Hakuna Wakanda

If you were trying to reduce the main points of the Dissident Right with a few bullet points, it would be:

  • The people in charge have dangerous fantasies about the future of society and the nature of man
  • The mass media is just propaganda for those fantasies and can never be taken at face value
  • Race is real, ethnicity is real and evolution is real. In the main, humans prefer to live with their own kind. Diversity leads to conflict.

There is a more to it, but those are the three main items that come up over and over among writers in the Dissident Right. The people in charge, of course, dispute these and consider them to be ignorant, paranoid and immoral. Question the browning of America and you are a dumb racist. Notice that mass media often looks like a coordinated public relations campaign and you are branded as a paranoid. Of course, anyone mentioning the realities of race and sex is the branded a Nazi or white supremacist.

That’s what makes the run-up to the most important movie release, since Birth of a Nation, a bit comical from the perspective of someone on our side of the river. All you have to do is look at the coverage on TV and the internet and point two above is made manifest. The movie is getting a near perfect score from reviewers and anyone not slobbering over it is getting bullied by the media. The TV networks are carrying on like Obama is going to come back for a third term. They were more subdued in 2008 when Obama first won.

Most people get that our mass media is run by Progressive pitchmen for the managerial state. For as long as anyone can remember, “liberal media” has been a common phrase in America. What the Dissident Right has introduced is the idea that the media is not just biased, it is a coordinated effort to deceive. Thanks to the internet, it is much harder to wave this off as paranoia. Black Panther has moved the level of coordination from the shadows to center stage. Movie reviews are now regulated to sell this black movie.

Of course, what the mass media is selling is the crackpot fantasy our rulers have about a non-white future. It used to be they would finesse this by arguing that race and ethnicity did not matter. With the right policies, the swarthy hordes they were importing would be transformed into middle-class burghers. They do not do that anymore. Instead, they are frankly talking about the browning of America, by which they mean the elimination of white people. The Black Panther movie is part of the celebration of the end of whitey.

The black utopia that is Wakanda, the mythical state in the movie and comic books, could never exist. If the white world suddenly stopped sending food aid to Africa, famine would set in within a month. The West sends about $50 Billion in aid to Africa every year. That is the official amounts from governments. The billions that flow in from charitable organizations is on top of that. A world without white people means Africa experiences a mass starvation event, followed by a mass die off. Africa could end up depopulated.

The underlying argument from our rulers is that Africa is a mess, because of racism. The book Why Nations Fail is the model for this argument. Whites destroyed the native African institutions and left behind extractive ones. That is why Africa is a mess. The reality is sub-Saharan Africans have an average IQ in the low-80’s. Eritrea is the “smartest” country with an average IQ of 85. What that means is most Africans are borderline to mildly retarded. The reason Africa is not and never will be Wakanda is it is full of Africans.

Now, you cannot fault blacks for celebrating this fictionalized black homeland where they are at the top of the heap. The promotion of this fantasy, however, makes the essential point of the Dissident Right. Humans naturally want to reign supreme in their own domains, surrounded by people that are like them. Wakanda would not resonate with black people if the ruler were a guy named Maury Greenblatt and his minions were all East Asians or Mexicans. Like everyone, blacks dream of a world without diversity.

The over the top promotion of this black supremacist movie makes all the main cultural arguments you hear on the Dissident Right. If it is OK for blacks to dream of their own homeland, why cannot whites do the same? If blacks would be better off without whites around, doesn’t the same hold true for whites? If the natural order is for the races to be separate, then why in the hell is diversity a good thing? If you were hoping whites would become racially aware, the movie Black Panther is manna from heaven,

A long time ago in another country, conservatives would blithely say that the facts of life are conservative. It was a shorthand way of pointing out that reality does not yield to wishful thinking. Just as socialism and Marxism eventually buckled under the weight of the human condition, the racial fantasies of our rulers will also crack under the weight of biological reality. Like the last batch of utopian nutters, the current group is fully capable of killing millions of people in an effort to immanentize the eschaton.

