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When I agreed to go on the Luke Ford show, he said the topics would be my background, the alt-right and discussion of the JQ. The show was supposed to be an hour, but turned into three hours, because of loads of political talk. I don’t do a lot of politics, as I don’t think it matters that much. For me, politics has been mostly entertainment. My side has no representation, so the whole thing is foreign to me. Lots of people like it, though, so doing some politics from time to time is good for business, if you’re a blogger or podcaster.

I’m also liking the thematic episodes. The feedback has been good, so doing a full show on Trump makes a lot of sense. The other benefit of the thematic show is it forces me to think more about the subject. Doing this episode, I was surprised by how much of what Trump has done is good for our side. We tend to focus on the bad stuff, but eighteen months of Trump has been a lot of white pills. It’s not all good, but the bad stuff is mostly just the lack of good stuff. From a political perspective, these are good times for our side.

This week I have the usual variety of items in the now standard format. Spreaker has the full show. I am up on Google Play now, so the Android commies can take me along when out disrespecting the country. I am on iTunes, which means the Apple Nazis can listen to me on their Hitler phones. The anarchists can catch me on iHeart Radio. YouTube also has the full podcast. Of course, there is a download link below.

This Week’s Show


  • 00:00: Opening
  • 02:00: Economics
  • 12:00: Trade
  • 22:00: Immigration
  • 32:00: Foreign Policy
  • 42:00: The Scandals
  • 47:00: Court Picks
  • 52:00: Guns
  • 57:00: Closing

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73 thoughts on “The Blumpf Report Card

  1. Re: Z’s Russia comments

    1) It’s not a poor country, that’s a misconception. Their GDP PPP per capita is right under the level of Poland, and has been around it for quite some time. In terms of PPP, their economy is the size of Germany.
    Nominal GDP is quite a bit lower, that’s true, and they are not rich. However, they are above quite a few EU members. Not poor.

    2) Russian total replacement rate is significantly higher than European average, and just below the American one. If you think Russia has aging population at tfr=1.75, what would you say about Germany at tfr=1.5 or Spain at tfr=1.3? Of course it is below the equilibrium.

      • South Korea has lower fertility rates than both countries. It is a matter of will. If the people of Europe reject liberalism, they will persevere. The uncomfortable reality for us is that most Europeans have a revealed preference for liberalism and not for identitarianism. It further doesn’t help our cause that we are associated with boorishness, and are led by charlatans and grifters.

      • No. Despite the lewd old Marxist in the Vatican, Bavaria and other Catholic states, plus eastern German rejects the stench of Mutti Merkel’s Mohammadan horde. Spain is completely decentralised. Mohammadan also travel to where there are handouts. The government won’t disturb the sleep of Generlissimo Franco, who brought peace to Spain.

    • Russia is the most violent, drug abusing and corrupt nation in Europe. I don’t say this to denigrate them, it just is the facts. Look up the data on how many abortions occurred under the USSR, and they still have a higher abortion rate than we do. While Russia isn’t going down the Daniel Pipes road of Muslim majority anytime soon, they have too many eerie similarities wrt Central Asian Muslims as Westerners/Afrikaners do with cheap labor. Russia’s social conservatism is admirable, but it’s top down, by contrast Israeli social conservatism is bottom-up.

    • “If you think Russia has aging population…”

      At tfr=1.75 “think” has nothing to do with it — that it’s aging is what’s known out here in the real world as a FACT.

      That the other places being invaded by Muslims are even worse off is neither here nor there. And do they have the problem of decreasing life expectancy, too? That multiplies the effect of the below-replacement tfr.

  2. You were absolutely correct to call trump to task on his mewling about gun control . Scalia was a staunch supporter of the second amendment . It was a complete betrayal of some of his best supporters . I never forgive politicians who compromise there.

    • Let’s keep some perspective so we don’t help Trump lose the next election. A “complete” betrayal would look very different. I’m not sure what you gun guys have against background checks and waiting periods anyway

      • Registration leads to confiscation. Confiscation leads to extermination. – Ann Coulter

      • They’re unconstitutional, for one thing. Do you think the government ought need give its approval and require a waiting period before you post here?

