The Marie Antoinettes

I was watching the sports ball games over the weekend and this ad for the US Marine Corps kept popping up during the broadcast. I do not watch a lot of television so I am late to the party on this. It appears the ad was cut last spring. My first reaction was, “Why would anyone send soccer moms into combat?” That is what it looks like in the video. The actress looks like she is an office clerk playing paintball at the company retreat. My second thought was, “Who do they think is watching this stuff?”

The answer to the last question is they simply do not know who is watching this stuff. They just imagine who they hope is watching it. The fact is the people who rule over us no longer know much about us. The Marines are not as bad as the other branches, but they too are staggering around in the thick fog of the estrogen laced miasma known as multiculturalism. That means they are slowly detaching from reality, confusing the much dreamed for future with present reality. They think G.I. Jane is real.

This confusion between what they wish for and what is present reality is all over the mass media. Most TV ads now have race mixing, despite the fact it remains relatively rare in American society. According to TV, the average American family is a black guy with a white wife and two Asian kids. Because Progressives are so fixated on whatever they currently imagine as Utopia, they inevitably begin to confuse their dreamed for world with the real world. You can see that in this Washington Post infographic story.

The short setup tells you right away that the people who put this together are not living in the same America as the rest of us. “We asked people to contemplate what it means to be American in this time of upheaval and rapid change” is not a statement about present reality. The last eight years were a period of turmoil and upheaval. What is going on now is a return to something close to normalcy, but to the cult of rage heads determined to smash up American society, order and normalcy is what they imagine to be Hell.

Notice how they say that 102 randomly selected people speak for the rest of us. That is because they look at people as talking meat sticks. For all their talk of diversity, they think there is no difference between a Yankee plumber and Arab goatherd. We are all just talking monkeys to them. Worse yet, they are so arrogant that they think they can round up a hundred or so opinions and figure out what the rest of us are thinking from that random sample. These people look at us as zoo animals and they are our keepers.

The real tell is the complexion of the images in the graphic. They think the great brown future is already here. I went through the pictures and did a rough, back of the envelope census. The break down: 42% white, 8% Jewish, 21% black, 6% Asian, 11% Hispanic and 12% other, which is Muslims, Indians and Amerinds. What this reveals is just how much the typical Washington Post employee hates white people. They can barely stand to look at us, much less ask our opinion. Of course, they really hate white men.

Also note the obsession with people being united. This is the hallmark of the religious fanatic. The fanatic sees any deviation from the permissible as an assault on the order they imagine as perfection. The popular conception of fascists is they were people who violently oppose coloring outside the lines. It is once again an example of how the Left conjures demons that reflect its true soul. For Lefty, the dream is a world where everyone thinks and acts exactly as there are required, to serve the Great Hive.

What this post story and the tidal wave of idiotic media ads reveals, though, is what the people in charge currently imagine as the glorious future. The utopian minded are sure that the promised land is just over the next hill. In the case of the lunatics ruling over us, they believe the future is a land full of mulattoes, who have internalized the lessons of the one true faith to the point where they no longer possess an individual self. America is just one big petting zoo designed so corpulent cosmopolitans can have a variety of restaurants.

The old paleocons like Sam Francis and Joe Sobran, were heavily influenced by James Burnham. They looked at American elites as an emerging managerial class. They were mostly right about the contours of the new ruling class, but the one thing they could not get right is the sharp disconnect between the current ruling elite and the public. The managerial state cannot withstand contact with reality, so it seeks to insulate itself from it. Walk onto a college campus or government compound and you are no longer in America.

That is because the people who rule over us are no longer Americans. You see that in the reactions to Trump and the new populism. The elites of both parties are so sure Trump is backed by foreigners, because the things Trump says and does are completely alien to the elites of both parties. Paul Ryan and Nancy Pelosi would be more comfortable around Trump is he was a talking lizard man. A space alien would make more sense to them than a white person expecting his government to look out for his interests.

Circling back to those ads we see on mass media and stories like the one I linked, it is not as much about proselytizing with these people as it is about make believe. The all white ad companies making these ads are not promoting miscegenation. They imagine that as the future and they want so deeply to believe that the masses want that future, they are incapable of portraying reality. With few exceptions, we are ruled over by a class of people with the same grasp of reality as Marie Antoinette.

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  1. The Marines never wanted this, and fought a good delaying action against the Obama SecDef and SecNav. Women were forced down their throats, just like gays and trannies. Now we have federal judges granting injunctions against the President and the SecDef, stating that that which was illegal until recently is now a basic human right.

  2. The one disappointing thing about Sobran was that he was not an immigration restrictionist. Apparently he and Pat Buchanon argued back and forth on this.

  3. Sigh.
    Enough with the perplexed head-scratching.
    If a handsome CEO with a rip-roaring career, beautiful family & loads of friends winds up going out a penthouse window, you can:
    1) Drive yourself crazy psychoanalyzing why someone with the world by the tail would commit suicide.
    2) Try to figure out if someone had the means, motive & opportunity to push him out.
    In this analogy, the handsome lucky CEO is White America circa 1963.
    And as it turns out there was a sneaky little (((person))) in that penthouse with him who wanted to take his job, fuck his wife & move into his digs.
    That was the motive. The means was influencing academia & the media to make promoting white interests low-status & evil. The opportunity was a baby boomer generation raised in total immersion in this message.
    I know that a lot of people just can’t break through the conditioning & accept the JQ.
    But doesn’t it make more sense than thinking that after 1,000s of years of kicking ass, white people decided on their own to disappear?

