An Ethnocentric Death Cult

Is neoconservativism just ethnocentric millenarianism? The neocons tend toward the apocalyptic in their language and they always wear the mask of the righteous when discussing the issues they view as central to the narrative of their faith. You never hear a neocon say that “well, good people can disagree.” Instead, they describe those with whom they disagree as the epitome of evil, usually as agents of the current stand-in for you know who. Their lust for war suggests a strong desire to immanentize the eschaton.

We tend to think of suicide cults as groups of lonely losers, preyed on by a charismatic sociopath, who convinces them of the coming end times. They either come to the movement convinced that only a cataclysm can set things right or they become convinced by the teachings of the cult that the great reckoning is at hand. It’s fairly typical, according to people who study the phenomenon, for the people in these movements to see themselves as a put upon minority, operating as a sanctuary for the righteous.

While it is true that millenarianism tends to operate on the fringes of society, it is not a requirement. The prophets of the Jewish Bible are basically outsiders interpreting events in the context of an apocalyptic timetable, but Judaism itself is defined by such a timetable. Judaism is the belief in a Messiah, who will deliver Jews from their enemies and rule over a Jewish kingdom.¹ Christianity is founded on the idea of a second coming, when Christ will return to reign as king with the just, both living and dead.²

The point here is that a belief in the end times or a foreboding sense of a coming cataclysm is not necessarily fringe or crazy. In fact, it is common in human societies, suggesting it is a common tendency in people. Therefore it is not outside the realm of possibility that neoconservativsim is, at its root, a form of millenarianism. It certainly has a strong Levantine edge to it and the adherents clearly view themselves as an oppressed minority in the Biblical sense, despite their elevated status in the culture and politics.

In fact, it is a curious feature of neoconservativism today. When anyone notices that it was explicitly Jewish at its founding and is almost exclusively Jewish today, the neocon cries out, demanding the person noticing be punished. It’s as if noticing what is a defining feature, something the founders of the cult advertised, causes the adherents physical pain. What is often interpreted as subversive obfuscation, could very well be typical cult behavior. People in cults seek to disappear, which is why they joined the cult.

Just watch the body language in this interview of Noah Rothman done by Tucker Carlson the other night. What looks like a sociopath’s gambit, the lying by omission and half truths, can also be interpreted as a fear response. Rothman is promoting World War III with Russia, calling anyone not down with nuclear winter an agent of Putin, who is the current stand in for you know who. When Carlson focuses on what Rothman has written, putting the focus on him as an individual, Rothman physically recoils, like he is being assaulted.

Whether or not neoconservatism is a cult is debatable, but what is not debatable is the lust for the final great confrontation. For obvious reasons, neocons oscillate with rapturous enthusiasm whenever war in the Levant is mentioned, but they are obsessed with the great final conflict between good an evil. Their ancestral hatred for Russia is one element, but most neocons were weened on the belief that a nuclear war with Russian was inevitable. It is entirely possible that the belief has come to define them as individuals.

They also seem to think Trump is a sign of the coming end times, when the great battle between the righteous and the wicked will reach its denouement. So much so that guys like Noah Rothman argue it is time usher in that final battle. This from a guy who would soil himself in a physical confrontation. As Tucker Carlson has recently started to mention, hatred of Donald Trump is now bringing the neocons in league with the Progressives, by turning the Left into vocal advocates for violence against opponents at home and abroad.

It is tempting to write-off the neocons as lounge chair imperialists with divided loyalties, but the central theme to their warmongering is always Russia. Their general lack of interest in confronting China, which a real threat to the US, or Mexico, which is a collapsing narco-state on our border, suggests violence is not the core issue. We launch drone attacks all over the Middle East, we could certainly drone Mexican drug cartels. If the neocon just wanted blood, that would be a much more promising target, but they ignore it.

Their singular focus is Russia. Even their opposition to Trump is based on his unwillingness to talk about Putin as you know who. If you list all of the neocon wars and wish-for wars, Russia is the common theme. The defining characteristic of the neocon is a hatred for Russia, viewing it as the Mordor in the great battle between the righteous and the wicked. Their reason to exist, the point of their lives, is to rally the faithful in the final confrontation. Whatever it was, neoconservatism now functions like a death cult.

¹I know.

²I know.

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  2. “The defining characteristic of the neocon is a hatred for Russia, viewing it as the Mordor in the great battle between the righteous and the wicked. ”

    I’ve said it before but I think that the heart of the matter is that what we are coping with is a generation of hacks, the useless sons of the intellectuals who founded the movement during the fight with communism. These men were raised and prepared to play the simple part of being the anti-soviet line in a Co-Dominium that all the elites figured would be around for the next couple of centuries. If the problem were really a historical grudge, we’d probably hear a lot more about Poland than we do. The problem is that these hacks were trained to do one thing, they only know that one thing, and they can’t seem to wrap their minds around the idea that the Soviet Union has been gone for almost a generation by now.

