The War On Us

Whether you know it or not, you are at war. It’s not a shooting in the street war, at least not yet, but it is a war. Specifically, the people in charge have decided to wage war on segments of the American society. To paraphrase the late historian Christopher Lasch, the managerial elite has turned their back on average Americans and opted instead for a ruthlessly cosmopolitan view of life, one that values rootlessness, internationalism and transience. Increasingly, their ends are in direct conflict with liberal democracy.

Another way of looking at this is that the managerial elite has reached class consciousness in the Marxist sense. Who they are is defined by who they are not and who they are not is you. Their class interests may or may not overlap with the interests of society, but their identity, their sense of who they are as a class, only exists in opposition to the white middle class. That also puts them at odds with the institutions of liberal democracy. That’s the point of this article this article on the new Civil War.

Peter Leyden is a high end grifter who makes his money telling the managerial elite what they want to hear. He pitches himself as a technologist, despite having no math or science. He’s a blend of Alvin Toeffler and Tony Robbins. Ruy Teixeira is an old Progressive hand, who has spent his life pushing various political strategies to help the Democrat Party win elections, mostly by undermining the white middle class through open borders and multiculturalism. These are men who know the mind of the managerial class.

Most of the article is complete nonsense, especially the part about blue state energy versus red state energy. That’s almost as daffy as framing the Republicans as the party of the elites and the Democrats as the party of middle America. That is the thing though. They did not write the article to clarify. It was written to flatter. These are people who make their money telling the people in charge what they want to hear. When Jack Dorsey, the head of Twitter, is retweeting the post, it means it rocketed around the ruling class.

The other interesting thing about the piece is the naked hatred of white people. If you read “Republican” to mean white middle-class, the snarling is not hard to miss. Much has been written about the motivations of the open borders people. There’s certainly a money angle, with business wanting cheap labor. There’s also a political component, as the Democrats cannot win without foreign voters. The core motivation,  that co-evolved with class consciousness, is a visceral hatred of white America. They really do want to replace us.

This is why they really hate Trump, despite the fact he is more than willing to sign off on big slabs of the Democratic agenda. He’s not a threat on social issues and he will spend like crazy on infrastructure projects, that disproportionately help Democratic Party constituencies. They hate what he represents. Trump is a reminder that white people will not go quietly into the night. Again, the article reads like the authors spend their nights dreaming of genocide. They do not want to win; they want to win permanently.

Of course, the increasingly bold and sophisticated efforts to wall off the public square from dissent is part of this larger project. The social media platforms are now using sophisticated analytics to piece together the network of people they see as the enemy of their class. This lets them coordinate their efforts to purge dissent from their platforms, without having to go to the trouble of finding violations. They are using the tools they developed for the Chinese Communists, against American dissidents.

The brashness of it is suggestive too. They are now censuring harmless black ladies because they amusingly support Trump. After all, all is fair in war. It’s one thing to censure some guy, claiming he is alt-right or a racist. No one is going to believe two middle-aged black ladies are in the alt-right or part of a racist group. This indicates they no longer think they have to conceal their motivations. We’re a couple of clicks away from people having their credit cards cancelled because they live in an area that votes heavy Republican.

That last bit may sound ridiculous, but we have credit card companies working to prevent you from using your Visa card to buy a gun. If that is permissible, it is a short trip from there to shutting off your internet access because you will not die fast enough. More important, the fact that the captains of industry, the tech giants, are sitting around scheming of ways to undermine the very notion of your citizenship, suggests they see no limits to what they can do to solve their problems with the white middle class of America.

Again, this is war and all’s fair in war. You may not think you are at war with them, but they are at war with you. The longer you stay stupid about it, the better. That’s why the morons at places like Reason Magazine and Cato get a free pass. You can be sure they will be celebrating “property rights” when every bank in America coincidentally stops doing business with gun makers and gun retailers. What’ the matter? Are you against free enterprise? Start your own bank and credit card system if you don’t like freedom!

Over the last couple of decades, many reform minded writers have been doing yeoman’s work, trying to convince the public, but also the ruling class, that preserving the heritage of America is essential to maintaining civil order and liberal democracy. Lots of people in the civic nationalist camp agree with this approach. Just one more election, one more reform movement. The trouble is the people in charge are at war and the only things they want to hear are the time and place of your death or the time and place of your surrender.

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  1. LOL – “liberal democracy”. Political/social LABELS and the possessive case of “my, your, our” for the dumbed-down, debt-ridden, drug-addled, [increasingly] debilitated, desensitized and DISTRACTED “Merkaa Mushroom” population segment that CHOOSEs to remain vegetating on the corp-owned “Lame Dream Tedia’s” “DISinfotainment” CRAP in the DARKness of Plato’s cave.

  2. Excellent article.

    People don’t get that fights start long before the first blow is landed. A large part is positioning oneself at the right time and place. The fact is the managerial class and it’s tools in the progtard movement are doing that now and have been doing it since the 70’s. Their leaders think long term.

    Those worrying about a invasion of liberal Californians are 30 years too late, this isn’t 1985. We are already in a cold civil war that is ready to go hot in the not too distant future and you better be taking the time to prepare yourself for it.

    Until it goes hot, keep socializing, get to know who is who and where they stand in your community. Be polite and professional about it.

  3. I had to laugh. The Leyden fellow doesn’t know squat about how things work politically in California. All the really important things happen at the county, or local level, and by voter referendums with 2/3rds requirements on much of it. The legislature and governorship have become largely ceremonial, and they engage themselves in theater to make themselves seem important. Talk about hate, they’ll never forgive the voters for Prop 13, Term Limits, and the other things we took away.

    • The rest of the country should do the same. Defang the Federal and state governments and push everything down to the county level. That’s probably the best way forward at this point. Local government would also be better government.

      • Such a county government exists. It works well. They were the last holdouts to female suffrage forty years ago, but the cracks in the foundation are spreading now. Women are compromisers, and concrete doesn’t compromise well.

    • We have one of those little scams running here too…our town is allegedly powered by 100% “sustainable” power. From somewhere. And so are a whole bunch of other town here. Far more than the state’s output of renewable energy. Somewhere some dude is standing next to his solar farm laughing to himself about how he sold those city rubes the same output forty times over so they could feel good about themselves.

