Class War As Race War

There is an interesting post up this week over at the American Renaissance¹ website, that I have been puzzling over a bit. What struck me initially about it is the opening line, “Why we must unite across class lines.” That’s not a phrase you hear much these days from politicians, activists or certainly polemicists. In fact, class does not get much of a discussion at all in polite circles. The closest we get to a class debate in America anymore are some snide remarks from cosmopolitans about the people shopping at Walmart.

On the Right, discussion of class has long been forbidden. This was mostly due to the fact that conventional conservatism in America is really just right-wing Progressivism. The official Right and Left agree on the big philosophical items. Their quarrels are mostly about tactics and rhetoric. In the latter, the so-called Right carried the day, so discussion of social class is mostly forbidden. We are an egalitarian society, so it goes, where your status is determined by how well you serve the state, not the circumstances of your birth.

The author of the AmRen piece then goes on to explore the gap between official rhetoric on racial diversity and objective reality. Our ruling elites systematically arrange their lives so they have the least amount of diversity as possible. Whole sections of cities have been ethnically cleansed so young white hipsters can have cool places to live. Meanwhile, urban blacks, with the miracle of Section 8, are dumped into lower class white suburbs, where they set about recreating their normal chaos in otherwise stable white areas.

This compulsory diversity is not just destroying the white working class, it is hollowing out the white middle-class. Urban female hipsters are free to sing the glories of miscegenation, while they send their super white kids to the private day school, and socialize with people who look like them, think like them and live like them. As we hate-thinkers would put it, we are seeing the systematic Brazil-ification of America, where the white urban elite is turning Middle-American is to caramel colored favelas.

This is familiar ground to readers here, but it is the proposed solution that does not get much attention.

So does our hope lie with the proles? The big difference between Orwell’s 1984 and 2018 is that Orwell’s elites did not bother to indoctrinate the masses, on the ground that the proles’ fidelity to Big Brother was considered irrelevant. By contrast, in our diversity dystopia the masses are at the core of the Left’s indoctrination project. Our “proles” are the ones forced to suffer a bad education in integrated schools. They are the ones subjected to violence, harassment, and intimidation. And they are the ones told, again and again, that any resistance to this makes them betrayers of who we are as Americans, deplorable traitors in need of ever-more reformation.

Leadership may not come from the proles, but good sense and votes will. Those who bear the burdens of diversity see its damage most clearly. It is no accident that Donald Trump swept the white working-class vote.

Whatever our own particular economic station, we all have a role to play in restoring working- and middle-class white America. We should be hiring our own people, tutoring our own people, supporting scholarships for our own people, and doing our best to build schools and cultural institutions that can be healthy environments for our own people.

Growing up in the underclass, my exposure to bourgeois sensibilities about class came mostly through the movies. Movies and TV shows featuring the white working class as protagonists, only did so as a canvas onto which the writers could paint pictures of the multicultural paradise. White union men learned they had to accept blacks into the union in order to succeed. Archie Bunker had to see George Jefferson as just a dark skinned version of himself, in order to rise above the limitations of his class.

The Left’s class warfare was always a hoax played on the white working and middle classes. The offer was better economic conditions, as long as blacks were allowed to have some too. It was always a bait and switch. Whites got high divorce rates, their daughters dating black guys, rocket high inequality and the looming threat of minority status. By any measure, the Left’s agenda for the white working classes has been a disaster. It’s why the great white die off is the shadow hanging over all of us.

We are  seeing a replay of this now with immigration. “Fellow white people! You’re gonna get lots of cool restaurants and cultural diversity, and a police state, well mostly a police state. Open Borders!” All the promises of open borders and globalism are a deliberate lie, using appeals to morality to overcome practical objections and economic arguments to overcome cultural objections. Just as accepting racial integration in exchange for economic prosperity was a disaster for whites, open borders will be too. That’s the goal.

Our side embracing the rhetoric of 1960’s Progressive class warfare seems a bit strange, but it is one entry point for introducing racial consciousness to the discussion. Every time someone sees a politician address the concerns of the white working class, the audience hears it is OK to be white. Whenever white people, even hipster college professors living in urban oases, engage in talk about the white working class or the white opioid epidemic, being white gets re-legitimized and re-normalized in the greater culture.

The second line of that AmRen post is a line from Orwell, “If there is hope,” wrote Winston, “it lies in the proles.” Orwell wrote in a time when it was assumed that Africa was for Africans, Asia for Asians and the West was for white people. The olden thymes were an argument between whites about how whites would deal with one another. Our age will be an argument between whites about how we defend ourselves, our lands and our posterity from the rest of the world. That starts with defending the white working class.

¹I will be attending the American Renaissance conference this spring. if you are interested in attending, sign up is here.

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  1. Conservative blacks promoted a bootstrap movement in the 20s.
    White socialists replied with money for corrupt politicians, preachers, and lawyers- who then repeatedly stole the savings of their own people.

    Beware the middlemen, the sellouts- and the professional “representatives”.