    “They also seem to think Trump is a sign of the coming end times, when the great battle between the righteous and the wicked will reach its denouement. ”

    Trump hate is mostly a class issue and a very New York class issue at that. Most of the Never Trump and their hysteria is a bunch of Upper West Side elite inbreds having the vapors that a shnook from Queens managed to get into the drivers seat with not too much effort while they, the supposed annointed who have spent their lives kissing ass only to just sit by the chamber pot near the throne were rejected.

    “We launch drone attacks all over the Middle East, we could certainly drone Mexican drug cartels.”

    Except for three months in 1917, no one north of the Rio Grande has cared much about Mexico since 1848. Nobody is going to start caring now either.

    Its no conspiracy why we get more news about Gaza than about Sonora. Its just easier and safer to do. Any journalist going down to Mexico isn’t going to be able to sit in a bar in Acapulco and trade stories between themselves that have been given to them by some exotic handler the way they do in Jerusalem. Remember, Hamas has a media department. In Mexico they’d have to deal with really hostile natives and organizations that won’t be shy about cutting their hearts out. And even if you find someone who’d be willing to do it, the story wouldn’t be stuck on back page anyway.

  3. Re: “They also seem to think Trump is a sign of the coming end times, when the great battle between the righteous and the wicked will reach its denouement. So much so that guys like Noah Rothman argue it is time usher in that final battle. This from a guy who would soil himself in a physical confrontation.”

    The solution to the problem of neo-conservatism is to give the neo-cons what they say they want – but not quite in the manner they want it.

    They say they want war with Russia; they demand that the U.S. and NATO throw down the proverbial gauntlet with Moscow and settle things once and for all.

    Let’s call their bluff. Let’s tell them that it is time to grab a rifle and stand a post, time to mount up and ride those tanks and APCs into battle. Time to set fuses to zero and lower the muzzles of the artillery and hold fire until we see the whites of their eyes. Time to lock-and-load.

    Age waivers all around for neo-cons; no one is too old or too enfeebled to take part. That means you, Senator McCain – and all the rest of his neo-con friends in the deep-state, too – and don’t forget their families, friends, and relatives, too. Noah Rothman may even be young-enough to be right at the front. Come on, guys, be the leaders you have always claimed to be – set the example, lead the charge! Down with those dirty, nasty, mean old Russians!

    One suspects that once the neo-cons are required to lead others into the very wars they are proposing, that their enthusiasm and war-lust will be somewhat tempered, perhaps even extinguished altogether.

    It is always easier to be the gung-ho warrior out for blood – when it is someone else’s blood being spilled. How about asking – no, demanding – that these REMFs have some skin in the game – all the way in? No neo-cons in combat, no neo-con wars. Simple – no fuss, no muss. All we’re doing here is seeing who’s really prepared to back up his words with action. Or, as the Texans like to say: Finding out who’s a real cowboy, versus who’s all hat and no cattle.

  4. Why is it that so many of the so-called “neocon ” war-mongers are . . . “CHICKEN-hawks” such as SICK Chaney and John Bolton?

  5. All that I know is, if the blue check marks want war, they need to enlist, or have their children enlist, because my son, son-in-law, nephews, and grandsons aren’t fighting their RaHoWa for Israel. Full stop.

  6. Great article. There is something bizarre about the obsession with Russia. I assumed it was more feminist hatred of normal masculine men. But, it could be both.

  7. I don’t think death cult is a good analogy at all. Neocons back perceived Jewish interests and Russia has often been on the wrong side of that. A death cult seeks ends which are detrimental to itself, ultimately its own suicide like in Jonesboro. Neocons are adaptive in the sense that they expand their own genome at the expense of that of competing groups. European and Arab soldiers cancelling each other out—beautiful! It’s a powerful life cult after the mold of the Torah. The cultish aspects arise from a veil of disguise needed to get others to go along, deceiving them or allowing them a mechanism of self deceit. Kevin macdonalds essay is much to point here.

    • Excellent. Excellent. We get our enemies to kill each other.

      A Chinese saying, “Monkey sits on mountain and watches two tigers tear each other apart.”

  8. So many references to the JQ. Not enough questioning of how Americans became so vulnerable to manipulation. In 1800 less than half of white men were eligible to vote. By the Civil War universal suffrage for white men was a fact. That alone provided fertile ground to prepare for planting the war for Universalism and sustaining it. The way was cleared for subversives before the Polish Jews arrived, and the next great planting was the crop of 1919. The inclusion of women to democratic politics makes this system of government a plaything of master manipulators, who see democracy correctly as a fools game, and although they are evil, they are not the fools in this game. It is exactly as Tocqueville saw–when people are free to do what they wish they will first seek to imitate one another. I see my countrymen dancing on the same strings, supporting ideas that are beyond ridiculous, and doing so enthusiastically.

    Witnessing the estupifying effect of the democratic mind has made a Jew out of me. I trust and respect only people I know. Is there a place I can prepare for my family to escape when my former country becomes my enemy?

    A King or a traditional tyranny may die or be killed because it is seen for what it is. The democratic tyranny is inside our mind, where it cannot be seen or resisted. Female suffrage dulls the public mind while sharper minds rule through it. They rule badly, but they rule.

