A Vibrant Society

When you live in Lagos on the Chesapeake™, people like to send you stories about the place, as if to be reassured that it is as bad as advertised. I’ve developed the habit of telling people that it is worse than they’ve heard. That’s probably not true, as Baltimore has quite a reputation, but it makes people feel better about it. One of the items sent to me recently was this story about the restaurant closures in Baltimore. So far this year, 24 trendy restaurants have closed, continuing a trend of bad news for the city.

Baltimore has seen another spate of restaurant closures — as consumer habits change and suburbanites find less incentive to dine in the city, according to experts, restaurateurs and consumers.

At least 24 restaurants have closed since January, including Federal Hill stalwart Regi’s American Bistro, Hampden’s popular Corner Restaurant and Charcuterie Bar and Canton’s Fork and Wrench.

Increased vacancy rates for small commercial real estate spaces reflect those closures. Chris LeBarton, a market economist for CoStar Market Analytics, said vacancy rates for spaces up to 3,000 square feet — often home to independent restaurants — rose to 8.1 percent at the end of March, up from 6.8 percent at the end of September, when the city underwent a previous wave of closures. That rate is at its highest since 2010.

Data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics point toward a trend long in the making. The number of Baltimore’s food and drinking establishments decreased 4.6 percent between 2013 and 2016 — from 1,613 to 1,539. Nationally, the number of establishments increased by 5.7 percent, from 8.9 million in 2013 to 9.4 million in 2016.

Analysts attribute Baltimore restaurant closures to factors including the natural cycles of the industry, millennials’ preference for convenience and value and — more particular to this area — competition in the suburbs and high crime rates that ward off suburbanites.

Downtown Partnership President Kirby Fowler pointed out that restaurants often have a three- to five-year life cycle.

“There might be issues involving the city’s reputation, but it as well could be an explanation of what the restaurant is doing or not doing,” he said of the factors driving local closures. “To open a restaurant is a risky endeavor, but it’s what we all want to happen more and more.”

One of the funny things about life in Lagos is just how many of the locals work hard to avoid noticing the obvious. You see the self-deception is this story. It’s those rotten millennials or the wacky unpredictable nature of the restaurant business. There is an oblique reference to the “city’s reputation” but the bulk of the article is about blaming things that have nothing to do with the problem. They say people see what they want to see, and that is very true, but people can also not see what they don’t want to see too.

On the other hand, it is tempting to blame the crime wave that was unleashed by the Freddie Gray case. The riot was national news, but the subsequent spike in murder has done far more damage to the city’s reputation. That’s most likely not the cause of trouble for the restaurant and entertainment businesses. The real issue is the uptick in black on white crime, particularly in the hipster areas of the city. When a bartender at a trendy restaurant is gunned down in a robbery, white people take note.

There is a phenomenon, that most white people in vibrant areas intuitively understand, but people rarely discuss. That is as vibrancy increases, black-on-white crime escalates. The legendary quantitative blogger La Griffe du Lion showed that the risk whites faces from whites, in terms of crime, is independent of neighborhood size and racial composition. The probability a white is attacked by another white in a given year is the same no matter where he lives. This is true when adjusted for socioeconomic factors, as well.

On the other hand, as the number of blacks increase, the odds of a white being victimized by a black accelerate upward. The reasons are well known now. Blacks are more than three times more likely to commit violent crime than whites and black on white crime is vastly more common that any other inter-racial crime. It turns out that what everyone knows is true. Blacks prefer to target whites when committing crime, especially violent crimes. So as vibrancy increases, white victimization rates accelerate upward.

Again, most people intuitively know this and pick up on the clues from news accounts and conversations with friends. All it takes is a spike in well publicized black on white crime in a tourist area and whites stop going to the tourist area. Of course, this accelerates the trend, as the black-white balance swings to the dark side. It’s why when a neighborhood around here “turns” it tends to do so slowly, then all of a sudden. As La Griffe du Lion noted, the threshold for these things is about 20%. After that begins the run for the exit.

If you look back at the population mix of cities like Baltimore and Detroit, they thrived up to the point where their vibrancy crossed the 25% line. At that point, the infrastructure started to crack under the strain of keeping the vibrancy under control. As the vibrancy spilled into white areas, whites began to flee, the vibrant-to-plain ratio began to quickly tilt to the former and the die was cast. It’s why gentrification only works when the locals are physically removed or they are systematically walled off from the gentrifying areas.