    • Stop listening to what he says. That’s not for the benefit of his supporters. Watch what he *does* instead.

      • What he *does*: He nominated Kavenaugh, breaking his campaign promise to name Justices from the two lists he publicized before his election, apparently (unconfirmed, but it explains a LOT) at Kennedy’s behest. A Kennedy clerk, a Bushie, a Yalie, and a guy who cucked out on Obamacare’s “tax” before Roberts did. Contra Coulter (whose endorsement reminds us that she enthusiastically endorsed Romney and Christie) and the Z-man I’m unconvinced that this cuck-to-the-core is good on immigration. On the basis of WHAT?

  3. Really good all the way through, and left me laughing at the end. BTW, your explaination of what is downstream of what in culture, politics, law, and biology is spot on Tocquevillian.

  4. Just when I was feeling pretty good after listening to this podcast. I read the renowned NYT movie critic A.O. Scott’s review of Darkest Hour, the Churchill movie, which I watched last night.

    “Darkest Hour is proud of its hero, proud of itself and proud to have come down on the right side of history nearly 80 years after the fact. It wants you to share that pride, and to claim a share of it. But we have nothing to be proud of.”

    I don’t think I’ve ever read a movie review end that way. He’s pissed because the movie puts whites back then in a good light, and how dare we still feel good about ourselves after we elected Trump. The movie sucks because it doesn’t insist on making whites feel like shit.

    It’s really quite remarkable. Some movie critic, reviewing a movie, out of the blue tells the whole nation we have nothing to be proud of.

    • An asshole like that deserves to be dumped out naked in his undershorts on the corner of Beaubien and John R at midnight in Detroit with just a wad of cash in his hand. Unleash the hounds!

      • “…like “Dunkirk,” it falls back on an idealized notion of the English character that feels, in present circumstances, less nostalgic than downright reactionary”

        Simply showing whites as the low-key, community oriented people they were/are, is now “reactionary”. The message to filmmakers is, show whites as assholes, especially whites of old, or get crap reviews from us critics.

        • Fuck that guy. He’s just retroactively mad that he doesn’t have the balls our ancestors (English and American) had. I thought Oldman and the film were fantastic except for the London Underground scene.

          He hates the movie because the subtext was England was resisting an invasion of savages bent on destroying the English as Englishmen, a thousand years of tradition. He knows that movie would stir the “wrong” kind of emotional response in us.

          • Not so sure about your take. I think it’s more that the intelligencia is signaling that it’s not OK to make or enjoy any serious art (film, literature, etc) that’s uplifting or triumphalist, unless it’s explicitly progressive, while Trump is still in office. Guys like A.O. Scott really feel we’re on a kind of emergency lock-down while Trump is Pres.

    • It’s not some random loon movie critic. It’s the NYT company line. Why are you surprised?

  5. ZMan touched upon the “refugee” scam going on in various US locales, wherein shadowy agencies relocate Somalis in Minnesota and other naive places…because diversity good! This whole thing is rotten on the surface, so it begs the question Why hasn’t the Trump Administration shut it down already?

    This brings to mind the very lasting image of a visibly frustrated Obama turning on his heel and stomping off after one of his gun control initiatives was stalled/squashed. Realistically how much power does the president wield?

    Shifting gears….maple syrup and hockey pucks? Hey listen, if we sold you hockey pucks, they would be produced at a federally subsidized plant in the new fake province of Nunavet, the pucks would cost $50 each and would disintegrate 3 minutes after being dropped on the ice.

    • It’s easier to whittle it down through bureaucratic harassment. Shutting it down with an EO is a blunt instrument that leads to bad press coverage. Now that ISIS has disappeared for the time being, the voters aren’t afraid of terrorism as much, they are arguably more scared of Neo-Nazi school shooters than Muslims. Anti-refugee sentiments are thus now seen as “bullying the vulnerable” and “punching down”. Bad optics.

