Our Struggle

The great political realignment we are experiencing is due in large part to demographics, but there are other factors at work. The age in which most of us grew up in was formed by the two great industrial wars and the long Cold War between Bolshevism and liberal democracy. The Cold War is over, the demographic age is upon us and we are well into the post-industrial age of society. As a result, the political arrangements of the old age are slowly giving way to a new politics that will reflect the divisions of this age.

There are at least three camps now, maybe more. One is the new Progressive camp that believes the brown tide will wipe away the white culture and replace it with something that has yet to be explained. The opposition to that is where the demographic and race realists are congregating. Like the former, it is not all that well defined ideologically. Then there is the large group of people, mostly white, who remained trapped in the mental framework of the past era. These are the normies our side endeavors to convert.

People on our side of the great divide talk a lot about this last group, but we don’t spend a lot of time getting to know them. The clever boys of social media invest a lot of effort into coming up with clever memes to either scandalize the normies or red pill them. Sometimes they do both with unpredictable results. The NPC meme, for example. More important, I don’t think our side spends enough time contemplating just how difficult it is for these people to even make it to the water’s edge, much less commit to crossing over to our side.

That came to mind when reading some of the responses to my Letter to the CivNats post a couple of weeks ago. More than a few commenters here fell back on the old lines you hear from people like Ben Shapiro. Others fretted that the gap between Left and Right has become dangerously wide. This post from Robert Stacy McCain was what got me thinking about the normies. His post is actually a post about a post, where he sort of summarizes me and then turns back to the old civic nationalism. In the build up he writes:

“I assume my readers to be intelligent, sane and mature, capable of evaluating facts for themselves, and unlikely to suddenly go join the Klan because of some article they read on the Internet.  Joining the tiki-torch brownshirt parade is a bad idea, and I should hope my readers don’t need to be cautioned against this.”

What struck me about it, is I read heretical bad thinkers like me every day and I never think of them as evil. I don’t think of myself as a dangerous heretic, even though I’m well aware of my heresy. As far as I know, no one reading me has joined the KKK, donned a brown shirt or taken up with Old Scratch. Yet, people who still find Gavin McInness edgy do think people on our side are dangerous. They do worry that even limited exposure will cause them to burst into flames. They really do worry that we deal in the black arts.

A point that cannot be made enough is just how scary it is for most normal white people to contemplate their future, even when they accept our demographic reality. Later in his post, McCain writes, “The prospect of a “permanent majority” alliance on the Left that disturbs ZMan is, indeed, a cause for concern. But despair is not a strategy. If we wish to summon to our banner all men of goodwill, we must be able to persuade them that we have hope of a better future. How about this: Discredit the institutions of the decadent elite.”

This is where most normal white people have been trained to veer from the road to reality into the lotus fields of multicultural delusion. Reading that line, I expected Ben Shapiro to pop up on my screen, lecturing me about how a nation is defined by its ideology, rather than the complexion of the people in it. It is that mental block that so many white people have which prevents them from taking the next step in their chain of logic. If the Left is going to be an explicitly anti-white coalition, then our side needs to be….libertarians!

Now, in fairness to Robert Stacy McCain, I don’t know much about him. He could be /ourguy/, but working as a missionary in the land of the normie. He could be a super normie guy who is struggling with the changing world around him. He could have been bitten by the werewolf of race realism and is starting to turn. I have some recollection of him being quoted by gentry conservatives, but I could be mistaken. He’s not the topic here, just a jumping off point to illustrate a larger point about white people.

For as long as anyone reading this has been a live, white people have been marinating in a poaching liquid of self-loathing. To root for your own team has been defined as the worst imaginable evil. The result is a mental block that operates like a great barrier in the mind, that always causes normie to return to where he started. More important, beyond that barrier, the place on the map that reads, “Here there be monsters”, is the land where the bad people dwell. To cross the barrier, means never coming home again.

That’s an important thing our side needs to grasp. For most white people, individualism, civic nationalist, anti-racism and so forth are what define their life as a citizen. To abandon those things would be the same as moving to another country. People do walk away from the friends and family to start new lives. Many of the people reading this have ancestors they knew, who left the old familiar to become Americans. For most Americans, though, this is the destination, so leaving it is like abandoning the point of their life.

The reality is, America is going to be a majority- minority country, at least while it remains a country. There is no changing that demographic reality. Robert Stacy McCain is right about “summoning men of goodwill to our banner.” We will need numbers to contend with the rising brown tide that threatens the West. It’s the “goodwill” part that our side must always keep in mind. Converting these normies is about convincing them that rooting for your own team is the moral thing to do, the thing men of goodwill do. That’s our challenge.

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  1. My parents, my grandparents, my wife’s parents and grandparents are or were wonderful loving caring people. White people are great, as far as I can see. I’m not at woke as Senator Warren, so not sure what my peeps were doing in the 1600’s, but the life in America has been pretty great for my peasant ancestors.
    Funny that my peasant ancestors have done so well. Despite prejudice (no Irish need apply).
    Maybe whites are superior. I’ll go with that.
    My friends who are black or from WVa don’t have intact families or success.
    Africa or inbreeding are not the secret to success, in my limited 60 years of experience.

  2. Stacy McCain used to be on my “regular read” list until he came out as a NeverTrumper. I forget what caused the rift. Maybe it was Corey Lewandowski’s “assault” on Little Benny Shapiro’s unrequited crush, Michelle Fields. (Whatever happened to that bimbo anyway?)

    For me, NeverTrump is a litmus test for faulty judgement.

    If I recall, most of Stacy’s writing back in the day was about how crazy feminists were. A little of that goes a long way. Also, he wrote about his being stalked by some idiots or other. It got a little monotonous, or maybe just irrelevant to my interests.

    Stacy McCain may be very influential. He just doesn’t influence me any more. Just like Bill Kristol, Steve Hayes and Reason magazine don’t influence me any more.

  3. Re: The NPC meme. I have noticed this popping up all over places I frequent in the last week or two. Unlike Pepe the Frog – it didn’t make much sense to me until I read the linked piece.

    I have however run across quite a few of those people described in the linked article who just talk in cliches, and seem to lack any capability for critical thought.

    Since my run-ins with these people go back far enough into history that the earliest encounters happened long before there was such a thing as an internet meme, my go to response has been (once I figured out they really couldn’t think for themselves) ….. ” are you fucking retarded?”.

    I keep getting told by the wife I can’t use the word “retarded” any more.

    Which is of course exactly why I keep doing it.

    • Surely the great majority of humans have always been cookie cutter, but now since the personal is the political, one notices it more. “Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.”
      –Oscar Wilde, 18 effing 85

  4. miforest: “normie is arrogant and smug because colbert and jimmy kimmel are really cool and think the same things he does.”

    Yes. This can’t be emphasized enough. Since John Stewart’s Daily Show on Comedy Central in 1999, if you want to be seen as SKHN (smart, kind, hip & now) you’ve GOT to be on the Left. We’re asking normie to be the opposite of all that. If you’re under 35 that’s a lot to give up.

    • “If you’re under 35 that’s a lot to give up.”
      True enough, Frip, but that could change quite fast, seeing as the MSM is fast losing cred, and the Kav hearings are inspiring young males to be MGTOW.

      If the GOP can hold off the “expected” Blue Wave three weeks from now, this SKHN mood may have its bubble largely popped.
      The “hip & now” part would, in this scenario, look at least a bit passe, perhaps enough to quite slow the Left’s Wave of the Future image.

  5. I agree w almost all of the post, the old ‘workers vs employers’ class struggle is late 19th and 20th century issues and that is now history, we ve managed to cook up problems that over shadow those.

    The one thing I didnt agree w was the positive reference to ‘men of goodwill’. When I read that in the quote, before getting to the end, my reaction was ‘well, there we have the problem, we re dying off, inviting genocidal clan strifes inside the fence. And talking about ‘goodwill’ is just too damn effiminate. We re talking about [bleeb] SURVIVAL so [bleeb] your [bleeb] ‘goodwill”.

    It s not that ‘goodwill’ is wrong, its that it is too weak in ref to the issues discussed here. It is effiminate to choose that word over something more congruent w the survival of one’s kin. JMO

  6. “Converting these normies is about convincing them that rooting for your own team is the moral thing to do, the thing men of goodwill do. That’s our challenge.”

    You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.

    This is especially true because, when it comes to changing perception and outlook, drink is not the only form of hydration – absorption/osmosis also forms perception and outlook. The problem with trying to convert normies is that the normies marinate 24×7 in Enemedia-Pravda propaganda, and they absorb it – precisely because the process is subliminal and unnoticed, so that the process seems, well, it seems unremarkable and thus normal. Even schools today indoctrinate the young by marinating them in Left-lib-“Progressive” propaganda. One of the strongest traits in humans is the fear of being seen to be different – being seen to be the proud nail that invites being hammered flush: that’s the fear that must be overcome or dispelled if one seeks to convert normies.

    My fear is that the amount of pain that normies will have to suffer before the scales fall from their eyes will mean that it will by then be too late for the requisite numbers of converts to have accumulated.

  7. My two cents: when talking to normie it’s always a mistake to talk about white identity politics in an explicit way – any mention of white this or white that starts a buzzing in a normie ear so all they hear is “blah blah blah literally Hitler.”

    My method, which has worked well generally, is to attack the core progressive belief that “diversity is our greatest strength.” Begin by pointing out all those instances – and they are legion and never-ending – where diversity is not a strength, but a source of bitterness, conflict, division and violence. Don’t hesitate to point out the instigators of these divisions, and that their message is always served up with a big helping of anti-white animosity. Highlight how these invaders have imported their third-world bullshit, corruption, ignorance and squalor. Suggest in subtle and not so subtle ways that these people hate Mr. and Mrs. white normie, although they have done nothing wrong and only welcomed these invaders; focus especially that they hate their children, and want to take away a stable and sane and middle-class future, and replace it with the politics of discrimination if not outright vengeance against whites.

    You needn’t explicitly point out the race or national origin, or identity politics label of the instigators, or even all the implications of their hatred; just relay their message and their actions and let the reality slowly sink in. Because it does, and people will start putting two and two together: that maybe all these imported invaders and their globohomo sponsors don’t actually want to live in peace and harmony with me and mine, that they’re not making America a better place, but want to take what is ours while destroying the culture of fairness, prosperity and toleration that Americans created.

    Once you’ve planted the seed that these brown hordes don’t share the values of Mr. and Mrs. normie, that these parasites don’t really care at all about “American values” at all, it’s a short leap to the conclusion as to who does share the values I care about – why, it’s other white people, and only other white people.

    • Not bad, Christopher.
      If you mention whites, it’s best to do so by quoting PoC spokesmen (e.g. Coates, Dyson, Jeong) about their emphatic hatred of “racism”, *except* when it’s directed (incl. by these very brats) *at* whites.
      And, point out how the Establishment slobbers all over these brats, rather than canning them, which it would do to anyone teeing off on PoCs.
      Then ask “why should we have any hope, that these brats have any desire to live at peace with us?”

      At some point, it may help to mention Derb’s concept of Ice People vs. Sun People.
      If you imply greater respect for Oriental culture than for brown or black cultures, you’re much less likely to be pigeonholed as another Hitler.
      “I’d rather have no immigrants from Asia/ Africa, but I’ll gamble on (a few) more (disciplined, orderly) Orientals, before I’ll risk anything on folks from cultures *dis-proportionally* prone to producing suicide bombers, or Smart-Mob pillagers of department stores.”

    • You are highly over-complicating this. The word or phrase “white / white people” is the kiss of death and should be avoided at all costs. The (((media))) has spent decades insuring that people tune out immediately. Europeans on the other hand hasn’t been put on the hate speech list (yet) and you are effectively conveying the same point in soft language.

      Why do people do all these gymnastics? Your talking points are solid but the word white is absolutely not a necessity whatsoever so why go through the angst to use it?

  8. I believe Christianity plays a role in all of this as a sort of adhesive to get the traditionalist, men-of-goodwill on our side under a common banner. Not the fake leftist Christianity but Catholicism specifically. Communists and collectivists have always bemoaned the Catholics for their adherence to a dogma which usurps the leftoid narrative.