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  1. This reminds me of a great video by the YouTuber, Black Pigeon Speaks. If you’re not watching his videos, you’re missing out, BTW.
    It was a visual demo of the % needed of Muslim influx into Western countries to set off certain chain of events, until a country is subsumed. He also was using estimates of when each country hit certain tipping points.
    I think this formula works just as well when applied to black populations in major US cities and when they hit the % that requires whites to flee, as well as to what % marks the city as having gone full Detroit.

    I’m honestly going to miss you, Zman, when your neighbors finally get around to the inevitable cannibalizing, that is, depending on whether the drunk Hispanics on the roads here take me out first. That’s always a real threat, so who knows?

  2. That formula is a little out-dated. Maybe 25% in the old days, but in the Odd Days we are in, it’s a recipe; 20% urban black, 10% (un-assimilated) Hispanic, 5% Somali (substitute Yemani or West African if necessary). A zestier dish, serve hot on Saturday Night.

    Warning: Heartburn!

  3. I suppose too those here, should really be thankful for Planned Parenthood’s “dirty secret”! Without PP, there would be another 13 million or so dindus (direct result, not even including the offspring of that 13 million!) foraging in the expanded urban and suburban jungles! In short, PP has kept the US below the Vibrancy Mendoza Line!

    • Over 50% of blacks abort their babies in NYC. I would imagine it’s nearly that high in many other large cities , but probably nowhere near that here in the South. We are being flooded w/Beaners, as well. The GOP isn’t paying attn. Soon there won’t be a reliably right wing Southern state voter base left. NC, FL, GA, TX and LA, are all edging ever closer to flipping.
      Once they go, they’re gone for good.

  4. Used to go to Baltimore with one of my kids, who swam at NBAC each summer, we’d stay up on the old USF&G conference center in Mt. Adams. Decent around there, but take the light rail down to an Orioles game and it got “vibrant” in a hurry. Still, having lived in a variety of cities, including Detroit, wasn’t too alarming. Then was back a couple of years ago for some business at T. Rowe and stayed overnight. Whoa Nelllie, what a change after dark. Was like being the only white guys on East Jefferson in Detroit at 2am…only it was 8:30 after dinner. Even my colleague, who is the kind of guy who would walk into a bar in Southie wearing a Yankees shirt, was spooked.

    • Circa fifteen yrs ago, some friends and I were invited to a summertime wedding in Detroit, actually at a church in fancy Grosse Pointe, north of town, followed by a reception at a yacht club on Belle Isle, a Detroit city park. Among the suggested places to stay overnight was a Holiday Inn in downtown, which we booked. Long story short, after the wedding and the reception (still daylight), driving back from Belle Isle to our hotel, we encountered the 100,000 or so Stevie Wonder fans just leaving Phil Hart Plaza after the big concert. Everyone was in a festive mood — I think it was the city’s Tricentennial party — so we just drove carefully and very slowly thru the throngs back to the Holiday Inn. Well, about 10 PM we got a little hungry and asked the hotel desk re: local pizza/restaurants. They gave us instructions on how to get to the MGM Grand gambling casino, so we marched up along Woodward Avenue, once Detroit’s major thoroughfare, now just ghostly after dark, to the casino, full of “real” Arabs, I might add, ate a hot dog and drank a coke, and then returned to the hotel. My liberal friends and I never said a word about it later.

      • Detroit is an experience. Lived in Grosse Pointe and used to drive down E. Jeff every morning to row out of Detroit Boat Club on Belle Isle–the 4:45am wildlife on Jefferson was something to behold–you were up at Detroit Yacht Club. At one point during road construction used to detour onto Charlevoix and drove past the old closed bank branch with the clock that is the setting for the”spooks” scene in Gran Torino. But you never, ever, fucked around in downtown after dark. My old office was on Fort Street and if you were entertaining for dinner, you took the tunnel over to Windsor and ate there. Of all the cities I’ve lived in, Detroit was the one where I’ve actually had to point a loaded gun at another person with full intent to pull the trigger. Thankfully, homey made the good decision to didi back out the door he broke in through and save us both a lot of grief.

  5. I’ve been perusing this blog for more than a year and I’m getting the feeling that Zman and the rest of ya are JUST NOW understanding the negro problem. What gives?

    I’m a late-fortyish man who grew up in the DC suburbs and got bussed to secondary public schools in the hood so as to offset the Indigenous Population there (I guess that was the plan). The Greaseman was on DC101 on the FM dial back in the day and that was his word for “dindu” (the ‘IP’).

