The Power Of Comfortable Beliefs

A frustration of our side is that vast numbers of people, who should be on our side, continue to believe things that are obviously untrue. Everyday, for example, we see new evidence against the alleged benefits of immigration, yet most Americans still worship immigrants like they are magic talismans. Show some principled conservatives, who claim to work from facts and reason, video from a naturalization ceremony, featuring bearded Muslims, and those principles conservatives will burst into celebratory tears.

What makes this even more frustrating is that you could sit down with these same people and explain the facts of immigration and they will nod along in agreement. Then, an hour later they will say something stupid like “we need these workers to do the jobs Americans won’t do!” Generations of propaganda about open borders plays a role, but a bigger part is that it is just easier to stick with the familiar opinions. Once you arrive at an opinion on some subject that seems to work, changing it is hard work for no obvious benefit.

This is not just something that happens with the hoi polloi. The intelligentsia suffers from it more than normal people. Steve Sailer often notes how supposedly smart people in the human sciences fall for old fallacies about genetic group differences. Here’s and example from a while back. Eric Turkheimer is a smart enough guy to know he is wrong, but it is easier to be wrong than re-think his position. There’s also a social benefit to remaining wrong, so he stays in the easy chair of egalitarian ignorance, rather than change.

Greg Cochran puzzles over this stuff in the field of medical reaearch, about which he knows a great deal, because he regularly challenges old truths about the human sciences. His idea that pathogens may be the root cause of things like Alzheimers is a revolutionary idea that is universal rejected by science, despite some promising evidence in the case of Alzheimer’s disease. Cochran remains puzzled by this, but the answer is the same as with group genetic difference. It is is simply easier to believe the old ideas.

There seems to be something baked into the human consciousness that rejects empiricism, even for people in empirical fields. Mystery is more interesting than certainty, superstition is more inspiring than materialism. A famous example of this is how medicine initially responded to the Spanish Flu. Despite germ theory being established science, many doctors still thought the cause was bad miasmas that came from burning human waste in the Midwest. Maybe they just liked wearing those beak masks.

One obvious cause is that when everyone believes something, or people assume everyone believes something, it is assumed to be correct. This is human nature, which is why propaganda is such a big part of our lives. Our rulers flood the zone with one set of opinions, in an effort to drive out all others, so that people will assume everyone accepts the official dogma. It’s why every TV ad features race mixers and a Google image search of white couples returns race mixers. There can be but one opinion, the approved opinion.

There are practical considerations, as well. If you are in politics, there is no upside to pointing out to your liberal colleagues that open borders is suicide. Bernie Sanders is not a bright man, but even he understands the laws of supply and demand apply to labor markets. He will enthusiastically support the Puerto Rican bimbo running on a mix of open borders and universal free stuff. There’s no obvious benefit to Democrats in pointing out that this woman is as dumb as a gold fish, so they nod along with her.

When even people in difficult STEM fields virtue signal on nonsense like racism, there’s more than practical necessity at play. Paige Harden is a smart women working in a field compiling mountains of evidence contradicting the Progressive narrative, but she will stick with the narrative, because everyone she knows believes it. If she gets her way, brown people will be squatting in the burned out husk of her lab, as society will have reverted to that which can be sustained by them. Yet, she preaches in favor of white genocide.

It is an important thing for outsider movements to keep in mind when thinking about how to approach the other side. The normie BoomerCon in the tricorn hat hooting about the constitution is not amenable to facts and reason. He’s in a comfortable place that let’s him feel morally superior to lefty, while embracing Progressive morality. You turn him to the dark side by making that place uncomfortable for him. It’s why mockery and humor are the most powerful weapons of outsider movements. No one feels smug when being mocked.

It’s also why various forms of socialism persist, despite the monstrous failures at implementing them and the mountain of evidence contrary to the theory. The appeal of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is that going along with her is easy and fun. She is being celebrated by the media and all of the beautiful people. She’s like a viral video that everyone feels they need to see. Socialism has always pressed on that nerve, that need to feel like you are being swept along by the tides of history toward the promised land.

Barak Obama was the definition of an empty suit. He managed to make John Forbes Kerry seem complex. Yet, millions of white people showed up to vote, crying as they pulled the lever, believing they were about to experience the rapture. Obama was obviously a feckless ninny, but it was easier to believe he was the messiah, so most people went along with supporting him. It turns out that the most effective movements are the ones that make it easiest for people to accept things that are obviously untrue.

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  1. “hooting abut the constitution”? Words fail me at your characterization of those who still care about the Constitution and your denigration of it.

    • There may be people who still care about the Articles of Confederation. There are people who want to see the Bourbons restored. There were Japanese soldiers in the jungles long after the war ended.

      • Hoo-wah/Touche,Z – keep on giv’nm “what fer”. How many even know about the ORIGINAL “AOC”, which – from my recollection – was never even mentioned in the “CONstitution” which was the first LIMITATION of those “unalienable RIGHTS” bestowed by a SUPREME “Author” declared in the DOI and ratified by great suffering and loss of blood, limb, personal bounty and . . . LIFE.