    • As recently as the 1970’s, Black guys like singer James Brown (!) were vocal Nixon supporters and outspoken patriots (no, really!) who advocated black self help and self reliance. Brown even recorded an anti-welfare song called ‘Don’t Want Nobody To Give Me Nothin'”. Given what we know about HBD, it probably was doomed from the start, but it’s remarkable how all this has been flushed down the memory hole by the white Left.

      • James Brown, G.F.O.S. (Godfather of soul), was the Father in law of none other than our pal Al, Al Sharpton.

        • Yep. Al once said that James Brown “taught him how to be a man” which indicates that either James didn’t teach it right, or Al didn’t learn it right. Brown still supported Nixon, though. I wonder what their family dinner conversations were like?

  2. “Just as accepting racial integration in exchange for economic prosperity..”

    Maybe that’s what the coastal elites did. But here I don’t think anybody ever thought it would result in any economic prosperity. I think it was more a case of “Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry.” We were forced into it by those who rule us, and by the threat of more riots and random racial violence from the blacks.

    There were still riots in the schools here when I was in high school. The blacks would just periodically chimp out over some provocation that only they sensed, and roam the halls beating up whitey, and we would all have to stay inside the classrooms with the doors locked. I got jumped a couple of times by blacks just off the school grounds and had a couple of little incidents playing football with them during PE.

    It didn’t seem that out of the ordinary back then. Blacks were always going nuts and tearing something down and beating up whites. Or jumping white kids. This was during the peace-and-love kumbaya early seventies, so naturally the solution was to give them whatever they wanted because “all you need is love.”

    I remember the last thing they gave them before I graduated was the MLK national holiday, because they all walked out of school. Of course what we should have done was lock the gate behind them.

    I don’t think anybody thought this was going to provide us with any economic benefit. We were just too wimpy to do what should have been done. Or maybe too naive. That happened with a lot of things back then, like radical feminism. Who knew where that was going? We thought women were just being their nutty selves and would get over it if we gave them a little time. And besides, the free love aspect of it wasn’t such a bad deal. But that’s another story.

    Of course, we were just kids, and back then kids didn’t really have any say in anything. But the adults didn’t really have any choice either. Like I said, it was the seventies, and when the feds told us what we were going to do, back then we just did it – I guess because we still thought they knew best – or at least we believed they actually had our best interests at heart.

    Nobody’s stupid enough to believe that anymore.

    After that, it was like anything else. You have to put up with something because it’s not going away and there’s nothing you can do about it, well you learn to do just that. It becomes part of the background noise that you don’t even hear anymore.

    But attitudes have changed since the latest upwelling of black consciousness, reflected in Black Lives Matter, Ferguson, Baltimore, and the overpaid morons in the NFL. And the times are different. The innocence and naivete are long gone, and nobody believes or trusts the criminals in DC.

    When things go south next time, I don’t think people will just obediently follow orders from headquarters. I think the whites here are tired of trying to follow Rodney King’s plea to “just get along.”

    • Your experience matches my own.

      This meshes well with teapartydoc’s comment above. The elites have burned down the trust we had in them, and they hold no moral authority any more. It is every man for himself. Trump, in his own way, is trying to establish some small measure of sanctity of self and property. I wish him all the best in his endeavor. It is all we have right now.

      • I was there too. We’re the ones who need to reach out to Generation Zyklon.

        And Doc just pointed out the direction for this ship to sail. They need it, they need what we know.

    • It was cowardice more than anything, Blacks made up around 10% of the population, a little less than today’s 13% and could easily have been handled especially since most Blacks were decent enough people who didn’t want the bullcrap

      I get the idea of desegregation, it wasn’t a bad idea on its face but we sure screwed it up. In many sense , the newfound “status” created more tension and worse it never went way. No good deed.

      Biggest problem was the US was morally exhausted from the War to Save Joseph Stalin and confused about what the hell we stood for . We aren’t Nazis is noble enough bu when you side with an equally bad totalitarian ?

      This left an ideological gap for well the Communists to use and we get what we got today

      What we need is what none shall dare name, an interregnum of about 20 years where Cultural Marxists, Communists can be shot, censored and dealt with and a uniform cultural baseline not to onerous and oppressive established

      That would save the union and revitalize it

    • This was exactly my experience at the same time in the White Plains, NY public schools. In 1971 the Blacks actually pulled out all their kids from school for two weeks, a mass boycott due to some of them being suspended for starting a brawl at the high school.

  3. Any article that discusses the plight of White Americans without mentioning the word “Jews” is giving only a small part of the picture.

    Whether we call them “the Left” or “GoodWhites” or “SWPLs” or “Virtue Signalers” what we really mean is “Jews, and Whites Who Accept the Jewish-Created & Disseminated Notions of Morality & Status That Are Presented in Universities & the Media”.
    Period. End of story.