    Anyhow, I and most of my friends, and their parents, (the whites in the middle class suburbs IOW) well understood the “problem” but felt it was out of our control to do anything about it. Except move away… which we all did. I haven’t been back since the 90’s. I took a senior class trip to the Inner Harbor in about ’86 and had my fill of the culture and restaurants in one afternoon. Nothing else to see there—move on. Why are youts STILL THERE? This is very mysterious to me. Not ONE of my former friends/family/classmates/associates is within 300 miles of that armpit now, yet others (like Z) have chosen to stay on and complain about the flora and fauna. Why? It’s a big country. Go where the Whites are. Leave the niggly bears to their dirty dens. When it all falls apart, we can come back and sweep out the bones and ashes and rebuild. It’s not that hard to comprehend.

    • Hmm, I think there is an acculturation effect of younger peeps have never known any different and hence can’t imagine better circumstances. It’s like the frog in gradually heated water.

    • I like to think Z does it for us! He’s got a front row seat to give us a sneak preview of what’s coming to the rest of America. Myself, I live in a Chicago suburban area full of Mexicans, Indians (dot), Muslims, and a few blacks. It’s at the point now where I go to Wal-Mart and happen to see a white person, I say to myself, “hey there’s a white guy!” This will be “Coming soon to a neighborhood near you.”

  6. When I was a kid in suburban Chicago, there was an amusement park near my house called Adventureland. At some point, they started busing in vibrants from the city; I recall going there and being exposed to these types for the first time. The kids would cut in the ride lines right in front of you; yell and scream, and generally raise hell. Adventureland went out of business a couple of years after the yellow buses started appearing.

    • Glen Echo Park, on the Potomac River across the line from DC. Old Southern family finally caved to the righteous and integrated it, early sixties.Took two years. After the second riot, they just closed it on the spot. A couple thousand vibrants walked back to DC down Mass Ave, ripping off every car antenna on the way.

      • Wow, the Wikipedia entry for that manages to almost entirely obscure the consequences.

        “…was finally closed after the 1968 season.”

        “…the park opened its doors to all races for the 1961 season”

        Very next sentence: “The last operating park ride, and one of the highlights of the park today…”

        “Since 1971, Glen Echo Park has been part of the National Park Service.”

        (Translation: Since 1961, the park has been wholly unable to operate at a profit.)


  7. Great article. I personally think the percentage of blacks needed to cause trouble is much lower.

    I saw this first hand while as a high school student in the early 80’s. in the high deserts of Southern California. We had maybe 10% blacks on campus – usually no more than one or two blacks in a class. However they made up in lack of number by being violent(the black females were very bad as well). At lunch they would take over the basketball courts and gym area. In general whites did not associate with blacks at all. It was never openly talked about but we white boys knew blacks were trouble.

    Well every so often the blacks would attack a white boy or girl (who they would slash with their metal combs) and it would start a race riot. There were maybe no more than a two hundred plus blacks on a campus out of 2000 students. Yet they caused endless trouble

    That was my first exposure to race realism. Later my parents and uncle gave the “The talk” about blacks and to avoid them like the plague.

    I cannot think of a place where they don’t cause trouble.

  8. Detroit is the poster child for ‘Black Run America’, to use Paul Kersey’s phrase. I’ve found that growing up there as a white person is alienating when you deal with white people from almost anywhere else. They just don’t know. Maybe as the Great Replacement continues and more places come to resemble Detroit more young whites will come of age with the innate understanding of race that we acquired accidentally in Detroit.

    Speaking of PaulKersey his many books on America’s black dystopias are well worth reading, especially if you have any connection with one of the cities.

    He’s written about-

    Baltimore: “The City That Bleeds: Race, History, and the Death of Baltimore”

    Selma: “The Truth About Selma: What Happened When the Cameras Left and the Marching Stopped”

    Atlanta: “Black Mecca Down: The Collapse of the City too Busy to Hate”

    Chicago: “Second City Confidential: The Black Experience in Chicago”

    St. Louis: “Bell Curve City: St. Louis, Ferguson, and the Unmentionable Racial Realities That Shape Them”

    And two on Detroit: “Escape from Detroit:The Collapse of America’s Black Metropolis” and “Detroit: The Unauthorized Autopsy of America’s Bankrupt Black Metropolis”

    They also make fun Christmas presents for liberals on your shopping list.

    • Just a couple weeks shadowing my wife around as she deals with our rental properties would wake a lot of people up.

      Maybe we should offer “adventure tours!”

    • Bingo! That’s the author I was trying to think of, earlier, who wrote the series of books on different “vibrant” cities, covering both history, how they got that way, and where they are today.