  4. “If you read “Republican” to mean white middle-class, the snarling is not hard to miss.” The sentence is wrong two ways. I think you meant “…hard to miss”, not “…not hard to miss”. But the important error is the Republicans have always been branded as the friends of big business by the Dems, and correctly so. They are not the friends of the white middle class, and neither are the Dems. Where the Dems went wrong in 2016 was forgetting they had always branded themselves as the friends of the working man, who was ignored. The white middle class has no friends in either party. There is no such thing as a “RINO”, only “RTTC”, Republican to the core, both hands out for corporate largess. (No different from the Dems.) The white middle-class votes Republican only out of desperation, ergo Trump.

  5. Great article. Here’s just a few observation.
    1) Many on both sides have written about the “cold civil war”. When thinking about the genocidal, visceral hatred these people have for us, consider the following thought experiment. Imagine we were in an actual “hot” civil war. Now imagine one of us were taken prisoner by the other side. Can you imagine the tortures that await this unfortunate man? All the grandstanding about gitmo would be forgotten in a second. It would put the Bataan Death March to shame.
    2) About being a few clicks away from getting our credit cards cancelled: Of course this is a very real possibility. An even likelier scenario is the withholding of medical care, or worse. Sam Dickson once shared a story about the final illness of the late, great Sam Francis. Francis was living in poverty due to being fired & blacklisted for his right wing views. When he fell ill, he wound up in a public hospital in a low income part of DC. Dickson was worried that if the predominantly 3rd world staff got wind of who Francis was, they would just kill him outright. More prosaically, imagine a 70 year old white man denied treatment for a survivable condition. “We’re trillions in debt!”, they’ll say. “We can’t afford to spend all this money to prolong the life of one so old. There are 20 year old Somalis here who have decades of productive life ahead of them. The money will be better spent on them”. Get ready for a medical one/two punch. Be cast into poverty because of wrongthing, then be denied access to the very tax dollars you and your ancestors paid into the system. It’s coming.
    3) The left is all over twitter cheering on the genocide in South Africa, and even mainstream journalists are telling the whites there to “stop whining”. If you’re a white person, and you’re not going to the Gym AND the range pretty much everyday, there’s something wrong with you.

    • Well, that is already happening with the NHS in Britain. But again, the “turnkey totalitarianism” can be invisible. Had a chilling convo with some IBM’ers several years ago when we were working on a proof of concept using the Watson AI technology. One of the case studies used to “sell” it was an oncology treatment application. Over dinner I asked one of the AI guys how hard it would be to build an age or other related bias into the algos to basically only recommend treatments based on economic “value” of the patient…he said “quite easy”. So just ponder that, combined with a single payer system and the ability through other analytics to know if a patient is a “good thinker” or not….

      • Very interesting point. If they can factor in economic value of course they could also consider “social vaue”, (i.e. the extent to which you are/are not a SJW) Ironically, this will often contradict the economic value concept. Who is more deserving of an expensive medical procedure, a 25 year old womyns study major who works part time in the Tranny outpatient clinic or the 45 year old white male HVAC repairman? Watson, make your decision.

      • That’s nothing, think about drones + metadata!

        They are already targeting phones in the stans.

  6. Old means, complaining and starting GAB. New means: targetted assassinations via IEDs, deer rifles and others with telescopic sites looking at the homes and offices of the owners and the board of directors. Maybe a couple of surplus stingers to use on Initialed Tail private jets taking off from the Google Airport. Shooting up the rank and file via crazed vegan won’t get th e message across.

  7. If Trump survives the midterms, expect this headline in October 2020: “Trump Gasses Own People, Again!”

  8. You know, a lot of those California policies don’t sound so bad. They even sound like stuff I would happily vote and campaign for. Too bad, I’m too poor to get into one of those gated communities.

    • California’s policies are designed to solidify the can afford/can’t afford situation. Economic stratification.

      Someone, somewhere recently mentioned that the bullet train is actually the mechanism by which the rich whites in SF and LA can have their darker skinned gardeners and nannies get to work, but not live too close by. That’s why there are all of those bullet train stations in the Central Valley. Makes “California” sense to me.

      • Have spent a lot of time in Silicon Valley over the last decade and a half. Sit in a coffee bar in downtown Palo Alto and you see that “barbell” economy in action. It’s the people who made it in tech and everybody else. And the 101 is jammed with “everybody else” trying to get from where they are warehoused to their jobs making coffee and unclogging the toilets of their masters.

      • By gum, I think you’ve got it!

        I live four miles from de Train, and regularly have to fight my way up the 580 hill during the 4am traffic jam to the Bay.

        That makes much, much better sense than my own fevered imaginings. (I was straining to figure out why the train to nowhere. Signs all over the Valley show that millions wonder as well.)

        Cattle cars for Sancho y Maria.
        Of course!

  9. Boy. Spent the weekend basking in the Glow of off the internet, laughing about how glum those Obama years were and how relieved we are that it’s the Trump era.
    Then I read Zman’s last 3 and realize we’re not only NOT outta the woods, but the trees are alive and have frickin’ fangs.

  10. If this is the result of you taking time off and writing fewer columns then the pay-off is well worth it.

    • Enforcement of immigration policies = smart, educated, prosperous people gain admission and ultimately citizenship through merit-based selection. They vote in their best interest as members of the middle class.

      Looking the other way with illegal immigration = unskilled morons flood across the border for free stuff from our welfare state. They become a solid block of Democrats.

      • I can name one group of smart, educated immigrants that came in during the World Wars period, that definitely votes in their best interest

        Funny how America is “the New Israel”-
        No, hold on, this bit from Ol’ Remus’ Woodpile reflects Zman’s main theme:

        “The Two Faces of American Exceptionalism, at Black Pigeon Speaks:

         During the Civil War, … biblical parallels were superimposed upon the Northern perspective: the war came to be viewed as necessary to attain redemption for indulging in the sin of enslavement, the fratricidal element was seen as following the steps of Cain and Abel and the death of President Lincoln was him being martyred for the restoration of the relationship between America and the Grand Architect.

        I submit that this interpretation of events saw the American narrative transform from espousing Enlightenment ideals into a civil religion.”

        Per Zman, Progressivism is secularized Puritanism.
        Per rabbis prior to the War period, communism is secularized Judaism.

        I’m certain we can find similar examples in every culture; I don’t think Jews or WASPs are unique in their instincts, only in their effectiveness.

        Religions begin as politics; the stories are crushed and condensed by time, becoming sacred.

        (Sacred, because people try to use political propaganda as a guide to the world beyond this, something we didn’t have the science or terminology for. We do now, but that’s another subject.)

        Religion and politics are two sides of the same coin, of the hierarchy of authority.
        I believe our repeat of the 30 Years War- our World Wars- are becoming the Hundred Years War.