    The solution to this situation is actually quite simple:
    1) White people need to break their conditioning & recognize the JQ. This lets them see the anti-white Jewish hatred that drives the moral & status codes presented to them in universities & the media.
    2) Having rejected the Jewish-created moral & status codes, Whites must embrace a morality & status code that rewards pro-white behavior.
    3) Whites must create institutions that disseminate this pro-white morality & reward pro-white behavior with high status.
    4) Whites must take over or replace anti-white morality & status dissemination institutions.

    • Observer,
      How do we accomplish your 4 steps?
      When my children were younger and they had an issue, I would suggest that apply “5 Why’s”.
      Identify the issue and ask why then ask why again until you had asked why 5 times. Then you have the root cause of the issue.
      Then the most important part was to ask “What do I do now?
      Until you can answer that question, it’s all hot air.
      Bob E.

      • The lack of an action item list does not make my points invalid.

        But, since you so respectfully asked:

        1) Most importantly, online and in-person Whites need to continually point out the Jewish origin of the precepts that is destroying our culture.
        This can start by simply pointing out the identity of those who push the hardest for open borders, radical feminism, and insane sexual & gender politics.
        Whites should also point out the, the Jewish-derived thinking that permeates our popular culture. Most notably, the inversion of values that the universities & media continually push.
        Across the board, normal, healthy, behavior is categorized as negative or threatening, while unusual, unhealthy behavior is categorized as positive & superior.
        Ever notice how many teen movies feature a brown-eyed, curly-haired skinny misfit nerd as the hero, while the blue eyed blond popular athletes are the villains? That is pure anti-white Judaism, presented to Whites as a moral belief system.
        Eventually, this pointing-out should include the Jewish-formulated origin of the concepts at the base of these efforts, including Marxist power dynamics, Boasian equalist anthropology & Freudian psychologizing.
        As well as historical, cultural and evolutionary reasons why this Jewish tribal behavior was developed & continues.

        2) Whites who are aware of these facts should associate & congregate online & in real life. We should socialize with each other, do business with each other, date each other & so on. In in the social groups, instead of showing respect to each other for exhibiting Jew-disseminated values like “tolerance” & “open-mindedness” we should give praise & social status for traditional European values of loyalty, strength & honor. This can be the seed of a pro-white social hierarchy & economy.

        3) Whites should create arts of all kind that are suffused with our own traditional, pro-white values. And continually seek to expose them to larger audiences. This can be the seed of a pro-white entertainment industry.

        4) Whites should begin schooling our children in settings that promote pro-white values, whether that is at home, charter or private schools. This effort can be the seed of a pro-white educational system.

        None of these tasks are daunting. In fact all of them are being done right now, mostly online.
        However, all of them flow from the initial acceptance of the JQ. Once you notice that the messages that come from the educational system and media are filled with a hatred of you & your people, you will naturally seek less hateful alternatives.

        • The new Amazon(?) show “Mrs. Maisel” has completely dropped any pretenses, and goes all-in on feminized Jewishness, planted squarely in 1950’s New York. After all, it is time to burn down not only the present, but the past as well. The show is lavishly produced (a lot of money invested there) and the critic community is falling all over themselves about it. I find it unwatchable, it’s so bad. Despite nice bare boobies.

          Why we need to fetishize angsty feminine Jewish princesshood is beyond me. They also lionize Lenny Bruce. IIRC, he was famous for being arrested under the NYC blue laws, not because he was funny.

          • Yeah. The mask is definitely dropping.
            Part of my red-pilling on the JQ was watching an episode of “Transparent”.
            It’s all pretty much out in the open there.

          • Dutch,
            I gave up TV years ago. Not because I’m cool!
            I could not stand being preached at by progressives.
            One of the best moves I’ve ever made.
            Books are more fun.
            Bob E.

          • Agreed. I tend to sample TV and quite a few books as well. I do not go to the theater much, why spend the money, and walking out in the middle is a bit awkward when the Mrs. is into it.

        • Observer
          Thank you for your reply.
          I am looking for short term actions to improve our lives.
          As I get older, I realize that I’m not that smart and do best with smaller, simplier actions.
          I respect your views, but would like some short-term actions I can do personally.
          Bob E.

      • First step: question the Holocaust.
        Find the counter-arguments.
        No need to accept them, merely look at them.

        I declare Holocaustianity for the outright lie and fraud that it is.
        The Menscheviks don’t realize their Bolshevik bretheren are lying to them too, and see them as disposable as the rest of us.

        Worked for me. One begins to see the tendrils of this false religion squirming throughout our culture.

        Eventually, such subconscious hints become repellent. They used to be an automatic guide steering one to RightThought and Orwell’s protective stupidity.

        Now I can’t stomach such as PJMedia or Hollywood anymore, the hidden signalling is so obvious.