  9. Interesting to see a “closing restaurant” story that didn’t complain about a “labor shortage”. The rest of the country is routinely treated to journalists fear-mongering about the end of restaurants because Drumpf is breaking up families.

    Blacks love to complain about gentrification, but black developers are in the best position to cash in. Spike Lee made millions off of real estate, he certainly isn’t alone among the black overclass.

    • Very true. Many middle income blacks have been cashing out by selling their brownstones in Harlem as that neighborhood gentrifies.
      Black people complain when white people leave… “white flight”, and they complain when we move back in… “gentrification”.

  10. Tom Wolfe’s Bonfire of the Vanities pretty much covered it. I suppose the shrug you get from 99% of whites when you say “South Africa” covers it too. Then you have Starbucks. The social cost of noticing these things is still too high. Better just order Blue Apron and watch Netflix.

    • And just as good (or better), his “A Man in Full” about Atlanta. Heck he even ventured into that territory in “I am Charlotte Simmons.”

  11. “….If you look back at the population mix of cities like Baltimore and Detroit, they thrived up to the point where their vibrancy crossed the 25% line…..”

    Or can the reason be that liberal progressives – white or black – were elected to run these cities and it was all downhill from that point forward?

    I do not know the stats for black on white crime in, say, Brooklyn, but it’s safe to say it’s a lot lower than in Baltimore. This has nothing to do with how DeCommio runs the city, but is due to whatever police / anti-crime policies remain that were instituted by former Mayor Guiliani.

    As for “locals work hard to avoid noticing the obvious,” IMHO they do notice it, but the obvious cannot be said aloud and certainly cannot be printed in any newspaper.

    We know locals see the obvious simply from the actions of white progressives; they choose to live far removed from the black underclass they purport to “support;” they send their kids to good schools (i.e., schools with very few, if any, blacks or hispanics) and they do not vacation in Haiti or Zimbabwe.

    Very recently (as seen online) the NYC Board of Education decided that a highly regarded, lily white public elementary (middle?) school on the Upper West Side of Manhattan (a wealthy, elitist, very very liberal if not outright Marxist, and 10000% Obama supporters) area should be “desegregated,” by bringing in X% blacks/hispanic students.

    Well, the white liberal progressive elitist, Marxist parents had a total scheisse fit over this which the Board of Ed official – in his stupidity and ignorance – found “shocking.” ( I bet the official sends his kids to some lily white public or private school).

    Locals always see reality because it is local; it affects them and they take appropriate action to protect themselves and esp. their kids.
    For whites and middle class blacks this means getting out of dodge.

    Note that the Obama’s (did you know Obama was the first black president?) does not send his kids to Morgan State or Howard U; he sends them to lily white Ivy League schools.
    And oh yea, he vacations amongst the uber rich WHITE folks as opposed to “getting down” with his bros and hoes in “the hood.”

    Yep, like all liberal progressives, white or black, he too talks the talk, but he sure as hell will not walk the walk.

    Everybody local sees the reality, but they know it must remain unsaid.

    • No, White-run progressive cities like San Francisco and Portland manage to be successful for much longer — until the systemic flaws with depending on other peoples’ money cause the system to collapse even with a fairly intelligent white populace as workhorses.

    • JohnTyler- I agree with your point, but need to quibble over the details.
      I live in NYC, and the school you’re referring to on the UWS is not lily white. In fact it’s approximately half non white, depending on year. The non white kids at that school are Asians and upper middle class black and Hispanic, and they historically score quite high on the state testing, which is what counts in NYC schools because it can determine who gets into the limited spots at the rigorously high quality middle and high schools.
      DiBlasio showcased his new School Chancellor, Carranza, who pretended to be shocked, but really wasn’t. Carranza is a neo-Marxist Mexican from the West Coast, and still doesn’t know how to navigate the Byzantine political lanscape of NYC.
      The people who have children attending that school are not wealthy, at least not by NYC standards, and have every right to be upset that their nice school is about to be turned upside down by an influx of dysfunctional ghetto brats.
      This has been done to other schools in NYC, and the result is always the same… chaos and lowered standards. And of course, the ghetto kids will not be reformed or saved by attending this school, and everyone will be generally miserable from here on out.
      A lot of people assume uniform extreme wealth when they hear Upper West Side, but there can be wild swings in average income in that neighborhood from block to block.
      Central Park West has some of the wealthiest people on Earth, while 2 avenues west of that contains very middle class people, none of whom can afford private schools.
      But, your overall point stands.

