Watch a TV show or movie from the 60’s or 70’s that touched on current events and you are likely to see a character mentioning something about Africa. Biafra was important for a while. Eritrea once got the attention of Americans. Zaire was another African country that turned up in popular media. Read anything about Progressive politics from the era and African causes were all the rage. The New Left was deeply into liberation movements and Africa was where the last European colonies were gaining independence. Africa was cool.

Of course, the 1980’s brought South Africa to center stage for the America Left. It was the easiest way to be pro-black, without having to move to Oakland. Lefty could be super-pro-black, from the safety of the college campus or Hollywood studio. In one of life’s little ironies, one of Mel Gibson’s biggest films featured him fighting South Africans, who were portrayed by actors obviously directed to act like Nazis. Everyone knew South Africa was going to be the example that proved Africans could run a first world country.

No one talks about Africa very much these days. On the college campus, the word “de-colonization” still pops up in papers, but it is now used by mentally unstable feminist academics in their howling about white men. No serious person talks about colonialism or what happened to the former colonies. Even South America is ignored by the American commentariat, other than to praise the wonderfulness of immigration. What used to be called the Third World has largely been forgotten by our Progressive rulers.

The reason for this is Africa, in particular, stands as proof against everything the modern Left says about the human condition. There are no success stories in Africa. Botswana is the closest you get, but it remains one of the poorest places on earth. The rest of Africa is a collection of failed states and basket-cases. Sierra Leone, for example, is no longer able to maintain its water supply and power grid. Nigeria is in a low-grade civil war with Muslims and Zimbabwe is the glaring example of the African failed state.

No one talks much about Africa for this reason. Whenever it pops into the news, the American media handles the topic like a skunk at a garden party. They crinkle up their noses, get through the story and then forget about it. American troops are conducting operations in Niger and no one seems to care. It is why the end of Robert Mugabe has largely been ignored. Rhodesia, as it was called under white rule, was a great Progressive cause 40 years ago. Now it just another story of Africans discrediting the narrative.

You see, Africa is the example that counters everything our Progressive rulers believe about the world. If the blank slate is true, then Africans should have made great strides in closing the gap with the white world. If things like “institutional racism” were real things, Africa should be racing toward modernity now. If colonialism was the reason these places were so backward, a half century of freedom should have gone a long way toward curing the effects of the white man. Instead. everywhere Africa is worse than a half century ago.

The response from our Progressive rulers is to just ignore Africa. You see it in this National Review article on the end of Mugabe’s rule. The authoress is young, so she was poached in the warm liquids of multiculturalism her whole life. Her struggle to explain the decline of Rhodesia into Zimbabwe reads like a person trying to disarm a bomb while blindfolded. She not only avoids the elephant in the room, which is race, she leaves the reader with the impression that there is no such thing as elephants. Race does not exist.

That is why Africa stopped being important to our Progressive rulers. It is why the efforts of George Bush to do something about AIDS in Africa was largely ignored. You cannot talk about Africa without talking about race and race realism. Those are taboo subjects, so the whole continent may as well not exist. Bring up the subject in a room full of Progressives and watch their reaction. You will not see fear. It will be confusion. The subject has been purged from the catechism, so it no longer exists. Africa is not cool anymore.

That is why Africa should be a central topic on this side of the river. It is the easiest way for the normie on the other side to begin his journey. It is a topic where the facts are so stark, it is easy to understand the basics of human biodiversity, evolution and the cognitive differences between groups of humans. The group characteristics on display in Africa, also look like what Americans see on their televisions. There is also the great divide between East and West. The Dark Continent is a living museum of human evolution.

Africa is also a useful lever against Lefty. Most of what our Progressive rulers say is some sort of moral posturing. Talking about the most important graph in the world is a good way to turn that against them.  A good rule of life is to always focus on what Lefty is trying to ignore. It usually means they fear the topic. Africa is the biggest elephant in the room right now, in terms of demographics. Lefty wants you to believe there are no elephants, so it is a good time to fall in love with the elephants.

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  1. I’m not sure about this. When I travel in Europe, CNN International is usually the only “news” available. It might as well be called AFRICA-24/7.

    They break from the Africa content to bash Trump every once in a while. But then it’s back to Africa.

  2. Here we have the whole race and IQ wishful thinking again.  If we operate under the premise that white men (and women) are inherently more capable or gifted athletically, then, in a nation where whites outnumber blacks 4 to 1, we ought not see black students excel in sports like track and field, basketball and football.  Unfortunately for white supremacists, black student athletes, despite their smaller number and inferior facilities, have done very well in these sports, and, if given access to rigorous and excellent coaching, could probably do well in sports like tennis and swimming. 

    Similarly, with regard to the game of chess, often regarded as the touchstone of intelligence,  we should agree that if black people, a minority in The United States, are inherently less capable intellectually and academically, we should very rarely, if ever, see instances when black academic chess teams win city or district tournaments, especially when there are white academic chess teams in those same cities and districts. And we should all agree further that given inferior access, numbers and access to expensive,  private chess tutors, occasions when black chess teams win state and national chess tournaments should be even more rare, never mind repeating those accomplishments.  Well, this is where the notion of black or African inferiority falls apart because chess teams from poor black communities have won consecutive state and national championships – at times as many as 6 or 7 years in a row – a number of times, that despite not having equal resources, that despite being no more than one fifth of the white population and that despite far fewer black schools even having chess programs.


     The Raging Rooks(later the Dark Destroyers) won a national title within one year of the program starting, won 3 consecutive national titles and one point had won 4 in 5 years.


    Also, why is it or could it be that every year there are far more students of direct African descent than African Americans with European admixture who have perfect SAT scores? Shouldn’t that European admixture allow for better academic performance than the slow, inherently mentally challenged Africans with little to no ‘benefit’ of European genes?

  3. If American blacks are so unhappy being here, then they should go back to Africa.

    And that gives me an idea: reparations to blacks should be in the form of picking up the tab for their moving expenses from stateside to Africa.

  4. The Most important Graph in the World doesn’t take into consideration where all these people are going to get breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
    Sub Saharan Africa can’t feed itself as it is. The same is true for the millions of “refugees” pouring into Europe. The musloids want to take over Europe but obviously have no plan to feed their 7.2 children after the welfare checks dry up. I see a huge famine on the horizon.

  5. Sadly, the left doesn’t even acknowledge the failure of South Africa or Hillary’s war in Libya. Was it Kenya that wanted to do managed elephant hunts and America was in a tizzy?