    • Can’t be. Mere coincidence that it bears such an odd resemblance to replacing the traditionally German admninistrative class in Russia and manorial administrators in Poland prior to the Bolshevik Revolution.

      Or replacing much of German aristocracy in positions in media, politics, banking, and industry during Weimar- while buying up assets with real silver at Reichmark pricing.

      Not to mention bridge loans from the eight families that own the Federal Reserve, who moved on to demand repayment as the BIS. While Schiff Bank diplomats delivered mixed messages to miltary planners.

      Looking farther afield, one can even find examples such as the Funan? slave colony in Mongolia run for the Japanese government.
      Amongst many, many historical examples.

      Well, at least a black front for Civil Rights led to the Ivy League dropping it’s admission quotas. And we can golf at last!
      No different from letting the ladies in to turn a men’s club into a fern bar.

      Ask Misters Bezos, Kristol, and Blitzer.
      They’ll affirm what everyone knows- that WN discrimination inevitably leads to lampshades and soap!

      I really, really want to see any European try the old deportation schtick, now that the Euro is a continental currency funding Islamic strongholds.

      • Forgive me for beating this poor tired horse once again, but once ya see it, you can’t stop seeing it.

        The Menschevik majority can’t stop their relentless Bolsheviks, ever.

  4. I am an american born in cuba, not a cuban-american, I dislike the term xxxx-american.
    For us that actually lived under communism, we can see a communist 1000 miles away, this liberals are communists pretending to be humanitarians, they just dont have the b… to tell the truth. They want all of us to be quiet without protesting.
    If blacks think africa is such a great place, theu can go. We know cuba is a s… hole, thats why we are here.
    Long live the USA
    American by choice

  5. The new Virginia tourism advert bolsters your point, Z. I watched it loop endlessly while waiting for my baggage last week. Apparently, the target audience of potential tourists consists of (1) lesbian couples; (2) biracial lesbian couples, who have mixed race hetero friends to dine with; (3) girls and black boys camping in the Blue Ridge; (4) one hetero couple (Asian man, white woman) picknicking someplace; (5) one white man in colonial blue at Williamsburg showing a group of boys of color how to use a musket. There was more, but you get the idea.

    • We keep getting mailings from Colonial Williamsburg imploring us to re-up a long-ago membership. They spend a ton sending us calendars, notecards etc. Haven’t checked to see how “diversity” figures into their appeals. Don’t think they’ll have much luck soliciting some of the approved groups. I recently read somewhere that the park is about to go belly-up financially. Too bad. It used to have a great school-age “camp” for about a week that our kids attended as 6th graders.

  6. “the people who rule over us are no longer Americans”?

    In fact, they are in a position of power and influence to dictate the very definition of the word “American”. Those who don’t fit the definition will not be American at all. Such people will find, maybe within just 20 yrs, that they are, for all practical purposes, not even citizens, unlike the many foreigners whom Barry described as “undocumented citizens”.

    Notice the WaPo educational material: “Washington Post photographers set out to explore what unites Americans”. According to the emerging definition, Americans are united by accepting Prog standards of “community and empathy”. Those who submit to the requirements of the empathy mafia will be Americans and citizens, but others, not.

    Eventually there will be charges of treason and sedition made in court at prominent critics (i.e. unamericans) of Prog orthodoxy. Then convictions. Then punishments which exploit the glaring loophole of the 13th amendment. This will quickly silence most of the Prog’s enemies, including those who are fond of adolescent claptrap like libtard, libturd, etc. Meanwhile your precious guns and ammo, which you never intended to use effectively, anyway, when you had the opportunity, will be taken away by exploiting another loophole that you’ve been ignoring and denying.

    The 2nd am. is clear that you can’t be deprived a well regulated militia. Well, community, per Prog orthodoxy, will entail obligations like joining the militia, which is how you will earn the right to keep and bear arms. Congress has the power per Article I to prescribe the militia’s discipline, and that will involve prescribing orthodox belief and punishment for heresy. You will find it difficult to fight this new militia requirement. After all, we already have a system in place for military conscription. But did you oppose military slavery and all of its administrative machinery? Well, no.

    Now watch the recruiting video again to learn how they will find plausibly competent commanders and administrators for the new and improved militia, i.e. for the Prog militia which will wipe out the parts of American conservatism, whether “dissident” or not, which are not claimed by old age, disease, and the grave.

  7. Goodwhites are increasingly clever in their choice of disguises, and the relentless “browning” we see in advertising and the varied modes of prolefeed, such as big-time sports and popular entertainment, serve – as I see it – three crucial functions in their quest for total power over the ruins of western society: (a) as above, to mask their identity; (b) to demoralize the dirt people by instilling a sense of hopelessness, and (c) to rally and massage the egos of the proxies, the “useful”, the ‘Hessians’… whose power at the end of the day will be exactly nothing, save a few well-paid fiefdoms on the fringes of the real action.

    It’s class war, not race war.

  8. So, without looking up the real numbers, from memory Whites were underrepresented by 33%, Jews overrepresented by 400%, Negroes were overrepresented by 50% and Hispanics underrepresented by 30%.