  12. City guide books for tourists are the worst. The poor condition, or decline, of various parts of a city are always whites’ fault. And when describing the good parts of a city, the writers always slip in something about how people of color are kept out, or deprived of it. A book that should be fun reading, instead makes you feel guilty.
    And whites have never left a section of the city because of “fear”. You won’t see that word. These things read like college sociology textbooks. Someone should start an Alt-Right city guide series filled with real talk.

    • Someone should create an alt-right navigation app that changes background colour according to the dangerousness of the neighbourhood through which you’re passing. It could be calculated according to census data. White background on the map for normal white neighbourhoods, changing to pink and all the way up to flashing red for dangerous black ghettos. There could be a different colour for Hispanics. And it could have a feature to calculate the fastest route to safety.

    • There’s a series that used to be advertised on sites like AmericanRennaissance, (of course, I forget the author) — one on Baltimore, one on Detroit, one on Birmingham, etc. They’re probably still advertised today. They MAY be by Colin Flaherty of “White Girl Bleed a Lot” but don’t quote me on that.

  13. Years ago I briefly lived in the Mt. Vernon and Federal Hill neighborhoods. I learned from a long-time resident who lived near Johns Hopkins that carrying a separate wallet with cash helped make a mugging both survivable and financially painless. The only noticeable murder activity seemed to involve the gays living and “partying” near Mt. Vernon.

    I did see the beginning of the end on Sunday afternoons at the Inner Harbor where nary a white face could be seen among the vibrancy.

    • I last visited the Inner Harbor around 1997 I think, and I was shocked by how badly it had deteriorated since my prior visit about 10 years earlier. Hell, I remember when the place first opened! You could not pay me to visit today.

  14. The funny thing about Detroit is that even the black people realized that shitting in their own nest was suicidal. Last two elections they elected a white mayor. If only Flint would follow their lead. Of course when things improve a little, back to the brothers for office.

    • There is an element, a sizable element, with the black population that gets it and would be fine with white rule. Growing up, I remember black guys saying “you never ant a black boss if you’re black.” The reason was the black boss would be both incompetent and determined to show off for his white peers. Or worse, the black boss would try to hold his black charges to a higher standard.

      In a city like Baltimore, you could install a white government, dispense with elections and just have black leaders as part of the advisory board. You could cut crime in half and make the city much more livable. But, muh democracy.

      • Multiculturalism or democracy, pick one.
        Expanding on your point, the whole state of California would probably be better off at this point if the Feds dissolved the state govt and Trump appointed a governor-general. But muh democracy and muh riots.

      • You hit the nail on the head…All of my apprentices who were black hated working for a black foreman…We had some great discussions on it and they told me it was because black people don’t like other black people to succeed…I ask them why that it is you think and they each had different answers but one that was prevalent was they thought if other blacks were successful then their own accomplishments were diminished somehow so they made it as tough as possible for other blacks…

  15. As Chris Rock pointed out: “Every town has two shopping malls: the one where white people go, and the one where white people used to go.”

  16. I love how the lexicon has shifted to evade the censors when anything like this gets discussed. “Vibrancy” is a particularly useful term, well-understood by anyone half-informed. My particular favourite was the naming of the barriers designed to stop jihadists driving trucks into people in European cities as “diversity bollards”.

  17. Whites will soon no longer be able to flee the aggression and chaos of vibrancy. Vibrancy is used to being able to bully and aggress on whites with no real consequences. They have developed a sense of entitlement about it, and an expectation that said aggression will be meekly endured.

    This is partly because of conditioning to be sure..many whites believe on some level that they deserve to be brutalised by colour. But it is also because it is simply easier for whites to move. Once there are no more places to go, whites will finally be forced to face vibrancy. And thats when the white gangs will form.

    • White gangs used to be common up until the early Seventies.
      Even NYC still had white ethnic neighborhood gangs in the 70’s. But then white flight began in earnest, and accelerated in the 80’s and beyond, and suburban kids don’t really start gangs, at least not like the ones I remember from the 70’s.
      Dense, urban environments with ethnic enclaves almost guarantee gang activity with young males.

      • The NYC Orthodox Jews still have a mafia gang-The Shomrin, and it’s fully funded w/tax money. They have their own separate police force, own ambulance services, own local security, etc.

        • See what can be accomplished when you band together we could maybe learn a thing or two about that from them…

  18. I’m always very happy when a nice new restaurant opens up in our little town or one of the nearby towns. Traveling into the hood for food was never worth it to me.

  19. Yeah. Interesting developments in this fight for urban control. I have a cousin who loves in Lagos. Pretty much what you’d expect: he’s single, no kids, some cash to spend on renovation of a cool old house in a sketchy-but-gentrifying part of town. He and gay couples are whites that local governments can tolerate, mostly because they can be counted on not to have kids and start demanding improvements to schools.