    • Can we agree that we have two interrelated problems? One, a hostile, ethnocentric elite that views us as cattle and two, a native population with a predisposition for pathological universalism?

      • Both correct. (“…made a Jew out of me” is a great line.)

        The Bible is a Missionaria Protectiva.
        It’s fertile ground can cultivate many crops.
        That’s why I would wish to popularize a secular reading of it, that we might see the Jew, and ourselves, doing the same things.

      • You have described two problems. I am describing the style of government which makes those problems inevitable. Without the enfranchisement of debtors (of innumerable types) and women, the Jews and Puritans would be fighting uphill. Currently I am being not amused by the feminization of baseball, but it’s just everywhere. Resistance is futile.

        • I see it now. We opened the door.
          Should we complain when something comes in? Blaming them, while ignoring our role in it? As if we were perfect before.

          I make the same argument regarding Mexicans, or convicts, or welfare queens.
          They didn’t write our laws, our rules.
          We did.

          • Alzaebo, your comment sort of stopped me in my tracks. Sometimes important things are out there, and simply need pointing out.

          • No, no! The credit goes to james wilson and Line, and all the other great commentors here.
            I am overwrought, and you are too kind.

            (Gushing all over the page, as I fear that the original Christians- of Antioch- are about to be wiped out)

  9. “The defining characteristic of the neocon is a hatred for Russia”

    Immigrants bring their stupid quarrels and feuds here with them. NeoCon = Trotsky dead-enderss still battling Stalin.

    • Israel, Stalin, Trotsky, Trump, etc aside, you really have to wonder about the sanity of these people, almost exclusively denizens of NYC, LA, and DC. If the Russkies start busting American cities with nukes, what cities are going to top their list? Hint; it ain’t going to be Topeka, Denver, or Oklahoma City. Lunacy, even by the standards of their own self-interest.

  10. “As Tucker Carlson has recently started to mention, hatred of Donald Trump is now bringing the neocons in league with the Progressives, by turning the Left into vocal advocates for violence against opponents at home and abroad.”

    The Left’s threats and demands to “deplatform” dissidents are NeoCon tropes (opponents = Evil) brought home.

  11. The Rothman interview was amazing. It could have been staged by someone producing a National Socialist propaganda film. Rothman really looked like Peter Lorre in M.

  12. Russian supported Syria is a F’n mess.

    If Assad falls, with or without USA “help,” who , what will replace him?
    Well, the ONLY other game in town there is ISIS and/or other Sunni tribes that will exterminate everybody else not of their tribe.
    It ‘s sort of like replacing Stalin for Hitler; which mass murderer do you pick?

    I pick neither.

    The USA needs to stay the hell out of that mess and if Russia wants to get into that toilet, let them.
    USA involvement in the ME had led to either wars or terrorist attacks; both of which kill Americans and waste TRILLIONS of US taxpayer $

    Tell me, how did all these dead Americans help the citizens of the USA?
    How did it decrease the enmity that Arabs (or Europeans for that matter) have for Americans ?
    They literally hate our infidel guts.
    And we no longer need their F’n oil or natural gas.

    China is spreading its wings all across Asia and Africa and even S.America.
    Let them.
    It will inexorably lead to their demise just as it did for the British Empire and apparently now for the USA (via the massive US debt load).

    Honestly, the foreign policy of Chile, Switzerland, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Sweden, etc. should be emulated by the USA, with the only proviso being we should arm ourselves to the teeth, mind our own damn business and literally destroy any nation or entity that attacks the USA.

    Think about it; how has Switzerland or Chile been harmed by minding their own business?

    Though I confess that I would provide/ sell a few nations whatever armaments they need – including nukes – for self defense; e.g. Australia, Israel, Canada , the UK, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Hungary, the Baltics, Japan, S.Korea and maybe a few others.

    George Washington and Alexander Hamilton warned that the USA should avoid getting involved in affairs of foreign nations.

    The USA, more or less, followed that advice until the Spanish American War (1898) and it was all downhill after that (though forcing – militarily – Japan in 1852 to open it’s ports to US trade was also a big mistake in terms of setting policy precedents).

    The British Empire “mentality,” ultimately led to the demise of the UK because they could always find a way to justify how a conflict or situation or crisis could be potentially harmful to their security or interests. This ultimately got them into the huge tragedy of WWI which began their fall into massive indebtedness.
    (Think for a moment if the UK had decided not to enter WWI, just as they decided in 1870 to stay out of the Franco-Prussian War.)

    It is this sort of “mentality” that pervades the USA decision makers and it WILL lead to our demise as well.
    It seems that every hot spot in the world is deemed to be important to US interests.
    Really?? I don’t think so.
    Much of the resources of the USA go into supporting foreign adventures , foreign military bases (they are EVERYWHERE), massive naval fleets all over the world and foreign aid to entities that hate our guts (e.g., the PLO, Arab nations, etc.).

    As for Mexico, build the F’n wall already.