    • Zimbabwe, not Kenya. Kenya banned all hunting in 1977. That just meant, though, that poaching rings sponsored by leading Kenyan politicians would never encounter people capable of reporting their misdeeds.

  6. If anyone here watches “Last Chance U” on Netflix you’ll notice a similar theme… A few white people working hard against all odds to get Africans to improve their lot and mostly ending up watching them self-destruct in some pretty fantastic and all-too-predictable ways.

  7. Africa is the way it is because that is what works in that environment. The peoples, their physical traits, their mental proclivities, their culture, and their survival habits are the result of evolutionary selection and represent an optimum adaptability for that continent. This history is hundreds of thousands of years old and is wired into their biology. It cannot change except in evolutionary time. Thinking otherwise is not only stupid, it is gravely harmful.

    • By your line of reasoning then, similar environments should produce similar outcomes.
      But that clearly is not the case.
      The environment of Western Europe (climate, topography, natural resources, etc) is similar to North America.
      Yet the “tribes” of Europe developed into nation states and realized great technological and cultural (art, music, literature) progress.
      The indigenous people’s of North America never made it out of the stone age; they had no written language and had not invented the wheel.

      Other factors (e.g. the horse? greater population density? closer proximity to other cultures? invention of the sailboat?) not associated with “environment” must have been extant to produce these widely differing outcomes

      • The peoples of northern Africa are not the same as the peoples of sub-Saharan Africa. The climate/environment differences are significant. Evolution in the Western Hemisphere has only been going on for much shorter duration than that on the European Continent. The correlations that you are looking for do exist and are most evident across the east-west expanse of Europe to Asia.

  8. If you’re going to get into it with a progressive loonie about Africa – pull out the Japan card. (or the China or South Korea card for that matter). The Japanese were an isolated “backwards” society – until they came into contact with the West. I don’t remember all the historical details from memory – but long story short – they looked around – figured out the white man was technologically outpacing them – and resolved to do something about it. In relatively short order (historically speaking) – they were kicking our asses in a world war – building highly technologically advanced airplanes and ships – and then after getting their asses kicked – changed their economy over to become a leading builder of technology and automobiles.

    I don’t think you could say the Japanese are “stupid” based on the history.

    The Chinese and the South Koreans – have followed a similar path.

    Japan, China and South Korea have all done this mostly just thru EXPOSURE to the West. They were never significantly ruled over by Western powers.

    Africa however was ruled over DIRECTLY in many cases – and still can’t seem to get their shit straight. In other words they were given a DIRECT example of a better society – and elected to throw it in the trash – or just simply couldn’t maintain even the status quo once the white man left.

    I’ve thrown those examples in the face of a few progs I had the displeasure of getting into a discussion on this topic with – and throwing those examples in their faces ended the discussion forthwith and completely pissed them off.

    • The Chinese in Africa have surprised me. The fact that they hold no false expectations for Africans leaves them free to admire Africans for living the day as well as they do when a Chinese would despair. They also appear to be happy to not be in China.

  9. If you want to see a good documentary about African decolonization, watch Africa Addio – Directors’ Cut. It’s like watching a train wreck in slow motion. You know it’s good because it really triggered Roger Ebert. Avoid the schlock edits for American audiences which emphasize gore.

    AFRICA ADDIO (1967)
    Directed by
    Gualtiero Jacopetti
    Franco Prosperi

    Rated R
    122 minutes

    | Roger Ebert

    April 25, 1967
    “Africa Addio” is a brutal, dishonest, racist film. It slanders a continent and at the same time diminishes the human spirit. And it does so to entertain us.

    • James Kirkpatrick said essentially the same thing on Vdare 2+ years ago.

      So why bother thinking about Africa at all? If you start thinking about it, you might start noticing things, and if you start noticing things, your career is likely to come to an abrupt halt.

      But if you really want to watch a video on Youtube about Africa and colonialism, I’ve got a suggestion. It’s called Africa Addio, and you can watch it on Youtube.”

  10. Regardless of which way the arrow of causality between tribalism and IQ points, or even the race of the tribal people involved, (since there are at least three non-West African Bantu race tribal societies there)* Africa’s condition has great rhetorical utility against the Progs;

    “This is where your identity politics goes. Is this what you want for America_?”

    *Bushman-Hottentots as mentioned elsewhere, Pygmy and Nilotic (E African). Since there are native Caucasians in N Africa, that makes five races in Africa. Anyone speaking of The African Race has just demonstrated that they know very little about the subject.

  11. You see it in this National Review article on the end of Mugabe’s rule.

    Wow, that article is painful to read. Many of the comments to it are much more straightforward, however.

  12. I believe a commonly used expression for things African is AWA – Africa Wins Again. At least that’s what I picked up from one of the Wilbur Smith novels.

  13. For the lefties, the problems in Africa are the result of the former colonialism and/or greedy capitalist nations (e.g, the USA, USA, USA, USA, USA,……..) “exploiting” poor black Africans.
    The facts are irrelevant.
    Lefties are not interested in solving any problems or helping anybody. They are interested only in attaining political power. That’s it.

    That’s why most of what they say is totally contrary to what the facts demonstrate and why it is they are silent when their usual diatribes are too ridiculous even for themselves to spout and hear. (Note how silent the lefties are re: Venezuela).

    Back to Africa.

    It appears that all tribal cultures (African, Western Hemisphere Indigenous Indians, Arabs, Eskimos, Australian Aborigines, New Zealand Maori, Inuits, New Guinea Headhunters, Polynesians and other indigenous Pacific Islanders, etc) have never achieved as an ethnic group any real technological progress – or in some cases, no written language either; the tribal ethnicity, their geographic location or the abundance of natural resources seem not to be a factor.

    True, some tribes developed amazing navigation skills (Polynesians) and calendar systems (Mayans? Aztecs? Incas? Arabs? ) , some a written language (Arabs and ?) but that is pretty much it as regards technological advancement or a written language.

    Is it because of inbreeding for a few thousand years?

    Who knows; after all, for millennia jewish folks were more or less confined to marry within their own isolated groups – thus ensuring a narrow gene pool vs. most goyim – and had their numbers frequently diminished due to pogroms of various sorts. But jews have done very well no matter where they wind up.

    Or is it because tribal cultures are incompatible with real progress (and representative democracy – see Arab nations).