    Similar sort of thing going on in Birmingham (Kinshasa on the Cahaba?) Just beginning the re-colonization process with those hardy colonists who show up once there are a sufficient number of local breweries and eateries with character. They elected a mayor who is making the right noises and showing an enthusiasm for some good-government theater – bringing in some discipline to the transit authority’s corruption and so on.

    But, at the same time, they are seeding these colonies with section 8 housing: mothers with children who will have better lives if they are around whites, such is the power of those people. It’s pretty clever, since it insures at least a background-level of racial violence in these colonies & limits the scale of their imperial ideas.

  20. Don’t know about vibrancy but my son lived in Memphis last year and spoke of the shrinking area where it was safe to be in Memphis proper.

  21. They have shown signs that they might want a return to segregation in having separate college commencements. I suggest we act on this and create tribal trust areas where they can be fully 100% vibrant without ever being tempted to hurt any whites.

    Let’s call it Africa.

    • Yes, a growing number of colleges and even high schools have instituted separate ceremonies, but it’s a one way street.
      Blacks, and bizarrely, Latinos can have their own, segregated commencements, but they are always allowed to “white” commencements.
      White people can NEVER be allowed to self segregate.
      That would be evil.
      The double standard in this country is monstrous, and sickening.

    • Yeah, and why do we need forced school integration, yet there are all these all black colleges and medical schools? And those graduates take job and residency positions from whites! Seen it happen. Which is it, do they need to be with us or away from us? What’s the magic formula?

      • Unfortunately, if I told you the only magic formula, I’d receive an unwelcome late night visit.

        • @LineintheSand
          There is one that would work and has no violence at the onset but “I’m sure it would get around to it” and that is to Build Communities of the likeminded but people haven’t had enough pain or vibrancy yet to do it…That’s the only nonviolent solution at this point that will work…The rich have already done it and it seems to be working for them but we on the other hand haven’t figured that out yet…

          • You’d have to keep it completely hush-hush, because every group that’s openly tried, has been shut down. You are not allowed to do that, most places.

          • Remember BO’s plan to desegregate white areas (housing) or no funding? I read that Ben Carson has gotten rid of that. Go, Ben.

      • There is NO “double standard.” (That’s as lame as DR3.) It’s quite simple. What’s theirs is only theirs, and what’s ours is also theirs.

      • the “affordable” care act had quotas in it — don’t meet the quota, if you’re a med school or research institution, you don’t get the gov. funds. As far as I know, that has not been removed. BO put the same thing in schools, with quota-systems for school funding (discipline-wise)- do not not if that one has been removed, but we all saw how “stopping the school-to-prison pipeline” kept Cruz (Parkland) out of the system and therefore eligible to buy a gun.

  22. It is a measure of the media’s power that most people deny that blacks are more criminal than other groups. This falsehood is as great as any upon which communism is based.

    Jared Taylor began his activism 30 years ago believing that people would see the truth with a dispassionate presentation of the facts. Instead, today, we see the beginnings of a social campaign to punish whites who call the police on blacks. My sister refuses to believe that blacks are suspended from school more often because they cause more trouble. I marvel and despair.

      • That’s the $64,000 question, and when confronted with it, Goodwhites will either immediately shut up, or insinuate you’re a racist for even asking it.
        The media is almost wholly responsible for this. The prestige media, NYT/WASHPO/etc., set the tone with endless streams of articles and hand wringing editorials. Every time a black person is insulted it gets turned into a national issue, meanwhile, tens of thousands of whites are killed by blacks, millions of whites forced to leave their neighborhoods due to rising crime, and you hear crickets from our elites, or they turn the tables and coin cute terms like “white flight”, and blame whitey for running.
        I truly despise the people crafting and maintaining this narrative. They have poisoned race relations in this country, feeding into and aggravating black paranoia, almost challenging black people to view all whites as monsters, while skillfully ignoring white suffering and the mass exodus of whites out of urban areas after the large scale riots of the 60’s.
        Orwellian doesn’t even begin to describe the scale of this project, and yet it continues unabated, and has been so effective that many millions of whites reflexively side with the black underclass and revile other white people.
        It is truly sinister.

    • If your sister has a degree, test her–ask her to sign up as a sub in an inner-city school. She’ll change her mind real quick.