Black Panther and the Progressive celebration of it is a good thing for our side. It makes many of the big points our side rarely gets a chance to make on the big stage. More important, it rips the mask off the Left. What they think of you is now clear. Oddly, the future of white people lies in Afrofuturism. The more the other side tells us what they dream of when they sleep, the more white people wake up to the demographic reality that is facing them. Black Panther is the ultimate Dissident Right movie.

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  1. Im late reading this but if Hollywood wont make media suitable to your tastes it looks like the youngsters are. Check out “Murdoch Murdoch”. Youtube regularly shuts them down but they are up on pewtube with over 6 hours worth of shows. Lots of altright inside jokes and memes but there actually have some deep insights into political thought if you pay attention. This link isnt the most insightful but it plays counterpoint to the post topic.

  2. While these folks watch Black Panther, more than 17 black ‘mothers’ abort their babies. Sadly, Black Lives do NOT matter.

  3. Sorry, but I am not going to put money into the hands of Hebewood by seeing this film, thereby enriching these miscreants and helping them prepare for their next assault on the goy.

  4. As I pointed out at Sailer’s – y’all allowing way too much of your precious brainwidth to get sucked up into this Wakanda flash in the pan. Far more interesting to me are the implications of the remake of “Death Wish.” Was the original a sign of a turning or just a marker on the way to the bottom? What are the implications of the timing now? Discuss.

  5. I don’t think I’ve seen a more egregious example of agitpropaganda than this one: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/opinion/op-ed/article200071384.html. “How my trip to the shooting range changed how I think about gun owners” A story of a liberal visiting a gun range for his first shooting lesson, and meeting reasonable, sane, and maybe even likeable people.

    But the layout of this article is interspersed with multiple videos all screeching at top volume about the horrors of the recent school shooting. It’s jarring to see such clumsy and obvious techniques being banally presented as if they were normal. How dare you think of gun owners as being reasonable.

    This corresponds with the hype surrounding this ridiculous potboiler of a movie. The movie will most likely do poorly, and all of this drivel will blow away. Until the next ‘chosen’ topic arises.

    Believe nothing that you read and only half of what you see.

  6. The brainwashed masses of White America will never awaken to the truth. It’s far too late for most of them. Protect the loyal and abandon the rest.

  7. The most serious and imminent threat to Western cultures/nation-states at this time: the show-down between the DOI/CONstitution and moozie Sharia. The “Afro” incarnation of which is: S-O-M-A-L-I-S. Similar to Pakistanis on the sub-continent – totally UN-assimilable/adversarial. Their ignorance is only eclipsed by their arrogance.

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  9. Ooooo, out did yourself on this one, Zman – putting the likes of “Jones and Stone” to shame with the same argument. Thx for reviewing something on which I won’t waste what remaining precious time I may still have remaining in this “realm” before “planting” myself one of these days. Even though I don’t accept your “philosophy” categorically, in so long as the underlying message is the INDIVIDUAL RIGHT to CHOOSE his/her/zer racial/ethnic/cultural/social association[s] . . . WHEREVER/HOWEVER, “we all be good” and I will continue to thoroughly enjoy your very regular and illuminating commentaries/observations – carry on!

  10. remember how Mogadishu was built by the Italians and what
    happened when they left.
    wait I’ve got it backwards from the movie.

    • That’s the power of White propaganda, it fools you every time.
      Italians. Imagine. As if they built Rome or something.

  11. While we’re on the subject of the media shoving things down our throats, how about the Olympics? I don’t remember women’s athletics being so prominently featured. Now I’m supposed to get excited about the women’s hockey team? Sheesh.

    • Better that than the usual Olympic fare this go-around; snowboarding. BORRIIINNG.

      I’ve taken to DVRing the Olympics and fast-forwarding past the snowboarding. I’ll do the same in 2 years during the summer Olympics so I can avoid the beach bunnies playing volleyball.

  12. Saddest part for me is ITS A COMIC BOOK MOVIE so maybe it’s entertaining in or even good that realm but to treat it like a “documentary of what could have been if there was no whitey!” Just shows the low IQ and magical thinking that infects anyone left of the dissident right, real “wakanda” can’t even keep the electricity on for 24 hrs a day.

  13. … immanentize the eschaton…. I hate that term. Sounds too much like a line from “Accentuate The Positive”, Mercer’s WW2 feel good propaganda song.

