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It is a bit of slow news week, so this week I went hunting around for odd stuff I find interesting. There’s always news to discuss, but not all of it interests me. I can only follow politics for so long, before I’m overcome with dark thoughts. The big story, as I go to post is the Florida shooting, but those stories are always the same. The lunatic slipped through the system, people wonder how it happened, the usual suspect say the same things they said the last time. It’s a terrible thing, but there’s nothing to be done about it.

I’m also of the mind that we have plenty of people doing topical stuff. John Derbyshire does a one hour podcast on the news from a Dissident Right perspective. Fash the Nation does several hours each week on the news from an alt-right perspective. Then you have all of the YouTubers and periscope doing news stuff. I’m probably better off sticking to the topics that strike my fancy, even if they don’t fit neatly into a thematic show each week.

This week I have the usual variety of items in the now standard format. Spreaker has the full show. I am up on Google Play now, so the Android commies can take me along when out disrespecting the country. I am on iTunes, which means the Apple Nazis can listen to me on their Hitler phones. Of course, the Hitler Phones are so slow now, you may never finish. YouTube also has the full podcast. Of course, there is a download link below.

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32 thoughts on “The Polymath Podcast

  1. Good podcast and format – especially good to be liberated from the xirl science segment. Plenty of places around to read about daily news. I prefer hearing your views on the fundamental issues. I like the Saga version of Tomorrow Belongs to Me. It’s a softer sell. Perhaps you can use her Ode to a Dying People sometime.

  2. Such joy!
    Reading the tweet by the VP of Ads at FB as he tries to walk the “Russian ads” cat back. (Trump RT’d it.)

    The Hillary voters are out of their minds with rage and betrayal. Full Denounce Mode.
    Furious that they are so stupid as to believe anything and were caught at it.

    Doubling down at full speed, hoping to make it all come true! Heh. Truthseekers of the Reality Community. How’s those bathrooms working out for xou?

  3. Listening to Zman made me want to look up some Sam Francis old columns with mentions of Anarcho-Tyranny. Francis coined the term. He died in 2005, so the column I read (from Vdare) would be one of his most recent from December 2004. Reading the column made me think of Jordan Peterson and why Peterson can’t see the obvious. Since Zman talked about Peterson recently I want to share my thoughts.

    Sam Francis explains that the more diverse the society, the more authoritarian the government has to be to hold it all in place. With a more homogeneous society, the members have more in common, more similar patterns of thought, customs, folkways, values, etc and therefore less need for stronger, more oppressive government.

    And what does Jordan Peterson fear most? Authoritarian government. Yet he opposes any kind of ethnic collectivism, where the members have things in common, and favors individualism even if it means a bunch of individuals among many different ethnic dissimilar groups.

    Peterson rarely talks about immigration, but several months ago he appeared on Tara McCarthy and Brittany Pettibone’s Virtue of the West show and they asked him what he thought of mass immigration into the west. His solution was that instead of opposing immigration, people needed to improve their own lives and be the best they can be (Clean Your Room, Bucko! ha!). Tara and Brittany seemed pretty disappointed with his answer. I know I was for the first time in Peterson. A month or two later he was on Stefan Molyneux’s show and the topic of immigration came up. He did admit that maybe they’re coming in faster than they can assimilate. A better answer than before, but still not completely satisfactory to me.

    Anyway it’s puzzling to me why Peterson can’t see what’s so clearly right in front of his eyes. He discourages young people from becoming ethnically conscious, when the monster of multi-culturism is threatening to engulf Western societies, which will lead to Peterson’s feared Authoritarian State.

    • I’d give you the name of the diaspora media mogul (Polish by way of Tel’aviv) who discovered and promoted Peterson, but the name escapes me. He is mentioned in the forward of Peterson’s book. The long and short on Peterson is that he is a sanctioned mouthpiece of Canadian Neoliberal/Neocon donor class constituents: a mildly successful attempt to diffuse white male discontent by funneling their frustration into still-more individualist wheel-spinning while the much more collectivist newcomers eat their lunch.