    • If it no longer protects a future for our posterity- the reason for which it was written- then use it to wipe my ass.

      The others want to use it against the people who authored it? Fuck ’em. FUCK. THEM.

      Ocasio-Cortez, Rue Paul and Cory Booker, Majid Majid and Sadiq Khan, Hillary and Schumer?

      Either they are the future, or we are.
      I vote us- rewrite the contract, not the people.

  2. Absolutely impossible to pass this “ZZZinger” up! Brings to mind the increasingly online-attributed Pink Floyd “comfortably numb” lyric in “The Wall”. As a 71+ y/o [euro-ancestral, “melanin-deficient”], first year (’46), drafted ‘Nam vet (’69), “Boomer” , I did NOT buy in to the MSM-pitched “Obummer” sub-conscious/repressed/”virtue-SEEKING”-[racial/slave] guilt-slaking. WAY too many [remaining] “Boomers” are still in a comfortably numb/complacent “groove” which may very well – and abruptly -become the likes of a WW1 trench full of mud and rotting bodies where they desperately await the “Rapture” while the circling vultures (Mills) eagerly await the opportunity to voraciously pick bones. And, while I also do NOT reserve such a fate – in part, deservedly – to said “Boomers”, or wish such outcome upon any other demographically-defined groups, there is that “10 percent” of vile socio/psychopathic, rotting, stinking, NRV (No Redeeming Value), semi-animate viruses such as the Hildabeast, Sick Cheney, Heinz Kissinger, the Clinton MULEler, Eric Holder, V Jarrett – just to mention a few of my most UNfavorite DESPICABLES – that will most likely never endure a perp-walk, let alone a 6×8 and baloney sandwiches – and even a ravenous vulture would be wise to avoid.

  3. Watching the last of the Tour de France with the wife, It’s very beautiful over there we should go visit. Um, no, don’t you read the news ? All the riots from the refugees ?

    Oh that’s everywhere. You shouldn’t judge a country from a few news reports.

    This is from a woman that deals with trying to teach these savages everyday. Sure honey , we’ll go over and visit as soon as I get a bulletproof vest and a pair of running shoes to flee from the urban riots.

    End of conversation. I’d say humor and mocking these ridiculous ideas is very effective. Just don’t push it too far or you’ll be sleeping on the couch 🙂

  4. … Mockery and humor are the most powerful weapons of outsider movements. No one feels smug when being mocked.

    “The tyrant fears the laugh more than the assassin’s bullet.”

    • It’s the same when you teach, the prankster is often the hardest to deal with. Mockery flies under the radar in a way openly confronting someone does not.

  5. Most habits are formed during our early adolescent years when the brain’s wiring is in it’s main growth phase. This is the phenomenon that explains the stubbornness of many beliefs. It is very hard to override foundational wiring with path rerouting. It used to be that if you were unfortunate enough to get stuck with bad ideas early in life, this would result in an early death and help end the propagation of these beliefs. Modern civilization has fundamentally altered that ancient self-correction mechanism.

  6. Solomon’s proverbs offers this conundrum: to answer a fool according to his folly, or to NOT answer the fool. Then there’s Jesus’ maxim to not cast your pearls before swine. History substantiates the “mock the fools” strategy. Most fools cannot abide their foolishness being confronted … the advice to shame & mock (& otherwise ignore) them is spot-on, because they’re uninterested in reality. Why? Because reality & empirical truth doesn’t comport with their Big Idea that man is perfectible. While they labor at deconstructing the West maybe folks like us should build parallel institutions – I’d start with schools, because anyone trapped there is being conditioned for foolishness. The fools would recognize this for the middle-finger that it is. Every person of the dissident right who is sending their children to public schools is supporting the progressive’s “comfortable beliefs” while their progeny are ruined. This is the primary skin-in-the-game issue in my opinion. Second might be unplugging from establishment media & i-gadgetry. Third would be getting out of debt, which might lead to getting land & resettling in rural America. Ideas SHOULD have consequences.

    It’s fine to have “right” ideas, but if there’s no follow-on demonstrable change, being a self-described member of the dissident right doesn’t mean much.

    • While they labor at deconstructing the West maybe folks like us should build parallel institutions…
      Brother I have been trying to do that since 2012 but like I’ve said before as long as people are comfortable they won’t put forth the effort to do that…Hope you’re well…

  7. One of my thoughts on this sort of topic is, for the mindless leftist to admit of a wrong stance is not like getting the time wrong for a meeting or something trifle. It’s admitting your whole life belief system is wrong, for an adult that’s 40/50 years of wrong, not just an isolated error. To face the fact that they’ve been mis-led, mis-guided and out right lied to for their entire life is a bitter unswollow-able (made up word) pill.

