Letter To The CivNats

One of the strange aspects of the last century of American politics is that the defining arguments have all happened on the losing side. The winners have always been sure about what they want and what they are willing to do to get it. It is the losers who have always been squabbling with one another about the proper response or the meaning of the latest failure. National Review types always used to argue that all the interesting debates were on their side, rather than on the side of their alleged adversaries.

They were not wrong about that, even though they were deluded about who they were really fighting. For at least forty years and maybe longer, all of the arguments have been on the Right. That’s the thing though, they were always fighting the people to their right, the people now forming the new opposition. It is easy to get down about what is happening in our time, but the one thing we can point to is that there is an authentic alternative forming up now. The veil has been lifted for more of us now than any time in the past.

Of course, we remain a tiny minority, even within the white population. George Hawley, the left-wing college professor from the University of Alabama, estimates that the dissident population is in the 6% range, which would be about ten percent of the white population, give or take. Greg Hood, the main writer at American Renaissance, is bit more optimistic, as he thinks the data says there are many more “leaners” in the population, but his number is still small. You can read Greg’s review of Hawley’s numbers here.

The point is, the vast majority of white people remain in the civic nationalist camp. About 25% of whites identify as Progressive, so that leaves about 65% in the civic nationalist, dissident right and indifferent buckets. This is what the alt-right learned the hard way two summers ago. They held a rally and 500 people showed up, but 2,000 opponents showed up. Many of those protesting the alt-right were MAGA hat wearing CivNats. Even more crucial, s solid plurality of white people blamed both sides for the violence.

It’s why the math of democracy makes white survival an impossibility. That 25% of whites who lock arms with the 40% who are non-white gets the anti-whites close enough to a permanent majority that they are the default option in an election. It’s why they put all their energy into making sure blacks,Jews, migrants and lesbians are super-angry. The left just needs the turnout and they win. They know the math of democracy too. That means the future is the Kavanaugh hearings over and over until you’re dead.

That’s the lesson and the reason for this letter. The civic nationalists need to look at that circus on their television and know that is their future. The people who are rejecting due process and the presumption of innocence don’t look like you. They don’t sound like you. They don’t believe what you believe. More important, they don’t love what you love or hate what you hate. What they are willing to live and die for does not include you, because you don’t look like them or sound like them. You can never be on their side and they know it.

When you appeal to their sense of civic virtue, all you are doing is encouraging them to punch you in the face again. That’s because their civic virtue is not your civic virtue. It can never be otherwise. After decades of work to train blacks, for example, to embrace civic nationalism, they still cling to their own ideas and their own hatreds. It turns out that those racists you guys were always trying to run off were right after all. Civil society is a white man’s thing. It is not an idea. It is the result of white people living in their own lands.

Now, I know a lot of civic nationalists. Many of them post comments here. Some of my best friends are civic nationalists. Many will beg at the tiny feet of Ben Shapiro, convinced it is ideology not race, until he slams the oven door on them. Just look at South Africa, where whites are being slaughtered by blacks. Yet, many whites refuse to accept the reality of their situation. The father of Mollie Tibbetts, the white girl murdered by an invader, cares more of his civic virtue than his own child. Some people can’t be saved.

On the other hand, if you are watching this circus in Washington and wondering if it is all coming apart, you may want to take a moment and look hard at the scene. It is a white man going through trial by ordeal, something white people banned 1500 years ago. The people putting him through that ordeal don’t look like you. They don’t believe what you believe. They mock what you believe. They think things like due process and rule of law are the white man’s law, not their law. Their law is what you see on your television.

You need to ask yourself, is there really any way to tame them that has not already been tried? Is there an argument that is going to cause Debra Katz or Michael Bromwich to reconsider their war on white people? Will Maxine Waters or Kamala Harris ever agree with you? You sat and watched Judge Kavanaugh give a stirring speech in defense of decency and civic justice that Cicero would have found moving. Think about all that has been said and written in favor of civil nationalism, yet, here we are anyway.

More important and this is where you as a civic nationalist either head down the road to Damascus or heads into the darkness. Look at the fruits of civic nationalism. The champions of the constitutional order and rule of law are all sitting on the Republican side, getting rolled by the non-white rage heads responsible for this circus. The professional civic nationalists have built out a well financed system to promote your cause. Yet here they are getting clobbered again. If they can’t win this fight, what can they win?

Look. I get it. In your heart you know our side is right about “the race stuff.”. It’s why you moved to a neighborhood with good schools and a bad basketball team. It’s why you support Israel and oppose Islam. You know that only in a society run by white men, can there be anything resembling civil order. You hate yourself for it so you have created all sorts of ways to show you’re not an anti-Semite or conceal your real feelings toward blacks. It’s hard to put down that steamer trunk of guilt you have been taught to carry.

I get it. All of us on this side of the great divide get it. All of us have made the journey you will have to make. It’s not easy to accept that all the stuff you have been taught about the constitution and patriotism was just a way to blind you to the approaching darkness. Now you have a chance to open your eyes and see what comes next if you don’t begin your journey to this side. That circus on your television is not going to just fade away. it is a glimpse into the future, of your children’s future and your grandchildren’s future.

No matter what you choose, the years ahead will be every bit as ugly as the spectacle unfolding on our televisions and on social media. The Great Brown Army believes this is their time to the destroy the white patriarchy, by which they mean white America. The fight to stop it is going to ugly and you will have to get used to thinking about things in a way that used to feel wrong. But, the fight is going to happen whether you snap out of your daze or remain in the CivNat delusion. The question before you is which side are you on?

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  1. I noticed you said that “we are a small minority”, and you estimate it to be about 10% of whites and about 6% of the US population.

    My question, for you ZMan, and for anyone who wants to answer it: Who are “we”? What are “we”? What are “we” called? Or what is our most accurate label “we” would give ourselves. Do “we” have an identity?

  2. “You hate yourself for it so you have created all sorts of ways to show you’re not an anti-Semite or conceal your real feelings toward blacks.”

    Actually…that’s the problem. The white Christian CivNats aren’t concealing their true feelings. They’re expressing them. They truly believe that racism is a sin. As long as they believe that, nothing else matters.

    So they must be challenged to prove their case. As Christians who actually believe in law and order, they cannot simply go around making baseless allegations of wrongdoing. So when you are talking to a Christian CivNat, do not buy into his frame. When he blathers on with his usual nonsense, look at him quizzically. Do not ask him to prove that “racism is a sin”. Instead, ask him something specific: ask him to prove that opposing the Civil Rights Movement was a sin—and not just because of the circumstances—he must prove that it was a sin in principle, like adultery or murder.

    Ask him to prove that opposing the 14th Amendment was, in principle, a sin.
    Demand he prove that repealing the Civil Rights Act would, in principle, be a sin.

    Do not allow him to change the subject or evade the question. Point out that if he can’t answer, fine, you’ll be happy for him to go back and check his Bible or ask his pastor. But if you are familiar with the Bible, you know that no case can be made, not unless your Christian CivNat is going to argue that the rules of the Church apply to civil society. If he goes that route, ask him how he applies the Church’s command to “turn the other cheek” and “give unto him your cloak also” to a government that is tasked with punishing criminals.

    What Christian CivNats are guilty of doing is confusing the humanist religious proposition of that “all men are created equal” with Christianity.

  3. Zman: About the “they don’t look like you” paragraph, which has riled commenters. It’s a powerful rhetorical theme, and one you keep handy for good reason, but it doesn’t make sense in the context you’ve placed it this time.

  4. Karl Denninger over at his Market Ticker blog posted an excellent piece about the class war the neo-bolsheviks are openly fomenting across the social platforms now that they are rid themselves of the Deplorable’s and mouth breathing white cis dirt people. A commenter wrote a sublime comment regarding how he thinks it will go down. The leftards utopia is not your dystopia if your going to win against their intended white genocide. Funny how circular the history of the marxian ideology is. Hint: You need more ammo.
    I saved that fellows comment at Karl’s blog, only because there is so much to go down the marxists memory hole, that Goolag hasn’t gotten around to thought policing such speech. Goolag’s Nomemklaturer’s must be not liking what I post, over the last year been getting referrer links to high security Goolag corporate internal email in my daily blog stats. Its a dandy of a comment, everyone who can should save it and share it around.


  5. At some inflection point, which sure looks like it is getting closer, if the unglued nature of the cultural marxists is any indication, The Normie’s will either be liquidated in detail by the neo-bolsheviks planning their white genocide as they sit in their middle-class devalued debt device McMansion zipper houses made of partial board and antifa comes down their quiet suburban streets with torches and militia cocktails, or they wake up and join The Honorable Resistance of the dirt people.


  6. “They mock what you believe. They think things like due process and rule of law are the white man’s law, not their law. Their law is what you see on your television.”

    The thing is those doing the mocking are WHITE, well except for Booker and he is tolerated for the Leftist Civic Virtue. Given even a smidgen of a chance and Booker would be picking cotton faster than you can say Eli Whitney by the Progs.

    No this battle when it comes will be White on White. Its the only contingent that matters. The Hispanics will disappear as soon as the curtain goes up for the simple fact that the carnage here will be worse than where they came from. Blacks representing a small percentage of the population are of small consequence. The only minority worth keeping an eye out for are the Islamics. They may in fact see this as opportunity.

  7. My unsolicited advice –
    Never speak of solutions. It’s great that we all think we were good at Risk and have studied Grant’s tactics, but discussions about which states should peel off and what their access to shipping will be like just make you sound crazy.
    Indeed, never speak of separation.

    Avoid criticizing the failure of every other culture on the planet. This blurs the message.

    Focus only on one or two positive threads or thoughts. “White culture is the only culture that results in functioning liberal democracies with maximal order and maximal freedom.” Or perhaps, “White culture is the only real white privilege – imitate it.” Accentuate the positive, leave others to publicly ponder the negative.

    When others ask for solutions, make them say it.

    • AH…;
      It can be done even easier than that right now. Everybody here should be pounding their friends and family with, “If these loons win, you have NO civil rights, period. Look sideways at some crazy cat lady even years ago and you lose your livelihood and your family is in danger from their mob.”