        • I don’t question the existence of the holocaust. I question the collective guilt held over the German people for it. A minority of the German people voted for the Nazis in the first place, few had any idea of where it would ultimately lead, the average person had no say and no power to criticize, and, really, it was the unfettered power of totalitarianism that allowed those at the top to pursue such a thing. Instead of blaming the lack of a feedback loop and the disempowerment of the little people to steer the leadership away from Very Bad Things under a totalitarian system, the little people were made to pay for the evils of their unchecked leaders. The idea that the “right people” in charge, without any institutional guardrails, might make Very Bad Decisions, was given a complete pass. Because many in the West want those “right people” in charge, unfettered by any accountability to the rest of us, and always have. The appeal of feudalism has never gone away in certain quarters.

          • Flip the story back on them, instead of slapping the normies? There’s much to like there. That looks forward, instead of back. Makes fewer enemies too.

            Probably a better first step would be to learn Game.

            And read Zman first!
            Gotta plug our host.
            I had never heard of Heartiste, Vdare, Amren, Taki’s, Woodpile, Happy Hectares, any of the growing body of intellect til American Digest led me here.

        • Second step: Learn a trade, and you’re right, pay off that debt.

          If it takes a little hatred to get off the couch, that’s OK. Got you to safety, dinnit.

          Sure helps in fending off the bums and leeches when one’s out in the world, as well. Hard to do sometimes. It’s hard not to be nice.

  4. Still going through my hundred or so volumes on the French Revolution. Currently on The Ancien Regime vol 1 by Pierre Goubert. Nearly all the modern French authors on this are marxists, but still a lot of good raw information.

    Gaubert points out many of the difficulties in analyzing the FR, and a particular topic frought with difficulty is defining exactly what nobility was and meant, despite it’s common usage. In the discussion of the feudal roles, he points out that one role of the noble had been to protect his vassals from the depredations of the royal ‘gabaleurs’ (the term began as a reference to the salt tax, but ended up signifying any abusive tax). This harkens back to the Roman origins of feudalism where people fled the tax systems of the emperors, putting themselves under the protection of a local lord, who then made piece with the emperor by extracting part of the labor of the vassal to pay a tribute that kept the peace.

    This is the role the establishment Republicans have been playing with tax cuts.

    Another aspect of this same feudal arrangement lies in emphasizing the fact that the poorer commend or give themselves to the more powerful and receive food, housing and physical safety under the tutelage of the seigneur.

    This is the role the Democrats play.

    These are both modern analogs of the same old coin of feudalism. In one instance what little you have is protected; in the other, having little or nothing, your person is protected and preserved.

    This arrangement worked pretty well up until the Parliament of Paris decided in anticipation of the Estates General in 1789 that nobility was not in the business of protecting the lives and property of the little man, but in the business of protecting itself.

    This is what is happening with the political elites now. Their function has become self preservation only.

    If we are going to defeat them with votes rather than violence we need votes. And we get those by demonstrating a goodly balance between protection of property and protection of persons. Trump saw the winning formula a long time ago. The other guys are falling all over themselves playing catch up.

      • I second that. It’s like a lightbulb going off- that’s exactly where this alt-thingie needs to go.

        Freedom of association, speech, and self-defense of one’s character (plus person, property, family, and people) are inherent to it.

    • Very interesting take, and good example of how history repeats itself. Unfortunately, the other guys are playing catch up by the mass importation of those seeking protection of their persons. Looks like a long-term winning strategy that has to be fought every exhausting day.

  5. Yes, the destruction of the middle class is synonymous with the extinction of common sense in our society. The wisdom of the ages is being systematically erased and replaced by a contrivance of convenience. Wisdom normally takes centuries (or more) to evolve. Rather then continue this essential tradition, the elites would have us their eat shit and then demand that we smile while doing so.

  6. Talking about observable race reality is like ripping off a particularly big band-aid. It stings like a mofo for a bit when you start but then feels much better.

    The greatest thing this conversation has given me (via this blog and others) is the language and structure to begin talking about it with my friends and neighbors. I know some will never agree with me or what I say, but I am able to demonstrate through reality (not theory) how the world is and how it is becoming. I can inform my children who are just beginning to see the broader world and the good and the bad that comes with it.

    At the end of the day what we’re talking about is freedom of association, and if we keep hammering that home to everyone, I think we’ll make a bunch of positive changes.

    • There is obviously a lot of work to do, but just getting rid of the concept of “Disparate Impact” and restoring Freedom of Association would undo about 80% of the damage done to America by the Civil Rights Revolution. Of course, the Left is aware of this, and will fight with all their Hell-born fury to keep any such thing from happening.

    • Alex,
      Well said.
      We need to create actions we can take every day and quit discussing the “New Civil War”
      Talking at the end of the day is just hot air.
      What can we do to make our lives better?
      Move out of the cities, get out of debt and spend time with like minded people.
      Bob E.

    • I remember starting a school choice debate with my liberal father, who taught in the inner city for decades. He totally shut me down with his rationale for why it won’t help. He said improving the quality of schools and increasing parent participation will make no difference until you get smarter kids. Talk about ripping off my band-aid.