    • Once you can get a little independent thinking going, it can do a world of wonders for those living in the Matrix. Unfortunately like you said, now they have the trauma of now knowing that their entire lives they have been lied to and basically, brainwashed.

    • Do we really want the “mindless lefist”? My conversion came when I finally realized that the media I thought was just biased turned out to be downright lieing to me, and had been doing so for years. I think center leaning folks can have a similar epiphany if helped along.

  8. ” The normie BoomerCon in the tricorn hat hooting about the constitution is not amenable to facts and reason.”

    Perhaps he rationally prefers you to actually show him what you’d replace it with before he jumps on the “throw out the baby with the bathwater” bandwagon. Unless it is Anarchy that you are proposing and I do not believe it is.

    Are you in possession of such a fact-based document? If not he will remain resistant to your “mockery and humor” and is likely to remain in his “comfortable place”. And while I for one have seen the Constitution frequently criticized, nowhere have I seen a substitute or replacement proposed by anyone anywhere, with the possible exception of the communists.

    And until you do that you are just a child bitching about what mom made for dinner. Get over yourself.
    I actually believe your generation has a problem with proposing responsible alternatives. Example: the third wave feminists threw away all the rules for women and replaced them with nothing. Societal destruction and Chaos ensued.

    You of all people should understand that Society needs rules. Some kind of clearly defined set that everyone can understand and follow.

    So post them please so that we can have an informed discussion.

    • Here’s a first draft of the “fact-based document” you are requesting. I suspect that no document will ever overcome your desire to sit on the comfortable sidelines.

      The world is chaotic. Sometimes you discover you are in crisis and must act with incomplete information or plans. Sometimes you know you have to leave but aren’t sure where you will arrive.

      Finally, I submit that no amount of argument will ever motivate the “normie BoomerCon in the tricorn hat” to ever surrender his belief in the power of the Constitution to transform Africans into Europeans.

    • Well said, the alt/dissident Right has no real alternate vision/platform other than “throw out the furren darkies”. The BoomerCon has voted for Trump in overwhelming numbers as he is finally fed-up about immigration/trade screwing him over. Polls show a solid majority of Americans do NOT think more immigration is good for the country. However, the BoomerCon is not going to sign up for the alt-right RAHOWA fantasy and rightly so.

      • Without continual mockery and abuse, your BoomerCons will begin weeping at the beauty of Emma Lazurus’s traitorous poem.

  9. Excellent stuff. Humans did not evolve to be scientists or philosophers of nature, they evolved to chase skirt, knock it up and get their genes into the next cycle. Therefore, empirical facts will only triumph social context when those empirical facts are of immediate and serious personal consequence to us. That is why even the most looney leftists never questioned gravity by jumping out of a tall building, a situation where ‘reality’ will exact a far higher personal price than the social context will. But,sit in the faculty lounge of the Berkeley department of biology, and suddenly ‘race is a social construct’. B/c reality wont turn you into a dead pile of blood, meat and bones for saying that. But the social context will turn your career into it for denying it. Most humans are not after maximum ‘truth’, they are after maximum ‘status’, ie social perks from the group. And your genes can pass on fine regardless of your wacky beliefs provided a fertile female shares them. And that is also why mocking people, ie attacking their status and only their status, is so effective, in fact is the most powerful weapon we have. Using reason to persuade to convince people is using the wrong tool. Humor and mocking, that is getting streetwise here.

  10. “A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it.”
    …Max Planck

  11. You can’t counter most cherished beliefs with facts because those beliefs are both central to how people self identify and to how they stay a member of their group. Social media has exacerbated this process by quickly shaming anyone who deviates even the slightest and quickly rewarding (e.g., with likes) anyone who sticks to the party line.

    Add in the rush people, especially women and white evangelicals get from virtue signalling and the dumber the position is viewed by normal people, the more the left loves the concept. Case in point: ISIS is not Islamic. So stupid that sane people will immediately react with a variation of WTF! This enables the left, especially women, to feel smug about how much smarter and more woke they are than the stupid bigots who don’t get it. That is why conservatives are making a mistake by thinking the Democratic Socialist poster girl is a benefit to their side. The more they laugh at her and use facts to prove she is wrong, the more the left feels smug about supporting her. Plus, the vast majority of women, with the exception of most white married ones, love freebies from the government and, if single, look to the government as a surrogate husband.

    • “This enables the left, especially women, to feel smug about how much smarter and more woke they are than the stupid bigots who don’t get it. That is why conservatives are making a mistake…”

      My gods. So, so, so true. Such a great insight to the mechanism. The harder my Trevor-watching friends hate on Trump, the more I love ‘im. (As I did when foolish enough to defend Bush or Conservatism Inc.)

      I always wondered why we, people, spend far more energy reflexively defending a side than examining it. It’s signaling, not ‘reason’.
      Thanks much!