  9. Not self-loathing.

    The Genius of european culture – Christendom – is examination of conscience, natural law, testing premises, etc.
    Few are “true believers” which is not true of Jews, Muslims, or most other societies including Asians like Japanese or Chinese.
    We are fallen, so look at our selves (the VSE of Thomas Covenant seems to be an exact analogy) and fix what is broken or infected.
    They are “doing God’s work” as something said for them to do, so they don’t stop and think about truth, goodness, or even beauty.

    The SJWs are pushing self-loathing, but the error would be to snap to the opposite extreme of hubris.

    “I’m fallen, but, with God’s help, can get up”.

  10. When I first started blogging back in 2010 or so, Robert Stacy McCain and others of that ilk, Legal Insurrection and such took me in, made me, if not equal, on the path to equality. Then, I saw the evil side of Barack Obama and Eric Holder and went off the reservation.

    People like McCain are terrified, as you rightly identify, to have to be thrown into what others call Nazis, no matter how contrived and spurious that accusation might be. So, it does not surprise me that he would recoil from what he considers “unreasonable” because reasonableness is the hill upon which they will die. McCain and his ilk are the ideological traitors among us. They will sacrifice any ground that defends them from contact with anyone who has been on the SPLC hate list.

    The communists want total capitulation and McCain is willing to deliver it in order to distance himself from whiteness.

    • “McCain and his ilk are the ideological traitors among us.”

      That’s rather severe. Remember what we all thought of Lindsey Graham just a month or two ago.

      McCain has been one of the more amusing and combative right-wing bloggers out there for years – that he’s not ready to leap over the chasm to ‘our thing’ does not make him a ‘traitor’.

      If and when he openly denounces writers like the Z man in Huffpo editorials, I’ll agree with you.

  11. I’m going to guess that the left will do more effective work in converting normies than any kind of evangelism from those on “our side” ever will.

    • Why? Are the ideas of the left more truthful? Are the normies unreachable to ‘our side?’

        • I think you are right. Trigglypuff’s “oeuvre” – I think that’s her name – might have produced more converts to ‘our thing’ than the collected works of Russell Kirk, Z man, the Derb, Project Veritas and Jesus Christ combined.

          And what’s her name, the Dr Prof Ford or whatever (it’s already sliding into the memory hole), gave our ball club renewed vigor.

          Let’s never forget that great concluding scene in ‘The Caine Mutiny’. Captain Queeg was on the cusp of vindication by the Naval court, and he blew it – just by talking weird while rolling marbles in his hand.

      • No, what CH means is that the mad, violent, outlandish, flat-out-lying behavior of the left, and their increasingly patently retarded ideas and goals, are becoming so painfully obvious that even the normmiest can’t help being disgusted by them. The sheer repulsiveness of the left, in every way, will repulse the normies and send them fleeing into the arms of the alt right, far more effectively than alt right arguments can persuade them.

        It may be true that you attract more flies with honey than with shit; but it’s also true that the smell of shit will chase you out of the room faster than the smell of honey will draw you in.

  12. At family gatherings when I chime in with my IQ and race blurb as an explanation for why the Minneapolis Somalis will always be a burden, it is politely buried.

    The family then Talks about how it might take a couple generations to assimilate. Like the Hmong people in our area. Problem is the Hmong have not assimilated, just that they are peaceful folk who keep to themselves and don’t cause problems.

    I think part of the issue is that people think that by pointing out incompatibility they are also advocating for internment camps. So they do not want to identify the problem, because they are already assuming the worse about the solution.

    I favor the Jared Taylor free association response. It is a solution that many normies will at least give a listen to.

    • One of the problems is that cool, friendly Hmong guy your brother works with. There’s always a few of them that “prove” they can assimilate. And speaking of Minnesota and Somalians, at a gathering of friends, the subject came up and one of my friends disagreed that they won’t assimilate. He trotted out the old “That’s what they used to say about the Irish!” card. That’s the kind of thinking we’re up against.

      • I’ve had similar discussions: my comeback is that the Irish are not savages, that the Irish have produced a Joyce and a Yeats and have built cathedrals. What have the Somalis ever produced? And what have the Somalis produced in Minnesota except to reproduce the viciousness, dysfunction and squalor of Somali? Who thought it was a good idea to bring these people here? Is Minnesota a better place for them being here?

        • Bingo, this is so easily dispelled it is comical not sure why anyone would get tripped up on this.

          “The best and most accurate indicator of future behavior is past behavior.”

          If the society you left builds crime ridden dysfunctional shitholes, well…

  13. ZED: Any thoughts on Scott Adams?

    He talks about muh racism every other day.
    His virtue signaling borders on parody…

    Is it all cover, or does he really have a HBD blind spot?

    • Adams’s first podcasts were so painfully bad I could not stand to listen to him, so I’ve paid no attention to him for months.

      Has he improved lately? Otherwise I’ll keep skipping him.

    • OT but couldn’t resist…

      Lizzie Warren took a test
      To prove her claim was not in jest.
      And when she saw what she had done,
      The bricks fell on her, ton by ton.

      • No, they didn’t. The headlines in every MSM outlet (NYT, WAPO, NPR< BBC) were that Warren's DNA test produced "strong evidence" of her native ancestry. I had the ill fortune of being stuck in the car listening to NPR, which was particularly egregious in taking license with the facts. They ran with a narrative story criticizing Trump for reneging on his promise to pay $1MM to Warren's favorite charity if her DNA test proved she had native ancestry.

        Every normie in the world probably believes that the DNA test vindicated Warren.

        • The normies don’t believe it. They are laying low and playing along. If Fauxcahontas runs, she will be a laughingstock. Massachusetts and NPR are not the real world. The recognition of their ongoing false narrative about so many things, by millions of people, even if they don’t know what to do with it, is one of Trump’s greatest achievements.

    • Not enough Red Bull to get through one of his podcasts. By his own admission he is (here we go) conservative on economic issues but very liberal on all the poz stuff. Throw in his atheism and I’m done.

      But he and he alone predicted Trump.

      • “But he and he alone predicted Trump.”

        That’s not true. There were others.

        I like Adams but you’re right about his “I’m a right-thinking liberal except for this one thing” routine. It’s the sign of not thinking things through.

        My guess is that Adams would be very confused by what is a growing sensibility on the Right – many of us are anti-capitalist on economic issues but very conservative on all the poz stuff – The libertarian masquerade is so predictable and depressing coming from guys who want a claim to ‘edginess’ without sacrificing their incomes.

        Paleo-communism! Scott, your thoughts on this?

  14. Re converting the “normies”. My wife is pretty much the embodiment of normietude. She knows I read “wrong thinking” stuff and isn’t really bothered (probably because she doesn’t know the full extent of it), and on any specific issue she often recognizes the lunacy of the left as lunacy. So the other day when the topic of conversation turned to Kavanaugh (I think), I thought I’d see if there was any way to come clean about overt race realism (I’ve given her hints but not been overt about the underlying logic). Long story short, she absolutely refuses to believe that one race is “stupider” than another. She thinks we’re all just “one race” and that’s that, judge people as individuals. I tried to explain the significance of averages, but that was clearly going nowhere. This is just a line in the sand for her, and she refuses to cross over.

    She also conceives of herself as a “centrist,” and thinks we should “all just get along.” According to her, there’s extremism on left and right, and all that’s necessary for things to straighten themselves out is a bit of good faith. When I tried to point out how the left is where the craziness starts and it’s their side that is prone to violence and extremism, she responds that there’s fault on both side, and even if the left is using bad methods, we shouldn’t give in to them by replying in kind. When I said that if they’re violent and unprincipled, you let them win by not opposing them, she responds with more “don’t stoop to their level.”

    It became clear that this “we’re all just the same and all it takes is good will to sort things out, and we should judge everyone individually and there should be no group solidarity (as applied to white people)” was an unshakeable element of her world view, and trying to use specific arguments would not result in any change in that view, while involving fruitlessly unpleasant disputation. So I gave up.

    I’m pretty sure that this is a just an analogy for efforts to convert normiedom in general. They (like McCain) have entirely internalized the concept that “there’s just one race, the human race,” and are unwilling to abandon it, however much the left fails to adhere to it.

    If someone can indicate how you get someone like my wife and McCain to change their underlying premises, great. Otherwise, we’re doomed. I’m open to suggestions.

    • Redpilling women is a whole other bag of worms. I’m not sure it’s even the same *thing* as redpilling men. A whole different art.


    • Here’s the conundrum about women: large percentages of them profess to be either indifferent to, or actively derisive of, white men. Yet the data from dating sites reveals that women of all colors express a preference for white men. This is true even for women who espouse left-wing political views.

      Ask her to explain the apparent paradox in the data. If there’s only one race and people are all the same then why do women overwhelmingly express a preference for white men over men of color? Why did she marry a white man?

      Women are natural virtue signalers. They spew platitudes like “I don’t see color” in person but when they get on Match.com or Plenty-o-Fish they suddenly become acutely race conscious. Force her to confront the paradox in the general female population, then in her own life.

      The Kavanaugh hearing was an absolute wake-up call for normies. Make her watch the hearings with you and explain the sequence of events to her. If she still doesn’t get it and you two don’t yet have kids, consider getting a divorce and finding a more suitable mother for your children.

      • Yeah, Guest, the Kav hearing was a dream come true for us.
        Sauron should get his squeeze to pay special attention, to Graham’s ripping of the Dems (who had been his *friends*, before their latest orgy of brattiness).
        Then, he could ask her, to *specify* what Graham should’ve done.
        Was what he did “giving in to them by replying in kind”, or ” “stooping to their level”?
        If she actually would *continue* to insist that, when her kids are attacked by PoCs, her hub should not act to defend them, so as to not “stoop to their level”, then, indeed, it’s probably time for a different mother for Sauron’s kids.

    • Stick to your principles. She may come around to them, or at least respect your steadfastness. Or not. She may get mugged by reality someday, at which point your battle is won. Leave her room to live in normieville for now, but keep the door open. It works, or it doesn’t. Which is basically already where you are at right now. But keep your principles intact.

      • Oh, not to worry, no chance in hell that I’m changing my mind. It’s hers that’s at issue! And yeah, I figured I’d just go on lightly mentioning relevant facts when they turn up without making a big deal about it.

        Basically, she is (like most normies, I think) a fundamentally unpolitical person and doesn’t like overt theorizing about such things (though she obviously does have some unspoken premises floating around).

        As for her getting “mugged by reality,” I hope not! She is my wife, after all…

        • I’m going out on a limb here and will assert that you are not providing adequate leadership on this issue in your relationship.

          You don’t need to burn crosses in anyone’s yard or even disparage other cultures. Just calmly explain to her that the enlightenment-based values that are unique to Western Civilization are paramount and that it is critically important to you that your children be raised in a home that recognizes and respects those values. And if she can’t respect and honor your position on that issue, then maybe this is not the right relationship in which to bear and raise children and maybe you should divorce so you can find a future mother for your children who shares those values.

          The odds are about 95% that she will fall in line immediately. If not, divorce her and find a suitable mother for your children. Either way, you win.

          If white men don’t lead then white women can’t follow.

        • I presume to offer advice to a young man with a wife whom he loves. Your task – in the great plan – is to engender a happy and healthy family, not to ‘convert’ your wife into wearing a MAGA hat or reading the Z-blog. Best of luck to you both.

          I blush to repeat it, but I haven’t yet heard the counter-argument: Love conquers all.

    • S. Lazy Eye- It’s harder for women to understand averages, bell curves, etc. I’m lucky that my daughter caught on right away as a teen. My wife isn’t really interested in the scientific reasons, but she’s good at observing real life. Maybe you can try the evolution angle, explaining how different groups evolved differently in separate environments, etc. Most likely your wife doesn’t want to be a dissident thinker, and finds comfort in being part of the approved, conventional-thinking pack.

      • Maybe you can try the evolution angle, explaining how different groups evolved differently in separate environments, etc.