  7. An excellent piece by Winston Taney. I see this every day in Appalachia. Noticeable uptick in mixed-race couples. Elderly lady I work with told me the other day her daughter married a black guy, had a kid and got divorced. You know the drill. Betrayal, violence, drugs, ext. She said she regrets not giving her daughter better advice.

    I came from a white conservative Christian family. One Christmas years ago my old grandma got us grandkids together (we were all teens at that point) and gave us ‘the talk’. Light on details compared to the infamous Darbyshire version, but a clear-cut line in the sand about our cultural heritage. In her nice, grandmotherly way she basically said, if you’re going to marry, marry white. At the time she was teased about it and my parents dismissed it as ‘old thinking’.

    However, those words of wisdom were put to the test a few years later. I was at college when a black guy tried to date my younger teenage sister. My mom took one look at the guy’s family and was having none of it. Threw him out. There was a bit of an uproar over it, but my parents held firm. Unruly behavior was a nonstarter with them. My sister is married to a white guy now with a good job and 2 kids. Chalk one up for our side and my grandmother’s ‘old thinking’.

  8. The lines of the class war need to be redrawn. Instead of rich vs poor, it should be people who work for a living and produce value to society vs people who do neither. The latter would include the media, most of academia, the political class, and those on benefits.

  9. Orwell called it Prolefeed:

    “And the Ministry had not only to supply the multifarious needs of the party, but also to repeat the whole operation at a lower level for the benefit of the proletariat. There was a whole chain of separate departments dealing with proletarian literature, music, drama, and entertainment generally. Here were produced rubbishy newspapers containing almost nothing except sport, crime and astrology, sensational five-cent novelettes, films oozing with sex, and sentimental songs, which were composed entirely by mechanical means on a special kind of kaleidoscope known as a versificator. There was even a whole sub-section—Pornosec, it was called in Newspeak—engaged in producing the lowest kind of pornography, which was sent out in sealed packets and which no Party member, other than those who worked on it, was permitted to look at.”

    To this the Cult has added political and cultural indoctrination starting in kindergarten.

    The dividing line in my opinion is not limited to white people. It is between those who accept this mind-numbing shit and those who see it for what it is and choose to act as free men and women, whatever the risk.

    • Keep in mind that this crap is now self-perpetuating. People blindly support elements of it, for the social “atta-boys” they earn from those who are similarly fooled.

      I have been doing some work with drug and alcohol addiction programs, in part to learn how all of it works and what can be done. The sad truth is that interventions rarely work, because when the addict is released back into the outside world, the peer group and “fitting in” tends to encourage the “wrong” behavior all over again. The internal pleasurable stimulation from the intoxicants is reinforced by the social acceptance pleasure triggers. The brainwashed hordes get those same pleasure triggers from the social acceptance, even if they are not reinforced by the chemical intoxicants.

      So it is with this brainwashing. The likely solution to all of it is to allow the afflicted to stew in their own juices, and allow things, in a broad sense, to take their course. Unfortunately, to try to pull individuals out of their brainwashed state, without burning down the unreal Potemkin Village they live in, is probably hopeless and counterproductive. It’s a sad state of affairs, but it is what it is.

      As someone once said, “This will not end well”.

      • Mao had program for addicts… oh, that was actually results based, so it was a progrom.

        This “Opioid Crisis” hasn’t killed anyone that I honestly give a shit about, all the stories of frogs raining and babies being born hare-lipped aside. Is this just another grab for funding and feel good vanity injections for the usual crusaders? If is even marginally effective as a chlorinating agent i would rather we up the availability and help Darwin out.

        • Mao was the first to declare opium illegal in China; previous emperors fought against untaxed opium.

          By 1950, Mao also began the world’s largest poppy farms, over a million acres, while spreading production to the original Golden Triangle, southeast Asia.

          All this managed by his HSBC (((advisors))).

          Production has reverted back to the Raj’s area, the former India-now-Pakistan controls Afghan colonies.
          Mullah Omar was a Paki puppet governer.

          None of the ‘wars against communism’ were about ideology. They were turf wars over trade- even Bosnia, even Iraq/Afghanistan.

          I really don’t care to hand executioner powers over to the board directors of Big Pharma.

          I suspect much of the opioid ‘crisis’ are elderly cancer patients eating all their pain meds at once, drifting gently off to that good night- as was planned for with Obamacare rationing.

          I agree with all you say, except I see it as another campaign in the covert world War on White.

          With the side benefit of yet another expansion of government power, the reason for manufactured crises.
          Funny how the FDA gave full sanction to the Sacklers.

    • Yes, 1984 has been cited by many as prophetic bit others actually want to use it as an operating manual to control society.

    • So far it’s been uncanny how reliable 1984 and Brave New World have been as strategy guides to what our rulers have planned for us. I’m expecting publicly sanctioned literal diversity orgies within the decade. Marriage has already been destroyed – private exclusive heterosexual relationships are next to go.