    • That’s the ‘ethnic state vs ideological state’ problem. America should become the former but instead England and Spain are becoming the latter. Insanity’s having a good 4th decade in a row….

  12. I think it may be more than just intellectual inertia. There is also the issue of maintaining one’s social standing. Publicly expressing unfashionable ideas means not just a sudden evaporation of dinner party invites but also a significant and adverse impact of one’s career or business. Being branded a “racist” in this day and age (whether justified or not) is tantamount to social isolation and financial ruin. Who wants to risk that? Better to go with the flow and let someone else take the heat.

    • Someone else being the entire working class and your very own grandkids, who will definitely be a minority.

  13. Trevor Noah manages to be a bigger cunt than Ocasio-Cortez. Still, that was an amazing performance when you realize the show probably prepped her for hours prior to her appearance.

    She’s not the nightmare of half the country, she’s the nightmare of all rational-thinking persons everywhere.

    • Ocasio-Cortez is a threat to the neoliberals, so the ordinary kid gloves treatment that is given to Dem politicians by the media isn’t given to her. She’s no dumber than Pelosi is, even accounting for Madam Nacny’s senility. Additionally she’s vocally Anti-Zionist, I would not be surprised if Crowley is brought back on a third party line.

      • Crowley is still on the ballot on the WF line. They’re obviously hoping he’ll run again.

        • He can’t be removed unless he dies or accepts nomination for another electoral office. While it seems strange, New York has these rules because of the number of third parties that have ballot line status to keep candidates from merely acting as spoilers and then withdrawing or brokering their endorsement. Might be a good idea for Joe to hire a food taster.

      • Yeah, De Beers, political life becomes very limited if one does not have Jewish support.

      • The vibe I get is that that option is not being ruled out. Obviously local press is covering her massively here, but there is a touch less adoration in the last week. The trick will be keeping her away from anyone that might ask a hard question between now and November.

    • If I were Occasional-Cortex’s handlers, would lock her in a storage unit until election day. What is clear from watching her “performances” is the same problem that affects most of education in the age of SJWs and iPhones. The fund of knowledge that most of us gained in the day when the only way to entertain yourself on a long car ride or rainy day was reading books is simply lacking in these people. See it every day. Even one of my own kids who is a brilliant engineering student, asked “what was Dunkirk” when we sat down to watch the movie a few months ago.

  14. Can’t you find another way of describing a great deal of evidence besides “a mountain of evidence” ? It has the odor of Marcia Clark from the days of O.J. Simpson.

  15. There’s the literal race-mixing, then there’s the even greater number of TV ads showing blacks in preposterously laughable situations. As you may have noticed: Any group of three or more must include one dusky fellow. So we get: the black guy mountain-biking with his white bros. The old black guy crafting clunky wooden toys for charity in his garage woodshop. (I’ve see a few of these in Pharma ads). The young black guy and his white bros dicking around with drones in the California mountains. Do they actually think that their viewers look at this, nod their heads and think “Ohh yeah. That reflects reality as I’VE experienced it. For sure!”

    It certainly has had some impact. Saw a poll (wish I could find it) asking the demographically-challenged hoi polloi “What do you think the percentage of African-Americans is in the United States?” A woeful few were in the ballpark (just a sliver over 1/8, of course). The majority said around a quarter (or roughly double the actual number). A shocking and frightening number thought it was around a THIRD – more than guessed the CORRECT number.

    • I like the car ad that shows us your typical *black* violinist who is shown dramatically playing his violin in between segments showing the car whiz around. They did not show him grabbing his crotch, which would be more realistic. Of all the time that I was in orchestra and out of all the classical concerts I’ve attended, I could count the number of black classical musicians on one hand.

  16. The most common and dumbest common belief I see is the notion that Islam and it’s practitioners are in any way comparable with western civilization. Any reading of history and / or the Koran and Hadiths shows how stupid the idea is. A visit to a Muslim country should convince anyone who still has doubts.

    • The myth of Moorish Spain is relevant:

