The High Cost Of Cheap Labor

From time to time, the claim is made that we need to import indentured servants from Asia, because the STEM fields are short of labor. This is a variation of the old line about crops rotting in the fields for the lack of stoop labor. The fact that no human living in America has ever experienced a food shortage due to crops rotting in the fields underscores the fact that these claims are nonsense. Indentured servants from Asia are cheap and more important, the threat of them depresses wages for American workers in the STEM jobs.

That’s the cost of cheap labor that is easy to see. There are other costs that are not so obvious. In the case of the tech fields, indentured servants from Asia have had the perverse effect of discouraging young Americans from going into these fields. When tech firms started filling entry level jobs with foreign labor, they made the field unattractive to young people, who correctly saw that jobs were scarce and the ones available paid low wages. Young Americans were advised to not go into technology, as a result.

Put another way, cheap foreign labor drove out domestic labor from these entry level jobs, thus institutionalizing the use of indentured servants in the low level tech jobs. Slavery had the same effect where it was practiced. In the case of tech, there is a social element involved. You go to college in order to get  a good job. That’s a social definition that goes beyond earnings. If your field requires you to work with smelly South Asians for five years until you can be the supervisor of smelly South Asians, that’s viewed as a low-status field.

There’s been another consequence to the use of indentured servants. People think of tech as coding shops in Silicon Valley, but the vast majority of American business relies on small local firms that bring a combination of technical and business skills to the their role as technology consultants. The usual pattern is someone works as a programmer for a developer and then goes out on his own as a consultant, supporting clients that use the software that he worked on as a developer. He becomes their part-time CTO.

The result of flooding the entry level jobs with middle-aged Asians on H1-B visas has been a shortage of people in these higher end consulting and development jobs. In many parts of the country, the shortage of people with a mix of business and technology skills that can be used to solve real world problems is acute. You can find plenty of pajeets, who can write code but are useless at solving problems. Locating someone with business and programming skills that can solve real problems is becoming close to impossible.

At the other end of the labor market, the hidden cost of cheap labor has created another problem. The landscaper hiring Mam-speaking tribesman from Guatemala is no longer hiring teenagers on summer break. Retail operators in vacation areas game the system and import Eastern Europeans for service jobs. The availability of cheap foreign labor has made the summer job a thing of the past. It used to be a part of growing up in America, but now it is a rarity. Instead, seasonal work is done by foreigners.

In general, the part-time job and summer job was when a young person started to learn how to be an adult. They had to show up on time and learn how to get along with strangers. They had to learn how to put up with a crappy boss and perform tasks that seemed stupid and pointless, in order to get paid. They also learned the value of money and its connection to labor. That first check, with the taxes taken out of it, was the great eye opener for every young American. Today, they don’t experience that until adulthood.

There’s another aspect to this. The summer job for boys was often manual labor, like operating a rake or lawnmower for that landscaper. Maybe it was as a laborer on a job site for a roofer or painter. It was there that a young man got his first taste of being a man, because he was around adult males in their natural habitat. A young man learned that men are not as forgiving as mom and that you had to be earn their respect. Young males today don’t experience this. Instead they live like girls through college and come out soft.

This is probably why millennials have such a terrible reputation among employers. The girls are spoiled brats, making crazy demands, while the boys are hysterical sissies. One of the things employers will tell you on the side is that they are very careful about hiring millennials. They would prefer to overpay for a semi-retired boomer than hire a petulant man-child from the millennial generation. When a millennial takes over a family business from a retiring parent, it is a good bet the company will go through a rough transition.

Public policy is about trade-offs. The cost of cheap labor is not limited to the direct cost to labor markets. There are hidden, long term social costs. The generations of young people warped by the consequences of not working will show up in the culture long after pajeet is back in Bombay wrangling cobras. What foreign labor does is it monetizes future social capital and pulls it forward. It is a form of debt creation, not a lot different than eating the seed corn. Future social harmony is consumed today, with no way to replace it.

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  1. Spent a few decades at a highly successful F-200 that only outsourced sparingly and cautiously. We always felt that getting the entire “system” right was the key to success. Been working a turnaround the last couple years for another, much less successful global firm that went whole hog on the outsourcing bandwagon—service centers and back office in Philippines, IT to a third party firm in India. Complete clusterfuck. The first business group I started on I discovered we had about an acre of Filipinos basically doing what Z once described as the “Latino deli counter routine”. 150 people apparently working their asses off, but nothing got done on time or correctly and the business was shrinking 10% a year and we were still hiring more Filipinos. IT was out in India–with similar effectiveness to the prior. Ended up re-onshoring the whole damn thing using a US based company, brought about 50 jobs back, plunked the whole thing down on a Midwestern state that is relatively cheap, operating cost will be cut by 40% by end of year and the business is growing again. What happens is on the conversion, firms get a one time “savings” dumping all the US employees (rather than trying to figure out how to make them more effective). But once you try to make any changes, upgrades, improvements etc…it’s like swimming in a tar pit. My personal theory on the Philippines gig is that there were just a bunch of execs who liked flying first class to Cebu and getting laid.

