced to deny reality to the point where they no longer trust their own eyes. Instead, they accept whatever the cult leader tells them. It’s also reminiscent of the Cultural Revolution, where intellectuals were forced to confess to crimes that they did not commit, because they did not exist.

It is easy to be offended by this stuff. That’s intentional. As Theodore Dalrymple observed about communist regimes, the point is to humiliate.

“In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, not to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is…in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to.”

Modern society is riddled with special privileges. We even have a term in the law, protected class, which is the name for groups that have special rights. The trouble is those special set-asides and carve-outs only make sense if there is the evil white man lurking around every corner. The stunning lack of evil white men has forced these people to create a mystery version, one that only exists in the imagination of the offender, after they are properly coached in the Privileged Identity Exploration Model.

I should note the Maoist flavor to all of this campus activism. It is rather stunning just how similar the social justice warriors are to the Red Guards in the Cultural Revolution. What that suggests is the non-whites launching these campaigns on campus see themselves as the victors of the culture war. Their aim now is to solidify their position by sweeping up the remaining pockets of resistance. Mao Zedong did not launch the Cultural Revolution from a position of weakness. He thought he was working from a position of strength.

Strangely, that’s the glimmer of hope. While the Red Guards were running wild, reformers were quietly organizing to put an end to Maoist communism. These reformers, led by Deng Xiaoping, took over after the death of Mao and set about the task of rooting out Maoism. Five years after Mao died, the Party declared that the Cultural Revolution was “responsible for the most severe setback and the heaviest losses suffered by the Party, the country, and the people since the founding of the People’s Republic”.

Professor Sherry K. Watt should enjoy her time on campus.

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  1. Nothing has been more humorous yet frustrating, as watching white women (for some of us, our own sisters), simultaneously denounce “white privilege” while at the same time, albeit awkwardly and increasingly difficult–distance themselves from this same privilege by asserting muh vaginas. The good news is, given the lack of numerically and culturally sufficient boogeymen, the blacks and browns are turning on white women too! We as men should CONSTANTLY attach white women to us, and us to them, in ANY conversation about white people—continually include them anytime they are standing near you and some black/brown starts with the “talk”.

  2. My wife: “I am so tired of all this ‘men are evil’ and ‘women are better than men.’ She becomes more than angry. When I see such TV news reports done by over-paid white women I shrug and think: “More mush from the wimp.”

  3. I was one of the first to spot the anti-white gentile male trend. I was living in New York City in the mid-seventies. It all came to me in a flash after several years of reading/hearing non-stop liberal propaganda. When I pointed this out to people who were not particularly liberal, they thought I was drifting into paranoia.

  4. The lesson most men took from Bill Clinton’s scandals was that the amount of sexual harassment you could get away with was proportional to the assistance you gave to feminist causes. That’s why guys like Weinstein were eternally giving money to them and insidiously inserting feminist memes into films. It seems feminists now see themselves as sufficiently powerful that they can pull out of this deal. I anticipate that feminist men will start defecting, and support for feminism will begin to erode.

  5. Privilege is earned.

    Either by you, your father or your father’s father, or etc…

    Privilege is a darwinian reward for the good.

    Accusing someone of privilege is like accusing someone for winning.

    Combatting privilege is like cutting off you right hand because it is better at writing than your left.

  6. I have often thought the whole spectrum of American cultural upheaval by the progressives was the Cultural Revolution in slow motion.

    Nice use of the word ‘miasma’.

  7. This is only going to last for only so long before the massive backlash begins against this commi insanity as a Balkans on steroids, which shouldn’t take too much longer, for whitey’s patience with this insanity is rapidly running out. These commi’s and their 3rd world pets are going to be in for one hell of a shock when the fun and reindeer games begin.

  8. If you need a white pill, realize that the Red Guard comes to a bad end no matter who wins.

    “It is easy to be offended by this stuff. That’s intentional. As Theodore Dalrymple observed about communist regimes, the point is to humiliate.”

    The prophet Thomas Chittum made a similar observation back in the early ’90s in his book “Civil War 2”:

    “The establishment simply has no option. They absolutely have to publicly and repeatedly violate the Bill of Rights, all while they publicly deny that they are doing so. The Bill of Rights must be gutted and remade into a facade of euphemisms, and the more obvious the facade the better.