      After that rhetoric takes hold, *then* it’s time to ask how we came to this pass and what should be done about it. Creating a system first is assuming the sale without creating the need.

      • Added;
        The idea is to bring normie’s along the same way most of us got our own political frames wrenched around, aka had the red pill experience. Then they can and will bring themselves further along quite nicely. Then it’s time to earnestly discuss systems and alternatives with them, not before.

        Certainly in my own case I was getting more and more unhappy as a three-legged-stool Bush/GOPe Conservative* as the contrary evidence piled up that it was a sham. When the cognitive dissonance reached a certain point, all it took was a single added piece of contrary evidence/rhetoric to break the civ nat, ‘globalism is good’ frame I’d held since the late ’70s. I’d say that ‘you have no civil rights any more’ is a good candidate for that sort of decisive, frame-breaking rhetoric.**

        That single meme in my case was the jibe, maybe even from Candidate Trump, that the GOPe had actually conserved *nothing*. I said, “Wow, is *that* ever true.” After that light bulb went on, I started looking around with new eyes.

        My defense now is that GWB’s enemies, as shown in the Kav. hearings, were/are my enemies too and they were/are so despicable (and also that he seemed personally honorable, like Kav.) that I was driven to defend the man well beyond the point of reason.
        * Three-legged-stool = Small govt./low taxes; strong defense of America (only) and protection of traditional social/family values. While they talked the talk, GWB/Rove et.al. defended *none* of them in actual practice.
        ** Rhetoric works best if it’s observably true (or mostly true).

  8. The Kavanaugh shitshow is not primarily about race. It’s about abortion. The screaming hysteria we are hearing is the shrieks of sick, warped people who treasure above all things their continued freedom to kill their own offspring with impunity.

  9. Thinking that most whites will arrive at clear-headed conclusions from the Kavanaugh hearings is wishful thinking. Many conservatives will get a clearer idea of how much the Democrats hate them but they will not go all the way to realizing the need for white identity and for a majority white society. Most middle class and affluent whites will not go there until their daily lives are dramatically impacted on a regular basis. To see I am right just look at how parents whose daughters have been killed by invaders plead with people not to use their daughter’s death to turn your heart against welcoming invaders. It might take being made unemployable and penniless, like many Boers to get them to see reality.

    • It is sometimes hard for fully red pilled people to appreciate the extent that the transparent (if you want to notice) propaganda has won. One of the shrewdest moves was convincing the populace and religious institutions to replace the traditional masculine values that built and maintained societies with feminine ones like compassion and primacy of feelings.

      Maybe the best example of this was found in a Pew poll of how religious groups fell about each other. The group that evangelicals like the most is Jews. The group that Jews dislike the most is evangelicals. Both sides are very open about their opinions. It doesn’t matter how much Jews openly express hatred for evangelicals. Jews openly regard them as dumb bigots. Evangelicals don’t care. They love the Jews and are their and Israel’s biggest supporters. When I ask evangelicals about this, they say that they don’t care whether Jews like them because Jews are the chosen and Jesus commands them to love Jews and support Israel. Now that is impressive propaganda.

    • LineIn. I read the first paragraph. Can’t wait to read that tomorrow. Seem like Z and Hood are utilizing the Kavanagh moment to nudge normie over the edge.

      • Hood: “Even children’s programming executives laugh about how what they do is a “fuck you to the right wing.” When they grow up, they’ll worship celebrities of dubious talent who mock and despise you. You’re surrounded by filth—you can’t go to a restaurant or a store without background music from some bimbo relying on autotune to “sing” about S&M or threesomes.”

        That was good. Also, I think Hood just let me off the hook for not having and never wanting kids.

  10. Had a conversation with a hard-core TruCon about the Judge K thing. Obviously, conservatives of all stripes are pretty upset about it. I remarked that we need someone more ruthless than Trump to deal with these commies. Instead of his standard remark, “We’re better than that”, he said, “You may be right.” At least that’s a start. People are scared.

    • The problem is our side can’t leverage that concern among normies. We have no salesmen and no Tom Paines or even our own version of Jordan Peterson to make the pitch to them. We mostly have some thinkers who can’t make the sale because what they offer is nothing but brutal, nihilistic Social Darwinism.

      Some like Murray even hope whites are replaced by Hindus and Chinese.

      We really have to stop lionizing self-loathers like him,

      We just don’t have the essential elements in place yet. We don’t have enough to organize and unify people around except some nerds and old Paleocons like myself You need a message that addresses the political, social and economic ills we face and offers up solutions.

      This is not happening.

      • Rod, there’s a lot of talented and charismatic leaders on our side. I hate to bring up the cliche, but Overton is real. No one on the Dissident Right can get a platform.

      • Vox Day points out, many times, that we don’t need an army: all Jesus had to change the whole world was 12!

        I call myself a cultural Christian (or a wistful non-Christian) but I support wholeheartedly Vox Day’s Three Pillars of Western Civ. and his 16 Points of the Alt Right.

        I’m too old (and too female!) to get on the front lines. MY contribution is working carefully and gently to awaken my friends and neighbors (with some decent success!). (Alas, my family is hopelessly lib-prog-commie.) If you’re feeling unable to make a big enough difference, work smaller! Every White person you awaken to the already started race war, and the coming globalist-v.-nationalist war is one more success. BE successful!

  11. You cannot reason with fanatics anymore than you can reason with a two year old having a temper tantrum. These are kamikaze pilots targeting america and just like ww2 the only way to deal with them is to kill them before they kill you

  12. I have no steam trunk of guilt. All my life I have been a minority. Growing up the Italian families snubbed us because we were Irish. In high school I was constantly picked on for being the rare white girl at Lincoln High. Turned down for jobs because I was not a single mother with 2 children. I am a proud white woman who does not whine.

  13. Very concisely stated and clearly argued. However, I suspect that it will be no more successful with the polite Right than it would be with our enemies.

  14. “They held a rally and 500 people showed up, but 2,000 opponents showed up. Many of those protesting the alt-right were MAGA hat wearing CivNats.”

    Though I have zero knowledge of the above rally that Z mentions, recall that it is common for left wing individuals / groups to attend right wing rally’s “disguised” as other right wing folks, to make it appear to the media (the propaganda arm of the democrat, socialist parties and CPUSA) that even “other right wingers” opposed those who organized the rally.
    Essentially, the lefties infiltrate a right wing meeting/rally to cause disruption (merely by their presence) and to create a false narrative the media will willingly and purposefully disseminate to those morons who still bother to watch/listen/read anything the left wing propagandist media displays.

    The left are experts of propaganda and working hand in hand with the media, they can, and do, portray any non-communist rally as the next Nazi beer-hall putsch.

    Many of these leftist protesters are paid to attend these rallies and if arrested – even for violent activities, somehow they can all afford, miracle of miracles !!!! attorneys and bingo, they are have all charges dropped.
    Geez, I wonder how that happens?

    Don’t know about anyone else, but when I receive a phone call taking a survey of candidates for election, etc., I just hang up; though sometimes I will lie just to F with them.

    The voters of this nation will either vote for a national suicide – see Venezuela (whose voters willingly and voluntarily voted for Chavez) ; or continue to vote in disruptive, non-politicians like a Trump.
    If the former, we are F’d; if the latter, be prepared for even more vicious and more violent actions perpetrated by left (i.e., the democrat party, the media, most Wall Street billionaires and hedge fund types, etc.).

    Just as an aside, ever wonder why Wall Street types are overwhelmingly socialist even though their profession is not?
    Its because by donating to leftist politicians, they will be given special dispensation and favors by these politicians if/when they are elected. See the Bill and Hillary story.
    This by the way is classic fascism; corporate / finance firms do the bidding of the government (though they really have no choice) and as a side benefit, they appeal to their politician pals to make laws solidifying their competitive advantages.
    Why don’t these Wall Street types donate equal amounts of $$$ to Republicans in the event they get elected?
    Because EVERYBODY knows that republicans are stupid , worthless, timid ass kissers of the democrats; see the Kavanaugh – Ford Stalinist show trial, presided over by the students of that great jurist and brilliant legal mind, Roland Freisler (check him out on youtube and have your Langenscheidt’s Worterbuch handy dandy).

  15. When the gloves come off, the Jeff Flakes of the country will be the first to be eliminated. The left can’t afford to have useful idiots around when the hard work gets going.

  16. Seems to me that a disproportionate number of civnat leaders are Jewish, not white. I don’t believe they(kristal, goldberg, Shapiro ect.) consider themselves white Americans first, and have no concern about the progeny of white America.

  17. Biology is a numbers game. This all whistling in the wind. The demographic trends are plain for all to see, globally and locally. The “replacement” in replacement fertility in the context of what’s happening in the empirically observable world gives me all information I need to draw the obvious conclusion that white nationalism is going nowhere.
    thezman’s letter would have had some point maybe in the sixties but it’s the cart before the horse now.
    Actually there’s an even deeper problem: even if by some deus ex machina the white race got back its baby producing mojo, what’s to stop a repeat of the twentieth century, whites slaughtering whites on genocidal levels. In 1900 the European population far exceeded that of Africa now all the babies are coming from Africa (even though Africans are no slouches at killing each other) and the excess young men are flooding Europe. The writing is on the wall. King Canute anyone?

    • The outlook isn’t brilliant, that’s for sure. But the battle hasn’t really been joined yet (perhaps it will never be joined). Whites are pretty adaptive and innovative. As the great white philosopher Yogi Berra put it, it ain’t over till it’s over.

    • Whites don’t hate themselves, or genocide other whites, all on their own because of some inherited flaw.

  18. Since my anger has subsided from this past week, I’ve come to think of things in a manipulative fashion. Which, being a decent guy, doesn’t come naturally. But I’m now hoping Kavanaugh gets rejected. This is a once-in-a-great-while chance to expose the Left. We’ve essentially got Richie Cunningham being turned into a rapist with no evidence. Kavanaugh looks and sounds like every next-door normie in your neighborhood. You’ve got Bork, Thomas, and now Kavanaugh. Throughout the land even the thickest normies would perk up. Kav’s rejection would free up all the moderate conservative pundits to start talking real.