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  3. I am currently on vacation at a resort called SeaCrest in Falmouth,MA in Cape Cod. The surrounding area is affluent, yet every single worker here is Eastern European. I kept asking myself, where are the teenagers and college students on summer break?

    • Once employers discovered that they don’t have to pay payroll taxes or benefits for certain categories of non-immigrant visas, that was the end of hiring American kids.

      • Once again, easily solved with legislation, except, once again, our legislators work *against* us. It’s not that they’re useless, our legislators are harmful to us.

  4. Cheap foreign labor is just who we are now.

    It won’t go away until the current crop of cheap foreign labor become citizens and start getting replaced by cheaper foreign labor.

    How do you expect the tide of cheap foreign labor to end, just because that would help Americans, when it provides:

    A. Cheaper workers

    B. More submissive workers

    C. New Democratic voters

    D. An opportunity for soft-headed religious people to fell pious

    E. Educated single women an opportunity to virtue signal

    F. Jews with a chance to make whites a minority

    G. New Catholics to fill the pews

    H. Lots of money to religious groups, especially Lutheran and Catholic

  5. Two problems very appropriately addressed in this essay, but to my mind they’re mutually exclusive: foreign labor & worthless Americans. The former garners a lot of comments in favor of sending the foreigners home … good, I’m all for it. The problems that come with foreign labor are easily discerned, easily solved, if there were political will with brass scrotums running the show.

    But, what’s the solution for the masses (and I mean millions) of white underclass, meth-addled, zero-skilled, lazy-ass, tech-addicted American boy-males? Or white middle-class gals who dress like sluts as they emulate prefer hip-hop culture? We can hypothetically end foreign labor tomorrow (and yes, let’s do it), but we’d still be left with a huge cultural problem that’s seemingly descending into meltdown. And it’s not just the “millennials” folks … there are hordes of boomers on down who may have “worked” their entire lives but never, ever PRODUCED anything of value. Much as I find like-mindedness on this blog, this is the issue that common folks can grapple with at the family & community level, but instead we just blame the easy targets – foreigners. We need to expunge the disease but simultaneously add in some nutritive cultural revival … to raise up young people into working-class, productive Americans that are proud of their heritage and will work like hell to create/produce tangible wealth.

    Yes, send the foreigners home. But also let the worthless whites starve.

    • You are correct to notice the worthless Americans. Many of them can be improved, but not all. But one of the advantages of an ethnostate is that when we come down hard on the worthless, no one will cry “racism.”

      It is true that class distinctions will always be with us. We must try to transcend them even if the effort will never fully succeed. That’s what our favorite uncle tried to do.

  6. I find it fascinating that most software developers are left wing. I would expect that the meritocratic nature of the work would turn them right wing, but no. My guess is that they spend most of their lives feeling socially isolated and one of the few ways they can feel connected to their peers is by mouthing leftist slogans. They are my people, but they will be the last to take action for what’s been done to them.

    • Back in the old days most all of the hard-core Unix guys were liberty guys. Unix proves to be an extra difficult endeavor for most and we rarely even spoke to the Microshaft guys… often our small talk would be about guns.

      • I wish I could have been around then…

        There are still some “liberty” guys around, but today that means fighting for the right of mentally ill men in dresses to stalk little girls in the ladies room.

  7. I remember my son’s first paycheck. I explained who FICA was, and I explained how Social Security was a program where they took money from less affluent young people and gave it to more affluent seniors.

  8. I was working since I was 12. I had a neighbor who was an off-the-books carpenter who needed a helper and my Mom insisted I work for him at about 1/2 minimum wage. Then I cut lawns (before they invented the Mexican lawn guy) and worked in a food warehouse in high school. Now the snowflakes cry if someone says “no” to them after their 6 years of college.

  9. FWIW, my wife also remembers how the Indians she worked with never washed their hands after crapping and wiping their asses. Then they’d go right into the lunch room to cook their smelly food and offer her some.

  10. My wife’s last few contract jobs as a business analyst/IT/business programmer were immersed in the Indian (dot not feather) thing. The client would import scores of H1-B Indians who would live eight to a hotel room and work 11 hours a day. Every morning at 8 AM there would be a conference call to India which got nothing done. After a few months they’d be sent back and another crew would arrive. Nothing useful got accomplished but the CFO-types would get kudos and bonuses for being smart and outsourcing like CFO Magazine said they should do.

  11. This essay is an 11 out of 10 on the insight scale. I’ve lived this world of IT from before the first days of “offshoring fever” through the disastrous transformation of high tech shops into babudoms (Indian bureaucracies).

    The H1b Visa for high tech workers is/was one of the most damaging examples of crony capitalism there is. A lot of people should spend the rest of their lives in prison over this.

  12. So very true. College was such a relief from back breaking labor. Sit in a warm building and write on paper? Better than being 20 feet up a ladder painting or doing landscaping.
    Made me very grateful and respect the hardships the less talented have in their manual labor.
    Every job I did from 14-22 is now done by an adult who doesn’t speak English as a first language. The cost to our next generations psyche cannot be measure.
    Z man, still batting near 1.000, probably should tell my friends it’s a fielding percentage, more realistic.
    God bless and keep you, Z man, and your single topic shows are great.