        The conversation came to a sort of natural end (we got interrupted by something), so I just dropped the matter, but I did consider taking this tack (r/K and all that). Maybe if the time seems right in the future.

        Most likely your wife doesn’t want to be a dissident thinker, and finds comfort in being part of the approved, conventional-thinking pack.

        Yes, and I think that’s the broader issue. I mentioned this anecdote mostly as a way of getting to the general topic of how to bring “normiedom” around. The problem I had in this regard mirrors, I think, the ones involved in dealing with society as a whole. I’ve mentioned before here (I think) the fact that the general unanimity of the limited number of like-thinking people commenting on sites like this one makes it seem as if what we think has some sort of broader resonance. But a site like Breitbart gets thousands of comments from people who think a lot like McCain (and my wife).

        Fundamentally, if it takes as long to bring (white) society as a whole around as it would for doing the same with my wife, it may be too late by then!

        • Normieville is on its way out over time. Position the dominoes to fall your way when she has to make a choice. You have the advantage, because all the Left has is intense virtue signaling. Assuming your marriage has the usual devotions and emotional support (more or less), you offer her things that the Left can never offer, and that is comfort and protection. Sooner or later, she will likely value them greatly when choices must be made.

        • With each comment you post it is becoming more and more evident that you are a beta male. A man can’t lead a woman or a family from a subordinate position, or even a position as equals. Either man up and take a leadership role in your relationship or accept that you are a beta male, your wife is going to call the shots, and quit complaining.

          Go spend a little time at the Chateaux. It might do you some good.

  15. We have one silent but mighty ally. Economy. What is really biggest Ponzi scheme in history and it will burst very soon and then life goes very bad and this forces normies out from comfort zone.

    • The 2008 recession ain’t gonna be nothing compared to when the entire United States government goes bust. I reckon it’s going to much worse–and much different–than people imagine.

      It’s going to be grotesque, too. Imagine the soft, lazy, TV-drama-loving plumpers suddenly needing to literally fight for their lives. But also lots of people with guns. And some people with airplanes and tanks and nukes.

      History is not going to be kind to us.

    • I think this has been predicted too often, for too long. Nobody wants this to happen, least of all those in control. The notion of a salvific crash coming to the rescue is wishful thanking and a distraction from the urgency of positive action. Even if it did occur, I’m thinking far more people would be pushing for USSR 2.0 than would reach in our direction. The elite, united against us and in control of virtually everything, will dedicate all their efforts and resources to ensuring that, if/when such shocks/collapses occur, they be contained and the status-quo maximally maintained.

        • Some have actually argued that the Soviet elite themselves were central in moving the USSR toward capitalism. This may well be nonsense, but here it is:


          Regardless, the USSR, because it was failing to provide what it centrally promised, material advance for the masses beyond capitalism, and because the superior alternative was literally next door, for the Eastern Bloc masses to see, had broad, radical opposition. We have fairly broad support, more or less, for the basic status-quo. The “radical” opposition is largely within the Bernie Sanders and Ron Paul camps. 20% or more of whites, referred to by Zman above, are fanatically, religiously opposed to us, and they are in alliance with non-whites, and virtually all of the elite class. Even among the center and right leaning white masses, we’re still essentially the personification of evil. The Great Depression, the 2008 crash, etc. were contained and managed by the elite of America quite well. I just don’t realistically foresee a super-collapse, spontaneously bringing masses of whites or any significant fraction of the elite (who’s assistance are usually required in successful revolutions) to our side of the aisle.

  16. More affirmation than comment, but I had a hilarious back and forth with a bunch of Wyoming Valley, PA Democrats after a social media post one of them made (she’s the wife of an old HS buddy of mine). These are not the sharpest tools in the drawer back there in the Wyoming Valley, and they are easily triggered white people who vote Democrat because that’s what you’re supposed to do. Until your part of the country goes hard for Trump and you become a Stranger in a Strange Land.

    Anyway, the post was about the woman sitting in her minivan behind a truck at the local Dunkin’ Donuts. The truck had a Confederate Flag sticker, and the driver (a woman, the nerve!) was receiving her coffee and donuts from a black man at the window. This, of course, caused my social media acquaintance to fly into a blind rage. How dare that woman be a racist in public!? How sorry for the black man who was doubtless consumed with sadness and fear and loathing having to serve coffee and donuts to this troglodyte. She goes on like this for a few sentences, never once realizing or internalizing that a business transaction took place, the donut shop was paid, the woman got her coffee, the black guy took the money, and no actual anything took place of note.

    But fly into a rage she did anyway.

    So, ever the provocateur, I replied with the simple fact that she knew nothing about either person, their particular feelings, that the woman might not actually be a racist and the black man might be a Trump voter (1 in 10 chance!). In any case, the entire incident was something she made up in her head and then used as an opportunity to preen her anti-racism on social media for her like minded, white, suburban, mommy friends.

    It was good fun for me. I suspect she was quite surprised that any of her friends agreed with me. The rest of the wolf pack showed up to start an argument about the Confederate flag which I found humorous, and pointed out several times that if you need a trigger warning for a bumper sticker, the problem isn’t the person with the bumper sticker.

    As I pointed out to the barkers in the pack, they’re consumed by the fear that somebody, somewhere, harbors feelings, beliefs, etc. which are not Officially Approved.

    This is the same group that freaked out about Bishop Timlin in the local Archdiocese there who was blamed by the DA for not doing enough about sex predator priests back in the 80’s and 90’s. The same woman had posted the DA’s report, but apparently never read past the first paragraph which blasted the Bishop. If you actually read the DA’s report, you find that the Catholic Church has a homosexual priest problem because 95% of the reports had to do with gay priests targeting boys and young seminarians. I pointed out that if the Church simply allowed married priests, that a lot of the problems would self-correct.

    They proceeded to lose their shit. It was awesome.

    I think that’s going to be the path to sway opinion. I was polite, I argued from a safe position without taking sides, and I offered observations and solutions that quickly solve the problem. As I often say to people when they get angry about my posts and tell me I’m not convincing them to change their minds, “I’m not trying to convince you. You’re lost. I’m trying to convince the rational person who comes along later and reads all this. I’m trying to persuade the persuadable, and I’m reminding the people who don’t agree with you that they are not alone so they don’t lose hope.”

    People DO listen, but you have to be patient, and when you engage the religious disciples, you have to argue in a way that persuades the man or woman who comes along later.

    • I like what you’re doing, pushing against their Facebook posts and getting them all riled up, but I wouldn’t have brought up the possibility that the woman ordering the donuts might not be racist. I’m rejecting their frame that to be racist is the worst evil.

      • I thought about going down that path, sort of a “so what?”, but I felt like I had the high ground by pointing out that she took two very basic things, and then layed about 1,000 assumptions and biases on top of it, so that she could show-off on social media. Rather than tackle whether or not racism is bad, I tackled that most people crying “racism” are just doing it to feel better about themselves. It deflates racism as an issue once you realize that the word effectively has no meaning these days.

        If you want to beat down a religion and drive change, you have to call out public piety whenever you see it.

        • hokkoda- yes, that’s an excellent tactic. The virtue-signalling and collecting “likes” is rampant on FB and we need to poke holes in their “look-what-a-good-person-I-am” behavior.

    • Great stuff, hokkoda, esp. about ” be patient, and when you engage the religious disciples, you have to argue in a way that persuades the man or woman who comes along later.”

      Your baiting of Lefties into showing their hysteria, gives you the wedge, to respond with the Socratic Method of calm, reasonable doubts.
      With such approaches, normies will, *over time*, drift toward us.
      See my reply to Kodos above, on tortoise vs. hare.

  17. “If the Left is going to be an explicitly anti-white coalition, then our side needs to be….libertarians!”

    How else are you going to get normal white people on board? If explicit white identity politics had any chance of becoming mainstream, I’d support it but white identity is and will remain on the fringes.

    When identitarians get into philosophical debates with civic nationalists, they usually win. Or at least that’s my impression. But I’m always left wondering, “So what if they’re right and race trumps ideology in the end and it’s what’s most important? Normal white people aren’t going to get on board.”

    The promotion of something like libertarianism without support for open borders would appeal to normal white people. Get normie whites on board by broadly appealing to their values and then gradually red pill them until they’re ready to deport people who became citizens after the ’86 amnesty. Having someone like Ben Shapiro on the sidelines saying this is all about ideology, not race, would help.

    • How else are you going to get normal white people on board? If explicit white identity politics had any chance of becoming mainstream, I’d support it but white identity is and will remain on the fringes.

      Then don’t have kids. If you have kids, tell them to not have kids. If white people can never root for their own team, then white society is dead. That said, the fact that white people were happy to root for their own team until a few decades ago suggests the current era of self-loathing is not a permanent feature of white people.

      • Tacit white identity politics is better than no white identity politics and the alt-right shouldn’t expect to win converts with a message like “get on board with our program or you’re unworthy of having children.”

        Like I said, there’s no way to mainstream what you want to mainstream right now. You have to start somewhere and libertarianism appeals to a lot of normie, centrist whites. You need to get around their ‘social desirability bias.’

        • Yeah, Horace, “broadly appealing to their values and then gradually red pill them” sounds wise to me.
          With wise TLC, and the ever-growing hysteria of the Left, we have a *great* shot at getting most whites to again root for their own team.

          • Horace Pinker is absolutely correct. And virtue signaling by demanding that white people must always, without fail, “root for their own team” assuredly does not win over normies.

  18. It’s those two Acts, the 1964 Civil Rights and 1965 Immigration Acts that really screwed things up, where the idea is that all discrimination is wrong, period. At every opportunity when talking to normies about immigration, I explain the ’65 act, and almost nobody is aware of it. These are mostly the “legal-ok/illegal-bad” types.

    Once they understand that demographic change was planned, and that the US previously was meant to have a concrete White and mostly Christian identity, and that this rapid demographic change was a planned experiment, it makes the thought of discriminating more palatable to these patriotic MAGA folks. Now if I can just get them to stop getting all misty-eyed over Kanye West and Candace Owens…..

  19. Sometimes they do both with unpredictable results. The NPC meme, for example. More important, I don’t think our side spends enough time contemplating just how difficult it is for these people to even make it to the water’s edge, much less commit to crossing over to our side.

    This reminds me of The Mortal Book trilogy by Ted Dekker – he describes a world where everyone is dead, but none of them know they are dead. They walk, talk, conduct business, but truly they are dead. They cannot relate to that truth in spite the ordered and ready-made existence.

    Reading that line, I expected Ben Shapiro to pop up on my screen, lecturing me about how a nation is defined by its ideology, rather than the complexion of the people in it.

    Wouldn’t some socratic methodology crack this, though? It won’t actually convert them, but it either reveals the rocky ground beneath that refuses to give or shows soil ready for seeds and watering…

    Basically, I don’t think it takes much or even all that radical of thought to break the “America is an Idea” propaganda. So… what ideas make America America? Who decides those ideas? What do you do with people who don’t believe in those ideas? Are they not American?

    Eventually, with the honest who have never really thought about it in depth, they get to heritage and some semblance of Blood & Soil. The ones lost to you deny it or run. The ones open gain a new way of looking at things.

    I did get a pure free trade, open border libertarian to actually say something Blood & soil, but he was an “NPC” – not convertible. But some of the witnesses have been getting awfully close to the dissident line where they had traditionally been more “American Idea” before.

  20. I was going to write a long list of how to redpill different kinds of people, but it all boils down to this: just keep going.

    Keep writing articles, donating money, making IRL contacts, Photoshopping memes, Tweeting, commenting, et cetera. I’ve done them all under different names over the years.

    In the long run the internet is going to prove as revolutionary as the printing press–but not necessarily in the same ways. Our enemies are trying to use it as a tool of totalitarian control. Use it to the hilt while you still can.

    • I don’t know. I don’t think we talk enough about the relationship between population and quality of life. If we continue to import over a million people a year legally, then add in the visa-overstays (~700k/yr) and border-jumpers (~34K/mn) that’s a serious stress on schools, housing and infrastructure that never gets addressed because it adversely affects the working and middle class and benefits the elites.

