Repost: Why I Hate Soccer

Note: This is a rewrite of a popular post from four years ago, the last time I had a reason to think about international kick-ball. I’ve expanded on the topic a bit and updated the references to make it more timely. This will be the last soccer post for four years.

Way back in the olden thymes, when the World Cup was held in the United States, I went to the games played in Foxboro. I happen to be at the airport when the Greek team arrived, so I got to see them buying Marlboros at the gift shop. Seeing a bunch of swarthy guys chain smoking outside the terminal is my main memory of international soccer. That and how all of them were glaring at every piece of tail in sight. It was as if they just got out of prison. Little dogs and little men have no control of their sex drive.

That said, it was a good time in Boston during the World Cup and I had fun at the games I attended. Soccer is boring, dull and tedious on television. The fake injuries are so absurd and embarrassing it is hard to tolerate. In person, the game is much better. When Raul collapses in a heap, acting like he took a cannonball to the knee, the crowd roars in unison, thus making it more like a stage play than a sporting event. You lose that interplay on TV, so it comes off as absurd. That and the Greek fans I was with knew how to jeer.

Watching soccer live is also better than TV, because you get to see the players that are not involved in the play. They are often chatting with one another like they are old friends bumping into one another on a stroll. On TV, the camera follows the ball and the players all look busy. Live, you also get a better sense of what’s really happening. The strategy comes into focus sooner than on TV. Since most of the games are fixed, it all makes more sense when you get to see all of the action and not just the group around the ball.

World Cup soccer and Olympic soccer are fun because so much is at stake. The Little League World Series gets big TV ratings in the U.S. for the same reason. People don’t watch little kids play baseball, unless it’s their kids. Put the same kids in an international tournament and suddenly the nation gets interested. There’s also the fact that the World Cup features the best players in the world. The fact is, Lionel Mesi or Neymar kicking a ball around will always seem more thrilling than two unknown guys.

Now, what has always turned me off about soccer is the cultural angle. When I was a boy, our betters in America were trying to force soccer and the metric system on us. The people doing it were all loathsome snobs. Worse yet, all of them were the children of working class people who should have known better. But, their parents sent them off to the state college and they came back thinking they were sophisticated citizens of the world, so they loved soccer. Yep, soccer was a Boomer fetish.

Even all these year on, I still think of those smug assholes of my youth, whenever soccer comes to my attention. I associate it with the ridiculous poseurs who turn up in every Progressive cultural fad. I’ve probably heard “it is the most popular sport in the world” a million times in my life. That is the sort of thing stupid people say when they want to sound sophisticated. In most of the world, soccer is the sport of the poor and lower classes. That means our bourgeois bohemians are aping the mores of chavs. Good job phonies!

A recent development, one that I find most irritating, is the fake passion of cosmopolitan men for Premiere League teams in Britain. They saw videos of Euro-guy with his hands on his head in agony over a soccer match and now they are pretending to have had a lifelong passion for a soccer club in England. I have a friend who used to call soccer “fag ball” until about a decade ago. He became a vegan and started following soccer. He wears a Man U jersey. He says “footie” now. He went bald and his wife is fat. That’s justice.

It is all a pose, of course. What’s odious about the poseur is he turns his self-loathing into your problem. The poseur apes the styles and attitude of others because he hates himself and cannot stand the sight of himself. His comical pretensions force everyone else to play along, in order to be polite. Everyone knows the poseur is full of crap, but the guy who says what everyone thinks, risks being castigated for being rude. These people turn our morality on its head, by making our virtues into vices. They deserve to be hated.

One other thing that turns me off is the “you don’t understand the complexity of the sport” line from people who probably don’t understand the sport at all. Soccer’s appeal is based on its simplicity. Real fans know this, but poseurs prattle on about the complexity in order to shift the focus from their misplaced and irrational love for a foreign sport, onto the skepticism of their critics. In other words, they don’t really like soccer, they just want to signal their membership in a group they believe is superior. It is Star Bellied Sneetch-ism.

Another thing about soccer is the coverage in the American sporting press. The same people who normalized porn, have tried to use soccer in their war on whites. They have endlessly promoted soccer, despite the fact Americans have limited interest. Whenever there is a big match in Europe, we get coverage of how the foreign fans reacted to the result. A standing head in the sporting press is “Watch Fans React To…” and then the thing that happened in a soccer match. It’s an effort to weaponize the bandwagon effect.