  19. Amen to this post. Amen. For those of you who still want to cling to your blue pill, cuckservative, civnat beliefs just remember, if it can happened to a guy like Kavanaugh it can happen to all of us. No one is safe from the mob.

    “When you appeal to their sense of civic virtue, all you are doing is encouraging them to punch you in the face again.”

    It’s a street fight not a debate class. Button your chin strap and get in the game. Vote R across the board this midterm.

  20. “The people who are rejecting due process and the presumption of innocence don’t look like you.”

    Sorry, you’re wrong here. Look at the twitter and combox comments and so many of the Ford supporters are white. The idea that skin color= virtue is completely taken down by a simple look at the empirical facts.

    Nazi Germany, pure white, did all the things the Fienstien and her goons are doing now. The problem is much deeper and more intellectually complex. Think some more.

    1) The U.S. constitution is a civic nationalist document. Read on its own, there are no mentions of race in it as a qualifying criteria. It’s true that subsequent legislative documents limited the notion of citizenship to white people only, but these were interpretive acts, secondary to the constitution itself. Things are interpreted differently now.

    2) The U.S. constitution rests heavily on a radical enlightenment view of the Human person which sees him as rational and ignores all his inbuilt biases and prejudices. Sure, certain individuals may be color blind, but peoples are not. Hence the continual, real world tension between blacks and whites in U.S. history. This can’t be overcome. The U.S. is going to eventually sort this out the Balkan way, by separation of states according to racial lines, or though “social engineering” with mass deportations and ethnic cleansing. Yugoslavia was the future.

    3)”Presumption of innocence”, “Rule of Law”, “Limited government”, etc. were products of a Christian Humanism. Take that away and you get whites behaving like Maxine Waters. Skin color is no protection.



      • Civil society is a white man’s thing. It is not an idea. It is the result of white people living in their own lands.

        There were plenty enough witch hunters in Salem, where everyone was white.

        Help me out. You’re quite right, civic nationalism won’t save us and is part of the problem, however there’s no point dissing civic nationalism while simultaneously promoting a “white” version of it. Exclusive white civic nationalism self destructed in the past and there’s every indication it will do so in the future.

        The real problem here is the whole way the “racial” issue is framed on the Dissident Right, which in turn leads to the same problem coming back again and again. Maxine Water’s “blackness” isn’t what makes her bad, it’s her character and her personal beliefs; beliefs, habits and behaviour’s shared by many “on the white.” A whites-only civic nationalism doesn’t fix this problem at all.

        There are plenty enough people in the “black tribe” who regard the treatment of Kavanaugh as a disgrace and who aren’t punching white. I’d rather them anytime in my community than Alyssa Milano. So the notion that ‘black” values and white values are mutually exclusive is wrong.
        Framing it in the black=bad, white= good schema confuses the situation.

        I don’t think you can have stable mixed racial societies but it has got nothing to do with “values” rather human nature. You look different, people treat you differently, you react differently, that’s because human beings are cognitive misers, something the Enlightenment theoreticians completely missed.

        The problem is one of virtue. Shitty whites don’t build stable societies, virtuous ones do. A civic nationalism restricted to shitty whites is going nowhere.

        (Btw, it would be nice to have a preview function in the comments section.)

        • ‘There are plenty enough people in the “black tribe” who regard the treatment of Kavanaugh as a disgrace and who aren’t punching white.’

          What percentage of blacks fit this description? Less that 10% black vote Republican, which is a proxy for traditional values.

          I think you are deluding yourself to avoid the harsh reality.

          • To slumlord:
            I respect your position, but there are two concerns:
            1. The task of identifying the non-whites who are not anti-white is more trouble than it is worth, and
            2. The offspring of these based non-whites will revert to the anti-white mean and the whole anti-white animus re-emerges. People don’t like being minorities and naturally want to import more of their own, regardless of the consequences. The anti-white cycle recycles.
            For efficiency and simplicity, we must be ethnonationalist.

        • I agree,

          There’s an inchoate nihilism in the ‘biological realism’ of Z-Man’s alt rightism. Which is that human behavior is entirely or almost entirely driven by biology. Which logically leads to the conclusion that people can’t change, incentives and institutions don’t matter. That the progressives are correct about Kav, in that if he assaulted someone at 17 he’s still a rapist at 53. It’s just another twist on the idea of original sin, and predestination.

          The utterly self defeating expressi9n of this nihilism is that: if behavior is driven by biology, then it becomes irrefutable that whites are inherently self destructive. And this whole project is pointless.

    • Slumlord, that’s the cultural version of Magic Dirt.

      As Babe Ruth and CS Johns noted, we tried, we gave it our all, selflessly and with true humility.

    • “The U.S. constitution is a civic nationalist document. Read on its own, there are no mentions of race in it as a qualifying criteria”

      There was no NEED to mention race — EVERYone knew; there were no questions; it was taken for granted! (You know: “common” knowledge?) Just as folks today take for granted that blacks are massively more violent than Whites and Asians; they just don’t SAY it.

      You only ‘write into’ guidance for behavior (or an announcement of secession) the things that are being trespassed against or that not everyone knows. We never needed to mention, e.g., that ‘cutting in line’ is just not done — because OUR people don’t do it! Other peoples never HAD that as a societal structure. WE wouldn’t need to write it in for OUR people, because OUR people already know.

      Mentioning ‘race’ in our founding documents was completely unneeded because NO ONE thought — or had ever thought — that blacks were in any way equal to Whites.

      This is an often despaired-of problem in archeology: the documents don’t mention stuff “everyone knows” (what do your underpants look like; what do you eat for breakfast; and the like) because why would you record in your diary — or in a local newspaper account — that the people awaiting their turn entering somewhere stood patiently in line; or that it was wrong to falsely accuse someone without any proof at all (notice this second WAS written, if not a lot, because there were people trespassing against this ‘stricture’).

      St. Paul would NOT (bother to) mention that women shouldn’t speak in church — IF NO WOMEN WERE speaking in church, eh?!

  21. Civil society, constitutionalism, the rule of law, even rationality itself are European ideas invented by Europeans for Europeans. The Europeans of the Enlightenment in their enthusiasm somehow managed to convince themselves that these were universal ideas common to, or at least embraceable by, non-Europeans; this notion that the United States is a “proposition nation” was the ultimate social experiment to determine if in fact this was true. The experiment is now over and the optimists have been proven spectacularly wrong. We will be living out the grim, unknowable consequences for decades to come.

    • Rush’s encouragement and optimism is excellent therapy right now. He speaks Normie with insight and inspiration.

    • CS Johns, you’re breaking my heart. We almost broke free, touched the moon, but the crabs in the bucket are pulling us back.

      We may die, but at least we old ones have seen Beauty.

    • “. . . do ordain and establish this Constitution. . . for ourselves and our posterity.” From the Preamble.

  22. I haven’t listened to Limbaugh in ages. I look forward to getting his take on Monday, and throughout the Kavanaugh ordeal. I’m aware of Rush’s limitations as a Conservative. But he’s always been savvy and insightful when it comes to Democratic intrigue.

    • Let me save you the trouble. Rush will tell you it’s the fault of the “liberals” while prohibiting any further investigation into who the liberals are in fact. Further, he will inform you that the liberal’s motivation is “socialism,” while never allowing you to notice the success of socialism in the Scandinavian countries before the immigrant invasion.

      Rush could be cooking in an African cannibal’s pot and he’d blame “socialism” and refuse to be any more specific.

      • I need some talk therapy. So I’m gonna have Rush talk at me ok? I don’t care about his CivNat perspective. He’s good on tactics. And he’s simply a great, natural broadcaster. I need to hear a real man get angry. Nick Fuentes doesn’t cut it that way. Scott Adams is a bit rubbery. Prager, stilted. And Zman only talks once a week.

      • re: Rush

        Rush, IMHO, has a brilliant mind but not too brilliant trapped by his not having the advantage of a higher education so he has been forced to become an autodidact. He has many holes in his knowledge base. Never the less he has the right instincts, and is a good man overall. We are lucky to have him.

        Dan Kurt

  23. Jesus warned against those who Seive Gnats but Swallow Camels.
    And they weren’t even cigarettes at the time.

    Vox Day has in his latest Voxiversity on Christianity’s necessity notes the Atheists assumed non-Christians would do the right thing based on reason, but that was when they were in a 90%+ White, Christian, traditional society. You tend to conform to the majority template unless you have reason to resist. Blacks were getting high income entering into skilled trades and the middle class in the 1960’s and they had nuclear traditional families.

    Cultural constraints even to the point of tyrannical ostracism but not violence is a necessary condition of Civil Liberty. It may not be sufficient, but I don’t think the other requirements would be obscure or difficult.

    The Religious, cultural, and social constraints and duties (like to be educated to the point unlike Kavanaugh) on the American Colonists were what allowed them to have a Constitution, and even then there was Shay’s rebellion, the Alien and Sedition Act, the Embargo, and War of 1812.

    The left, with the SeiveGnats in tow consider light to discriminate against the blind so they want to ban it and either imprison the sighted or pluck out their eyes.

    Samson had a first choice to submit to a woman, then a second fatal one. I hope we have not reached the second point.

    • “Blacks were getting high income entering into skilled trades and the middle class in the 1960’s and they had nuclear traditional families.”

      The fruits of Jim Crow, perhaps?

      • Much of this was up north where segregation was softer, but where there was judging based on the content of character. Also the Union Rules (the lib economists hate) selected for low (long) time preference. Last hired, first fired, vesting into pensions, 30 and out, etc. meant you wanted to find a job and stay there which meant behaving. By dissolving both families and blue collar jobs, you have something more than Jim Crow or Slavery ever was.

        Meanwhile a simple example of the Camel the SeiveGnats are swallowing is the Kavanaugh Circus and Mazie Hirono is acting like Queen Kilueaea of the Hawaiian barbarians, not like someone civilized.

  24. Trump can end the Kavanaugh mess right now by declaring the appointment of Kavanaugh to the Court. Politically, I don’t think the country is there yet, so I think it’s prudent to wait for the FBI investigation.