    This facade will serve as a sort of pagan idol to test people. Those who bow down signal their submission; those who do not will soon find themselves objects of the establishment’s attention. Either way, the idol of a facade serves it sole purpose, to let the establishment know who submits and who does not. That’s why the facade must be completely obvious, because only then can it serve as a test of those who submit and those who do not.”

  9. Cold economic reality might fix a lot of these problems. The recession forced my company to dump a lot of this nonsense. Before the housing crash, when the company was riding high, we had to attend endless human resources lectures on various diversity initiatives.

    Then the housing bubble popped, and the company was suddenly losing money hand over fist. They had to cut staff so much that it was no longer possible to hold these HR lectures because every department suddenly needed all remaining employees at work at all times so the company wouldn’t go under. Nowdays the diversity lectures come in the form of periodic emails that nobody reads.

    It’s not that the execs in charge are especially politically incorrect, either; I’ve met them, and they smoothly spout all the usual SJW cliches as if it’s second nature. But they are first and foremost in business to make money.

    • I’ve been with my current employer through 3 buyouts and reorganizations. The employees joke about how one of the biggest disadvantages of company success is that every time we’re doing really well, the BS level goes up astronomically. You know the company is prosperous because there is suddenly time and money invested in diversity training, endless safety lectures and driver training.

      The only thing currently saving us from some of that crap is that we can’t find and hire enough qualified youngsters, and everyone with skills and licenses is working too many hours to squeeze in any more BS.

  10. Zman you forgot a box that white people get to check. I check it often but not as often as I did before President Trump got elected. It always has irked me to no end to check this particular box because I thought the statistic would
    be used against us eventually. Does a 4473 ring a bell? Question 10B which is adding the insult to the injury after question 10A.

  11. Poor Iowa. Bereft of native talent they have been forced to recruit from without. It must have cost them a pretty penny to draw such talent as Prof. Watt all the way from vibrant North Carolina to a place that even our otherwise obtuse media have realized is “disgustingly white.”

  12. OT, I post on fangraphs once a month or so. There are many good baseball fellows commenting there, but they have a growing hive of SJW who downvote anything that smells of social reality. It’s as if Google assigned a gaggle of boys to sting the straying comment with red flags. My last post got 66 down votes last I looked and I was the only one in the red. The fangraphs subject was an up and coming AAA female baseball announcer. I posted that, although the general quality of game broadcasting was mediocre to poor, women could not fill that role because human DNA, male and female, has an aversion to higher pitched voices over long broadcasts. Strangely, I have not seen a single female commenter on fangraphs ever.

  13. We live in a time of great affluence and the lack of existential hardship (and associated selection pressure) is devolving our specie’s robustness and slowly making us less able to persevere in the face of new threats. Today, we are creating an artificial form of hardship for white men in order to replace the loss of ancient evolutionary threats. Those in society that are being coddled are also growing weaker as a result. And those who are being challenged with this new gauntlet will select for the strongest survivors among us. Would you rather be dying a slow insidious death of sloth, dependence, and decay; or fighting everyday for your own survival and proving your worth?

    • If population figures are to be believed, our robustness “as a species” remains, well, robust. The reproductive vigor of homo sapiens is expressed most vehemently in Africa, to the detriment of everywhere else, where fertility rates indicate slow but certain extinction.

      Biological realism – our thing here at Z-blog – dictates that passing on DNA is the only reason an organism exists. To replicate, whether one be a cockroach, a daffodil, a salamander or a witless Nigerian, is to succeed. That – and nothing else – is biological realism.

      So here we are, grown men basking in our collectively-higher IQs, terrified by the downward spiral of our civilization.

      Of course our children are weak, of course they cannot be counted on to defend any of the stuff we like. Their IQs are not the reason, but the ossification of all the other attributes that lend to robustness in the face of varying challenges.

      This is all Darwinism 101, I think; why are we scared by it? It’s our thing, right?

      Look, the last thing I want to be is a troll. I’m a Pinochet man myself… but it worries me when we (yes, we) bathe ourselves in mythologies about how wonderful we are, when all we are trying to do is defend ourselves from extermination, just like every other threatened people in human life. The Enemy never loses sleep over IQ surveys, crime statistics, the wording of the Constitution, etc. That is, our enemies don’t feel the need to explain how they are “better” than we are. Like all normal peoples, they want to rule and to exploit – just as we have done, in our prime.