  14. LOL. Awesome!

    All spot on, as per usual too. But, perhaps a couple observations:

    I recently saw an interview with the fella that played the lead role in Hakuna Wakanda – and he looked downright embarrassed as the entertainment media slobs fawned over and patronized him. It was embarrassing for me to watch as a viewer too. This movie isn’t about race, it is mostly about the domination of our entertainment industry by SJW’s. You WILL go see this, you filthy Dirt Person, and you WILL enjoy it – or else! For me, I am calling: stuff your Chocolate Charlie up your arse Hollywood, and bring me the ‘or else’ – I want to see what you have.

    As far as Rotten Tomatoes goes – fuggem! Lookit this:


    I cannot wait for either you or Filthy to critique the show. You realize that you have to go to it now, right? 🙂

    Finally, I think it is mostly white people driving this crap.

  15. At the gym today, a black trainer was spotting some young skank; and after a while their conversation drifted on to movies. He mentioned seeing the Black Panther movie; she asked if he liked it.

    There was a pregnant pause before he said “Yeah.” in a completely unenthusiastic tone of voice.

    Clearly we have a winner here.

    • He’s been surrounded by loud, angry, sour faced Wakanda Warrior Women his whole life.
      Now he’s got to put up with them in a movie?!

  16. With respect to your third bullet point, I would add that it’s not so much a preference as it is an evolved reality. The proclivity for race-based association exists because it works, and is the culmination of a fitness gauntlet that goes back a few hundred thousand years. It is natural, not some recent invention or arbitrary creation.

  17. That whole sense that the left was filled with the “smart people,” that it was the “reality based community” sort of worked for a number of decades. Probably spilling out from the New Deal “brain trust” and on to all the experts who told us about how slavery and Jim Crow kept blacks down even in the 20th century. But reality could only be denied so long. That black Dems have been in charge of so many big cities as long as they have shows the left has no “reality-based” way to fix achievement gaps between blacks and whites. And the stridency of the “believe this or else!” propaganda since the Obama years shows how desperate this is becoming for them. The (actual) wokeness of Gen Z on this stuff in encouraging.

  18. Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing it. Would love to know if they’ve hidden that last Infinity Stone in Wakanda heading into “Infinity War” in May.

    The risk the media has with the Black Panther movie is what they tried to pull of with Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Now, I rather liked The Last Jedi. Was it girl-power agitprop? You bet it was. But, the point I feel I’ve made successfully is that the girls managed to kill off all their warriors while reducing the Rebel Alliance to 25 people fleeing on the Millenium Falcon in total, humiliating, defeat. Them’s the facts.

    But anyway, to my point about the reviews, SW:TLJ earned a ridiculously high 98% on RT as well. It’s drifted down to 91%, but the AUDIENCE reviews are just brutal. 48%

    Everybody has figured out that those reviews are bought and paid for. That’s not necessarily RT’s fault. They’re a news-aggregator. You could make the case that some of their “fresh” reviews are actually B-, C+ reviews, but on the whole they are just reporting what 50-100-200 professional Left Wing movie reviewers are writing.

    So, in the last year or two, we’ve had major tentpoles like Wonder Woman and Star Wars garnering absurdly over-the-top reviews from the Social Justice Warriors, along with all the usual agitprop films that get great reviews for their advancement of SJW messages (Zootopia).

    Without bringing left/right politics into it, I think people everywhere on the spectrum are waking up to the fact that the game is rigged. Hillary’s candidacy was rigged. The FBI/DOJ investigations are rigged. Movie reviews…ARE RIGGED.

    Anyway, I hope it’s a good, fun, movie like the rest of the Marvel films. Some are better than others, but they’re all good old fashioned popcorn action flicks that – the occasionally off-color joke aside – the whole family can enjoy. It’ll be interesting to see if they try to explain-away the whole Royal Birthright Line-of-Kings thing by trying to make it look like Wakanda is a representative democracy and not the Feudal system that generally comes with Kings. And like I wrote yesterday, if my kids ask about it, I’m going to tell them the truth: The only way you get a wealthy, technologically advanced, secular, civil society, in Africa is to invent it in a comic book and cloak it in an invisible shield…because it’s not gonna happen.