Of course, now that European teams look more like refugee camps than European, the anti-whites love soccer even more. They use the browning of the traditional World Cup powers as “proof” that the great replacement is going to be wonderful. You can almost hear them saying, “See how much better sports will be when the whites are replaced with the non-whites?” Like so much about society, soccer has become another weapon wielded by the anti-whites in the race war. It is a reminder of what they plan for us.

Anyway, that’s my problem with soccer.

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  1. Have two soccer Fanatics in the house right now. Wife and father-in-law were glued to the TV.

    They didn’t even notice I had gone out for a walk 🙂

    Great post Z seems you a bit more vicious in the past. Looks like you’ve mellowed out with age 🙂

  2. “Of course, now that European teams look more like refugee camps than European, the anti-whites love soccer even more.”

    Like the NFL and the NBA, by any chance? I know, it’s like watching South Africa or Zimbabwe play in the States, but… each to their own. I’d rather not be bored out my skull watching basketball to see which team misses a score first in order to decide the winner.

    Incidentally, while there is a lot of play acting at the highest level of football (ok, soccer if you really insist) because there is a lot of money involved, you have to know that kicks on the ankle bone and shin tend to be involve explosive pain. There are also, with unprotected heads, a lot of flying arms and clashing heads going up for a high ball. Both sorts of contact tend to result in people going down fast.

    If you are not sure how this works, get someone to kick you on the ankle and appreciate how the world looks from the floor while clutching your ankle. But, being big tough Americans, remember to put on your football helmets and pads beforehand in case you get hurt.

  3. I like soccer, though the very top of club soccer is getting annoying because it is the same teams at the top far too often. The big attraction to me is teams earning being in the leagues they are in. The Cleveland Browns & Baltimore Orioles have been losing a lot this past/current season & are being rewarded with high draft picks while teams outside the NFL & MLB don’t get to compete toward being in it.

    By comparison, the failure of West Brom last season means this coming season they will not be in the Premier League. More importantly, Wolverhampton won the English 2nd tier last season & were rewarded with becoming a Premier League team this coming season. There is a similar arrangement between the 2nd & 3rd tiers, repeating all the way down to amateur leagues.

    I wish our professional sports granted teams who earn their way up a chance to replace those who finish at the bottom of the league. I also wish those of us in small towns had a shot to have local teams with their place in a broader American league system, the opportunity to earn its way up, & needing to earn staying as high up as our local teams are.

  4. Fair enough….you don’t get soccer we don’t get a game with giant black thugs making two strides before running up scores to satisfy children, we win. Oh and sadly for me I supported Croatia….100% Catholic European.

  5. Gotta go for the Croatians…at least they look like somebody sent up a batch of Croatians from Central Casting. Have to admire any of these Misc. Slav countries that can field a great team from a population slightly larger than the Milwaukee metro area versus drawing from the teeming deca-millions of your former colonies. Was indifferent to soccer, but having a couple kids play it for a while, the game was sort of boring, but the fucking soccer parents drove me out of my mind. I was a multiple national champion and trials finalist in rowing…U12 travel soccer is not the fucking world cup, your kid is not Pele, the referee is not your verbal piñata, and your kid might learn something about the game if you would leave them alone to figure out the game rather running up and down the sideline spouting half-assed instructions.

  6. It’s just a game. Originally popular because the only major expense was a pair of boots and shin guards. Anybody could understand the few rules. Television has ruined it by pouring in money, masking the rude things the spectators shout and sing, turning up volume of indistinct crowd noise by 3dB for every 5 feet nearer to the goal line the ball gets, likewise commentators pitch and volume, placing more emphasis on the celebrations following a score than on any skill leading up to it, using loud mouthed idiots as commentators, endless pre- and post-game waffle etc. etc.

  7. I think I have watched a cumulative 35 minutes of professional kickball over the course of 30 years, most of that by accident. Our kids played when they were too little to know they would eventually grow to hate it.

    Nowadays I’ll only watch the GB Packers or a rodeo, and I’m starting to prefer rodeo. The tickets are cheap and the crowd is better looking. Less traffic too.

  8. (*Hardcore dissident right ethnonationalist who also likes soccer stands quietly in corner, stares intently into beer.*)

  9. Many years ago, the Irish Team was at an IRA bar, the Roisin Dubh (Black Rose) at Fanueil Hall in Boston. They were readying for the World Cup game the next day.

