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The show this week was a technological struggle. The mic I had been using started to give me trouble, so I had the bright idea of upgrading the recording gear. Now I have a bunch of wires hanging off the desk, which bugs me no end. Worse yet, I’m not entirely sure how to use the new stuff. I’ve muddled through, but I have much to learn. That said, if I’m going to do this right, I should learn how to use the proper equipment.

The funny thing about doing something like this is you get into a rhythm, as far as picking topics and the recording schedule. Every day I take some time to look for material, surfing reliable sites. Then I make some notes on what I find and think about what I want to say about it. Every evening, I record a little. When something changes, like the technical issues this week, it can throw you off your game. But, I suffer for my art.

This week I have the usual variety of items in the now standard format. Spreaker has the full show. I am up on Google Play now, so the Android commies can take me along when out disrespecting the country. I am on iTunes, which means the Apple Nazis can listen to me on their Hitler phones. The anarchists can catch me on iHeart Radio. YouTube also has the full podcast. Of course, there is a download link below.

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  1. A little late to the conversation, but Gain is basically volume depending on where it’s applied – before or after a given effect or nothing more than thru the channel. Best with your new equipment, but a general rule is to check 250k and reduce it to a degree to make the mid-range (your voice in this case) sound better. Back it down a bit and see how it sounds to you. There is much more to be had with a few simple rules on any basic gear.
    Good luck and please present a detailed list of gear for a more detailed opinion. I have access to a very talented long time engineer who’s opinion is free.

  2. Thanks for another great podcast. One of my weekly listening pleasures.

    I had to laugh quite hard during the crab picking segment. The Eastern Shore has been playing the H1A game for several decades. IIRC they have a group housing setup for the workers and most importees are female. The hours are long and the work tedious. The humorous part was imagining the welfare queens working 6 days a week and not eating half of the product.

    Quite a lot of the crab places in Baltimore City and the suburbs are kept afloat by using SNAP benefits to pay for the crabs then charging a buck to steam them. Of course the locals then toss the consumed crabs wherever. Nothing like working in an alley on a hot day with crab remains rotting nearby…

  3. Another great podcast! Really enjoy them. By the way, re your Kansas item, “Olathe” has 3 syllables, not two, and the a is long. It’s the county seat of Johnson County in the Greater Kansas City area.

  4. The house was quiet, i tried one more time to listen to the podcast. My very poor hearing has not been up to the task before. What a pleasant surprise! Closed captioning! Thank you!

  5. I was watching a German news show’s coverage of the Iraqi elections, and they interviewed the guy who threw his shoes at George W. Bush. They asked him if he regretted throwing the shoes, and he said that his only regret was that he didn’t have more shoes to throw. He’s regarded as the Iraqi Nathan Hale, pretty much. “My only regret is that I have only two shoes to throw for my country.” Years ago I was in Sadr City, which is like a borough of Baghdad, and makes the worst American ghetto look like a daycare center. When we came through, sanitation workers were literally wearing hip waders and using push-brooms to slosh the blood from a recent attack into the gutters. I’m telling you now that the difference between Saddam and Sadr is the difference between John Gotti and El Chapo. Killing someone like Saddam or Qaddafi is like slaying the zookeepers and releasing all the animals. The Middle East is like “Chinatown.” Try to do “as little as possible.”

  6. Hey Z- who are those bums in your family portrait in the blog header? And who is the artist?

    My Friday was RUINED because I couldn’t listen to the lecture – no time! Give’s me something good for tomorrow though.

  7. In unrelated news today, in the wake of a school shooting, the left has been harshly ripping the beloved boomercon/Charlie Kirk meme of “attractive white woman holding firearms”. The gun rights movement is descending into farce as any sense of responsibility is disappearing. No matter how hard they try, some US upper middle class thot is not an equivalent to “girls of the IDF”.

    • On a related point, left-wing teacher unions will never support allowing staff to receive training to conceal carry in the building. The GOP has been whipped by several teacher strikes this year, and the unions will be a key momentum driver for this November that they were not in ’16.