      • My comment wasn’t in regards to immigration. There is too much immigration. My comment was about the case that even if white people have pride in our culture(s) and believe it is worth protecting, white women have stopped/reduced having children for reasons beyond the scope of this article. These issues are interrelated.

  21. To be “scared of new ideas” is otherwise known as conservatism. Most people are fairly conservative – even when they are acting liberal (they are conservative in the sense of “sticking with what they know”, and what some of them know, is liberalism). There is room in this world for both the “sticking with what they know” tendency and the “let’s try something new” tendency, and things seem to work best when there is a balance between the two. The funny thing though, is that both tendencies tend to change their spots from time to time. For example, homeschooling back in the 1970’s, definitely was “let’s try something new”, since government schooling had been so long established. But government schooling was itself, “let’s try something new” back in 1840, so that now homeschooling looks like going back to the good old days of “sticking with what we know” before 1840.

    I wonder how useful it is to look at people as being members of one of three groups, as you have done. People are not that simple or consistent; each has a broad range of beliefs and of knowledge, constantly being modified over time – but at the same time, resistant to modification because of peoples’ natural conservative tendencies. Many of these beliefs they hold are not internally consistent.

    • A sometimes interesting, and always amusing, obverse gambit is to red-pill the POCs themselves. (Just be sure to do it in conversation, not at like a rally, so you don’t get attacked.)

      BLM CRETIN: We must work tirelessly to dismantle white supremacy!

      ME: So… In other words, you WANT to be the slaves of the Chinese? That’s your plan?

      BLM CRETIN: What you talkin bout Willis?

      ME: Well let’s say you succeed in getting rid of all us White people. What’s next? You’ll be sitting on the finest real estate on the whole planet. You think nobody else wants to grab it? The Chinese will have you in chains in less than two weeks. How are you going to defend your turf? You guys have been here 400 years, and the best you could come up with was jazz and peanut butter. Your version of a cruise missile would be a toaster in a sling shot — and you can’t even build the toaster without us crackas to show you. You think the Crips and the Bloods are gonna defeat the Chinese Army? You can’t even defeat the Latin Kings.

      Actually the Chinese won’t even bother to enslave you, they have no use for you. They’d probably just turn you into dog food. Face it, white people are the only race willing to put up with your nonsense. The Asians, the Arabs, the Guptas, the Mexicans — they all despise you. Even the Jews don’t care, they’re just using you as biological weapons against the goyim. If you smash white supremacy, your new home will be the inside of a food processor. If I were you, I’d be working my tail off to uphold white supremacy.

      BLM CRETIN: OK, don’t smash white supremacy, just fine-tune it!

  22. One major recent event that I think is opening the eyes of a lot of “normie” males at least – is the Kavanaugh hearings.

    I think it’s hard sometimes to come up with the roadmap of what happens to a person that leads them down the dark path to wakening to the reality around them, but I do believe that when a person has some of the very basic assumptions they make about the world challenged in a very visceral way – it also opens the door to questioning a whole bunch of other assumptions they make about the world.

    I can’t think of anything more basic to a person’s existence (in this case “person” is in reference to males) – than his relationships to the opposite sex.

    The Kavanaugh hearings made it clear to a whole bunch of males that NO MATTER WHAT THEY DO (in this case I mean even if they did nothing and acted like a freaking boy scout their entire life) – they could be dragged in front of a puppet court and have their entire life ripped apart.

    Now – I’ve known about the lunatic fringe of so-called feminism since my college days 35 years ago. But in my experience a lot of males have not been exposed to the insanity of it all. They may have had passing experience thru their personal life, heard about the Duke lacrosse rape case – etc……. but there hasn’t been anything in my memory that approached the insanity of the Kavanaugh case. The fact that two of the biggest idiots on the government side were diversity hires: Kamalah Harris and Corey Booker – is something I don’t think has gone unnoticed.

    If you can get male to recognize feminism has been weaponized against him, then you have cracked open his mind on some very basic things. Get him to realize that WOMEN (something most men are willing to tolerate an awful level of shit from just to have in their lives) are weaponized against him – and I think it’s a very short side-step (not even a leap) – to realize that the diversity is also weaponized against him.

    The problem I see with a lot of people on the right – is that they are dirt ignorant about most of the forces arrayed against them. And they are also dirt ignorant of the methods used against them – and the long progression of battles waged against them. Therefore they fall back on lazy arguments about “Muh Constitution!!” and “2nd amendment!!” – and “why do they lie so much!!”.

    Therefore they fail to recognize where the cracks are that they can insert that reality wedge and start hammering away.

    I see people all the time that still can’t get over Trump and his mannerisms. My wife is one of them. Nothing seemingly can penetrate the thought wedged in her mind that he’s a bad person simply because of the way he talks. Recently the topic turned to Trump and why he got elected. We had toured some daycare facilities a couple of months ago – and I made comments about how there were tons of Indian (dot) kids in those facilities. She made some comment about India being a craphole – and “they have a right to a better life too”. She’s been looking for a job recently – and has grown to HATE the Indian recruiters that call her up because her profile is out there. So she’s got the makings of cognitive dissonance there.

    She doesn’t want to be hateful to little kids. Yet she’s sick of dealing with Indians. As a woman she recognizes also that Indian men are sexist because she’s made comments about men she’s worked with before.

    So I tied the whole thing together neatly by saying: ” I have no argument with people wanting a better life – my point here is, and the reason why so many people voted for Trump AND want a wall put up is…….. what exactly is allowing all these people into the country DOING FOR THE PEOPLE WHO LIVE HERE? It’s not like there’s any place we can run to if they allow the whole third world in here and turn THIS country into a shithole – we’ll be stuck here WITH THEM”

    She just went silent. I could see the wheels turning in her head.

    • Just *keep* her wheels turning, carlsdad. She’s likely well on her way to your side.
      TLC, TLC, TLC!
      See my above reply to Kodos, on tortoise vs. hare.

      And, you’re spot on about the Kav hearings. They (incl. the buildup to them) were the Talk of the Country, for weeks.
      This Kav stuff may well become, by far, the biggest disaster in the history of feminism.
      The voting 3 weeks from today will be something of a Tell.

    • Right India is a s***hole bc it’s overpopulated with a relatively small smart set. Every indian who comes here pushes us incrementally in that direction. Same with Mexico, Guatemala, Somalia, Nigeria, …..

      • If we have something good that they want, why is it only the responsibility of white countries to give it to them? Why not Korea, China, Japan, etc?

        • You’re still not getting to the final argument:


          Why can’t they do it themselves?

          Japan is actually an excellent point case – since up until the mid to late 1800’s they were far behind the west in technological advancement. Their world got invaded by Westerners, and the leaders (similar to native Americans) – wised up to the fact that they would have to adopt some of the ways of the “enemy” in order to survive.

          Have you ever read about how the Japanese figured out modern naval architecture? They basically stole it from the British. Bitch all you want about “stealing” but they still had the brains to figure out the missing pieces and build themselves a blue water navy.

          By the WW2 time frame they were technologically advanced, running rampant thru the Pacific and Asia – and in many ways comparable with the West.

          It’s been said that some of the midwest native American tribes were the best horse cavalry the world has ever seen. They learned how to use firearms and integrated Western technology into their cultures and earned long standing respect within legacy American culture for doing so.

          These are things I bring up when I run across some progressive idiots who think that white people should go to Africa and dig wells for the natives. WTF. After a few millenia of existence in Africa – the natives still don’t know how to dig a goddam well?

          It’s the “give them” thing that is the CORE of what has gone wrong with Western culture IMHO. It’s been taken over from it’s previous “get shit done” mindset – to one of “where’s my free shit” – to the point where people can’t even make a simple statement without it including the word “give” instead of “why don’t you go do it your damn self”

          When you give people shit you make them all look like they’re equal because they all have the same shit. When you tell people : “go get your own shit” – it starts to become obvious pretty quickly who the slackers are , who the stupid people are , and who the liars are.

          That of course is why the left gives shit away to people, and tolerate self reliance.

          • Yeah you’re right, but it’s in our “Christian” hard wiring to want to help the unfortunate. To gain any traction with the masses we will have to get them to understand that by giving our country to teeming third worlders, we are in fact taking it from our own progeny and racial future.

          • Our hard-wiring is more altruistic, generous and sympathetic than others, but the white mindset has been cultivated for decades to aim these qualities outward to “the other” and to despise ourselves for having had so much success, to see it as undeserved privilege and to hand over all we’ve created to those who won’t do it for themselves. Our trust and highest human traits have been exploited to hurt our own kind and it’s our trusting and altruistic nature that allowed it to happen. We MUST learn to treasure, protect and nurture the ways of white people; it’s the best the world has known and it will be snuffed out if we don’t fight for it. And Christianity is NOT about being a doormat. That’s more warped thinking of that which is beautiful and good.

          • I’m actually getting a little tired of hearing how we’ve been taught to despise ourselves for being successful.

            If that is so – then I submit that it’s because there’s a lot of white people who haven’t really worked all that hard for their success.

            I can tell you I don’t despise myself AT ALL for whatever success I have. I’ve had to bust my freaking ass – to get what I have. And that includes in many cases literally having to build it myself. I built my own house, I have restored cars, worked in startup companies and helped build them from the ground up, welded, carpentered, coded, designed, built and poured the concrete of my life.

            I can tell that when I hear people like Hillary Clinton say shit like “it takes a village” and I hear people like Obama say ” you didn’t built that” – it enrages me.

            There’s an awful lot of people in this world who have made it their mission in life to ride on the backs of others. They are often quite devious and destructive towards people who are TRULY productive.

            Quite frankly it was my productivity that led to my politics. I figured out a long time ago that there were far too many people in the world who felt that they were OWED my labor and productivity.

            As stated in a post above: that’s why I have come to the conclusion that there are quite a few people in the world who could make my life better if they were just dead.

          • A hand up implies the person is willing to stand on their own two feet once they’re helped.

            This mentality has decayed into leftists berating me because I am unwilling to carry around one negro, one illegal immigrant and a seriously overweight white chick and her three illegitimate children on my back – while I take care of all MY own shit – without any help from anybody else.

            A couple of years ago – I came to the realization that there’s a whole bunch of people in the world – that if they were just dead – my life would be much better.

            I’ve taken to using that as a measure of who my allies are and who my enemies are.

            It’s very un-Christian, but so is expecting others to support your very existence thru their hard work.

          • Good stuff, carlsdad, about showing respect for those other cultures, which actually take bulls by horns, instead of just whining for gibmedats.
            By saying such things, you counter the caricature of righties, as being just a bunch of knee-jerk cheerleaders for Western Civ.

  23. It’s amazing what the difference of 15 IQ points can do to a country. But I guess it’s really the upper end of the bell curve that the browns don’t have that really makes the difference.

  24. If one wants to be hopeful, the Kavanaugh thing is a good start. Even the soccer moms of my acquaintance were more than a little put off by that shit show. If one wants to be pessimistic… well, it’s not like genocidal lunatics have ever been taken seriously in the past. They spend 15 years telling everyone exactly what they intend to do; then they do exactly what they said they were going to, and everyone is shocked. How could we possibly have known? (does anyone know how tough it is to learn Hungarian or Polish? Those seem like the only sane countries for White folks at this point).

    • I think if you want to be optimistic, you focus on the 20%. No movement converts everyone. It does not have to convert everyone. Instead, it needs that solid 20%. In the Arab world, Islamists are nowhere near a majority, but they are that committed 20%. Progressive whites were never more than 20% of the white population, probably less. They won because the so-called Right was always a fractured mess.

      If you want to be a pessimist, come to Lagos.

      • This comment reinforces a point that I have made here on many occasions: the right needs footsoldiers in the street ready to commit violence to defend the interests of the right. I am unaware of any right-wing movements that have come to power without a credible threat of violence at the street-level.

        Islamists are a case in point. They may be only 20%, but they exercise significant political power precisely because of the threat of violence. To borrow a military term, footsoldiers are a force multiplier in a political sense.