      >A finalist for World Magazine’s Book of the Year! “The Myth of the Andalusian Paradise is essential reading. It will soon find its place on the shelves of premier academic institutions and in the syllabi of pioneering scholars.” –Antonio Carreño, W. Duncan McMillan Family Professor in the Humanities, Emeritus, Brown University “I could not put this book down. The Myth of the Andalusian Paradise constitutes a watershed in scholarship. . . . Fernández-Morera brilliantly debunks the myths that for so long have dominated Islamic historiography and conventional wisdom. We were waiting for this great breakthrough.” –Raphael Israeli, Professor Emeritus of Middle Eastern, Islamic, and Chinese History, Hebrew University of Jerusalem “Fernández-Morera examines the underside of Islamic Spain. . . . This is an intelligent reinterpretation of a supposed paradise of convivencia.” –Julia Pavón Benito, Professor of Medieval Spanish History, University of Navarra “Desperately, desperately needed as a counter to the mythology that pervades academia on this subject.” –Paul F. Crawford, Professor of Ancient and Medieval History, California University of Pennsylvania “A splendid book. This sober and hard-hitting reassessment demolishes the myths of religious tolerance and multiculturalism that have hopelessly romanticized the precarious coexistence and harsh realities of medieval Spain under Muslim rule. . . . Must-reading.” –Noël Valis, Professor, Department of Spanish and Portuguese, Yale University Scholars, journalists, and even politicians uphold Muslim-ruled medieval Spain–“al-Andalus”–as a multicultural paradise, a place where Muslims, Christians, and Jews lived in harmony. There is only one problem with this widely accepted account: it is a myth. In this groundbreaking book, Northwestern University scholar Darío Fernández-Morera tells the full story of Islamic Spain. The Myth of the Andalusian Paradise shines light on hidden history by drawing on an abundance of primary sources that scholars have ignored, as well as archaeological evidence only recently unearthed. This supposed beacon of peaceful coexistence began, of course, with the Islamic Caliphate’s conquest of Spain. Far from a land of religious tolerance, Islamic Spain was marked by religious and therefore cultural repression in all areas of life and the marginalization of Christians and other groups–all this in the service of social control by autocratic rulers and a class of religious authorities. The Myth of the Andalusian Paradise provides a desperately needed reassessment of medieval Spain. As professors, politicians, and pundits continue to celebrate Islamic Spain for its “multiculturalism” and “diversity,” Fernández-Morera sets the historical record straight–showing that a politically useful myth is a myth nonetheless.

  17. Yeah, we love to deny reality and lie to ourselves a lot (me included and you do too, don’t deny it). Yet actions sometimes betray the lies, to wit: every sane white person knows enough to instinctively avoid the “vibrant” parts of town. This very act confirms recognizing the reality of “the other” people and their nature. We know they are different and/or dangerous.

    Proposed motto for the Reality Party: “You shall know the Truth. And the Truth shall set you free.”

  18. And now, for a black pill moment. I have relatives that live in various parts of Vermont and New Hampshire. Rural New England is a wonderful place, one of the last parts of the country that is more than 95% white.
    But hold your horses. A dedicated network of ethnic activists and “business leaders” are working overtime on the shockingly gullible residents of these states.
    Please read the link and see what we are up against, as if most of you didn’t already know.
    20 years from now, when both states are majority non white, and the rates of violent crime have skyrocketed, refer back to the article as a time capsule of when the tide turned.

    • We cannot out-reproduce those that are both willing to have lower living standards, and are subsidized by the various gov’t welfare programs like Medicaid and EITC. We get our sovereignty back when we change the rules of the game, where we hold the state monopoly on violence and can pass exclusionary laws.

    • The same thing is going on in the suburbs of MA. I live in a suburb about 20 miles outside of Boston – near the NH border. The town is 93% white, less than 1% African, and about 5% Asian (according to Wiki). I can tell you that I see black faces quite frequently around town. It’s like ZMan mentioned in a previous article about Arlington MA, his friend moved for the “diversity” – when according to the stats it’s 95% white.

      Yet – there’s black faces seen relatively frequently around the town. Why is that? Do they not work? Are they sucking in people from other towns?

      What I do know is that the town has not grown much in terms of population in almost 30 years. That’s one of the reasons why I moved here. The old timers tend to vote down stupid shit like massive spending on the schools.

      There was an effort started to push the diversity out to the suburbs begun during the Obama administration. Maybe what I’m noticing is the results of that effort starting to be noticeable.

    • shockingly gullible residents of these states.
      It’s called normalcy bias…Since the effects of thousands of people that hate them haven’t been experienced by them personally well then everyone will just get along since that’s all they have ever experienced… Majority white areas are white people’s worst nightmare in trying to wake people up to the dangers of diversity…I can say that with authority because I’ve experienced that…

  19. Lame & gay.

    Grousing about humanity’s herd-like nature is just another way for pussies to feel smart while they do nothing.

    People have ALWAYS been herd-like followers of their society’s accepted beliefs. And that’s a feature, not a bug.
    A society of big-brain nonconformist intellectuals rigorously testing every social belief before obeying it would quickly fall apart. For the most part, having the majority “going along to get along” is a good thing.
    The real issue is WHAT those beliefs are, WHO sets them & WHY.

    White America’s problem is simple: The WASP overlords who wanted to exploit us were replaced by a Jewish overlords who want to replace us.

  20. “More at work beyond pragmatic necessity”

    Yes, but when that something is so onerous and expansive as to be absurd, it reveals its more the tribal and ritualistic aspects driving it. One would not get a life sentence or death penalty for simple attempt(alleged) in any European derived system.