    As to the larger issues, I am trying to look on on the bright side. Every one of these incidents brings the future into focus and hollows out the middle. It is now crystal effin’ clear that the Democrat coalition is comprised of People of Color, Jews, and single, barren, white women. After the Kavanaugh disaster the only white males left in the Democrat party are the utterly hopeless soy boys.

    Perhaps I am being overly optimistic, but I expect the outcome of this fiasco to be that the FBI investigation yields no meaningful evidence against Kavanaugh and significant exculpatory evidence in his favor, that Kavanaugh gets his Senate confirmation, and increased losses in the Senate for Democrats.

    • re: “I expect the outcome of this fiasco to be that the FBI investigation yields no meaningful evidence against Kavanaugh and significant exculpatory evidence in his favor” Guest

      Oh the hope! Are you aware that the last phone call to Flake before Flakes’s Hamlet like soliloquy asking for an FBI investigation was from none other than Rod Rosenstein, United States Deputy Attorney General? Oh the fix is in!

      Dan Kurt

      Dan Kurt

    • MY hope is this: the FBI is charged with ‘if they trip over some lawlessness’ in the course of an investigation; they are supposed to? required to? INVESTIGATE IT!

      So, they go looking (again!) into the Kav process. They “discover” (“we have it all” Q posts often!) that they have all the texts, emails, and phone calls amongst Feinstinker, her staff, the jew-lawyers, and the lying CIA-raised and sometimes employed by CIA (you caught that, right?) Ford — so they WILL find the lawlessness in the set-up for destruction! And they WILL have to act. (From my prayers to God’s ear, eh?!)

  25. Wow. If we win, that’s going into anthologies.

    If we lose, I hope you’ve got a submarine to Poland or Hungary waiting for you at the Harbor.

    Reducing things to the simple terms of armchair psychology, you might say that white people are guilty of projection: we project our own socio-intellectual styles on to people who don’t–and will never–share them.

    I know that the proverbial “SJW’s always project” is probably true, but we’ve got to be self-aware of our *own* blind spots.

    Of course, you might say that they project their evil on to us, while we project our good on to them.

    But the white man’s real burden is his decency–he has to lug it around and survive in an indecent world full of people without any such encumbrance. We just have to deal with it. It’s part of our thing.

    History shows that white people can temporarily set aside their decency in order to win a war, and then pick it back up again later. After they win. Maybe the CivNats’ biggest problem is that they don’t know there’s a war on. Maybe we should get some old-timey parchment at the artisanal stationery store and write a big declaration of war in flowery 18th-century script to give to them.

    • -History shows that white people can temporarily set aside their decency in order to win a war, and then pick it back up again later. –

      I have tried to make this point several times. Some people get it rhetorically and I’ve seen them recognize the truth in it and completely shift from someone refusing to use their tactics to understanding its necessary if you believe in what you are fighting for.

      What I’m lacking is some hard examples.

      • Victor Davis Hanson describes one of the hellacious battles of the Pacific War. Either Iwo Jima or Okinawa. The Japanese fought ruthlessly. Waves of suicide attacks, no prisoners taken etc. The Americans decided that if death was what the Japanese were after they’d do everything they could think of to kill them. Such as dumping diesel fuel by the drum into tunnels & lighting it. The Americans killed remorselessly. The survivors went home & raised families. Lived quiet lives. I recall it was in his book “Carnage & Culture”.

      • “Sometimes doing your best isn’t good enough. Sometimes you have to do what’s necessary.” Winston Churchill

    • “If we lose, I hope you’ve got a submarine to Poland or Hungary waiting for you at the Harbor.” Note the stuff he says on his podcasts sometimes. If state is listening, forget it. Z is what I call super dead.

    • It’s been problematic for a very long time. A famous quote from the Viet Nam era: “Inside every Gook there’s an American trying to get out.” – No, obviously not.
      If any demo on Earth wanted Jeffersonian Democracy they would have it already. The blueprint has been open knowledge for 200 years.

  26. No-one wants to say it so I will: What we are witnessing in real time is the charged, kinetic interface between two incompatible cultures. One is Latin, the other is Anglo-Saxon.

    Just as oil and water don’t mix, so too Anglo-Saxon jurisprudence is not miscible with Latin Culture. One society values the intelligence of mobs, while the other embraces deliberative parliamentary processes. One puts great faith in celebrity, the other treats individuals, no matter their degree of notoriety, as equals under the law. One of these privileges accusers over the accused, while the other believes those who are accused deserve the right to defend themselves before their peers, and to face their accusers in a public proceeding. One of these is prone to media frights, the other has a long history of repelling media campaigns and so is inoculated against fake scare campaigns. One of these invented refried beans and Mariachi bands (which is actually appropriated Polka music performed by mustachioed, guitar quartets), and the other the combustion engine, internet and jet-travel.

    The Democrats, even ones who have sought election to A-S parliamentary bodies in modern A-S nations, are revealing a promiscuous penchant for a culture that cannot abide A-S rules-of-law like due process, and Miranda rights. And, in what is either an accidental paradox or outright vandalism, they are actively encouraging Latin culture’s subversion of A-S society from the safe ramparts of their A-S jurisprudential “walls” of oath-taking police officers, and from under the cover of a Britannic tri-color flag.

    Spain’s moorish, Latin sickness has infected New Spain, and now, due to simple proximity, we are catching Queen Isabella’s ancient ague ourselves.

    I maintain the belief that A-S America is gradually uniting with the Latin countries of central and South America. But, after watching the descent of the Kavanaugh hearings into muddled Latin-ic poo-flinging, and after studying the anti-intellectual nature of North American news media, I am no longer sure that A-S culture will prevail.

  27. “The father of Mollie Tibbetts … cares more of his civic virtue”

    He at least shouldn’t have had the wake in a Mexican restaurant, that’s distasteful on so many levels!

    • S. G.;
      Yeah, even aside from that illegal Mexican’s actual rape, murder and throwing the (sorry can’t ignore her social media) stupid girl’s* body to rot in a cornfield until the corn picker ground it under in October, this so-called ‘dad’ is completely sh*t on steroids. What kind of a man would do what he did to exculpate criminal illegals after all this_?

      There is really no reasoning with those whose souls have been taken over by satan. I can think of no other interpretation for his acts.
      *Likely scenario: Stupid Becky waves at horney Mexican borderline-psycho-in-a-pickup while jogging at twilight. He pulls up and thinks: At Last_! Score_! She thinks/says, “Hey all that diversity talk was just for pokémon points at the U. No actual sex with lower class losers is involved.” Insult to Mexican manhood: Trouble follows….

  28. Getting this piece into wider circulation could only do good. I’ve emailed links to my friends and suggest that others here do the same. T

  29. Zman, you are not doing *your* duty to propagate the white race 🙂 Not too late though.

    I’ll take our odds any day. You old fukkers worry on a sunny day with full bellies. The future is almost here, and it is going to be fantastic.

  30. Zman, where would you run for Senator? Maryland? The stomping grounds of Uncle Joe “I have a puppy in my van, little girl” Biden? I would help out as much as I possibly could from my central mountains state.

    • “Joe “I have a puppy in my van, little girl” Biden”

      You and McHungus are killing me!
      Make it stop, make it stop!

  31. Could Trump be hoping that Kavanagh is rejected so everyone who may have had doubts can clearly see the Leftist evil that he and we have been up against all this time?

    • I’ve certainly hoped so. The next Senate should be more favorable, and we can do better than Kennedy’s clerk. Also, I liked the list better before Trump broke his promise by parachuting Kavanaugh into it.

    • I think that’s why he agreed to a seventh (!) FBI “investigation”, he’s letting the pot boil a little longer.
      The Master.

      • He had no choice but to agree to Grassley’s request.

        No, I see no sign that Trump plays 3D chess.

  32. Can we start this Thanksgiving by head butting the next National Review or PJ Media columnist to publish one of those “keep the peace” articles advising you not to argue with SJW relations at the Thanksgiving table?

  33. Wow. If we win, that’s going to go into anthologies. “It might sound crazy, kids, but before the Big Change people had to use funny-sounding pseudonyms sometimes.”

    If we lose, I hope you’ve got a submarine to Poland or Hungary waiting for you at the Harbor.

    Reducing things to the simple terms of armchair psychology, you might say that white people are guilty of projection: we project our own socio-intellectual styles on to people who don’t–and will never–share them.

    I know that Vox Day’s “SJW’s always project” is probably true, but we’ve got to be self-aware of our *own* blind spots.

    Of course, you might say that they project their evil on to us, while we project our good on to them.

    But the white man’s real burden is his decency–he has to lug it around and survive in an indecent world full of people without any such encumbrance. It’s just something that we have to deal with.

    But history shows that white people can temporarily set aside their decency in order to win a war, and then pick it back up again later. After they win. Maybe the CivNats’ biggest problem is that they don’t know there’s a war on. Maybe we should get some old-timey parchment at the artisanal stationery store and write a big declaration of war in flowery 18th-century script to give to them.

    • If you have not yet read Bill Lind’s “Fourth Generation Warfare Manual” — please do so. This is the war that’s oncoming. (Probably actually already on, we’re just not playing it yet…) This IS the future! Our future.

  34. “The veil has been lifted for more of us now than any time in the past”, with the help of a tiny percentage of that 10% of the dissident white population which brilliantly frame defining issues. Revolution very rarely results in moving forward because, as Burke observed, while people are rarely wrong about a thing they are rarely right about the cause. If there is to be an epochal change in which ordinary people can gather to survive and thrive it is being worked out by a few dozen men, a few hundred at most, through conversations in which we can all eavesdrop and even kick in a wooden nickle. The wrong side of history is a beautiful thing.

  35. I would suggest that as long as the Alt Right continues to run down the founding order and principles of this country it will be a tough slog gaining much support. Personally I am totally in favor of countries for white people. I have a difficult time though understanding beyond that with what principles the Alt Right really intends to replace the orginal ones. I am more and more becoming convinced that this country rests on solid thinking and that it is the thought of white thinkers built upon centuries of observation and understanding. What is needed is better definitions and an explicit understanding in context of the times and the founders immediate environments that need to be brought forward and expounded. The areas of consternation for the Alt Right seem to me to exist only because of the leftist twists that have been applied to them and the distortions driven into our heads over the last one hundred years. It would be quite easy to return to them since the majority of the remaining sane people still possess an openness to a fuller and truer understanding.