  13. The last time I had to hire an intern, the only half decent candidates I found were an Indian girl and a graduating college football player with a Finance degree. I ended up hiring the football player and passing the Indian girl on to Marketing who hired her for the summer.

    The football player was one of the few candidates who seemed to realize there were tougher ways to spend a summer than crunching numbers and setting up meetings. He landed a full-time gig in our corporate finance when the summer was over.

  14. I worked for a Silicon Valley firm from 2000-2013 (and still work in the industry). When I started with the company, the core development group were Israelis, Russians and Americans, which made sense as the founders were Israeli. Maybe it was just me, but those guys seemed way more easy to relate to and Americanized than the Indians and Chinese that were to follow. The PS team was almost all Americans, because the VP was American. Then after the 2000 recession and layoffs and changes of management, we kept bringing in more and more Indians. I noticed that every time an Indian gets put in a management position, he hires more Indians. We had our requisite Bangalore overseas development shop that I never once saw generate anything worthwhile. Management seemed to view everyone as fungible. They had no idea that the guy who literally wrote the core of the product was not easily replaceable with Ramesh #6. Then I got a Chinese boss, who hated me and started bringing in Chinese employees and I was done with that place.

    It not only affected quality, but it affected the atmosphere. A roomful of Indians speaking Hindi or whatever and socializing together, eating lunch together, excluding me in my own country. It just sucked, after a while.

    • I know when I’ve strayed into IT territory in the office when all the names on cubes are random strings of letters not meant to be next to each other.

  15. Plus millennials are not all working high paid tech jobs. We pay for women to go into make work fields and men just starting out are basically punished by lower wages and not having anyone in their corner, no EEOC, union, or connections. They’re poorer than is commonly reported.

    Millennial make “bad” employees not because of the few snowflakes, but because they’re being paid shit wages from a company that demands loyalty and gives none. Plus being “bad” makes hiring foreigners easier.

  16. I sure did learn alot working construction as 15 and 16 year old during the summer(florida). Saved my money and bought a car and insurance all on my own and felt like a young man. Kids nowadays can’t even manipulate a handtool. I am thinking mandatory military service. Make these kids work together with their peers and maybe learn something. I don’t know, maybe I’m just foolish.

    • You really have to stop with the immigration first. This all relies on that. Conscription is a fun thought, whipping those good for nothings into shape, but it costs money we don’t have for temporary benefits; conscription can’t really fix character, otherwise the 60s wouldn’t have blown up in our faces.

      The whole system has to be rehauled, repentance and basics.

      • Of course ceasing immigration is vital. A white or black american form carpenter in florida may as well be a unicorn.

      • Compulsory military service is a typical liberalesque type response to a problem. It’s another patch on top of another patch on top of another patch. Which – keeping with the theme of this blog post – is typical behavior of the Jugdish imports that work on software code.

        Don’t bother figuring out what the REAL problem is – just wrap some more duct tape around it and hope it holds together for a little while longer.

        RE: working as a kid. I got my first job when I was 16. I knew guys my age who had jobs of some form or another since they were 14 or 15. Even now – in my mid 50’s, when I’m conversations about this kind of thing – I’ll run into a not insignificant number of people – in some cases even females – who will tell me I’m a slacker because I didn’t have a job until I was 16. In any case – job in high school helped me afford having a car. As soon as I graduated I had a job in a printing plant full time – sweating my ass off running machinery. That job put me all the way thru university. When I got out I had zero debt – and I was paying for an off campus apartment and my tuition and a vehicle.

        I knew plenty of guys that were humping concrete forms during the summer for a job in the summer before senior year – or in the summer after graduation. I also knew plenty that would go work summer jobs down on the Cape (Cod) – this was back before all the summer help down there was brought in from somewhere overseas.

        • – hoping it holds together a little longer – truer words were never spoken. There is serious money to be stolen, “legally” of course, by keeping the scams going a few more years, then reform them to get another few years, lather, rinse, repeat. Obamacare, an easy example, was a way for the whole medical mafia and their enforcers (insurers) to keep the gravy train rolling. All while Obama and his hhs lackeys were playing the flute of “savings.” Of course, the saving meant save their profits, not save the unwashed money (we often hear what we want to hear, not what our betters are saying.) anywho, anyone else recall all the blather about how health insurance would cost less than your cell phone plan or cable bill? Anyone remember them being called out in the laptog media when this clearly wasn’t the case (duh!) and even 1st yr prices jumped a lot – my own insurance went from 300/mo. To 1200/mo. For the same coverage, well, not exactly, the deductible went up. Taking that same info thru the marketplace for ACA added $200/mo. To the rate, but I qualified for a $200/mo. subsidy…. I guess that is the payoff somehow. I ramble, apologies.

    • Mandatory military service just gives the cloud class a bunch of bodies to send around the world and do stupid shit with.

      I’ve been bringing this up for years: This country had a MILITIA when it was founded. You were expected to serve. To serve you had to be in good physical condition. The young would serve with the older – so you’d get the older men teaching the younger. A militia serves it’s COMMUNITY not some far off ruling class with grand ambitions of world domination.