  14. SJW: “Dude, check your privilege!”

    Me: “As it happens, I just checked my privilege this morning. It’s halfway between the ‘add’ and ‘fill’ marks on the dipstick. But thanks anyway for your concern.”

  15. Inventing terms or phraseology to be used to denigrate and condemn those you wish controlled, punished, silenced or murdered is nothing new.
    “White privilege” is just a newer form of speech and thought control to be used to shut up (for now) or murder (perhaps at a later date?) those you wish to punish or control.

    The Bolsheviks used the term “kulak,” to provide a rationale to round up “enemies of the state.” A kulak was anybody that the bolsheviks deemed to be a kulak (no evidence required , how convenient) and thus sent off to forced labor camp in Siberia and/or murdered.
    FDR’s good pal, Stalin, made good use of the noun kulak; to the tune of 20,000,000 to 50,000,000 times.

    Mao and other “democratic leaders” often used the term “revisionist” to justify imprisoning or murdering anybody they deemed to be a revisionist (enemy of the state). If you were a very lucky revisionist, you were allowed to “confess your sins” in the appropriate forum – in public, during a trial, etc., – and allowed to live.

    The Nazis used the term untermensch (sub human) to justify silencing/imprisoning/murdering those (jews, gypsies, slavs, etc. ) they wished condemned. Apparently, it’s much easier to eliminate sub-humans than real humans.

    I’m sure “white privilege,” has many more ancestral cousins, but they are all used to achieve the same goals.

    “….But if thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought…………This invasion of one’s mind by ready-made phrases … can only be prevented if one is constantly on guard against them, and every such phrase anaesthetizes a portion of one’s brain.”

    George Orwell – Politics and the English Language

  16. Din C. Nuffin said:

    “can the term “nigger” be legitimately re-instated, not for skin tone, but for behavior?”

    I didn’t think it was ever fired. Check out Chris Rock’s take on this from 1997:

    “The ‘niggers’ have got to go. I love black people, but I hate ‘niggers’. I am tired of ‘niggers’. Tired, tired, tired.”

    Of course, he no longer says this since in 2017 they are no longer responsible for their actions.

  17. “Rather than locate an actual bad white man and haul him into the public square to be pilloried, they have invented this miasma they call “privilege.” It’s not actually privilege, as in a special right or immunity from certain laws. Instead it is a mysterious force that can only be realized through a set of sacred rituals.”

    May The Force be with you. The Dark Side, that is.

    “What that suggests is the non-whites launching these campaigns on campus see themselves as the victors of the culture war.”

    I don’t think it rises to the level of thought for non-Whites. Non-Whites, as well as women, accept a secondary role as a matter of course. However, when White Males become weak, it becomes a matter of “What can we get away with?” Blacks were always kept in their place in the South with a surprising lack of physical coercion. Sheriffs and the police were adequate for riding herd on them. Lynchings were rare, and a third of those were performed on Whites. They “knew” to pretend to respect the massa, stay in their own neighborhoods, and leave da White wimmens alone. Such things as separate drinking fountains and separate bathrooms were not questioned by blacks. And Whitey thought he was being incredibly generous, giving them their very own things, which they could take care of or trash, whichever they were capable of. Guess which one they chose?

    Women accepted their important roles as Mothers, since their genetic code ruled them and that’s what all the other women seemed to value most. It wasn’t until (((northern feminists))) started telling them that they were being oppressed that they even started to believe that. And what did they choose as being more “rewarding” to themselves than being a Mother and Help Mate? Getting a career! Actually, it was just a job, but a career sounds so much more important, right? Did any of the Uterine Sisterhood bother to ask the men that were doing these jobs how “rewarding” they were? Of course not! But, now we’re 50 years into the great “Leap Forward” and what is the status of these women with their important careers? Unfulfilled. Depressed. On medication of some kind. Watching the world go to hell in a hand basket but without the cognitive ability to actually visualize that.