      • No. Stop all of the invasion. No foreign cheaper labor for tech jobs. Companies can figure out how to train and employ smart Americans for the jobs they need done. Suspend voting for persons enrolled in Gov’t Free Stuff programs, including elected and employed persons, for the term of getting paid and for 18 months after. End Permanent Resident programs: get US citizenship (& renounce all others), or go back.

  11. Leyden: “…….California is thriving right now, the economy is booming, state government budgets are setting aside surpluses, and the public is happy with its political leaders (as we have laid out in other articles in this series)……”

    WHAT THE….? When did he write this? 1988? 1958? Silicon Valley is the only thing keeping the plates spinning, the only thing separating CA from Arkansas-on-the-Pacific. Half the population is scheming on how to make an exit. Including me.

    • California is also supported by the wealthy retirees from all the tech, biotech, and aerospace booms that have nurtured the state’s economy since WW2. When the retirees face first hand risk of being mugged when they exit their front doors, which means the enclaves have been breached, it is all over. Retirees are not tied down by jobs, and have little interest in suffering through the few good years they have left. My sense is that the exodus of upper middle class white retirees is well underway.

      • This won’t be long. SF Gate a far left newspaper reported that the Game Developer Conference had such a horrendous time in SF despite lots of extra security that the general consensus is to not go there every again.

        This is a global conference BTW with people who do understand that some areas aren’t safe its just they had a reasonable expectation that they conference area in a 1st world nation would be and they were shocked by how bad it was

        Also the mass importation of people from low trust countries and this includes some White people and the resulting lower trust level has created a large gray market. The state is getting nervous about revenue losses and is creating a commission to try and claw back some of what they say is 8 billion in revenue

        This won’t impact the actual underground economy much who are used to this kind of thing but will impact many other business and is liable to drive a few away when they get huge “deterrent fines for small technical violations

        Nor will claiming people are stealing from the State for vital services as Xavier Becerra is doing work. That barely works in White people in a White society. No one else will be touched at all

        The O.C register is already hot about this but that’s a dying part of old California. its the new people that count and as the saying goes, import a 3rd world population get a 3rd world culture

    • I’ve listened to thousands of hours of (Sacto/LA) political talk radio, and was also left “WTF?” reading Leyden gush over California’s fiscal health. As Zman correctly pointed out this piece is meant to flatter the elite. Its hyperbole (read: lying) regarding quantifiable reality is interesting. Either Leyden’s lies are ass-kissing to bolster his own status, or he’s attempting to comfort unsteady fellow travelers. Probably the former, or it would be less ridiculous. Are the elite so vain and detached that a tissue of lies papering over clown world’s dystopian disfunction is effective? Apparently – at least in Dorsey’s case.

      • Talk radio points out the symptoms and then scrupulously hides the causes. It whips up legitimate outrage and then redirects it to irrelevant causes like flat taxes and Constitutional conventions.

    • Hey Freddie, I live in Arkansas…your slur triggers me, and I don’t feel safe. Ban him, Z!

      • Damn straight. They can’t begin to understand the understated elegance of dog racing in West Memphis.

  12. Leyden has almost every fact wrong and almost every premise false, but his thesis that the wave of demographic change sweeping across the nation will reshape American politics is spot-on. However, from a political science perspective the major flaw in his article is that America is a Republic, not a Democracy.

    The Democrats will likely have a permanent lock on the Presidency by 2028. As soon as one of Florida, Georgia, or Texas go blue it’s all over for Republicans in the Presidential race. The House will go permanently blue too, but it will take a while longer due to gerrymandering and the idiosyncrasies of each particular district.

    By contrast, the Republicans should have a permanent lock on the Senate by 2028. As more and more voters crowd into urban areas in the coastal blue states the great swath of red states across the interior of the country will come to dominate the Senate. Witness the political genius of the Founders.

    For better or worse, the only remaining hope of the Conservative movement lies in the Senate. It’s not a comforting thought.

    • Hate to say, but since Republicans, the Never Trump kind as well as the regular Rino types, are just the other head on the two headed snake the electoral map already is much, much bluer than many care to admit.

  13. The funny bit is the managerial class does not understand that when the non-whites reach critical mass they displace the white managerial class with their own tribal representation. You see it again and again in places like LA, San Antonio, Detroit.

  14. California as a model for the rest of America? What a joke. I’m only here as a mercenary for one of the tech giants. Home prices in my neighborhood have gone up 2% in the last MONTH; 1200 square foot tear-downs are selling for a million five, while tens of thousands of acres in nearby Palo Alto (by Stanford) remain undeveloped. Real great for the middle class.

    A few more years and I can retire; there’s no way I will stay in California. I predict massive numbers of Americans will retire overseas after the Left finishes destroying the rest of the country.

    • I’m eager to know where I can go. Chile is plausible; a beautiful and varied nation with civilized and attractive people. Not a fan of the earthquakes…

      Thailand is a possibility; I have family there. I don’t care for the heat, the weird and dangerous snakes, and the occasional outbreaks of political chaos. Gangsters rule Thailand, but at least they rule without any pretense at “caring” about people. There is comfort in that.

      Or Siberia. If Putin and the Russian people could get their heads out of their ass they’d promote Siberian settlement as a “white homeland”. I’m a northern guy; I know what it means to live through winters that last five months.

      America is lost, the nation I loved. But I love life too, and I’m more than ready to live it somewhere else, thousands of miles away from the assholes now regnant.

      Look, I live in a place where the Iroquois used to pitch camp, just 250 years ago. When my ancestors showed up with firearms and organized determination to build farms and mills, they had to flee, die, or adapt; now it’s my turn. I share in the ongoing human experience.

  15. Leyden thinks “Obama will be seen as an historic president.” Exactly what is left from Obama’s tenure, aside from the corpse of Obamacare, and the renewed war between the races? Come to think of it, maybe revving up the race war IS historic….

    • Well, he destroyed Libya and gave it the good old college try against Syria and Yemen, flooded Europe with alien third world illiterates and destroyed the greatest cultures on the planet,

  16. Sorry, Z.

    But – legally speaking, yes, the Fecesbook and Twatter forums are private property, as is OyTube. And yes, their right to moderate their property is guaranteed under the same constitution yours is. Hey – I don’t like this either. But it is what it is.