    Sounds like the usual Washington bullshit.

  9. I think also that if you don’t have the approved degree of brownness in your ad on big media you may lose your job.

  10. “…talking meat-sticks…” Now, that’s some good writing.

    I cannot watch TV or look at popular magazines. The mindless depiction of nonsense is simply too much for a guy like me to handle.

    • Ditto. And if I go to the squirm in embarrassment ‘cos people actually sit down and watch that. (and often say “I don’t have time to research candidates)

  11. … the sharp disconnect between the current ruling elite and the pubic.

    LOL a typo that contains its own truth.

    More seriously, you’re right about the disconnect of our “elites”. What Francis and Sobran couldn’t have foreseen is a managerial/decision-making class that never had a summer job and never went to a school that had any class of people other than their own. And of course they didn’t foresee social media — AFAIK nobody did.

    • Watch the sneering, but eerily somber IMO, crowds while they “march” past Alex Jones’ reporters on the scene this past Saturday. I’m assuming the footage was from Manhattan. Actual spitting being done by crazy person so happy he was being filmed. Women my age and appearance a definite presence. I think a lot of these babes were Obama voters, but not necessarily Hillary voters, or at least not admitting it now. Several said they were originally for Sanders. Not sure what they are so unhappy about.

      Sad to see children 10 yo and younger, also young teens and smart ass older ones, especially black girls. Glad this junk wasn’t around 20 yrs ago when my kids were in school, because these kids will be back in their fancy-pants private schools this week boasting to the others how cool the march was and how ? the vagina costumes were, yada-yada. Not sure I’d let my kid go trick or treating with these brats next October;-)

      • Yup, they just about had the masculinity of this country entirely squeezed out and poured down the drain. Then that guy Trump came along, and it all got started again. Hence the funereal March of the Terminally Disappointed.

    • John Brunner’s books come close at points, but he is usually having too much fun being a Yankee-bashing, lefty Brit to really think through the implications of his imagined worlds.

      Samuel Delany comes close as well. Without specifically predicting social media, he speculates that human society would inevitably collapse in a networked information society: people would retreat to virtual realities, “gender” would replace the traditional sexes, alienation would increase, etc.

      • Oh, geez, read a lot of sci-fi and the one person I think is totally overrated and pretty much impossible to get into is Samuel Delany. JMO.

  12. This is why I said the 2016 election smelled a lot like 1852 to me. Back then, the first, last, and only issue for normal Americans was slavery… but since neither presidential candidate would say “slavery” if you held a gun to his head, the whole campaign was about who did what in the Mexican War. Meanwhile, out in the sticks, lunatics were gearing up to go to war for their fantasies. The Civil War was probably inevitable; when the country burns this time around, future historians will wonder why nobody did the bloody obvious to prevent it.

    • I would argue that 1860 is a better analogy. Trump won not by avoiding the major question of our time – illegal entry into the US – but by shouting it from the rooftops. Likewise Lincoln and his party had a clear position on the slavery question, and his slim victory divided the country, just as Trump’s did. Granted the stakes aren’t the same – yet – but Trump is no Franklin Pierce.

      • Lincoln was clear? He was clearly dancing faster than Gene Kelly. The last election like this one was Jackson-Adams.

        • I stand corrected. Thank you. It was just a thought. At any rate we agree that it wasn’t like 1852. And your assessment of Lincoln is, well, stupid.

          • Stevens did not believe any present issues warranted war between the states, so your god-hero Lincoln took great pains to profess himself against war, and particularly so over slavery. Half the country believed him, half didn’t, including Yankees who wanted war. So he was a liar, or he “evolved” a century before that became fashionable. It’s stupid to believe otherwise. You’re welcome.

        • Even the arguments/insults of the opponents (elitists) were about the same. He’s crude! He’s vulgar! His wife is—–

  13. And speaking of sportsball, is Tom Brady not the quintessential white guy or what? He just gets it done.

    • Brady has the luck of having the ONE coach in the NFL with an IQ of 140 where the next highest coach’s IQ is 115.

      Dan Kurt

  14. This reminds me of a gym class I took in high school. I was perhaps the worst athlete in school, but still participated in sports. I noticed that all the athletes had signed up for one particular section. Rather than do the social thing and have to compete in dodgeball with baseball pitchers I signed up for the normal kids class. They all thought I was some kind of god who could do anything.

    Maybe things will turn out like this for whites.

  15. “The all white ad companies making these ads are not promoting miscegenation.”

    Is this really true?

    • What Zman is referring to is the widening divide between the cloud people and everyone else. Remember shortly after the election the CEO of GrubHub basically told his employees that if they agreed with Trump’s platform they should resign? He really thought his statement was being ‘welcoming’ and ‘inclusive’. What we are seeing from these elites and their minions is an ever increasing march towards radicalism and lunacy.

      So yes, they are promoting miscegenation, but they are doing so out of a genuine belief that this multicultural fairy-tale they are promoting is the ‘right’ and ‘just’ thing to do. This past Christmas the Hallmark Channel faced the wrath of the cult over having too many whites in their Holiday slate of films. Such a move is now considered ‘problematic’ and ‘divisive’ (in other words deplorable, racist and to be avoided at all costs).