    Mexico has ZERO incentive to fix their own house because they can rely on the transfer of BILLIONS of $$$ from Mexicans working in the USA, legally or otherwise, to their families in Mexico. This does not include the $$$ earned in Mexico by the sale of Mexican drugs into the USA.

    (Unstated and not politically correct is that you will rarely see a “european looking” mexican or other Central American sneaking into the USA from Mexico).
    In essence, the USA is encouraging and supporting the inaction of the Mexican govt. to get their own house in order.

    History may not repeat but it sure rhymes and repeating that of the former British Empire and that of 1898-to-present US foreign policy will produce predictable results – more wars and conflicts, more (unsustainable) debt, and yes, no lasting peace, no diminishing of conflicts, no economic improvements anywhere in Africa, Central America or other hell holes.

    Just the same crap – and tragedies – that have always existed despite the US taxpayer forking over trillions of $$$$.

    Enough is enough.

    • That’s the amazing trick: Since Bush 1, politicians have convinced most Americans that what goes on in the Middle East is worth American lives.

      Don’t tell me we must protect the oil. The Arabs can’t eat their oil. They must sell it and oil is fungible.

      There is another reason for our endless quagmire there.

  13. I’m getting worried for Tu-Ca’s show. If you thought he showed up Noah Rothman in that exchange, check out his interviews with Max Boot and Ralph Peters. I mean really, do, if you haven’t seen them before. The neocons will be after his scalp now.

    • Glenn Beck lost his show on Fox when he called attention to George Soro’s personal history.

  14. I am not a neocon or a cultist… But to me, it sure feels 1939-ish out there Z. I can see one lone idiot setting off that powder keg too. If the joos don’t do it some other idiot will.

  15. At some levels, this whole JQ thing is like the kid in the outfield picking dandelions and not noticing the ball game going on. We have a star chamber trying to take down our elected government (all the so-called “evidence” is secret, no prosecutorial misbehavior is out of bounds, and no verdict other than impeachment or resignation is acceptable). We have our entire digital selves entrusted to one guy, the little booster-chair dude at the hearings this week. We cannot say or do anything contrary to the powers that be at anytime, even on our own time, without risking the loss of everything. Our every moment, and soon, our thoughts, are monitored 24-7. The problem is not the JQ, it is that the neuroses and bad habits of these people have spread to the culture at large. The cat is out of the bag, and it is not going back. At this point, the one instructive element to the entire JQ thing, now applies more broadly to our culture as a whole, and it is that things don’t get better, they get worse. The behaviors morph and the players change, but the end-game is always there, and it always involves very bad times. Any renaissance comes after the fall. It’s just the way it is.

    • Observer knocked it outta the park yesterday.
      We really do learn from our betters.

      The problem is the copycats.
      The infection is spread.
      Excision or triage?

  16. As my cousin likes to point out, we got a Syrian gas attack within days of reports that Trump issued orders to prepare for a drawdown, and only a few months after Russia announced the same following our successful obliteration of ISIS.

    I’m apparently a Putin troll for noticing this too.

    • And some probably retired Russian guy in the U.K. gets a dramatic knock-off attempt using weird poisons on his doorknob. Do the Russians really need to be doing this sort of thing to keep their people in line? I’m sure the occasional disappearance, no muss-no fuss, would accomplish the same discipline without all the provocative nerve agent stuff. Just sayin’…

      • So odd that Skirpal was working with Steele of the dossier. Such coincidences!

        (And that Litivenko left a trail of polonium radiation from the airport to his motel room. As a tritium trigger for nuclear weapons, only 5 grams per year are produced in Russia. Since he’s buried in a Muslum graveyard, no way would he have been smuggling it out for Islamic pay.)

    • This is what, the third time?
      The fifth time if you count “barrel bombs”- which the media used the same photo for in 2013 and 2015.

  17. Great, Mister Z, that you’ve recently announced to all of us here that the JQ isn’t your problem and to include you out from the mob of WN Jooo-haters.

    • I’m not Jewish, nor am I an anti-Semite, but that does not prohibit me from noting Jewish behavior that is Chillul Hashem.

        • Yeah, it’s good to see the kids bringing the hatred back. For me, nothing will be like the late 90’s, early 2000’s rivalry. That was a great period of baseball. But, both teams are young enough to have a good decade of rivalry.

          • I was having flashbacks to the late 70’s level of total hatred. I had to listen to the damn Yankees announcers talk about how Bill Lee broke his shoulder in that fight.

            Bullshit. Greg Nettles broke Lee’s shoulder with the dirtiest cheapshot in baseball history.

      • Remember back when Jews used to always ask “Is this good for the Jews?”. Those were the days! The fate of our country aside, anyone who thinks that Jews would somehow be untouched by a nuclear conflagration, whether in NYC, DC, or Israel, that it would somehow be “good for the Jews”, is raving nuts. The Neocons actually seem to hate Russia and the goys more than they love their own people. Their own grandparents would have bee horrified.

        • Then comes another big “Oops!” and history gets revised again.