    If Wakanda really existed, and they were sitting on a meteor full of vibranium, they’d have turned themselves into Venezula decades ago. Or, been totally wiped out, and either the Brits, Germany, or the US would own it.

    • I don’t go to theaters and around here, it would be a very idea for a pale face to go and see this opening weekend. Let the passions subside a little. I’ll catch on Kodi at some point. but, I might head out to honkyville and see it and do a review. A two hour trip to a theater where I will have a low chance of being shot is a lot to ask.

      • I saw Spike Lee’s “Do the Right Thing” in a theater with mostly black people when it came out. It was an… um… interesting experience.

      • That’s the advantage of living where I live. I really want to see if my “15% SJW Rule” holds up, which would make it a B or B+ movie in reality (80%).

      • Disguise yourself as a brother, and go undercover! You can be the Jane Goodall of the alt-right.

        • HAHAHAHAHA! McHungus, you evil, magnificent bastard!

          Monday: “It’s like something out of Gorillas in the Mist”

      • Your odds on encountering some of our duskier brethren with attitudes would be rather high, I think. Best be is wait for it to show up on TV.

    • Incidentally, there is a magic dirt in the heart of the Congo.

      Cal-tan. 95% of the world’s electronics require it. Congo is it’s only known source.

      Congo is also the world’s longest-running war theater. Over 30 years since Joseph Kabila, then his son Lawrence. Belgium’s former presence is only traces of impassable roads and the rusted hulks of what used to be factories.

      The US has a mad African “colonel” in place now, protecting the mines. Mai mai cannibals are the main threat locally. Welcome to the real Wakanda!

  19. This movie will be a gold and diamond mine for memes of mockery. Gen Z, and the Alt-right gang are going to have a field day with this. How long before every black no-go zone is nicknamed Wakanda? Whatever title the King of Wakanda has will be appended to every black hack seeking or holding office. BP promotional schlock will hit the .99 cent store by June. (Actually, Black Panther appeared in a Fantastic Four comic sometime around 1966. I had the issue.)


    • I reckon quite a lot of people will go see it. Not for the politics of it all, but because Infinity War comes out in May, and there are a couple MCU puzzle pieces that people are wondering about which Black Panther may answer. A lot of Marvel fans will simply look at this as a sub chapter in a 20 movie serial.

      It is very uncommon for the production companies to lift the review embargoes more than a few days before the film opens. BP reviews were allowed 10 days in advance.

      Marvel clearly thinks they have a hit on their hands. It’s not like they go by the reviews. These films are shown to their fan base, their target demos, etc.

      By comparison: Star Wars: TLJ review embargo dropped 3-4 days before release. Respectable. Justice League I think was the day before, maybe two, and it is a crap movie.

  20. In general I do not care for movies with lots of black people in them. It will be very interesting to see how this turd does, once it opens. Hard to see their being a large market for this movie; Asia/China can’t possibly be interested in such a nigfest.

    • My bet is it does well initially. I fully expect the “news” to be full of stories about people having post viewing parties, much like they did with Obama’s inauguration.

      • The AMC theater in Tysons Corner, VA has scheduled Black Panther as follows tomorrow:

        Standard screenings — 15 showings; IMAX 3D — 5 showings; 3D — 4 showings; Dolby Cinema (high-end projection and sound) — 6 showings. In one day, then, the multiplex will show the movie 30 times.

        This is an expensive theater in an elite mall, mainly patronized by whites, Asians, and trophy wives of high government officials and diplomatic staff.

        Does the theater management really believe they are going to make enough money to cover the costs of 30 screenings in one day (and I expect they will keep to the schedule for at least a week)? Or is this white shaming on an extravagant scale? Is AMC willing to lose money (by not showing other, perhaps popular, films to make room for BP) so as to demonstrate black ass kissing in excelsis?

        I wonder, too: if the theaters are mostly empty after the first day or two, how will the media react? Will the Washington Pest assign a (((hack))) to write an article strongly implying that whites are staying away because of racism?

        • What you missed is that Disney has the theaters under contract to show “X” movie “Y” number of times on “Z” number of screens over a fixed number of weeks. Whether it makes money or not. It runs no matter what. Even if they don’t fill a single seat.