      • Peterson wasn’t discovered. He appeared as an academic on TV long before he was famous. He became famous for publicly saying on his YouTube channel he wouldn’t use the new gender pro-nouns. After doing that he was criticized by media and academics publicly, which in turn made him famous.

        If any external source was promoting him then it didn’t occur until he was already a public figure.

  4. A funny observation-
    (Starts with ‘Kids naturally segregate at school lunch tables…’)

    The same thing happened on the set of the original Planet of the Apes movies. The ape suits and masks were difficult to apply, so the actors had to stay in them all day. At lunch the actors in gorilla suits sat with the gorillas, the chimps with the chimps and the orangutans with other orangutans.

  5. Sorry to hear you’ve been catching grief for Xirl Science, I rather enjoy it. Great work this week, as usual.

  6. The scammer segment reminded me of Victor Davis Hansen taking about how the illegals are creating renegade businesses in California but the authorities do nothing about it. He tries to put a couple solar panels on his house and the same authorities trip over themselves to try and find code violations.

    • Why such scammers, why such incompetence?
      We’ve been Zimbambwefied.
      YouKnowWho will rule us in a neoOttoman millet system.
      A Levantinized segmented system, like Syria.

      An epic comment from the great Trav777 at Heartiste:

      “whites built a system that would protect our interests. A machine. The machine’s levers got taken over by people who have aimed it at a new target.

      While the system did all the protecting and executing for us, we got soft. It’s really as simple as that. This is why whites are so baffled when a SWAT team shows up over a fakebook post- it’s not supposed to be like this. But those in charge have changed the system’s priorities.

      You promote nogs and women for 40 years, what did you really suppose was gonna happen? Nobody wants to tell the truth about why FL FBI fucked this up- they are full of DIVERSITY now, our greatest strength.

      i have worked in gov contracts for a couple decades; I see it all the time. The myth of the all-powerful government that can spy on people using technology from Hollywood movies. It’s all a lie. The gov is full of incompetent idiots, minorities in power, and people promoted and hired because of identity, not merit. Software and computer systems from the 1960s. Windows 7. Office 2003. For real.

      Our government is Zimbabwefied. We will lose the next major war because our military is now abandoning the grenade qual because too many recruits cannot pass it (women).

      The USA is coasting on momentum from white men from 50 years ago.”

      May I refer you to the “Urban Middle Class”- those AA and womyn hirees uplifted to be our bureaucratic political officers. Our economy depends on schoolteachers’ suburbs and shopping malls, the ‘service economy’, filled with court intrigue.

      Gatekeepers. I really, really like that word.

      • Unfortunately American conservatives have lost nonstop since the start of the Republic. The esteemed Virginia statesmen of old warned that the Yankee economy of paper money, banking, and pork would lead to, as you say, “court intrigue” and widespread corruption, followed by more and more taxes.

        On a positive note, I think lots of folks are waking up to the reality of the evil-yet-incompetent paper tiger American Empire. The signs are too obvious for anyone but the most deluded apologists to ignore. Once the USA loses a major conflict or a carrier battlegroup to a swarm of supersonic anti-ship missiles, it’s game over for the dollar and the empire.

  7. There’s a slightly deeper point to your Housing Association scam. It’s not only that the state is not protecting people from scammers like this, it’s actually enabling the scammers. Only in a society where the laws are numerous, vague, and arbitrarily applied with punitive sanctions can a scammer get away with sending dodgy demands and threats to random people with the hope of getting payment. In effect, the scammers are mimicking the behaviour of the state, which is why they get away with it. If the government didn’t behave like a scammer, the scammers couldn’t disguise themselves so well.

  8. Another late and lamented ‘prophet’ of the 80s and 90s was Christopher Lasch. I urge everyone here who has not done so to read his last book, the 1996 ‘The Revolt of the Elites’. Lasch was no ‘conservative’, at any rate in the Sam Francis sense; he was an historian trained in the standard liberal soup of postwar academia – but, like Orwell, he ended up a perceptive critic of the postmodern Left.

    Moreover, Lasch’s literary gifts are formidable. All his books (from the well-known ‘Culture of Narcissism’ on) are terrific.