    The captain, a handsome blond giant, a world champion, let me walk out with the girl of my dreams instead of taking her for himself.

    Of course it didn’t last- her childhood home had it’s own name, while I had cardboard in my soles because of the holes in my shoes.
    (I think that’s what won her over.)

    But by gum, those lads were good joes and their captain as gracious a competitor as I have ever met.

    • Is that like an old Irish ditty or something? Did you tell her “Brandy, you’re a fine girl. What a good wife you would be. But my life, my love, and my lady, is the sea.”

    • That was the greatest sports video I have ever seen. Sterling’s face probably swelled to basketball size post-game. And the guys calling the game were, as Z said, hilarious.
      Thanks,Hokkoda. May have to buy that kid’s jersey.

  10. That is one reason Croatia’s success befuddles so many. Maybe they are a throwback team that didn’t get the diversity memo

  11. Great Post. Sorry, I love the world Cup. But otherwise I agree about “futbol”. Nothing more absurd than to see some globalist ‘murican pushing the World Cup – which is all about Nationalism. And soccer, like baseball and cricket are dull sports to watch on TV. Endless talk about “Nuance” and “The beautiful game” is a dodge.

    If you want to watch a foreign sport – watch the Rugby Sevens or Australian rules football.

    • Don’t watch rugby 7s, watch the real game (rugby union). Rugby 7s is a game used by rugby players to keep in shape during the off-season. It would be like watching 7-on-7 football, a common way for football teams to train in the off-season.

      • I agree. But I think Rugby 7’s is a good way for Rugby novices to get their “feet wet” so to speak. Than they can move on to the real thing.

  12. 1. Diversity wins. France is about to win the World Cup

    2. TWELVE indictments of Russians. This is it. Trumps impeachment is beginning

  13. Excellent piece.

    Not much to add except this. I used to work with a lot of Central and South Americans, One day we got to talking about soccer and all the brighter Brown skins openly stated the reason soccer is so heavily promoted in their countries is to distract the people from their problems and not blame the ruling class.

    It’s the same here with pro-sports. It’s a bread and circus strategy to give white men a emotional release at something innocuous instead of using our political and business class as shooting targets.

    I used to see white guys at work whose lives were shit spend all their mental energy on memorizing sports scores and supporting some illiterate black thug.

    It’s really quite a feat of propaganda where you can get millions of white guys to identify with black thugs who in other circumstances would rape their wives and rob them for sport.

    • Actually, I was recalling, I saw a history channel show that claimed the British aristocracy actually created cricket as a diversion for the lower classes back in the 19th century. There were these series of urban riots in Britain in the 1870s by the lower classes, wanting better conditions and what not. That was also when the first standing police forces were created, and there was great opposition to it.

      • So that aspect of arena sports is baked into the cake. They were designed as an opiate to the masses.

  14. One funny thing regarding sports. I lived in New Zealand for a while, I remember the 2011 Rugby World Cup. I was at the Ireland vs US match in New Plymouth. It was on September 11 2011. The announcer said there would be a minutes silence in memory of the victims of the terrible attack on September 11. It was very quiet and dignified, then a US fan shout out America!!! FUCK YEAHHH!!! Every one stopped, then a. Giggle broke into a laugh, then a round of applause. Todd Clever the Captain of the Eagles was in that knots laughing. Sportsball can have it’s moments. Rugby has a nice position in that it will never get too popular, like Gaelic Sports, Ice Hockey, Aussie Rules. As men who’ve played or participated I think most of us can get that it’s the corporate element that despite being a somewhat inevitable part of the financial aspect, ends up killing the sport. Serie A in Italy tends to be very rooted, it’s a reasonable claim to make that the hooligan element and the Ultras have helped it from becoming Premier Leagueesque.

  15. It’s a fair point regarding professional sport in general. I’ve followed the old First Division and then Premier League in England. My Dad supported Man Utd, so his sons did. Which is the way it was done for the most part in Ireland. There were always some Irish players represented at the top clubs which attracted interest too. Thats changed radically, also for the former working class fanbase if most English teams. The financial juggernaut of the Premier League discarded them, and with no disrespect the pizzaz and ‘Muricanisation has turned people off. The inevitable Song 2 from Blur played when someone scores, Black Eyed Peas Tonight good night played before kick off. What was previously organic, sometimes a bit racist, offensive, and passionate chanting muffled out with chart topping crap. I lost interest in the Premier League a long time ago. I’d pay a passing notice and thats it. My Dad’s a passionate fan, he remembers Munich as a boy and the rebuilding but success has made Utd a global brand not a club any more. I’ve played Rugby in my younger days so I’d watch it, and Ireland have been pretty good the last 15 years which is a plus. Unfortunatly that does tend to attract the kind of upwardly mobile tool that Z’s mentioned but the violent nature of the game, the fact that it tends to have an elitist and or agricultural base has a limiting affect.