      • It’s a fair point you make, I’m Irish with a lot of extended family in the U.S, mostly based in New York/New Jersey with the remnant in Alabama and Atlanta. Of the family, one couple were teachers based in upper middle class New York. Nice people, but heavily swpl. Her bother lived in Jersey, very standard GOP voting family, the wife was hugely involved with the boy scouts and Methodist Church. The senior brother was a pilot for Kiwi airlines in Atlanta. We went over for a family holiday mid 90’s. The first thing I noticed in Atlanta was the sig sauer underneath the drivers seat, I asked what other guns he had and what game he hunted innocently enough. He replyed that the pistols were for his ‘homies’, and a rifle for deer. We stayed in a lovely all be it gated suburb. He made a few jokes throughout the trip about his ‘homies’ and crime which we didn’t really get. Innocence is bliss, and a curse. In 2008 and the election of Obama our emails were in melt down from the swpl’s with pictures of the election night, the tension on Obama’s face, the relief when the final tally came through, the boundless optimism. I was happy enough for her but found it a bit ostentatious. The emails kept coming for a few days, enough Sam Cooke Change gonna come to OD on. It started to feel a bit orgiastic and ridiculous. Enter the Trumpening, Elder Cousin and his family have moved out of Atlanta years ago to lighter towns, standard GOP has stayed in nice white rural area. Swpl still raging against the Donald, although getting more muted. It’s a spectaculary bizarre thing I just can’t get, this need for self abnegation. Like Ted Cruz with his historcally delusional view of slavery as White America’s original sin. I see it even in some immediate family members regarding mass migration from Mordor/middle east. This ostentatious altruism. Richard Spencer can be a bit melodramatic but he made a comment about living in an age of the collapse of liberalism and the (hopefully temporary) deligitimisation of White people as any kind of authority. It does seem like as Spencer said the way out is through unfortunatly

  21. I first heard of Wakanda and Black Panther in the 90s Fantastic Four cartoon, never imagined would become this big.

  22. you made some excellent points here…but in your analysis you and the rest of the dissident right miss an important mechanism in the workings of our opposition–the media is a corporate media, and it is funded by advertising revenues from ad buys by big corporations….these big corporations spend profits on media ads…the more profits, the more ads….the media is thus just an arm of these corporations…the media speaks for these corporations…the media is rabidly pro-nonwhite and pro-immigration…the media seeks to raise the social status of nonwhites and lower the social status of whites…occam’s razor tells us that this media propaganda works somehow to raise corporate profits…and sure enough 80% of the economy is based on consumer demand…and nonwhites and immigrants increase the number of consumers…there ya have it…but for some reason this sort of analysis is ignored by the dissident right…

    • With all due respect, your use of the ellipsis instead of standard punctuation and capitalization makes your post difficult to read.

  23. And yet another comic book movie. Only in the world of film fantasy can blacks finally achieve what whites and asians have done thousands of years ago. Where is their Aristotle, Shakespeare, Newton, Rembrandt, you know, anything? Oprah.

    In the history of hubris and ingratitude they have achieved beyond all others. This is all egged on by you know who.

    Anybody watch the Cloverfield Paradox? What a typical diversity parade with minorities positioned in the right order with requisite skills only white Nasa engineers had. That and their moral and physical strength.

  24. Slightly off topic but related to the excellent observation made in the column. I was teaching yesterday and many of my kids were distracted with their ipads (as usual) and not staying with the amazingly informative and provocative lesson that we were engaged in. When asked what video games they were playing, many laughed and said the game “Fortnite”, where much killing takes place. When asked if they play these games in other classes, many, many students raised their hands. Except for the very top echelon of students, not much critical thinking going on in our school, and we are considered one of the best. The point here is that as long as the masses are addicted to technology, the slow march to the end of the cliff will continue. I know the technology genie is out of the bottle so good luck with that. The Black Panther Movie will be just another shootem up, brain dead creation, with the added anti-white agenda. Most will not know the subtleties of what they are watching, but we all know on some level they get the intended message which is what the masters want,

    • How many of your students deserve to be there? Is there a hint, even a whiff of an ROI for the time soent on them? The more deficient you add, the weaker your alloy will be after casting

  25. The only people who will willingly show up and pay to see this movie will be credentialist whites. Oh yea, for sure, there will be a social media firestorm scolding everyone else for not showing up to witness the truth. It’s like clockwork at this point.