        People on the right routinely mock Antifa, but they are reliable footsoldiers more than willing to commit violence and mayhem for the left. Many city council members have whispered to one another “if we vote for this Antifa will run rampant through this city” as they vote down some center-right proposal. By contrast, city councils in the South are voting to tear down civil war monuments with no fear of retribution from the right. This is instructive.

        • This comment reinforces a point that I have made here on many occasions: the right needs footsoldiers in the street ready to commit violence to defend the interests of the right.

          And then be thrown in prison for a very long time if not the rest of their lives as the price for a little bit of street theater.

          Read the Days of Rage essay, there’s no institutional support for Right Wing offensive violence, and as we’ve seen and are seeing right now, not even for self-defense. Prior to things getting genuinely hot all around, the author correctly says:

          Effective Righty violence will be, by necessity, by loners or by really close conspiracies (think family members).

          • That’s because large government is in and of itself a leftist preferential type of institution.

            Being right wing means being for smaller government.

            This is why right wingers who call themselves conservative and still support all sorts of left wing government programs – are either stupid or are lying to themselves (and others)

        • To me, while the leftist 20% Zman refers to are a political religion, the American right are freedom-loving (including for the left and those who back them), bourgeois, individualist, milquetoast-Christians entirely wrapped-up in their personal circle, consumerism, their 401k, etc. I think that’s central to understanding how we got here.

      • I grew up in a major Southern metro. I am, needless to say, a pessimist. But I would suggest a tactic for mobilizing that 20% — some kind of “national coming out day” for redpillers. You’d need something plausibly deniable — I assume we all want to keep our day jobs — but obvious, such that we can recognize each other in the streets. The first step towards direct action is finding out how many troops we actually have.

      • Yeah, Zman, and the Kav hearings may well help turn the Left into (something of) a fractured mess, from black men’s greater fears of rape charges from Beckys.

    • As all Slavic languages Polish is easy but Hungarian is very difficult and is not for the fainthearted.

    • Poland is beautiful and Budapest is a fabulous city. Although I am British, I emigrated to the Balkans a year ago. I live in a completely white world.

      Polish is a Slavic language which is not too difficult to learn. But Hungarian is not an indo-european language and, hence, many find it impenetrable. English is widely spoken in Budapest though.

      • Just spent a few days in Slovakia doing a shooting course. The instructor said they’d been getting a lot more business as people take courses preparing for a gun license because of the fears surrounding the influx of migrants from Africa. Europe won’t stay lily white for long.

  25. The way to get through to ‘normie’? Back in the day, as Christians we used to call the activity ‘witnessing’. These ‘normies’, as they’re often condescendingly referred to by commenters here, are simply your brothers and sisters. They’re not some group that needs to be spoken of as ignorant & unaware. They just need witnessing by sincere people who are willing to espouse their views, their beliefs, no matter the feedback.
    It doesn’t matter how many blogposts are written and read, what’s gonna’ turn people’s minds around is when someone they know and trust speaks with them in a calm, rational manner and lays their beliefs out like our Christian forebears did to spread the word of Christ centuries ago.

  26. The problem with the socialist/communist/statist is not just that it’s evil, it’s that it doesn’t work. Throw people in gulags or commit genocide, it still falls apart. We’ve been living in a statist society for at least eighty years and we have the 200 trillion in debt and long term liabilities to show for it. What comes after the certain financial collapse of the federal government? How bad will it get? When the dollar debt can no longer be milked what will happen to the left? What’s the old saying about the farmer ignoring the weeds during the good times?

    • Our conception of “freedom” is entirely modern, wrapped up with those last 80 years you’re talking about. People used to be heavily constrained by Christian norms enforced by their families, local communities, and, yes, governments. The notion that because laissez-faire worked in the Founders’ Republic of white male farmers, we’re bound to it today, is false. We are in radically changed conditions, which might, unsurprisingly, demand new thinking and solutions.

    • They will just keep printing to buy their treasuries, until the $ is worthless.
      I think the real inflation rate is running at 8-10% . I remember this from the 70’s . they cook the numbers so it looks like it isn’t , but from what is see everyday , it certainly is.

  27. Elizabeth Warren is the prophet. With no real possibility of even closing the border much less throwing out the illegals and their descendants already here (those alone guarantee a White minority nation) the question is survival.

    That is the only question.

    There is really no possibility of fighting: the FBI, CIA, DOJ, US Military, Courts, NGOs, Media, Universities, and every other center of power plus 100% of the billionaire supervillain oligarchs. It will NEVER EVER EVER be OK to be White. Not ever. Not the least of which is that THE most powerful force in Western societies: bored rich White women, who detest Whiteness as a proxy for their husbands [They gave us Prohibition, Women’s rights, and women voting]. The FT last weekend ran an article on “the rising force of Pantsuit Nation” which is a Soros funded astroturf group on Faceborg run by a few rich stay at home White women “fighting the patriarchy and denouncing their own White privilege.” ZMan’s flagellant article comes to mind. A holiness spiral drvien obviously by their HATE HATE HATE for their beta male husbands they settled for so pathetically.

    HOWEVER, Elizabeth Warren showed Flight from White is easy! Just claim to be an Indian. Or Black. If Talcum X, Sean King, can be Black so can you! You might be related to Ben Jealous. And if 23 and Me are falsely putting 4% Black in ancestry claims because “it messes with White people” that is more than 1,000th of Indian DNA that Heap Big Chief Fake Indian Fauxcahontas claims!

    Indeed a vast social movement of every White dude now claiming Indian and Black ancestry is the key to overturning the racial hierarchy, by forcing the issue NOW while numbers are still not overwhelmingly bad about who will be the serfs and who will be the masters in the racial hierarchy.

    • “Just claim to be an Indian. Or Black.”
      Why not. My ancestors left africa thousands of years before MLK’s ancestors did.

      • Far more than thousands. Neanderthals who are only ad-mixed with Europeans for the most part left on an almost geologically relevant timeline. 300,000 years. You’ve had QUITE the head start and it shows in every single thing you do white man. You are nearly a different species from Africans and they seethe with hatred and envy for this reason. I would too likely from their perspective.

  28. How about this: Discredit the institutions of the decadent elite.

    If RSM could give an example of a society that has peacefully changed course due to “discrediting the institutions of the decadent elite” that would make it more persuasive, but he can’t.

    • Political changes comes from the barrel of a gun. I’m paraphrasing Chairman Mao a bit, but on this point, he was quite on target. Pun intended.

  29. “The reality is, America is going to be a majority- minority country, at least while it remains a country. There is no changing that demographic reality” – yes and it’s too late to turn this around unless we start a civil war tomorrow.

    “Converting these normies is about convincing them that rooting for your own team is the moral thing to do..” – there might be some normies who can be converted but not many. From own experience – you cannot talk anybody into understanding anything especially if it concerns religion, politics or social norms, only pure science or facts can be expected to be transferred to the other party in a rational discussion.

    IMO we can meme till we are red in the face but we are not going to turn this ship around, the arrow of time(and history) only goes one way. The best we can hope for it to get 20-30% on our side so that we have enough man power to take what’s ours by force.

  30. I have a friend who is in center-left normieland. When we talk he at least pretends to have some sympathy for my populist-right views, but if I mention certain things–I recall the “It’s OK to be White” thing specifically–he will recoil almost instinctively. He tried to deny that mainstream/liberal culture has become anti-white. I sent him some links and he conceded my point. But he insisted there was just “something wrong” with “It’s OK to be White” but he couldn’t put his finger on it. He went on to say it sounded like a bunch of white Christian men complaining about how hard they have things. This vague sense that even mild pro-white expressions are wrong is what we are up against. I don’t know how to get people to make the leap.

    • “I sent him some links and he conceded my point…. I don’t know how to get people to make the leap.”
      Kodos, hang in there with your friend.
      His ability to concede any major points shows his respect for you, and gives you a very good opportunity to dent his current hesitation.
      Instead of hoping for him to leap, use TLC to help him crawl. Tortoise, not hare.

      Treat him like an adult, and give him the opportunity to end up responding like one.
      Keep on nurturing his respect for you, by showing him the respect he’s due as a friend.
      Keep sending relevant links, and he’ll likely keep on drifting toward your side, esp. as events like the Kav hysteria keep showing the Left to be, more and more, losing their minds.

      Your patience at building your case will likely bring him to your side, in the most solid of ways, so that he may thus end up being moved to make the case to others (hopefully by emulating your patient approach).

    • White men are often raised with the mantra, “never complain, never explain”. So some may be turned off by what they think is a faint odor of victimhood claims when encountering white consciousness. After all it’s all they’ve ever seen done by other races.

  31. I was reading a piece the other day about how the denigration of inherited “privilege” conditions people into short-term thinking. Low fertility, ancestor-shaming, poor parenting, and high time preference go hand in hand at the macro level. I’m referring to an issue affecting America’s white population here, demographic issues aside. The effect is pervasive enough that even the typical “normie” who does have children is still under the influence of those other factors.

    This definitely started with the boomers, but at least boomers started with the well-meaning (albeit hideously wrong) idea of wanting their children not to have to face any of the challenges they did, like… being bullied, or having to save money. Millennial parents, though, increasingly view their children as stage props. Even when the abuse is not utterly depraved like hormone blockers, they still plaster their children’s photos on social media, throw them in daycare and shitty public schools, give them smart phones and let them get fat. These are what the normal parents do, not SJWs!

    I spend a lot of time around upper-middle-class whites, and it’s astounding how little effort seems to go into their child-rearing. They see nothing at all wrong with leaving their children around strangers for 90% of their waking hours. As far as I can tell, they have no real hopes and dreams for their children to carry on any kind of legacy, aside from going to a “good school” and getting a worthless degree. They can be totally apolitical or more often slightly left-leaning, but the common thread is that they are essentially on autopilot, reacting to immediate stimuli but not really seeking to better themselves or their communities.

    So I’m not really sure that it’s possible to penetrate the skull of a normie with actual ideas. They’ve checked out. The USA is probably not going to go the way of Poland or Hungary and take a hard-right turn; it’s going to go the way of France or the UK, studiously ignoring or even praising the invasion right up until the point where they’re no longer able to flee the Diversity in their own backyard. Then, suddenly they’ll wake up, but it will be too late.

    I’m not saying this in order to blackpill, but unlike the normies, I DO try to understand what the future is going to be like. We should all be incredibly thankful that Trump has given us extra time to prepare for what’s coming – but come it will. The debt gravy is going to stop flowing, and America is going to be increasingly balkanized. Our time will be better spent preparing than it will be trying to “convert” the normies. Start families, farms, businesses, churches and communities; plan for security and strategic alliances.

    Don’t expect a majority-minority population – and by extension, the democratic government – to care about your needs or your ideas or anything other than the resources it can extract from you to pay off its constituents.

      • It’s hard to compare. America doesn’t have a massive and powerful Muslim underclass like the UK does, except maybe concentrated in a few isolated regions. Even America’s black underclass is heavily concentrated in a few dense urban centres.

        America’s long-term demographic direction is absolutely awful. But America is so big, geographically, that certain outcomes are possible (balkanization) which aren’t realistic in European countries. There’s an enormous amount of unused land here – it’s actually crazy how much is unused – so the white flight can go on for a very long time.

        All this points to a slow decline punctuated by outbursts of mostly localized violence as powerful groups fight over infrastructure and institutions, but the real war happens when there’s competition for land, food, water, etc., and the truth is, we are potentially hundreds of years away from that.

        I don’t know if it’s good or bad, relative to Europe. Just different. Really not unlike the Roman empire, which didn’t fall in a day but declined over a thousand-year period.

        • The UK’s Musim population is not massive, although it does have an outsized voice which is more due to the elite using it as a medium for its own agenda. I think the ability to change the situation is more due to culture or will than geographical resources but we’ll see. If you lose the fight in the cities ,in Europe or the US, then I think you have real problems.

          The US is vast but it appears to have the majority of its population concentrated in relatively small areas which are run by Leftists so unless the rural areas can create a firebreak then I don’t think the potential strategic depth is that significant. Having room to retreat still requires active defence of the frontline and, so far, I don’t see that happening. If it does then the size of the US will definitely be an advantage.