  10. Regarding TV shows/movies, I think there is a rich field of potential scholarship and commentary by underground alt-right scholars there. (And there are plenty of highly educated refugees from libertarianism in the alt-right to do such work.) I don’t just mean for the sake of dry academic work either, but to provide people with a way of de-brainwashing themselves by realizing how much their attitudes have been shaped by PC movie tropes.

    A while back I read a piece on a neo-reactionary site that talked about how the much beloved To Kill a Mockingbird is really a lesson in good whites (the enlightened lawyer) vs bad whites (the bigots). The black “victim” is just a prop in a morality tale about how to establish yourself as one of the good whites. Even if you didn’t go to law school, you can elevate yourself to be one of the good whites by automatically taking the side of blacks or other oppressed people. When I think about it, I’m not sure I’ve ever heard about a black person whose favorite book is Mockingbird. It’s usually art school cat ladies who name that book as a turning point in their youth.

    • Yes, most ordinary blacks have absolute, utter contempt for white liberals, and with good reason – blacks prize racial solidarity, and no one likes a traitor, even if they are willing to use them. John Derbyshire once remarked that, when he talked about race realism to mixed-race audiences, the blacks were generally respectful, and even asked some intelligent questions. The spluttering fury always came from white liberals (usually female) and a few of their college-trained black “mascots”.

    • There is so much to learn from all elements of our culture, both current and past. The Left and the Progs don’t seem very interested in learning anything, they prefer to simply seek out things that protect their way of thinking. The British interview of the psychologist who fought back is fascinating in this regard. She tried to twist everything he said into something completely different which supported her biases. He would have none of it. He brought some interesting new information to the table, which she did not want to look at. Looking at art and literature in the light of “does it or does it not” feed the beast is an interesting and (IMO) a valuable exercise.

      The powers-that-be will need to shut down the Internet to control the conversation. I have trouble grasping the nuances of Net Neutrality, but I judge it by who supports what side. That the Progs want it means that it must be an important element of shutting down the Net.

    • “When I think about it, I’m not sure I’ve ever heard about a black person whose favorite book is……”

      Sorry. I broke out laughing before I was able to finish that sentence.

      • Ha ha! You got me there! I didn’t even think about that as I wrote, but you *are* right. As I thought about it more, it would seem pretty much all the good/bad white stories are really for white audiences to feel good. Glory, Mississippi Burning, Black Like Me, In the Heat of the Night. Do any black people have any connection these books and movies? (or to any books?)

  11. The primary issue is that whites in the higher middle social strata are increasingly dependent upon the good graces of the diaspora elite to retain their lives. The highest end whites have some limited room to find their own voice and the poles sys what they like, but the middle lives in constant fear of losing the narrative. Middle tier academics and white collar workers must dutifully stuff their brains with leftist propaganda as the alternative is having no community or living a dangerous double social life.

    • Hey, I enjoy living in enemy territory, with my subversive values and motives sometimes suspected, but generally not confirmed, by those around me. Living quietly amongst the enemy allows me to observe the brainwashing and the complete ludicrousness of their values and attitudes firsthand. The attitudes of the feminized upper middle class whites must be observed to be believed. They are completely unprepared for anything other than the world they believe they live in. There are also others like me, our own sort of “secret society”. Nothing need be said, a wink and a nod is enough.

      • I’m guessing you’re a young man with a sense of adventure. People with family cannot afford that sort of cavelliere attitude in many cases.

        To my earlier point however, I believe it is incumbent upon the remaining white gentile upper class to give their social class subordinates some breathing room. The middle class is too under the gun to change their behavior and the proles are intuitively tribal enough already.

        • Nope, I’m older with all the connections and responsibilities. But working at a Fortune 500 company and having a family in a nice neighborhood, I need to stay undercover—and once one gets red-pilled, there is no going back. I have also learned there is no real upside to engaging the enemy. Better to reconnoiter and sharpen my insights and strategies.

        • Some breathing room? Ha, how about tipping your white service people? Paying THEM well, hiring them in the first place! ‘New rich’ tips well, understands roots and culture…but old money? Forget about it. They want cheap labor…because what’s the diff of your race to them, deplorable all the same.

          These people have lost their American roots and culture. They dont remember their familes being poor and coming up. It was so long ago. But they damn well should remember if they are Americans. They have forgotten! Deplorable? Surely not them! It is bad, and they don’t even realize it anymore, they don’t know the value of money anymore. And it shows. Rich man, heaven, and all that, I guess. No sense of community anymore with a lot of them. Hopefully, a new community oriented type of doing business will arise soon. This will help.

          • SHAH, that’s all fluff. Societies are top-down operations. If they weren’t, all these heirechies wouldn’t have persisted as long as they have. If you want that white American middle class culture you start at the top and enforce or at least allow those norms. Upper class has the ability to do this and tell the diaspora to lay off. If the upper class does not do this you can expect the middle to remain under the thumb of anti white working class hostility norms until the guns are trained on them [and likewise on the upper class].

            Class relationships are never perfect, but white class relations are openly hostile and the unwillingness of the white upper class to stand up for other class whites is the other elephant in the room besides the diaspora. The snark and disdain of the yuppie middle class is simply a learned behavior from their class superiors. The average middler is a true follower, more so even than the working class.