      I’ve read that one of the reasons why it was decided to go to a volunteer military – was that it gave them a ready pool of military bodies to do whatever they wanted with: you signed up – now obey orders.

      The armies put together using draftees were notorious for getting the job done when a job actually had to get done – but not wanting to follow orders when the job was perceived to be useless or the battle a losing proposition.

      A “professional” military is a sign of an empire and a ruling class that has separated from those under it. This country was not meant for empire. Going back to compulsory military service on a NATIONAL scale – would not fix that issue.

      If military type service is to become compulsory – and you are to have any chance at rolling back the shit-show this country has become – it’s got to be some sort of militia-like service that does not directly serve the machinations of the cloud class.

      • Just spitballin’. I like your militia points. Just think bringing disparate youth together to labor and learn to wotk together would be a net positive.

      • Cal;
        There was no *military* necessity for an ‘all-volunteer’ military for the USA, then or now.

        There were two main reasons for going to an all-volunteer military in ca. 1970. I was there in the military at that time and saw the before and after up close and personal. The first reason was to end the political turmoil of the the late ’60s and early ’70s by removing the main immediate grievance of the (mostly) white middle class about having their sons sent out to die* in a seemingly pointless war in SE Asia (not just Vietnam) that The Cloud had bungled their way into and seemingly could not figure out how to bungle their way out of. Nixon had won election in 1968 by promising to liquidate that war and was running out of time (largely due to mindless Cloud opposition – then as now they were miffed about being out of power).

        Actual Cloud Spawn were provided from the start in the ’60s with ample options to skate, some of them (Peace Corps, etc.) not even involving fraud. But most did involve fraud. Knowing that you were a fraud grated on many of them at some level and it contributed further to the turmoil by giving them the chance to virtue signal by opposing the war without being in any actual danger of serving in it themselves.**

        The second push was from the Army itself. They wanted an end to whiz-kid ‘McNamara of the Cloud’s manpower program. He had decided to over-stockstock the Army, in particular, with low IQ Blacks to stem the protests from blue collar rural Whites who (then) voted D.

        In WW I & II, low IQ folks in general were either sprinkled judiciously (if White) among the line infantry units or used as logistics troops (stevedores, truck drivers, etc) in segregated units if Black (or White). Log troops were largely not useful in large numbers in SE Asia due to there being few and poor roads which were easily subject to enemy interdiction. So the low IQ folk were concentrated into the line infantry. Think Forrest Gump and his Black buddy and that’s the good picture of the situation. The bad picture is units ruined by a significant fraction of low IQ dopers and fraggers of both races. One or two can be dealt with, but as with neighborhoods, once the critical fraction of bad is exceeded, a unit rapidly turns to shyte. The time-honored antidote of ferocious French Foreign Legion-type discipline was not then available in our already semi-pozzed culture.
        * In point of fact, any semi-volunteer who enlisted in lieu of being drafted and had an IQ of over 105 or so was going to be given a more technical billet and would be (absent rank stupidity) be in little danger.

        ** It may be that this is the origin of the Cloud Folk no-danger-virtue-signalling so prevalent today. I don’t recall much of this in the ’50s. Protesters then (unless feminists) were likely to get their butts kicked.

    • The only American kids I see on construction sites these days are the sons of tradesmen. I hear more Spanish than English most days, as the foreman’s bi-lingual “right-hand man” keeps the imported slaves working productively. The days when illegals supposedly did “jobs Americans won’t do”, have been followed up by illegals doing construction jobs American kids either can’t get or wouldn’t do even if they knew how.

  17. Pajeets are better than Chinese when it comes to working in “tech”, but that isn’t saying much. Diverse working environments suffer from a grinding SCALE effect, work is complicated enough without throwing in the need to learn the accents and idiosyncrasies of so many different cultures. There are high IQ people in almost every country and they all come to the US for a slice of the consumerist action. You’ve got hot headed South Americans, unhinged West Africans, apathetic Mexicans, condescending South Asians and difficult Eastern Europeans (who must be said are the best of the bunch). It’s all so complicated and really degrades the ability to enjoy work and form a cohesive team.

    • It’s almost as if common culture and language matter! Shocked, shocked I am. I wonder how those big Corp workplace rules/company culture initiatives work in places like that? People raised to shit anywhere but indoors (cultural taboo) don’t really fit in where that sort of thing is frowned upon. San Fran must feel like a slice of home to them.

  18. “Bombay.”

    My soul smiled reading that. I only wish you had worked “Calcutta” in as well. Along with “Burma.”

  19. I just moved out of Silicon Valley after 25 years there. At this point, tech is an awful career, and I wouldn’t recommend it to anybody – a cadre of shrieking SJW harpies overseeing armies of pajeets who will parrot back anything their overseers tell them to say as long as they keep signing their paychecks. Today it’s social justice – if tomorrow it was National Socialism, they’d switch to it without a second thought. They tend to be practical that way. The normal Indian thing to do is to come to the Valley when you’re 22 or 23, work for 15 years (until the brutally ageist mentality here would have weeded you out anyway), live ten to an apartment to save every penny possible, then go back to India where you can live like a Rajah on all the money you saved, and of course, being rich, have your pick of women.