    And yes. We need our own competing forums. And yes, when a twink like David Hogg is schlepping for the mobs and cameras, we should have one of our own doing the same for OUR cameras. And yes, we should be boycotting those firms that come out against our interests and freedoms. I’m serious: every single one of you should close your Twitter and Facebook accounts. Yes, Lefty is trying to kick you in the balls. When are you going to return the favour? Or are you afraid of him? Or are you that addicted to your phone and social media?

    Yes, Z, you need to go back on Gab. You need to use it, people need to see you using it and they need to know why you’re using it. You need to put the message out on Unz, and anywhere else.

    We don’t have a David Hogg. Or a Barkie Obama, or MSNBC, or the NYT. We have you, Z. And Derb and a handful of others. They’re the kind of guys that can’t be dismissed with an arrogant wave of a Cloud Person’s hand the way stupid kids like Vox Day can. They are the kind of men whose intellect and presence demand attention. It’s not all bad, because we have Trump too – he’s not perfect but we need to back him up and we need to back you up too. For what it’s worth – I have your six. If something happens to me, there are any number of those who will take my place.

    This isn’t a war. Yet. Lay in stocks of ammo. Start prepping. The bad guys in this know not what they are effing with, and in all probability we are going to have to kill at least a few of them before this is over. We might have to kill hordes of them. That is where all this is headed if things get stupid and judging from the players – what are the chances of a happier outcome?

    Again – I don’t like any of this either. But it is what it is.

    • Legally speaking, restaurants are private property too.

      The Constitution is in a museum for a reason.

          • what was Sobran’s quote, the U.S. Constitution poses no serious threat to our form of government.

          • Yup, Florida is known for having quite gun owner friendly laws. Quite a few FL residents have CCL’s.
            It’s a ”shall issue” state, you meet the qualifications, you get one, period. Guess where you can’t carry in FL? the whole (and it’s huge) complex of private property. To give you an idea how big, I’d bet you could fit a city the size of Baltimore completely inside the FL Disney property lines. No joke. An area the size of an entire county that’s ”a gun free zone” smack in the middle of FL.

      • Hmpfff. I see your argument now, and concede the point.
        The debate among us gunnies right now is ‘should we stay on Oytube or go somewhere else, like or even porntube. My two bits is to pull the ripcord and leave. Some of the guys say we have to stay so we can reach more people.
        I think we won’t reach anyone; all we can expect from Lefty is a protracted pissing match. What are your thoughts Z?

    • Seems to me that since Facebook uses the public infrastructure, they fall under public accommodations law.

    • Ted Cruz talking today about their special breaks, like the inability to be sued for slander, because they are supposedly a ‘neutral forum.” They need to be honest, or they are cheating taxpayers. (i know, I know, big surprise.) PS. forgive stupid caps key that only works about half the time.

  17. I had this discussion with my adult daughter the other day. (My son needs no explanation). They are trying to replace us, get it through your head.

    I looked briefly at Peter Leyden’s site, and the first thumbnail video I saw was The reinventing of America. Sounds ominous doesn’t it?

    Others have taken notice of Jack Dorsey’s endorsement, check Vdare.

    Yeah, this is serious shit right now.

    • I’m curious about your daughter’s reaction. Did she roll her eyes and look at you as “poor, crazy Dad?”

      The first time someone hears about white dispossession they usually thinks it’s obviously crazy. It’s not like we can prove our case by presenting a confession signed by our leaders. All you can do is plant the idea and hope they start noticing the patterns in spite of themselves.

      • She knows it but I just used an opportunity to really drive the point home. Quiet resignation I guess.

  18. I have a copy of Lasch’s book, but have yet to read it. I get the impression that it involves the elites becoming impatient of republican government and the attempt to rule via informal oligarchy, which is what we see before our eyes now.

    Framing politics through the simplified lens of “capitalism” vs “socialism” makes it easy for libertarians to excuse the perfidy of the elites. As long as an organization is not under the direct supervision of the government it escapes their attention regardless of the power it accumulates. And power is the language and currency of both the left and the elites. It is the recognition that power, and not economics, is the proper frame of political philosophy that separates classical expositors of republicanism from these apologists-come-lately.

    Before defining the categories of government as powers that could be separated from and used to check each other Monesquieu stated that the primary characteristic that defined republican government was virtue, which he described as “love of the fatherland, and love of equality”. This is the definition of virtue that was in use during the French Revolution. It went without saying that “fatherland” implied patrimony and a shared inheritance of a singular people. Some like to make a big deal over the fact that the French were to a certain extent divide by language, but another prominent idea of the time was that the nobility were the descendants of the Gallo-Romans who had by right achieved ascendancy over the Germanic Franks. Despite language differences the dividing line felt by the people was a division of commoner from elite, an elite recognizable primarily by privileges conferred by power, the division and opposition to itself which is the object of republican government.

    Note that it is not the destruction of power, but its moderation by means of its direction that is key.

    It is when power obstinately refuses modification that it comes into a deadly conflict with love of the fatherland and love of equality.

    The mistake made by many about equality is whether it is aspirational and philosophical, or a strict goal to be met at any cost. The latter is, of course an instance of carrying reason beyond reasonable bounds.

    The merit of looking at things through the lens of power is that it can penetrate through clouds that economics cannot. Power can take many forms, many of which are not strictly defined by their economic criteria. When it comes to answers to the problem of out of control elites the libertarians can’t see the problem because their ideology prevents them from doing so.

  19. When I was in eighth grade, I had one last chance to piss down the nuns’ and priests’ legs. So I planned and executed the theft of all the beer in Parish Hall. The nuns were too embarrassed to try to recover the beer or even tell our parents, but we did end up with a Saturday detention. We would have gotten away scot-free if it were not for one of the non-plotters. Let’s call him Tim. He followed a couple of the last wave participants in, grabbed a can of beer, and was showing it around the playground where he was promptly caught. I think that Texiera and Leyden are more on the Tim end of things.

    I don’t think you can underestimate the centrality of tech in the managerial class’ theology. As evidenced by their ridiculous remarks on red and blue energy, Leyden and Texiera recite it as part of the catechism they’ve learned, but don’t really understand it. The managerial class really believes that it is on the verge of grasping Promethean fire. Nanotech will allow them to build anything for the cost of the IP. Life extension will make them immortal. Neurobiology (read the claims of those cats if you want to be frightened) will allow them to re-program themselves (and more importantly the proles) any way they wish. Weird physics will give them space drives and infinite energy.

    • Your parish hall episode mirrors my own only it was RC cola.
      Not one of my prouder episodes of life.

      • There are things that I did in seventh and eighth grades that I still feel very strong guilt over.