    Anyhow, I have these friends who constantly virtue signal on race and semitism. They sit around and exclusively eulogize black and Jewish artists—even when no one else is there to hear! Not to get points with the system, the boss, no. (I do like some of these artists too, but as such, not for any tendentious reason.) It seems to make them feel good to be saying and affirming these things to one another. I compare it to the way religious people say prayers in private. I guess it’s to appease the Nyarlahotep of diversity!

      • The long term causes of fertility decline have been feminism, secularism, credentialism. Barone only sees credentialism as in decline. By contrast, in Israel there has been a swelling of national consciousness and religious observance since 2000, and a corresponding fertility increase. In scientific terms, T levels and sperm counts are down, and contraception effectiveness doesn’t degrade over time like antibiotics.

        • The unspoken premise of the piece, and why Drudge put it at the top of his page, is to assuage the fears of low information Boomers that there will be a surge of more white babies. Immigration levels are still far too high to promote the necessary increases in wage levels that would allow family formation. People can’t get mortgages when they have student loans to pay off. And there is every incentive in the book to claim to be non-white for affirmative action, reducing any chances that Hispanics and Hapas would assimilate.

    • Michael Barone? Wow, there’s a name I haven’t heard in forever. I though he had disappeared with Mort Kondracke back in the Bush years.

  21. Comfortable ideas that go against reality can only be sustained in Comfortable Times…Like I’ve said before there just isn’t enough pain yet to wake people out of their stupor…

  22. This all reminds me of how we need to not be (too) deterred by poll numbers that are waved in our faces. People are fickle and go along with the prevailing winds. Remember how fast society changed on gay marriage. It could always change back. Anti-abortion sentiment is actually growing a little bit in recent years, against the assumption that no one ever wants to “turn back the clock.” We are now being told that X percent of people think America is an idea-nation rather than an ethnic one, or that Y percent think everything will be OK when whites become a minority. Consider also, that many people lie to pollsters, even when told their responses will be anonymous. Right now people correctly think that anti-white answers are the “right” ones to such questions when given by academics or journalists, no matter what they privately believe. With all the hacking of supposedly private data that goes on, I’m not sure I would give honest answers to polls myself. If the counter-narrative starts to gain enough traction don’t be surprised to see a rapid snowball effect in agreement as people feel safe to think certain thoughts. Alas, this will take time, though.

  23. The Alzheimer’s thing reminds me of a guy I operated on many years back. He showed up in my office asking for an antibiotic I had given him perioperatively. When I asked why he said it was because it made his ulcer better. I said that was ridiculous, that ulcers weren’t caused by bacteria. He said if I didn’t give it to him he’d find a doctor who would. I figured there would be little harm in humoring him, so I gave him a prescription and over a few years he would come back and get an occasional refill.

    Then some time later a couple of Australians got a Nobel prize in medicine for the discovery of Helicobacter pylori, which was found to be a big cause of ulcers.

    That old man had a handle on what worked when he took it.

    • I used to have an old set of Encyclopedia Britannica, printed in the early Sixties, articles written in the Forties and Fifties.
      An article about stomach diseases mentioned that ulcers were believed by some people to be caused by bacteria;.
      40 or 50 years before those Australians “discovered” heliobacter, it was already known, or speculated about.
      Nothing new under the sun.

    • Remember the war on dietary cholesterol? That was “settled science” once upon a time.

    • And now teapartydoc uses those antibiotics to treat the ulcer he got from missing out on that Nobel Prize.

  24. This entire post begs the question, what exactly can you actually build with people such as the ones you describe? The answer is…nothing. All of these people are set, they are who they always will be. Over time, newer generations will react to the pozzing from day#1, and those are the people who will change the world. All any one here can do is sit and watch it all goo by…

  25. Most people aren’t very analytical. They’ll easily accept what they’re being fed. But as I think about this, even very analytical people believe idiotic things. For example, I used to post regularly on a sports message board. Lots of really smart posters with good, well-thought out positions on various aspects of sports and the team we were passionate about.

    The message board had a separate section where the same posters could discuss politics and other subjects. Sometimes race would come up. I quickly became known as an evil guy because I would point out racial differences, sometimes giving examples from sports, which they would know about, being experts on sports, like Blacks of West African-descent dominating world class sprint events. Or I’d point out that every NFL starting cornerback for over a decade has been black. Or that Kenyans from the Rift Valley dominate track long distance events. Or Indians (the H1B type) failing to ever win a gold medal in Olympic history.

    Even with overwhelming evidence, these intelligent posters dug their heels in that there were no racial differences. It was all about hard work, the environment, or some races being steered into other sports or whatever. Some reasons were long, drawn out, complicated explanations that only an intelligent person could come up with. They seemed to be pretty proud of their reasoning along with attacking me for my racism.

    • Even as far back as the mid-80’s that stream of thought was well established even among elite whites of Wall Street.

      How so? Well the WSJ did a piece on high end and very expensive sports boot camps for children of executives. These camps had world class coaches for the kids to learn from. The parents evidently hoped they had a budding NFL, tennis or BB star as a kid.