    Any gold rush eventually reaches an endpoint where all the easy money has been made, the pioneers have retired, and you get an influx of con men, parasites, and bandwagon-jumpers who want to get in on what they see as a get-rich-quick scheme showing up to pick at whatever scraps may be left. That’s where the Silicon Valley gold rush is now. And it’s a big reason why I left. All the old libertarian-ish techno-hippies (and serious, passionate engineers) who founded it are long gone, and in their place are opportunists directing indentured servants. There’s nothing interesting about that. Time to move on.

    On a final note, there actually used to be a lot more of those vaunted “women in tech” than there are now. The dirty little secret of Silicon Valley is that cheaper, and almost exclusively male, South Asian imported labor drove most of them out for reasons ranging from driving down pay to the “show bobs and vegena” attitude they have, which even with draconian SJW workplace rules in place makes it hard to work with them.

    • Interesting. None of this is remotely a surprise though, economic liberalism is Leftism in another form.

      The only actual right wing economics is nationalist and its centered broadly on the common good .

      Its ironic to me that the new Silicon Valley ban on free cafeterias for workers is more right wing than almost anything any Republican has proposed.

      And before all the reeeeee’s start, the area is packed with restaurants all of which are affordable to the lowest paid employee out there in Google territory. Making sure that the corporate profits are used for the good of the community withing the private sector is an excellent policy which is also good for workers who need to get out of the office whether their bosses like it or not

      Americans inability to regulate with any sense will with destroy us same as the USSR’s inability understand the value of the private sector

    • AntiDem – yes, its a sobering thought to realize that the tech industry mule can pull no more. The system that once rewarded the smartest, hardest working people is now ended.

    • Interesting, but that’s been going on a while, if you read Michael Lewis’s new new thing, the entrepreneur of Netscape found gold by supposedly hiring Indians.

      I always found it curious why computer programmers had such low reported average salaries for what seems like a specialized, difficult skill, but now I see why. H1bs undercutting the market

      • He found gold for himself and a few others, The common good is almost never served by the tech elite simply because they are rootless cosmopolitans all.

        The good the Internet did is incidental not by design

  20. It’s actually even worse than this, considering that ever-increasing numbers of the people who *teach* CS are academic indentured servants (F-1s, the student equivalent of H1-B). You have to go a long way to hear English spoken in the computer labs and intro science courses at major American universities, and the graduate student housing complex looks like Calcutta crossed with Shandong Province (smells like it, too).

  21. I can directly attest to these events as I have been working in tech since 1980 (wow that is 38 years). I am just now making the same money I was in 1995. When you look at the valuations of companies, or the cost of a vehicle, it has increased by a factor of 4 or 5. When you look at executive compensation it is even more. The cost of a house has increased roughly by a factor of 4 or more. Yet, our salaries have gone up by roughly a factor of 2 or so. I have hired hundreds of Indian developers because for the last 19 years I have been a contractor to the government and the acceptable labor rates have been going down for the past 10 years, leaving you with little choice but to go the H1B route. And yet, the cry from the big tech companies has never changed. They constantly cry about supposed resource shortages, but it is bullshit. They simply want to drive down the cost of their labor to increase profit in the private market, and now “all Indian” development companies are winning an increasing share of the government market because of “on shore – off shoring”. My last hard core development team was all Indian and honestly I could not communicate with them at all (I inherited that team). There are plenty of white developers available, but they mostly cost too much, and they are not willing to lie outrageously on their resumes. It is not stopping, and getting worse.

    • H1B Pajeet is Paul Ryan’s favorite “American.” I too have first-hand experience of this.

      • Me too. I work for a VERY large bank, in America, and the pajeets are EVERYWHERE. Sometimes, walking around the campus, I feel like I’m in Mumbai instead of the US. Every damn one of them represents a job stolen from an American. Oh and try understanding one of them attempt to speak English, especially on the phone.

          • Local state university nearby has lots of pajeets and must post text and visual aids in the showers so the dots don’t pop a squad in the shower stalls. Un. Flipping. Real.

          • Not unless the campus is in San Fran…and it ain’t the Pajeets doing the street shitting there.

          • Luckily there are none. Lots of Mexicans around to clean up the grounds. But you should see some of the bathrooms. Looks like a septic tank exploded.

        • All the big banks that use TATA, WiPro, Cognizant, Infosys, IBM, Accenture, etc all need to get slapped with multibillion dollar fines and top executives imprisoned for supporting slavery.

        • And Singh! All Punjabi have the middle name Singh (lion), they use it here to lie on their taxes.

          A Patel (‘Kulak’ or ‘landlord’ is closest) showed me his family directory. He said, “there are 8,000 names in here, and I’ve met them all by first name. We never worry about babysitting or banking.”