          • Real premeditated evil crap. As a grown up, I’ve had to choose between the lesser of two evils and feel I’ve always chosen correctly. But at twelve and thirteen, I was an angry, smart, poor kid from the barrio in well-to-do white suburbia. I’d just finished two years literally fighting my way into that school and I was going to tear the fuxor down.

        • And worse things that you still celebrate.
          Hail Victory!

          (Here’s hoping we see both of you on t-shirts and posters someday)

          • And yes, per the biotech investment newsletters, the elites are mad with excitement at the immanent arrival of the End Times. Perfected bodies in a perfected world, with rule by the Benevolent Dictatorship.

          • I am in a minority, but I really think that is driving a lot of this madness. Shills like Texiera and Leyden are just sucking up hoping for a taste. A really smart commenter at another blog once wrote, “What we really have is an immortality shortage.”

  20. Excellent piece. This alliance of the Left and Corporate Fascism can only lead to catastrophe – and, ultimately, the Cattle Cars.

  21. “Who they are is defined by who they are not and who they are not is you.”

    Well put as to how they elevate themselves over us as being no longer our servants but our masters.

    “Peter Leyden is a high end grifter who makes his money telling the managerial elite what they want to hear. He pitches himself as a technologist, despite having no math or science.”

    Reminds me of Dogbert from the Dilbert cartoon strip. Dogbert would often talk his way into being hired as a consultant by Dilbert’s clueless boss, earning loads of money talking moonshine and mentally torturing the employees with nonsensical edicts, the latter of which he considered a perk to his overweening ego.

    “That last bit may sound ridiculous, but we have credit card companies working to prevent you from using your Visa card to buy a gun. If that is permissible, it is a short trip from there to shutting off your internet access because you won’t die fast enough”

    Not to me. The Chinese, who now own a substantial part of our economy, are initiating “Social Credit” in their own country, and applying pressure on Social media do to the same. You and I and everyone will someday have our own social credit score to determine what privileges we can enjoy. Welcome to new-age feudalism and the mark of the Beast.

  22. The white middle-class has shot their load. Their credit cards are maxed out !

    Big business needs someone else to sell their cheap Chinese junk. Coworker told me that 20 years ago. Said we’ve been abandoned. They’ll target sales towards blacks now . They will buy anything.

    Next will be the Mexicans and then the muslims. Big business will keep pumping in brainless consumers.

    • Businesses have been targeting Africans for a long long time. Who else is going to buy (and literally fight and even kill over) vastly overpriced, mediocre sneakers? Same with headphones, what are the most expensive? ”Beats by Dr. Dre”. How good? You can find much better ones for half to a quarter (from companies like Sony or JBL) of the price of Beats. Takes a special lack of IQ to buy crap like that 🙂

  23. Back in the days when monarchies ruled, they were the managerial elite of their time. And when another ruling elite sensed public disquiet and dissatisfaction, they overthrew the ruling dynasty and supplanted it with another more congenial to their needs. The time has come to consider the same course of action…a top to bottom clearing out of the liberal political dynasties which came to power in the west back in the 19th century. They are worn out and have become dangerous.

    • Is it illegal to possess a guillotine? Can I get credit card financing to build one? Will building it in my backyard violate any zoning laws? Do I need a permit? Does it become a piece of taxable personal property? Can my homeowners association make me remove it? If my insurance agent finds out I own it and have it on my insured property will my rates go up? Once my neighbors see it can I expect a visit from local PD and/or the FBI? Will YouTube close my channel? Will Facebook turn off my account? While I’m typing a post about it will my Android device deliberately misspell a few words to waste my time? Will my guillotine possession be added to my file at the fusion Center? Will a cop ask me about it when I get pulled over for some administrative violation?

      Ah, modern life.

        • Not a lawyer, can’t say for sure, but most likely, yes, it is legal to own a functioning guillotine – just like you see in the movies! Using it however…
          It is legal to own a flamethrower, for example. Burning liquid is not a projectile, it’s not a firearm – despite the name.

  24. Wowsers. You ain’t kidding about this Peter Layden (can’t confirm ((())), but quite possible) character. For one thing he doesn’t seem to remember this:
    If his dreams of ”ending California’s oil addiction” ”that’s causing climate change” were to come to fruition, that’s what California would go through again – and it would probably be longer and worse.
    I can picture Mark Zuckerberg now: ”What the hell do you mean the servers won’t boot!!!”. ”We’re in blackout, no power!”. ”They’re in ‘sleep’ mode, we can’t get enough power to get ’em out of ‘standby’ mode and the generators can’t put out enough juice to boot ’em!” ”The Mossad’s gonna want my head on a pole if we can’t get them their data!” and so on. He describes a barely functioning California, and it still is: Just like I think it would be for the best if Zman puts some distance between himself and Baltimore, I suggest Steve Salier would be better off in say, Nevada or Arizona instead of being caught in the middle of chaos when things go bad. That is the one thing I agree with Peter about, things ARE going to go bad, REALLY bad – and they will be settled ugly.

    • ”What the hell do you mean the servers won’t boot!!!”. ”We’re in blackout, no power!”.

      Not to worry. Tech giants tend to put their servers in other states, like down in the southeast where they have cheap, reliable electricity generated by fossil fuels.

  25. “You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you”. Trotsky nailed that one.

    On the financial front, a note circulated last week in my firm concerning clients in the “gun manufacturing” business. Both from a client and investment basis. Now in the insurance world, the last thing you want to do is get on the wrong litigation side of something like Remington and their trigger problems, but this seemed to be pointed more at any kind of component manufacturing, warehousing, transport etc. So suddenly a precision machining firm that happens to make screws for Ruger among a hundred other contracts can’t get insurance. Saw this happen with the whole climate change racket. Governments, particularly the Europeans went all in, our business is government regulated…so the next thing you know I was contracting with consultants to write social responsibility reports for shareholders and the Board. And it’s a “virtuous” little circle. We go “all in” publicly on climate change and in return, regulators are more forgiving charging higher rates for “catastrophe” and everybody is happy. The funny thing is privately we joke about it since the actual loss data and return period projections don’t support any of it. However managements will give in just to avoid having a couple dozen howling climate nuts showing up at a board meeting or winding up the state regulators in a place like CA. But, no doubt, the Leftists operate like an anaconda…every time you breathe out a little, they squeeze a little tighter.

    • Climate change – good example of how the leftist agenda seems to rely constantly on BS.