    • I expect every negro in the country to see it at least twice, even if they have to miss a payment on their rims to do it. This movie’s going to be like Titanic to teenage girls or shit to flies where negroes are concerned. Any white person with a lick of sense will stay far, far away from any theater showing this fantasy and the flash mobs it inspires.

      • Negroes comprise only 13% of the population and many of them are far too burned out to be going to superhero films. Certainly a lot of them will see it, but it will be a success only if whites duppirt it.

          • “Movies targeted to a particular and limiting audience see massive drop offs in the second week.”
            Unless the theaters accept EBT.

    • Blacks won’t mob it.
      Somes whites want blacks to mob it.

      It’s not a Black movie.
      It’s a white version of a black movie.
      An appeal- a fantasy appeal, at that.

      It’s the same as white voters for Obama, begging him and Black America to finally act white.

      Begging the inner Oreo to reveal itself, in all it’s hoped for and hidden glory. Told ya they’re English gentlemen with dark skin, now aren’t they? They have to conceal the Nobility Within cuz racism.

      • When word of mouth gets around that it ain’t exactly Sweet Sweetback’s Baad Asssss Song blacks will tune out.

  26. The fact that Rotten Tomatoes has now a 100% ranking for Black Panther shows the wide gulf between so-called “critics” and ordinary people. I still laugh at how “critics” gave The Last Jedi a 92% ranking while only 49% of the audience liked it. And I believe that score was too high given how everyone I know hated it. Even my liberal friend — who supported Bernie Sanders — thought Admiral Holdo was an unnecessary SJW added for the diversity points.

    Gamergate predicted all of this. All of the cultural civil wars we see going on now was begun in a small niche, when nerds felt that women were intruding too much in their domain. In fact, it began as gamers noticed that video-game “critics” seemed to be siding with SJW progressive points and calling its demographic “racist”, “sexist”, what have you. Gamergate I may also point out was probably the first successful counter reaction against SJW lunacy as us autists weaponized our autism via 4chan with fashy memes. The battle hardened tactics we perfected was used to deadly effect during the 2016 election, which I believed played a role in getting The Donald elected.

    To see such rampant ideological black-white thinking makes me think that we are in an ideological bubble that will soon burst, much like what happened to Robespierre with the Thermidoran reaction. In fact, I think it has already happened with the election of Trump. The increasing stridency of SJW’s may just be a rear guard last stand after having lost the major battle.

    • I don’t think I really understood the gamergate thing (and I may still not understand it) until I tried to buy a Nintendo Switch to play the latest Zelda take and couldn’t, so I started watching streams of people playing it to find out what it was like to get a bit of satisfaction. My sons and I watched several streams and came across a few with women playing the game. I’m not very judgemental and watched benignly, I just thought that it must be a difficult game; my sons noticed everything that was being done wrong and began pointing out to me how idiotically the game was being played. By people who were being payed to play it.

      Then after getting the game and playing it myself and watching my sons play it, it was even more starkly obvious. In a sane world most of those doing the streaming would have been gonged off the stage.

      Don’t let the nature of this post get you thinking too hard. None of my sons live at home, and I’m a grandfather. If I can play that game better than someone who makes a living playing games something is wrong.

      • There’s a lot of things to come away with Gamergate. I think the Zman pointed out that our age was a triumph of the nerds. Back in the 60’s, it was very uncool and unpopular to be a nerd. Constant propaganda from movies and popular culture were showing how cool it was to be a nerd. By the 1990’s, nerds were in vogue, especially with the rise of Silicon Valley. You can see that with shows like The Big Bang Theory.

        As with any trend, women jumped on the bandwagon. Nothing against that, women are hardwired to follow the current fashions and trends. That’s where you get the girl gamer and the geek girl memes. Guys at first thought it was great that women were now playing video games. Then they got annoyed when women were criticizing tropes in video games, such as Mario rescuing the helpless princess. Women like Anita Sarkeesian were trying to make men better by getting rid of such sexist trope (sarcasm). When guys said it was none of their business, you had critics and such calling them neanderthals and sexists.