    Non-Whites, women and SJW’s all share one obvious and self-destructive trait. The inability to question the narrative. Provide them with a story and they will follow it, irregardless of where it leads. Because the future is just around the corner and it is glorious! Unfortunately, most don’t have the intellectual honesty to ask “Is that really true”? Modern men have been neutered and dumbed down to this level so that they no longer serve their job of being the watchmen on the walls. And those men, women, and non-Whites that actually have the capacity to recognize something terrible has occurred do not have the power to turn the herd of lemmings away from the cliff. Que sera, sera. Just get out of the way.

  18. Had a friend on our fast pitch softball team. He insisted he should start at third base because he believed he was the best at that position. The manager decided to start him there against the opinion of the rest of the players knowing he would fail and settle the dispute naturally. Of course, he failed, obviously for all to see. He never started again. Everyone could see the truth. But he refused to admit it. And he never did. He will always claim he was treated unfairly. His true judge was reality, not his manager or team mates. So it is in this world. But not his world.

  19. At what point does the whole college scam reach a tipping point? By scam, I mean that people spend $100K for a 4 year degree, that really could be condensed to one year of specific professional job training. The rest is simply overpriced fluff you could replicate by reading a few books. Businesses use college degrees as intelligence tests, because it is illegal to actually require one. If you get through a bachelors program with good grades, businesses know you have one year of training that actually benefits them, and 3 years that could be replaced with an IQ test. But to set up an accreditation process that makes sense would take a wrecking ball to all the diversity nonsense, and shrink the university bureaucracy by 90%. The only way this could change is if American companies only required classwork specifically related to the job. But the wasted 3 years does not cost them anything, so they have no incentive to do so.

    • It might reach a tipping point when some graduate programs refuse to accept bachelor’s degrees from certain collages as sufficient preparation for entry into their graduate programs.

      Ditto for a California high school diploma, when it’s not accepted within the other 49 states as acceptable prep for entry into one of their colleges.

    • My son pointed out that in my system of limited suffrage that due to his 120k in student loans he would be ineligible as a government debtor. I replied, what’s your point? With limited suffrage there would not be one trillion in unpaid student debt because college would be staffed with essentials and priced as it was when his grandfather worked his way through U of MIchigan in 1940. The educrats multiply themselves through debt and dismiss excellence in the same stroke.

  20. Great post, the white-privilege scam needed dissection by the Z-man.

    Watt’s CV looks like a parody, but alas…

    Eventually with no white oppressors left, enforcement is going to be a problem. How do the feminists keep the trannies in line, the blacks the gays, etc.? I predict an Ayatollah will emerge and Prog-Sharia law imposed. Veils, beards and religious police everywhere.

    • That CV is funny as hell. Did you know that such a thing as a “Courage and Renewal Facilitator” exists?

      • Our colleges and universities, with a few exceptions, have not gone down the rabbit hole, they ARE the rabbit hole.

    • If Sharia were to be imposed upon the SJW, what makes us so sure this infertile mind would not take to it?

  21. Everything is the last year points to a crumbling of the PC, SJW and progressive dominance that has been lorded over us. The universities, traditional media and our scolds from the entertainment world are done and they don’t know it yet. Those on the out never do.

    I am not saying a new era of traditional right wing or conservative rules will replace them, but toast they are. It’s a good start and a major correction that the West needs.

  22. I love it. These things are only adding charge to the Great White Wrath Capacitors. And we all know what those do: they fill, then they dump. I just want to live long enough to see, bonus round to get to participate in magnificent, terrible works. They deserve us.

  23. The hiring of women and foreigners continues apace at the university hospital where I used to work. Some of them have turned out to be so bad that they have had to be replaced by the rare white male when no one else can be found. The mural outside the hospital has not one white person in it, despite the fact that the surrounding area is almost exclusively white. This is the rulers telling the ruled how things are going to be.

    • All the privilege and affirmative action nonsense has the opposite of the intended effect on perceptions.

      Now, when you meet your surgeon, lawyer, business executive, etc… you have serious reservations if it’s not a white man who rose to the top despite being a white man.

      A few decades ago it may have been the opposite – a minority or female who rose to that position DESPITE prejudices would have to be particularly skilled.

      • This actually explains a lot of the lunacy you see in academia. The people who invented this stuff are starting to be glass ceilinged by it — your white lesbian feminist thinks she deserves tenure at Harvard, because lesbian feminist, but is stuck at Georgia Tech, because tenure at Harvard went to a black disabled transsexual lesbian feminist. But she can’t be hoist on her own petard — that’s phallic! — so she doubles down.