      The proper solution is to pull the troops out of Korea/Japan following a peace deal. Use those funds to provide a school resource officer to every building in the country.

  8. Another great podcast Z. Always feel a little bit better after listening to it.

    Kind of like a recovery program 🙂 Nice to know there’s other people out there that think the same.

    Well spoken with a sense of humor to boot !

  9. I appreciate Z for challenging Enoch. We can’t afford intellectual complacency. Mike believes we must exclude all J*s and Z thinks we can partner with some of them and cannot appear mean-spirited to normies. I agree that it would be a boon to have those capable J*s as allies. In theory, there may be individual J*s who will support us without treachery but in practice how do you screen for them? J*s are one of the most ethnocentric and devious peoples in history. Even trustworthy J*s will probably have kids that revert back to the anti-white mean.

    • This is where the Internet can be used against the J-left. Social media history, occupation, etc. A question like “how do you feel about Israel defending it’s borders with deadly force?” and other such things (BDS perhaps). Maybe take a page from Identity Evropa and screen people. Personally I think we should do everything in our power to encourage aliyah.

  10. thank you for using a mic and not being a cheapo like one well-known podcaster who despite making a ton of money uses an internal iMac mic and thus has really bad audio quality.

  11. “Gain” is the sensitivity control. Turning it up will make things more distorted, but also bigger-sounding in the overall mix.

  12. Double dose of Zman today. Good job on the Shoah. First heard about you from Kevin Michael Grace. Been enjoying your stuff ever since.

    • Thanks. I was not sure I would get along with those guys, but my reservations were misplaced. They are good guys. Honest and fair is all you can ask and they were honest and fair with me.

  13. “Then 28 of the 44 people in the room also took off their clothes…”

    Makes me worried that the insanity Cornell implanted in the young woman may be contagious.

  14. Any podcast that opens with reference to the Defenestration of Prague is worthy of high praise. I have listened to every one of your podcasts and find them overall to be witty, incisive and superior to so much of the drivel that is spewed across the net. Keep up the good work.

    • “Defenestration” is one of my favorite words. Several years ago had a dev project we were working on with IBM….typical of IBM they brought a gazillion people who did nothing to every meeting. Finally I pulled their PM aside and told him he had a limit of 7 people per meeting…all excess attendees would be summarily defenestrated from our 35th floor window.

  15. Here is why Clinton and Obama and all the big fish are headed to prison (or worse). They have raised the stakes so high, that Trump has no choice but to ensure they are smashed permanently. Otherwise they will get him after he is out of office.

  16. I appreciate what you do, Zman. Over the past weekend, I worked in an office by myself and listened to most of your previous broadcasts on youtube, one after another. I’ll listen to them all and then relisten. You are extraordinarily profound and I continue to learn from you and the others who post on this blog. Everyone, keep up the good work.

  17. You can Google image search Letitia Chai and find pictures of her in her bra and panties while she stands in front of the classroom. She’s a decent-looking Asian chick with a bit of a plain jane body. Z-man aptly points to her behavior as an example of feminism’s wackiness. Chai’s antics offer a nice illustration of how half of what feminism claims to represent contradicts the other half.

    • Unless it’s light colored underwear it’s not really underwear. Not in the embarrassing sense underwear is meant to be. A black sports bra and dark panties is a cop-out. She wants credit for going true undie? Sorry, no dice.

      • Probably best not to give her credit for much of anything. Doing so would only encourage her foolishness.

  18. What Theforgottenman wrote, with bells on it. I appreciate good craftsmanship. The content is interesting, too.


    Regarding the Bohemian Revolt segment, two words:
    Byzantine Empire

    If nobody _expects_ the Spanish Inquisition, everybody _forgets_ the Byzantine Empire as the other part of Christendom and “The West.” Whether as a counter-example of how Western Civ is done or as the unbroken repository of Western writings going back to the ancients.

    The tribe has their “Next year in Jerusalem,” but I find more stirring, “Next year in Constantinople.”

    • Here here, I heard you on the shoah today,
      But never made the connection, been reading your blog through WRSA for a couple of years.
      Thank you for your dedication, clear analysis and patience with the trs boys.

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