          It happened when Abraham, the Lucifer, attacked his Lord Hammurabi when Ham told him to stop the raids on tribute-paying border states. After the Father of the People fled for the wasteland, the story changed to “we had nothing to do with it!”, setting the pattern for all time.

          Hey, it works!- for a while.
          Too smart to ever learn.
          Oh, wait, “No, we were the victims here!”
          So we never need to learn.

      • But still, Africans then, and immigrants now, were a great addition to this country!
        So take that, h8er!

  18. I guess that this just proves that, if you deny the real Messiah, you’ll fall for anything Messianic. And of course, most Neocon types were fine with Russia back when it was Communist, and hence a real threat to the U.S., until the Soviets started backing Nassar, and Nixon swung the US totally behind Israel.

    The Neocons are utterly loyal to their country; it just isn’t the United States.

  19. I saw that Rothman interview last night between innings. He gave me the creeps and set off my alarms as a liar and sociopath. Good for Tucker calling him out as a liar.

    • Caught it on the radio, and the same vibe came out. He just kept trying to twist off the gaff, even when Carlson was reading his direct quotes. Thoroughly skeevy sounding guy–but typical of the “let’s you and him fight” types that are endemic around here.

    • I watched it too. Tucker interviews and pokes at a lot of establishment people, and of course they are typically smug and annoying, but this guy was more than usually disturbing. If there was ever someone you’d want to slap a helmet on and push out of a plane over one of their war zones, he’s it.

  20. So we get this right on the heels of Trump signaling his intention of leaving Syria. The usual actors start screaming for action again because of dead babies. Nothing ever changes.
    By hook or crook they may just get the big war they lust for. Trump being the fool with all his current troubles is playing along just as they figured he would.

    • I’m not usually a conspiracy guy, but wow this thing stinks. Less than a week after Trump signals that we are getting out of Syria – because we have no national interests there – there is this ham-fisted attempt to draw us in. The whole thing looks staged.

      • I’m sick to my stomach over this.
        False flags all the way down now.

        It’s the new normal- we’re supposed to keep swallowing this shit?
        No way to run a country.

    • might be prudent to wait a bit before running your mouth off about who’s a fool. It could end up being you.

        • I prefer to wait till something actually happens before I give my opinion of it. But that’s just me. Please continue to tell us all how much smarter you are than President Trump.

    • Most men over 50 hear them. We tend to misinterpret the hot grizzly-bear breath on our necks as history-making events about to unfold before our eyes. Same as it ever was.

      • Yup, that pulsing in your ears, and the way you can’t focus as well or as long as you used to. It couldn’t just be age, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and the occasional obituaries of old friends. No, it must be those Cossack horses pounding away, dammit!

  21. I’m embarrassed to ask, but who are the the references to “you know who” directed at? It’s not the usually tri-bubbled group.

    And Rothman looks like a Soros bastard.

  22. I should be used to it by now, but i still get apalled when folk like rothman lie and deny in the face of black and white evidence. And then to justify and squid ink his way about when pinned down is extremely, sickeningly unattractive. By the end of his time with tucker i was hoping to see his mendacious self given a once over with a 2×4. It would be just. This is another example where a duel or the possibility of a duel would serve to attenuate the worst liars in the public arena.

  23. If some stranger came to your house and started ranting endlessly about how evil your neighbor was and how you should grab a firearm and to go shoot him, you would rightly perceive that this kook was the real danger in the room. This is how you destroy trust in any society, and that is the main side-effect of apocalyptic warmongering.

  24. Despite your footnotes I’m going to point out that Christian millenarianism/chiliasm did not begin until Joachim of Flora in the late 12th century. It is not a part of orthodox Christianity, despite the fact that it seems to have spread around quite a bit.

    Other than that, I agree with every word.

    It is obvious at this point that the neocon obsession with Russia was never all about Communism. Communism just happened to be the commonality that made the neocon and the traditional conservative allies in the late 20th century. Libertarian economics tied things together a bit, but turned out to be little more than a decoration.

    The traditional conservative obsession with Russia ended with the collapse of Soviet Communism. You could see this in Reagan’s eyes at the end of his second term. He liked Russians. If he’d been around for the aftermath he’d have vacationed there.

    The expansion of NATO was an understandable insurance against resumption of imperial aspirations. And The New World Order ideas of BHWB41 included the Russia of Gorbachev. The big transition in the Republican Party occurred during the Clinton years. While we were watching O.J. and Monica Lewinsky the neocons were quietly taking over right wing institutions in the same Gramscian manner that their left wing counterparts had been doing for the last 60 years. By the time GWB43 came along the takeover was fairly complete.

    I’ve stated my ideas about the origins of neoconservatism and the Russian obsession before here. Not going to repeat.

    • Jesus himself was prophesying the imminent coming if the Kingdom of God. And one of the canonical Christian texts is the Apocalypse of John. They weren’t millennaria, of course, because they thought the end times were upon them, but they sure were apocalyptic.

      • Religions are a guideline.
        We work towards their expectations.

        Since organized religions began as politics, even though the original story is forgotten, we still work towards the ends.