  23. I think Paul Kersey calls it the “black undertow.” I forget the exact percentage at which he said to pop smoke and get the hell out, but it’s something around 15% to 20% in my experience, and it also depends on where and how the black element is scattered. Queens, New York, for instance, was a nightmare in the 80s after crack exploded, but most of the bloodshed was confined to the Southside/Jamaica/Baisley. Working and middle-class whites (mostly Italians with some balls) still lived in places like Astoria and dindus knew if they caused trouble in the cul-de-sacs where whites were raising families, those blue color whites had friends in construction, police, emergency services, transit, etc. who would make them pay. The “Ferguson Effect” that Steve Sailer writes about existed well before Ferguson. A large number of working-class whites who won’t put up with shit from underclass black thugs means that normal black people have a more peaceful existence, and less crime. Hollis (where the rap group Run DMC came from) was stable and practically Mr. Rogers/Sesame Street while the rest of Queens went to shit, because it was surrounded by urban archipelagos of white, Italian, and Shtetl-type Jews (not like our problem Jews). That New York is dead because of shitty insane mayors and governors (Paterson was a literally blind dindu, which should tell you something). Giuliani was a katechon but he could only hold back the storm so long. We need more Bernie Goetz’s and Frank Borzellieris to face this problem at the neighborhood level. Local politics is really where whites can fight the good fight. Google Frank if you’ve never heard of him. It sounds corny but one white man on the school board can hold off an army of nutty leftists if he has the fortitude.

    • My father who was career Army from WWII to the late 60’s used to talk about blacks in the Army. He stated that once a unit had more than 12% blacks it started having discipline problems and they just got worse as the number of black soldiers increased. The officers knew this quite well and always tried to keep the number of blacks in their units low.

      During Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom the public got numerous reports of women soldiers being raped on American bases in Kuwait and Southern Iraq. What was not disclosed was that these were logistics units with very high percentages of black enlisted personnel, some upwards of 90%. IOW the black soldiers reverted to predatory behavior once they had the numbers on their side and since the NCO corps is larded up with the mofo’s, they knew they faced little in the way repercussions.

      Similar crap happened with the Army DI’s some time back when a whole slew of them were accused of sleeping with female trainees in return for favors. Guess what? It was black DI’s doing this.

      • That’s why I became a Marine artilleryman back in the day. Less shiftless negroes in the Corps as a whole because we upheld real standards of discipline in the Fleet, and the fact that the intelligence and math skills needed to actually perform gunnery weeded out most all negroes from leadership positions-every officer, every first sergeant was white. There was never a negro fire direction controlman in my battery, and over four years, only one negro chief of the piece. It was literally as close to a racially segregated pre-1948 unit you could get in 2001, and it was glorious. There were no women either.

        • If you’re were a Marine rifleman (I almost typed ex-Marine and had to correct myself) – maybe you can answer this question. Around where I live (about 20 miles outside of Boston in the burbs) – I see a pretty good amount of those small Marine stickers on people’s car windows. It’s distinctly different than what I see when I travel down south to North or South Carolina – where I definitely notice a lot of Army related bumper-stickery on people’s vehicles.

          Now – I’ve heard it said that New England is actually MORE racist than a lot of other areas of the country (the lefties blatherings about equality not-withstanding). So your post makes me wonder – and I’ve wondered for a while while there seems to be a preference for Marine service in this area.

          Is there some nexus going on between New Englander’s alleged racism – and there preference to serve in the Marines? Or is it maybe an intelligence or tradition thing?

          It’s just a difference I’ve noticed – and I’m wondering what might be causing it.

          • Probably because Marines have a cult like devotion to the Corps, you’re going to see stickers on our vehicles at a far higher rate in New England because there is no big bases from the other services to foul the pool, so to speak, up there. All the big army or Air Force bases are down south, so down there, there’s more army/chair force fag stickers alongside the USMC ones because there’s thousands of base personnel and dependents and retirees in the vicinity. As far as regional/ethnic ratios, I can only speak for combat arms as I was an artilleryman who operated alongside infantrymen and tankers in the invasion in 03, and immediately after, not years later when hardly anyone left the base. Mattis converted us to a provisional rifle company and I did grunt stuff my second time over. Patrolling with a 240G. As far as I remember, only one guy in my battery was from Boston. We had a lot of Southern whites and a lot of Mexicans from California.

          • All I can offer is anecdotal evidence, but as someone born in downtown ATL in the mid-60s, & raised just outside of Birmingham in the boonies, I was stunned when I began traveling to various NE cities, as an adult.
            I’d actually never seen/heard that kind of racial animosity before. Yes, I’d had plenty of experiences with Southerners saying nigger around other whites, telling jokes about them, but I’d never experienced the vitriol & open hatred.
            Now, I’m not implying it wasn’t completely justified, it was just a foreign concept to me. Jim Crow might have been well over, but for the most part, we still functioned as if wasn’t.