      • A re-make of “It’s a Wonderful Life” is necessary for national racial healing, starring Will Smith as George Bailey, Clarence to be played by Morgan Freeman, if he’s still alive (I really don’t know), all the bad guys to be played by fat white guys of course, Violet changed into a tranny “outed” by the all the mean people in town, Mr Gower a crazed crack dealer, maybe played by John Goodman. It’s a rich vein not yet worked by the destroyers of the American psyche…

        We need this in America, we need it now. To know “who we are”.

  16. My wife and I have noticed a huge surge in “white husband, black wife” on TV over the last two months. It’s almost as if they’ve worn out the “black husband, white wife” thing. Plus Prince Harry I suppose.

    • Which is of course the rarest form of race mixing. When my brother=in-law was chief of Army Intelligence in the Caribbean thirty years ago they sent him for a week of schooling at Madison Ave. in the how to’s of propaganda. He was surprised, impressed, and sobered. It may appear to us that they are silly and disconnected when in fact they know their target all too well.

    • The Jeffersons had neighbors like that. The white guy was kind of a doofus, but he wasn’t a prick like George, and his woman was a babe. Not sure if this was a show directed to blacks (like for instance ‘Good Times’) or to liberal whites (like ‘Maude’). But the racial angle was played for humor, not for ideology. I never missed an episode back then.

      It was a happier time: Flip Wilson’s whole schtick was making fun of black people – and it was awesome. Never missed Flip back in the day.

      • ‘Sanford & Son’, too. Everyone was black and ridiculous and we all could laugh about it. I remember them making fun of the “back to Africa” Roots trend among blacks then: Lamont decided to adopt an African name – Kalunda. Fred was not impressed. When he wasn’t calling him “Calendah” he was yodelling “Telephone call for Mr. Kaloooooooondaaaa!”

  17. “The answer to the last question is they simply don’t know who is watching this stuff. ” ~ Z-Man

    “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half”. ~ John Wanamaker.

    We all, each and every one of us, live in our own little worlds. Plato’s Cave redux. Ten thousand soothsayers say their soothes. A few are right and get a lollipop. The rest of us get to write comments on the intertubes.

  18. I wonder what the actual percentage of mixed-race people in the US is. In TV commercials, you *have* to show at least one when you give the “multicultural montage” sequence. They especially love sorta black guys with hipster glasses and sorta black girls with Sideshow Bob loose afros. They are always laughing and getting along with Asian, Hispanic and woke White friends. In real life people tend to hang out with their own type so to speak.

    One thing I’ve thought about with regard to sports culture is that there seem to be a disproportionate amount of mixed race athletes especially in the NBA. This is noticed in second-generation athletes where the successful athlete dad (black) marries a pretty white woman (once again, we have stereotypes because they are often true). So we get Steph Curry and Klay Thompson (both with NBA dads) with beige skin and hazel eyes. And of course Curry grandstands as a blackety-black guy offended that Trump is even in office.

  19. I’ve been a naval officer for 20 years, including several years in the Pentagon and now command a warship. I struggle with whether the leadership really believes this nonsense, or if they are just doing what they think is necessary to keep the funding flowing from Congress. The Pentagon as a building is entirely a budget exercise, very little “HQ” type stuff occurs there. But then I hear that USMC apparently aired this silly advertisement during an NFL game, which means they either were impervious to its likely effect on male recruiting, or worse, did it on purpose, which suggests that maybe I’m wrong and they really are true believers.

    • Unless Mattis is setting it up to fail. Mattis was an infantryman, and he was railroaded out of DC by the SJW military, so I can’t see him as acquiescent in this idiocy.

      I was a Marine artilleryman, and also did infantry and EOD when then-General Mattis took our howitzers away and made us a provisional rifle company attached to 1/1. He was always known as a strong proponent of traditional gender norms in combat arms.

    • I don’t think the Marine Corps has had a problem attracting male recruits since Vietnam. I had to change my MOS from infantry to radio to avoid a 9 month wait before boot camp (ended up in the Infantry anyhow).

      Really smart kid on my street just dropped out of college and enlisted – as a demolitions specialist in the Infantry.

    • Miles;
      Congrats on your service career and your dedication. Not just anybody gets to be a naval officer and not just any naval officer gets to be a ‘[Master and] Commander’ (an outstanding movie). I’m (Ret.) from another branch of service and I’ve been (Ret.) for same # of years as your service. Yet I don’t think the underlying military promotion incentive structure has changed all that much. And it has been converged by military/male hating SJW’s, really getting going in the Clinton I (we can only hope it to be the one and only) reign. The following is for the benefit of readers with non-military backgrounds: Throwin’ no shade on you, bro.

      Thing is, the impetus behind all the increasingly stupid recruitment adds could be largely due to economic motivation of the players involved, particularly in the Pentagon. That plus elite feminist Clintonism-with-no-pushback-since-the-end-of-the-Cold-War. As I’m sure you know all too well, but other readers likely do not know, one’s lifetime compensation for a military career is *very* back loaded:

      – 19 + years of service; Pension = $0, I repeat$ 0.00: 20 years + 1 day; Pension = 1/2 pay at highest rank held: 30 years; Pension = 3/4 pay at highest rank held: Prorated in between.