    The black African leaders that took power in a nation upon the departure of the colonialists immediately began bestowing all sort of benefits ($$$$, land, political power, favors, etc. ) to members of their own tribe and made sure the “other” tribe got crumbs or zero or were just exterminated (and the whites either killed or forced to emigrate).

    After all this is the tribal way; your tribe wins, the other tribes get nothing or killed (Hutu vs Tutsi, Arab tribe vs Arab tribe, etc. ).
    Also the N.American tribes never really collaborated to benefit all; they more or less stuck to their own tribe and either ignored other tribes or killed them off.

    The tribes that lived throughout Europe (a few thousand years ago) eventually established nation states and all the technological advances that allowed them to dominate the world. (Ditto for the Chinese and Japanese in terms of realizing real technological progress).

    Why these original European tribes were able to get on the path to real innovation and progress, and why MOST other tribes around the world were not, is a mystery. (note that the topography, climate, natural resources in Europe are very similar to those in N. America, but indigenous N.American indians never progressed beyond stone age technology).

    Do lower intelligence groups naturally gravitate to and persist in maintaining tribal cultures, or is it their tribal culture that discourages innovation and progress irrespective of the innate intelligence of its tribal members?

    I certainly don’t know.

  14. There is no educating Lefty. It’s like smoking – the truth and facts are out there. ‘Here is a healthy lung, here is a smoker’s lung. Here are the cancer stats for smokers, here they are for non-smokers…’

    The leaders and lefties and proggies WILL NOT SEE Africa. It contradicts The Narrative. I dunno how many discussion forums I have been banned from for stating the obvious as you do here. Twatter and Fecesbook are censoring and polishing turd for the narrative for all they’re worth.

    I think it’s far easier and cheaper in terms of blood and lives to admit the obvious: Blacks hate whites. They’re stupid enough to think they can win a race war. Left is stupid enough to side with the black man. Maybe we should just have that civil war and get it over with? I just don’t see how we can reach these guys any other way than with a 2×4 across the face or a bullet through the chest.

    Your mileage may vary, of course. For me, I am quietly stocking up on ammo, beer, provisions and popcorn.

  15. The world’s busiest airport was shut down all of Sunday for a power outage and what was the leadership of Atlanta doing. No idea. No one even bothered to make a statement for 6 hours. You know a statement like “we’re working on it” no no nothing like that. And Atlanta just elected another black criminal to be mayor. Things are just going to get worse.

  16. Yes, lefty would rather not talk about Africa for the many reasons outlined above in another of Z’s insightful articles.

    But there’s one more reason – it we start talking about Zaire and Nigeria, we might have to start talking about Detroit, Baltimore and the south side of Chicago. And that’s a conversation that lefty really would rather not have.

  17. So if AIDS us running rampant in Africa and Lefty ignores the region, I say, just let nature run it’s course. Maybe “the most important graph in the world” will turn direction.

  18. Mr. Z, you are smarter and better read than I am and I like the way you think – that’s why I read you daily – but I’ve been preaching this for years. As kids we were told in Sunday School and read in Weekly Reader that if we’d save up and send in our nickels and dimes schools and wells could be built in Africa. That’s all they needed, book learning and clean water, and Africa would blossom and succeed. During the Kennedy years we were told the single greatest thing we could do for the world was join the Peace Corps and spend two years selflessly helping Africans dig wells and build schools. It was all BS.

    In a 45 year career in the mining industry I met many engineers and technical specialists who spent a lot of time, in a few cases decades, in Africa and to a man their short answer to questions about the future of Africa was “It’s hopeless”. Rich in resources but populated by people who will never be even Third World. Then they’d launch into stories of the hatred between tribes, all consuming superstitions, stupidity, and the inability to think and plan as a civilized person. And about machete murders, kidnappings for ransom, and corruption that dwarfs that in US inner city politics.

    It is hopeless. I’m happy the Left has forgotten them and I no longer have to listen to pleas for more wells and schools.

    • Unfortunately, I know quite a few idiot Presbyterians in my city who are still digging water wells for Hutus. They do not listen to reason. All for the glory of God, don’t you know.

    • Also, take a look at Kim dutoit’s essay, “Let Africa Sink” It’s years old but still pisses off people of sensitive nature.

    • Du Toit was an anti-apartheid activist in his youth and steadfastly refuses to disavow that. Despite his “Let Africa Sink” essay, he simply hand-waves away the suffering and genocide of White South Africans who did not, like his family, have the wherewithal to escape the consequences of his “enlightened” activism.

      • he also is a huge leech. he spends his life writing (i.e. not working) then blegs for money (from people who do work) so he can go on not working. fuck him and his made up persona.

  19. The foundation necessary for a civilization to thrive must include; (1) an alphabet, (2) metal working (3) the wheel and (4) mathematics. Everything else is built upon and derived from these. And they have to be developed by that civilization, not given to them by someone else.

    This is why most of the African continent, and many other countries, still struggle today despite the efforts of the West to help them.

    • The foundation necessary for civilization to exist is IQ 92. Then you can have your wheel, alphabet, and math. This is the number below which it has been demonstrated that written materiel cannot be applied to the result for which it is intended. That which can still be understood through listening cannot be absorbed through reading. This is also the cutoff number for US Army recruitment. They discovered, though massive data, that their their enormous, and, yes, mindless by the book operation falls to pieces at the weakest link in the chain, which is below 92. It is ironic that the weakest link on the Caucasian chain is found above 135. Derbyshire’s rule.

  20. The population explosion, defused everywhere else in the world, is real and Sailer’s most important graph really is the most important graph in the world. I have become an Africa-follower over the past decade or so (even wrote a paper for my wife in one of her classes about the Chinese investment and involvement in Africa) for this very reason. I agree that western leftists no longer think about Africa and seem to actually fear discussions about it.

  21. Another wedge: how immigrant hordes affect the environment where lefties live
    (Que African slums, or Gary, Indiana)

    Note: Gary is Detroit, 20 years after

  22. Even though I am an evil, bigoted, racist, homophobe, I actually care about the plight of the Pygmies, Bushmen, and Hottentots. These people are fascinating, and it would be a shame if they were gone forever. Leftists who care so much about diversity don’t seem to care much about the poor Bushmen. (other than to shame me for calling them Bushmen) I can never remember the politically correct names for these people. John Derbyshire had a funnny essay titled, “The Onomastic Cringe”, about 17 years ago that dealt with this topic. Liberals are hypocrites, but calling them out on their hypocrisy never works–they just don’t care.