      • Some years back there were sustained demands from the locals to remove the US military from Okinawa, the outrage being driven by endless rapes.The race of the perps was not once mentioned so far as I know.

        • Was about to comment about Okinawa. While race was never mentioned, once could intuit it by sheer number of Jacksons and Washingtons involved. First names were an instant clue.

        • Unsurprisingly, that unpalatable fact about certain ethnic groups propensity to rape held true in WWII, as well as as far back as the Civil War. The vast majority of Union Army soldiers executed for rape were the United States Colored Troops.

        • I do recall at least one case of a rape occurring in Okinawa where the perps were shown : and they were black.

          • So do I. My poor memory wants to think it was rape/murder and young girls, but i could be wrong.

        • The one that kicked off the massive protests in 1995 was by three blacks, a corpsman and two Marines. The corpsman was the ringleader.

          I was stationed on the island at the time, on MCAS Futenma. Not a good time.

      • You can go a lot higher up the chain-of-command to find black malefactors. Try the first black Command Sergeant Major of the Army, the highest-ranking enlisted man. Gene McKinney is one of those black historic firsts you don’t hear much about, for good reason, though I heard all the stories when I was in: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gene_McKinney

      • I’ll go with that. When we were moving around and looking at different districts to teach in, 10-12% was where we’d draw the line.

  24. About white on black crime: far from true in my experience! I live in what might be styled Lagos in the woods or cotton field, and there was a murder of a white woman about a street over several years ago by a group of yoots. The locals (whites) were making the most bizarre arguments in their defense, such as “they were only trying to shoot her purse out of her hands.” They have consolidated around the mantra “she tried to resist,” like this was an arrest or something. No non perp was present at the scene, so I can’t understand how anyone would know that.

    There have been multiple other, seemingly random or “racially motivated” murders since then, always of white women by blacks, and few people even seem aware of them or acknowledge they happened. Racial motives are always firmly denied. The people who know will say “gang activity” and then reassure you that “there are more white gangs than black.”

    • We used to have a certain group in the South that kept certain lines from being crossed, to both races mutual benefit. It used to contain well respected local leaders as well as policemen, and white women didn’t get murdered, or there were well known consequences. Unfortunately, the FBI destroyed that organization in the 1960s.

      • They also enforced civility in white people, some 1/4 of their lynching victims were white. Renegade justice is not a real solution though.

        Everyone forgets the entire black world tried to unite under Haile Selassie as the reincarnation of Jesus Christ. It was a big part of the reggae movement along with smoking weed as sacrament.

        Had a lot to do with communists and socialists wanting to go to war with Italy for invading Ethiopia to claim debt owed to them, shortly before WW2 started.

        Black propensity for ridiculous superstitions is a ripe vulnerability.

        • I *may* have had a relative or two, (my husband as well), that might have been affiliated w/such a group, roughly around the 1920s-1950s time period.
          The stories I was told, is that in these 90-95% white areas, nearly all of the “community justice” was handed out to white men who were wife beaters, thieves, mean drunks, kiddie touchers, men who refused to work and support their families, and so forth.
          The interraction w/blacks only occurring when it dealt w/black on white dealings, & that they kept themseles apart from those communities otherwise, leaving them to handle their own affairs, unless it bled over into white areas.
          Now, knowing these men, knowing that they were all church going, hard-working family men, (a couple were very friendly w/upstanding blacks, having them over to their homes, sharing rides to and from work), I think the Hollywood version of these folks was, for the most part, purely propaganda.
          I’m not saying there wasn’t any racism or hatred, (that goes both ways, then as it does now), but what I am saying, is that if we went back in time & began living in their environment, I don’t believe we’d be any different.

      • In any Eco-system, remove a species natural predator without replacement or subsequent culling, and the species will outgrow it’s local habitat and ruin it.

    • So … what part of what Zman said about white on black crime is “far from true?”

      • That whites really take notice when black on white crime occurs. But they must to some degree because white flight is real, of course. But then again other factors contribute to white flight, such as schools. There may be a cognitive dissonance at work; at a visceral level people get it, but don’t say it.

  25. I’ve long had a nasty train of thought. Take the number of blacks lynched by terrible white people. Say 3,000, ignoring that many may actually have been guilty of terrible crimes. Compare that number to the number of white people killed by blacks. Is it possible to calculate that number? Personally, I think we’re way past even.

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