      Maybe a good one to use as an example too – to try and evaluate and predict where the end point is. I’d like to think that BS eventually stabs itself in the eye and dies. There were people after all – who did see that the Soviet Union was going to die – despite the prognostications of most of the “people in charge”. So where does the “climate change” thing end up? Does it die because it’s based on BS – or do they just double down and shove it all down our throats thru raw exercise of power?

      That article by Peter Leyden that ZMan referred to seems to rest most of it’s premise on a climate change believer vs. climate change denier schism. He also seems to believe that (as ZMan pointed out) “white” Republicans are most of the problem.

      Has this idiot gone to any brown-faced ghettos at any point in his life and asked the residents what their opinion is on climate change – and what whether or not they’re going to be investing in solar panels to put on the roof of their three-decker and maybe trading in that old MB SUV they drive down to the local supermarket and park in a handicap spot to run in and grab some chips and beer on their EBT card?

      What I REALLY wonder is: how long can this type of utter horsecrap persist when it has no basis in reality whatsoever – AND seems to be somewhat of an “internal’ good white vs bad white fight?

      When are white folks going to wise up and take out their own trash?

      • The truth about “climate change” from their own mouths.

        “At a news conference last week in Brussels, Christiana Figueres, executive secretary of U.N.’s Framework Convention on Climate Change, admitted that the goal of environmental activists is not to save the world from ecological calamity but to destroy capitalism.

        “This is the first time in the history of mankind that we are setting ourselves the task of intentionally, within a defined period of time, to change the economic development model that has been reigning for at least 150 years, since the Industrial Revolution,” she said.

        Referring to a new international treaty environmentalists hope will be adopted at the Paris climate change conference later this year, she added: “This is probably the most difficult task we have ever given ourselves, which is to intentionally transform the economic development model for the first time in human history.”


        “Ottmar Edenhofer, lead author of the IPCC’s fourth summary report released in 2007 candidly expressed the priority. Speaking in 2010, he advised, “One has to free oneself from the illusion that international climate policy is environmental policy. Instead, climate change policy is about how we redistribute de facto the world’s wealth.””

      • The agw end point: the propaganda outlives all the skeptics and, since schools can’t create more skeptics, we all live happily ever after under a UN World Government.

    • Thanks, I figured Remington was under hostile attack.
      Folks, watch out for insurance- “risk management” is the One Ring to rule them all.

  26. > but we have credit card companies working to prevent you from
    > using your Visa card to buy a gun

    This is inaccurate.

    Citibank is making noise about not processing credit card sales for businesses that deal in firearms.

    They are not allowed by contract with Visa/Mastercard to tell me what I can and cannot buy with my Citicard.

    I just took out a signature loan to pay off my citicard (yeah, dumb. Except that it’s slightly over 1/2 the interest rate on the card (7.99 v.s. 13.5 for the card) and most of what was on the CC was from when I was unemployed, so this works in my favor.

    I’m not closing the card though–I will be using it ONLY for purchasing guns and ammunition.

  27. Just two comments:

    1. Zman, for someone who values exactitude, you sure have a lot of typos. In almost every post since inception. I mean, in the very opening sentence above there’s a major typo. Tighten up man. Your writing deserves it.

    2. If the elites are in power, doesn’t that mean that they deserve to rule us? All we do is whine. Maybe we should bow down and follow them. We kinda suck at winning.

    • Yes, we do “… suck at winning …,” at least in the arena in which our betters are most comfortable, and that they’ve made the only acceptable field of conflict. Again, it’s that assymetrical sorting of the population — the creative / verbal / obsessively controlling / delusional types gravitate toward the utopian collective order, and they’ve gotta put down any who contest that end. Our strengths lie in other modes of settling disputes. It’ll take a lot more for us to cross the line needed to unseal those operation plans. I think the line is right in front of “bow down.”

    • 1. Some are intentional. You know that, right? Besides, if men such as Sir Walter Raleigh, The Brit Bulldog and Andrew Jackson and can make a few errors I think we can give Zman a pass.

      2. ‘we’ – Speak for yourself.

    • All we do is whine. We suck at winning.

      There will be no central authority issuing you instructions. Especially over the Internet

      You want to win? Arm yourself. Sharpen the mind, harden the body. If you get to the point where you can look down and at least see your own dick then the whining part will start to dry up, because you’ll Realize. Fitness is not the end all, but it is an indication of discipline and that a man can dominate fear and discomfort to further his own agenda. The rest are weak, and suspect, therefore useless.

      All events are local. All real people are local. Real means you know if they had onions for lunch, not how fucking witty their lasts posts were. Centralization should always be suspected, it affords too much benefit and camouflage for the parasitic.

      Go now pay in sweat and always remember quality is far better than quantity, all the more so when it’s humans.

      • I would add: learn how to spend a night outdoors between Halloween and Easter; shoot 2-inch groups over iron sights with a high power rifle at 100 yards; and join/support some local organizations (clubs, churches, associations). I think those are the basics along with fitness.

        Prepping is fine, but remember their were some people who fled to the forests in revolutionary Russia. I’ve never seen any evidence of what the NKVD did with them during Stalin’s time, but by the 70’s and 80’s, the Soviet organs treated them as mere curiosities whenever found and had no problems writing up their stories in the papers.

        Places like this are committees of correspondence. LF is right. Nothing is accomplished here. It is a place to talk shop. Action has to take place in your communities.

        • I read an essay about one of those families that went to the deep forest areas, after the revolution. This one nuclear family had barely managed to eke out a living, for about 30+ years (before being found). They were dead in a few months from infections they contracted from the people who found them.

    • You do realize up until the advent of the internet their side controlled all sources of news and opinion and have since the Ludlow Massacre(that’s when the elite started buying up papers to control content)

      No we shouldn’t follow them. They are insane and evil. Their whole system will come down, it’s just a matter of time.

      Fight them? Yes. Except we don’t play by their rules. We know the political option at the national level is a dead end. The state and local options still work to some degree. So start fighting them there.

      We can still prank them, mess up their neighborhoods with roofing nails on the roads, SWAT them, put a ad in craigs list saying they have very expensive jewelry they need to sell or that all furniture must go for free! Be creative there are a bunch of ways to make their lives miserable as hell without incurring a fatal police response. Go read George Hayduke books.

      If you have kids take them out of public school, they were designed to produce servile factory workers and drones not citizens. Worse today they’ve become propaganda centers because the teachers are a bunch of crazed Leftist females.

      Learn to keep a low electronic profile. No facebook or social media accounts. Secondly, when you go someplace you don’t want big brother to follow you. Take the battery out of your cellphone. And please don’t get a car with On-Star or that is connected to the internet. Those are now means to monitor us.