  16. Unlike T-ball/Little League/Pop Warner/Youth Basketball, youth soccer requires almost no physical coordination or strategy and the youngsters run around for an hour and wear themselves out while the parents socialize.
    The professional game is a different matter. The flopping makes me wish there were snipers places around the stadiums (under the “they shoot horses” principle,) but I’d settle for the referees tazing all the floppers so they can prolong their performances. Now *THAT* I’d watch. 😉

  17. “Little dogs and little men have no control of their sex drive.”

    Different men have different levels of testosterone, keep in mind.

  18. Not much of a soccer fan myself, and generally in agreement w 90% of what Z writes, I call BS on this one. My taking it seriously took a first major hit when soccer was called out as boring to watch on tv b/c….baseball…..Im sorry but THAT is boring on tv (and fairly fun to watch live).

    Then strike two happened; Z doesnt like it ‘b/c the progs like it….’ Where did you place your customary cojones Mr Z?? I dont let progs dictate ANYTHING to me, including sports preferences and that includes by reverse psychology. A sub-par post from an outstanding blog.

  19. Vin Scully retiring from the baseball broadcasts is one reason California is going downhill, and I don’t even like the Dodgers. The Chargers moved out, and nobody gave a crap. The Padres are still here and nobody’s cares anyway.

    Farm team hockey and high school football still haven’t been ruined yet, but give it a few more years. They are the only games in town, in my book.

  20. That headline should be “Why I hate Professional Sports” not just soccer…It has gotten to the point that anyone that still watches it reminds me of those who sat around opium dens wasting their lives away…

  21. I watch my kids play any kind of sport. I watch rugby; it is the only pro sport on which I spend more than a moment of my time. I really like watching my kids play rugby and having fellowship with the rugby families.

    Rugby is what soccer wants to be when it grows a pair. Y’all are right, soccer is a women’s sport that is also played by delicate men. Rugby is what American football would want to be, if it had a pair of brain cells to rub together. Alas, the semi-retarded field apes who make of much of football players today had few brain cells to start wit–and have fewer after using their head as a battering ram. So they never will aspire to the superior game.

    • American football would be a better game if it were more like rugby. Eliminate or greatly reduce the protective equipment. Eliminate the platoon system. Eliminate unlimited substitution. I probably wouldn’t watch it even then, but I’m pretty sure that it would be a better game.

  22. Love that you gave a shout out to The Sneetches. The overriding theme of life. In a way we were all red pilled at 6 years old when our mothers read it to us. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Left bans it someday, as it so simply exposes the game to come, for young impressionable minds.

    Or as Rush, sounding a bit like Dr. Seuss, put it.

    All the world’s indeed a stage
    And we are merely players
    Performers and portrayers
    Each another’s audience
    Outside the gilded cage

  23. We despise professional sports – bread-and-circus for the masses. I’ve jokingly referenced “sports ball” for years and thought about getting a shirt made that says, “Go Sport Team !!!” – because which one doesn’t matter. Which ones are there? Many friends over the years were some of the smartest guys around, like electrical engineers with NASA, and none of us even knew what team was what or who or whether the super bowl was on television or not.

  24. They could improve the game by removing that ridiculous off-sides rule, and referees too. Let the little guys play with their little dogs. Let’s rumble!

    • That’s a fine idea! I coached eight seasons of YMCA coed soccer for my kids, was grade school and junior high age years.
      During the fall/winter the games were indoors and there were no offsides, arena ball just as you described. It was quick and violent and a sort of teenage mad max pinball version of thunder dome. Coaches were in the mix with general population and you got to be quick at protecting your softer spots from The Richoxhet.

      Watching the lollipop guild smite one another in a reduced size arena would be worth top dollar

    • There’s no offsides on throw-ins or goalkicks.

      If there was no offsides at all then the entire game would be long ball pingpong.