      Towards the end of the article the WSJ reporter interviews one of the coaches who said the genetics of thee parents were all wrong for producing top athletes. Yet the coach couldn’t tell the parent that. The coach said to the effect their kids are more suited to be accountants because the physicality was bred out them.

      BTW that’s why the Shrivers had their daughter marry Arnold to bring in a strong and athletic bloodline that had been bred out of the Shriver/Kennedy families.

      It’s funny though. Get into the bodybuilding./powerlifting world and people accept the fact you have to have the right parents to produce a boy or girl who can excel at these events.

      • Was an elite level rower for a decade. The performance lab at Penn used to use us as test subjects in the 80s–and the results were very clear, if you were not within a certain fast/slow twitch ratio, MOU band and certain leg/arm length and torso ratios, your chances of success were hugely reduced. Period. My spouse was Jr. Natl team rower and just missed the Olympic team. Out of four kids, one Div I swimmer, another that runs half marathons competitively for fun, a recruited tennis player and a U17 nationals finalist rower at age 13. Genetics count. What is amusing is to watch people still pour ungodly amounts of money trying to make little Johnny or Janey who simply does not have the required genetic profile into an elite athlete in whatever sport they have chosen for them.

  26. … “baked into the human consciousness” … . My husband, the CPA, boils everything down to “follow the money” and over the decades, I can’t say he’s been wrong very often, if ever.

    BTW – I enjoy your posts.

  27. The word you are searching for is “misanthrope”. It’s the smart play in the current age.

  28. I’ve often thought that Our Thing is missing a trick by not simply stressing: We are the Reality people. Reality might not be pretty, we might not like it, but it’s still there. There are two built-in appeals to vanity: 1) you’re smart enough to see through the poz and 2) you’re tough enough to take it. Since very few of us have experienced non-idiot teachers, 1) works well, and, as the rise of Jordan “Clean your room!” Peterson has shown us, the younger generation acts like doing normal grownup things is like toughing out the winter in Bastogne. We could even make it a nice rhyming slogan: “Feel the Real” or something.

    • The key is flattery plus some comfortable fantasy. “You’re smart enough to see that I am a magic wizard from another galaxy here to lead you” is going to get more adherents than “You’re smart enough to understand that life is struggle and there are no easy answers.”

      • I think the struggle aspect is seriously underrated. Having been around several generations of soyboys (I used to teach college), I can tell you that these guys long for a challenge. Have you read Orwell’s review of Mein Kampf? He has a great bit about how Hitler promises struggle and pain, and they love him all the more for it. I think that’s the root of Jordan Peterson’s popularity — he’s using all the professor-speak they’re used to to say “butch up.” That’s why I’d go with “you’re smart enough to see this” AND “you’re a tough guy just for having that insight.”

        • The concept of struggle is powerful. It’s at the heart of all leftist movements. The people in charge are calling themselves the resistance for a reason. It has to be coupled with some larger goal that appeals emotionally and spiritually. Fundamentally, Progressives believe they are involved in the final struggle against the evil ones. Part of their current mania is in grappling with the fact Obama was not the messiah and did not bring about the end times.

          An alternative to the prevailing orthodoxy has to be more than just a hopeless fight against the leviathan. it has to promise something that makes the adherent feel as if their life has meaning.

          • More accurate to say — pace Hoffer — that the worthiness of the struggle, masks the fact that their lives are meaningless .

          • This comment is arguably the best thing you’ve ever written.
            A concise description of our current predicament.

          • Kaczynski talks about the need for Struggle;
            he also opines that the struggle must not be too easy to accomplish, and yet must not be impossible to accomplish. The first way is not satisfying, and the second way is too frustrating.
            The Struggle must be just right,not too hard, but not too easy.

        • Maybe a struggle is inspiring for a certain caste of Teutonic Superman, pardon me, superperson, but I think the operative part of the electorate wants a promise of welfare checks.

        • Peterson is perplexing. He wakes up young men who are pathetically brainwashed, yet he denounces anyone who notices racial tribalism. He is first a gateway and then a roadblock.

          I can’t help but wonder if he is noticing any racial patterns concerning who is opposing him most ardently.

          When I want to dismiss him as a p*ssy, I have to acknowledge his courage in opposing transsexual pronoun insanity. He didn’t have to sign up for that abuse, yet he has endured all those threats. Respect!

          • Peterson is a globalist, controlled opposition and the UN’s pet shrink .

            That said his work has value for the deeply ill who’d like to find a path to functionality and to a lesser degree for the slightly whacked who need a tune up.

            Healthy people and red pill people should avoid him and remember he is on the other side.

          • Are you talking to me?

            I have better things to do than that.

            White People’s problems are their own fault . We got broken, too rich, individualistic fat and happy to defend what we have .

            Those who don’t defend, become victims . Its a natural consequence.

            As I’ve often said, Americans may have hundreds of millions of guns and metric tons of ammo but the question is do they have anything they will fight for?