  28. “Managerial Class”
    “Open Borders People”
    Oh, just grow a pair of balls, ZCuckMan.
    Who created the intellectual basis for anti-white hatred in universities? Who spreads that anti-white hatred through mass media? Who donates money to politicians who push anti-white policies? Who runs & funds the “civil rights’ and ‘immigrant support’ groups that work tirelessly to harm white interests?
    I will give you a hint: They are not Roundheads, Puritans, or WASPS.
    They are, mostly, Jews. Or if they aren’t, they are people repeating something they learned from Jews.
    The pattern is clear & obvious.
    That’s not to say it’s every Jew doing it. Or that there aren’t some Jews on the other side of it. Or that they’re conspiring to do it in some mysterious way.
    But to talk about “people” wanting to eliminate white people, without pointing out the identity of who most of those people are is either dishonest or gutless.

      • No, you coward. A dead end position is to keep whining about symptoms, while deliberately ignoring causes.
        For all their exploitativeness, our former WASP elites weren’t trying to exterminate us for pure spite. That’s coming from the Jews who grafted themselves into our ruling class.
        Any analysis of our current predicament needs to point this out, or it is a lie.

        • More than a few. Also that position is a easy one for those who don’t like to think.

          • Do you deny that the 1965 Immigration Act was the product of decades of activism by Jews, almost exclusively? Do you deny that the large majority of politically active Jews in the last 150 years have put their talents towards white dispossession?

          • At most that means that we were outplayed by the team that is a tiny minority. Perhaps before we start in on the jews yet again (And frankly I would lose no sleep if every one of them vanished from the face of the Earth) we should consider why we whites seems incapable of paying attention to our own interests and why we are so easily led/fooled.

          • Do you deny that the 1965 Immigration Act was the product of decades of activism, almost exclusively by them? Do you deny that the large majority of politically active “Russian immigrants” put their talents towards white dispossession?

      • Hey, some of us know that there are a couple of intermediate options between “describing the pattern” and “GTKRWN” but you do you.

        • And what exactly would that be? Yellow stars, perhaps? Don’t ever complain about others in our Republic attempting to curtail our liberty when you are poised to do the same thing to others.

          • You are whatever is beyond cuck.
            When someone is attacking me, I stop worrying about their “liberties”.

        • Identify the individuals. Jews must ignore the “rule of Judaism” that requires Jews to deny/conceal/ignore evil behavior by Jews against non-Jews, if they wish to survive as a minority race in a society of high-functioning non-Jews. The other way is much more permanent, and distasteful.

    • Be patient. Non-specific, class based language works better at getting the picture across.
      It doesn’t get all tangled up with other concepts.

      • Obviously there are times & places to speak plainly. And other times & places to speak more vaguely.
        But an anonymous blog that professes to be truthful is no place to beat around the bush.

  29. The hive is buzzing loudly because Horowitz is about to drop his first bombshell report. Don’t despair at the noise, a very large cohort of Americans are still rational and able-bodied. The tide will turn.

    • Hope so. Waiting for Horowitiz is starting to feel almost as ridiculous as paying attention to Q. Only Horowitz has not promised a specific delivery date, then missed it repeatedly.

      • have noticed his pattern is exactly like Hillary, the fbi, the doj — stonewall, lie, wait, any day now, no wait- next week, no, in march, no- — all the time doing damage — well, at least for the others, so I don’t hold faith too well in Horowitz till he actually delivers.

  30. Tangential: I’m listening to the Irish ghetto music on NPR tonight. Leorna R is going about the “Irish Revolution” 1916. She segues into some ballad from 2016. I’m thinking it only took 100 years to sell your freedom you stupid micks.

    • I know a guy who shouts, “Potato Nigg@@#” whenever I bring up the Irish. Too many Irish and Irish-Americans (plastic paddies, as the Irish call them) are so obsessed with being the victims of English rule that they will side with anything besides the West when given the chance. Christ, look at that disgrace Connor McGregor. It takes work to make Floyd Mayweather look reasonable.

      • Notice how the Irish were not suckered into being cannon fodder for the bellicose Brits in either of the World Wars.

        • Your history’s pretty weak. A lot of Irishmen fought and died for Britain in the Great War. Start with “There’s a Devil in the Drum” by John Lucy. The “Easter Uprising” did cause recruitment to taper (more like plummet) but you’re flat-out wrong.

          • Two of my great grand uncles joined ” the great falling “. One at 18 after 3 days in France. The other lasted a remarkable 3 years before being atomised at 22.

            About 30,000 Irishmen died, not including the wounded and maimed.

            Few did it for King and Country. Most did it for the money..

          • My semi-literate grandfather from Liverpool was conscripted, saw what was going on deserted and fucked off back home (in a thrilling act of creativity he changed his name from John Jones to Joe Jones ). The other grandfather joined up was gassed and bombed at the Somme and spent the next 50 years coughing his lungs up and having excruciating pimples exuding bits of shrapnel appear until he died in the late 60’s.
            For What?

          • Did I write that no Irishman foolishly fought and died for Britain during the first world war?

            Did I cabin my post to just the first world war?

            Do you not agree that the Republic of Ireland was neutral during the second world war?

            Additionally, my post reflects the reality that there were far more Irishmen who did not sacrifice themselves for the sake of Queen and Crown than did those who did. To wit, when one takes the total number of Irish men between the ages of 18-45 during both wars, there is no irrefutable evidence to support the proposition that a majority of such men foolishly fought and died for Britain.

            Your cherry picked evidence does not thereby carry the day that my “history is pretty weak.”

        • At least 200,000 Irish volunteers from Ireland served with the British forces in WW I. Several hundred thousand more, who lived outside of Ireland and who joined (or were drafted by) Imperial and British forces, were not counted as Irish. I don’t believe the British extended the draft to Ireland, which was ruled by GB until 1920.

  31. It seems that even some Civic Nationalist and Alt-Light people have figured out that the Left being wrong about South Africa really does mean white genocide (Laura Southern is talking about this stuff, and she’s a bellwether for this kind of thing, not “far-right” except in the minds of the SPLC and Wikipedia). The difference between California and South Africa is that whites 1) Can flee California much easier than South Africa 2) It’s much easier to ignore hatred for whites in some foreign, distant place than this close to home. It’s the difference between a neon sign and a fire alarm. Whites who get to Arizona or Nevada will tell other whites what they bore witness to in Cali, “bringing up an evil report of the land.” (I’m agnostic, but Numbers 13:32 is a pretty good description of the state of affairs in California or South Africa).