      – To get to 20 you typically gotta’ get promoted to O5 (Commander; LTC; Lt Col): Difficult but doable. But the promotion system is totally whacked in practice and has been since the early-mid ’60s; Unless you’re marked as perfect on *all* evaluation criteria on *all* your annual evaluations, you’re screwed vs. your peer competitors for promotion. Pretty easy for a vindictive superior to knock you out of the promotion cycle (2x and you’re done) by marking you down one or two boxes on a couple of evaluation criteria. Hard for you to defend a protest against this actual injustice which, on paper, is easy to defend for them. If that superior is now from one of the many, many non-male genders (or just a suck-up)…..

      – Higher promotions are increasingly political but are also big pay raises. And, if you are fortunate or just competent, you are up for many of them just as your kids are heading off to college. And at higher levels you can also be blackballed by an additional number of political actors: Any Congress critter or their staff; DoD higher/political appointee civilians; etc.

      Faced with an incentive structure like this, the temptation to keep your head down and grit your teeth is pretty strong. So when some lunatic feminist or some suck-up toady comes out with a proposal for an ad campaign like this one to burnish their own promotional prospects at the expense of yours (‘look what *I’ve* done for the collective’), you’d have to think that by objecting you’d be moving into that infamous Goggle guy’s territory, but without his ability to sue. Sad.

      It’s just barely possible that Sec Def Mattis could fix this, but it would take two Trump terms, at least: Or a major war that we don’t lose. It would involve purging the Cultural Marxist DoD civilians and the general officers they let through the narrow gate. Those folks were regularly installed starting in the reign of Clinton I and continuing thereafter, largely uninterrupted. Icon: Wesley Clarke.

      Of all the mistakes Bush II made, the longest lasting damage to the republic was his complete failure to root out the Clintonoids, IMHO

  20. But it works, which is why you have the robot’s head exploding like an old episode of Star Trek. People can only withstand so much contradiction before they break.

    I have a friend going through this now. He voted for Trump. All of Trump’s policies in the past year have been to my friend’s benefit. Better economy, better stock portfolio, no more Obamacare mandate, no more ISIS, better trade policies, etc.

    But what is he struggling with? Trump’s tweets. As I tease him often, we had 8 years of an incompetent President who people wanted to believe was smooth talking and cool, but the guy got terrible results. Now we have an outspoken circus performer…who actually knows what he is doing and gets great results. And he’s made because he doesn’t like the circus, even though he’s richer and freer upon leaving the tent.

    He’s a perfect example of how people watch this crap on the TV, and believe the message at the expense of their own best interests and their own sanity.

    • My girlfriend voted for Trump but now is annoyed by his tweets, because the entertainment News shows she insists on watching tell her it’s very, very bad!

      I tell her, “Don’t pay attention to the tweets, they are just shiny objects meant to distract the monkeys. Don’t be a monkey.”

      Then she hits me.

  21. Ever since I heard those two Navy commanders are being article 15’d (or whatever the swabbies call it) for negligent homicide, I’ve been wondering if all the attention to women, transsexuals, diversity, and everything else in the world except the fucking mission is part of the reason they can’t drive ships without running into stuff anymore.

    I hang out in a college library sometimes when I’m working. From time to time I come across little pamphlets left around by the local Navy recruiter to try to scare up a little business .

    Without exception Taquisha is always on the cover, with a couple of group pictures of Julio, Mohamed, Megan, and Tyrone on the inside having fun playing darts or something. Chad is hanging around in the background somewhere looking useless and socially awkward.

    The military is going hard for diversity and women now.

    • The military knows full well recruiting minorities is a problematical to say the least. But they have to since whites are staying away. The multi-decade Iraq and Afghanistan wars just killed white recruitment. You really want to end up doing most of your 4 year enlistment in a shit hole like Iraq or Afghanistan or maybe dying in a war with the Norks? No is generally the answer.

      If the military wants to fix it’s recruitment issues, get out of the ME. Bring the troops home, but that’s not going to happen as long as the clown car posse is in charge of foreign policy,

      • True enough, I can handle my boy fighting for his country but not risking his life ‘nation building’ build your own fuckin nation.

    • Good friend of mine was a damage control officer on Burke class destroyers in the 90s. Says exactly the same thing. Having women at sea (and pregnant) means constant shortages of specialities– during his day while underway a fore, aft, 2 midships and bridge watch + a “walking officer” would always be on duty. Apparently that has gone by the way as the Navy suffers from “skinnied down” crews. His friends that are still in complain that critical ratings will turn up pregnant before sea deployment, so the ships simply have to sail minus these crew members.

  22. Thanks for pointing out the mixed race meta programming that has become unavoidable in media advertising.

    The black guy with a white wife and two Asian kids also always live in five bedroom colonials on treelined streets in Greenwich CT, and spend their free time giving each other Mercedes SUV’s for Xmas and ordering furniture form Wayfair when ceiling fans aren’t dropping on their heads while they meditate in their rumpus room.

    I’ve often wondered what the “bruthas” really think about generic suburban whiteness being forced on them.

    You have connections in the ‘hood.

    Ask around.

    • Those commercials are for white cloud people(since those are the people that okay the ads to begin with). The Blacks will ignore them. I dated a Black woman some years ago and it was a eye opener to say the least. They completely blow off a lot of things aimed at them citing “white man’s science”, “white man’s medicine”. Their kids see blacks who get good grades as sell outs and then become targets for bullying by other Blacks.