      • Hey Dutch me too in Boston, it’s especially fascinating to see these folks agree that Elizabeth Warren is completely impractical and embarrassing as our senator BUT she “represents us against Trump.” The narrative supersedes the importance of daily reality to these people as the Z says. And I don’t see anyone moving to Roxbury (unless it’s the gentrified part)

        • Hell, around here in the local elections the Progs were running anybody against the nominal Republicans that held any local offices. Could have run Pol Pot as a Dem and these idiots would have voted for him. As it was we ended up with quite a few highly qualified people voted out and some real kooks voted in.

      • Right there with you Dutch, living in a SoCal coastal community, working for the St@te of Cali, surrounded by those who assume I am one of them.

        • Dano: You live in CA and work for the state? You must be running deeply under or have a job where you do not need to interact with any of your co-workers or constituents. Something like CA Department of Forestry Wilderness Outhouse Inspector.

      • There are more of us than you may think. And yes the little rituals of figuring out who is on the same side are kind of funny. But they work. Around here Sandy was the “great sorting out”. Some of us were perfectly fine having no power for almost two weeks. The ex Park Slope betas were screaming into dying cell phones “demanding” that ConEd get the power back on “right now or else”. I was watching Bloomberg Surveillance streaming on my cell phone while frying up bacon and eggs on the side burner of the grill….

  12. I love this post, Z Man, but this ain’t nevah gonna hoppen: “Whenever white people, even hipster college professors living in urban oases, engage in talk about the white working class or the white opioid epidemic…” Nobody hates the white working class more than hipster college professors. Since SJWs always project, the profs who spend the most time slobbering over The Workers are the most elitist, anti-white bigots out there. To these people, the white opioid epidemic is a fitting punishment for voting Trump. Just as the most expensive car in the faculty lot always belongs to the out-and-proud Communist, so the few profs who bother with the white working class can’t wait for it to die already.

      • Bob E., ignore them. College is a huge scam; don’t send your kids there – have them learn a trade instead. We in older generations have a reflexive respect for academia, but younger folks don’t – and, increasingly, neither does anyone else (I have yet to impress anyone with my full title: Professor Severian, PhD). Ignore them, and the current trend will accelerate. Then, when they’re on the sidewalk begging, holding up a sign saying “Will critique America’s evils for spare change,” trip them and kick them while they’re down.

        • That’s the practical application of FUBU.
          Why buy what uni is selling?

          (Did I just commit cultural appropriation?)

          First, stop kneeling.
          Then you can apply the garrote- shunning.
          “We do fine without you.”

        • Great advice. What depresses me is how many parents on “our side” still can’t break the habit of getting their kids into “a good college”, with all-too-predictable results: a left-wing snowflake contemptuous of home and hearth, tens of thousands in debt, still without a job, planning on grad school after a trip abroad (on mom and dad’s cash).

          It’s not only pouring money into the coffers of the enemy, but throwing a loved one into their ranks as well. It’s the fatal attraction of “status”, and conservatives of the everyday sort are as committed to buying status for their kids as the liberals next door. It’s fun to note that liberals “celebrate diversity” from a safe space in the white hinterlands – but conservatives are guilty of a comparable hypocrisy. They deliver their kids to Moloch because they can’t shake off the desire for status and success in the world they know. And that means “good” schools, “big” money, total commitment to a world of familar symbols, of ‘cachet’, of bumper stickers that say “Duke” or “Brown” or any number of lesser but still impressive names in the collegiate hierarchy.

          I used to tell my kids that I had just three expectations: pay your way in life, read lots of books, and stay out of jail. They’ve done well, better than I’ve done, and neither has graduated from college.

        • Our son went back to community college in his late 20s to learn something useful for making a living. Now at 35 he is a skilled welder making a good living with no student debt.
          In reality going into debt for a 4 year degree in Early Renaissance Finger Painting with a minor in Nose Picking is life trashing fraud for hundreds of thousands, but it sure diverts a lot of money to the leftie eggheads and their institutions.

    • So true. I work with a liberal, greeny who thinks the only problem with communism is that is has never been done properly. Of course he drives a brand new gas guzzling SUV. I tell him I will take global warming seriously when I see him biking to work.

      • It is amazing how totalitarian systems never have the “right people” doing things “correctly”. It is almost as if there is a flaw in human nature in that when people are given economic and social power over others, they abuse it to their own advantage. Who’da thunk it?

        • easy answer. people are put into position based on political and ideological loyalty. re:Venezuela oil decline after chasing out all the technicians and managers who were competent.

    • Bravo, Professor. There is a fatal breach between whites in this country, with the hipsters on one team, the rest of us on the other. They recruit proxies with one goal: Our annihilation. Their prospects for success are good: They rule in media, in academia, in the thick fabric of permanent government at state and federal levels, in the courts and law schools, in publishing, in investigative science, in the military of all branches, in the vast empire of social services, in the education of pre-schoolers through high school seniors, even in the decisions made on Wall Street.