            I’m in doubt of that and as such, if the US becomes Latin America we deserve it.

          • LineIn: “When I want to dismiss Peterson as a p*ssy, I have to acknowledge his courage…”

            Funny. As an MMA fan I catch myself calling fighters pussies when they just dance around each other in the octagon without fighting. Then quickly remind myself that they’re 10 times more gonzo than I’ll ever be.

            Like you, I’ve got mixed feelings about his gateway role. But what really bugs me is his pleading manner. He’s weird for sure. He strives too hard for verbal perfection so as to remain just PC enough for hostile audiences. Like, in public debates he gets far too wordy & technical, and loses the audience, (and even himself sometimes). I don’t know. He’s kind of a pussy.

          • I have to disagree. I think the Peterson, Shapiro, Crowder schtick is to dispute the left mainly on the loony far fringe of the movement, i.e. pronouns and bathrooms at the moment, then abandoning the field to take up their next losing cause. They generate headlines, income, and sycophantic fans but no victories. Ever. The reason is because they only choose the low hanging fruit to fight over; the absurdities that follow lefty fundamentalist logic like animal rights and pedo liberation. They never challenge the left at their racist, anti white or magical thinking core, just silly stuff like gay marriage. When has Crowder, Shapiro, or Peterson ever challenged the racism of affirmative action or current immigration policy? Those videos might be hard to find if they exist at all. OTOH it is quite easy to find videos of these “conservatives” shaming the (alt)right as enthusiastically as any lsmv pimply faced antifa ninja. The attitude is nicely captured in the series ‘Westworld’; during the desperate battle between humans and androids the lady android hero turned on a faction of her android allies in the middle of battle and destroyed them in a crossfire between her faction and the humans. The unlucky faction’s crime? They were created as Confederates. And so she chose to aid her enemy, the humans who were trying to destroy her, because, as she explained “some people don’t deserve to live”. Madness you say? To the Shapiros, Crowders, Petersons, and the other cucks you are the Confederates and they would rather you lose if it means you’re dead than win if it means you win too. See, as long as you lose, they win.

          • All the fake fighters against the left – including Peterson – share the following 6 characteristics:

            1. Staunch opponents of Israel’s right to strong borders and be a Jewish country

            2. Big proponents of the Jewish tribe and their right to be ethnocentric

            3. Vigilant about being anti anti Semitic

            4. Staunch opponents of the USA ‘s right to strong borders and staying a White country

            5. Big opponents of the idea of white ethnic cohesion and whites’ right to be ethnocentric

            6. Vigilant about denouncing people who are anti anti white


          • I was over at Breitbart (a semi-regular port of call) just before coming here. It strikes me that all of these characteristics apply to Breitbart, though perhaps a little covertly.

            Minus the Zionist propaganda and fashion notes on Melania Trump’s latest attire, what remains is straight from Cuck City. Breitbart Inc. doesn’t like illegal immigration, but apparently only because it’s illegal. You get the impression that if only hispanic gang bangers would raise their hands and say Viva America all would be forgiven.

            Noticing white genocide is taboo at Breitbart. Human biodiversity is taboo.

            With “friends” like these …

          • Breitbart wants to be the mainstream media and as such wants to stay away from the scary stuff.

            They also know that if the White Genocide meme mixed with HBD becomes important the result will be exterminatus or rahowa if you lean that way

            That would scare any sane person

          • Breitbart was more “aware” to the real issues when Steven Bennan was still there, Alex in the morning could almost be any MSM channel

        • Peterson certainly has. He’s pulling in $65,000 a month via patreon. But he’s also very smart and can handle all the Left wing hatchet jobs the Left throws at him.

          But yeah his central selling point to white males is that life is a struggle; Marxism and Post-Modernism are toxic; and you better clean your f**king act up and behave like a man.

          The reason he’s such a hit is because he unknowingly targeted a group that was completely marginalized and that being single, white, men. Which even the alt-right big thinkers had ignored and still do. These young men are hungry for meaning and guidance. We should be looking to find ways to bring these young over to our side.

          Forget about 50 something Country Club whites, they aren’t going to be converted, the same with the white businessman who hires illegal aliens or the professional couple with their illegal alien nanny. These people are in the top 5% of the population and always will support the status quo.

    • I think the blacks already trademarked the “just keepin’ it real” thing. It’s a excellent angle to play up though. “The Reality People” is real good. “Feel the Real” would work instantly. Too bad we don’t have a mass audience guy to get it rolling or make it cool.

      • Rather a fan of “just keepin’ it real”.
        Saw it on a black guy’s truck, felt an instant connection as we’re both in the same game. This is someone I can talk to and relate to.

        Plus, it’s a nice bit of cultural appropriation.
        Heh! F**ks with woked heads.

      • ‘Feel the real’ or ‘deal w the real’, I like em, they could be cool dissident right slogans lol

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