    Additionally there should be a position on just how exactly the Alt Right intends to return this country to being a White one. I would favor a complete halt of non-white imimigrants from anywhere but as well a complete assessment of any white people as to their suitability since as we see many whites cannot be trusted to be loyal to their people or place. I would also wish to see that citizenship not be conferred until the second generation and that living here be contingent on model behavior.

    Someone needs to put forward positions and argue them out. I have been reading Alt Right blogs for at least ten years now and am no closer to seeing any logical, systematic and metaphysically grounded thought that would draw in a massive number of adherents. We cannot simply crash the system and hope to recover from it. My sense is that if a revolution crashes the system whites will suffer immensely since it is we who thrive best under civilized conditons. Our enemies are basically primitives dying to destroy is. Why help them?

      • Babe Ruthless: I agree with you. Our nation’s “founding order” is alien and irrelevant to much of the world, including an ever-growing percentage of people residing in the U.S., legally or otherwise.

        • I am in total agreement with you both. Problem is that the window is beginning to close and we are against opposition with vast resources and almost virtual monopoly of all communications. We need a message that brings people over ASAP. We have a good foundation which is still held in esteem. We simply need to defeat the current understanding of equality which looks to me rather easy and to buffer the fact that the country as it was meant to be cannot stand without it being white people of a certain type. Globalism is crashing on its own now. The urgent need right now, here and in Europe, is to stop immigration . Meanwhile we need to get to putting together a plan to bring back what we had.

    • You’re spot on about the Alt-Right. We are “no closer to seeing any logical, systematic and metaphysically grounded thought that would draw in a massive number of adherents.” That is the problem.

      Without even a contemporary version of Paine’s “Common Sense” the alt-Right isn’t making the case to the masses. The Alt-Right old guard had a decade to formulate a platform and instead rolled over and died. They had no idea how talk to normies and guide them over to our side.

      Condemning the Founders and everything associated with them isn’t a solution. Especially when you don’t have nothing to replace it with. Hating Brownskins and hyping IQ as the end all be all isn’t enough. The white blue collars and middle-class are still being crushed by industry, social and tax policies and the alt-right has nothing for them.

      • Thank you, Rod, very well said. Some Alt Right genius needs to start the effort. I have never been to any Dissident right meetings but I have the impression that they are nothing but presentations. I would hope they would be breakout sessions with groups defining positions, returning to the main body and arguing the conclusions. We should be doing exactly as the founders themselves did during the convention, discussing what we mean and intend to do. From there we need strategists to lay in the plan. This drifting about, reporting on travesties and attacking each other within and out needs to be put aside. Hell for a long time the alt right was lashing out at baby boomers, the irish, calling for sharia law etc. what a waste of time and intellect. Get on to discussing the meaning of man, definitions of culture, political structure and law and build a system. I propose that once complete our ideas will look like the republic we have but in the process we will end up knowing how to reconstruct it by having figured out was meant in the first place. We must fight to save our heritage. That heritage took a long time to build and it cannot be lightly disregarded.

        • “Get on to discussing the meaning of man, definitions of culture, political structure and law and build a system.” This kind of grandiose and utopian thinking is a hallmark of the left. It’s not needed or practical. We need to fix the obvious things that are broken, starting the immigration and moving on to the media, academia, finance, and the deep state. We don’t need to create a perfect system, and we probably couldn’t even if we wanted to.

    • So, you’ve never read Vox Day’s 16 Points? Which Alt Righters across the planet have translated for their OWN nations (people)!?

      “I would also wish to see that citizenship not be conferred until the second generation… ”

      This is TOTALLY CivNat!! Are you so blind to reality that you do not realize that the FIRST generation, which had experience in the ‘old sod’ and is grateful to be in a White country creates a SECOND generation that has gained the same entitlement, resentment and all too often, desire to violently end their hosts, that the lib-prog-commies have instilled into the young Whites?!

      The first gen moslems remember the shithole they left; the SECOND gen is radicalized by being raised in (once-)safe White countries and systems; THEY turn jihadi! NO citizenship for the not-us; including the not-us who are paperwork Americans; who are free-riders on a system designed and built for the Founding Fathers’ “our posterity.” No birthright citizens; and pull it from the ones who’ve gamed the system and send them home.

      Do you still believe in the Magic Dirt?

  36. The Kavanaugh thing is not what he might or might not have done to Ford. It is not about what happened, it is about people filling their roles in some sort of twisted morality play. The players are all just cannon fodder in the fight.

    BTW, one of Maxine’s staff doxxed the Republican Senators. The name is out there. Crickets.

  37. The letter is perfect just the way it is. Best Z-man post ever, by a long shot. The letter does not need to be rewritten to come to the normies, the normies will come to it. How quickly and how many? We’ll see. The midterms will be a tell.

  38. I want every civ-nat, tradcon and other mainstreamer to watch Kavanaugh’s speech, with special attention paid to the brief moments when the camera pans to the Democrats sitting on the committee.

    They’re watching a man pour his heart out, describing his decades of service, his lifetime of achievement, extreme dedication to family and friends and community. They listen to how his entire life has been turned upside down and how he may never be able to recover.

    And They. Don’t. Care.

    You never see even a momentary flash of emotion on any of their faces, except for the occasional concealed smirk. Most of the time, they look impatient; sometimes, they almost seem to be enjoying it. You can also see their pet Alyssa Milano on the other side, looking sour and exasperated, clearly ready to explode into another shrieking tantrum. This is the perfect still-image of the REAL left: ice-cold Machiavellian narcissists holding the leashes of disturbed, emotionally-incontinent attack dogs.

    These are the people the other side worships. They care for nothing but power. It’s one thing to know this in the abstract but it’s another to actually see it writ plain on their soulless faces. Destroying the life of someone who’s lived a more honest and upright life than any of us can credibly claim is just a game to them. It means literally nothing, and they’d do it all again, and WILL do it all again because they’ve done it all before and it almost always works.

    There’s no middle ground with this faction. There’s no “reaching across the aisle” and working for the common good. If there ever was such a thing, it’s long gone, replaced by raw will-to-power, honed by decades of experience at manufacturing chaos and resentment, primarily among minority groups but with a sizable number of rent-seeking and status-seeking whites backing the coalition.

    You can’t reform evil and you can’t negotiate with it. Anyone who thinks so is an idiot.

    • As Scot Adams has stated, we are watching different films on the same screen. We see evil perpetrated against a good man and his family. They see the denigration of women by patriarchy. The intersection of these parallel universes is the barrel of a gun. It’s either us or them.

      • I couldn’t care less what Scott Adams thinks. He’s a cartoonist who makes scattershot predictions, then months later exclaims “See? I told you so!” in order to have his more asinine theories and policy proposals taken seriously. In other words, he does the same thing he observes the AGW catastrophists doing. Takes one to know one.

        He wants the moral valences removed so that he can advance the useless moderate “muh both sides” narrative. But true evil is not mustache-twirling villains wearing black capes. Evil always believes that it deserves to win, and conceals its true intentions until it can seize power; then it hoards everyone into gulags, or in front of firing squads, or it just lets them starve.

        This isn’t some abstract or fantastical notion; they’re STILL doing this in many parts of the world!

        To a philosophically bankrupt, unprincipled observer, this always looks like a “different perspective”. Scott’s ideas are literally just warmed-over moral/cultural relativism from the 1980s and earlier. The truth is not morally or factually equal to hysterical agitprop.

        • I agree that Scott Adams is a disagreeable pundit who mistakes hia success as a cartoonist for a reason to credit his opinions. His “I am a hypnotist” and “I am a persuader” stick” is hardly reason to conclude that his predictions are probably true.
          It’s amazing what people are willing to credit these days. Like that prayingmedic guy on YT: “I had a dream” so Q is true. The level of credulity is appalling.

  39. Whether by design or coincidence it’s not hard to notice the legions of zombies plodding through their lives. With each successive moral outrage being worse than the last a lot have jumped into a pill bottle to escape the madness.

    Long hours and soul-crushing political correctness in the workplace produces fatigue. With no time to prepare a proper meal fast food and a couple of hours on the couch in front of the boob tube is all people have time for at the end of the day.

    That and the idea mainstream media distributes actual news. Personally think the only thing that would break the trance is their town or city being reduced to smoldering ashes. Then they would just become helpless liabilities to people who actually had awareness and prepared. Later they would become deadly as their situation worsened and would justify murdering you for your last can of beans.

    The left is truly deranged. It’s in everybody’s best interest to keep the music playing yet they seem determined to bring everything down on our heads.

    As our host it’s always find of saying, ” this will not end well ”
    Have a good weekend everybody

  40. One of your best, ZMan. Many here would find the YouTube post by “Oppressed Media” of August 7, 2018 to be further enlightening. It’s entitled, “The LEFT’s beef with white people, EXPLAINED.” A little over 36 minutes long. The post gets into why we have the great divide within the “conservative, right leaning” American population. (how’s that for using oh so proper and oh so nice words??!!) That specific portion of the video starts just after the 10 minute mark. It connects what we find ourselves living with/in to Cultural Marxism.

  41. Fantastic piece.

    As I was reading it I thought it’d make the perfect e-mail-to-normie essay. Then looked at the title and was like, duh, that’s what it’s for. It’s a letter. In that light, I agree with Rod1963…tweak it a bit further for half-educated normie. I don’t think most people know what CivNat means. Perhaps a brief paragraph spelling it out. Also there’s a typo in the last paragraph, “The fight to stop it is going to ugly”. Not a big deal in a regular post, but this is an important one. It’s a letter. (Obviously, you’re not going to tweak it. I may tweak it myself.) I’m so angry right now with the Kav thing, that I just may print out 300 copies of it and strategically place them around the elite college town a mile from me. Book stores, coffee shops, etc. With a link to this site. I don’t know. I’m talking like a crazy person.