        Sometime after a political prisoner, John at Patmos, the Revelator, snuck his coded warnings past the secret police censors, Har Meggido happened and Israel was destroyed.

        Good King Jesus might have brought reform to Israel, thus making it a Kingdom.
        Some thought it meant “independence”, seperation, with the foreigners out and themselves in charge.

        If we could stop debasing and degrading the Book, we could learn it’s true (political) lessons.

        It could once again be a pillar of moral authority in our- OUR- world, with others aspiring to our way.

        Instead, centuries of social wisdom have gone from forgotten political examples to magic fairy tales to outright voodoo. Lesbian Episcopalians with a sign saying “We are Muslims too”, for goodness’ sake.

        The Church didn’t gain it’s authority because it’s magic was stronger.
        The Juice didn’t remain through millenia because their magic was stronger.

        Both gained their staying power because they had that most useful thing:
        They provided order and aspiration with more than bloody force.
        Hope, not fear.
        With canny politics and savvy social policy, more than swords and spies.

        I would dearly love to bring back the avatar of the perfect King, filled with mercy born of sorrow, the One to follow. Nothing in history has worked so well nor done so much. It’s natural to the model, it makes sense to the heart.

        But He’s not Magic!
        He doesn’t NEED to be magic!

        The deeper magic is found in the peace.
        Give to the child what is right for the child, give to the adult what is right for the adult.

        A secular Bible, a secular Jesus, a secular sense of Creation- could bring back what we were, and what we hoped to be.

        • Al Z;

          The yearning in your last para. is *exactly* where a lot of all this trouble comes from. Consider:
          – If the Bible is untrue, why bother with a rewrite_?
          – If the Bible *is* true, then a rewrite is a dangerous project, to say the least.

          • Thanks much for putting up with me bleeding all over the page.

            Why must it be 100% untrue (all made up), or 100% ‘literally true’ as you interpret it?

            Perhaps, a concordance. For all of them, all the books made holy by time.

            Yes, without question you have a soul and a World Beyond, both heaven and hells. Not as just words, either.

            No- you, your soul isn’t in danger.
            Me, I don’t seek salvation.

            Woops, forgot to add or admit: your way works! For many, most, it does get them safely to a heaven denied to many more.
            As well as fix a lot of lives.

    • Where can I find those ideas?
      I’d like to review what you’ve learned.
      Been thinking about your investigations into the French madness a lot.

      I’m wondering about the start- who started the mass killing? How the he** does that happen?
      And about the end- what stopped it? What was the new order?

      Sadly, I heard that a bankrupt Louis IV got his bridge loan from a Juice banker, with one condition: only if would send 10 of his friends, and if they would send 10 of their friends, etc, and thus the Revolutionary Age was funded.

      (Also, I don’t know anything about the big something in 1848.
      It sounds a lot like Venezuela’s Quiet War in 1981.)

  25. Anyone with two brain cells can see what you’re doing here, ZIMMERMAN.You’re singling out the elements among your fellow Jews who you think may cause the goyim to rise against the whole Jewish community at some point, the (((neocohens))), and saying “See? THESE GUYS HERE, AND ONLY THESE GUYS, are the problem.”

    We see Jews doing it all the time. When (((you guys))) just can’t deny the criminal activities of some some elements of your tribe you resort to this kind of damage control strategy. “Oh it’s the secular Jews. Oh it’s the communist Jews. Oh it’s the neocon Jews.” But the problem is never the Jewish community as a whole and who disagrees is excommunicated by means of the magic words “you’re an anti-Semite!”.

    Well, we don’t have a neocon problem, we have a JEWISH PROBLEM because the former is predicated on the presence of this foreign, hostile middle eastern group living as parasites in our societies and the foolish gentiles on the race realist right who disagree with this assessment (people like the cuck and race traitor John Derbyshire) should STFU about Blacks and Muslims, after all the hashtag #NotAll can be used about them too — not all blacks are criminals, not all Muslims are terrorists etc. It’s exactly the same dynamics in the three cases.

    The Jewish Question at the end of the day is just a subset of the larger Non White Question. All non whites demand to live in the societies we created because it’s in their interest. But it’s not in our collective long-term interest to have these creatures among us. All other considerations are just blather.

    I don’t have a problem with blacks raping and killing each other in Africa nor with Muslims exploding themselves in their countries nor with neurotic Jews trying to bring nuclear Armageddon upon Israel. That’s their problem. But these people should not be a problem to US.

    Obviously, as a crypto entryist Jew, your role is to obfuscate and muddle the waters of the debate by telling the naive goyim otherwise, but my role here is to call (((you guys))) out ZIMMERMAN. Or is it ZIONMAN, perhaps?

    • Lawrence, I’ve lately been wondering about Zman. God knows I love to read you, Z, you’re a great communicator. Sometimes you leave little tells out there, much like a Russian trying to pretend to be an American in the comments on a forum. Your occasional idiosyncratic lapses eventually caused me to say “hey wait a minute”.

      Not that it matters. You’re fun to read, and it’s nice to have you on our side in some of the most important matters.

      Knowing, or suspecting, helps explain the odd incongruence here and there.