    • Onomastic–relating to the study of the history and origin of proper names. Hadda look it up so other wouldn’t have to. It might be especially tough to call Bushmen by their proper name unless you can speak in click. The Pygmies, Bushmen, and Australian Aborigines are in the IQ range of 57-60 which at least demonstrates the limitations of intelligence in surviving many challenging living conditions. An old Africa hand suggested to me that the African employs a substitute for the intelligence he lacks and that it is cleverness.

      • The Pygmies, Bushmen, and Australian Aborigines are in the IQ range of 57-60

        That’s incredible. Are there similar issues with accurate scoring at the extreme low end as we see at the extreme high end?

        • They are? I’ve also read Bushmen can readily understand higher math, while the Bantu are stuck at “one, two, three, many.”

          Like the fallen abos- what the hell happened to these peoples?

      • “An old Africa hand suggested to me that the African employs a substitute for the intelligence he lacks and that it is cleverness.”

        I know there is debate about the difference between intelligence and cleverness, but frankly, they both can be either. The best explanation I have seen is that being clever is more intuitive rather than thought-out. But, it is a type of intelligence. So, how would an African employ cleverness for intelligence? Economic success? If so, then the biggest criminals are very clever. Survival? Then cockroaches are very clever.

        • In the 90’s, I explained the difference between smart and clever as “The smart guy knows to not stick cigars in the interns. The clever guy knows how to get away with it.”

        • Convicts are generally quite stupid, but cleverness is a highly developed social sense in prison.

        • Theodore Dalrymple once wrote that “cunning is the intelligence of the stupid.” His views may have been influenced by his time in Africa.

      • The bushmen of Africa may not be very intelligent, but they are unique and well adapted to their land. They live in places where there is no drinkable water (that a white man would find anyway.)

        There are two extremely funny films from the ’80s about the bushmen: The Gods Must Be Crazy I & II. Definitely worth a watch, those two films cover a lot of ground in a very amusing way, but the underlying truth is not funny at all. One of the sub-plots involved a bushman who was jailed for shooting a goat with his bow & arrow, for dinner; he had no concept of herding or ownership. He was locked up “according to the law,” and would have died in prison if he hadn’t been rescued by someone sympathetic who knew how bushmen live.

        I lived 30 years in Australia, and found the Aboriginal people fascinating, mostly because they hadn’t made any “progress” for 40 – 50,000 years. I remember back in the ’60s, when I was studying psychology, my professor said that IQ tests showed Aboriginals too stupid for their IQs to be measured; but having lived there, and known some, I’d like to have seen how the learned professor would have managed, if he’d been dropped out in the bush with no tools.

        In that situation I’ll bet the professor wouldn’t have lived a week, in a place that most Aboriginals would find quite pleasant! So IQ tests may not be the only measure of intelligence. (Most early explorers in Australia- white men- all died; they never got where they were going, or if they did they never made it back. Not like the Lewis & Clark expedition in the USA!)

    • >Even though I am an evil, bigoted, racist, homophobe, I actually care about the plight of the Pygmies

      Well, then that puts you ahead of the local Bantu, who consider the Pygmies to be a) subhuman, b) property (equivalent to semi-tame hunting dogs, specifically). This article from The Smithsonian magazine, dateline 2008 describes this, as does Colin Turnbull’s classic book The Forest People (1961). Unfortunately the situation for pygmies has gotten even worse since 2008. There’s non-crazy talk that in parts of The Congo pygmies have become “bushmeat of the Ituri” as it were.

      Good thing for the pygmies that only whites can be racist, right?

      • Read Turnbull’s book fifty years ago. My recollection is he loved the Pygmies and greatly admired their evolved methods of living in an environment so unforgiving, but then went to such great pains to declare they were not stupid that I was left thinking he knew something he was not telling us.

    • KhoiSan is the name. Not Negroids, they are much older and were more advanced.
      The Congo Negroid arose and forcibly replaced them.

  23. Biafra. Thanks for reminding me of that. Auberon Waugh, son of the great English author Evelyn, wrote a book in 1969 called, “Biafra: Britain’s Shame” (about U.K. being responsible for yet another African famine). The Waughs were seen as “conservative,” so even back then there were cuckservatives.

  24. Another thing about Africa is that it’s rapidly colonised by China. Those people know how to extract value (and how to control fertility).

    It’s amusing how Lefties prefer to look the other way when they’re not whites, who run colonisation process.

    • The Africans love the Chinese right now. They think China will lift them up and help them out. Heh. “To Serve Man, it’s a cookbook”. That’s all that comes to mind.

      • When I was in Nigeria there was lots of talk among Europeans that the Chinese would “take over” there. Personally I thought that was a great idea. The Nigerians weren’t too keen, though: they knew whitey were saps, and the Chinese weren’t.

        • It will be interesting to see how the Chinese go about exploiting Africa. The Chinese want military bases in East Africa so they will have to strike a bargain with someone capable of providing security. Their first foray is in Djibouti. That coast them a $60 billion is “development projects.” The Indians will not roll over so they will be throwing money around too, which means the price for buying local chiefs is about to go up quickly.

          Then there is the natural resource issue. The Chinese will prefer to bring their own labor, for obvious reasons. That means buying local security, which is not always an easy thing to do in Africa. The Chinese have a well deserve reputation for ruthlessness, but they have never been good colonizers. But, exporting their excess male population would solve some issue at home.

          • I had not stopped to consider how big a factor the surplus male Chinese problem might be in driving the Chinese colonization of Africa. Go west young man. Plus,the cocky Chinese pride in race bears no actual love for China. I think it may have been Derbyshire who wrote that all Chinese classes are raised with the idea of getting out.

          • China is actively promoting African wives, due to the One Child female abortion policy.

            The Boxers revolted because of the shortage of wives.
            Seven years of famine had left too many baby girls abandoned in fields.
            They blamed the roundeye Christians for causing the wrath of Heaven.

          • There were 2 million Chinese soldiers in the Sudan while we were in Iraq.
            WashPo claimed they were “coolie labor.”

    • Francis Galton thought the British government should use Chinese people to replace Africans along Africa’s eastern coast. Extreme trigger warning to any lefties that follow that link.

      Galton mentions in that 1877 letter there were progs saying Africa was only a mess because of the slave trade. Shit don’t change.