  42. Z: “The people who are rejecting due process and the presumption of innocence don’t look like you.”

    It’s significant that Z acknowledges that Katz and Bromwich are on the “don’t look like you” side. That recognition is the most difficult and consequential.

    • If your implication is that Katz and Bromwich not only are on the anti-White” side, but themselves “don’t look like you”, Z didn’t say that. Nor did you, with any clarity. But you seem to be sniffing around that assertion. Maybe he is, too — he’ll have to speak for himself.

      • …I’ll walk that back a bit. Z does write, “The people who are rejecting due process and the presumption of innocence don’t look like you.” But Katz and Bromwich aren’t the only people white people on that side. So, unless he’s talking about the browner composition of the group the statement is false. So, I’ll assume he is unless he says otherwise.

        • “The people putting him through that ordeal don’t look like you. They don’t believe what you believe. They mock what you believe. They think things like due process and rule of law are the white man’s law, not their law. Their law is what you see on your television.”

          He’s talking about Jews. He’s still got his arms and legs wrapped tightly round NAXALT, but he’s talking about Jews. Nobody’s perfect.

      • I did want to thank you for refreshing my memory yesterday, with a wiki link on the Jaffe memo. That wiki was an utter vindication of what I have come to believe:

        The foreign element is malign to our people;

        Their malignity is deliberate;

        But it IS NOT CONSCIOUS.

        Neither is African violence, feminine melodrama, or gay deviance. None are the majority, yet all leave a mark.

        Each population has subsets; their contributions or their harm depend on the size and influence of that subset.

        Calculate accordingly.

    • You are correct, but it’s important to differentiate between the motivations of the whites and non-whites opposing Kavanaugh. The non-whites are acting tribally while the non-whites are acting in a deracinated and sociopathic manner. Clearly, the whites who oppose Kavanaugh are begging for individual exemptions from the damning condemnation of normality and whiteness. The whites are begging, “Please let me and my offspring live in our gated communities while the non-whites take the country.”

      • As a general matter, the battle over Kavanaugh has everything to do with alleged 9th Amendment protections for abortion and sodomy and relatively little to do with any other issue with which whites qua whites concern themselves as an interest group. It’s unrealistic not to face up to the reality that, to a significant extent, abortion and sodomy are parochially white issues.

        • Jeff Flake ostensively opposes abortion and gay marriage.

          There is some validity to your observations, but Jeff Flake is not supporting evidence.

          • He’s a one term senator who we are very grateful is quitting now. Wtf does the GOP have a novice on this committee?

        • If the Right would be ok with abortion rights and gay marriage we wouldn’t get the intense resistance we are getting now. All these crazy women really believe that Roe v. Wade could be overturned. It’s never going to happen, but they’re convinced it could. I wish to god you guys would mellow out on these two issues because it greatly hampers our movement.

          • I fear you’re chasing a Crazy Unicorn. Crazy doesn’t rest. It needs more. Always more. You’ll never appease them enough…. So good luck with that logical solution set in an ever maddening World…

          • TBone, I don’t think it’s a solution. I get it, POZ never quits. But do we need to make things unnecessarily hard for us right now?

          • Frip, you realize that abortion was legal in most states before Roe, and that gays have always been able to hire a florist, a photographer, and hold any ceremony they want, like heteros do?

            These issues have been culturally weaponized. The women, the gays are being used, as were the blacks and immigrants before them.

      • “The whites are begging, Please let me and my offspring live in our gated communities…”

        Nah, these cowardly Whites are begging: “Please eat me LAST! Look, I’m on YOUR side! Eat HER first!”

  43. The movie, “Hostiles,” with Christian Bale was greatly underrated. Set near the end of the Indian Wars, Bale is something of an American Achilles. Hijinks ensue.

    There is a very quick exchange between Bale and another soldier who reproaches him for his embrace of violence, saying, “This is not the way.”

    Bale responds, “Do you know another way?”

    I think about that a lot these days.

    • BTP, I was thinking similarly the other day. How we feel guilty thinking about violence. As if giving into it is a defeat in itself. But maybe peace is just everyone being fake, and forever pulling fast-ones on each other. While violence is at least behaving honestly. Seems people can only take so much of the plastic peace. Then it’s time to settle scores.

  44. It is inevitable that we will continue trying to talk our way out of the mess we’re in until reality makes that option impossible. This will occur because many of us lead very comfortable and affluent lives, and absolutely don’t want to risk losing that lifestyle and the comforts that go with it. Plus, a lot of these affluent “concerned citizens” are fat and could not win a fistfight, let alone hold their own in a hot revolution. In order to beat the coming tyranny and it’s supporting cadre of parasitic hordes, a different paradigm is necessary.

    • I’d just like to point out that a fat man can use a sniper rifle just fine. If things go hot, I don’t intend to engage in fist fights and will strive to employ tactics that avoid hand-to-hand combat while doing my part. Indeed, I look forward to the day when Antifa thugishness is met not with fists and feet, but with small arms fire and KIAs. Unfortunately, as a fat man I won’t be on the front lines for that operation.

      • “as a fat man I won’t be on the front lines for that operation.”

        Snipers aren’t usually on the front lines…

        I have a vindictive desire — and maybe see it as a place to start — that involves paint-ball guns and teaching idiot libs and their front-line rioters that they’re NOT safe! Our paint-ball snipers would need to be extremely careful to have a great disguise, and a close-to-guaranteed escape route before the stasi show up for them — but hitting BLM/antifa in the midst of their riots would put a quick stop to the rioting.

      • I’d also like to see — ANYwhere that Maxine creature shows up in public, OUR crowds surrounding her — and, nearly silently, below normal talking volume, all murmuring: “treason, treason treason.” The sibilance of the ssssssss’es, the nearly silent standing and staring, the natural reaction of a (disgusting, cowardly) prey animal to a crowd of predators… would be a joy to behold. AND, if our folks can only maintain that calmness, the cops would have nothing to respond to.

  45. Assuming there are relatively few women dissident righters and 10% of whites are dissidents then just about 1 in 5 white males are dissenters. Given that those guys are young, good at “noticing” and probably on average intelligent, that would be a significant number.

    • I suspect dissident right and people willing to become like that, the Kurt Schlichters of the world make up far more of the population than people think.

      Still it also requires only 10% or so of a population to make a system fall to change if they are dedicated enough to the cause and that means using our hosts figures we are near 2/3rds there

      The problem is though the Dissident Right (hereafter DR) is can’t communicate its points to its members much less outsiders

      Unless a movement can promise an actual alternative, here is what we are offering instead , they cannot succeed .

      What does the DR stand for? What is a DR society? How does it work. The Cathedral, pre recent nuttiness had such a vision, humane, sane and in theory functional

      However as it was a Leftist movement it always swum Left and cannot course correct, they always double down

      if the DR can explain what a society is like and why is worth the risk of my life, liberty and more for it, they can win. Problem is they can’t

      The other issues is the most energetic and fight worthy factions are the Deus Volt/ Abortion is Moloch crowd.

      They do promise an alternate which is good but frankly a huge chunk of the movement doesn’t want that, certainly doesn’t believe what they do and doesn’t trust them not to murder the rest of us if they get power.

      If you are say a Mormon, even through they generally live good Christian lives the Deus Volt crowd wants you dead , same with the Heathens same wit the Pagans, Non Religious, Post Christian and Atheists in NRX that are a big chunk of the movement

      The Abortion is Moloch crowd are no more reasonable than the SJW’s in modus and I don’t want them near power. Hell I don’t care if people get abortions and in fact will argue that abortion is a civic good for the most part

      Good luck me being in a coalition with either group above,

      In the end the bulk of the middle wants a Whiter America , an end to Cultural Marxism and a country more like a Hallmark Movie than a badly written clown world teen dystopia like we have

      How we express that and get that is the challenge. It is doable if people will sacrifice for it but until enough middle ground people become fanatics , it can’t happen and as with every movement the raving loons run it

      We need more of what Kurt Schlicter calls Militant Normals with drive to win .

      • I think you just nailed our goal:

        “the bulk of the middle wants a Whiter America , an end to Cultural Marxism and a country more like a Hallmark Movie”

        Kudos! That we can work with.

      • Translation: I’m tolerant enough to want a coalition, but if it isn’t shaped just the way I want it, I’m out.

        • Nope. If I can’t trust my fellows in the coalition not to later kill me over some issue on which we disagree, I’d be stupid to help them.

          I don’t want a new Christendom period and have no reason to help someone else get that since its not only inimical to my core way of life its a threat to me.

          I know many Evangelicals who will have no moral qualms against killing anyone who disagrees with them when the time comes, I’ve heard it from the horses mouth and no doubt the leaders are down with this.

          I’m not interested in helping people who might well kill pagans, witches, LDS, Heathens , atheists , homosexuals , Orthodox, Catholics agnostics and anyone else with who they disagree or think is the wrong sort of Christian given a chance, This is again not aberrant behavior for any groups. Its the historical norm and we haven’t escaped history.

          And yeah know its taboo in American society to admit you don’t trust people but I do not trust the Deus Crowd with power not to do this.

          Unlike some people I have read history and know that Christians are perfectly capable of being rancid assholes

          And sure the crusades were at least in part defense of Christendom , that’s was of the highest good, It was also loot and pillage fellow Christians, enslave them, murder them and so on . People do not change.

          Now if a centrist faction, Whiter, Righter, Better if you like gets enough power to keep you in check its a sound bargain. The Deus Volt crowd will live well in a secular society whereas the opposite is not true

          So yeah, its simply not safe to help them for now.

          • Here’s the magic formula for the ultimate desirable civilization:

            Greek philosophy + Roman law + Christianity + White Europeans

            Not everyone needs to be Christian to enjoy the benefits created by and in Christendom. But there is no high-trust civilization without Christianity or white people.

          • Sounds like you had a sip of the kool-aid. Paranoia is exactly what lefty has been promoting.
            Ursula got it right. Your safe. For now. Boo!, just kidding.