  22. I work at a telecom which has been importing Indians for some time now. These are for the jobs that they can’t send back to tech sweat-shops in Mumbai or at least to manila. Only now, it’s not just the actual workers…they are now able to bring their families, who end up working at Walmart where they practice figuring out how to make change, and figuring out the denominations of the shiny coins. They cluster in some of the apartments that were built about 15 years ago. It was a desirable area about a decade ago. Now it is quickly being blighted. The nearby chain restaurants are all closing down. The shopping mall has gone from major center for retail commerce to 25% vacancy in about 18 months. The last nail in the coffin will be when Sears and/or JC Penny/Macy’s pulls out, which will likely happen in the next 6 months.

    Anyone owning a home in this area is going to get skull-fucked if they don’t sell NOW.

  23. ‘…long after pajeet is back in Bombay wrangling cobras.’

    Frankly what an idiot statement, condescending and stupid. Disappointing. Besides, he’s not going back to Mumbai to ‘wrangle cobra’, he’s going back to write advanced software. But it’s also better for India that he goes back instead of joining Silicon Valley.

    • It’s Z’s website and he can write what he wants… but I agree, how much better for the world if we end the farcical charade that more “tech” workers are needed in the US and all the “tech” immigrants would take their talents back to their home countries where they *are* genuinely, actually needed.

      • Yup, we agree. But Im just saying, that kinda bar fly language, ‘smelly South Asians wrangling cobras’, that’s gonna retard growing the ‘dissident right’. And also, India shouldnt move to America. But, racially and politically, Indians, in America and on the world stage, are gonna be whitie’s most important ally.

        • There is an element of humor in all meaninful human discourse… however this website tends towards the extreme, which tends to make it refreshing… and I do acknowledge that the Indian folks are not necesarialy not allies… however the world and emotions are complex

        • As the wise and clever 27 year old observed over at Steve Sailer’s blog, “I’m playing the world’s smallest sitar for pajeet. The tune goes like this: “Womp womp.”

      • Me too.

        I think a nice spot of collective punishment applied to the rats who sold out the country might act to pour encourager les autres as the saying goes

        Its not much fine to get rich off H1B’s when the New Gov goon squads take you house and maybe your kids house and your grandkids house and all property as a fine.

        In the end the new economy if we last this long will be regulated and all the libertardians and free traiter types are going to have to deal with it

        No more corporate person-hood and any corporation which is after all a tool to socialize responsibility and risk is going to serve the public interest. We aren’t Reds so its not going to be that onerous but the ability to do what companies do comes at a cost and it will be paid

        I’ll also note allowing all economic gains to go to a few is a good way to destroy a country. The Sander/Warren crowd is right on those grounds.

        How this gets solved in an age of automation destroying labor is beyond me but if people live in cities and have unstable work, they won’t have kids no matter what moral hocus pocus is applied

        If we don’t fix that, we don’t have a society

    • Lighten up dude, it’s toss off guy humor. I’ve been made fun of for “white” stereotypes at work, I mock my best friend for being from Kansas and he mocks me fir being from the south (a lot of corn related jokes both ways) it’s clearly just screwing around.

    • My friend—if you didn’t do a spit-take when you got to the ‘wrangling cobras’ line……you have no sense of humor.

      • Interesting story. But Im pretty sure they’re going home afterwards. Besides, they are hunting illegal zoological immigrants, giant pythons that belong in Asia.

    • Dude, seriously? This is the alt-right we are talking about. Have you not seen the comments out here? The “wrangling cobras” bit is practically benign compared to the other stuff in the comments section. Racism is like viagra to the alt-right, cannot get their flaccid members up without it.

    • I get that Z just wants them back in tiger land, and that’s probably best for everyone, including India. But here’s the thing, Wednesday Z posts a phenomenal treatise on the ideological state, really, really solid work, some of the best you can find in the blogosphere. And the next day it’s about ‘smelly South Asians’ ‘wrangling cobras..’ This kinda bar-fly language puts a tight ceiling on the reach of this blog, and I think more need to read it.

      I ve learned a lot from Z, two that come to mind are that you actually can discuss the ‘JQ’ w/o going full Himmler. And the ‘dont punch right’ rule, I really like that. And sometimes it’s like ‘holy F, this guy’s expressing exactly what Im thinking’, like the Ideological state entry.

      And I happen to like India, a whole lot, which is why it bothered me. India’s gonna be America’s most important ally in this world. Or both are going to be Chinese tributaries. Same goes for Russia btw.

      • Tip o’ the the hat to the Z, as ‘Pajeet’ shows he remembers his clever commentors.

        Many neighbors and co-workers are Sikh, so I appreciate MySimba’s notice on the importance of India, as a counter to China and Islam.

        But how can ya not love ‘cobra wranglers’?

      • “Hello fellow alt- righters” no one is buyin your bullshit, pajeet. You need to go back to the 3rd World shithole from which you crawled out.

          • Yep, you’re just an average American who loves India for some reason. Try harder, this schtick of your ain’t working.

  24. The summer job will exist for the children of the rich, whose parents either own businesses, have connections to those who do, or otherwise have institutional clout in corporations/gov/nonprofit/etc.

    Also for the children of the White lower class, many whose parents are not even high school graduates themselves.

    I agree that the lack of acclimatization to work is a problem, however I can see a silver lining: we need fewer and fewer workers every day to produce all the stuff we could ever want.