      Gilbert Malcolm Sproat’s letter of disagreement with Galton is included to the bottom right of the page. “Chinamen, for many generations, are likely to have quite enough to do in their own country without taking Africa in hand.”

      • The British did import significant numbers of Chinese to South Africa as mine workers during the late 19th century as many African tribes (e.g. Zulus) turned their noses up at such work. Most eventually left SA but some stayed and created a small but well-functioning Chinese community. Despite facing real legal obstacles under apartheid they did quite well for themselves.

  25. To illustrate your point, the last great left wing campaign dealing with Africa was that utterly bizarre, semi scam involving a public masuaterbater called “kony 2012”. That’s how far they have fallen from the golden days of taking down colonial regimes and wearing the green and red.

    The only other thing was super serious, highly effective tweets from Michelle Ebola about “bringing back our girls”. Then they wonder aloud about why the flithy peasants are convinced that our ruling class rates as less competent and serious than the administrations of Edward II, Richard II, and Henry VI.

  26. The argument could be made that Africa’s decline is due more to socialism (courtesy of the left) than to racial ‘inferiority,’ but there are physiological factors that play into this. Culture matters more, since man cannot control the circumstances of his birth, but he can choose his actions.

    This is especially true when considering Liberia, which was founded by former African-American slaves. Liberia is relatively stable, although poor, and they aren’t sending waves of migrants into Europe. Their culture is different from the rest of Africa, but they still have a lower average IQ than African-Americans.

    The average IQ in Africa is 70. The average IQ of African-Americans is 85. This means that African-Americans are 15 IQ points away from both Africans and Europeans. Despite coming from the same racial stock as Africans, their average IQ has gone up 15 points in the last 200 years.

    Having worked with both Africans and African-Americans in low-paying jobs, I can attest that the two groups are nothing alike. Their attitudes, cultures, and mentalities are totally different. Having the same skin color doesn’t make them blood brothers, or even like each other. They despise each other. African-Americans would sooner affiliate with a white American than an African or Latino.

    So if we look at culture and IQ, we see that both can change and affect the other. African-Americans have gained 15 IQ points in 200 years under white culture. African-Americans’ culture originates from Scotland, not Africa. So the working-class blacks (who do you think runs the businesses that BLM burns down?) resemble the Scots-Irish and rednecks from the early 20th century. In 200 years, they’ve gained 15 IQ points, and in another 200 they could gain 15 more. This is not a process that will finish within a generation, and it relies on cultural attitudes and behavior.

    By extrapolation, Africa as a whole could change its culture and average IQ, but it’ll take about 400 years of dedicated effort. Thankfully, Christianity is spreading rapidly through Africa, and this cultural change will benefit the continent. Christian leaders in Africa are not pro-migration, and want Africans to stay and rebuild their homelands. It is white leftists who want to Islamize and extinguish Christian Europe. If the migrants were re-Christianizing Europe, the leftists would be strafing the boats and sniping the fence-jumpers.

    Christianity will save both Europe and Africa by fixing their cultures. Socialism and Islam will destroy both.

    • I have long thought that U. S. efforts to defuse terrorism in the ME and in Africa would do the most for the most if there was a strong Christian component to the work. Missionary outreach is something that all Christian denominations have in common at very basic levels and always has a “helping” feature, whether it is setting up simple schools or medical services. Also, it has been successful reaching women and children while not so threatening to the men. I realize that is a generality!! I think American churches should take the lead here as European Christians seem to have lost interest in doing these sorts of activities.

      • Forgive my harsh opinion, but I have yet to learn of any missionary work which improves anyone’s situation.

        1. There are plenty of downtrodden Americans – Whites even, on whom you can expend your “helping” energies. Doesn’t charity begin at home?

        2. The entire endeavor is couched in the belief that your worldview is inherently superior to those whom you are “helping”. History is rife with tales of missionaries “softening up” indigenous peoples, who are then exploited and their lands taken. I may be a shitlord, but I am not an asshole. If I wouldn’t want it for myself, I cannot wish it upon others.

        Read this eloquent essay from a Papuan tribe member to see how missionaries “helped” his people:

        3. Missionary work appears to be motivated by the missionary’s desire for a VIP Salvation card, and the opportunity to feel god-like over traditional people’s leading simple lives. Were this not true, you would not feel the desire to alter their lives and beliefs.

        You want to give Africans medicine? Start with birth control for f’s sake. This flavor of Christianity is a mirror image of the left. Motivated by good feels and virtue signaling – consequences be damned.

        I’m reminded of Christian missionary Dr. Kent Brantly who contracted Ebola in Liberia. Instead of accepting the consequences of his decision to undertake an extremely risky job treating Ebola patients. He decided his diagnosis demanded US citizens also be put at risk by being flown to Atlanta with the help of CDC head (((Tom Frieden))). Later it was revealed that Brantly and the other fine US Christians working in Liberia decided that Americans needed to be put at risk so that we would feel compelled to help the Africans.

        I agree with the Papuan gentleman – leave us out of your negotiations for a seat in first class on Jeebus Air.

        • Someplace in all these postings is the note that the Chinese have concluded that White success is based on Christian beliefs and “culture,” too, e. g. music that is universally acclaimed for its spiritual quality. So it (Christianity) has many features that others admire, both available in high and not-so high culture. In Istanbul, Turkey, the oldest cathedral in Christendom (Hagia Sophia) still stands, somewhat altered in the interior, but the Ottomans copied the domed structure in creating their mosques a thousand years later. Christianity borrowed many things from other cultures and created something new that others can use in their own way. Christ commanded us in no uncertain terms to conduct missionary activity which some have understood to mean using severe–and ultimately unsuccessful–methods, but the true test will always be “Do Unto Others as You Would Have Them Do Unto You” and “Love Your Neighbor As Yourself,” the two Greatest Commandments.

          What’s happened since the Sixties, vis a vis Europe’s former African colonies, is leaving the Africans “halfway there” on the road to forming modern successful nations, using secular foreign aid, birth control, that sort of thing, and leaving out the spiritual component. Hideous corruption ensues with Robert Mugabe et al. the result when the churches fail in their mission of Christianity First!

          • Sir, I genuinely believe your heart is in the right place. So please consider my thoughts with that in mind.

            Although I am culturally Christian, I can’t claim to be a believer. So a discussion of Christ’s dictates isn’t likely to change minds. I will say that most religions do include a requirement for proselytizing. Whether one considers this to be a shrewd/necessary tactic to perpetuate a movement, or a genuine desire to save souls, depends upon where one sits.