      • The phrase “middle ground people become fanatics” is as complete an oxymoron as I’ve ever heard. Think about it. Can one committed to the middle of the road ever be classified as a raging moderate?

        However, I don’t disagree with your assertion that Kurt Schlichter’s Militant Normals are the key to recovery of the culture, and agree that drawing a line in the sand and becoming militant in defense of said culture is now required of all good men. (This, by the way, is not completely in the realm of white people in my experience, but I’ll concede that it appears to be largely that way) But one departs the middle ground, I believe, when one becomes militant. So maybe I’m only discussing semantics and it’s a moot point. I’m willing to listen to that.

        The only things I’ve ever seen in the middle of the road are dead skunks and yellow stripes.

  46. Excellent post.

    Here’;s a idea. Polish it a bit to make more normy accessible and turn it into a pamphlet and distribute it in the white parts of town and college campuses. Not to troll but to inform.

    Or if you know a decent cartoonist you could make the alt-right version of the old Jack Chick tracts. Then distribute them in dead tree and pdf formats. They wouldn’t only inform but send the Rage Heads into a meltdown. Don’t laugh, it works. Chick tracts are still being published to this day.

    Another idea is just replace the dialog in the Chick tracts with alt-right views and print them out, etc.

    BTW Tucker Carlson comes close to what you’re saying, but can’t cross the line and openly say it if he wants to keep his job. Every ethnic guest he has on, hates/blames whitey. The white progtards are just as bad or even worse. The more perceptive viewers notice this.

    • Rod1963: Pamphleteering has a great tradition in the history of the American colonies and the early years of the United States. Ben Franklin. Thomas Paine. The Federalist Papers (as newspaper articles).

      • Can you please look at the world as it actually exists at this time? You’re pretending that demographic dispossession hasn’t occurred. So many older guys think it’s still 1964.

    • The problem with that is multi-fold:
      1) Most Common Core grads can’t read.
      2) None of them can reason.
      3) The Chick tracts are an open joke, on pretty much all sides.
      4) Aping their format tars a given message with all their shortcomings right out of the gate. It’ll go over like wearing white hoods and burning crosses.
      Rethink that plan.

      In short, pick a better idea. That one’s a non-starter, and if you do it, you’re tying an anchor around your foot before the race begins.

      The current state is gravity, working, since the Immigration & nationality Act of 1965, and the Amnesty of 1986. The floodgates were opened for “Diversity”, not merit.
      Everything else is two generations of proof that demographics are destiny.

      White South Africa was doomed the minute they didn’t treat their indigenous problem the way everyone else in history did.

      In case no one told you, no one builds a nation composed of part terraforming colonists, and part acid-blooded Aliens. But only in sci-fi is reality placed so starkly. And Paul Reiser’s character has been the Dem leadership and the GOPe CoC types, since ever.

      If Oz let aborigines become 98% of their population, or lets the Indonesian muzzies get to that point, they’ll suffer the same fate as the SAfricans.

      So will we.

      There’s nothing wrong, per se, with civic nationalism.
      There’s a problem pretending it exists when you both raise and import a huge and fecund demographic that neither believes in it, nor holds allegiance to it.
      It becomes even more manifest when they seek to vote their way into power, and you stand around watching right up until Kristallnacht.
      (And nota bene, if your collective response at that point is to form an orderly line at the train station, and sew yellow stars on your jacket, you deserve everything that happens to you afterwards. Everything.)

      It’s also why democracies never work, but republics do.
      Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for dinner.
      A Republic is the sheep with an AR reminding the wolves to sod off.

      At some point in that example, the population either drops to one, or by one.

      We’re almost at the point.
      Which way our history forks is an open question.

      The biggest mistake of the democracy-pushers is assuming that real life is the analogy.

      Because we aren’t sheep, they aren’t wolves, we can count, and we’re perfectly willing to try this experiment again, minus any wannabe wolves. And two headshots, and democracy is a whole new ballgame. henceforth.

      If you want it non-PC, if this nation was only the white ‘burbs, the crime rate is Lichtenstein. The biggest issue is what to do with the wheelbarrows of cash, and all that leisure time.

      If it becomes the Diversity Ghettoes, it becomes Brazil, or Mogadishu. The issue becomes surviving another 24 hours.

      Ain’t nobody sitting still for that.
      The only issue is whether the still-majority waits until the machete-wielding Hutu mobs start showing up to culturally enrich us all, before they take an active interest.

      • “There’s a problem pretending it exists when you both raise and import a huge and fecund demographic that neither believes in it, nor holds allegiance to it.”

        Exactly the sentiments held by nativists toward the Eastern and Southern Europeans in the late 1800’s/early 1900’s. Are you one of those “get off my lawn” types whose ancestry is Polish, or Italian, or hell, even Jewish?

        Because if that is the case, then you must go back.

    • Sure, replace scripture from the Chick tracts with man-made wisdom; that’s what got us in this mess to begin with!

  47. Great article. The well-organized-well-financed campaign to ethnically cleanse America of the “White Patriarchy” is underway. B.L.O.A.T.

  48. Brainwashing works. It’s the only way to explain an entire people that hate themselves their ancestors and their culture. There is no comparable example in history. I bet while Molly Tibbetts was being attacked and stuffed into a trunk of a car she was sad that it wasn’t a white guy doing it.
    I’ve been deprogrammed for a while but I’m still conscious of the constant forces around me trying to keep up the programming. I’ve turned a lot off. No TV no movies no social media. The blog roll gets smaller and smaller. The CivNat types will still say things like what “you need to read opinions from both sides of the aisle to get a complete picture” Yeah, no, you really don’t. Those days are over

    • Just read an interesting (and disturbing) article about the massive brainwashing undertaken in the U.S., starting at least as far back as 1947:

      “What Flowerman is proposing here is essentially a revolution in values, after which a politically correct culture emerges where the demographic majority becomes self-policing and antagonistic to its own ethnic interests. In this environment — achieved via “control, saturation, crisis”— the strength of group sanctions among the White American in-group is directed towards manifestations of in-group ethnocentrism instead of outsiders. It’s nothing less than a proposal for the cultivation of White guilt and pathological altruism, and the diminishment of White ethnocentrism and cultural pride.”

      “Modify the standards of the in-group”: On Jews and Mass Communications — Parts One and Two



      • Wow. What Isaac was saying above- the bolsheviks are as hostile to their own as they are to us.

        After perfecting their techniques in millenia of Jewish civil wars, now they have turned those refined techniques on the hated Roman Christians.

        Conquest works. Nature is above morality.

        Oh, almost forgot:
        Every. Single. Time.

      • “…a revolution in values, after which a politically correct culture emerges where the demographic majority becomes self-policing and antagonistic to its own ethnic interests. ”

        It’s like an immune system disorder in which the body kills off its own, healthy cells.

    • There is no “brainwashing” here. The truth of the matter, despite your internal mechanism to “deprogram” yourself, is that the Founding Fathers core principles are applicable to ALL races and ethnicities, who have the philosophical pedigree to adopt them as they immerse themselves in our society. You are perfectly entitled to your own self-importance, but you displaying the imperial hubris that demands a sense of its own universalism. In other words, you are stuck in a now defunct world where one group is totally superior in knowledge and morality compared to other groups, which is a phantom pleasure of thinking itself as THE center of the universe. The Enlightenment was a liberating tsunami that washed away the notion of Europe’s own cosmopolitan worldliness and enabled individuals from “far away places” like Mexico and Nigeria take the ideas of Locke and Voltaire and apply them to their lives.

    • It’s a reality to me. I’m still unloading the one I’ve carried for years. Hell, I just recently realized the Constitution is sadly little more than bull shit. Give me time.

      • Hoagie: The Constitution is for real. The problem is, an ever greater number of people residing in the U.S. are unable to live by the Constitution. Millions of people do not even know what the Constitution is. And they will never care to know, because they will not need to know. They’ve got Islam, they’ve got free stuff and they’ve got feelings.

      • It’s the old GOP that was/is bullshit. The new, Trump led, GOP is going to take us all the way to shore.

      • The problem is not the Constitution but the Amendments. Most of those after the first ten in the Bill of Rights have been deleterious extensions of franchise catering to the mob or confiscatory deprivations of citizens. Even the Bill of Rights has proven problematic. Instead of clarifying that the Constitution is a limitation on government, subjecting it to the sovereign power of the People, the BoR created the impression that the enumerated rights were the gift of the government to the people. And the history of their interpretation has been to limit their application. Ironically, the Federalists were right. We did not need the BoR and would have been better off without it.
        As a bonus, the 3/5s rule might have been a big state versus small state compromise, but it also shows that the Framers were more than aware of HBD as a fundamental principle.
        I will admit that in the aftermath of the current civil war it may not be possible to return to a republic such as that conceived in the work of the original Framers. We may have need of a dictatorship such as provided by the Roman Republic for times of emergency.

        • The constitution was fundamentally flawed from the very beginning primarily with the separation of power structure that f the three branches. That flaw compounded over time, so wasn’t readily apparent in the beg8nning, but certainly by the civil war era.

          More fundamentally, the constitution was flawed because it basically aped the British governmental structure that existed at the time with a few tweaks. And the. Set it in stone. Whereas the British government at the time had evolved over the pervious couple of centuries and would continue elolving for another hundred+.

          • “The constitution was fundamentally flawed from the very beginning”
            Nobody was more aware of the flaws than the drafters. The real flaw, as always, is the fact that people’s heads are up their rear ends and people got excrement for brains. People sell their birthright of Christian Liberty for a bowl of cold porridge.
            For every person who understands and cherishes their Christian Liberty there are about 100 @$$-holes who despise it.
            It is my opinion that this rejection of Christian Liberty is an expression of deep and profound moral depravity and explains to us why God has no choice but to toss most people in to the lake of fire with the devil and the rest of his rebellious angels.
            This is about a hell of a lot more than mere politics and government and temporal carnal earthly empires.

          • The Constitution is not flawed. The people not following it are flawed and the Republicans not willing to use the Constitution to protect our interest are flawed. As I discussed here,


            The Constitution is about as good as you can get for a document outlining government. It’s not the framers fault that the present is ignoring the document. The only way you can say the Constitution is flawed is in a general “deconstructionist” way that ALL documents are flawed. I find this sort of wild unspecified criticism unhelpful and invalid.