        I think it also explains the current frustrations in the dating world. Women, following the geek trend, claim that they love dating nerds and geeks. Nerds and geeks, not understanding the true nature of women, then jump on the bandwagon, only to be frustrated time and again with women friendzoning them and claiming the Chad they’re dating is really the true geek they are looking for.

        Basically, it’s the story of nerds and beta males getting red pilled to the nature of women and by proxy, to how reality works (race, sex, etc.).

        • Eh, I’ve been a geek girl since I was 12 and was reading sci-fi. I was a geek before it was kewl. I was not a gamer though; never had an interest in that. That, to me, was more of a guy thing – although I’m sure some ladies liked gaming.

          Most of the guys I dated were either geeks or nerds and I married a smart geek (still married almost 40 years later).

          Nothing more annoying than fellows who deny that some women were geeks and nerds before all this SJW/”feminist” crap. We were always there. We just didn’t make a lot of noise. And not all women are bad or hate men. Men are awesome. When I was young, I had plenty of male friends. I talked sports with them or sci-fi. I wasn’t one for the “bad boys,” they were a pain in the ass. Give me a smart, kind geek any day of the week. I get along with nerds but I probably intimidate them a bit. But I “get” them so know how to be kind/set them at ease.

          I still attend sci-fi conventions and I’m old now. Geeks rule! Down with the normies! 😉 (just kidding – there are only two kinds of people in the world – nice ones and jerks.)

        • The rise of Geeky nerdy culture started getting a toe hold in the 80s. Two movies come quickly to mind-“Revenge of The Nerds,” and “16 Candles.” There were more, but these were primo examples. The idea of the jock being bad/dorks being cool, was the start of that archetypal narrative. The anti-white, upper crust snobby WASP vs. The cool, fun-living Jew is best epitomized in “Cadyshack.” (Bonus-it featured as the setting a “whites only/Jews not wanted country club).
          Taken together, this is the beginning of the rise of the modern day, cool, geeky Jew Bugman.
          It became cool to be a noodle-armed, tech savvy, asthmatic Jew playing video games vs. the popular, athletic, good-looking, ladies’ man, Aryan Chad.

      • You really don’t need to understand the intricacies of Gamergate. But it’s one of those events that ends up having outsized importance for a few reasons.

        It taught a bunch of people (in this case gamers) that the left won’t leave you alone to do your thing — you HAVE to fight back against the SJWs.

        Many of today’s Alt-Right “celebs” made their bones during GG, especially Milo.

        Vox Day developed the “Three Laws of SJWs” based on his experiences with GG and other SJW attacks. Credit to him for producing useful and generalized laws based on somewhat obscure and geeky events that most normies frankly don’t care about.

      • I’m a grandmother who doesn’t play the vidya, (shocker!), but when GG started, it was at a time when I was about 5 yrs into sock puppet trolling on Gawker media site and when it initially broke I was like, “uhh, wut?”
        Within the next two days I obsessively read GG threads, watched videos, and was all in. I sensed something pretty big was happening, but I had no clue how big and what it would lead to.

        When I tell ppl today that Andrew Breitbart way back in 2010 taking screen grabs of Anthony Weiner ‘s accidental tweets/penis pic, and GamerGate is the reason Trump got elected, they think it sounds insane.

        Ok, whatever, but I’m confident that I’m right.

    • I found a place to see “The Last Jedi” for free in HD on the net. I saw 10.min until a close up picture with a black guy came up,-then I lost my interest.

  27. Going to see the Black Panther movie and telling everyone how great and trans-formative it is will be the biggest thing in virtue signalling since voting for Obama. White liberals will fall all over themselves to be seen praising it.

    I guess the only response is “Guys, it’s a comic book movie not a documentary.”

  28. Yep, if the box office numbers fail to meet the predictions, will the next step be a big shaming campaign on social media to fill the empty seats? If you don’t have the right picture posted retweet your support, will you get shamed by your prog friends? I’m betting yes, and yes.