            I have been to remote islands in the Pacific where enormous 19th century churches, which could hold double the current population, sit like a derelict Astrodome, and are reminders of dark times. Christian missionaries and clergy often used the fear of god to become demi-gods whose universe ended at the shore, with an island dominion of abused slaves.

            Human nature as it is, I do not believe someone can leave a 1st world life to live amongst a tribe in the Amazon – for the expressed purpose of changing their beliefs – without also looking down on them, no matter how kindly the person.

            It’s the same reason Sloppy Williamson sneers at the base. He is paid to proselytize, creating believers, and delivering souls (votes) to Church GOPe. Perhaps his intentions are more base than a missionary’s, but I see no substantive difference.

            Missionaries aren’t just handing out bibles. Judgements are made concerning tribal customs and requests?….demands? to change what has been worked out over generations is made using god’s authority. Again – this is a mirror of the left. They believe there’s a SWPL inside every 3rd world immigrant. Christian missionaries believe there’s a suburban WASP Sunday school teacher inside every Yanamamo Indian.

            You’re both wrong. Christianity is product of generations of Europeans who built the institution you admire. IOW it’s culture. Just as SJW’s believe in a blank slate, so do you. Why do you think Christianity in Brazil a batshit mixture of voodoo and animism with a veneer of Christ? Why is Islam in the Sahel witchcraft, magic, and animism with a veneer of Mohammed? Because it’s the roughly same genetic stock who were “saved” by different teams.

            One can claim missionaries use a “kindler/gentler” approach compared to 100-200 years ago. This may be true, but it remains an unsolicited and surreptitious desire to change the mark into a simulacrum of the missionary in creed and deed. “I know better. Become me or go to hell.” This is creepy.

            Why is it creepy? I know how I feel when the Jehovah’s Witnesses sneak into my yard and peer into my windows. What if I lived as a hunter gatherer in the woods, and the JW paid me a visit, whipping out an iPhone of laptop? They would appear as gods who certainly must be superior. We both know that’s part of the game.

            Lastly, if you read this far, thank you. Please do me one last favor, and read these four short pieces linked below from the perspective of someone who had missionaries living in his village, and then went to university in the UK. The contrast between how he was treated by both groups is striking, and if it’s an accurate reflection on modern missionary work it’s clearly motivated by selfish impulses – far from “saving souls.”


    • “Liberia is relatively stable…..”

      So is Detroit. The key word here is “relatively”. The 7th circle of Hell is “relatively” more pleasant than the 9th circle hell, I suppose. Would any sane person actually live in either place?

      “The average IQ in Africa is 70. The average IQ of African-Americans is 85. This means that African-Americans are 15 IQ points away from both Africans and Europeans. Despite coming from the same racial stock as Africans, their average IQ has gone up 15 points in the last 200 years.”

      You overlook something that should be obvious. What is the White admixture in black Americans? How much of that 15 points is due to that?

      • Liberia has its own problems, like any other country, and they aren’t sending waves of fake refugees into Europe. They have the decency to leave other people alone while they mind their own in-house issues.

        The white admixture in African-Americans is not as widespread as you think. The stigma attached to it was only recently removed, and prior to that, it wasn’t common enough to make a statistical dent. Perhaps it affects the top 5%, but hardly the majority. The overwhelming majority of the African-American population does not have enough whiteness in them to make a massive 15-point IQ jump. This can only be attributed to climate and culture, both of which take centuries to affect.

        African-Americans do not have any vestiges of African culture left in them. Their mannerisms, attitudes, and mindsets are Scots-Irish in origin. The Scots-Irish had these beaten out of them when they tried rioting and lawlessness, and nobody gave a shit. To them, Irish and black were interchangeable. I saw a hilarious Harper’s Weekly Magazine cartoon that tried to prove this by comparing shapes of heads. So the notion that Africans and African-Americans are the same because they’re racially the same is willful ignorance. The two groups have radically different problems for divergent reasons.

    • african american iq was not changed via osmosis of heritage american culture. it was improved by interbreeding. iq is almost entirely genetic. culture is downstream of genetics for the most part

    • Socialism has never been a factor in Africa. Sure, the Soviets and Cubans got into African politics in the Cold War, but the post-colonial economics of Africa have always resembled something closer to organized banditry. The Big man who came to rule or the ruling tribe, extracted what they could from the rest.

      Black IQ in America compared to the source areas of slaves in Africa is interesting. The two main sources of slaves now have estimated mean IQ’s around 80. The evidence thus far suggests that average black IQ tops out in the high 80’s, so the differences between American blacks and African blacks is probably environmental. That said, East Africans are remarkably stupid, a reminder that sub-Saharan Africa has loads of diversity.

      As far as religion, the fastest growing religion in Africa is Islam. As is always the case with Africa, they can be counted upon to choose the worst option available.

      • Another issue re: African vs American black IQ is most all black Americans are genetically 15-20% European.

      • Socialism was a game-changer in the 20th century, and gave plenty of support to African dictators. Socialism is quite at home with organized banditry, and how else do you think all those AK-47s made their way down there? 😉

        The IQ difference is due to environment, both physical and cultural. African-Americans (as opposed to recent arrivals) have lived and breathed a white Gaelic culture for centuries. If you look at the Africans in Haiti (which have changed the least) versus Africa (where they changed moderately) to Africans whose grandfathers were born in the USA (who have nothing left of their African culture), then the differences are stark. African-Americans whose grandfathers weren’t born here have a Scots-Irish, working-class mentality. These are the ones whose businesses are burned down by left-wing mobs (and no small number of white communists), and are generally from married parents.

        The breakup of the black family in America is the statistical linchpin. When the researchers control for single-parenthood vs married parenthood, black and white crime rates are identical. The breakup of the black family was not a natural process, either. It was government policy, through welfare that penalized mothers who married the fathers. Just like the browning of America and Europe.

        The point is, Africans and African-Americans are not similar to each other, except racially. Everything else is different, and treating them the same way is willful ignorance.

        Islam is spreading in Africa because the west is enabling it to. Islamic charities have plenty of western taxpayer money, and Nigeria’s international assistance is being held captive to the demands that Nigeria legalize sodomy (which the Christian government opposes). Ironically, China will probably save Africa from Islam more than Europeans will. China hates the ragheads already,and will soon become theworld’s largest majority-Christian country.