  49. Superb post, and at the right time

    Two comments. First, I am optimistic after I hear what my acquaintances, even progressives, say after watching this disgrace unfold. In spite of all the political risks of the Kavenaugh hearings, the events have forced the left to play a very open hand, and this is turning out to be a most instructive lesson, which is of course why you wrote the post.

    Second comment: I think I understand why you want to focus the attention on what separates you from the civic nationalists, and what makes you put all the emphasis on the lesson that civil order does not arise simply out of ideas. But in the Kavenaugh hearings I have seen, first and foremost, a shadow of the authoritarian, intransigent, invasive culture of the left. You could see the ghost of the Stasi and the Red Guards in that room. It was clear even in the falsely mild insinuation of Klobuchar “You have a drinking problem’’. Perhaps an effective way to bring this theme in the discussion is to point out that to drive us in the road to serfdom they have found a new tool, that Hayek could not anticipate, which is the demographic transformation, and they are using it relentlessly. The generals of the brown army are not brown.

    • Lailo;
      YES. We should hammer the rhetoric that, “If you vote D, no *man* is safe from the crazy cat ladies. If you look at one of them crosseyed you have no civil rights, period. Is that the world you want for yourselves and your sons_?”

      That is, all men not just white men are at risk_!

      • I talked to a guy I used to work with some time back who all he seemed to care about was weed and reading Rolling Stone back then.

        He just gave me a lecture on what was going on in the Kavanaugh hearings and how important it was for people to vote Republican in November.

        ‘Bout shit my pants, I was so happy.

          • I have the same feeling. Don’t know if I’m just whistling past the graveyard, but the Dems may have just taken the rag off the bush and revealed themselves to all for the vile reprobates they are.

    • ” The generals of the brown army are not brown.”

      Hey, that was Charles Manson’s plan, to be the White Master ruling over what he considered to be the stupid ignorant black masses. Funny how the super sophisticated international Banksters have the same plan.

  50. The left is terrorizing Kavanaugh and his family. Fienstien, Bromwich, Booker, Blumenthal, et al, are like the leaders of Hamas. They make a great living and , have a lot of prestige, while sending dumbass true believers like Ford, Swetnick, etc. into crowds of innocent people strapped with explosives. All I have to make my judgments is the moral compass I grew up with. To me, The left is led by the worst human beings who ever lived. They are no better than Arafat, Khomeini, et al, in fact worse as their pious hypocrisy is much more nauseating.

    • They may fight like Hamas but they are funded by settler loving zionists. The diaspora is often uncomfortable defending Israeli nationalism, but they will fight to the death to stop nationalism anywhere else.

      • Israel was and is a dumping ground for Jewish civic nationalists. The rootless bolshevik minority accomplished two goals: they isolated and drove out the civic majority, neutering them, yet enticed them to fulfill Zionist prophecy.

        What visionary wants to live in a hostile wasteland when they can push the stuck-in-the-muds to bring the End Times?

        Honest normal people, such as the majority of Jews, don’t understand the tactics or success of deceit.

        The rootless are now reparations billionaires while claiming moral camoflauge. They can screen and recruit into the cult with their holocaust narrative, under the cover of unity and absolution.

        • Addendum: and they got the Eastern and Western Romans to kill each other, yet take the blame!

          Meanwhile, riding the tigers into that final benevolent despotism, the Perfected World, is within sight now.

          The Devil’s greatist trick really was to convince us that He didn’t exist. I say he’s simply going by a different name.

          • Further, yeah these tactics work in non-Jewish populations too.

            The real 2% ruling and ruining the world are the sociopaths.
            We just can’t sort ’em out.

          • Of course if mere global despot were the goal, Israel would be thrown to the wolves. There is no need for a nationalism sink in our community. Almost everyone is ethnonationalist with or without a political state.

    • Very good point. They are some of the worst people ever. I’ve been saying much the same for years. Ever notice how the left adored the Soviet Union when it was at its worst (i.e., ruled by Lenin & Stalin)? They didn’t love it quite so much when later Soviet policy became less horrible. Now under Putin the left has turned their former love into a white hot rage. Same with China. Adored under Mao but simply tolerated now. Same with Islam. Hatred for the secular Alawite regime in Syria but “compassion” and “understanding” for the ISIS headchoppers. The worst people supporting the worst people.

  51. I don’t know the correct term for this, but your re-direct page is down. I had to come in through a back door on your podcast page.

  52. Decades ago, during the Clinton mess in the 90’s, we saw a preview of current days. The single greatest failing of Conservative Inc. was assuming that, if they were only allowed to make their arguments clearly enough, without interruption, that the collective liberal horde would suddenly blink their eyes twice, realize their sins, and then surrender, like something that might happen in the last five minutes of a really cheesy children’s cartoon. Then we’d all live happily ever after in Apple Pie America.

    The mistake is assuming that liberals were ever interested in arguments. Or capable of feeling shame. Or of respect for opponents. They are better thought of, with no hyperbole, as alien creatures living among us. Their thought process is so alien to ours as to be unrecognizable. Power, Envy, and Revenge, thinly veiled in the rotting trappings of civilization, drives their every action. And if vulgar spectacles like the Kavanaugh hearings won’t convince you of this, then I wash my hands of you. Enjoy the Great Pale Penis Purges of 2024 and your mandatory gender reassignment.

    • Started becoming aware of how things were going to shape up when CNN began allowing talking heads and audience to basically shout down conservatives on Crossfire. That and watching the niggers cheer when O.J. Simpson was acquitted.

      I’m actually starting to realize why the ancient Greeks shut women up in their homes and only allowed them out for religious celebrations. Only men or slaves did shopping and politics in the agora. This would solve a lot of the shit we are dealing with now.

      Also starting to think that people with interests in saving white civilization will have to do more networking of a sort and think in terms of shifting toward population centers where majorities will be more likely to force through secession when the time comes. Thinking Mississippi valley.

      • Isn’t the problem with the Mississippi Valley in general that it’s got severely controlled access to the ocean?

        Leaving ocean fronted states in control of the lefties seems like a really bad idea in the larger strategic picture. Land locked nations are usually held at the whim of nations with ocean frontage. Go look at the issues the German Navy had during both WW1 and WW2. Also look at the historical issues the Russians have had because of their problems with warm water ports. Britain ruled the world for a time – in good part because they were an island nation and were therefore very navy oriented. The United States has had the same mentality because the original colonies were ocean oriented and later as the nation grew – it did nothing but acquire more ocean frontage as it moved west.

        Bear in mind if you’re talking Mississippi the state specifically – it’s the “darkest” state in the entire country:


        Fred claims MS is 37% black. Many years ago I read a Gary North article that talked about the coming breakup of the US – and he felt that Mississippi is the state most likely to just become a black majority state. I can’t find the article now.

      • Extremely good.
        “as country wisdom tells you, leaving a rake in the grass will result in a broken nose eventually.

        This approach seems counter-intuitive to the Left, whose response to a failed program is to check to see if it is ideologically sound and if so, to double down on it.”

    • You fail to mention the “Conservatives” were not really believers. Most were Straw men for the anti-Constitutionalists on the Left. Only too willing to give away Freedoms to the commies. The ultimate consequence will be a total economic collapse, inevitable, as spending and debt exceed productivity.

      • And what if the elites can keep the debt train staggering on until you wake up and find yourself living in what’s functionally Brazil?

        How’s the Great Reset(tm) going to go when whites are 25% of the population?

        I’ve been preparing for that “imminent any second” economic collapse for over a decade now. Smarter men are starting to think it’s a sham designed to turn patriots back to their bunkers rather than forward towards their trenches.

        Ten years of “any minute now”. Sure. The bankers are all in cahoots with each other but they’re going to collapse the system by calling in bad debts?

        I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

    • I will write longer about it elsewhere, but the main issue of conservatism is while correctly having a pessimistic view of human nature, not actually using it in practice. They correctly think people would behave badly under socialism, but don’t see how people are already behaving badly. I get it, it is not nice to accuse your opponents of being evil instead of wrong. Because, for a Christian, the view of the inherent sinfulness of human nature is one side of the thing and the other side is that he is supposed to strive for the good anyway. So he assumes others do that, too.

      What is missing is a social science that is built on the reality of human nature being quite bad. Machiavelli began it, but he made the mistake of forgetting the other half, that we should still strive for the good, and he flat out told the prince that it is okay to be evil, so no Christians gonna love Machiavelli.

      A few centuries later, Gaetano Mosca finally managed to get it right. Laid down the basis for an actually realistic social science. To sum it up, everything that happens in society is about elite groups fighting with each other for power and status. It is not even as much the great brown army but the usually paler elite liberal who intends to use them as his pawns. It is not that they hate and want to destroy Plumber Joe, they want to destroy the classic white elites, “optimates”, like Judge Kavanaugh and if they also destroy Plumber Joe and everything he loves, they just don’t care. Collateral damage.

      Anyway. A good introduction to Mosca is Burnham’s The Machiavellians. https://archive.org/details/BurnhamJamesTheMachiavellians/page/n0 should be a required reading for the Right.

      As for the liberal thought process being different. Conservatives are interested in wielding power responsibly. Liberals are interested in getting power. This is obviously different, and even leftists like Orwell noticed it. The Conservative is on the side of the Establishment, even when the real actual Establishment is already consisting of his enemies. And from that angle responsibility is an obvious attitude. The Liberal considers himself being in a constant opposition to the social order and being powerless, even when it is absolutely not true. This attitude breeds irresponsibility, roughly as you described it.

      • “…main issue of conservatism is while correctly having a pessimistic view of human nature, not actually using it in practice. They correctly think people would behave badly under socialism, but don’t see how people are already behaving badly…”

        This is an extraordinarily good comment. Pithy but packing in a whole universe of knowledge in one little short statement. Unless you object, and I may ignore you anyways it’s so good, I probably repeat this elsewhere, with attributes of course. Thanks.

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