      They look at Blacks on TV living in white bread communities as sell outs. Black sit-coms are seen as what whites think blacks do.

      • I had a giant black woman looking after my father, who was suffering from senile dementia. She was totally convinced that his dementia was caused by demons and spirits inside the house that might at times even become visible to the human eye. These demons could only be banished by “pastor.”

  23. If I remember correctly, the Mission Statement of the United States Fuggin Marine Corp (USFMC) was, “Kill them all and let God sort ’em out”.

    Maye WE should sort them out, and let the Jar Heads kill the rest! 😉

  24. What you are describing is actually a deliberate campaign to alter the mental state of the audience and change their patterns of thinking and belief. Modern brainwashing is high tech these days and utilizes mass media and smart phone addition as the portal for indoctrination and memetic infection. It used to be that all school children recited the Pledge of Allegiance. Now, it’s an overt rejection of American heritage and spirit. Never forget that these people are playing for keeps.

    • Yup. Take a look at He calls it “Biological Leninism”. I suspect the author is Chinese, of all things. Long posts, because the story has many elements, but it is as good as any on how we got here.

    • TomA: I fully agree re: intentionally altering the prevailing mental state. It’s finely-tuned propaganda. Much more insidious and effective than the crude stuff cranked-out by the likes of Hitler, Stalin, and Mao.

      • Yes, it’s based upon Alinsky principles and this is actually a skill honed by Progressives using their liberal arts education. They cannot produce anything of value, so they focus on pacifying the host such that the parasites can feed freely.

  25. I had not seen the commercial. I enjoyed the part where Boudicca was doing the quigley. Fond remembrance.

    The Marine Corps is reliant on the ever increasing number of NWO, multiculturalist elites (and morons) who line the halls of our government and provide dollars. In this regard it is no different from the other branches of the service. It MUST play the game. I have great faith that when the anti-bully Jane doesn’t turn out to be Boudicca she won’t be assigned to SOF or even front line infantry forces.

    An interesting juxtaposition is to look at the first (I believe it was the first) episode of Star Trek TNG where John DeLancie playing the “Q” materializes on the bridge. At first he is portraying a medieval soldier and then a U.S. Marine Captain circa 1950’s or 60’s and then a future soldier that’s all hopped up on dope to make him a tranquil lily boy.

    Accurate foreshadowing of the future?????

    Oh, the name of the TNG episode is “Encounter at Farpoint” – just in case you might be interested in having a look.

  26. I can tell you from extensive personal experience that most agencies are not all white. Mostly, but not entirely. They too enjoy the rainbow. Well, some colors in the rainbow are more preferable than others. There is a predominant minority in ad agencies. Can you guess which one? Asian.

    The funny thing is there are advertising agencies that cater to minority marketing. When you look at the work they produce, you sometimes wonder why they are not accused of racial stereotyping. Until you remember that only whites capable of that singular evil.

    As an industry, it’s almost entirely true believers. There was one major agency where I saw an entire common hallway lined with employee Obama fan art during the 2006 election. You might wonder why the people in charge weren’t afraid this might offend visiting clients who were not fans of Preezy McGolfsticks. But then as Zman says, they live in a bubble of elites and that usually includes people wealthy enough to hire major ad agencies.

    • I was relying on this, mostly. The pics show lots of pale faces.

      I like to walk around the residential neighborhoods of elite Washington. The glowing whiteness is shocking, when you come from a town like Baltimore.,

      • That looks correct. Not entirely white, but mostly. Especially in upper management. The non-white employees are usually mid or lower tier. It’s amusing that the minority of choice in their staff is the most white-presenting: Asian.

        • Highly competitive industries tend to be Jewish, white and east Asian. IT is the obvious example. The twist with the ad business is the number of females on the other end of the transactions. Companies tend to out their powerskirts in marketing departments and HR. That means delusional females making the ad buys.

          The funny part of female empowerment in ads is it really appeals to modern female helplessness. Childless women, at some level, know they are worthless and disposable.

        • Consider: Zman suggests the advertising agencies are portraying a rainbow world because they believe that’s what we are as seen from the viewpoint of their bubble. Yet it’s still a majority white nation, if just barely so. The advertising agencies are selling to that segment, largely. They believe whites want to see all of the biracial and “non-traditional“ couples. Do agencies catering to minorities do this as well? Not hardly. SWPLs want to see rainbows even if they choose to live in a monochrome neighborhood.

      • Racial dominance in a multicultural environment is exemplified by the imperial capital and its suburbs. Whites aren’t going away; they’re just putting on masks and making lovey-dovey faces to fool the lumpenproletariat.

        The NVA suburbs are (a) well-situated elite white managers, bureaucrats and quasi-private contractors, (b) Asian (mainly Korean, with some Arab) store owners and (c) a latino proletariat. The only “blacks” are Obama-trophy types who look nice and aren’t really all that black, whose role is to soften and beautify the harsh facts of racial – white and Asian – supremacy in a big money environment. There is an inverse relationship between wealth and negritude in DC area, perhaps more pronounced than elsewhere in the country.

        Our rulers hate us – the embattled middle – because of our lingering cultural and economic clout. They merely despise the shoe-shiners who for the time being they’ve fooled into thinking have a say in the new order.