    IF we fight our way out of this mess before the consequences of current policy destroy us, we will be living in a world where most people do not need to work (strictly speaking). People will still need a way to define themselves, organize their lives and etc. You can see boomer retirees all around who can’t figure out what to do with themselves without a job. The younger generations maybe (maybe) will avoid this problem. They/we have practice in living a workless life. So far, video games seem to be the method of choice, which sucks, maybe we’ll get better at it.

    But again, we’re just as likely to simply be wiped out before we can enjoy the end of work.

    • The flood of indentured servants has perhaps also coincided with the rise in “intern” work. The kid who wants a leg up into an industry works free for experience and connections because there is nothing otherwise.

      • Unpaid interns should be banned, as only the rich can afford to work for free. But the GOP won’t target its Woke Capital donors, how else would they score that no-show job in lobbying and directorship when they are inevitably voted out and replaced by Ocasio-Cortez types?

  25. Another hidden downside to the importation of cheap labor is that the practice tends to retard technological innovation. Certain industries, meat packing comes to mind, put off technology upgrades because they can more easily control their costs with the use of cheap labor – and – they don’t have the initial capital outlay required to implement new, labor saving technologies. In other words, the addictive drug of cheap imported labor tends to stifle technological progress.

    • If that is so, why is it the tech industry reached its innovative peak in the 80’s and 90’s when it was heavily using imported labor.

  26. If Donald Trump would hammer this message home every day, he could be president for life. But he’s of the employer class and is loyal to it, so he doesn’t.

    • A constant refrain from union members was how he and Ivanka made their merchandise in China, and how he was employing H-2B (Eastern Europeans) at his properties (rich people don’t want Black/PR servers). The more erudite noted that his construction employs lots of union members, but that’s not worth as much given that the infrastructure bill was forgotten.

  27. One of the huge problems with Western education at the moment is the increasing specialisation occurring within its sub-branches. The problem with this specialisation is that produces an autistic approach to life which is unable to appreciate or factor in, second, third or fourth order effects in other areas outside the area of specialisation. Not being able to see the effects in other areas means that the autist optimises for his particular field to the detriment of the other interconnected areas.

    It’s a huge problem in Medicine, particularly the American variant, and is in a large degree responsible for your insane medical costs. It’s also a terrible curse in economics.

    Economists tend to know the price of everything and the value of nothing. Flooding the market with workers may increase company profits but it comes at the expense of eating a lot of social capital and what the dumb bastards don’t realise is the capitalism is primarily built on social capital, not economic. When people realise the system is gamed against them they give up on the system.

    Any wonder Socialism is making a comeback.

  28. This all boils down to contempt of people on the coasts for people in the hinterlands. Old as Western Civilization itself. Encompasses the entire history of ancient Athens. Whenever this sentiment wins in a country, the fate of that country is already written in stone.

    • Besides coasts vs. Midlandia…. we see, in general, the same treatment for the left vs. conservatives, globalists vs nationalists, and insiders vs. outsiders. The hearings are showing this clearly — when the globalist insider is doing the questioning, he talks to the other as if he were beyond contempt — not just rudeness, but as if….well, you know how it is.

      Then when the guy answering the questions is the globalist/insider, it happens in reverse — now the questioner talks normally, but the one being interrogated laughs, smirks, and refuses to give information — once again, treating the other with complete contempt.

      Something’s got to happen to change this two-tiered, higher caste vs “untouchables” thing going on. It’s online, it’s in the streets, it affects grades and careers and, as we see in DC, it means the privileged ones get off destroying evidence and accusing others of treason while the “low caste” (conservatives) are harassed, physically and verbally abused, stalked, and put in solitary confinement at the will of the other group.

      Of course, none of this would be possible without the fake media that substitutes panel discussions of “analysis” concerning bogus stories and call it “the news” as vitally important events are going on, but only found on the net.

  29. My uncle put himself through dental college with summer full time and winter part time jobs. When he graduated his “student load debt” was $0.00. Illegal and H1-B legal (not immigration) invasion has created the “student loan” crisis.

    • More like the college administrators who have jacked up tuition to pay for ever more bloated non-teaching staff.

    • The invasion along with the soaring cost of higher education for those not considered “underrepresented.”

    • I worked long years in academia and I can promise you, H1-Bs didn’t create the student loan crisis — it was Griggs v. Duke Power. That, and Boomers deciding that since they had such a great time in college, *everyone* should go to college and there should be no trade schools. But if it’ll make you feel better, F-1 student visas are about the only thing keeping the American university system afloat, so it’ll crash sooner than anyone thinks…

      • The foreign student racket is another bust out. That started in the 80’s when third tier private schools figured out they could bring in foreign students at full retail. Boston University was full of Japanese students and then other Asians followed in the 90’s. Then state schools figured out they could do the same thing.

        The fact that the college loan rackets have gone on this long is testament to the creativity of the grifters who rule over us. They will squeeze every drop out of this bustout.