        • “..The people who invented this stuff are starting to be glass ceilinged by it…”

          This too will happen in sports, where male-to-female transgenders begin to participate in formerly all female sports.
          Some transgender female was just placed on the national power lifting squad in Australia (or is it NZ?); this means he/she took the place of a female weightlifter.
          I am sure the gal not selected for the team is really happy about that.

          And some former male-now-female entered a women’s pro bike race and won. Yep, the second place “real” female – who lost by about one second – must have been real happy bout that.

          Don’t forget about that high school “near-male” that entered some Texas state wrestling competition; of course, he won his weight class.

          Just wait till transgender females invade women’s soccer, track and field, field hockey, women’s basketball, etc., etc . For every transgender female that makes the squad, that’s one less female that makes the squad.

          I can’t wait to hear what the feminist groups will say when they see their gender compatriots displaced and/or reduced to 2nd, 3rd, 4th……..10th place, by ex-men.

          Perhaps we will then learn about ” transgender female privilege.”

          • A couple of years ago Glamour Magazine named Caitlyn Jenner “Woman of the Year” – and they all applauded.

            It’s hard to feel real sorry for people who knowingly and happily screw themselves over.

            With any luck transgenders will take over all of women’s sports and we can all sit back and say shit like ” Never let a woman do a man’s job ” – just to piss them off.

        • This is starting to happen w/i the Dem party as well. Some have theorized that the #MeToo stuff isn’t actually a spontaneous outburst of women wanting justice, but rather a typical Leftist purge of the old farts.

    • Our rulers like to think that a future consisting of brown and black women (with a fair sprinkling of females from one religion in particular) doing everything that’s valuable and necessary for a functioning society will make everyone equally happy.

      Disappointingly for them, there may not be as many smiles as they think.

  24. Not sure I buy the analogy with the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party ca. 1976. What evidence is there that the ruling class of the West realizes the folly of their ways? As far as I can tell, they’re just doubling-down on the lunacy.

    • That’s my read too, alas. Campus gives off a very Nork-ish vibe these days. Deng Xiaoping said “poverty is not socialism; to get rich is glorious.” He had his head screwed on straight (for a commie), probably as a result of getting purged in the 50s. Our Dear Leaders, by contrast, are still well and truly sealed in the bubble. Short of actually unleashing a Somalian horde into the faculty lounge, I don’t know what it would take at this point for them to get it.

      • Nobody imagined Trump would exist. We were waiting for Tom Paine but he came in the form of a frog. Maybe Voltaire was right and God is a comedian.

        • Correct. Flip it around: Nobody would have imagined a Z Man or his filthy, ignernt legions of Dirt People either. I say that WE are the insurgents in THEIR establishment. The deep state deployed the media, the universities, the courts, and the gubbiment against us – and we still got inside their perimeter and blew up their ammunition dumps right under their noses with Donald Trump. That is our rally point and toe hold – we have to hold it and expand it or we’re lost. He’s keeping them off balance with every tweet and rude joke – they lose their fuggin minds.
          We need to get inside their decision loops now; we need to poke and provoke them into making bigger asses of themselves and we need to ridicule them publicly when they do.
          The ball is still very much in play; the rebellion is in full swing, the bad guys are eating each other as often as not, and their ‘divide and conquer’ tactics have finally backfired – with everyone so divided, nobody can mount a credible resistance against us. All we need to do is keep the heat up on them, and keep our eyes on the ball. We have to make sense, be coherent and logical – and absolutely vicious with them when they go off the deep end.
          Take heart, we are still in the game.

  25. I’m honestly hoping for a Cultural Revolution at this point, because “intellectuals” were among the first sent down to the countryside. I’d happily sit through umpteen hours of Diversity Training if it meant some jackass professor had to spend the same amount of time weeding rice paddies by hand and catching his quota of sparrows and rats. Mao had his faults, but he knew what to do with educated idiots.

    • Yes , true; but it rarely ends with just the demise of the “intellectuals.”
      It may start with the rounding up of intellectuals, but that usually signals the commencement of mass terror where anybody can be sent off to the gulag.

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