          One also has to take into accout that infrastructure is a much bigger part of people’s lives today and that favours the centre over the periphery in terms of groups of people being less economically mobile, and easier to control and monitor.The digital economy is sold as individualistic and free but actually ties people to the phyical infrastructure.

          If Clinton had won there was going to be a concentrated effort to enrich white areas with section 8 housing. Trump won but rural areas are still being targeted for settlement by refugees. I don’t think white flight will be tolerated by the US elite and they have the cultural and technological means to ensure it doesn’t happen to a
          strategic extent. If collapse occurs I don’t think it will be over a period of centuries.

          • The US is vast but it appears to have the majority of its population concentrated in relatively small areas which are run by Leftists

            And the usefulness of the vast majority of that concentrated population is strongly negative unless voting for Democrats is still a thing. Strategically, think about what each part produces, lots of us think food and fuel trump the “entertainment” and “news” that comes from them. It’s also fairly hard to keep those exquisitely fragile big Blue cities alive today, especially now that it’s almost impossible for Team Blue to competently and affordably repair or build new infrastructure.

  32. No conservative who publishes under his real name will say what needs to be said. He’s just looking for a paycheck.

  33. I love the NPC meme! It’s perfect, that’s them! I loved the little metaphysical explanation of how too many bodies were being born to fit the souls available, so many are soulless. I realized that the Hindu cosmogony could easily be proved incorrect by simple accounting in the face of exponential population growth, but this rehabilitates it! Most of the new humans are soulless SJWs! Brilliant!

    What is Kotaku btw?

  34. The handwringing over politics in our modern era is enabled by extreme affluence and an excess of leisure. Yakking at each other to change minds is feasible only because we don’t wake up each morning desperate to find food or fight off real bodily threats. Consequently, no one is going to be motivated to change until they feel the pain of loss; be it standard of living or personal security. This is the stupor we find ourselves in; lulled into passivity while the environment slowly changes around us and then one day we wake up and see that we’re not in Kansas anymore Toto.

    • I don’t know, I think there are a lot more Whites out there than you think, who are not ashamed or guilty for being White. I grew up in a white-ethnic neighborhood which despite being working-class was actually very nice. On one side of us was a Latino neighborhood, also working-class, which was quite obviously NOT nice at all, and on the other side was the standard Black non-working neighborhood, which was… well you know. Everybody I knew had their eyes open since birth, no red pills required.

      But my assumption is that the future holds not a genocidal apocalypse, but a pleasant, tree-lined European-Christian ethnostate, something like Hungary except the size of 1/3 of all North America (with lots of Canada included). A favorite pastime in the future will be to drive down to the giant mile-high electric fence, and laugh at the Chosen trying to scheme their way in, away from their glorious Pets of Color, so they could start subverting us all over again. Sorry guys, but, fool me 109 times…

      • your neighborhood was like that because they could see the effect of the diversity. sadly most live in rural towns away from the poz , or wealthy neighborhoods the poz cannot afford . they do not see any of it . they are civ nats or liberal. to them we are the devil.

  35. Looking into the face of a cuckservative like Jeff Flake, you can see the excruciating pain these people are going through on every issue that involves ethics. Because they have no other firm foundation for their political beliefs other than “doing the right thing”, they have to struggle for guidance. We call them cuckservatives because they take that guidance from people who wish us white people harm. But they don’t even consider this possibility. They can’t. If they were to abandon the idea that you should always forgive your leftist enemy and embrace him, they would simply dissolve into inchoate fear. And yet, these same types would have no problem throwing people like us to the media wolves in order to provide cover for themselves. “See? We’re policing our ranks! Why can’t the left police theirs?” It really takes a special kind of cuck to pursue this line of thinking. One of the reasons the left becomes so vicious whenever anything appears on the media horizon that publicizes new information concerning the human biodiversity discoveries that take place every week somewhere on the planet, is because lefty knows that cucks like Jeff Flake might actually be influenced by this new information, and that he might actually put two and two together one day and realize that most government bureaucratic intrusions into the lives of the the citizenry are a waste of effort. That growing realization is what keeps leftists up at night. It is why they demand total control of the media.

    • “..Because they have no other firm foundation for their political beliefs other than “doing the right thing”, they have to struggle for guidance….”

      Not so sure about that.

      Their idea of doing the right thing , IMHO, is “what must I do to get re-elected, ” or “what must I do to get a high paying job as a commentator on CBS,NBC, CNN, etc.”

      I think that if they were really concerned about doing the right thing, we would not see the level of acrimony and vitriol now observed in Congress. Common ground would be sought.

      Fundamentally, the democrats just hate capitalism and really despise the Constitution (which emphasizes individual liberty). They literally wish to overthrow our form of government.
      So how are the (timid, weak, incompetent) Republicans supposed to compromise with that?
      Perhaps the average castrato-republicans are beginning (finally ? maybe?) to see the who the democrats really are.

      Not sure if the members of Congress have showed such contempt for each other as they do today since just prior to the Civil War.
      It must be real difficult for some in Congress to refer to an opposition member as “the Senator from,” or ” my colleague from,” when they wish they could say, “the repugnant, snake in the grass, POS, a-hole Senator from .”

      • I was describing cuckservatives, not sociopaths. The kind of politician who pursues a self-centered career based on triangulation and deceit is the perfect example of a sociopath. These kinds of people are attracted to politics because that environment plays to their strengths. The donor class actually like this profile in their political puppets because they are easy to manipulate. They can be bought more easily.

      • “the average castrato-republicans are beginning (finally ? maybe?) to see who the democrats really are.”

        We may well have seen a major watershed on this, with Graham’s Kav hearings remarks, about “Boy, you all want power. God, I hope you never get it…. God, I hate to say it, because these **have** been my friends.”

        The GOP would be huge fools, if they don’t have TV ads these next 3 weeks, showing him (McShame’s butt-buddy) saying this.

  36. Now, in fairness to Robert Stacy McCain, I don’t know much about him. He could be /ourguy/, but working as a missionary in the land of the normie. He could be a super normie guy who is struggling with the changing world around him. He could have been bitten by the werewolf of race realism and is starting to turn.

    This gets the chronology backwards. He was /ourguy/ a couple decades ago, but he renounced his old views in order to preserve his career.

    He understands that ethnocentrism is rational. He just doesn’t want to be persecuted by right liberals and leftists for explicitly supporting white/Euro ethnocentrism.

    • Reading that Patterico site reminded me why I detest the CivNat. Smug dullness is a bad combination.

      • That’s why I don’t comment Patterico any longer. They decided they were too “moral” to support Trump even when he beats the shit out of leftist pigs. He’s vulgar don’t ya know? There are still a few guys there who can think but by and large they have metastasized into a bunch of semi-leftist lawyers who believe since they’re not full-on leftist that saves them. I was taken to the wood shed there once for using the term “the browning of America”. You know, all the names racist/bigot/Islamophobe.

  37. Look, either you are innately connected to your sense of racial identity or you are not. I personally am extremely proud of my white race as the statement “everything good in this world was made by a white man’s hand” is more right than wrong. But then I don’t really crave or care for social approval; I strive for a kind of invisibility within society. I was born red pilled and that is no lie.

    McCain was a druggy lefty in the 70’s (his own words) and has feminism as his “thing”. He is not running a grift like the hebrew Pinocchio but he does derive a living from the things he writes about. So would be resistant to admitting he has been living in the Matrix all these years.

    Zman, I may be mis-characterizing your approach, so jump in an correct me. Seems like your view of a post white-majority world still posits things in a binary way; white vs black, black vs mexican, etc. But in reality that world is going to have multiple factors/variables in a single “expression”; things are going to be non-linear. For example, the nigs are going to be a lot less coddled when mexicans are running the justice system in a city. Asian jurors will hammer the nigs every time too; average time of deliberation is 0 (they decided as soon as they saw the defendant was black).

    • Nah, you can develop a connection to it through changing circumstances

      A lot of people started out as totally a-racial libertarians living in a world of theory and ideas and ended up as racial extremists after getting more practical experience with the problems we’re facing.

      It might not be the same connection you have, but it’s a form of identity that circumstances can force people to gravitate towards.

      That’s not to say it is inevitable.

  38. Perhaps we just let the continuing impermanence of life work it’s magic, and wait for that cold hard slap of some “monsterous” reality that’s sure to manifest.

    Maybe a world wide complete financial meltdown(?), where lots of normies loose everything to a zero value currency. Not having a home, a job, worrying about feeding your kids living in the back seat of the beamer will be like awakening from a pleasant dream to a real life nightmare, that realigns every star in normies head.

    • Bring it. I’ve been preparing for a complete financial meltdown for the past 20 years. Can’t wait to buy up the assets of stupid liberals and normies for pennies on the dollar.

  39. I don’t want white people to despair regarding the future, I want us to stop being such incredible f*gg*ts. But even that might be too much to ask for many of us.

    • sadly the normies are very depressing . they are completely programmed and conditioned . they react without thinking. to quote john derbeshire ; “what the hell is wrong with white people. ” . to answer him , they are wholly informed by the media . spending time in an area that is not diverse will show you that they have swallowed the POZ because it’s universal, and they have no experience otherwise.

  40. Another country. We now live in another country. It still looks a lot like the old country, at least in most places. That makes it easy to overlook the fact that we’re foreigners here. Some of us occasionally glimpse that fact. Most of my (mostly) white neighbors do not.

    • Recently I was looking at all the leftists in politics and realized, “these people don’t live in the same country as me.” I mean, technically, sure. But not in any real way.

      America isn’t a country, it’s a muddled empire.

      • Re: America isn’t a country, it’s a muddled empire.

        This is exactly why paleocons (like Pat Buchanan) and some on the libertarian side – CONSTANTLY make the point about the empire being the death of the country.

        I’ve seen numerous people make comments to ZMan’s posts where they trace where it went wrong – back to the 1960s.

        This is laughable.

        The design for empire was setup well before that – at least as far back as the early 1900’s when all those progressive changes were made to the structure of the REPUBLIC. All of these design changes enabled using the country for empire. When FDR came into power – he made further changes. Again – all of this happened many decades before the 60’s.

        We were well into the glow of empire in the 60s. It just took a few decades of sleeping beside the enemy to see that she’s a nasty bitch who could care less about your well being. It used to be she put on makeup – which often got left behind on the pillow. As long as she ran to the bathroom before you woke up – you were none the wiser.

        Now the bitch doesn’t even bother with the makeup any more – and is just out and out nasty to you all the time.

        Yet some people out there still think she loves them.

        • Good start, carlsdad, about early 1900s.
          Add in the do-gooders’ Prohibition, and an FBI to help enforce it, and the birth of Mad Ave, and you get a culture that plays or tees off on normies, and teaches them to love their being hemmed in by Big Bro.

          • The FBI was created and administered for over fifty years by a sexual pervert. At least he was on the side of whitey. The current FBI is not.

        • Do you one better. Reconstruction. Once the Southern plantation owners were defeated, the Puritans were free to create their shining city on a hill. All progressive movements originate in new England.

        • Republic or empire? That was the debate on the Spanish American war….there were people who could see it then

          • Still not early enough.

            The founders saw it clearly.

            Do people really know so little of their history that they don’t recognize this?

            It appears so, seeing as how all their warnings have been ignored.

        • “…the early 1900’s when all those progressive changes were made to the structure of the REPUBLIC….When FDR came into power – he made further changes.”

          Many of these changes were necessary and valuable, or at least preferable to nothing. Slaving in factories 18 hours a day with no power or recourse vis a vis your employer, living in squalid tenements and sending your children off to their own factory employment, was/is problematic. I’m surprised communists and anarchists weren’t more prevalent back in the day. Trump won via swinging over the white working-class Democrats to our side. Classical liberal/libertarian “get the f*ck back in the field peasant” is both wrong, and a liability.

          • Who slaved in the factories?

            Have you ever read the history of how people worked BEFORE the factories arrived?

            Working outside in a farm field isn’t exactly leisurely work either. And many people PREFFERED factory labor over farm labor.