    • I’m imagining armed soldiers going house to house, loading people into trucks and taking them to the theater. It reminds me of the stories out of North Korea, when some poor schmuck is seen not being sufficiently enthusiastic at a parade. The next week he is strapped to a post and being used as target practice.

      • I keep imagining Mustapha Mond looking at a printout then dictating a memo to the hypnopaedia department to modify the next batch of recordings a bit.

    • That would be a problem if I had prog friends or felt shame for my disdain for all things correct, having neither I’m golden!

      • Well put, thud.

        Some of us – true, we are the dead – reject out of hand the entire culture of modernity; we know nothing of modern movies and are happy to tell people so.

        They – the true believers – don’t get their fix from me; I just tell them that I don’t know what they are talking about, that I’ve been working out Chinese verbs for the last two years.

        It works.

    • If you’re unsure how they’ll react, take note of how they reacted when the public puked on the “Ghostbusters” all-female remake. That ALSO got very high initial reviews, and still sits at a cherry 74% on RT despite 50% of people hating it ala “Last Jedi”. Absolutely nobody thinks that remake was very good, but anybody who argued that it sucked was branded a sexist…loudly. As one reviewer (who panned the movie) helpfully put it, “The fact that the ’84 version became a phenom is as strange, really, as the 2016 version becoming a war between idiot men and all kinds of women.”

      “Idiot men” take note.

  29. All very good points yet a lot of whites still participate in the Witch Hunt. Mention any of these talking points to the so-called normies and they immediately go on the defensive for blacks. Used to get frustrated looking at places like Soviet Russia or Cuba wondering why those people wouldn’t free themselves from that oppression ?

    Now it seems clear. Decades of propaganda has conditioned people to have that default reaction to anything against the Deep State narrative.

    The predictions for this movie to break all box office records is truly insulting. It’s blatant propaganda but will our fellow citizens see it and call it out ?

    P,S. Good morning sir

    • Whites don’t just participate in the witch hunt… we invented the witch hunt. We ARE the witch hunt.
      White people love chastising and ridiculing other, wayward whites for lack of public virtue, in this case insufficient groveling before the mighty, magical Negro.
      Without white people, this film would have never been made and there would be no virtue signaling spiral in regards to watching it.
      Two Jewish guys from NYC invented the whole damned character and storyline for God’s sake.
      On some level, I actually feel sorry for black people who invest so much emotional energy in needing fantasies like this to boost their collective self esteem.
      But even worse are the deracinated Goodwhites who have created a religion out of worshipping black people and providing endless emotional and financial uplift for their favored pets.
      When will this ridiculous, stilted nightmare end ?

      • Bravo, Dave.

        Like you I feel sorry for black people, who once had a template for living life with dignity – behaving the way white people do – working for a living, going to church, raising families, learning how to read, dressing properly, mores that we honkies worked out over millennia.

        The ruling elite smashed this template, because they require black people for another purpose: To help annihilate their class enemy, the normal white, who still hasn’t got the message that all the rule-of-law, virtue-of-work, live-and-let-live bullshit is OUT.

        Anarcho-tyranny needs enforcers; blacks have been ‘deputized’ for this purpose. Sorry, black people, but when you vote 95% this way or that, you are OWNED. When your masters say jump, you jump!

    • A prime directive in all totalitarian states is the atomization of the target population. Everyone wakes up lonely, tired, and scared, trusting no one; if out of sheer isolation they read the paper or watch TV, they bathe in the “official truth”. Eventually their intellect succumbs to their loneliness, and they kind of give up, not so much by mindlessly shouting the accepted slogans, but by forgetting the habits and trains of thought of a free mind in association with other free minds.

      And here we are: The de facto criminalization of free association here in the US Empire is central to the atomization project.

  30. “The more the other side tells us what they dream of when they sleep, the more white people wake up to the demographic reality that is facing them. Black Panther is the ultimate Dissident Right movie.”

    Still not sure I could stomach watching the thing.

    • My thought exactly. No way in hell am I going to watch this delusional movie. I am also not as convinced as Paul Kersey that it is going to do well in the box office among whites.Can’t imagine Hispanics or Asians flocking to see it.

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