      • Spoken like a true cuck. What you call “bad optics” is what won Trump the election, but you learned nothing.

  6. Yes!

    I think the GOP wins big in November (because the Democrats are acting nuts if for no other reason). After the election, Trump goes through the FBI and DOJ with a chainsaw. He may leave firing Mueller to his new AG.

    • “After the election, Trump goes through the FBI and DOJ with a chainsaw”… Ha. ha. ha. Yeah. sure. Yeah. right. “AFTER THA………..

  7. I really despise HW Bush. His tax lie was so blatant, so disgusting. It was kind of a political awakening to me. Before that I had taken Republicans at their word. That’s when I realized most were lying to me. More so when I read Ed Rollins’ account of the Bush White House (Bush never had any intention of keeping that promise – the whole George Mitchell thing was just an excuse).

  8. Hey Zman, great podcast again. I agree pretty much with your assessment of Trump but your “grades” themselves are really harsh. Now I know that your preference (and mine) would be gallows erected in front of the Capitol and the Pinochet Express flying 24/7, but come on, Trump has done pretty damn good considering what he is up against and the man still remaining law abiding.

    • The ethics foibles were a surprise to me, but considering Trump’s love for litigation it shouldn’t have been. We shouldn’t excuse this, as the Right doesn’t get mulligans.

      If the GOP doesn’t retain the House, say hello to two years of President Neocon followed by General Secretary-for Life Kamala Harris. The military isn’t going to save us, as witness by the JCS issuing a public coup threat after Charlottesville.

  9. FYI – at least one Target’s wifi/internet in SoCal was blocking yesterday. Breitbart and unz were not blocked

    • We created socialist Westtern Europe so we should let them suck at the tit of the US taxplayer forever, is that it?

      If Ms Berlinski comes back to this country to pay her share of those taxes, she could vote for it.

      Oh, wait. She US-votes from Paris but pays taxes to the French? Well, no wonder.

  10. Trump will be impeached by the end of the year. I guarantee it. Democrats are gong to clean it up in the midterms because of renewed ideas and energy. Just look at the success of Ocasio Cortez and other young Leaders of Color

    The right is out of energy and ideas and hos shown that they cannot govern.

    right wing whites have proven themselves to be untrustworthy and downright mean. The fact that they put a racist sexual predator in office has lost any goodwill People of Color may have had. A day of reckoning is coming.

    • Forgive us, oh noble ones!
      How may we redeem ourselves to the Enrichened, the Woked!?

      Take heart, the Trump Baby flies over Free London! Punch a Nazi for Her!

      • Yeah….similar style.
        Often wondered if TD is just Sailer having fun with his audience.

    • You’re right. Hos have shown they can’t govern. We should never elect hos. That’s going to be my election slogan.
      “Vote Tamaqua-he’s a bro, not a ho!”

    • Only a moron could still expect a “brown wave” at this point. Wake up boy.

    • Yep, the young People of Color lost the goodwill they once felt towards us downright mean Deplorables and since young brown lefty Ocasio-Cortez beat an old white lefty in a young brown Democrat primary that’s proof…

      Does goo-for-brains Greg actually think like this or is he just trolling us? Gotta be trolling, otherwise he’s too dumb to breathe without mechanical assistance.

  11. Lol. You a gunny, Z? Good for you! Do you mind me asking: do you carry? If you don’t, I really, REALLY think you should. As you know we don’t have the right opinions or think the right way… and there are lots of really nasty people out there remembering names and faces.
    I am percussion cap and ball hobbyist for the most part, and will concede the utility of my high end 1911… But in your shoes Id be carrying a top flight polymer gun in God’s calibre, and I’d make damn sure I could use it. My plastic gun is an HK USP… But I am really liking that Sig the military has been looking at.
    I hope things don’t get that interesting in the days ahead and you don’t have to worry about wet work Z… But a high profile dissident like you had best be prepared.