            All you’re doing is repeating the timeworn excuses used by so-called progressives of the early 20th century.

            FDR did not need to change the structure of the Republic simply because people worked in factories.

            Again: WHO worked in the factories?

          • Once one leaves Mises’ imagination (praxeology), and Rand’s sexual fantasies (John Galt, etc.), most people find the market place is not quite Galt’s Gulch, that shortsightedness, egomania, irrationality, laziness, corruption, dishonesty, etc. in fact hold large sway. If, other things equal, I have to pay a bit more in consumer prices and taxes, and maybe sweep Rothbard’s or Rand’s moral/ethical abstractions to the background, in order to acquire reliably safe food, safe and fair working conditions, reasonable job security, a say in my workplace, environmental protections, humane treatment of animals, a safety net, etc., etc., then most adults will agree the trade-off is utterly sensible and worthwhile. Perhaps, we might even consider checking the absurd growth in wealth disparity of the last decades, undoing free trade’s deindustrialization that has damaged our working and middle classes so greatly, etc.

            There certainly seems to have been a great deal of dissatisfaction and restlessness in response to industrialization and laissez-faire, among the workers of industry themselves, awful quickly and consistently. The old agrarian world of family/small community seems to have been much more stable (and unlike factory work, is still romantically longed for by throngs of people). The wealthy, academics, and the political classes of the day seem to have been the center of laissez-faire thinking, though it proved insufficient, as, in response to violent rumblings by the industrial workers themselves I believe, elites were compelled to progressively introduce economic reforms.

            The main sources of classical liberalism/libertarianism today seem to be university academics and college students, i.e. people with little or no experience in the actual economy. I fell for all this myself during college. Ultimately, my working experiences, and more objective thought and study, broke through my youthful, emotional attachment to the utopian fantasy that NAP=social optimality.

  41. “Converting these normies is about convincing them that rooting for your own team is the moral thing to do, the thing men of goodwill do. ”

    That’s a pretty tall order when all the normies (like me) are told and taught in schools church, by the media, by Hollywood, from charities and by political parties is rooting for your “own team” when white is racist, hateful , un American, un Christian and separatist. IOW, EVIL!

  42. You have to consider the political landscape and what it looks like from Over There. Over There, they see fags like Milo and Vox Day and think we’re all like that. Their edgy thinkers tell them that. Then there is the fear – they have their hands FULL just coping with the lunatics in their midst. They want to stay in the hive, they want to keep their families together, and they don’t want to fight with anyone. Most of them are good guys that aren’t all that political and just want to pay the bills and get ahead – but the feminists and queers get ever more pushier, the Marxists and envirotards get ever more obnoxious – and all the Normie in that boat can do is hang on and try and keep it together.

    Here is what it’s like Over There: you start small by noticing things that are blatantly obvious but offend the Hive narrative. As you get older and smarter, you start noticing more and more obviously stupid and dangerous flaws in the proggie ideology. Some of that crap will have consequences right in your own family – and those people are merciless with heretics. One of two things will happen to you: you’ll either take your lumps, shut your yap and watch the lunatics take control of your family, your speech and your thought – or you will explode and be exiled.

    The Red Pill is not a scathing meme, or a well written essay or polished podcast. It’s more often a traumatic event in your life brought about by a particularly virulent SJW or group of them. They’re in your face, they are trying to hurt you and they would kill you if they had the balls.

    I personally believe there is nothing we can do except let these normies get raped by reality – and then they’ll be in a position to listen. It’s coming too; the Donks and their media lickspittles have been telling us that for some time.

    And – that’s where guys like you come in Z. When these guys hit The Void the first thing they are going to see are the Spencer’s, the Cernovich’s and the Vox’s that got hurled into the void and were damaged by the experience. There is calm, rational commentary here. I don’t agree with all of it but we can talk about that – like adults. There’s scathing wit and lethal humour at times. I can take it all in without even spilling my drink. That is what Mr. And Mrs. Normie are going to need to see when they arrive. You guys have done some wonderful work and may even have redeemed conservatism.

    Keep up the good work.

    • I would only add that among the normies there is a sense, sometimes a conscious sense, of the language and thought borg, a living force that must be observed and feared. Others react to the force by agreeing with it. By instinct or calculation they understand the cost of open opposition is not worth it. If and when that damn breaks the wheel turns.

  43. McCain is so frightened by the prospect of being red-pilled, or that his readers might be, that he closed comments on the column you linked.

    My guess is that some of the people like himself will eventually come to at least tolerate race realism and realists as allies in the fight against the left, and some will eventually either retire from the fight or go to the other side.

    I think McCain is one of those people whose paycheck depends on him not understanding this aspect of politics. In other words, he makes his livelihood off of the net and is afraid of being Andrew Anglinned or Alex Jonesed off of it. Imagine the sheer terror. He likely would never admit such a thing, and call out some kind of talismanic principle in defense of his intellectual purity, but that’s just like a guy who can’t stay away from park restrooms insisting that he’s not gay. He has a position on things that he personally has little or no control over, and we need to give him his space. A great deal of space.

    I quit reading him when his attitude about Trump was the same as it is now about race.

    • I have some recollection of McCain being tossed from twitter, before it became common. I may be confusing him with someone else.

    • I posted on his site that he was anti-Trump and that alone would keep me from buying his latest book. He claimed he wasn’t anti-Trump; I haven’t taken the time to find the posts where he was yapping about Trump.

      • He’s not anti-Trump now. He was up until some time after the election, then reconciled himself to things, and now mainly just does his thing.

  44. I don’t know who is easier to turn, a Boomer or younger generations. Probably Boomer but years of conditioning still has set boundaries. The millenials have been indoctrinated and denied truths all their lives. We were talking last night about Senator Pocahontas and I mentioned Indian. Immediately was corrected to native American, so I doubled down. (they think they are helping).

    Yes AHfOH, the midwest is different. I concur with your statement here. Our work is more difficult and in my life I am making sure to always and politely instruct how we are being pozzed.

    • I’d say that Boomers are easier to turn. Despite all the fulminating against BoomerCons (much of it justified) Boomers can remember when presidential candidates ran on overtly racist platforms. They can remember when men who fought a race war in the Pacific as members of a segregated military were in their prime. They can remember when America was a lot nicer than it is today. This might as well be the Akkadian Empire to Millennials.

      • Being at the very end of the boom–see many peers that were “center” become highly disillusioned. They worked hard, raised their kids well, stayed off the dole, voted for the right people, signaled all the right virtues….but ask the minority woman who dumped her empty McDonalds bag on the town sidewalk to kindly put it in the trash can a dozen feet away and the stream of invective would leave you thinking you’d been transformed into an amalgam of Nate Forrest, George Wallace and Old Scratch. Then go to work and listen to HR diatribes about how work would a discrimination and harassment free place if you would just retire or die or just go away….

    • Although, to be fair, Native American may be more helpful given the influx of central asians. Or as we used to say “dot or feather?”

    • Boomers are easier to turn than Millennials, who are a lost cause. But I have hope for Gen Z. My kids are Gen Z and red-pilled to the bone, but that could be purely anecdotal.

    • Millenials are far easier to turn and bring all the way

      But a whole lot of millenials are a lost cause, who can basically never be turned

      Boomers are easy to get part of the way there, but very difficult to get all the way there, because it means giving so up so much of what defined their self image and way of life over the years

      Even now, a lot of boomers who understand the raw math of what is going on are very, very concerned about people on their own side being “too extreme”.

      “Too extreme” in opposing genocide, that’s a pretty dubious statement from a moral perspective, although obviously rash actions can be self sabotaging.

    • I’ve worked with several different tribes of Indians professionally, and they call themselves “Indian”. They often refer to their reservations or general locations as “Indian Country”. I’d joke about unrestricted immigration and “how’d that work out for ya..?” and receive a mournful laugh. You can tell those folks correcting you to go pound sand.

      They got fucked, cause they couldn’t win the war, no matter how hard they tried. Our kids will get fucked because we refused to fight at all.

    • Generation Z(yklon) Rising…

      They’ve been fed lies from the cradle and are WAY more hip to it than millenials because millenials started off not totally immersed in Clown World / The Matrix. Gen Z is fully the first generation to be raised in Clown World and they experience OVERT hostility towards themselves.

      This occurs because they carry Original Sin according to the fanaticist zealots who are controlling their schools, media, and minds. That original sin is white maleness. The uber soyboys accept their shackles and chains willingly as many have throughout time. But there is a larger fraction that sees this bleakness and has rebelled against it. Do you blame them?

      If you are guilty anyways by birth, may as well go ‘all in’. Ironically, this is not very different from a time when every black person was a n1gger. If you are going to pin the label on me, may as well go mad n1ggerish. The difference is, blacks burn cities down when enraged en masse. Whites burn down continents…

      • Generation Zyklon Rising…

        I pin my hopes on the generation after Z, it has a nice, symbolic feel: after Z, we’ll start over with A – Generation Alpha, unapologetic white supremacists.

    • Millenial here, 30y. As a white male, the obviousness of the direness of the situation has been clear since about 2014, but absolutely clear since 2016. Before that, there was some low level understanding of being white and affirmative action, but since say Obama’s Dear Colleague DoE letter, the writing has been on the wall. Fucking. White. Males.

      On top of that we lost Christopher Hitchens, and so we lost one of the most beautiful atheist voices against the shit stain of political correctness.

  45. It sort of reminds me of how parents back in the day told their sons that jerking off would cause them to go blind or grow hair on their palms. Now a lot of people are afraid to even contemplate some of these questions for fear of turning into a “racist” or a literal Nazi. They dance right up to the edge sometimes but always pull back. Rod Dreher is a great example of this, some posts he sounds like he just gulped down a handful of red pills but then he turns around in his next post and tries to back away. Not to overstate the importance of this event but the Kavanaugh hearings scared a lot of generic Republicans into realizing that we can’t just go along to get along and expect to be left more or less alone. We all have to choose a side and one side doesn’t want us, hates us and actually would love to see us go extinct. That doesn’t make for a hard choice but it is still difficult to overcome decades of conditioning.

    • Ask the white Afrikaners of South Africa if yakking keeps them safe from genocide. We’re in a party boat floating downstream and assuaging our anxiety with erudite discourse while being oblivious to falls up ahead.

      • TomA: Excellent description of 2018 Amerika. I for one, have abandoned discourse in favor of watching, waiting, planning, and prepping. As more and more Normies get punched in the face, or tune in to watch their “THIN BLUE LINE” get overwhelmed by BLM, Antifa, etc. the tables will turn. I do not waste time talking to people. Especially up here in Rawles Land. Too many clueless idiots here who are overdue for a mugging, car-jacking, etc.

        • The best use of talk is to share wisdom and knowledge that will help keep you alive during difficult times. Yakking to change politics just creates false hope, which then becomes an easy excuse to avoid the doing the hard work of bettering yourself to become stronger and smarter.

  46. It’s strange that so many people are scared of ideas. If white men do not develop the mettle to stand up for themselves and their values, Western Civilization will perish. It’s that simple. Will enough of them wake up before it’s too late?

    • I remember the flurry of “deprogramming” back in the 70s (80s?). The media would feature stories about therapists deprogramming kids who became Moonies et al.

      Deprogramming Normies who are stuck in the Left/Right paradigm is the current problem. How do you ferry them across the river when they’re not aware of the water? They refuse to believe the evidence of their lyin’ eyes. What would constitute the bucket of cold water in the face without going through a life-threatening episode? The latter is surely coming; how to head it off at the pass?

      • Yes, I remember some teenagers who got busted drinking beer and smoking pot were sent by their parents to a program called “Scared Straight.” I wonder if its effects held long-term.

        • Well the “scared straight” programs morphed into a re-education camps for wayward teenagers. The toughest and most brutal ones are in Central America and they work the kids over.

          Now the kids sent to these camps are from wealthy white, professional parents. You know the typical high striving dick heads who obsess over money and career while letting junior be raised by the school system and his friends. Eventually mom and dad freak out when they finally notice junior has become a out of control drug using freakazoid.