  27. It may not help that the ad agencies are mostly female now. Victor David Hanson had a great insight a few years ago: the more an organization skews female, the more therapeutic it trends and the less tragic.

    I’m the last guy to want to push traffic to the NYT, but this is the only link I could find to support my claim in the short time I have:

    If anything, I think ithe article errs on the low side. In the oughts when I was doing marketing, almost all of the associates and junior partners were women as were all of our in-house marketing communications people. The marketing research firms were about 80% female.

  28. You write often of how we are still feeling the effects of/still fighting the English Civil War. It got me to thinking that while that may be true, it’s becoming painfully clear that King Edward VIII was not an anomaly, but a model for the global elite of today.

    With no connection, care, or concern for ‘his people’ other than as a means to have someone that he could rule, Edward was the prototypical globalist. And since that which goes unpunished gets repeated, the failure of the Queen to hang her dear uncle set the stage for what has been the dismantling of all that the Brits and Western Civilization created.

    A king would not have been so forgiving, and the West’s decline could have been prevented before it began in earnest.

    • I would argue that the decline began before Edward.

      The wife and I recently watched the Netflix series ” The Crown “, then we followed that up by watching a documentary of the House of Windsor (don’t recall the name of the documentary). The documentary was enlightening – because it pointed out that they changed the name during WW1 because of anti-German sentiment. The original family name was Saxe-Coburg-Gotha – a German house.

      Being somewhat unfamiliar with the royalty BS, my reaction upon seeing that was: “WTF – the Brits have a royal family that isn’t even British”.

      So – to your point, it appears the royals have been doing this for quite some time. Positions within the royal power structures all over Europe were populated by people who really had no big connection to the people they were ruling over.

      The Crown portrays Prince Phillip as having at least a man to man connection with people who served under him. Seems like he got some respect for that. But they also portray him as being very aware of the precariousness of the royal family’s position – since his family was exiled from Greece.

      I would argue that the current state of affairs is evidence that the ruling class has been riding high for far too long. None of them it seems have been thru a life story like Prince Philip that apparently served to keep him somewhat grounded. And we have gone far too long without that tree of liberty being watered with blood as Thomas Jefferson suggested.

      If there is a silver lining here – it’s the Marie Antoinette got her head cut off – and that old saying “those whom the Gods would destroy they first make mad” – appears to be happening right before our eyes.

      • “The Crown” seems to be an odd combination of a scandalous speculative soap opera of unverifiable private moments that were probably largely conjured up, along with a whitewashing of much of the public record. Of course, straight “documentaries” tend to do one or the other of these all the time.

  29. You’re right, the WaPo drones were all parroting- sorry, I really meant celebrating- the approved line:
    “Someday, the Diversity will unite us!”

  30. That WaPo story was a hoot! That is who they think lives in and and represents “America?!?!?!” Just wow. I could only stomach 10 or so of those “profiles in courage.” I still have Facebook, but I long ago eliminated anyone who sounded like any of the people interviewed for that “portrayal.” Maybe I now live in an Alt-right echo chamber, if so, that’s fine, as long as I don’t have to “Have a conversation” with any of the true believers.

    • Yeah, I no longer have time or interest in hearing the eleventy billionth justification for multiculturalism.

      • I couldn’t get any of the “profiles,” each with its tacky black-screened backdrop, to play.

        It doesn’t look like I missed much, as the pictures told the story anyway.

        • Meh, I sampled some, most are garden variety civic nationalists like your neighbor or the person in the next cubicle at work. This guy is having none of it, however.
          “Bill Nalu, 52, of Madison Heights, Mich., left Iraq when he was 8, became a citizen in 1980 and owns an auto repair shop. He ‘proudly paid my way through college myself working on cars. And that is part of my pride and what I believe makes America so incredibly unique in the landscape that is this world.’
          He thinks open immigration is problematic, finds the ‘hyper-sensitive landscape outrageous’ and says native-born Americans should ‘drop the guilt trip. …'”
          How did he get snuck in there?

          • I didn’t know that a foreign national could become a citizen while still a minor. Granting citizenship to 15 year old aliens strikes me as inappropriate. They (teenagers) really don’t know their own minds yet.

        • The black screen backdrop was very funny when at the top of the screen was the Post’s slogan “Democracy Dies in Darkness.”

      • I believe it was the Gannett news service that did this. A similar stupid series appeared in our Middle TN rag recently, right about the time that there were the marches against HATE that were kind of hateful themselves. One here was shut down when the marchers had been delayed at an earlier venue 20 miles away. Later that week as the business owners were removing the plywood from windows and the authorities the barricades from around the Court House, several stashes of sharp metal objects were found hidden in bushes etc. These had been put there earlier by some folks whose hearts were surely full of love!

  31. Will there be a white backlash? Personally I am ready for blacks to go away, by any means necessary.

    • We won’t have to worry about liberals once blacks begin to riot in the cities; they will kill them all when their EBTs run dry.

    • Personally I am ready for the Clintons and all their bootlickers to go away, by any means necessary. Does that make me a “cuck” – they’re race brothers after all. I’m as race-awake as everyone here, but I’d rather serve coffee to Haile Salassie than even live in a society ruled by Hillary Clinton.

      Is this race treason?