      • Long ball pingpong sounds more interesting than keepaway snooze. May as well skip theyie games and go straight to the shootout. Or mayed instead of using the shootout they could play sudden death long pong .

  25. What sets us apart from the animals is our brains and our hands, and in soccer you’re not allowed to use either. What more do you need to know?

  26. My problem with soccer is that I actually like the game. There, I said it. All the other fans are socialists, except me. And one other guy in Texas. If they say they’re not, they’re lying. Actually, most are out and out Marxists.

    Why do I not hate it? As a spectator, it’s less episodic and more flowing. You don’t stop for ads every six minutes. Also, I don’t have to see someone score every twenty seconds for the dopamine hit. I’ve seen great 0 – 0 matches. Some people can give up the sportsball, but I’m just a degenerate junkie.

    I see what you did with Leo M. there, Z. Very presidential.

    I can resist the temptation.

  27. Not really a sporty type, so I may be out of my league here (hey, a sports metaphor!) but it has always seemed to me that American n-ball, with all its absurd padding,shields, helmets and other sci/fi tech, is clearly less of a game for ‘real men” than the relatively unprotected soccer players.

    I’m sure the uber-douchebags want to rub our faces in our Brown Future, but after all American sports have been blacked and hispanized for decades now; not much of a difference. Sports along with ethnic food is still the main argument for “darker is better.”

    Related to all this, although you didn’t bring it up, is the “soccer players are fags because they wear little shorts” meme. What they wear is actually the most practical of garb, which every man worn (watch an old move sometime) before the douchebags (handy term!) decided real men dressed like negroes, and started the fad for absurdly long “shorts” and even swimwear. Michael Jordan started it, because he worn his “lucky” college pair over his team shorts; now everyone is tripping over their ever longer “shorts,” lest they be called a fag.

    It’s also related to the infantilization of men, as Jim Kunstler has noted.

    I discuss all this in several essays collected in The Homo and the Negro (2012; now in its 2nd, embiggened edition, 2018)

    Over and above all this, what of the ‘playing fields of Eton’ point? i know, it’s “rugger” but basically the same as far as your points. Wasn’t this the game played by the rulers of 3/4 of the globe? Must be something to it….

    • Blacks are better at football and basketball, and those are the most popular sports in the US. I’ve said this before at one of these sites, not sure if this one. Soccer is the premiere arena sport in almost every other European derived country. In the US the American pastime was baseball until the 1950s. Why did football and basketball take over at that time, and is it a coincidence that those happen to be the sports where blacks have an advantage over white men, with the notorious exception of the quarterback position in football? I allow that perhaps the advent of TV gave the more action filled sports an advantage over baseball, but that doesn’t explain soccer. I have a hunch the social engineering runs deeper than most imagine. That way young white males are programmed to lionize inappropriate idols. I can’t tellyou the number of white high school girls I’ve seen knocked up by black football players.

      • Derb in this week’s podcast talked about how arena sports were used in Europe by elites to misdirect the tribal instincts of young males from protecting their streets from invaders and defending their females. It certainly dovetails with the notion that in the US sports would be used to achieve the all supreme cross spectrum goal of getting whites to admire/interbreed with/whatever blacks. Some males who feel nostalgic for sports get offended, but that’s not my point. I have a soft spot for some things too.

        • Harmonium – I was waiting for someone to mention that, although I thought everyone already knew it. Although sports existed in ancient history mostly it was a rare occurrence then. Modern full-time sports is a modern invention for the purpose Harmonium illustrated.

          • No, there were riots that almost overthrew the government over chariot races in Justinians time. It was real, right from the getgo at each stage.

          • Chariot races – sure… but how many humans in history have been aware of “organized sports”? I’m no historian but I don’t see a randomly chosen farmer in the year 719 having much investment in “sports”. Anyway, we’re obviously in general agreement.

        • Bread and Circuses Brother…Keep them fat, dumb, and entertained and you can control them with an elite few and their badged orcs…Well that is until the pain hits them and then they will stampede in all directions…

          • “Bread and Circuses” is spot on.

            When our country is both a powder keg and full of idle people on the dole, you need to keep them focused on something other than their miserable predicament. Hence organized sports.

            Just a modern version of the gladitorial games and chariot races that Rome put on for it’s idle masses.