          They try different approaches and none work. They call up a camp and they send a couple of bruisers to take junior to said camp for a couple of weeks to a month to clean up the little monster.

          Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t and sometimes they die.

        • Ursula. The program was called Straight in my area back in the day. The kids that graduated were never the same and kinda creepy. The rest of us kids didn’t trust them. Similar to the Scientologists that have taken over my hometown.

          • Oh, maybe I remembered incorrectly and it was in fact called Straight, as you noted. Yeah, I vaguely recall that no one knew what happened to the kids after they were sent to the program, there were rumors that they were sent to military academy or to boarding schools, but we never saw them again. The impression was frightening to kids like me in grade school observing from afar, a very extreme response to something most kids were experimenting with back then in the 70s.

          • No, you had it right; I remember Scared Straight. There was a TV special aired on it where the cons reduced juvenile delinquents to tears.

            It’s like those deprogrammers with the Scientologists, or any other cult – bullying people into opening their eyes.

      • How do you ferry them across the river when they’re not aware of the water?

        Take away their cable, give them hi-speed internet.

    • I am afraid not . normie is arrogant and smug because cobert and jimmy kimmel are really cool and think the same things he does.

  47. To root for your own team has been defined as the worst imaginable evil.

    Today in the Australian parliament a motion that had been tabled by a right wing politician on our side was voted down 31-28 by the conservative government.

    The motion presented was this: “It is okay to be white.”

    • I love the “It’s OK to be white” meme, but to be honest there are multiple reasons not to support it in parliament, not all of them unreasonable. Anyway, parliament follows culture, rather than leading it. We shouldn’t be too concerned over what these ruling class cronies vote for.

      • People like you need good old Bolsheviks terror. Somebody will take your stuff, let your kids die off malnutrition and make sure your grand kind NEVER make it college. It will really give you perspective.

  48. Your recent trip through the midwest should have shown you all you need to know. We are not all in Lagos yet, and we don’t see much reason to think that our 1.8 grown children will have to live in Juarez. And we have jobs and careers that aren’t quite as successful as yours so we have to carry on getting along with individuals rather than races.

    See John Derbyshire’s quandary with being on our side and still getting his tire fixed for $12.00. Repeat 60 million times.

    • I don’t see a lot of dissection on the part of the right about WHY we have gotten to that point.

      One of the big problems with “normies” IMHO – is that they just accept the progressive world that has been built around them. I know ZMan is quite critical of libertarians – but one of the benefits of my spending time reading writers on Lew Rockwell’s site very extensively – was that I grew to question pretty much every single assertion coming out of the mainstream and especially the government and it’s so-called conservative defenders.

      One of the arguments I started making with all of the right wingers I ran across who bitched incessantly about immigration – while at the same time buying into the progressive world view by defending things like wars around the world, massive military spending , and government programs like Social Security, welfare, and the income tax ……….. was to point out that I paid NO income tax at all – I could take anywhere from a 25-50% pay cut – and still retain my standard of living.

      Now – suddenly – American wages are competitive with most of the rest of the world.

      Point here is: if you have to import immigrants and allow illegals to roam free in order to get a tire changed for $12.00 , maybe you ought to think out a little bit harder why we’ve ended up at that economic situation.

      People have bought into things. Those things COST MONEY. Nobody wants to be the one white guy on the block who is changing tires for $12 per, while all the other white guys are making a ton of money working in high tech or taking advantage of illegal labor.

      Reality at some point is going to have to include an acknowledgement that we’ve come to expect a whole bunch of things – that we simply can’t pay for.

      In the same way that news about the US is sometime reported with more clarity by overseas sites like the DailyMail, we see things like the French situation with Muslim immigrants reported with some clarity over here – in that I see it brought up quite frequently that the French caused this problem themselves by importing cheap Middle Eastern labor from their ex-colonies. Now it’s overrunning them.

      Somewhere, somehow – we’ve got to acknowledge that there’s an awful lot of members of the Free Shit Army right here in the US – and many of them are on the right side of the fence.

      Tea Partiers bitching about Obama taking away their Socialist Security – comes to mind.

      • Yeah, in my experience libertarianism is pretty good at peeling people away from the left consensus.

        The fact is that Our Thing might just be too far away from Normville to take at a leap.

        Libertarianism can be a step down the Yellow Brick Road. We’ve just got to keep leading them back to Kansas from the Land of Poz.

      • The “Cheapest is Best” mentality is very American and did not destroy the country till recently because we imported cheap labor from high-trust countries; i.e., white people. The lowest paid whites worked hard, raised families and their kids took better paying jobs. The American dream! But since the ’65 Immigration Act, the fatal flaws of “Cheapest is Best” mentality have been brought into clearer and clearer definition. Now, even whites who’ve themselves been damaged by and understand the serious problems caused by being obscenely undercut by immigrant labor will still hire the cheap Latino labor rather than pay a few dollars more an hour for the white guys. How to reverse the thinking that economic efficiency or Cheapest is Best is number one concern of our society? High-trust society where people are not revolted by paying a proper amount of money for work performed is now something I don’t think Americans can get their heads around.

        • That cheapest is best mentality is pretty deeply ingrained.

          Going all the way back to my teens, in the early 80s – that cheap product thing is something that I noticed quite a bit. From my teens all the way into my 30s I was a car nut – and one of the things that stood out starting from a base knowledge of American automobiles – was how much better the Jap and Europe stuff was as far as refinement and build quality.

          I’ve always attributed that to American labor unions – seeing as how I was exposed to them quite a bit when I was younger – saw the attitude of the typical union worker – and saw the crap products they produced. Maybe some of the build cheap shit and shove it out the door has to do at it’s core with a lack of connection between the workers and the people they sell to. Even back then – when the diversity wasn’t quite as prominent as it is now – there wasn’t exactly a lot of love lost between all the different white groups.

          If you’re a Japanese worker who just died at his desk at age 50 , at least you can say you dedicated your life to a Japanese company , worked with other Japanese – and enhanced the national standing of Japan. I don’t think any of those dynamics really exist in this country now or have existed in quite some time.

          I see a lot of people bitch about “individualism” , but maybe individualism is a logical response to a society made up of people who don’t care about you all that much. Long before Hillary Clinton voiced it – I think a lot of people felt it. There’s no point in dedicating yourself to your “tribe” – if all your tribe does is treat you as disposable. Might as well work for yourself and your own.

          When I travel to southern states like SC, NC and GA – I see what comes across to my eyes at least as more pride in where they live. Things are cleaner – people have more respect. You get used to it after a while up here in MA , but fly away somewhere else that is clean and well kept and then fly back into MA after a couple of weeks and all you notice is that everything is beat up and broken and trash is strewn everywhere. Socialist / Union mentality is a long standing thing up here. I guess the results speak for themselves.

          • I’m from MA originally, now I live in its armpit – ﹰRhode ﹰIsland. My wife and ﹰI travel the USA extensively, and the filth of RI and MA is one of the first things I notice after a trip. After that, of course, you notice the ridiculous condition of the roads and the self-absorbed hostility of people in the cities up here. A couple more years of working in the Boston area will probably encourage me to retire early, if only to get away from the traffic and Bostonians.

        • You might point out, to the Cheapest is Best crowd, that the nickels they save by hiring Latinos, may come at a ferocious price, if something goes wrong while the Latino is doing the work.
          The white guy will likely have insurance, but the Latino may instead send his Gang buddies, to shake you down for what he thinks he “deserves”, that you didn’t pony-up for.
          High-trust societies have ways to avoid such dust-ups, that are settled in Low-trust societies, via resort to dukes.

        • The Cheap Labor Lobby has been around since tobacco farmers imported slaves in 1618 (it didn’t work out for them)..The mass immigration of Irish, Germans,and Chinese in the 19th century was explicitly aimed at reducing wages.Labor unions fought back, and got immigration highly restricted in 1924, but they later abandoned the workers for the Demo-Communist party line…the result was the 1965 Act.
          Now the country is facing demographic catastrophe.

          • We’ve already got the Brazilian mindset here in America, so the imminent demographic catastrophe is a done deal. Talented individuals in Brazil live behind tall walls with glass shards on top to keep out the scum. We’re on our way! Maybe Europe will turn it around before they’re destroyed, but I have no hope it will happen in the U.S. The public mind has already embraced the Latin American economic model as freedom in the free market. Oligarchs and peasants. Too bad.

          • Calsdad. Didn’t you hate having to buy all those metric tools? I did so I stuck to Chevys. Was nerer a paid mechanic though.

          • I’ve always loved buying tools – so no.

            What I hated was working on American cars that were part metric and part inch. Somebody should have been beaten with a claw hammer for that.

            I’ve been driving Japanese cars for decades now (Hondas and Acuras) – and I’ve also spent a lot of time working on both American and Japanese vehicles. Spend enough time working on and cursing at automobiles and it starts to become obvious when and engineer takes pride in his creations.

            When I can take apart the front suspension in a Honda CRX using ONE sized wrench – and every single bolt is easily accessible – and then later that afternoon try to take apart the rear suspension on a similar vintage GM sedan – and have it be half metric, half inch – and totally inaccessible – you start to realize why the Japanese took over the car industry.

            Pride is reflected in the results of your work.

    • While I understand that you want to deal with people from different races as individuals, I tell you as a person who has watched a few West Coast areas become inhospitable to whites that most of the non-whites you deal with feel a deeper loyalty to dominating our land than to the values that you believe you share with them.

      I’m reminded of the OJ verdict when many whites saw the blacks with whom they thought they shared values rejoice because OJ beat Whitey. We are a gullible people.

      • We live in a world rife with irreconcilable conflicts of interests between groups, in which one side will win/gain, and the other side will lose/suffer. Notions of a natural harmony of group interests, whether from libertarians, Christians, or anyone else, are utopian and false. One example: as a group, blacks gain from presence of whites, while whites lose. We either acknowledge our group interests and seek to advance them, or we, and our group as whole, lose.

      • I make no claim that I share their values anymore than Derbyshire shares the values of the tire shop whose efficiency and skill he clearly admires. Even the most committed race realist must live in our transactional society. Friendliness and an efficient and honest $12.00 tire repair are at least SOME of my and Derbyshire’s values. In truth I probably wouldn’t have gone there because I don’t like a noisy workplace whether it’s Norteno music or just a lot of yelling, and I’m most comfortable in a clean and suburban space.

    • “Your recent trip through the midwest should have shown you all you need to know.”

      Indeed. Normies are free thinkers. They have relative high IQ’s, and contrary to popular opinion here, are not easily duped. They enjoy living life. They see America as being fixable, and no where near entering a Brazil or Lagos phase.

      So when the Alt Right talks about “converting them” because they have been “brainwashed”, they become angry. They make their own decisions, and do not need to be scolded that they must think of the white race, lest they be left defending themselves against the massive brown hordes waiting to devour them. They see the world through their own eyes. They contemplate their future all of the time. Demographics is simply not on their radar, and why should it be, given all of the other issues they are confronted on a daily basis? They have little time for self-loathing about their whiteness, because they love themselves as who they are. Stacy McCain spoke the truth–“white people are intelligent, sane, and mature, capable of evaluating the facts for themselves”.

      Furthermore, when Alt Right proponents make the comment “God has no choice but to toss most people into the lake with the devil and the rest of his rebellious angels”, normies get even more incensed. Some nobody has accused them of being in league with the Devil, that their actions are paramount to major sins. Must normies kneel before the Alt Right’s Zod?
      Normies need not be hit over the head with the moral cudgel. They do just fine with their belief in their God, thank you very much.

      Finally, the Alt Right needs to be aware of its own elitism. Take Vox Day. He pens “All the nonsense about ‘men of goodwill’ and ‘patriots bleed red’ and ‘creedal nations’ will no longer be believed by anyone, anywhere. It’s already rejected by anyone of significant intelligence who is paying attention.” Those concepts are NOT nonsense to normies; rather, they are staples in their everyday lives. The implication is that there must be a person to properly guide normies on their road to recovery, that they alone cannot be trusted to make decisions for themselves.

      He should just focus on his comic books.

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