    That reminds me of another book that must have been written even earlier – and one from the pen of a true, committed, Kennedy-era type liberal – Arthur Schlesinger Jr.’s ‘The Disuniting of America’. Schlesinger was essentially the court historian of JFK’s Camelot; yet in this book he attacks the racial and immigration politics which he saw, correctly, as tearing the country to pieces.

    • Indeed! Lasch recognized (and was actually bothered by) the way that liberalism ended up leading to a hatred of the ordinary American. Some didn’t take his critique of Clintonian neo-liberals very seriously in 1994 when Revolt came out, but it reads like a prophecy today.

      • Back in the 90’s I read both of those books (Lasch and Schlesinger, Jr.) along with regularly reading Sam Francis in Chronicles magazine and his book, “Revolution from the Middle.” It’s too bad they’re not around to see the rise of Trump and the red-pilled young people fighting back against the “clanking leviathan” (Francis’ term)

        Zman mentioned Joe Sobran. There’s also Samuel Huntington (“Who Are We” and “The Clash of Civilizations”) and Lawrence Auster (The Path to National Suicide–available online in PDF) who were prophetic and are no longer here but sounded the alarm when not enough were listening.

    • All of those men would be “conservative,” by modern standards although this has as much to do with neocon subversion as it does the progressive race to the bottom. The unfortunate truth; however, is that even if those men are being reborn, in spirit; the explicit policy of latter day academia and civil service indicates that the chaos has only begun.

    • Bite your tongue. That stuff was tedious. After enduring a couple of episodes I began to skip that part.

  9. Your first segment was my favourite in listening to all 32 podcasts. Inspiring. Bravo as always (but with particular enthusiasm) Z-Man.

  10. I wish I could say I can’t believe that guy got fired for doing that Asian accent, but sadly it’s par for the course. Those sorts of mild Borscht Belt jokes used to be standard fare, but I guess Rodney Dangerfield wouldn’t even be able to get work today.

    My favorite of those old jokes: An Italian man goes into a bank, and says, “I wanna to take outta loan a.” The banker says, “Okay, but you have to see the loan arranger.” To which the Italian man replies, “To get-a da money I’ll talk to da lone-a-ranger and a-Tonto and even his horse.”

    One of the translations for the word “Gulag” in one of Solzhenitsyn’s books (maybe “Cancer Ward”) was the place of nonstop singing and dancing. Probably a more mirthful place than my alma mater.

  11. Yes – the Olympics are hard to watch. I have to skip around to find actual sports (stuff determined by time, distance, or scores – not style judges). I skip the figure skating and all the background story torture.

    I miss the Wide World of Sports where they would just show a competition.

    • “The thrill of victory, and the agony of defeat…”

      The intro to “Wide World of Sports” has more virility than NBC’s entire coverage of the Winter Olympics in the Current Year.

  12. I was on the Board of Elders in my Presbyterian Church. Two us managed to derail a Muslim outreach event. When everyone was excited to “celebrate” the Muslims,

    We reached over and found the church charter and mission statement – which, it turns out, says we should be converting people to Christianity. So we proposed we use the event to Evangelize and convert. Instead it was cancelled.

  13. I agree on your approach to these podcasts. Daily politics isn’t as much of a rush as it was during the 2016 election. One issue is that Trumpism maybe appeals to about half of America these days (remember Trump lost the popular vote), and Trumpism isn’t going to be enough to stop America’s descent. It stops the bleeding short term, and that’s something. I think the Dissident Right is still pretty small in numbers and real influence. Nothing real is gonna happen re immigration unless the GOP gets a supermajority in the Senate. And yeah there are too many YouTube types who go for the low-hanging SJW-of-the-week stuff. “Oh, black activists banned watermelon flavored gum at a university convenience store!” I hardly ever click on Molyneux’s videos anymore because he expects me to listen to him for 40 minutes on one hot-take story that no one will be talking about a month from now.

  14. Always enjoy Z’s podcasts, but this one was especially good … particularly the fist two segments. Bravo!

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