      • I’ve said the same thing many times and even on Z’s blog. Soccer is a perfect sport for Europeans because it rewards intelligence, technicality, and teamwork over speed and raw strength. The hate most nationalist white men have for soccer is absurd and like you said, they fail to notice the social engineering in American football and basketball that is a jobs and status program for blacks.

        For God’s sakes, not a single African or Arab team made it into the final round of 16, like usual. France is a majority African team but they aren’t very good, are built around white playmakers/stoppers (Griezmann, Giroud, and Loris), and will almost certainly lose to Croatia (an ethnically homogenous Euro team).

        I watched the highlights of the 1998 France vs Croatia semi-final recently and Croatia had that game won except for two mistakes they gave away goals to France.

        Belgium vs Japan was an exhilarating game this world cup if you only watch one. Belgium was the best team this tournament and only lost to France because they played the perennially underperforming African Lukaku over much better Thorgan Hazard and Januzai.

      • I would bet you dollars to donuts that a team made up of the best white players in basketball and football against the best black team (with black coaches) would beat the blacks seven or eight times out of ten.

        Stories like Hoosiers are not fiction. The Sac Kings around 2000 had something like eight or nine white players and showed the league how the game was played. Same with the Bird Celtics.

        The Patriots with their predominance in loading white players also shows how to win a lot.

        • I’m not sure this is true anymore. “Hoosiers” took place in a different era; the rules have changed, and the way games are officiated has changed even more. You literally can’t watch 10 seconds of NBA action without seeing a flagrant foul that isn’t called.

          If your teams played by the original rules — no 3-pointers, no shot clock, throwing an elbow under the goal is a foul rather than good “enforcement” — then yes, the white team would have a much better chance at winning, because the game would once again be skewed away from the strengths of black players. In fact, most or all of the black players would foul out by midway through the 4th quarter, so the white team would win by default.

          • If I could put together an all white team with Euro players and all, I’d bet that team would always make the NBA playoffs and halve a shot at the championship even now.

            If you knew how dumb black players are, how lacking in teamwork, and inability to quickly adapt to different situations such as a variety of shifting defenses and offenses, you’d be amazed.

            NBA teams have all these white coaches who can’t run any sort of complex offense because their players are to stupid.

            Chicago’s triangle offense of Phil Jackson wasn’t that complicated and had a Michael Jordan to compensate for any breakdowns. Compare that to Bill Walton’s Trailblazers where the passing was an art.

            Also, the emotionalism of blacks always carries them away. They’re easy to goad.

        • I have no quarrel with you but we have to face the situation where in a given sporting contest, the non-white team defeats the white team.

          In that case, we must support the losing white team, because we have learned that all the non-white tribes in the world are ethnocentric and will attack all of us because we are white, regardless of the merits of the contest.

          Whites must unite because non-whites are irredeemably tribalist. They leave us no choice so let’s beat their asses!

        • Johnmark, could you make a similar case for how whites are actually better on the dance floor than blacks. Would do wonders for my self esteem. Thanks in advance.

          • Some NYT article or such made a point about blacks are better dancers because of hip action while whites lack hip action. I posted this response on twitter about white dancing with little hip action and its greatness.


            I would also point out that whites invented ballet, not to mention the waltz, and dozens of different square and line dances. Not to mention tap dancing.

            Talk of flexibility, who invented gymnastics?

            If you’ve ever seen a white ballet dancer let it go on the dance floor (as I have) and put every black person to shame, you would be utterly delighted.

  28. I’m down to watching golf and basketball here and there (because I participated in both). The SJW shit has me hating virtually all sport organizations too. They’re all converged at this point. Look at the feeding frenzy with the Papa Johns fella.

    Also, I really do miss the days when professional athletes had to work in the off season to make ends meet. Billionaire athletes speak more to a nation’s demise than anything else.

    Oh, and soccer sucks.

    • There’s a case to be made that professionalism is the problem. Amateur sports, done at a high level, should be the goal. This was the Anglo-American way (eventually adopted by other western countries). See E. Digby Baltzell’s book “Sporting Gentlemen” about the odious impact of professionalism in tennis. Baltzell is the guy who coined the term WASP.

      Rugby (union) did not professionalize until the late 1980s. While professionalism is beginning to take it’s toll, rugby is still probably the most watchable team sport at this moment. The basic rules are not difficult to learn. Start by watching international competitions (Tri-Nations, 6 Nations, World Cup, etc).