    Legacy and mainstream conservatives are still treating the Californian exodus as caused by “anti-market” or “anti-middle class” factors, but someone with an IQ of 85 can see what all those middle-class, pro-market people fleeing have in common, pigment-wise. A friend of mine refers to the O.J. verdict as a racial 9-11, when a lot of white liberals got the stars slapped out of their eyes. California may be Pearl Harbor for honkies who want to deny the obvious, but no longer can.

    • Sadly, they are all moving to Reno / Washoe County now, and bringing their California hipster sensibilities with them. The place has in short order become California “over the Sierras.” In all likelihood, it would remain confined to Tahoe, Reno/Carson and Vegas; but, unfortunately, the left has the legislature now, and will probably have the Governorship next election. Then they will spread their progressive mandate over the remaining cow counties — hundreds of empty miles distant, and cultural worlds apart.

      The place will fall quickly, as it has the greatest urban to rural population ratio in the nation.

      Right now, I can drive with an AR on the seat, and a pistol under it — felonies a mere 18 miles west. I’d be willing to bet those practices are eliminated come next legislative session.

      And no, I don’t see that most coming here are Jews … they are just the young and the restless, raised in urban and suburban California, educated in their schools and universities, eager to work at Tesla or Panasonic, and put to work their activist ways.

      • Oh, Primi, if only you could witness the throngs of Californicators arriving in the Seattle area to volunteer for enslavement at Boing, Microsoft, and Amazon and bringing their
        Trans-bathroom and vagetarian gospel to the Pacific Northwest!

        • As you’re undoubtedly aware, the West was the place restless Easterners used to come to to escape the confining culture and craziness of the established culture. First in wagon trains, then in depression-era junkers, and finally, a hundred years after the 49ers, in Chevys and Buicks during the great post-war waves. Now, that very open-ness and (formerly) sparse population has become our fatal weakness.

          Lightly populated rural counties have no defense against the hyper-Californication of the hippest (usually couched as university, ski-resort and rock-climbing-supporting) western urban spots. “Rocky Mountain High ….” and all that). Las Vegas’ decades-long status as the nation’s hottest growth locale doomed Nevada. Montana, with Bozeman, Whitefish, Missoula now home to tens of thousands of displaced urban hipsters, is struggling to hold on to its rugged, western character. Boise seems to be holding out, despite the growth … at least for a while. California was their test-bed, and now the template.

          Probably too late to get this going, but I think one way to fight this would have been to require on citizens’ ballot initiatives a requirement that 2/3s of counties in the particular state had to agree before they could become law. We just don’t have enough normal folk in the rural counties (unlike the East, where now, paradoxically, some states are holding out based on their non urban / non-macro-micropolican populations).

          All we have left now in our toolbox is non-compliance. I fear that’s a superhighway straight to conflict.

          • What’s sad is that the Californians who now flee the high real estate values and over-regulation won’t have learned anything and will just bring “progressive” values to the inland towns and cities they migrate to. Get ready for lax attitudes toward the homeless, sanctuary cities, etc.

          • I was laid up this weekend on painkillers and suffering from bouts of fatigue. Nothing to do, no energy, so I surfed the TV. Did you know there is a Scientology channel? There is also one called “insp network”. All westerns. Watched the movie “Silverado”, and bits and pieces of old “Bonanzas” and “Gunsmokes” and whatnot. I felt like I was visiting some sort of cultural lost island somewhere. The westerns were shorthand for the old ideas of self sufficiency, protect the weak, fight don’t flee, and move on when it is time to do so. Guns, knives, and the exercise of raw power. Respect for skills hard earned. White male notions of honor and respect and all that. All the stuff that the elites want snuffed out. How quickly things have changed. “Silverado” is not that old of a movie. Perhaps it was the Kasdans’ way of signaling a coda to what has gone before and what is going away. At least I took it as such. If Butch and Sundance are a perversion of the old western, which I believe they are, then Silverado is a confirmation of it. The movie and the insp network will be forcibly shitcanned as soon as possible by the elites. Can’t have that sort of thing corrupting the narrative.

        • Heh…having lived in both places, I just wonder…how can you tell? (newly-arrived CA’s from seattlites, I mean.)

      • I think before Rod Dreher wrote about “the Benedict Option” he wrote in “Crunchy Cons” about how conservatives who live or work around liberals will pick up some of the lefty’s traits, intentionally or not, just through cultural osmosis. The inverse doesn’t seem to happen, however. Conservatism’s main strength as a belief system (that it’s based on experience and recognizes the human condition and limits) is also its main weakness when it comes to transmitting the philosophy to others. A Utopian fantasy about human perfectibility and the end of strife will always be an easier sell. Leftism is a virus, which means it spreads much better than conservatism, which develops slowly and sometimes in spite of the host’s resistance (my parents are Boomers and I was always taught conservatives were evil and heartless). Most people marinated in ideology not only have to learn the hard way, but they have to learn repeatedly, until they feel foolish and jettison the lies. The problem of course is that whites can’t learn from a death blow, by which I mean the old saying that a “conservative is a liberal who was mugged by reality” doesn’t hold when there’s a machete involved instead of a mugging.

        • I live in a university town. Most people, regardless of intelligence level, become products of their environment. Not becoming so requires something besides simple “intelligence”. I can’t define it.

          This is one reason why you won’t find me as one fetishizing about IQ.

          • There are plenty of good moral liberals who live lives like people did in the fifties, and yet hold political views more in common with Pol Pot. No.

      • Oregon and Washington are infected too. Sell your one million dollar modest California home, move to Oregon and buy something 1.5X bigger, with a bit of land, and pocket half a G. Lots of 50 something near retirees feathering their nests.

  32. but the white working class can win … and it is vital that the video evidence of the white genocide in south africa be preserved and disseminated…because in a couple decades, when the south africa scenario approaches here, those videos can be used to prompt white americans to fight back in a new civil war…

    • Couple of decades ?
      It’s been happening in every major urban area in the U.S. for the better part of 50 years.
      White flight was the first response of the white working classes to the opening salvo of the race wars.

      • yeah, I just rewatched the 1874 movie Death Wish with Bronson…great movie…the NYC white working class was under attack back then…but that aint nothing…the anti-white multiculti propaganda campaign just has too much momentum now…even if the elites wanted to stop it, they cannot do it now…but the example of what whites are doing in south africa scares me…they appear to be giving up…

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