      Our churches have been infested and trivialized by them, our public morality has been thrown into chaos, our language despoiled, every innocent institution soiled by contact with us, the dirt people.

      Our groovy white “brothers” did this to us. It’s a subject for psychology, the hatred spawned by familiarity. It’s Cain versus Abel.

  13. The white working class is despised by the politicians. We have no one listening to us or representing us. The politicians hate us and willl do everything to destroy our history, culture and future for our children.

    • Very true Simon.

      Upside is most us are pretty well armed, actually pretty smart compared to many other groups and many have military or other very useful experience. A few guys with construction experience make hellish saboteurs

      What they lack is a plan for what they want and the will to get it

      Also the cold war has left some very nasty scars on the psyche of Americans including a real fear of “collective” anything

      Hell half our rebel class use collectivist as a swear word which has to be the dumbest thing I have ever seen. That inability to operate collectively for collective goals and use collective action (including hell collective punishment) to collective means out of fear of collectivism is crippling

      Its why the guys at Am Ren who do understand class and even the yes Marxist class consciousness and understand that that ability to operate as a group is why the Marxists you know won everything not related to the economy is refreshing

      Even the .Alt Right understands the idea at some level though I’m not fond of the Deus Volter’s Handmaidens Tale Lite at least they are ideas

      Some get it get it but a good chunk of our rebel class being dumb as a bag of hair sometimes would probably think Ben Franklin was a Collectivist for saying

      We must, indeed, all hang together, or most assuredly we shall all hang separately

      Society and anew Civilization or hell a restoration is a joint project

    • Of course the politicians don’t listen to us. We’re not the ones who own them. It’s the cloud people/managerial class they listen to. Hence their hostility to us in terms of policy.

      We need though to regard it as a form of class warfare. We’re taught not to be class conscious but those cloud people are the complete opposite. They are very class conscious. It starts early from the elite private boarding schools and later the Ivies. They live lives isolated from us and from the policies they shove down our throats.

      For all intents and purposes they have declared war on us and have been at war with us for decades. At this point we need to figure out means of resistance and sabotaging the cloud people and their allies in the media and Wall Street.

      It may be as simple as distributing white power fliers where a bunch of urban hipsters dwell and let the ethnics deal with them or doing a slip and fall at some cloud person’s residence or place of business and suing them. Just George Hayduke the SOB’s.


    • When I watch old episodes of “All in the Family” on MeTV or whatever it is, it’s striking that, in hindsight, Archie is almost always right, even in situations where the writers were trying to give him deliberately stupid arguments. It'[s almost eerie after a while.

      • I find that pointing fingers is not productive. I’ve implemented my own FUBU program.
        I always do business with people that look like me when possible.
        I refuse to do business with companies whose ads feature people who do not look like me.
        I find this the most effective and productive action I can take.
        I spend the rest of energy having a great life.
        Hatred is neither effective nor productive.

        • I dunno, hate does feel wonderful sometimes, like when one is garroting an apparatchik that attempted to “teach a lesson in respecting authority” to someone who gives zero fucks about said authority.

          • The Walking Dude,
            How many people have you garroted this year.
            What differerce did it make?
            Bob E.

          • I think both approaches are useful. Hold onto your righteous hatred for the other side’s deliberate, calculated evil in their destruction of all tradition, all morality, all beauty, all truth. Be prepared to take vengeance when possible, without guilt, because they deserve no quarter.

            At the same time, we can all do something, no matter how minor, to focus on and promote Whites every day. I’ve pushed this before online – I go out of my way, in my unavoidable daily interactions with the multicultural hordes, to compliment a White woman on her children, to let a gentleman precede me in the checkout line if he’s obviously in a hurry, and making a point of saying it used to be the American way (with the unavoidable subtext that it was the White way and diversity killed it).

            Every interaction one has can and should be determined on a racial angle. Race-blind civic interactions and courtesy is a luxury we no longer have. Obviously, I’m not saying go out and provoke non-Whites on a daily basis – that’s ultimately counter productive. But retaining one’s implacable hostility to the current order while simultaneously being consciously and proactively pro-White should be universal behavior for anyone who wants a future other than slavery and ultimately extinction.

        • The opposite of love is not hate but indifference and the strategy you use is an excellent one.

      • The popularity of ‘All in the Family’ depended on how people felt about Archie. CBS tested audiences when the show began in 1971 and discovered that the show sank or swam depending on Archie – not Edith, and certainly not Gloria or Michael. Profit trumped ideology and the show became a mirror of the target audience. Archie’s “rightness” was essential to the success of the program; the best Norman Lear etc could do was “soil” his rightness in crudity and bigotry.

        Media in those days feared and respected public taste; now, they despise the public, and feed it with the rubbish it deserves.

      • When I watch All in the Famioly episodes, it’s striking how bangable Sally Struthers used to be.

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