  29. Actually, a pretty good description of “transexuals.”

    “What’s odious about the poseur is he turns his self-loathing into your problem. The poseur apes the styles and attitude of others because he hates himself and cannot stand the sight of himself. His comical pretensions force everyone else to play along, in order to be polite. Everyone knows the poseur is full of crap, but the guy who says what everyone thinks, risks being castigated for being rude. These people turn our morality on its head, by making our virtues into vices. They deserve to be hated.”

  30. “Little dogs and little men have no control of their sex drive”

    I will be stealing that line immediately. I know a lot of people who I’d like to say it to.

    I don’t know how you are able to coin a phrase like you do, but I love it.

  31. I remember watching some brits look at a hockey game. After the game was concluded they remarked that they understood why people in north america preferred ice hockey to soccer. It was like soccer, but faster, harder, more physical and less prissy.

    I do admit though, I like the crowd participation at soccer games. The banners, the chants, the songs. I think thats the real attraction of soccer.

    • Steve Sailer has said that the hooligan culture is one thing that the Euro elite truly fear. It’s a rooted tribalism completely absent from corporate American sportsball. That said, there is no business for anyone on the Right to be a sports fan unless either you or your child is playing. We need to dry up the funding sources of woke capital.

  32. Yeah well, I hate that American game where they wear crash helmets. What`s it called?

    • Soccer injury report: Pablo is out with a case of the sads after having his hair mussed. Andreas is out with a sore vagina.

      Football injury report: Tarik is out with a broken spine. Shaquille is out with a shattered tibia.

      Seriously. Soccer is a sport for the delicate. Swimmers are at greater risk.

    • The sport you refer to is called “Should Pad Queen Rugby”.

      All sportsball needs to die. It has long been one of the most successful means by which the people that Z calls the “managerial class” has managed to divert first-world populations from their dispossession.

  33. I wasn’t reading you back in the Olden Thymes, so thanks for reposting. Great essay.

  34. I was going to make a comment about other sport’s virtues but realized I just don’t care anymore.
    Btw, Black Pigeon has a great video this week with 10,000 German soccer fans swaggering through England. The irony is they are from Cologne where men are desperately needed. That is what sports mania does for us now.

    • I listen to baseball games. I’ll watch a college football game when time permits, mostly because of the traditions. Hockey is still free of the poz, but the people ruling us are working hard to ruin hockey for us.

      Otherwise, I have lost all interest in sports.

  35. Need to work on the grammar in this one. Probably because of some of the changes you made there all kinds of consistency errors. Sportsball may still have relevance for some people. Just not for me.

    • Same here. When I was in high school I looked at football in thought War simulation. I did think most likely it was helpful in preventing actual War but I wasn’t interested in watching. And I’m a female. And I think most girls that get into football are worse posers than the Premier League fanboys

  36. You identified my biggest problems with soccer:

    1. It’s boring (what kind of a sport has so many scoreless tie games?)
    2. The Yank “fans” are all, down to the last man, poseur douche bags.

    • Z wrote, “A recent development, one that I find most irritating, is the fake passion of cosmopolitan men for Premiere League teams in Britain. … now they are pretending to have had a lifelong passion for a soccer club in England.” Oh lord… It’s so gay to see the loser guys without girlfriends wearing soccer team jerseys and screaming at televisions. And now, the wild screaming has become worse than ever before. Now, when a team – evidently? – “scores” screaming is at the top of their voices and in otherwise quiet restaurants creates wild, frightening scenes.

      • The soccer fan pretenders are upping their game now and feigning a love for curling.

        It has to be said that soccer players aren’t wimps, they just act like it when they have to. I know it’s fun to make fun of them that way, but I think a lot of you actually think they’re fragile. Athletes of any sport are tough as shit. Even cyclists like Zman. If you doubt this then you haven’t witnessed serious athletes in person.

        • The metrosexual American fan of Euro soccer with the “Manchester” jersey screaming at the television isn’t necessarily a bad buy, he’s just a lost guy. But with Manchester soccer he has finally found his place among his lonely lost brotherhood. And the louder he screams and the more he displays to onlookers the more confirmed he is that he really, really does belong to something bigger (see him looking around to see that you saw him screaming extra loudly?)…. and to that nice lady over there, well, hm, he knows he’s an ugh – huh, hm – “Euro Guy”…

    • One positive side effect is those poseur douche nozzles who have girlfriends – I know, but there are some – leave the babe wanting. Perfect targets.

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