      Carry on…

  26. The Russian investigation is completely bogus and reeks of desperation.

    My disappointment lies with fellow Americans who refuse to see this.

    The dems dragged out a two-bit whore as their star witness and the moldy corpse of Cold War Soviet Russia.

    Yet there are plenty of people who cheer on this nonsense.

  27. Russia can be contained and given the occasional pat on the head to show we ‘respect’ their culture etc. china, islamo fascists and others of their ilk are as you say the real threat but are ignored both in Washington and by what passes as a govt here in U.K.

    • Ignored would be nice.
      Islam was near extinct under Nasserite socialism. Only village grannies wore hijab.

      China, stuck in a moribund 1950’s economy. Remember bicycles?
      Africa, too, mired in post-Western Lumumba Independence.

      Now our problem is: they have been weaponized, and pointed at us.

      The neocons want to destroy the Orthodox shield wall- and finally wipe out the last Christians in the Mideast.

      I suspect that was the purpose of the Iraq war. The Afghan war gave America, Europe, and Persia (many non-Muslims there) the opioid crisis.

      The Balkans, then post 9/11, were a replay of the two Opium Wars that weakened a Chinese economy resurgent with Mexican silver and led to the creation of HSBC bank.

      Secular Iraq had thousands of non-Muslims; Lenanon was Maronite Christian until Arafat and Beirut; the Mideast was open to all, with American teens working in the bazaars until the sh*t started when the Afghan Marxist Party deposed the king in 1973. Bush 1 followed that up installing a British-Indian agent, Ayatollah Khomeini, as revenge for Carter’s firing 800 CIA Company cowboys, while arming the jihadis along with Wilson.
      Expats tell me that Riyadh, Teheran, Beirut were like Las Vegas or Paris in the 1950s.

      Note that the Syrians were the first, the original non-J Christians, where Saul of Tarsus began his ministry.

      We thought this was a war with Islam; it seems a religious war to exterminate the Christian heretics.

      (That neocon pet, ISIS, and it’s moderate freedom fighters, still have their Yazidi slaves.)

      • Forgot a detail: after 1973, Arafat started Lenanon’s Beirut war in 1975. Then came Khomeini and Soviet Afghanistan in ’79.

  28. I have wondered about the topic also. When one is raised in the hive, one tends to think like the hive. Then add in living in a bubble, not wanting to be outside of the “in” group, and just going along to get along could answer some of it.
    Perhaps some of our betters can’t accept that their view of things may be wrong.
    How many times have you encountered someone that when presented facts contrary to their belief, refuses to acknowledge reality and attacks the messenger.

    • I’ve always been partial to Paul Gottfried’s theory. German Jews emigrated to America in the 19th century and spread out all over, integrating into the larger culture of their region. Many assimilated to the point where they converted to the local version of Christianity. Others became secular Jews without any real religious affiliations. The Eastern European Jews that arrived in the early 20th, packed into east coast cities and brought with them a high degree of paranoia and a hostility to the majority population. it explains their wildly high representation in subversive movements like communism and now multiculturalism.

      I think that’s what we’re seeing with neocons. Within the context of the Cold War, their worst instincts were restrained. Now, those restraints are gone. Something similar seems to be happening with Progressive Jews. The ADL is just as deranged as the neocons.

  29. I don’t think the neocons plan to do any of the dying. That’s for white boys from the Midwest and the South.

  30. So, are you saying or do you believe that as relations between Russian and Trump continue to deteriorate, the neocons will start to support Trump?

  31. I personally like and admire Russia – her immense literary and scientific achievements under harsh circumstance, her awesome sacrifices against invaders, her vast and open spaces.

    I’ve always believed that we Americans and the Russians have something in common – our awkward relationship to ‘Europe’, the homeland of white culture and civilization. Now that Europe slides into the historical abyss, and as a population disaster springs out of Africa, either Russia or the USA must rally the white race against the encroaching hordes, while somehow holding off China.

    It’s no secret that Russia cannot prevent China’s absorption of its eastern possessions (short of nuclear war); economically and demographically, Russia is roughly a tenth of the power that China is. This makes me sympathetic to Russia.

    Let’s face it; Canada is gone, the UK is gone; Japan – quite sensibly – would rather die by sterility than submit to “multiculturalism”. Leaving, of course, China, despite all its built-in problems and in-bred dictatorial corruption, as the only legatee of a dying world.

    A Russo-American alliance would save the white race – a fact that explains our oppressors’ fanatical determination to stir up trouble with Russia, A nuclear war between the world’s two caucasian powers would put paid to the white man.

    • Pimpkin, my view is the same.

      Americans and Russians do have a lot in common,. One thing we have in common is having to contend with, and defend against, a sustained intellectual assault by ((( them ))), the objective of which is our destruction.

      The Russians have had to endure this for a far longer period of time than we have. The neo-Cohens know this. The John Boltons of the world know this as well.

      The neo-Cohens, like Billy Kristol, Elliot Abrams, Paulie Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, Charlie Krauthammer, the Dickie Cheney, Alan Dershowitz, Max Boot, et al, are intellectual frauds and should be called on their intellectual dishonesty every time they are interviewed.