        • Full retail +. The universities open recruiting offices in China and along with the full tuition gig offer other “acclimation”, “summer”,etc programs on the side…at a markup of course. One of my kids goes to one of the public Ivies–and these sorts of gigs are how they make budget with the cuts in state funding.

      • A, are you actually John Derbyshire, B) isnt the placing of a dash a little officious?? The point of the debate is the effect of a particular visa type, not where particular dash goes.

          • Ok, thanks, interesting. Why is he so into the placing of a dash?? That seems besides the point and he clearly is a smart man.

    • Years ago during a big pro-mass immigration debacle we came up with a new name for John McCain that has stuck. To this day we never, ever say his name, we always say his nickname, “Anti-American”. I’ve thought of buying a bottle of champagne to open upon his death.

      • Is there any Vietnamese you can name who personally has killed more Americans than Insane McCain?

  30. “What foreign labor does is it monetizes future social capital and pulls it forward. It is a form of debt creation, not a lot different than eating the seed corn. Future social harmony is consumed today, with no way to replace it.”

    Very fine. At white heat. You penetrated the depth of the issue like I’ve never heard before.

    • Right, there is often some suffering invested in training future generations. To draw that logic of cost cutting to its logical conclusion, why not abolish schools altogether? They are very expensive and fraught with litigious issues, and provide no immediate profit. Large demographics derive no benefit from schooling at all, and in fact lessen the quality of education for others.

  31. The H1-B visa tragedy was intended specifically to flood the system with marginally capable workers to 1) drive down wages 2) provide an army of little indentured servants 3) create elitist far-left tech billionaires

    • Anyone remember the video that surfaced fifteen or twenty years ago where some San Fran asshole immigration attorney is saying to an audience something like, “…and so it probably sounds like we’re telling you how to avoid hiring Americans… and that’s right! We’re here to inform you how to legally avoid hiring Americans!!”. Anybody else as pissed as I am with this shit?

    • Near us a big credit card company has brought in countless H1-B indentured servants. The blue-devil-god worshiping f-ers are f’n everywhere. Walking through a store there is like walking the streets of Delhi. The typical washroom in a gas station in the area sometimes has feces on the floor. And why, for every indentured servant, are there seven grandmothers and nineteen aunts and uncles and brothers and wives and sisters and grandfathers? And why do they all work at Walmart? Why do we need to bring people from the other side of the planet to work at Walmart?

      • Stopped to get gas in NE Ohio on my way back from Minnesota a couple weeks ago. The place was run by Indians, and was filthy, particularly the men’s room. Doesn’t the parent oil company care? Guess not.

          • Everyone talks about “quality”, but 90% off the time given the choice people pick the cheapest price…in business or as a consumer. Until purple learn how to look and choose value, the race to the bottom continues unabated.

        • It must have been the same place I stopped at on I-71 — but that (Marathon?) was several years ago and the place has been demolished. Hindu sales clerk glared at me while I told him that NYC subway toilets were cleaner that what I found in their “rest room.” I drive long distances a lot, so now I generally go to a truck stop like Speedway for gas and pit stops.

        • I’ve been very successful by documenting the fuck-up to the CEO,Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Legal Officer.
          Stuff tends to happen within a month.

    • A decade ago we took a trip to India and the signs on the side of the roads are hilarious. Something like, “Study at our university! We offer degrees in Landscaping, Brain Surgery, Stump Grinding, Rocket Science, Pimple Removal and Bridge Engineering. Most degrees can be completed in weeks!!!”

    • And what about the question, if the H1-B visa workers are marginally capable, why have them? And the answer is that the cost to correct their mistakes is calculated into the savings from not hiring Americans. And a bonus is, the tech billionaires get to play god, because on “plantation tech” the H1-B visa workers are literally slaves. H1-B visa holder disagree with you at the morning meeting? Then he can pack his bags and catch the next flight back to the other side of the world. (So readers here are aware that H1-B visa holders are literally indentured servants?)

    • Years ago I heard some co-workers chatting with an H1-B type fellow at lunch and someone said he thought we needed a new senior Unix Sys Admin – to which the H1-B fellow replied, “That’s what I do!” Then someone else chimed-in and said, no, I thought what I heard was we need a new senior Oracle DBA – to which the H1-B fellow instantly exclaimed, “I am that!!!”

      Yeah. Sure. I’m not saying they’re bad guys, they’re just playing the system that they’ve been invited to play by the NWO globalists.

      • These Bombay specials are unscrupulous scum. Guys like him are natural born scam artists that will rob a company blind or drive it into the ground. Why do you think their home countries are such shit holes? Because of them.

        • The ones robbing the company blind are white male scam artists like Ballmer and Immett, not “Bombay specials”

  32. The economy is like the MLB with the major league teams and the farm system. You aren’t going to get native major league players when your farm system is filled with foreigners.

  33. Also unmentioned is the poor quality of service and support by people who are not adept at the speaking of English. Phone transactions with such folks takes a lot longer and is very frustrating.

    • It’s a lot harder to understand foreign accents on the phone for some reason. Even Brits and Aussies are harder to understand on the telephone.

    • I’ve been on calls with pajeets where i couldn’t understand a single word, I’m told by others on those calls tha they were indeed speaking English.

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