    • Stealing everything that isn’t nailed down is part and parcel of a society with a 70 iq. You cannot have a democracy, plan for the future or build non-tribal institutions with such a population. Socialism appeals to these societies because it is the ultimate expression of the lack of self control and delayed gratification that comes with low Iq. These socities are like the famous marshmallow test playing themselves out on a grand scale.

        • I saw a news clip recently about package theft being a huge problem in Chicago (you order something from Amazon, they leave it on your porch, and a dindu comes and takes it off your porch). It’s happening in “good” neighborhoods too.

          They showed a young white woman who only uses the Amazon lockers now—had too many packages stolen. They finished with “authorities recommend you purchase a p.o. box and have deliveries sent there.” Pay the diversity Danegeld!

    • > Despite coming from the same racial stock as Africans, their average IQ has gone up 15 points in the last 200 years.

      Only a small part of African Americans are slave descendants. A lot of them are recent arrivals from Africa. And those people are not randomly chosen; they are the top of the crop, – gifted scholars, businessmen and the like. It’s a brain drain. Hence your “average” might have quite a tail to the right, made out of smartest emigrants from the Black Continent.

      • I think you need to take a closer look at your numbers. Or perhaps your understanding of African-American falls outside of the popular norm.

        • Yeah, I checked the numbers, and I am wrong. ~80% of blacks claimed to be slave descendants in 2010 census. Thanks.

          Misread the data (or, rather, the author of the article I read does not discern between % and pp, so ‘around 10.3% [of all Blacks] were “native black American” or ethnic African Americans, who are direct descendants of West/Central Africans brought to the U.S. as slaves.’ supposed to mean “out of 13% in general population, around 10.3 pp were ”

          The ratio changed quite a bit, with the 2010-2017 immigration patterns, I suppose.

          Anyway, 20% might still be a half of the “Above the median”, a statistically significant number.

    • If too many try to get into the lifeboat, all on it will die.

      Europe- where White and Christianity complement each other- did not truly break out until after the great culling of the Black Plague.

      Also, when the Roman trade roads fell, half the population was lost to starvation and banditry. That is when White Christianity took off.

      It will be heartbreaking, but we must keep the lifeboats from getting swamped.

      You can’t save them all.
      You can’t feed every stray.

    • I lived three years in Lagos, Nigeria and a couple of years later took a trip to New York where I stayed with a mate in Harlem. The similarities between the people – body language, attitude, manner of walking, manner of speaking, manner of interacting with others – was striking.

      • I saw an interview with a man who claimed to be the “World’s Most Traveled Person”. There were a few specs of land in remote areas of the oceans, and others off limits due to politics/military action/etc he had not visited, but essentially he had visited most of the world.

        The host asked which place he would most like to return to? A: Lord Howe Island, Australia. What place did he dislike the most? A: Lagos, Nigeria

    • They didn’t gain those 15 points merely by being in close proximity to white culture. They gained it by breeding with whites. The avg Black in the US is something like 20% European.

    • We see what we want to see. Afericans are not significantly more intelligent than Africans because of cultural improvements, cultural improvements are due to their large Caucasian admixture. The Somalis and Haitians in America will be stuck at IQ 70 five generations from now, which is about eighty years.
      Haitians and Dominicans share the same island, but Dominicans did not execute all their white and mulatto populations, ergo Dominica owns an evolved culture because Dominicans are not born hopelessly stupid and violent. Caribbean islands are run by their mulattoes, which class ruthlessly applies the paper bag test to mating. Mating is evolution, and that is all evolution is.
      Africans are very prone to “socialism” purely due to their extremely low IQ, which automatically traps them as tribal.
      To describe Liberia as stable does violence to the word. May the Chinese live in interesting times there.

    • This white gringo would rather associate with Africans than with “African-Americans”, and I do so every Sunday, thanks to the bazillion Liberians in my locale. Well behaved, polite people. Just looking for work to feed the kids.

  27. Obama seemed to have had a role in quelling all the “Africa” talk. It turns out he just imported a lot of the African attitudes, prejudices, and skims into the White House. As if the system needed any extra help heading in that direction.

    Of course, in the mind of a Prog there are a lot of black holes where information should be. It is getting hard to keep up with all the things one needs to not know, to properly be a Prog.

  28. I spent a nearly three years living in west Africa in the 90s as a Peace Corps volunteer, and while that was 20 years ago, nothing has improved there (Togo,) or anywhere else on the continent. I travelled to Benin, Ghana, Burkina, Nigeria, Senegal and South Africa and all have gone from “developing” world to either being or on the verge of becoming a failed state. Part of the problem has been the mass exodus to urban centers like Lagos, Dakar or Accra by rural people seeking economic opportunity, only to find they were trading rural subsistence for urban squalor, drug addiction and massive disease vectors, be it either malaria or HIV.
    All in all, the entire episode disabused me of any hope for sustainable development: it was obvious any prior projects begun by American or European aid workers all went to shit as soon as the whites left.
    In a small bit of irony, I have come to know Nigerians here I get together with to eat goat and drink Guinness and they shake their heads in horror at the actions of black Americans (mainly young males,) and say that they would handle similar problems back home by puttting a bullet through their heads.
    Africa is now fourth world and it could well be all the feel good concerts and aid work of the 80s & 90s did more to exacerbate the problems than solve them. The Eithiopia of Live Aid famine days had a population of less than half of what it has today. Many of those saved from starvation grew up to become low-IQ, khat-chewing Kalashnikov carriers who are ripe for Islamic radicalism.
    Let ’em sink or swim by their own devices and slash foreign aid. A good culling may be the best thing that could happen.

    • This. Anyone familiar with Theodore Dalrymple knows that his experiences in Africa as a young leftist are what turned him into a conservative, that and his experience as a prison psychiatrist. Talk about getting mugged by reality.

      I agree. The Best thing to do with Africa is to support and aid the remaining whites there against genocide, and provide a safe haven for them when they decide to leave. Other than that a figurative thousand mile high fence goes up around the place and no one goes in or out until they have totally killed and starved each other to death.

      If China wants it, let them have it.

      • I’m not saying this is anything “we” need to worry about. But the best thing for Africa is obviously recolonization. But that’s not realistic. So the next best thing is colonial type government and economies administered by local elite ethnic groups. Ethiopia has had 10% year over year economic growth since the Tigrayans took over for example.