      To wit, they should be asked, “Sir, shouldn’t one consider Russia’s history in assessing whether the Russian Federation poses a threat to the United States?”.

      They should also be asked, “Sir, are you aware that through the centuries, foreign powers have attempted to interfere with Russia’s internal governance?”

      They should be further asked, “Sir, are you aware that, unlike Russia, the United States has not experienced the succession of foreign powers who have interfered with its internal governance?”

      Furthermore, they should be asked, “Sir, are you aware that the United States has not had an equivalent of The Time of Troubles?”

      Moreover, they should be asked, “Sir, has the United States suffered anything like the Golden Horde or the Patriotic War (Napolean) or the Great Patriotic War?”

      For kicks, another question: “Sir, did the Russians send troops to America during the War of Northern Aggression?”

    • Russians are daring pioneers. Siberia didn’t have to be Russian, but they made a successful bid for it in 16th century. Chinese didn’t know what hit them when Cossack explorers and Russian merchants appeared on their borders. One more note – at the height of their power Manchu recognized Russia as an equal and their messengers bowed in presence of Empress Elisabeth II. Meanwhile, Manchu expected bows from British envoys. Obviously even then UK wasn’t considered equal to Russia.

      • The Chinese never have recognized the Russians or anyone else as equals.When visiting a foreign monarch in their own country Chinese bowed but expected foreigners to prostrate themselves(kowtow) in front of the Chinese ruler.The British didn’t kowtow. The contemporary Chinese despise the Russians and consider them a bunch of lazy drunks.

  32. Many, many years ago (sometime after the end of the Great War and the beginning of the Second World War) some German intellectuals across the political spectrum got together to write a one-off journal about the Jewish Question. Contributors were Jewish and non-Jewish, philo- and antisemitic. Ernst Junger’s piece (which they held over his head during denazification to try to get him to undergo the process) said plainly that there was one way to defeat the Jew: to see him. It’s true. He further went on to say that one could be German, or Jewish, but not both, which is not only true, but goes double for America, because while the neocons are trying to aim our entire arsenal abroad, Jews are the only cohort of respondents to surveys with so abysmally low a view of gun ownership and the NRA (shoot on over to Audacious Epigone and see for yourself) that they want us defenseless in addition to wanting to spill blood from the Levant to the Crimea. Not even Kevin Macdonald says Jews are the sole problem, or even the primary problem, but he does say that this revolution to destroy us (and maybe the West) could not have been possible without steady and zealous and (most-importantly) heavily financed activity from generation to generation of Jewish intellectuals (look how the “business” stays in the family with the Kristols, Podhoretz clan, etc.). There are plenty of bad white actors, but they’re not as rich or smart or dedicated as the Jewish cohort, so why not focus on that, since nuclear Armageddon is riding on it, anyway?

    What is the solution to this problem? I don’t know. But I do know where to start: You have to see them, as Junger suggested, make them understand you are not a fool and you understand what they are doing. They like Freud so much, so question their subconscious motives in public forums. Tweet to someone like Kristol that he wants to nuke the Russians because he hears the hoofbeat of the Cossacks in his sleep. Mock them with their paranoia (America is probably the least anti-Semitic country in the history of Western Civilization). Most men fear being humiliated more than being killed. Then again I don’t think Goldberg, Kristol, feel things like shame or other emotions that motivate most men, but it’s worth a try.

    • “There was one way to defeat the Jew: to see him.”
      Jews are not magical, not all-powerful & not even all that smart.*
      Their outsized, malignant influence in the West relies on one essential element: Goy’s trust.
      Goys believe, or are led to believe, that Jews are essentially just like us. That is, that they share our ethics, morals, values & loyalties. So we extend our European, universalist, honor-based, individualist trust to them.
      And the Semitic, clannish, shame-based, nepotistic Jews use that trust to benefit themselves, their families & their tribe at our expense.
      The entire process comes to a screeching halt the moment a goy becomes Jew-wise.
      That is, he accepts that Jews may** have different ethics, morals, values & loyalties than himself. And he evaluates their proposals & suggestions closely to see if they benefit the Jews at his expense.
      Once the goy does this evaluation, a lot of Jew-pushed nonsense begins to look like a bad deal for goys. Starting with Cultural Marxism, unlimited 3rd world immigration & continuous Middle East wars. It also starts to look foolish for goys to trust these potentially treacherous people with a monopoly on our intellectual & cultural institutions.

      * Yes, I’ve seen the IQ studies. But the relative size of Jew & Goy populations suggests that we will have far more 145+ IQ individuals on our side.
      ** Or may not. Hey, anything’s possible.

  33. Judaism/Zionism, are at their core, the belief that for Hashem to return to earth, jews must destroy all that is non-jewish.

    Communism is its agnostic brother. Conceived of by jews who rejected the shtetl, the goyim’s identity must be destroyed so that jews can assimilate on the jews’ terms.

    Neoconservatism = the best of both!

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