    • I love the 1911 too. But mine (Sig) is chambered in 9mm. As my hands age it’s just a better choice. Remember friends, always stay cocked, locked and ready to rock.

      • I’m imagining I’m accurately guessing what God’s favorite caliber is but I like having sixteen of my little friends with me

    • Not a question to be asked, or a question to be answered on a site liable to be observed by unfriendly agencies or individuals. None of us own any guns, or carry concealed weapons.

      OPSEC is your friend.

    • I bought a folding rifle but can’t unfold it. Too embarrassed to go back to gun store. I guess I’ll just use it as a club.

    • A man should never carry and tell. It’s simply not a smart thing to do in today’s society.

      • Actually it’s legal to open carry where I live. It’s true: people are much more polite. I find that once I turn to reveal what’s on my side, people that started out as a belligerent asshole turn into gentle lambs.

        • That’s a good strategy for unavoidable late night gas stops in sketchy areas. This dude I know makes sure his normally concealed Glock is visible as a deterrent to feral negroes if he finds it necessary to fill the tank on his Harley on his journeys. Discreet displays prevent small incidents from becoming confrontational, and confrontations from escalating into violence.

          • Living in SoCal my entire adult life, that sounds really far fetched. I mean, being allowed to just walk around with a gun on you is preposterous. I’m at WalMart, I gotta gun. I’m ordering pancakes at Denny’s, I gotta gun. Just driving around, gotta gun. Golf course, gun. How can other parts of the country be so cool?

          • You’d be surprised how many places still exist that have more than an echo of the old America. My county in Western Pennsylvania is 95.9% white. Open carry is legal everywhere statewide except Philadelphia without a license. A concealed permit, valid for five years, requires a visit to the sheriffs office, $20, and filling out a form, nothing more. They check for felonies or PFAs, call up your references to vouch for you (such a wonderful relic of old English common law, that) and your card is issued within two days. That is, unless the clerk went to high school with your aunt, in which case she drops it off at your house the next day.

          • Frip:
            I know that you are a well-intentioned lad, and have a keen intellect ; but can you recognize what has happened to the younger generations? You find it preposterous that in other areas of the country law abiding citizens are allowed to carry guns.
            We are not allowed to carry guns, it is our RIGHT to carry guns, as it is yours.
            Are you a convicted felon? No.
            Are you deranged or unstable? I’m guessing not.
            Why should a state employee be able to take away your means of self-defense?
            You can bet your ass that Tyrone and Julio both have guns.

          • Paw, I get you. But on another level. A non political level. It’s just…amazing, that you can carry around something SO incredibly powerful, in your pocket, like it was a freaking pencil. Not arguing. Just hard to wrap one’s head around that.

          • Depends on where you grew up and the culture. To us out here in the country, guns are tools, and we carry them like that. We were taught by our fathers as children how to handle them, and killing deer with them at age 12 taught you the damage they can do to a human. Those of us who went on to enlist in combat arms and went to war carried weapons everywhere. So to us, it’s just natural. We have a utilitarian attitude towards it.

          • Powerful. Yes, but think of it this way. The kinetic energy of a 9-mm round is about 640J (Speer Gold Dot, 8g bullet, 400m/s muzzle velocity). The KE of a Toyota Camry traveling at middling highway speed is a little over 122,000 J (1447 kg, 65mph=29.6m/s).

  12. Z wrote, “For me, politics has been mostly entertainment. My side has no representation, so the whole thing is foreign to me.” Yes – right there – you said it… “…my side has no representation…”

    • Z, Initial thoughts are that you powder-puffed some issues… more outrage on some issues would be appropriate. Your closing: I will have to disagree with you and add – things are most definitely not going well with the Strzok debacle. Until Strzok is under arrest we are not winning and we are therefore losing. The tide must turn and their senior agents must be brought to their knees. Onlookers observing limitless tolerance of Leftist crimes promotes Leftists crimes – they’ll get stronger and we’ll get weaker. If they continue to laugh in the face of their crimes, they will win.

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