  32. Regarding advertising agencies, Gavin McInnes ran one for a while.
    After the script was written for an ad they had the “Diversity check”. This is where the appropriate races and sexes were assigned to conform to the new norm. I think the memo being issued now is the new miscengenation guidelines.

    Hey, just realized a new slogan I came up with. Conform to the new norm. (Probably not original).

    • The ridiculousness of the ads is what gets me. I get they want to have the whole color wheel on TV, but much of it is laugh out loud absurd. The ad with the girl as a combat Marine was silly. The girl looked so uncomfortable, the ad basically said, “Girls have no place here” in flashing neon lights.

      • I work in a bank, and every year the regulators examine our ads to make sure they are diverse or they fine us.

        • I would think this would be illegal. Have you ever asked the legal justification is for this? I know our “betters” attitude is “Laws? We don’t need no stinking’ laws!”, but if someone has the resources, this might be a money making class action lawsuit based on “civil rights”. It didn’t do any good, but the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the plaintiff in the Bakke decision, formally Regents of the University of California v. Bakke. They ruled on June 28, 1978, that affirmative action was constitutional but invalidated the use of racial quotas. Although the ruling legalized the use of affirmative action, in subsequent decisions during the next several decades the court limited the scope of such programs, and several U.S. states prohibited affirmative action programs based on race. Any lawyers out there?

          • 12 CFR 226 gives the Federal Reserve almost unlimited authority to regulate the activity of banks with regards to how they market themselves to the public. Some argue that the genesis of the mortgage bubble was the NY fed forcing banks to increase their minority lending. This triggered a wave of bad lending, which triggered responses to conceal the bad debt.

          • As with most end state disasters, you need to line up a few sequential failures. With mortgages and related consumer lending, there was a push to lower credit standards. Traditionally the market sussed out these lousy loans pretty quickly and the bubble could only get so big. Add in the willingness of Fannie/Freddie to buy this paper–long gone were the strict FNMA-conform standards, and the addition of the CDS market to hoover up everything else by gilding crap with gold–which allowed for ratings sufficient to get into pension funds, life insurance portfolios etc. My old firm started a CDS business to “make more efficient use of a AAA balance sheet”– us old school types never understood why we’d get paid a big premium for an ostensibly “risk free” transaction. Thankfully a new CEO came in started asking the same question–got unfulfilling answers from all the math geniuses and we unwound all that shit (at great cost) by early 2006. But those swaps were the force multiplier for the bubble.

      • I was in the Marines – in the infantry for a while then a Civil Affairs unit with women.

        Actual female Marines look just as uncomfortable in battle gear. I never met one with the slightest desire to be anywhere near a combat unit, particularly the infantry. They all found important stuff to do around the office whenever we did forced-marches or went to the field.

        All delusions of being one of the guys evaporate the first time they put on the 50 or so pounds of combat gear then look at their rucksack which weighs about the same. Then get handed radios, ammo, batteries, MREs…

        • Similar experience in the firefighting business. Put on 35lbs of PPE, a 25lb Scott, then head up an aerial carrying a roof saw, hook and rope bag. Enthusiasm for “equality” diminished. A lot.

        • Funny you mention this. A young man I know is married to a female Marine. His wife recently had a baby. She now no longer has to worry about overseas deployment and can stay stateside for another year and a half. She is more than half way through a 4 year contract. All of that training and money wasted. Essentially chucked down the tubes for social experimentation.

          • 23 years ago, if a WM got pregnant below a certain rank she was discharged. Marines Corps stopped this in 1994.

          • Our Supply Staff Sergeant in my infantry unit was a woman. I swear she got pregnant the day after Saddam invaded Kuwait. When we were shipping out, she waved to us with her belly sticking out.

            As far as I know, the insanity that went on in the Riyadh headquarters was swept under the rug. Many women sent home for being pregnant, many officers charged with Fraternization, even a number of women charged with prostitution (and caught with an absurd amount of cash on them). Any unbiased assessment of integrating large numbers of women into the military would have judged it a complete failure.

      • Its like watching adds were they show people having fun and partying and there is the one random black guy who is the token friend,

        Its noxious and pretty stupid

        The believe the rainbow human skittles ads are even dumber if that is possible

        Now I live in an area with heavy miscegenation by the national standards and its mostly poor White people with Latinos and the occasional Black and White couple . Its maybe 5-10% tops of the lowest class and the area of So Cal I’m in is highly dysfunctional and full of addicts and poor people even by Cali standards too

        The only slight exception is White Guy/Asian Girl this is not terribly rare but its not enough to tip the scales in any wat

        The media of course is pushing it but its not having much impact past the Left and the dysfunctional urban poor both groups are mostly on the way to the graveyard of history when the system fails

        • Yes – I’m sure they found the biggest actress they could. In the books she’s a 6 and a half foot Samoan woman who powerlifts. For some reason lots of si-fi writers love to stick in these kind of preposterous female characters.

  33. My eyes played a trick on me this morning: I thought the sentence said, “. . . a land fill of mulattos!” Ooops. Cheers, All. The future is bright because Donald Trump is our President, so I’ll be wearing my sunglasses today!

    • When I type the words “Marxist mulatto” in a comment on Yahoo so-called “News” website it gets immediately consored.

      • I get the same with ‘Homo Econimus’ at PJMedia and note the ‘anti-semitic’ warning at Am Thinker.
        Been surfing way, way too much.

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