      • TPD….protecting the remaining whites against genocide? Whatever do you mean? After all, whenever I read a story on the political situation in, for example, South Africa, there is not a word mentioned about attacks and murders of white farmers. So, none of that is happening, right?
        And I have been closely reading these stories, and I do mean not a word about the killings of whites. So, it’s not happening….
        But then, let’s not be surprised. White attacks on blacks get blazing headlines in this country. Black attacks are never mentioned.

    • I was stationed at the U.S. Naval Communication Station in Asmera, Ethiopia in 1972 and 1973. I was 19 when got there and learned to appreciate how lucky I was to be a citizen of the United States. When I first arrived there I had been in the Navy 20 months and was a third class petty officer making $105 every two weeks. When I saw the people in the city and the country who had nothing but the clothes on their back and a few other possessions, I realized I had hit the jackpot of life. I knew that eventually I would get out of the Navy, go to college, work at a good job and have the benefits of living in the USA while the Ethiopians would have a short hard life. I got an education in the disfunction of Africa marveled about the lack of many of the things that we take for granted.

      • 150 years ago or so:

        “Remember that you are an Englishman, and have consequently won first prize in the lottery of life.”
        Cecil Rhodes

      • And, stationed at Asmara’s high elevation, the climate was far nicer than what many of the poor sods at low elevations had to live through! I have had the pleasure of meeting veterans of three US services who served in Asmara and were glad they had.

    • Eh. The starvation in Ethiopia was more of an intentional genocide manufactured by the communist government. Regardless, Ethiopia is a great example to help recruit to the cause. The country got through both its communism and democracy problems. It’s now run almost entirely by Tigrayans. They’re only 6% of the population but they dominate the government and the economy. They’re Semitic in origin (surprise). And they really know how to put down a race riot:


      I’m not saying Ethiopia will ever work it’s way to far up the smart fraction curve (http://www.lagriffedulion.f2s.com/sft.htm). But as long as the elite minority can maintain its iron grip on the government and economy the part of the country they live in might become relatively prosperous.

    • Most libtards are Star Trek utopians that believe science and humanity’s natural goodness will create a beautiful utopia. All without money because of endless energy and replicators. So, anyone that doesn’t believe that we can give away our wealth and countries to the global losers is just greedy because wealth and countries will be unnecessary some day. Never mind that this is just fantasy science fiction. But, what they never seem to realize is the inherent “racism” in Star Trek. You’re familiar with the Prime Directive, right? This is one of the guiding principles of the Federation and it applies to civilizations which are below a certain developmental threshold of technological, scientific and cultural development. Those in Star Fleet are forbidden from using their superior technology to impose their own values or ideals on them. Doesn’t this “look down” on indigenous cultures? Doesn’t this deny those in need the help that an SJW would want YOU to provide these races with? Why, someone might die if Star Fleet doesn’t provide Obamacare for these creatures out of their unearned prosperity? Shouldn’t everyone in the universe belong to the Federation so everyone can enjoy the same values and technology? And how can the Federation view their culture as being superior to another? Why is Captain Picard so racist? He is the perfect example of the evil White Patriarchy. I hear from Beverly Crusher that he grabbed her pussy all the time. Misogynistic scum! Worse than Hitler!

      My point is, why do the libfags recognize there might be a legitimate reason not to give a primitive civilization antimatter but don’t recognize giving Africans food and medicine is harmful to the entire world? If they can differentiate between fiction and reality, why can’t they see the difference between what is so and what they want to be so? Engage.

    • I was involved in Live Aid, though I did not go to Ethiopia I knew several that did. Geldof leased the planes, and bought new GM trucks for aid disbursement. When the planes landed, they were surrounded by the Ethiopian army. Several hours and several bribes later, the aid workers were allowed to get off the plane. They unloaded the aid trucks and those were declared ”contraband” and confiscated. Then the government told them they would have to buy ”approved” Toyota trucks (at a hefty markup) which they did. Then they were only allowed to set up aid stations where the army permitted. Not only did they have to pay bribes at every turn, anything not nailed down was stolen.
      Also: http://www.nairaland.com/356768/irish-independant-africa-giving-nothing

  29. “The authoress is young, so she was poached in the warm liquids of multiculturalism her whole life.”

    This sentence made my month. I will be chuckling all through X-mas.

    • That list goes nicely with a birthrate by country list, also gdp. It seems smart rich people have stopped having sex and the poor idiots are going at it like rats.

    • Here we have the whole race and IQ wishful thinking again. If we operate under the premise that white men (and women) are inherently more capable or gifted athletically, then, in a nation where whites outnumber blacks 4 to 1, we ought not see black students excel in sports like track and field, basketball and football. Unfortunately for white supremacists, black student athletes, despite their smaller number and inferior facilities, have done very well in these sports, and, if given access to rigorous and excellent coaching, could probably do well in sports like tennis and swimming.

      Similarly, with regard to the game of chess, often regarded as the touchstone of intelligence, we should agree that if black people, a minority in The United States, are inherently less capable intellectually and academically, we should very rarely, if ever, see instances when black academic chess teams win city or district tournaments, especially when there are white academic chess teams in those same cities and districts. And we should all agree further that given inferior access, numbers and access to expensive, private chess tutors, occasions when black chess teams win state and national chess tournaments should be even more rare, never mind repeating those accomplishments. Well, this is where the notion of black or African inferiority falls apart because chess teams from poor black communities have won consecutive state and national championships – at times as many as 6 or 7 years in a row – a number of times, that despite not having equal resources, that despite being no more than one fifth of the white population and that despite far fewer black schools even having chess programs.


      The Raging Rooks(later the Dark Destroyers) won a national title within one year of the program starting, won 3 consecutive national titles and one point had won 4 in 5 years.


      Also, why is it or could it be that every year there are far more students of direct African descent than African Americans with European admixture who have perfect SAT scores? Shouldn’t that European admixture allow for better academic performance than the slow, inherently mentally challenged Africans with little to no ‘benefit’ of European genes?

  30. YES! This!!! I’d go so far as to say that before Lefty can start learning about race realism, he has to learn to let go of binaries. Africa is great for that. It’s entirely possible that, say, Cecil Rhodes was simultaneously A) a very bad guy, and B) the best thing that could’ve happened to his patch of Africa. You don’t drag people out of the Stone Age with (just) peace, love, and understanding. (BTW do you recall that Jonah Goldberg, of all people, wrote a column back in the late 90s arguing that the best thing to do for Africa was basically to recolonize it? I wonder if he remembers, and wakes up in a cold sweat some nights….)

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